By Patrick E. Flaherty, author and investigator for THE MAINE UNDERGROUND
The current war in Iraq receives all the press attention, but as might be expected, there is one war that is being completely ignored and not brought to public attention: the spiritual war for control of planet Earth. The 'UFO cover up' is a vital part of this news blackout as well as the lack of press coverage about chemtrails.

Please consider this article a report from the frontline of this spiritual war against the negative forces of human evolution- both human and extraterrestrial. Soon you will understand what President Lincoln's first Vice President Hamill said many years ago: as Maine goes, so goes the nation.

I would like to begin with the recent massive chemtrail activity over our local UFO portal, but most likely you have never heard of my small rural community of Stockton Springs in Maine, so you will need some background information to evaluate my report within the larger context of our planet's ongoing shift from the fourth into the fifth dimension or Fifth World where a new group mind of the human race is being formed and a New Heaven and Earth are being birthed.

I have been advised by the extraterrestrial intelligence teaching me about these higher spiritual matters to overcome my outrage about the secret government activities I have investigated in the immediate Stockton Springs-Searsport area and the state of Maine, as well as my anger about the wide range of non-lethal weapons that have been used against me, and address this matter from the highest possible plane. When I recently asked myself: What can be done to save Stockton Springs from a New World Order takeover?, my answer was immediate. MAKE STOCKTON SPRINGS THE SPIRITUAL CENTER OF THE EARTH.


To make Stockton the spiritual center of this planet, I realized it would have to be the source of the highest spiritual wisdom available to the human race, so the following day, on my way to my usual pet sitting job in Searsport, I stopped to visit my good friend, a 78 year old lady who was guided to move to Stockton Springs in 1986 to serve as spiritual guardian of our local UFO portal at Sandy Point.

Yes, I was a little proud of my brilliant idea to prevent a secret government/homeland security takeover of our Maine coastline, so I asked her, as I gave her the cucumber/cheese sandwich I had made her for lunch: What do you think of this idea; the only way to save Stockton is to make it the spiritual center of our planet?
Her answer took me completely by surprise: " Of course, Stockton Springs is the spiritual center of our planet. "

This lady, who I only met in August 2003, wishes to remain 'low-key' and anonymous, at least for the time being, but she may have channeled the most significant extraterrestrial communication of the century when she received the psychic art of the Mayan-Andromeda drawings in Florida almost 20 years ago. Thus she was, for me, the expected source of this great wisdom that would put our small town on the spiritual map of the world. This magical lady is not only a good friend, but also a great teacher so I knew she had more to tell me, but I had to go to work!

My friend is a veteran psychic who has advised thousands of clients in her lifetime, even the likes of psychic author Barbara Marciniak before she became well known, so I knew I had something to learn. The following day, Tuesday September 14th she invited me to speak with her at her home, which is only, some 3 miles from the portal site as the crow flies. I reminded her of what she told me and asked for clarification. She joked about not meaning to 'deflate' me, and then continued to tell me about her visit to Virginia to visit a psychic friend, who had another lady friend who was a powerful channel. The time period was around 1988.


During her sessions, this lady required absolute silence and no physical movement from her audience lest they injure her while she was out of her body. However, once the session was over each person was allowed to ask one question. When it came her turn, my good friend, or " Buffalo Woman Waiting " as her Native American spirit guides have addressed her, asked about a photo she had taken of a friend at Cape Jellison, a mile from Sandy Point.

She described a man in that photo who was sitting on a rock - looking like he was between two dimensions - with a beam of magenta colored light shining from above him thru his body to the ground. She wanted to know the significance of that photo. My friend started describing it to this channel who continued the description exactly in every detail then she answered: the area you come from is the spiritual center of this planet where its negative energy is transmuted.

In a flash, my subconscious feeling that by moving to Maine in late 1998 and living in my grandparents house, I would be helping to stabilize the orbit of our planet so it would not flip over on its axis was verified. Suddenly, my life made perfect sense: if too much negative energy builds up- like too much ice at the North Pole- the earth will flip on its axis and you know what the result of that will be.

I see clearly now that our planet can complete its dimensional shift by repolarizing/shifting its magnetic poles without flipping over on its physical axis, but will secret government activity interfere with this possibility? Will their insane, violent response to the presence of these peaceful extraterrestrials bring about this critical mass of negative energy and trigger a planetary cataclysm?

These questions ran thru my mind as I now comprehended that yes, Stockton Springs is truly the spiritual center of our planet, but maybe it will be part of my spiritual work to help the world recognize and treat it as such, and thus help make it so on a physical plane; but how?

Next, I asked my teacher: Is this negative energy being transmuted thru the portal? And she answered- I do not know. Wow! Obviously, nobody knows everything, but she revealed that she was told in 1997 that her work was completed and she could leave the area. I let her know I was glad she did not or we probably would have never met. She acknowledged what I said, and added: Maybe that is why I stayed- to meet you and you will carry on the work I have started.

Now you can maybe understand and appreciate the great pressure I feel with this new awareness, and why it was no coincidence that I bumped into this lady on Chemtrail Wednesday on August 25th while walking my dog in Searsport and observing the massive Triple-X pattern over Sandy Point.


What I observed and witnessed this day while walking my dog in Searsport near the Atlantic Ocean was a harsh reminder that our government is aware of this portal and that chemtrails are part of its insane response to the presence of peaceful extraterrestrials on our planet. Why? Because it is on the inner most secret level allied with negative extraterrestrials. In the grand scheme of things, our planet is a 'rogue planet' on a parallel plane with the rogue nations of Iraq, Iran, North Korea, etc. who are deemed a nuclear threat to world peace.

When I bumped into my friend in the downtown area, we briefly discussed the implications of these chemtrails. After my pet-sitting job, I frantically, but in vain, tried to find a good camera or videocam. Later, about 3PM, after driving my dog home, I drove to Sandy Point where I sat and observed the very dissipated, white wispy clouds, large in size. The Triple-X pattern was no longer visible. The X usually appeared further south in Northport area where I work on weekends. Chemtrail activity is still ongoing.

My trip was not in vain however, because this small light, dirty brown (almost tan) cloud caught my eye. The day had begun with a clear blue sky which was then filled with chemtrails dispersed by 10-12 planes, and then those lines and loops dissipated into very large white clouds, but this thing was quite different. It was out of place, so I observed it for 10-15 minutes and watched as it slowly drifted towards the horizon, in direction of Brewer, whence the chemtrail planes came. It drifted in and out of the white chemtrail clouds (was this intentional camouflage?) and over this period of time it moved slowly until it disappeared even before reaching the horizon. I did not know what to think, but I was angry.

As I walked back to my car, I asked two men on the beach if they had seen that 'dirty cloud', but they had not. In fact, they had never heard of chemtrails. The man with a photo lens camera said he was only taking pictures of nesting birds on the broken down dock. I updated them on government-produced chemtrails as I pointed out the artificial clouds behind us. I said nothing about UFOs and drove home.

However, I was still burning with curiosity, so I stopped to ask another local psychic whom I first met on my first visit to Sandy Point on June 15th. I asked her about that 'dirty cloud' and she said it was 'probably some kind of government surveillance device'. That may sound like a guess, but, it is likely a very good guess from a psychic who told me she can detect the difference between extraterrestrial and American military UFOs. My long overdue visit to Sandy Point was prompted by my teacher's report that she and her friend had separately seen UFOs in the night sky over Sandy Point on June 11th. Both extraterrestrial and American military UFOs were seen by my friends.

The lady I met on the beach was that very same friend. Somehow my inner guidance system has brought me together with two psychics who both moved to Stockton Springs in 1986 when they met for the first time and immediately became the best of friends. Somehow I met them separately, but obviously for different reasons. My second friend and I are working on that reason.


While, heretofore, I do not have any personal pictures of this chemtrail activity, the following week I found two pictures posted from Brewer by Ellyn at Chemtrail Central at Jeff Rense's site for Aug 25th, the same day. Brewer is next to Bangor where pop singer, Cat Stevens, aka Josef Imam, was recently detained by federal authorities. It is 25-30 miles up the Penobscot River that originates much further up in northern Maine. According to my teacher, the Penobscot River is a UFO corridor that runs to the South Pole.

The same person posted a story about chemtrails in St. Paul-Minneapolis area and their use to cover up a white object- possibly a UFO. Was that 'dirty cloud' cloaking some tiny surveillance device?

A Stockton resident told me last December how he had heard a plane fly by his house on a regular basis, so he decided to check it out one night. He went outside with his binoculars, got the craft in his sight, them it veiled itself! How did this craft know it was being watched? Why is stealth technology being used in Stockton Springs? From his home this man saw this craft, which he did not describe to me, in the same direction as Sandy Point.

The answers to these questions will reveal the special role Stockton Springs plays in our planet and its evolution into a bright shining star in the heavens and its special role in the Third American Revolution that I wrote about four years ago in The Conspiracy Journal.

As the spiritual center of our planet, Stockton Springs must also serve as the spiritual center of the Third American Revolution. There is no better example to demonstrate this point, or hypothesis, if you will, than to first reference a historical fact which links Stockton to the first American Revolution of 1776, because the third is the spiritual balance between the first, which was primarily political, and the second, which is primarily technological.

There are many facts about Stockton Springs area which is important to our American history, but the most important and German to this subject at hand is the fact that legendary revolutionary war hero, Paul Revere, participated in a naval battle with the British in Penobscot Bay very close to Sandy Point in 1779. It was known as the Penobscot Expedition.

Now let me be the first to tell the world that the spirit of Paul Revere has returned to Stockton and is very well connected to the Sandy Point portal. He is here to accelerate the Third American Revolution. But, what does his return have to do with Native American spirituality? He was never an Indian, was he?

His father emigrated from France in 1715 or 1716, according to PAUL REVERE AND THE WORLD HE LIVED IN by Esther Forbes, and he married Deborah Hichborn, whose family later migrated further north to Maine and had a great influence on the development of Stockton as a town and Maine as a state. No Indian blood there, but his Robert Hichborn, a Son of Liberty at the Boston Tea Party, bought the peninsula of Cape Jellison and later became one of the owners of the Hichborn Inn, which now stands, renovated, on Church Street in downtown Stockton. Local legend says Paul Revere visited a house now on Sylvan Street behind the Inn.

My teacher was the first to educate me about this local history, because she was researching her genealogical history and links to family of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, whose maternal grandfather, General Jeremiah Wadsworth, was one of the military commanders of the colonial forces at said battle. Thus it was quite natural, it seems to me, for the spirit of Paul Revere to return to Stockton at the home of my good friend who is the spiritual guardian of the Sandy Point portal and recipient of sacred names and chants from many Native American elders, both on this plane and other multidimensional worlds.

Let me explain what happened, and maybe you will understand why I believe that since the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987 that it is the rebirth and resurrection of Native American spirituality that is driving the Third American Revolution to completion in 2012 in accordance with the ancient Mayan calendar.

Please understand that by American Revolution, I mean a transformation of consciousness aligned with North, Central, and South America- thus from the North to the South Pole- and with the shift of the earth's magnetic poles. Just as our individual consciousness is being polarized in accordance with Dane Rhudyar's ideas about the planetarization of human consciousness, the consciousness of our planet is being polarized.

The Third will complete what the First began, and what technology of the Second interrupted and corrupted. The blending of Native American spirituality with Christ consciousness will complete the spiritual fusion of European and Native American identity that first inspired the colonists to establish a separate identity from their homeland. I refer the reader to the anthropological study of HE CAME TO THE AMERICAS which traces the footprints of a 'pale white prophet' from South, thru Central, to North America creating many legends that remind us of what more psychics are reporting: Christ's LAST ascension was from the Americas.

If none of this makes sense right now, ask yourself: Why did the Sons of Liberty dress up as Mohawk Indians at the Boston Tea Party? The obvious answer to me is that our revolutionary war leaders were Native American leaders in their past lives. Just as Pueblo Indian revolt drove out Spanish from Southwest in 1680, the English were driven out of the 13 colonies, and now we are faced with the task of removing the negative influences of the European-based Illuminati from our great land.


My teacher called me on April 30th, the 121st day of the year (11x11) to discuss some matter with me, and then, in the course of our conversation said to me in a most off-handed way: " By the way, I saw your friend Silver Star- he was flying around in my bedroom."

Silver Star (aka Laurence Healey), my friend and mentor, was a Hopi healer and shaman extraordinaire I met in Massachusetts in 1986, but I never saw him face to face. I had my teacher about my longtime friend going back to the Pueblo Indian Revolt of 1680 and much further back in time, but he had passed away almost ten years ago. At least, that is what my best friend, Malcolm Gaskill told me after he called Silver Star and spoke with his sister in Clinton, near Worcester area. Why had he come back now?

"What?" I responded. " When?" She thought out loud and decided, "It was Wednesday." Two days earlier on April 28th when she took me out to dinner to thank me for some favors I had done her. My brain exploded with the implications of her revelation, because I had been wishing for Malcolm to return and visit me since he had passed away in November 2001 shortly after the 911 attack. If Silver Star was back, then I knew Malcolm would be coming back soon!

My mind was racing, but I slowed down my thought process to say: " You mean to tell me that on Wednesday, the night we had dinner and returned to your home to find your copy of THE RETURN OF THE BIRD TRIBES - on this same night Silver Star returned?" "Yes," she replied, "after you left, he showed up." Of course, I wanted to know if he had left a message. Perhaps I was too spiritually dense to pick up on his presence. Why did he visit her first?

No, he left no message, but actions speak louder than words, don't they? Return of the Bird Tribes, or Return of the Thunder Beings, they are just different words to describe the return of the Star people prophesied by many different Native American legends.  Was Silver Star an extraterrestrial? Well, of course, but aren't we all?  In the broader sense the return of the Star people means reactivation of our extraterrestrial DNA- what scientists call 'junk DNA'- and rediscovery of our origin from other star systems. And, once again, we must return to and remember the Mayan-Andromedan drawings given to my teacher to stimulate the magical, spiritual powers lying dormant in our genes.

Is Voltan, the extraterrestrial intelligence introduced to me by my teacher, one of these Thunder Beings? Is he Pacal Votan or Pacal Voltan, as I have seen written some places? Or does he speak for a group mind of which Pacal Votan is leader? Did he inspire my teacher to receive the Mayan-Andromeda drawings?


As I began to think about why Silver Star had returned, I felt his presence in my cats, and later the presence of the spirit of Titan on the same night my friends had seen UFOS, both extraterrestrial and American military over Sandy Point portal. My first awareness that Silver Star might have been Paul Revere began as a simple word association: Paul Revere was a SILVERsmith and SILVER Star was a craftsman of incredible gold and silver talisman. He gave one to me and one to Malcolm.

The turning point for my thinking this possibility was a certainty came on May 11th, when I visited my friend, Scott Saucier, in Belfast and he told me he had recently met Bob Ryan, a writer for Saturday Night Live, and that Bob was researching an article on Paul Revere's bell still at church in downtown Belfast. I was so excited by this news that I drove to that area of town, 12 miles from my residence, and walked my dog so I could look at the church and the bell- the First Church in Belfast dated 1793. While driving over the bridge to Belfast, I started creating and singing a song whose words I wrote down as I walkied my dog to the church where Paul Revere's bell was located.

I was exhilarated when I saw what I had written. This song is now my anthem for THE THIRD AMERICAN REVOLUTION: LET YOUR FREEDOM RING. Here are the words- slightly modified since my original inspiration:

(All copyrights protected as both poem and song by Patrick E Flaherty in 2004)







The timing of this song was in harmonic resonance with the return of Silver Star and absolutely convinced me that part of the reason he had returned was because he had lived the life of Paul Revere. May 11th was 11 days after my teacher told me that Silver Star had returned, and it was the 132nd day of the year (11x12). Again the spiritual gates of the 11:11 had come into play: they form the Diamond Body of Christ (or the Sacred Six Directions in Native American spirituality). One might call it THE MUSIC OF TIME, a book title by Stewart Swerdlow, because at Harmonic Convergence of 1987 the Mayan man who led the ceremony explained the red diamond star on the top of his headband by saying that in Mayan culture the diamond was important musically.

And, if anyone doubts this harmonic resonance as a creation of my overactive mind, then please consider this: Paul Revere died on May 10, 1818. Thus my song inspired by Paul Reveres was almost exactly 186 years later- minus one day! And his day of death or transition into the spirit world was also on the 132nd day of the year, because that was not a leap year with extra day in February.

And what's more, after several return walks with my dog to the same are, and having experienced a major reincarnation flashback which linked me energetically to the Hershey's spiritual retreat built at Sandy Point by General Samuel Hershey in 1885, I am absolutely convinced that Paul Reveres bell on Church Street in Belfast (or BELL-FAST?) is sitting on a powerful vortex linked to the portal. I believe my song inspiration came as a result of singing with this vortex because of the street layout.

One day while walking my dog and waiting for my laundry to be done, I walked along High Street and realized all the streets going up toward the bell, beginning with Church Street and four more thereafter, all began with the letter C until the top of the hill where the parallel street was Lincolnville. Later I drove up there and noticed for the first time, a very small street named Alto.

In a flash it occurred to me that someone had intentionally or unintentionally coded the streets around the bell with a musical note: HIGH C! And, then at top of hill the 'street note' went low to Alto- the reverse of what you might expect.

So, like it or not, that is my experience and reasoning for my belief that the spirit of Paul Revere has returned to Stockton to help accelerate the Third American Revolution.


Silver Star and his spirit guide, Chief Red Tree, helped me, while I lived in Boston, birthplace of our First American Revolution, to reactivate my Egyptian/Native American ability to communicate with animals, especially cats, and use my love for them as the spiritual foundation for my communication with lion-headed extraterrestrials from Sirius. They helped me learn how to externalize my application of the diamond body principle by spiritually fusing the descending spiral of our extraterrestrial evolution from the stars (Yin) with the ascending spiral of our animal evolution to create an interdimensional doorways or artificial time warps to neutralize the negative influences of the third dimension.

My use of animals to communicate with extraterrestrials is best expressed symbolically as the dream I had recently on September 15th shortly after my teacher showed me THE TWO MAGICIANS, one of the 22 Mayan-Andromeda drawings she received. I saw four very unique cats: two were white and small, with thick fur the color and texture of sheep wool, and two were large, dark colored tabby cats with glowing blue-rings around their torso. When I told my teacher about this dream, she revealed that when she was taken aboard a UFO between Las Vegas and LA in the late 70's, her extraterrestrial hosts had a special room that glowed bluish-green.

During her taped regressed hypnosis, she heard her former student ask her what they used that room for. She told me her response from hearing that tape: They worship wisdom. The blue-green walls contain information.


The spiritual significance of blue-green energy can be appreciated in the beauty and energy of the turquoise stone popular with Navajo and other tribes, but it goes much deeper when you consider the life force of earth animating our blue sky and green forests. In the taped life reading given to me by Silver Star and Chief Red Tree in 1986, I was addressed as 'Bla-Ray' (my spelling), one of the first to come to America. My reincarnation pattern, once I learned it, obviously has returned me to America over and over again.

I interpreted this name to mean blue ray- like the ray which rules the throat chakra for the following reasons: 1) My physical body and DNA was born in Germany. In German the color blue is blau or blaue, depending on whether it is used to modify a masculine or feminine form. 2) In a George Van Tassel book, no longer in my possession, the fifth dimensional space our planet earth is moving into was identified by his extraterrestrial contacts as Blaue. And, 3) my eyes are blue.

So, if Silver Star and Chief Red Tree are correct, then I am Bla-Ray (Blue-Ray) living on Green Valley Road in Stockton Springs, Maine. I love to play word games, and maybe that is why life gives them to me. Words are symbols, like pictures and glyphs, and can be interpreted many ways to create or solve a puzzle- any mystery of life.

While living in North End of Boston, near original home of Paul Revere, in 1978-79, my apartment was on Greenough Lane. One of the Sons of Liberty was named Newman Greenough, also a resident of the North End and neighbor of Paul Revere. From the North End, I moved to Jamaica Plain section of Boston and lived some nine years only one mile from site of John Hancock's summer home at Jamaica Pond.

John Hancock and Paul Revere shared more than just membership in the Sons of Liberty, they were linked together in many ways during the American Revolution, and so they are now for the completion of the Third American Revolution. When Governor of Massachusetts, John Hancock was also governor of Maine because it was then part of that state. His mansion on Beacon Hill later became the site of the Massachusetts State House. I was living in Jamaica Plain when I met my best friend, Malcolm, and also when I met Silver Star.

After the Sons of Liberty disbanded, some reformed into the Sons of Tammany-named after a Delaware Chief who was close friends with William Penn, the well known Quaker and man of peace, after whom the state of Pennsylvania was named. Others reformed into the Tarratine Tribe, whose descendants joined with Abenakis in Maine to form the Penobscot Tribe after whom said river and bay are named. The Tarratine tribe claims both Paul Revere and John Hancock as members.

So how is Paul Revere/Silver Star linked to the portal at Sandy Point? Once again I must employ the principle of synchronicity to show how my family names are linked to Paul Revere. Hersey's Retreat was built as a spiritual retreat by General Samuel Hersey for the Unitarian Church in 1885 at Sandy Point very close to the portal. My father's sister married Henry Hersey and raised their two children in Revere, Massachusetts near Boston. My father and sister are the children of my dear grandmother who passed away in the house I live in on August 4, 1983- 11 years exactly after my Walk-In birthdate. Thus in two separate ways my relative's names synchronize the name of Paul Revere with the portal. In a similar way these synchronicities link me to the portal.


Originally, I had prepared this article on extraterrestrial communication for the purpose of sharing my developing relationship with Voltan, an ETI who tells all his friends: Laughter reveals the greatest wisdom. But the shock of Chemtrail Wednesday, and another shock two days later forced me to shift my focus from Voltan to my teacher who introduced me to him. And why not? When she asked her extraterrestrial hosts why they had taken her aboard their UFO, they replied: "Because you are one of us. "

After singing with the vortex, I was busy writing the manuscript for my book and doing every day chores for my cats and my dog, and communicating with my teacher regularly. On July 16th, as I prepared to go home after several hours of conversation, she began to spontaneously channel a message from Voltan. I had shown her for the first time that night how I had thumb tacked her drawing of Voltan onto a one foot square piece of plywood and rotated it in such a way to create a four pointed configuration, tetrad, or diamond star which I linked magically to the portal.

She liked my creation and my idea that the ten-pointed star pendant hanging from his neck was a solar symbol since the ten points looked like the rays of the sun. Here is what Voltan had to say:


His words proved quite prophetic. Four days later on July 20th, my teacher showed me Bob Ryan's article published in the third issue of THE CITIZEN under title: FREEDOM STILL RINGS FOR PAUL REVERE. I love that synchronicity! Remember my song written two months earlier was LET YOUR FREEDOM RING. And, if that is not enough, on June 28th President Bush announced to the world on day Paul Bremer transferred American military/political control of Iraq to a new civilian government: Let freedom ring. I knew the FBI was tapping my phone, but this is ridiculous!

Another interesting part of this publication was the inclusion of Longfellow's famous poem about Paul Revere's legendary ride to Lexington-Concord to warn John Hancock, John Adams, and the other colonists that the British were coming. With the recurring appearance of Longfellow in our lives (one of his direct descendants lived in Stockton), I said to my teacher: don't you think that since Longfellow had a Native American friend named Black Hawk, and one of your spirit guides is named Black Hawkm, that you might be the reincarnation of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow? I was surprised to learn that she had never considered the possibility, but that is typical of her because she is too busy helping other people to think of herself.

She mused over the idea and said she would think about it. However, I believe I may have indirectly confirmed this possibility as a probability when my research revealed that my past life flashback in the Belfast vortex to the Civil War period, in which Maine volunteers played a vital role at Gettysburg, linked me a friend who was also friends with Longfellow during the same period of time.


The second shock I referenced hit the national news the same week as that massive chemtrail activity at Sandy Point. A man in Florida was told his son was killed in Iraq and reacted by trying to burn down the van of the Marines who gave him the tragic news. He received serious burns, but the Marines saved his life. It was the following Friday morning when I heard the father's first name for the first time-Carlos- that I realized the last name of Arredondo was not only familiar to me because I had a friend with the same last name in Jamaica Plain, but that he was the same person, and I remembered meeting his son Alex a few times when he was 4 or 5 in late 80's.

I was sick to my stomach that day, but prayed for Alex, Carlos, and his family, later writing to him. When I spoke with my teacher later and asked her if she knew where Hollywood, Florida was (his hometown), she replied: "Of course, that is where I received the Mayan-Andromeda drawings."

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