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This weeks eye-scorching issue of Conspiracy Journal features such articles as: Mysterious force observed on deep-space probes – An on the scene report on the Disclosure Project from Timothy Green Beckley – And "Monkeyman" fever strikes India.  All these exciting stories and MORE in this weeks edition of Conspiracy Journal.

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PROJECT DISCLOSURE  by Timothy Green Beckley (MrUFO)

As the Amtrak pulled from the station I reflected on the last UFO event I attended in the District of Columbia.  It was the late l960s and the country was torn apart over the Vietnam War.  It was the military-industrial complex vs. the radicals, the peace niks, and the flower children -- and I was caught in the middle of them all!

Washington DC has always been a place where movers and shakers go to be seen, heard and FELT. Its the place to lobby –  and confront – "your" elected officials and to push or support a particular political agenda.

In the 50s and 60s -- as far as UFOs go -- Washington was the beach front for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon and its director Major Donald E. Keyhoe.

Keyhoe had made a name for himself as a popular book author and magazine writer who believed all UFOs had to be interplanetary and that the military was responsible for the biggest cover up of our time. NICAP's board of directors was made up of numerous retired military types who believed there was an active policy to discredit UFO witnesses and to keep the lid on UFO secrecy.  They looked high up on Capitol Hill -- to the Congress and the White House -- for the
truth to be revealed regarding the whirling and twirling discs that had caused so much excitement AND CONFUSION since the end of World War II.

Unfortunately,  the results were a bitter pill for Keyhoe and his supporters to swallow.   Congress did not seem at all interested in picking up the UFO football, though there were a number of "believers" like conservative senator Barry Goldwater who, to a degree, became a champion of the cause.

By time I was invited to Washington to share my findings with those who would agree to listen to the overwhelming weight of evidence that UFOs were not to be sneezed at, the country was caught up in other more meaningful matters.

The dean of UFO publicists Harold Salkin had arranged for me to speak at several DC venues.  Salkin is one of the "old timers" still active in the field today. He, along with Washington socialite and publisher Clara John were responsible for bringing many UFO luminaries to the seat of government. They provided a safe haven for people like George Adamski, Dan Fry and Wayne Aho to rejuvenate while they went about their self appointed task of making a dent in the wall of UFO silence. Salkin was also one of the early financial supporters of NICAP's efforts, and even though he befriended many of the controversial figures in the contactee movement (whom NICAP was always happy to attack), Keyhoe managed to look the other way when it came to accepting a
check from Salkin or "others of his kind," especially when it was supported by the proper cash in a bank account.

As I stood on the stage at the YWCA in front of a large picture window looking out over Dupont Circle I realized that we would probably not get much more in the way of an audience. A measly six or seven people were seated in the auditorium ready to view my UFO slide presentation.   The low attendance was not due to Salkin's inability to promote an event, nor my ability to draw a
crowd. On retrospect it probably had more to do with the fact that the streets around Dupont Circle had police  barricades set up every few feet, blocking  entrance to the hall.  In addition, I could plainly see the vapors of tear gas floating in the air and crowds streaming in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION. I dare say I believe to this day that some of these folk were not protestors but had
it in mind to attend my talk.

But we are talking about a by gone era and an event that transpired over three decades ago and a lot of UFOs have been seen flying over the dam since then. Indeed, the public's interest and enthusiasm with UFOs has had its many peaks and deep valley's over the years. A flow chart of concern with UFOs by Americans might look similar to such a chart showing the ebb and flow of
the stock market. But instead of inflation and unemployment, UFO interest has a lot to do with the number of sightings being made  and the attention the press gives to the topic at any given moment. Or sometimes we hear more about UFOs because Hollywood has released a blockbuster upon us such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or the X Files.

In a large degree its all a matter of attention. And outside of a mega number of sites on the net which keeps the news flowing, there hasn't been much attention paid to UFOs in the last couple of years.


Dr Steven Greer is a man on a mission. The emergency room physician isn't about to take his belief in UFOs laying down.  An articulate spokesperson for "the cause,"  Greer has managed to gather under one banner a group of retired military and government personnel who not only believe we have been visited by Mr ET, but that Uncle Sam –- in particular their ex bosses at the Pentagon -- knows what is going on and is sweeping the truth under the Pentagon rug. Greer's loosely knit group known as PROJECT DISCLOSURE recently gathered to hold a press conference at the National Press Club, sweeping into Washington in an attempt to convince the media that they have been prevented from speaking out while in the service, but are no longer afraid to reveal what they know. In some cases this might include their own sighting or encounter
which  till now they dare not discuss.

To Be Continued - Next Part II

Pentagon Reveals 'Pain Ray' Directed Energy Weapon

The Pentagon continues to reveal directed-energy weapons, including lasers and high-powered microwave (HPM) devices created in their classified research and development programs. The latest device is a non-lethal, millimeter-wave, anti-personal ray.

The 10-year, $40 million program was developed jointly with Raytheon as a millimeter-wave (MMW)  energy projector to be used for controlling crowds with burst of instantly painful rays. A likely tactical scenario would be to swivel rays of short burst, 95 GHZ energy, similar to spraying a fire hose across a group of people to inflict sharp stings on the skin, even through clothing.

The Marine Corps wants the device to work at ranges of more than a half-mile, beyond the effective range of small arms. The Marine's vehicle-mounted "active denial system" will be mounted on a Humvee light truck. The power would be provided by a turbo-alternator and battery system. According to researches, they have made technological breakthroughs with power supplies to run such weapons even when mounted on vehicles or aircraft.

Any effects of the rays are harmless and immediately reversible. To prevent the beam from inflicting burns or damaging eyes, it is limited in power and endurance. The developers also believe the human's natural inclination known as the repel effect will force people to escape the pain by running away or closing their eyes.

The directed-energy ray at the point of exposure causes moisture in the outer layer of the skin to heat temporarily high enough that it stings the surrounding tissue like drops of scalding water. The Ray  penetrates less than 1/64 of an inch.

A weapon such as this would be useful in urban conflicts. Another use for the weapon would be scrambling computer memories and disabling the computers that control key battlefield command and communications capabilities.

The Air Force wants to put the directed-energy weapons on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to burn up the electronics of key devices, including vehicle ignition systems, as part of a combination computer and information warfare campaign. Operational planners say that the UAV is the most likely candidate for the  HPM weapons since it can get closer to targets without endangering the


Mysterious Force ‘Tugs' Spacecraft

By BBC News Online science editor Dr David Whitehouse

An unexplained force is pulling on distant spacecraft. Researchers have  come to this conclusion after a thorough analysis of the deep-space probes' trajectories.  It could be just a tiny unnoticed  effect in the  spacecraft themselves, but scientists warn it could also be the first hint that
modifications need to be made to our understanding of the force of gravity.

"It is almost as if the probes are not behaving according to the known law of gravity," said Dr John Anderson, of  the American space agency's (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and lead scientist on the study.

He said: "We've been working on this problem for several years, and we have accounted for everything we could think of."

The unexplained force appears to be acting on four deep-space probes scattered around the Solar System.  Pioneer 10 was launched towards the outer planets in 1972. It is now well beyond Jupiter but still in radio contact with Earth.

By studying the Doppler shift (the "stretching") of the radio signals from the probe, scientists have been able to calculate how fast the craft is traveling. Since 1980, its trajectory has been mapped in very great detail. The puzzle is that Pioneer 10 is slowing more quickly than it should.

It was initially suggested that this might be due to the force from a tiny gas leak or that it was being pulled off course by the gravity of an unseen Solar System object.  The mystery deepened further when an analysis of the trajectory being followed by its sister spacecraft, Pioneer 11, launched in 1973, showed that it too was being subjected to the same mysterious effect.

But Pioneer 11 is on the opposite side of the Solar System from Pioneer 10, about 22 billion km (about 14 billion miles) away. This means the effect cannot be the gravitational effect of some unseen body.

Add to all this hints that the same unexplained effect might have been acting on the Galileo spacecraft on its journey to Jupiter, and the Ulysses  spaceprobe that is circling the Sun,  and you have a Solar System-wide puzzle.

In a report soon to be published in a  major astronomical journal, Dr Anderson and colleagues have carried out an impressive study of the state of the Pioneer spacecraft and all the  tiny forces to which they could be subjected.

"Our analysis strongly suggests that it is difficult to understand how any of these mechanisms can explain the magnitude of the observed behavior of the Pioneer anomaly," the team says.  It has been suggested that the spacecraft tracking data have shown a deviation in the force of gravity that is apparent only across vast  distances. It has also been pointed out that the strength of the
effect seems to be related to two of the Universe's physical constants: the speed of light and the speed of the expansion of the Universe.

But others have dismissed this as being too fanciful, arguing that if the Pioneer anomaly was really indicative of a change in our understanding of gravity, then it would be apparent in the orbits of the planets around the Sun - which it is not.

The effect is as yet unexplained and  with all four affected probes never to return to Earth for analysis, it may well remain that way.

Boost in Research on Marijuana Plant Extracts

The recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court stating that medical marijuana cannot be legally used has given an unexpected boost to pharmaceutical companies researching the plant extracts. "Our program stands alone now," says Geoffrey Guy of GW Pharmaceuticals in Salisbury, UK, which develops cannabis-based medicines.

According to Guy, now that patients are unable to legally obtain marijuana, their only hope is to wait for drugs derived from the plant to be licensed, or to take  part in official clinical trials. He predicts the decision will lead to such research being strengthened as the need to prove the medical benefits of cannabis becomes more urgent.

"The Supreme Court said there was no proven evidence of the effectiveness of marijuana," he says. "But if anything, everyone will now turn to GW and say - can they provide the clinical proof?"

Neuropathologist Roger Pertwee of Aberdeen University agrees that the decision may focus attention on research into marijuana-based pharmaceuticals, which could be available in as little as three years.

"We should concentrate on developing medicines that don't have to be smoked. The hope is that in the not too distant future there will be something legal patients can take," he says. Pertwee says that he feels marijuana should be available to patients in the meantime. "Three years is a long time for someone in tremendous pain," he says. "That's quite a sentence."

GW Pharmaceuticals claims to be the only private company openly working to develop whole plant extracts of marijuana. These extracts contain all the original components of the plant, but in the form of an inhaler or spray. This means that the medicine does not have to be smoked, thereby avoiding the risk of cancer.

Researchers at GW have so far found promising results for a range of diseases, including spinal cord injury and rheumatoid arthritis. Phase 3 trials involving more than 200 patients are currently going on in the UK for a treatment for multiple sclerosis. Further trials are scheduled to start in Canada. The company announced Tuesday that it plans to float on the London Stock Exchange in

The UK's Medical Research Council is also funding two major trials into cannabis extracts, to find out if there are any beneficial effects for muscle spasms in  multiple sclerosis patients, or for post-operative pain.

Source: New Scientist

Fire Poltergeist Strikes Again in Chile

Some fresh details have surfaced from this story that ran in last week issue.  All Tuesday night (May 8, 2001), a family in La Granja had to stand guard to keep their house from being totally engulfed by flames, which inexplicably appear at any place and time in a spontaneous combustion case" which has already affected other homes in this city in Chile.

At midday yesterday (Wednesday, May 9, 2001) a great gout of fire spread through a bedroom which is used as a storeroom at 8353 Pasaje 9 Ori Oriente in the center of the town of San Gregorio. The situation caused hysteria among the house's five adult occupants. and the one child, since the fiery incidents of the previous night had left them at their wits' end.

Homeowner Jose Caceres could not go to his regular job at the La Granja Municipal Library. On Tuesday night (May 8, 2001) a curtain caught fire in the kitchen. "When it was extinguished, another spurt of flame erupted from a laundry hamper. Then something appeared in the bedroom around my bed and also on the carpet," Caceres said, as Carabineros investigated the scene.

He added that this was the first time such a thing had occurred since last year (2000) when two spontaneous combustion fires had to be fought in that house.

Sara Molina, the spouse of one of his (Caceres's) nephews, who also lives in the house, said that a TV set and some curtains had also caught fire and were consumed. The strangest thing is that a figure was seen by her and another member of  the clan.

"Moments before, we saw the shadow of a figure wearing a coat, which later  disappeared," stated the woman, with a broken voice.

The family has been living at this location for forty years but is unsure whether they will remain there. Discarding the possibility of short circuits, or a pyromaniac in the family, the chance that there are occult forces at work here are acquiring greater credence every day.

"I think that a ritual (of exorcism) must be performed," said Yasmilla Mena, a neighbor who has witnessed the events."

Nolberto Moya, a fire inspector for San Ramon, stated that the corresponding experts' reports will be processed. However, given his experience, he does not rule out the possibility that a paranormal event might be at play.

No sooner had the firefighters left on Wednesday, May 9, 2001, than new fires broke out in the house, causing the occupants to remain vigilant.

Source: Scott Corrales

Vigilantes Prowl Indian Capital for 'Monkey Man'

NEW DELHI - Vigilante mobs have taken to the streets of the Indian capital to track down a mysterious "monkey man" blamed for attacks in which dozens of people have been bitten and clawed.  Police in New Delhi said on Friday they suspected that the attacks, which have unleashed a wave of panic across the city, were the work of a gang of trouble makers.

"It's definitely not one person," Joint Commissioner of Police Suresh Roy told Reuters on Friday. "Events seem to be happening at different places at the same time so it could be a number of mischief-makers who have formed a small gang."

Newspapers said three people had now panicked and fallen to their death from buildings in the past week because they were convinced that the creature was pursuing them.  The Tribune said the latest victim leapt from the roof of a three-story building where he and a friend had been sleeping on Wednesday night.

On Thursday police offered a reward of $1,063 for information leading to the capture of the "monkey man," which they now believe is not an animal, and set up a special team to solve the puzzle.

But television news reports said that many of the city's residents were taking the matter into their own hands, trawling the streets at night armed with hockey sticks and batons.  Star News said one frenzied mob caught and beat a man in the east of the city, only to discover that he was an innocent bystander.

Roy said the police were trying to quash the collective "fear psychosis" which has gripped some suburbs of the sprawling city and said rumor-peddlers would be dealt with harshly. On Thursday night, the police received 80 calls from people saying they had seen the "monkey man," but most were hoaxes.  Only three people had injuries to show for alleged attacks.

Accounts of what the attacker looks like have varied wildly.  Some said it had a metallic claw, others said it was like a cat with tawny glowing eyes and one said it had "flaming red eyes and green lights glowing in its chest."

Monkeys run wild in and around New Delhi, sometimes pouncing on unsuspecting pedestrians and entering houses. But Roy said victims' accounts pointed to a human being.  Sanal Edamaruku of the Indian Rationalist Association said this week that the "monkey man" was a product of mass

"The recent panic... could well be totally baseless and nothing but a hallucination of groups of people with a tendency to hysterical psychosis," he said.

But a group called the National Human Rights Council said it would be holding a religious ceremony in the heart of New Delhi on Saturday to pray for the city's release from the clutches of the ape-like menace.

Man Found After Being Lost in Forest For 11 Years

People in India are flocking to see a man who was lost in a forest for 11 years.  Sudam Pradham was 12 when he went missing in the forest in Orissa while collecting firewood with his cousin.

He was given up for dead after his father Gautam Pradham and several others from Baragania village in Angul failed to find him.  Mr Pradham identified his son after he heard a 'wild man' had been captured in the forest.

It's believed Mr Pradham confirmed the 'wild  man' was Sudam after he'd been cleaned and had his hair cut.  Sify News says Sudam recognizes his family and home but cannot communicate properly because he has forgotten his language.


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