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2012 And The Arrival Of Planet X
By Commander X - With Added Material By Diane Tessman,
Tim Swartz, and Poke Runyon
ISBN: 1606110144 184 pgs Large 8xll Format $21.95
Will 2012 bring about an actual worlds in collision?" Is this the year experts say
the world will come to an end? Others like Diane Tessman proclaim it as the
New Dawn of Consciousness. According to many, we should definitely mark the
date of 12/21/2012 in our cosmic date book for it could be a significant
moment in the history of humankind. Former military intelligence operative
Commander x has poked and prodded his confidential sources" for the truth
about Planet X and the Prophecies of the Maya and other cultures. There are
those who claim that world leaders and the rich are making secret plans and
preparations for 2012 ... here is a hint: we are NOT INVITED.

Darkness Of The Gods And The
Coming Of Planet X -From Ragnarok To
Wormwood To Invisible Islands In The Sky
by Ignatius Donnelly -With Additional Updated Research
Material by Sean Casteel
ISBN: 1606110152 280 pgs Large 8x11 Format $24.95

Ancient mythology recalls the devastation of Earth by flood and fire eons ago.
The Bible, Hindu scriptures, even the Druids, all speak of world destruction in the
language of their time. The coming of Planet X is thought by many to fulfill
certain passages in Biblical prophecy which refer to an unknown body called
Wormwood. Have earth-shattering catastrophes -like a comet striking the Earth
-wiped out a previous, technologically advanced race who once resided on Earth
(possibly Atlantis)? Has our current civilization lost its memory of these disaster
and our true origins in its aftermath? Could this mysterious planet" actually coexist"
in the same area of space of our own world, invisible to the human eye? A
former U.S. military attache suggests there are Sky Islands" all around in a
parallel-dimension, and their occupants are hazardous to our well-being.

Mystic Utopian "Supermen" -- A Private
Training Course In Universal Magnetism And
The Mental Control Of Others
by Edmund Shaftesbury -Updated material by Nick Redfern
ISBN: 1606110179 680 pgs Large 8x11 Format $59.95

This 3.5Ib. volume which concentrates on the dark side of the paranormal,"
contains the most controversial occult teachings of the Twentieth Century. A rare
collectors item, this work is a MUST for those interested in Mind Control,
Hypnosis and Mental Alchemy. In 1925 a rare set of books were released by a
notorious occultist and Utopian movement founder who sought to create a Nazi-like
racial superman" through the development of occult powers to control
others. Edmund Shaftesbury (pseudonym of Webster Edgerly) saw his followers as
the founding members of a new race free from impurities" and advocated
sometimes bizarre teachings which include a correct diet" as well as mental and
physical exercises which would give them control over the thoughts of others. The
author firmly believed that one person may be controlled by another without
the latter's aid or knowledge." We have imposed upon noted conspiracy
journalist Nick Redfern, author of A Covert Agenda, to add a highly informative
section detailing the controversial life of the author and his little known political

Timothy Green Beckley's Big Book Of Werewolves:
In Reality! In Folklore! In Cinema! In Lust!
with Sean Casteel, Brad Steiger, Sabine Baring-Gould, Wm Kern
ISBN: 160611011X 240pgs Large8x11 Format $24.95

A must for all Cryptozoology fans. Werewolves are NOT just the work of horror
writers, master cinematographers or special effects wizards...THEY ARE REAL!
Or so says noted paranormal researcher Timothy Beckley, who has also garnered a
reputation as a host of low budget horror films. Calling upon noted experts in the
field of Cryptozoology, Beckley has compiled a virtually exhaustive history of
Lycanthropy, as well as the phenomenon of shape-shifting, which has been
reported in all cultures throughout history. Joining Beckley in this massive
undertaking are: Sean Casteel, who takes us on a contemporary werewolf hunt
with assistance from Nick Redfern and Linda Godfrey, who have confronted
present day creatures of the full moon." Brad Steiger, who notes the lustful
hunger of the beasts. Emmy Award winner Tim Swartz who has dug into his
personal photo and poster collection, and eclectic scholar, Sabine Baring-Gould,
whose research in an historical vein, dating the legend" back centuries to its
true origins.

Eternal Light And The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
by Elias Gewurz with added material by the Occultist Mystic Dragonstar
ISBN: 1606110098 150 pgs Large 8x11 Format $19.95

Great mystics throughout the ages, as well as prophets of the Old and New
Testaments, tell us that the universe comes from some unknown source and is
winding its way towards some unknown end, and that its true nature can only be
described by means of symbols. These symbols are thoughts set forth in pictorial
forms which come from the creator of the Unknowable. It mirrors both the light
and darkness without which nothing could exist. It reveals within man the
physical, moral and intellectual spheres of his activities in that of justice, culture
and work between man and the universe and between man and God ... between
everything! This work strives to explain the secret wisdom of the cosmos which
includes understanding the meaning of moral and spiritual equilibrium, which
demands a balancing of all that exists in our lives as well as the cosmos.


There are those who support Richard Shaver in his materialistic honeycomb of caverns the
world over, heritage of a Titan-Atlantis race which fled a poisoned world over 12,000 years
ago. There are those who call his caverns the “astral," his Dero the spirit of the dead. Some say
it is “another dimension." another realm of life alongside ours, invisible under ordinary
circumstances. Here are now the first TWO VOLUMES in a continuing series originally released
by controversial publisher Ray Palmer in the 1960s, and hereby reprinted for the serious
student of the Shaver and Inner Earth Mysteries (to come in total 16 books, over 3200 pages,
almost 2 million words). The First two volumes are available now ...

And The Battle For Good & Evil Underground
ISBN: 1606110128 200 pgs large 8x11 Format $25.00

Here is the beginning of the Shaver Mystery adapted from the pages of the classic
1940s pulp magazine Amazing Stories. Richard Shaver hears the tormented voices
from underground. Readers question his sanity when he describes entering the
cave of the ancients. He describes in detail the plunder of the planet by ETs in
bygone days, and the lost continents of lemuria and Atlantis and proves his
case" by revealing an ancient alphabet he calls Mantong." Special Introduction
by Timothy Green Beckley.

The Masked World of Richard Shaver
ISBN: 1606110136 190 pgs Large 8x11 Format $25.00

Life Magazine once did a front page story on the subject, and now you can relive
the utter excitement and sheer terror of its underground existence in Volume
Two of the Hidden World. A dark cloud hangs over the Earth ans the sub surface
dwellers kidnap and lay waste to humans. A series of airplane crashes carrying well
known Hollywood celebrities can be blamed on the robot-like Dero. Voices in the
night torment readers of Shaver's tales as they continue to confirm the reality of
his claims and the existence of a subterranean world beneath our feet. Shaver also
tells us the secrets of “Growing A Better Man." In 1943 when Richard Shaver's I
Remember Lemuria was first published the circulation of Ray Palmer's supposed
science fiction magazine rose by over 50,000. Introduction by Tim Swartz.

Available For The First Time -“Lost Book" of The Ashtar Command and Tuella
by Tuella, Primary Representative of the Ashtar Command
ISBN: 1606110160 300 pages Large 8x11 Format $39.95

Includes Book at Audio CD of Tuella Lecture at Space Channeling
For more than half a century messages from The Solar Council have been beamed
to earth from members of the Ashtar Command. Messages about the ancient past,
the future of Earth, world prophecies, and our eventual physical contact with
spiritually advanced beings from outer space and other dimensions. The primary
representative for the Space Brotherhood has been Tuella, a lovely lady whose
spiritual undertakings is recognized around the planet. Shortly before her passing,
Inner Light Publications purchased all rights to her works which they have
endeavored to keep in print. This work includes the sacred symbols and ciphers
of humankind as transmitted from the Creator. The Solar Cross symbolizes the
developing relationship of our awareness to reality, which is all encompassing. In
ancient history, sacred symbols were used in teaching all the basic principles of
nature. Here from higher sources" we learn the basic laws of the Universe. This
book includes an audio CD of a never before released lecture by Tuella as well as
several channelings from members of the Ashtar Command.

Also Reprinted In Large Format And Now Back In Print:
ON EARTH ASSIGNMENT -0938294334 Large Format $21.95

Discover what your PERSONAL TASK is slated to be in the glorious
New Age, as we rapidly
approach the Changing of Times," and the
start of a new awakening. Why were you Chosen to
be reborn or
transported into an Earthly body at this time? Thousands are here
now getting

PROJECT WORLD EVACUATION 0938294377 Large Format $21.95
Will UFOs assist in the “Great Exodus" of Human Souls off this planet in the event of
global disaster? What are the three phases of the evacuation? Who will be “chosen" to go?
Includes up to date visions of readers of the Three Days of Darkness Revealed!
We also have Ashtar" Being of Light, and New Book of Revelations.

by Frank Scully, With New Material by Sean Casteel
ISBN: 1606110209 large 8x11 Format $25.00

Very important reprint of the famed 1950s work involving the crash of a UFO in
Aztec, NM prior to the Roswell incident. Scully, an entertainment writer for Variety,
reported that bodies of several ETs were found at the crash site and that the
government was covering up the incident. The book became a New York TImes best
seller. Now the entire test of this rare book has been reformatted and includes an
enlarged section by Sean Casteel highlighting the incident with updated material
derived from numerous UFO researchers as well as photos and government
documents providing exceptional evidence the Aztec crash actually took place.

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