Baby Chupacabra Caught By MIB

Special thanks to Jaime Ferrer R. - Investigator, Director: Calama UFO Center

When a resident of Villa San Rafael in Calama reported an encounter with a mysterious creature, we felt compelled to proceed with an investigation. But much to our surprise, we never imagined that this could lead us to these amazing findings. All the evidence of this case almost came to us on its own, as if we were destined to find it.
The village resident told us that on the Friday of May 4, 2001, at around 7 in the afternoon, after stepping outside to his patio and leaving his kitchen door half way shut, never would have thought he would find his two small dogs barking at a strange looking creature. The animal was very small; it measured no more than 40 cm tall. This young resident was astounded before the presence of such strange little animal. Nevertheless, during the short amount of time he was able to watch it, he noticed several description details.

He described the creature as very shy, their dogs tried to bite him, but it defended itself with loud screeches, also by opening its mouth, which showed two long teeth in the upper part of the mouth and two smaller ones on the lower jaw. Also, he assured that it stretched a long tongue of about 25 cm of length.

The tongue had two tips very similar to a tongue of a snake. The inside of its mouth had a dark green color. He was also able to notice that the creature had very little hair, as if it was a newborn. Although he wasn't able to determine whether it was a male or female, he saw a small scrotum that appeared to be filled with liquid. Lastly, the resident told us that the small animal had a strong scent, such found in sewers. 

As the resident found the creature fighting for its life and completely filled with panic, while watching it so desperate as one of his dogs was almost able to bite one of its legs off, he observed it was able to defend itself by raising its paws to avoid the fatal bite. Shortly afterwards, the small creature began to violently jump from side to side, almost hurting itself by hitting a metallic fruit container and the kitchen sink.

Suddenly, when seeing that the door of the kitchen was open, the little creature rushed to the patio, situation that the resident tried to avoid by closing the door quickly, but it was already too late because he was only able to grab its left leg. As he watch the creature get away, he look at its hand and he noticed that he was able to pull some hair from the leg area. He then saw it running away towards the neighbor's house until he lost sight of it. 

Yet there's more to this story. The resident's mother tells us that only a couple of days earlier, this same being was spotted on the roof of the laundry room in the back, and that she saw it jump on a mesh that they use for shading, which collapsed notably when the creature landed on top of it. She thought to have seen the creature walking with a certain level of disorientation and clumsiness. After inspecting the mesh and the roof, we obtained another small quantity of hair, which was exactly similar to the previous ones.

The Men-In-Black Get Involved

The day following this event, an associate of CUFOC accidentally went to their home (08:30 PM), he saw a white Toyota Hilux van, with extra cab and license plates GT 9..., which was parked on the left side of a road, where it was kind of dark. But what caught his attention was seeing two well dressed men in black (MIB), with dust all over their clothes, as if they recently had struggled on the ground. One of them was jealously holding something that screeched a lot. Our associate could see some small paws struggling to escape out of the man's arms. These men, according to our associate, were normal human beings, with average height and normal appearance. When they realized that they were being watched, their faces expressed certain fear and quickly got on their vehicle, leaving the place at a great speed.

Alerted immediately by our associate, we assembled in the area, carrying out a search operation, which gave positive results. We were able to find remains of the creature's organic matter, surely left behind during the violent struggle to avoid being caught.

The samples include a piece of skin, a section of a ram similar to the ones roosters have on their feet, as well as a small quantity of hair. This allowed us to determine, without a doubt that it was a Chupacabra at a very young age, surely the same one that was inside the kitchen the day before, since the place where it was caught was less than 50 meters from the house.

These samples will be available for analysis by professionals.

Jaime Ferrer R.
Director: Calama UFO Center ( CUFOC )