Before the "fall" of the mists and man, everything was gigantic and dinosaurs walked the earth side by side with giant humans. The dinosaurs were "puppy dogs" beside the colossal humanoids mho dwelled upon our planet. The Native Americans claim that the Devils Tower in Wyoming is a "GREAT TREE STUMP" and that during a great flood, they survived by retreating to the many caverns among the roots of the tower.

Scientists will call it "volcanic outcropping", but then, I KNOW that the scientists base a large percentage of their claims upon theory. The great Masters proclaim that our science hardly knows anything, and for that reason, their theories frequently change. The average Atlantean stood 26 feet tall, and during that age, humans had no skeletal structure because they were airborne, or could levitate.  People still levitate through chakra development. In India, there is a yearly AIRWALKER'S FESTIVAL, a contest to see who can rise the highest.

We find ruins of huge proportions, yet no bodily remains of those races.  The deadly Sun's rays degenerated all humanoids and beasts into munchkin size with dense bone structures.  Mankind existed millions of years prior to Scriptural claims. Because the great archives have been pilfered and burned by power-crazy world leaders until history has been so twisted, delected and censored, most naive people don't even care, yet believe the deception.

In the archives of Shamballa, in the Halls of Amenti, we find the pristine history of our Planet and others, preserved. Not so much in books as in ancient technology in the form of devices that project holograms into the space before us, or by the means of gigantic hooded chairs, (of which I have been in). A spool of gold wire begins to unwind, and as it does, we can actually become a part of those ancient records and discourses.  As we are fed the data, we can actually download a thousand years of knowledge in a matter of a few minutes.

The Norsemen also called the Northern Lights "THE FLASHING SHIELDS OF VOLKGRIERS".  Indeed they are shields, space warps that prevent entrance through the 1,400 mile diameter polar portal to Paradise, Eden, Kadoth or Northern Shamballa. Entry into that venerable land absolutely CANNOT be forced or entered without invitation. Anyone who tries will be instantly teleported across the Cosmos.

The earth is regarded as a MOUNTAIN, and in the days of ancient Greece, Mt. Olympus was the abode of the "GODS" who lived (atop). The word, Olympus means, "BRIGHT" and the North Pole IS bright, and the "Gods" do live therein. Those whom we call "Gods" are those beings who are Enlightened Masters, who rose from the Fall and are back to reclaim their lost unity with the Cosmos.

One of the greatest secrets kept from the world, is that OUR, and ALL planets are HOLLOW. The origin of most earth races began within the earth's hollow WONDER WORLD OF EDEN OR PARADISE.  At that time it was open for ingress and egress, as it shall again in the future. The Northern opening is the official entrance and the Southern is the usual exit, particularly for the magnetic energies of our planet.

Admiral Byrd 'a flight was first, to the North Pole where he flew 1,700 mile beyond the arctic circle, finding himself and his co-pilot over vast forests, lakes and mountains with great herds of "extinct" animals and mastodon elephants, when geographically, he "should" have been over great ice-flows and landless seas. Again, in 1956, Admiral Byrd made a second flight of 2,300 miles over the South Pole, where, once more he and his co-pilot encountered great forests within a vast inner terrarium-like world with a suspended central sun surrounded in mists. He called that wondrous inner world, "THE LAND OF EVERLASTING MYSTERY."