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- Shadow Cyber Spy Network Revealed -
- Hitler Wanted to Steal the Turin Shroud -
- Giants on the Rampage -
UFOs: Not So Strange After All? -
AND: Moral Compass in Brain Can be Controlled by Magnets

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The American Goliah - And Other Fantastic Reports
Of Unknown Giants And Humongous Creatures


A giant of stone of remarkable dimensions was uncovered over a century ago. Here is the full report, including scientific statements that when stood upright the figure stood nearly eleven feet high, and its head nearly double the size of any ordinary human.

Because it was removed from the ground in upstate New York, some confuse it with the much more controversial Cardiff Giant. But this amazing discovery stands by itself among those who dare question its authenticity. But where has the giant disappeared to? Can it still be viewed by the public, or have archaeological knaves whisked it away so it cannot be examined under today's more favorable laboratory conditions?

Here is the original full report as published at the time, plus additional information by today's top Fortean researchers: SOUTH AMERICA'S GIANT UFONAUTS BY SCOTT CORRALES -- News of an alleged three-meter-tall non-human entity shambling toward a roadside in Chile (March 2010) brought back memories of the giant UFO occupants commonly reported in the 1950s, and 60s, usually in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, although cases in Spain and even the USA were reported.

THE CARDIFF GIANT COMES ALIVE! BY RICK REDFERN -- "Believed to be a hoax, I was lecturing near the museum where the giant is still on display. But, there's a very weird story that goes along with the viewing of this infamous artifact that deals with what sounds like a Tulpa-type sighting of the Cardiff Giant - as if the legend had come to life because of belief in it"

ANTHROPOIDS, GIANTS AND MAMMOTHS BY HAROLD T. WILKINS -- Here is evidence that so-called prehistoric monsters and giants were contemporaneous with ancient and perhaps modern man.

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Featuring The Military Personnel Who Were There In Rendlesham Forest When “Something” From “Somewhere” Landed And Attempted TO Establish Contact

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On Sunday April 11, the “Behind the Paranormal” radio show will have a special three hour broadcast to mark the 30th anniversary of the Rendlesham/ Bentwaters incident. This will be a landmark show that involves a case that may be the most credible UFO event of recent times.

The panelists will be Rendlesham Forest UFO incident eyewitnesses Col. Charles Halt  (Ret.)  and John Burroughs, and witness/whistleblower Larry Warren. Bill Birnes of The History Channel’s “UFO Hunters and publisher of UFO Magazine will also appear. Rounding out the panel is investigative writer Peter Robbins, co-author, along with Warren, of the British best seller, Left At East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up and Investigation.

Nick Pope, well known UFO author and formerly of Her Majesty’s Ministry of Defence will unfortunately be in flight at the time of the broadcast, so we plan to do a 10-15 minute pre-record with him filling the audience in on the actual background of the Bentwaters affair.

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April 25 & 26 2010
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10:00-12:00 Chris Iverson Serpo and our ET exchange Program
1:30-3:30 Sue Wallace Health regeneration Magnetic Healing
3:00-4:00 Wilber Allen Intelligent Energies Over Wash. D.C.
4:00-5:00 Diana Hoyt  Science Knowledge, Evidence, the challenge of UFology
7:15 -7:45 Merlin Kauffman  George Van Tassel  Contact Part 0ne
 7:45 -9:45 Joe Montaldo Types of Aliens & ET Contact
9:45 -11:00 Film David Ike tell it all.

9:00 am Registration  
9:30 am Doors open  
10:00-12:00 Nicholette Pavlevsky The next wave of ET Contact
12:15-1:30 George Hass Avian Geoglyphs on Mars
3:00-5:00 Joe Montaldo Abductions 303
5:15-5:45 Merlin Kauffman Part two presentation
6:00-6:45 Your Galactic Neighbors
6:45 - 7:45 film Jo Ann Roberts USA Space team Encounters

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Shadow Cyber Spy Network Revealed

A "complex cyber-espionage" network that penetrated various organisations including the Office of the Dalai Lama, has been uncovered by researchers.

The shadow network targeted government, business, and academic computers at the United Nations and the Embassy of Pakistan in the US, among others.

It was used to steal at least 1,500 emails from the Office of the Dalai Lama, the researchers said.

The attacks were thought to originate in the city of Chengdu in China.

Specifically, the researchers, from the Information Warfare Monitor and the Shadowserver Foundation, said they had evidence of "links between the Shadow network and two individuals living in Chengdu".

Information Warfare Monitor comprises researchers from Ottawa-based think tank SecDev Group and the University of Toronto's Munk Centre for International Studies.

The individuals were identified by e-mail addresses and are thought to be part of China's "underground hacking community".

The network was outlined in a report called Shadows in the Cloud.

"The social media clouds of cyberspace we rely upon today have a dark, hidden core," said Professor Ron Diebert, director of the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto's Munk Centre, launching the report.

"There is a vast, subterranean ecosystem to cyberspace within which criminal and espionage networks thrive."

He said the network had reached into the "upper echelons of the Indian security establishment" and should act as a "wake up call" to governments to co-operate on cybersecurity.

The team said its eight-month investigation showed no "hard evidence" of the involvement of the government of the People's Republic of China,

"An important question to be entertained is whether the PRC will take action to shut the Shadow network down," the report said.

China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a press conference that the country was "firmly opposed" to hacking.

"We have from time to time heard this kind of news. I don't know the purpose of stirring up these issues," she said.

She added the researchers have not formally contacted China, although the researchers said they had contacted the country's Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert).

"We would expect that kind of statement," said Professor Diebert.

"Have a look at that report and make up your mind whether you think it is groundless."

The researchers said that the network - known as a botnet - exploited social networking and cloud computing platforms, "including Google, Baidu, Yahoo, and Twitter" to infect computers with malicious software, or malware.

This allowed hackers to take control of the PCs of several foreign ministries and embassies across the world.

A more complex network of "command and control" computers was used to control the infect computers.

In 2009, the team previously exposed GhostNet, a massive network that was found to have infiltrated 1,295 computers in 103 countries. That investigation had started at the request of the Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader.

The new investigation showed that his office had been targeted again, with more than 1,500 letters sent from the Dalai Lama's office between January and November 2009 recovered by the team.

The researchers said that they had also recovered a number of documents that were in the possession of the Indian government, including two documents marked "secret", six as "restricted", and five as "confidential".

Recovered documents included Canadian visa applications.

The team said they had no direct evidence that they had been stolen form Indian Government computers. Instead, they said, the documents may have been stolen after being copied onto personal computers.

In addition, the researchers found evidence that the hackers had targeted the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacifc (UNESCAP).

However the team said the hackers had been largely "indiscriminate in what they took".

"The attackers disproportionately took sensitive information but also took financial and personal information," the team said at launch.

The team said the investigation is ongoing.

Source: BBC


Hitler Wanted to Steal the Turin Shroud

Adolf Hitler wanted to steal the Turin Shroud during World War II, an Italian monk has claimed.

But the Vatican helped hide the cloth relic, on which is scorched the image of Christ's face, in a rural monastery to keep it out of the clutches of the Fuhrer.

To protect the Shroud from Hitler, Vatican officials and the Italian royal family ordered that it be locked away in a southern Italian Benedictine monastery.

The linen sheet bearing the image of Christ has captivated the imagination of historians, church chiefs, sceptics and Catholics for more than 500 years.

The shroud will go on display this weekend for the first time in a decade. More than two million people - including Pope Benedict XVI - are due to see it on display in Turin Cathedral where it has been kept for the last 64 years.

The wartime revelation emerged in an interview Father Andrea Cardin, librarian of the Montevergine abbey, gave in the current issue of Italian magazine Diva e Donna.

He said: 'The Holy Shroud was moved in secret to the sanctuary in the Campania region on the precise orders of the Royal House of Savoy (which owned it at the time) and the Vatican.

'Officially this was to protect it from possible bombing in Turin. In reality, it was moved to hide it from Hitler who was apparently obsessed by it.

'When he visited Italy in 1938, his top-ranking Nazi aides asked unusual and insistent questions about the Shroud.

'Then in 1943 when German troops searched the Montevergine church, the monks there pretended to be in deep prayer before the altar inside which the relic was hidden.

'This was the only reason it wasn't discovered. Then in 1946 it was returned to Turin, as instructed by (Italy's last king) Umberto II of Savoy, and remains preserve there in that city's cathedral.'

Hitler was obsessed with the occult - the Nazi swastika has long been considered a black magic symbol while he was also devoted to German composer Richard Wagner who was said to be a Satanist.

During the war Hitler also ordered research into a spear that was said to have pierced Christ's side at the Crucifixion and which was held in a Berlin museum.

He thought that be unlocking the 'codes' of the symbols carved into it he would obtain great powers and would be able to 'read the minds of his enemies'.

Source: The Daily Mail


Giants on the Rampage
By Nick Redfern

What do English buses and books on giants have in common? Well, I'll tell you: you wait for ages for one to come along, then two arrive at once! Okay, it's an old joke, and not a particularly funny one either, but it serves its purpose!

Yesterday, I highlighted the news concerning the forthcoming release (by Anomalist Books) of True Giants: Myth, Legend, Folklore, and Fact, by Mark A. Hall and Loren Coleman.

Well, yet another book on the subject of Giants has just surfaced: The American Goliah, edited and published by Tim Beckley's Global Communications.

I have contributed a section to the book on the weird saga of the notorious Cardiff Giant.

The story of the hoaxed Giant is an entertainingly strange one; and one that - as you'll see from my section of the book - is getting even stranger...


Continuing on from Nick's article about Tim Beckley's new book, The American Goliah, is there any actual evidence of a race of giant humans sometime in the far past?  It would be difficult to find any society that does not have some sort of ancient myths and legends about giants. Even today we still tell our children the fairy tale of "Jack and the Giant," so it is not so perposterous to consider that these "fairy tales" could be based on some far distant memory.

Prominent references in the Bible and numerous other religious and historical texts from around the world make prominent mention of a time in mankind's distant past wherein giants walked the Earth. The earliest references to giants occur in the very earliest times in Earth's history, before even the time of Adam when, it was believed by some, a "pre-Adamic race" walked the Earth. This race, which was apparently gigantic in stature, was created by a mysterious group of divine beings who had come down from heaven and had artificially manipulated the genes of the various kinds of animal life that God had created in order to create a humanoid lifeform of gigantic stature that displayed numerous animal characteristics.

There is a strange passage in the Old Testament that has been the subject of debate by scholars the ologians for centuries: "And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and took them wives of which they chose." (Genesis 6:1-2)

The Biblical account then continues by saying that the offspring of the Sons of God and the daughters of men were "the giants who were in the earth in those days." So numerous did these giants become that they were a threat to the survival of the patriarchal race. Accordingly, the scripture tell us, God gave Enoch a magical or miraculous sword, called the "Sword of Methuselah," with which to slay them in a great purge. The race of giants then dwindled and finally became extinct, Goliath being the last of his race, slain by young David, future King of Israel, sometime prior to 1,000 B.C.

For the most part, these accounts have been dismissed by scholars as fanciful mythology with little or no basis in fact. However, over the years, archaeological excavations worldwide have uncovered ancient bones of what can only be described as giant humans.

In the year 1872, in Seneca Township, Noble County, Ohio, one of the numerous Indian mounds that abound in the Ohio River Valley was opened. This particular one was known locally as the "Bates" mound. It was found to contain the remains of three skeletons, surrounded by a few broken pieces of earthenware, a lot a flintheads and one or two stone implements. There was nothing unusual about the find, inasmuch as a number of similar discoveries had been unearthed; the remarkable feature of these remains were the skeletons, for in life all three would have been at least eight feet in height! Moreover, they had double teeth in front as well as in back of the mouth and in both upper and lower jaws. Upon exposure to the air the skeletons crumbled into dust.

In Ashtabula County, Ohio, in 1878, a mound was excavated on land belonging to one Peleg Sweet, who was himself a man of inordinate size with large features. They came upon a skull and jaw which were of such size that the skull would cover Sweet's head and the jaw could be easily slipped over his face, as though the head of a giant were enveloping his.

The mounds surrounding the Sweet place were distinguished by slight depressions on the surface of the ground, disposed in straight rows, with intervening spaces or valleys, and covered the entire area. The number of the graves in this area alone has been estimated to be between two and three thousand. Aaron Wright, Esq., in 1800, opened a number of these mounds and found them invariably to contain human  bones which upon exposure to air soon crumbled to dust. According to a history of Ashtabula County, Ohio, "Skulls were taken from these mounds, the cavities of which were of sufficient capacity to admit the head of an ordinary man, and jawbones that might be fitted over the face with equal facility."

Similar accounts can be found from a number of contemporary sources. For example, from the History of Morrow County and Ohio (1880): "In 1829, when the hotel was built in Chesterville, a mound near by was made to furnish the material for the brick. In digging it away, a large human skeleton was found, but no measurements were made. It is related that the jawbone was found to fit easily over that of a citizen of the village, who was remarkable for his large jaw. The local physicians examined the cranium and found it proportionately large, with more teeth than the white race of today. The skeleton was taken to Mans-field, and has been lost sight of entirely."


There was a race or group of people found in Australia called "meganthropus" by anthropologists. These people were of very large size--estimated between 7 to 12 feet tall, depending on what source you read. These people were found with mega tool artifacts, so their humaness is difficult to question.

Four jaw fragments and thousands of teeth have been found in China of "gigantopithecus blacki"--named after the discover. Based on the size of the teeth and deep jaws, its size has been estimated at around 10 feet and as tall as 12 feet, 1200 pounds.

In old river gravels near Bathurst, NSW, huge stone artifacts -- clubs, pounders, adzes, chisels, knives and hand axes -- all of tremendous weight, lie scattered over a wide area. These weigh anything from 8, 10, 15, to 21 and 25 pounds, implements which only men of tremendous proportions could possibly have made and used. Estimates for the actual size of these men range from 10 to 12 feet tall and over, weighing from 500 to 600 lbs.

Prospectors working in the Bathurst district in the 1930's frequently reported coming across numerous large human footprints fossilised in shoals of red jasper. Even more impressive were fossil deposits found by naturalist Rex Gilroy around Bathurst. He excavated from a depth of 6 feet (2 m) below the surface a fossil lower back molar tooth measuring 67 mm. in length by 50mm. x 42 mm. across the crown. If his measurements are correct, the owner would have been at least 25 ft. tall, weighing well over 1,000 lbs.

In the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains NSW, a Mr P. Holman found in ironstone protruding from a creek bank the deeply impressed print of a large human-like foot. The print was that of the instep, with all 5 toes clearly shown. This footprint measures 7 inches across the toes. Had the footprint been complete it would have been at least 2 feet (60 cm in length, appropriate to a 12 foot human. However, the largest footprint found on the Blue Mountains must have belonged to a man 20 feet tall.

It is certain the Aborigines were not the first to reach Australia. Aborigine themselves relate in their ancient folklore that there land was first inhabited by giants, before they settled here.


Possibly the race of giants that once shook the earth with their mighty footsteps did not go entirely extinct. Instead, they may have fashioned interplanetary spacecraft and traveled out into the depths of space in search for a new home.

Unidentified flying objects have been zipping through the skies of planet Earth as long as there have been people around to watch them. Ancient writings, folklore and religious texts are full of tales of unusual, glowing airships and the weird creatures contained within them, and much like the UFOs, the strange beings inside come in an amazing and prolific range of extraordinary shapes and sizes.

Even though their reports are not nearly as numerous, giants seen coming out of UFOs have been widely reported and are certainly the most bizarre of the UFO occupants.  

The giants are the least humanlike of all reported entities - with sightings describing creatures seven to nine feet tall and an amazing diversity ranging from one-eyed Cyclops, beings with black-faces, bushy black hair, and in some instances, with three unblinking eyes and large, round heads.

One amazing giant story was the account of a truck driver named Eugenio Douglas who allegedly used a revolver to fight off three "shiny metal robots" some fifteen to twenty feet tall. This happened in Argentina on October 18, 1963.

Douglas told police that he drove his truck into a ditch after a brilliant white light engulfed it near the town of Monte Maix.  The light, he said, came from a twenty-five-foot disk parked in the middle of the road.

When he got out of his truck, Douglas was approached by three "indescribable beings" that tried to grab him. He managed to draw his pistol and fire several shots at the giants, who seemed unfazed by the bullets. Nevertheless, Douglas managed to get away and run toward town as the saucer lifted off of the road and made several passes at him. He said that each time he felt "a wave of terrible, suffocating heat." The police examiner later found that Douglas had suffered several unusual burns, unlike anything he had seen before.

Israel experienced a wave of UFO giant sightings in 1993.  One such incident occurred during the early morning of April 20. Tsiporet Carmel stepped outside of her house and saw a large "silo-shaped" object in her back yard. Next to it Tsiporet saw a seven foot tall being wearing metallic overalls. Its head was covered in what looked like a beekeeper's hat.

Tsiporet said, "Why don't you take off your hat so I can see your face?" The being answered her telepathically, "That's the way it is."

The giant then reentered the object, which vanished in a flash of light, leaving behind a large circle and shards of pure silicon in the yard as proof of the incident.

Scott Corrales reported in his article "South America’s Giant Ufonauts" that in January 2002, Enrique Moreno, a 19-year-old courier, spotted a large, glowing figure on night in a factory parking lot.

"It was like a robot standing more than two meters tall," said Moreno. "Its angled head was hairless, it had shining, luminous eyes, and was dressed like a frogman, wearing a belt with a wide oval buckle around its waist."

A local newspaper also reported that there were other witnesses to the entity that very same evening: a nurse at a nearby medical facility told the paper that a woman who came in for a sedative claimed to have seen the same colossal figure levitate through the air and enter an unidentified flying object--an event which was confirmed, in turn, by residents of Villa de El Libertador, who had seen the alleged spacecraft that same evening.

So it seems that the giants of ancient myth and folklore have not vanished completely. They are still around, changing and adapting with the times,   remaining as fascinating now as they once were in the fairy tales of old.

Source: There's Something in the Woods


Searching for Aliens Through History

Far from being a product of the UFO craze, the desire to contact intelligent life dates back to Ancient Greece.

Most people would be surprised to discover to discover that several 19th century scientists contemplated how we might communicate with possible Martians and Venusians.

These early proposals - which predate by 150 years the first intentional message aimed at extraterrestrials, beamed out from Earth in 1974 - were based on signals in visual light, as the invention of radio was still decades away.

In fact, as history shows, ideas for interplanetary communication have largely been driven by whatever the contemporary technology allowed - be it lamps, radios or lasers. "You go with what you know," says Steven Dick, NASA's Chief Historian.

Over two thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks argued over the existence of life on other planets, but the idea really took off after the Copernican revolution, says Dick. "Once it was realised that all the planets go around the Sun, it was not hard to imagine that the other planets could be like Earth."

Galileo, Kepler and others considered the inhabitability of the planets, while being careful not to upset Church authority. Later "the idea blossomed in the 17th century into the 'plurality of worlds' debate, but it remained controversial," adds Dick, who has written several books on the topic.

One of the most influential proponents for extraterrestrial life was Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle, who wrote a book called Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds in 1686. Despite the interest, there was no recorded discussion of how we might locate or contact these potential aliens until more than a century later.

Florence Raulin-Cerceau of the Alexandre Koyré Centre in Paris, France, has documented the early attempts at communication with extraterrestrial intelligence (CETI), or what is now often called active SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence).

"As early as the 19th century, inventors imagined "sky telegraph" equipment to communicate with the supposed inhabitants of the Solar System's planets," Raulin-Cerceau recently wrote in the French magazine Pour la Science.

The first of these inventors was Carl Friedrich Gauss, a German mathematician. In the 1820s, he spoke of reflecting sunlight towards the planets with his land surveying invention, the heliotrope. He is also credited with the idea of cutting a giant triangle in the Siberian forest and planting wheat inside.

"The size and colour contrast should have made the object visible from the Moon or Mars, and the geometric figure could only be interpreted as an intentional construction," says Raulin-Cerceau.

Twenty years later, the astronomer Joseph von Littrow came up with a similar idea to pour kerosene into a 30-kilometre-wide circular canal that would be lit at night to signal our presence. The second half of the 19th century saw more realistic proposals develop, however.

In a more modern fashion, French inventor and poet Charles Cros was one of the first to propose sending coded messages to other planets by flashing beams of light. In 1869, he imagined using a parabolic mirror to focus the light from electric lamps towards Mars or Venus. He figured the light could be flashed on and off to encode a message.

"Cros granted that the planets could be inhabited by beings not able to respond, but he was still persuaded that 'the eternal isolation of the spheres [will be] vanquished,'" wrote Raulin-Cerceau.

A light-based "Morse code" was also considered by the British statistician (and half-cousin of Charles Darwin) Francis Galton in 1896. He took care not to assume that Martians would have our same base-10 counting system, as they probably wouldn't have 10 fingers.

Around the same time, A. Mercier, a member of the Astronomical Society of France, devised a plan to place several reflectors on the Eiffel Tower that could direct sunlight towards Mars. He also considered using the Moon as a giant screen on which to project light beams.

Could aliens have seen any of these light displays though? "It depends on how much money you think the Martians are spending on their telescopes," quips astronomer Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute in Mountain View California.

Today, radio is thought of as a much more efficient means of extraterrestrial communication. Radio waves are less affected by cosmic dust than visible light, and there is less of a radio background to deal with in the sky.

With its 300-metre reflector dish, the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is the world's largest single-dish radio telescope and most powerful radar. Frank Drake used it in 1974 to send the first CETI message.

Two of radio's pioneers showed interest in interplanetary radio communication. In 1901, American Nikola Tesla reported receiving a strange signal, we he thought might have come from Mars, on his giant transmitting tower in Colorado Springs. Nineteen years later, Guglielmo Marconi told reporters about his detection of radio emissions that appeared to come from outer space.

However, the switch to radio-based SETI didn't happen immediately. As late as the 1920s, many people (including Albert Einstein) still considered visual-based communication more practical, since radio transmitters were not yet capable of focusing a beam at a distant planet.

What's more, scientists gradually became convinced that Mars did not have the right conditions to support life, so any presumed extraterrestrials likely lived much, much further away. "It seemed hopeless to receive messages from other stellar systems, so people said 'forget it'," says Shostak.

It wasn't until 1959 that radio-based SETI started to be taken seriously. In that year, Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip Morrison showed that radar transmitters of the time were already powerful enough to send signals many light years through space.

Then people started to think "If we can do it, then the aliens might be doing it," Shostak says. In the year that followed, Frank Drake performed Project Ozma, the first radio sky survey to look for intelligent signals.

And then in 1974 - a century and half after Gauss - Drake transmitted the first actual SETI message using the Arecibo radio telescope. Scientists are still waiting for a response.

Source: Cosmos Magazine


UFOs: Not So Strange After All?
By Scott Corrales

Latin America has often been scorned by U.S. researchers as a place that produces highly colorful and unverifiable accounts of UFO sightings, with the attendant phenomena of occupants, monsters, submarine bases, etcetera. While it is true that once upon a time the line between the metaphysical and the entirely physical tended to get blurred, there can be no doubt that many of the objects seen streaking across the southern skies are in fact, not quite so alien.

With "kind space brothers" of the Adamskian mold consigned to the attic of history, and the ETH in retreat, ovnílogos have turned their attention to a possibility that always lurked in the back of everyone's mind: that certain types of UFO phenomena could be a lot closer to earth than was previously believed.

Daniel Rebisso Giese, the Brazilian author of Vampiros Extraterrestres Na Amazonia, was among the first researchers to look into the 1977 UFO attack on the isolated communities of the Amazon Delta. The book popularized the "Chupa-Chupa", described as rectangular and cylindrical structures capable of firing beams of cohered energy against both animals and humans. Rebisso states that these hostile devices forced the locals to stay home at night, and kept fishermen from heading out to the sea, "since many declared that the objects came out of the depths of the Atlantic Ocean."

A number of fanciful theories were juggled about to explain the origin of these solid objects--bona fide alien bloodsuckers, the denizens from an underground empire, a "dying" alien race in need of blood plasma, etc. A possibility that received shorter shrift was that the "chupas" represented the success efforts of Nazi scientists working secretly on an island of the Bay of Marajó since WWII. However, a curious sideline to the "chupa" phenomenon was the presence of a foreigner, an unnamed young woman, who would purchase vast amounts of fish at the market in Bragança. No one knew where she lived or who she was, or what she did with her considerable amount of "groceries," but evidence pointed to her living on Ilha do Cajueiro, an island infamous for its strange phenomena: local fishermen had reported seeing bizarre lights and the shadows of people moving around in the darkness for many years.

Word of the "fish girl" and her activities prompted action by Brazil's intelligence apparatus, who feared she might be a gun runner or a spy. When they arrived in force on Cajueiro, all they found was an abandoned cabin and an envelope addressed to "Elisabeth". It was believed that whoever she was, this mysterious foreign woman was somehow involved with the "chupas" operators, if only as far as stocking their larder. The presence of strange humans among the confusion caused by the UFO flap was not limited to Ilha Cajueiro, either. In July 1977, at the height of the "chupa" incidents, the corpses of some dead farmers were found in the vicinity of the municipality of Bequimao. Five hundred cruzeiro notes were found lying beside them. The police associated these unexplained deaths with the presence of three "foreign-looking men, who spent most of the day closeted in a local hotel." The trio would be seen driving around at night in a car of unknown manufacture. Other corpses were found in the area, with curiously punctured dollar bills lying next to the hapless victims. [Spanish author Manuel Carballal mentions a curious parallel to this gruesome activity - in this case allegedly related to the UMMO hoax -- in the controversy surrounding Spain's Baroness Lihory and her strange subterranean "laboratory"].

An extraterrestrial hypothesis was also discarded when Mexican authorities were faced with an "unidentified terrestrial object" seen repeatedly in the not readily accessible reaches of the Sonora Desert, particularly in the enigmatic Zone of Silence . According to reports made by local residents, this ground-based UFO was a brilliant light that would move quietly along the desert surface, somehow skirting or rolling over the cacti and other desert plant life. A number of Mexican UFO researchers voiced an opinion that the strange light could be an American contraption resembling the Soviet Lunakhod moon-rover. A vehicle of this sort, they reasoned, would remain immobile during the hot desert day, recharging its batteries, and roam around at night on its "secret" mission. The real identity of the mysterious light was never established, but it was reminiscent of similar lights seen operating in the Brazil's dense caatinga forests.

A UFO allegedly went down over the Mexico's Sierra Madre mountains during the month of February 1967, causing a great deal of consternation on account of the number of sightings which had taken place throughout the country that year. The residents of Villa Del General Terán had heard a number of large explosions while a sphere descended toward the ground. When the object was examined by American scientists weeks later, it was determined to be " a manufactured titanium gas stowage sphere form a Titan III-C upper stage." The Titan rocket had placed seven communication satellites in orbit a month earlier.

Argentina has also been a favorite UFO port of call since the phenomenon first received attention in the postwar years, and in the heat of intense "flaps", man-made vehicles can sometimes be lumped in with the unknown ones. In 1980, the Argentine media carried a story about an Argentine-born NASA scientist named Fabio Hector Acuña, who notified his mother in Buenos Aires that the "flying saucers" seen over that country were the results of a NASA venture called Project Firewheel. The text of the message read: "On May 23, we will launch a satellite--look up at the sky from June 9th to the 15th around midnight. You will probably only see a flying saucer, but it will have been created by us. The project is called "Firewheel" and it consists of injecting an artificial cloud which will create something like a comet, and that is what you are going to see."

If it were ever positively determined that the UFO phenomenon was a purely terrestrial one, involving man-made craft, it probably woudn't cause much of a sensation in many Latin American countries. For a number of years, Dr. Antonio Las Heras, an Argentinian parapsychologist and talk-show personality, has worked hard at demystifying a number of cases that have formed part of the UFO canon for the past thirty years.

Las Heras concentrated his efforts on the July 1965 involving the sighting of a UFO over the Antarctic by Chilean, Argentinian and British polar research teams. The allegedly alien craft drove compasses crazy, caused magnetometers to produce wild readings. The official statement made at the time by Cmdr. Mario Jahn of the Chilean fleet stated that "it would be foolish to claim that we saw a flying saucer of the type seen in science fiction shows. What we saw was real--a solid object that moved at a tremendous speed...gave off a greenish light, and caused interference with the electromagnetic devices of the Argentine base next to our own, on Decepción Island." Dr. Las Heras suggests that the Decepción Island UFO of 1965 was, in fact, something much more mundane and by far more perilous: a nuclear-powered or warhead-equipped satellite belonging to one of the superpowers, spinning out of control. The EM effects that upset the delicate instruments could have easily been produced by a disintegrating nuclear reactor, or as a result of the satellite's self-destruct mechanism going into action. The satellite's disintegration in the atmosphere would have given the impression of zig-zagging to any earthbound onlooker. Not to disappoint his readers, Las Heras hastily adds that real UFOs were seen (and photographed) over Decepción two years later, at the height of volcanic eruptions that destroyed the island itself.

Las Heras' conclusions cannot be dismissed so easily when we consider that six months after the Antarctic episode, the northern hemisphere faced a similar incident in the woods of Pennsylvania.

The non-extraterrestrial hypotheses set forth for the December 1965 crash at Kecksburg, PA are considerable: a Soviet or Chinese satellite, a nuclear device of the sort mentioned earlier, or a U.S. space mission gone awry. Ufologist Stan Gordon, who has devoted decades to the study of the Kecksburg crash, has always taken great care to point out in his research that UFO and ET are not synonymous, particularly during this incident. Dr. James Oberg suggested that the object was recovered under such secrecy on account of its heat shield, which was far in advance of anything we believed the Communist Bloc to be capable of at the time.

Landlocked Bolivia, home of the inscrutable Tiahuanaco ruins, has a rather active recent history of UFO sightings and crash/retrievals which have proved to have a decidedly non-extraterrestrial bent. In 1962, the Andean community of Ayo-Ayo became the destination of a "space capsule" which apparently disgorged a puma-like feline. The disoriented space traveler was clubbed to death by the frightened locals, who then sold its pelt to a "Colonel Wymer" of the U.S. Embassy, which apparently took charge of the recovery efforts. Seventeen years later, another UFO crashed on the property of a wealthy landowner in the Andean foothills. A local farmer had allegedly seen "a fireball" streaking across the clear night skies, and accompanied by a friend, reached the impact site, where they found a metal sphere made of some lightweight metal roughly the size of a basketball. This evidence was confiscated by Bolivian soldiers. The Bolivian Army would later release a statement saying that the object was by no means extraterrestrial, merely a fuel cell from a satellite. A video of the recovery effort was presented to the U.S. Embassy in La Paz.

These South American incidents bring us ever closer to the role played by the U.S. in recovering space hardware--not our own, in some cases--that has fallen back into the atmosphere. Specialized teams attached to the U.S. Air Force (the Project Moondust and Operation Bluefly of UFO fame) were charged with the mission of beating the particular country's authorities to the site and recovering the artifacts in question. While the possibility that actual extraterrestrial devices have been retrieved should never be discounted, there is a greater likelihood that these teams have recovered film canisters from KH-series spy satellites ("Big Birds") and other sensitive technology that may have survived disintegration upon reentry.

Recently declassified State Department documentation (obtained through the repeated filing of FOIA requests by investigator Stan Gordon) indicate that careful tabs are indeed kept on all the hardware hitting the ground in far-off places. A memo sent to the State Department from the American embassy in Buenos Aires in February 1984 dutifully reports the reentry of "what may have been a satellite" 70 kilometers from the town of Ayacucho. The memo also states the size and shape of the object and solicits guidance from Washington in determining if it is indeed a U.S. or Soviet satellite. In this case, the reply to the memo indicates that it appears that the object was not "one of ours" and that "authorities do not know what the identity of the object could be."

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Spain has also experienced its share of man-made UFOs amid some of the richest case histories in the study of the phenomenon. Vicente Juan Ballester-Olmos and Juan Fernández Peris's monumental Enciclopedia de los Encuentros Cercanos con OVNIS (Encyclopedia of UFO Close Encounters) carefully points out a listing of cases described as "pseudo-ufo's"--355 cases spanning both Portugal and Spain and whose real explanations lay far from outer space: from meteorites, promotional devices, and weather balloons to a motley assortment of truck tires, marine algae, and in a Barcelona case, the drivers of a Red Cross ambulance. "To account for the thousand and one stimuli that can--and do--deceive the senses, or the processes conductive to imagining UFOs, illustrates the importance of erroneous interpretation to the UFO phenomenon as a whole," declare the authors. However, the catalogue lists 230 cases that correspond to bona fide unknown phenomena of possible nonterrestrial origin.

Source: Inexplicata


Moral Compass in Brain Can be Controlled by Magnets

Scientists have discovered a real-life 'moral compass' in the brain that controls how we judge other people's behaviour.

The region, which lies just behind the right ear, becomes more active when we think about other people's misdemeanours or good works.

In an extraordinary experiment, researchers were able to use powerful magnets to disrupt this area of the brain and make people temporarily less moral.

The study highlights how our sense of right and wrong isn't just based on upbringing, religion or philosophy - but by the biology of our brains.

Dr Liane Young, who led the study, said: 'You think of morality as being a really high-level behaviour. To be able to apply a magnetic field to a specific brain region and change people's moral judgements is really astonishing.'

The moral compass lies in a part of the brain called the right temporo-parietal junction. It lies near the surface of the brain, just behind the right ear.

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a non-invasive technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation to disrupt the area of the brain.

The technique generates a magnetic field on a small part of the skull which creates weak electric currents in the brain. These currents interfere with nearby brain cells and prevent them from firing normally.

In the first experiment, 12 volunteers were exposed to the magnetic field for 25 minutes before they were given a series of 'moral maze' style scenarios.

For each of the 192 scenarios, they were asked to make a judgement about the character's actions on a scale of 1 for 'absolutely forbidden' to 7 for 'absolutely permissible'.

In the second experiment, the magnetic field was applied to their heads at the time they were asked to weigh up the behaviour of the characters in the scenario.

In both experiments, the magnetic field made the volunteers less moral.

One scenario described a man who let his girlfriend walk over a bridge he knew was unsafe. The girl survived unharmed.

Under normal conditions, most people rate the man's behaviour as unacceptable. But after getting the magnetic pulse, the volunteers tended to see nothing wrong with his actions - and judged his behaviour purely on whether his girlfriend survived.

Another scenario described two girls visiting a chemical plant where one girl asks her friend to put sugar in her coffee.

The friend uses powder from a jar marked 'toxic' - but as the powder turns out to be sugar, the girls if unharmed.

Volunteers with a disrupted moral compass tended to rate the girl's behaviour as permissible because her friend was not injured - even though she was aware the powder came from a jar labelled toxic.

Throughout the experiment, irresponsible or deliberate actions that might have resulted in harm were seen as morally acceptable if the story had a  'happy ending', they reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It's not the first time that scientists have found parts of the brain that specialise in ethics and morality. Last year American scientists claimed to have found a "god spot" - a region of the brain that controls religious belief.

Source: The Daily Mail

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