Many of you have questioned me about FAIRIES AND THE WEE FOLK. They are indeed real and the Masters of the Far East call them, ELEMENTARIES, NOT elementals, as they are often misnamed. Elementals and Elementaries originate from the same dimension, which is the seventh, but are the opposite of each other.

The Elementals are demonic spirits which were summoned from that dimension by those who practice the black arts, to use as messengers of doom and harm or revenge. They are extremely dangerous consequences from such practices. Usually the practitioner becomes possessed even if they have a so-called "familiar", which is supposed to embody the demon. However, the entity far prefers humans because of the large quantity of life-force in the Homo Sapiens body.

I have known witches who have become possessed because those erroneous beliefs. Familiars are birds, cats, dogs and even toads. The elementals wander around looking for people to influence by attaching to the third eye or pineal gland. The third eye is a two-way portal; by our consciousness, we either focus upon the upper, Divine paths or descend into the bottomless pit of the lower chakras. The Elementals draw man downward into the fallen state of nonspiritual growth and illusion. We have too little time remaining to become bound in such abysses of life.

The Fairies are harmless and are sometimes called "Earth Angels", There are many serious legends about these charming spirits. In folklore, which is taught in all cultures, perhaps you have read about children having invisible playmates. Let me ask you this: "Do you believe in God and the angels? If your answer is 'yes', then my reply is, 'why, have you ever seen them?' The point I'm trying to make is that, just because we cannot perceive of a thing- with our limited five senses, does not deny its existence.

Approximately 100% of life is actually extra-dimensional and beyond our awareness. The unseen dimensions are the homes of those keepers and maintenance workers of this world. The third dimension is the lowest of all levels in creation. There are nine dimensions with many octaves within those planes. For
instance, the fifth dimension of time, according to the Great
Masters of Shamballa, is contained within the fourth dimension.

All our Earthly creation has been assigned to the KEEPERS OF THE FOUR ELEMENTS, AIR, FIRE, WATER and EARTH, each species being programmed to perform certain tasks in their element. The following are the basic categories of the Wee Folk who average about one foot tall.


*   SYLPHS... Sylphs are dainty fairy-like, appointed to control the weather and condition of the atmosphere. The demons fearfully herd them around the world in large groups to create extreme disastrous storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as massive downpours.

*   GNOMES... These are usually male in appearance and they work with the soil, rocks and vegetable gardens that human's plant. Sometimes, as we walk on dirt or gravel roads, we will notice little pebbles all lined up in designs (which are arranged by Gnomes). They are very enthusiastic in gold and silver mines where veins are. In England, they are called TOMMYKNOCKERS or BUCCAS. When the miners begin to approach danger, they will persistently knock, warning them, AND they are always correct. They reside in the coal mines of England.

*   LEPRECHANS... Also called GLURANS and GEANNCANAGS. These are Irish in origin. They are small, mischievous and Elven or pixie-like. Leprechauns love to party, sing and dance. The Irish strongly believe in their lore and many have been seen. Leprechauns collect crocks of treasure that they bury-and the, Irish aspire to discover their stashes.

*   SEREPHS... The Bible refers to Seraphims in Isaiah, 6:2 and 6. They are regarded as BEARERS OF LIGHT AND SPLENDOR. They are beautiful creatures of Light.

*   BROWNIES... These are Scottish legends: Little Folk who bed themselves upon the hearths of homes, doing deeds and small tricks for and to the residents. They are appeased with bowls cream and goodies. Scotland also boasts of fairies called FEYS or FAES who help create magnificent gardens.

*   SALAMANDERS... These are FIRE SPIRITS. A fire cannot be lit unless a Salamander is present. They have a human-like form of fire. They can magnify themselves to tremendous sizes and multiply without limit. Fire and light are the nearest elements to the fourth dimension on the material plane. That is one reason why certain primitive tribes in the world worship fire.

*   UNDINES... These are known as WATER BABIES and are similar to Mermaids. They are the keepers of the natural flowing waters of Earth. They are very pretty. However, Mermaids are based upon the ancient tales preserved from the pre-deluvian ages when the sea races were in contact with the land civilizations. Those MER-PEOPLE were and are giants with two legs and webbed feet and hands. They were equipped with gills and were also amphibious, able to live both in and out of water because at one time in history the Earth was blanketed in a heavy mist. The Undines work with the water to maintain its purity and chemical balance.

*   ELVES… These are more refined than Gnomes, generally working in the forests and sometimes with the soil. When I lived in Pike's Peak National Forest I saw one of these little ones. It was a most lovely and charming creature, wearing pale blue tight trousers and a filmy, silky shirt. Stretched over his trousers was pulled a wide-weave rainbow-opalescent leggings. He sat on a stump, and as I passed, he tipped his little peaked cap to me.

*   THE GREEN MAN... He is often hard to see, concealing himself among the leaves, trees, bushes, herbs and fresh leafy vegetables, maintaining his chlorophyll and life-force in such vegetation. One of my friends in Northern California planted a lovely herb garden with paths and a bird bath. One day she snapped some Polaroid photos of the garden. Excitedly she showed me shots of many smiling Green Men faces along with fairies. They were absolutely real and darling. Sometimes a camera can capture images that we cannot see with our limited eyesight.

*   FAIRIES, (FAERIES)... These beautiful creatures are the keepers of both wild and domestic flowers. Indeed they do have wings, most commonly like those of a dragon fly, always opalescent tints. When my late sister, Pattie was four years old, on our wine-country Northern California farm, there was an evenly shaped artificial-looking mound down the hill in the meadow where Indian tribes used to camp in the summer months. Often Pattie would be seen playing at the mound, and only years later did she describe to me her fairy playmate that lived within the mound, which was aglow with beautiful wild flowers. She actually drew a picture of her fairy playmate, draped in a sheer white floating fabric over her dainty nude body. Her golden hair cascaded all the way to her tiny feet. Around the crown of he1" head she wore a wreath of delicate flowers.

There are also TREE GNOMES, and spirits that guard mountains and unusual natural formations, such as sacred sites.

About eight years ago I took a very lucid out-of-body journey to England where I found myself on a charming country road, bordered with rail fences laden with fragile pink wild roses, berries and plush happy weeds. All was glorious in its spring fecundity. As I relished the seasonal splendor, a small elf popped out of the undergrowth, standing before me beckoning to follow him.

He led me off the road along a flower-fringed footpath. Presently, before us lay a faery town. It bore a close resemblance to a Victorian-style hamlet of the late 1800's. From many directions swarms of Fairy-folk came rushing to me, welcoming my visit. They danced around my feet and called up to me in their tiny voices. They all wore old-style clothes, the men in little derby's and the ladies wearing full skirts with white aprons.

While I visited they "magically" gave me a banquet, offering pies, pastry and bread with butter. In their celebration, they danced with many flutes, drums and tambourines. They were very pure-hearted and innocent, expressing only harmony among them. I then bade farewell to return to this world once more.

The Wee Folk have the ability to create with their thoughts and can instantly change their garments. If they like what you are wearing, suddenly they also will be dressed the same. They also have the ability to appear as tall or as short, as they choose. Their bodies are formed only of empty hologram-like shells. They may appear to eat, but they do not. The Wee Folk highly regard humans and endeavor to imitate their life-style. They are Divinely programmed to maintain order, life, health and beauty of nature. They DO have consciousness and awareness, mostly limited to the work given to them by God, but are able to learn from humans, yet they will only accept harmonious behavior.

The Elementaries never age or die, are never ill and in most cases are lovely to behold. Fairy-folk have no time-sense because they are not quite material.  Fairy-lore has always survived, and is still alive and well throughout all parts of the world and cultures, including Native American and are known by many names.

Certain "witches" practice indulging in earth-magic; such activity is very karmically associated, usually always in a negative nature. That is because the Nature Spirits are not to be disturbed unless by an Enlightened Master. The Little People do not like being summoned except by the Holy Ones. However, we can place garden statuary of fairies and elves which contributes to their services. Also, it benefits to take good care of our gardens, house plants and farms and to ask the Elementaries to bless our natural greenery and to thank them for their services.

Let us remember that Elementaries are the harmonious "EARTH ANGELS" and the Elementals are' diabolical, unnatural alien spirits.

In The Three-fold Light, DOREAL and Lockwood

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