In the Far East, the North Pole is also called, The White Island. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are the rays of light from the inner sun and Northern Shamballa, the great crystal city within, regardless of contrary scientific claims. There are rich legends about the Inner Earth throughout the East and among diverse cultures.

The Hubble Telescope and the NASA astronauts know about, but deny the polar openings. I own photographs of the Northern Polar Opening taken by NASA. They are completely aware of the earthly "portals", but for some, I assume, dark reason, are sworn to secrecy, (I do know why, I must add).

The first photo of Earth taken from the moon showed the earth-rise which indicated the Earth from the moon was about the same size as the moon from the Earth. That tells me that either the Earth is smaller than scientists say, or the moon is larger than we are told.

As well, the polar openings were very clearly visible. When I sent for a second set of the first moon photos, the polar openings were doctored with white-out. I believe there are governmental aspirations to enter and claim our ancient "Holy land", but that will be impossible to pass through the ninth dimensional space warps. It will never happen until man ethically, morally and spiritually qualifies to pass through those Gates of Light, by INVITATION ONLY.

There era certain airlines that CLAIM to fly "over" the North Pole, but they do not. They barely cross over the Arctic Circle. The reason for that, there are no actual poles. Their compasses point or dip downward following the gravity core as the curvature of the entrance begins. Also the Shield of Volkgries blocks passage UNLESS a ship is being observed and permitted through, with great discretion. Those shields are generated by ancient high technology.

The Inner Earth can be accessed, (by the Chosen Ones), through the seven secret cities of the Great White Lodge, (THE KEEPERS OF EARTH), relative to the Galactic Federation. There is an Atlantean secret city located on every continent of the world. In America, our secret city lies seven miles beneath Mount Shasta at the northern border of California. I have seen many wonderful and fantastic things within Mount Shasta, including its enormous beautiful cigar space ship.

The primary function of Mt. Shasta is a place of education. The secondary purpose is as a place of refuge during the great earth changes just ahead. After the earth changes, then the King of the World will emerge. NOT Benjamin Creme's "Mlaitreya", for he is the Anti-Christ to emerge out of the Bahai' Faith, a branch of Islam from Iran and Syria.

The Anti-Christ doss not fit the prophesies of the World Teacher, nor does he resemble the True Master of the World.  How do I know? Because, as I have explained, I have seen both; the Anti-Christ, I saw in an out-of-body vision distinctly and in detail. The Lord of the World rides a white horse and the Anti-Christ, (the Christ-impersonator), rides a black horse.

He sat upon a great black bucking, angry horse dressed in dark robes, with a black turban and a long black beard. In his left arm he gripped a screaming, naked baby and in his right hand he held a banner with a great black ( X ) on it. In the blanks between X bars, from left to right and the lower, were Islamic words. In the upper down-pointed blank sat a down-pointed triangle.  Over all, it resembled an abstract skull and cross bones.

That person is alive today just as the Christ or World Teacher is. The Anti-Christ charades as the real teacher, but he asks obedience, worship and fascist dictatorship. There is already a fabulous temple built in Jerusalem by the Bahai's for that dictator who works through the United Nations.  The Bahai's are vary open about their efforts to establish the New World Order, or DIS-order, which the Masters call, "THE LUCIFER KINGDOM".

That dark being is one great reason why there is war in the Mid-East. The True World Teacher, Harjaa, shall conquer because HE is the REAL THING and his powers are INFINITE and no enemy can stand up against Him. Harjaa is his present name, which means, SUN OF THE MORNING. He is as real as YOU are and his primary home
is in the central palace within the hollow earth or Northern Shamballa.