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The Val-Thor Story: ET at the Pentagon

Here is the exciting account as given by noted evangelist and private investigator Dr. Frank Stranges. Did an actual alien serve as the governments guest for three years? Stranges dares reveal what others only whisper about. This incredible video was taped in San Diego at Timothy Beckley's UFO and Alien Conference.

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Secrets of Dreamland: Video One & Two

The producer is chased like an animal near Area 51 by unmarked helicopters (see actual video) as he dramatically tells of forbidden secrets, underground bases, super aeronautics and avionics, military software programs and simulations technology. Volume two contains more evidence that the government's super deep black projects are proliferating without public disclosure or Congressional oversight.

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Abductions & Surgical removal of Alien Implants

With Dr. Roger Leir and researcher Derrel Sims. This is graphic material showing scenes of surgeries being performed and alien implants being removed. 125 minutes.

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Bob Lazar: Excerpts From the Government Bible

Bob Lazar claims to have been employed inside Area 51 where he witnessed tests of alien craft and studied technology acquired by the military from crashed UFOs.

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Tunguska: The Russian Roswell!

In 1908 thousands of witnesses observed a glowing object explode in mid-air with the force of an Atomic Bomb, leveling the earth for miles. Scientists and military personnel sent to the sight by Stalin collected what became the first debris samples from an ET craft. Just released - Never shown on TV.

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Journey to the Hollow Earth

History, mythology, folklore of the theory that the Earth has a hollow realm, a mystical and physical place. It has been suggested that the hollow interior of the planet could contain a small version of the sun that bathes the world within with its warming, perpetual rays. The lands beneath our feet could also be home to lost prehistoric animals or the surviving race from the continent Atlantis. 30 Minutes.

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Underground Doctors: Medical Science or the Paranormal?

Why is the medical community so prone not to accept the work of what may truly be breakthroughs in science and medicine? Some of the methods explored on this video are often shocking, bizarre or just downright amazing. Includes testimony from Dr. Robert of the Death Press in releasing the flow of energy back into the body.

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