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MOLDAVITE PENDANT: Psychic Gem From Space.
 Opens Interdimensional     
$22. 00  plus $2.00 shipping

New Magick Handbook: Simple Spells For A Complex
World,  By Dragonstar
$17.95 plus $5.00 shipping

How to Travel to Other Dimensions
By DragonStar,
S. Panchadasi
$12.00 plus $5.00 Shipping
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Inner Light has been proudly serving the metaphysical and  spiritual communities since the 1960's. We provide valuable products, supplies and services at a reasonable price for those   interested in becoming more sensitive to their surroundings and who wish to lead a more positive and gratifying life for themselves and their families.  We know you will find many things of interest on this website.  Please write to us if you are interested in receiving our print catalog with even more items of interest.  Our mailing address is: 

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