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Exclusive Presentation Caught on video! The author of numerous alternative best sellers such as Incredible Technologies of the New World Order; Invisibility and levitation, and the Time Travel How-To-Guide, Commander X has kept a low profile, refusing to reveal his true identity except to say that he is a retired intelligence officer with close ties to the military and top-secret branches of the government.

Recently, Commander X presided over an internet broadcast presented on an invitation only basis.  Many who attended this secret lecture were scientists, academicians and government officials who, for one reason or another, have been left "out-of-the-loop" when it comes to being debriefed on a variety of highly controversial subjects.

This presentation was taped and is now available to you in either standard video format, VHS or DVD.  

A brief rundown of the topics discussed by Commander X include: The use of mind control by elements of the New World Order to destroy our democracy and freedoms -- Manmade UFOs and secret "Black Technologies" -- The Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Projects, and the lost inventions of Nikola Tesla -- The secret agreement with extraterrestrials and an exchange of technologies -- The promotion of a One World Religion and universal government -- Secret Underground Bases --  The Nazi Connection to the current government -- Time Travel -- Reptilians and much, much MORE.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a "personal moment" with the author who has touched the hearts and minds of thousands.  This 90-minute feature is only $24.95, plus $5.00 for shipping - A GREAT PRICE!!!

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