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Along with an incredible new audio cassette from author Diane Tessman: "FROM THE SOUL OF NIKOLA TESLA: BI-LOCATION AND TELEPORTATION METHODS."

The well-known phrase, "Beam me up, Scotty," from the popular television series STAR TREK, introduced the public to the idea of teleportation – instantaneous transport through time and space, although the term was actually coined by the world famous author of books on unexplained mysteries, the late Charles Fort Long thought to be the work of over-imaginative writers, the author now takes the subject beyond the void of pure speculation and into the realm of 21st century science. For according to the author, known simply as Commander X, a former military intelligence operative with connections to the CIA and the Defense Department, on a number of occasions he witnessed the testing of highly classified, super TOP SECRET, black project aircraft engaged in maneuvers over Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

Furthermore, this national whistle-blower claims he actually sat at the helm of one of these ships as it bio-located from one place to another...INSTANTLY!

What was so unusual about these flights over Area 51 is the fact that the technology being tested involved principles of teleportation gleaned from reverse engineering of alien spacecraft which have crashed on Earth.

The author maintains that extraterrestrials have been trying to feed us clues regarding the existence of this interstellar mode of transport which will enable us to instantly maneuver between two points in the twinkling of an eye!

Commander X further insists it is possible for the reader to learn the fundamentals of teleportation and participate in experimentation of their very own. In detail, he describes his own work with the military in developing the skills necessary to engage in spontaneous teleportation...skills that could very well lead you along the path to personal gratification and success.

Also available is an audio cassette companion to Teleportation by Diane Tessman- FROM THE SOUL OF NIKOLA TESLA: BI-LOCATION AND TELEPORTATION METHODS.

Recently, Diane moved from Ireland back to Iowa where she purchased the land she grew up on. In the last few years she has had several other experiences on the property. One remains foremost in her consciousness.

"I was drawn one evening back to the spot where I had first been teleported on board a craft which we can call a UFO for lack of a better term. There was this mist or fog in the field, and there was a man standing in the fog. He was dressed fairly conservatively and looked very dapper."

Toward the end of the conversation the man revealed his identity. "He said he was Nikola Tesla and that his work was not finished on the earth plane and that he had to get a message across to those who were willing to listen."

Diane reveals in a specially prepared audio tape, made exclusively for readers of this book, how Tesla told her "that at the time of his death he was working on a revolutionary discovery that included his personal – previously unpublished – secret ‘mental process' that will enable any individual to engineer their own reality and help develop what he calls ‘bi-location,' a mental form of teleportation.

"Tesla," Diane further explains, "sees this as his ultimate gift to humankind and to the planet which he loved so much and felt sorry about having to leave." The 60 minute cassette is a training tape for those who wish to explore the many possibilities that are now open to us all in the New Millennium thanks to the great genius that was – and still is – Nikola Tesla!

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