Anything that humanity cannot understand, or is forbidden, will usually end up as subjects of worship or idolatry. The majority of people have had their proverbial heads in the sand for many ages because the institutional leaders threaten them with torment if they betray their establishments by seeking beyond their rigid perimeters.

In this age of Enlightenment, such institutions mill dissolve or transmute into avenues of untampered ancient-eternal Truth. The spirit of mankind is beginning to awaken and question more of the illogical claims. Every civilization is built upon their belief system. Those systems either degenerate into war and fail, or they evolve, thus regaining their Enlightened status.

In our so-called "civilization", man views mythology and folklore as fiction and invalid, whereas, among those nations who embrace the folklore and mythologies, regard the opposition as invalid. They are ALL founded upon Truth and common grounds if they will research. We cannot tap into the profound realities until we sweep aside the veils and interpret the symbols.

The Bible relates to the North as being "holy". The word, holy is derived from the word, holey, or hollow. In Job, 26:7 we are told, "HE STRETCHETH OUT THE NORTH OVER EMPTY PLACE".   In all religions, Heaven, Elysian Fields, Valhalla, Olympus, Meru, ARE ALWAYS UP in polarity; indeed, there IS a higher dimensional Heaven state, but use are referring to an earthly Paradise.

The North Star or Polaris is a key point of both air and water navigation. Global beliefs regard UP as "Heavenly" and DOWN as Hell. UP is positive and DOWN is negative, RIGHT or EAST is positive and LEFT or WEST is negative. We live in a yin-yang universe which is the nature of all dimensions.

The Great Ones of Shamballa teach that the caverns at the South Pole are the earth-headquarters of the reptoid-Zeta, Serpent race and a major flying saucer base. That vast subterranean base is where unspeakable, ruthless and brutal activities are focused. America and Russia have military bases at the South Poles WHY?

The polar ice is now rapidly melting. IT IS NATURAL. The ice at the poles was originally airborne moisture. When Lemuria attacked Atlantis, the nuclear war was so devastating that, combined with the axis shift, the shroud of mists that constantly surrounded the earth precipitated into heavy rainstorms and ice falls at the cold Polar Regions, actually freezing the very atmosphere into valleys full of snow which converted into glaciers. The poles have bean melting for about 50,000 years. As the ice diminishes it melts increasingly faster. Presently we are at that stage. Remember, THE ICE CAPS ARE SUPPOSED TO MELT. The blanket of mists will once again surround the earth, thus shielding the world from the deadly rays from the Sun.

I might add that the Sun itself DOES NOT create those deadly ions; they originate from deep space and bounce off the Sun into the solar system.

The polar melting is rapidly accelerating, and we can see that our atmosphere is much cloudier. The Sun's deadly rays are responsible for old age, cancer, stunted growth, and many other diseases, including insanity, evil and mental retardation; oh yes, senility and Alzheimer's.