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Timothy Green Beckley's Strange Saga has been years in the making and is a large volume book that contains Beckley's original columns from famous UFO magazines like SAGA and UFO Report. These articles, many which have never been seen since their original publication, deal with such amazing subjects as: THE TOWN HAUNTED BY UFOS - THE MIND MANIPULATORS - INVASION OF THE SPACE GIANTS - AMERICA'S ABOMINABLE SWAMPMAN - UFO BASE 40 MILES FROM THE WHITE HOUSE - AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Our second new book is Richard Shavers Reality of the Inner Earth and contains never before published original articles by Richard Shaver, famous for his writings in AMAZING STORIES Magazine.  Shaver received worldwide attention with his tales of the inner earth and the bizarre creatures called Deros that dwell in secret caverns under our feet.  Now for the first time ever, publisher Timothy Green Beckley has released these articles by Shaver, written for the Search Light newsletter, but never published.  Find out new information about the race of supermen who lived on Earth millions of years ago and the mutated monsters that were left behind after the destruction of this once mighty civilization.  This is a book not to be missed!

Timothy Green Beckley's Strange Saga, and Richard S. Shavers Reality of the Inner Earth, together for a limited time for only $39.95!  And with this SPECIAL OFFER, EXCLUSIVLY FOR CONSPIRACY JOURNAL SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, You will also get TWO FREE CD's One CD is an exclusive 60-minute interview with Mr. UFO conducted by researcher Sean Casteel. The second CD is a long-lost radio interview with Richard Shaver and publisher Ray Palmer on the Long John Nebel Show...a classic program that is a must for anyone interested in the mysteries of the hollow Earth and the bizarre realm of the inner world.

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