The hollow Earth is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, I swear by my very life, because I have been there and YOU will someday see for yourself, as well. Upon entering Eden, one can gaze up through the golden mists and see the great inner land rise up overhead, held in place by the central layer of gravity through the 800 miles of the earth's crust. The space within is about 2,900 miles in diameter, and the central sun is approximately 600 miles in diameter.

The terrarium nature of the secret cities and the Inner Earth are so designed to recycle the moisture, therefore maintaining constant warmth, humidity and fertility. The temperature averages 65 to 70 degrees, there are no seasons, nor is there night. The life-force is so high nobody tires or sleeps. It is from that inner Paradise of the Great White Lodge and Northern Shamballa that ALL the great Enlightened
leaders, masters of life, both male and female, are sent forth.

All the other seven secret cities lead to Eden through very ancient tunnels encircling the earth; vast highways separated dimensionally from the world's negative populations. In Paradise I have walked among fields of translucent, opalescent flowers that grow up to ten feet tall with enormous satin petals resembling exquisite umbrellas. In Paradise-within are mountains, rolling hills, thick forests, velvet meadows, rivers, streams and many lakes. I have seen apple trees with fruit 36 to 40 inches in diameter.

Because our Sun casts off deadly, radioactive ions, they gather around and flow into the earth to the inner sun; however, through the magnetic currents that pass from the South Pole to the North Pole, the deadly ions are expelled, leaving only the life-giving rays. The Ancients call that Inner Sun, "THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" or "THE ABYSS", because it also is hollow, and not empty.

During the first age, over ten million years ago, the Great Masters imprisoned an extremely evil immortal race of invaders from Planet X. Their favorite food was human flesh. The old fairy tales of the fe-fi-fo-fum giants are based upon those enormous giants who nearly wiped out human-kind before the Great Masters came to earth to imprison them in the central sun.

On May 1st and Halloween, certain dimensional conjunctions occur which weakens and permits them to project their extreme darkness into the world. For seven days before and after those two dates they can manipulate man's weaknesses. During those time-spaces more people become possessed, insane and commit crimes than any other time of the year. NOW, perhaps you understand the emergency cry, "May Day!-May Day!"

Russia celebrates May Day big time. One of these times I may tell you more about Planet X. When we understand that great mystery, then we may not wish to celebrate those days again. The SICK part is that children are targeted like the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Ignorance allows evil in this world. It's time get wise and educated if we are going to EVER have peace on earth. That process is very necessary in order to achieve our greatest harmonious ideals.

Those who dwell within Northern Shamballa are giants in stature, averaging 12 to 15 feet tall. They are endowed with mighty god-powers and after the great earth changes and Armageddon, they will march forth as the Warriors of the Dawn, of Light against darkness. They will emerge with the Rider on the White Horse, or the King of The World to separate the negative alien types, including the Anti-Christ and imprison them in the walls of the Cosmos.

America is the True HOLY LAND. It is here that the World Teacher will first come forth to the public AFTER the Anti-Christ comes forth first.  By Eastern Prophesy, America was the original HOLY LAND, the first province of Atlantis to establish a cosmic school to teach Enlightenment. The original name of America from the archives of Shamballa, was Galilee. Lake Superior was called, The Sea of Galilee, The Israeli Holy Land is the name-sake of this more ancient, "land of caves".  Both America and Israel are cavernous nations. Jerusalem is built upon level after level of man-made caves, descending deep into the nether regions of the earth. Un-sacred places I may add.

The Web of Light leads us back to the pristine, pure roots of all science, knowledge, wisdom and belief-systems, which are wondrously original and considerably different than we find in the mundane world of replay-fiction and deception. I challenge you to disprove these teachings because, if anything, you will find that they are part of a vast new revelation of the Truth behind all time-distorted teachings.

It is time to renew the Truth about mankind, this and other worlds, parallel universes, dimensions and ENLIGHTENMENT.


 In The Diamond Light, Dr. Wendy Lockwood, PhD, Fu Wok Ye

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