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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such death-ray-beaming tales as:

The US Military’s High-Priority UFO Reporting System -
NASA Denies Cutting Live Feed That May Show UFO -
-  The Disappearance of Rivalino Mafra da Silva -
AND: The Vampire Graves of Jewett City

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Project Alien Mind Control
UFO Review Special: The New UFO Terror Tactic


What do you do when the power blackouts keep occurring and the mysterious disappearances and outright kidnappings continue to mount?

According to a small group of astute researchers, the Ultra-Terrestrials will not be destroying our world with laser weapons like in the blockbuster sci-fi movie Independence Day. Evidence indicates they want to capture our souls as well as our minds in order to accomplish their otherworldly “foul deeds.” They have no need to blow our fastest military aircraft out of the sky. Their best weapons are not futuristic military ones. Instead, their top-grade artillery against humanity is a numbing form of “high-tech alien mind control.” Utilizing a series of bizarre techniques, they are able to trick us into accepting their unorthodox and utterly evil belief systems through manipulative “hallucinatory” effects and establish an emotionless reaction to their far from charitable presence on Earth.

According to Montalk.Net, “Mankind is being enslaved by non-human forces who are technologically, psychically and dimensionally superior to us (but not necessarily spiritually, and therein lies our freedom). Through covert mental machinations and hyper-dimensional tricks that employ time travel, they have secretly manipulated and exploited humanity in every way conceivable since the birth of our race, and even our origins are suspect and bear the signs of genetic engineering.”

Project Alien Mind Control is well underway and thousands of individuals and entire towns are being mentally enslaved! It is important for the well-being of the planet that we all join the alien resistance and learn to elude their mind control efforts at all costs.

This is one of the strangest – and most dramatic – dossiers you will likely ever read – the kind that is stamped Top Secret by military authorities because of “national security” and because they know it will have a devastatingly negative effect on society. Many believe that as long as we are in the “Matrix” that we will be unable to avoid their sinister, self-serving mind games.

* * * * * *

A UFO REVIEW SPECIAL – This is the first in a series of regularly issued publications from the UFO REVIEW, which originated in the early 1970s as the world’s only “Official Flying Saucer Newspaper” and which has gone through various incarnations over the decades. Published by Timothy G. Beckley, it is now the solitary “magazine special” printed in English in the U.S. on the subject of unexplainable aerial and paranormal phenomena. Beckley has edited such related newsstand publications as UFO Universe, Unsolved UFO Sightings, and Angels and Aliens, as well as the printed edition of the Conspiracy Journal/Bizarre Bazaar.

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The US Military’s High-Priority UFO Reporting System
By Alejandro Rojas

The U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) official investigation into UFOs ended in 1969, and since then, the military has claimed they have no interest in the topic, nor do they investigate UFOs. However, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), investigators have uncovered several documents that would indicate UFOs have been of interest, and that the most important files were most likely never made public.

Much has been made of the Blue Book investigations, and as Ruppelt admits in his book, there were many extraordinary investigations that have yet to be solved. However, what is perhaps more extraordinary is that the most significant military reports were not sent to Blue Book.

Blue Book was closed in 1969, after a study conducted by the University of Colorado and the USAF determined there was no merit to the project. The reasons Project Blue Book should be closed were outlined in a document dated October 20, 1969, prepared by USAF Deputy Director of Development Brigadier General C.H. Bolender.

To highlight his point that Blue Book was unnecessary, he wrote “reports of unidentified flying objects which could affect national security are made in accordance with JANAP 146 or Air Force Manual 55-11, and are not part of the Blue Book system (Atch 10).”

Bolender continued, “The Air Force experience therefore confirms the impression of the University of Colorado researchers ‘that the defense function could be performed within the framework established for intelligence and surveillance operations without the continuance of a special unit such as Project Blue Book.'”

So what is JANAP 146? JANAP stands for Joint Army, Navy, Air Force Publication, and documents such as the Air Force Manual 55-11 are based off of them. JANAP 146 details “Communication Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings [aka CIRVIS].” According to a copy of JANAP 146 found on the NSA’s website, this includes reporting “Unidentified flying objects.”

A website hosted by the Library and Archives of Canada regarding Canada’s UFO files, includes a poster with images of UFOs used to demonstrate what was to be reported. The website says that Canada instituted a joint reporting system with the U.S. called CIRIVS/MERINT in 1959-1960. However, copies of JANAP 146 can be found dating back to the early 1950s. The most recent reference to the JANAP 146 instructions was found in an U.S. Air Force document called Air Force Instruction (AFI) 10-206 in 2011.

The circumstances surrounding the deletion of this reference are very peculiar. John Greenewald, creator of The Black Vault, often referenced AFI 10-206 in lectures and even included it in a History channel documentary on UFOs he helped produce. He felt it demonstrated that despite what they tell the public, the USAF is still interested in UFOs.

In 2011, Lee Speigel, staff writer for The Huffington Post, decided to write an article on the document. Greenewald helped him find the document on the USAF website, and sure enough, it still referenced reporting UFOs. However, a few days later, when Speigel went to get a screenshot of the document for his story, the chapter had been changed. He wrote about this coincidence in his article.

Greenewald sent a FOIA request to get information on what had changed and why the changes had been made. They sent him a report, and in it, they list CIRVIS as no longer existing or being required. Even so, the timing of its removal was extraordinary.

On his website, Greenewald also chronicles his effort to find the CIRVIS UFO reports. CIRVIS reports were to be sent to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). However, when Greenewald sent a FOIA request for these files, he was sent a response that stated: “NORAD is a binational command established by Volume 33, United States Treaties (UST), page 1277, subject to control of both Canadian and US Government agencies as defined in the Act and consequently is not subject to the US FOIA.”

Although, according to this statement, they were not required to send Greenewald their UFO files, Greenewald says, “The letter went on to state that in the spirit of the FOIA, they looked for UFO information but found no records.”

Greenewald finds that odd. Especially, after finding out that the Canadians were much more open with their files, and they did receive CIRVIS UFO reports.

Greenewald says in “circa 2000,” he decided to contact the Canadian government to inquire if he could get copies of any UFO reports they received via CIRVIS. Canada’s version of FOIA is the Access to Information Act (AIA). Greenewald called Canada’s Department of National Defense to find out if, as an U.S. citizen he could submit an AIA request.

He says he asked the person who answered the phone this question, and was told if the files were released to a Canadian, it should not be a problem to also get them to him. Greenewald then explained the types of files he was looking for, and to his utter amazement, the Canadian official said he had them laying right there on his desk. For $3 Greenewald was able to have the files shipped to him, and now has them on his website. There are several UFO sightings from the 90s in the documents.

So where have the U.S. reports gone? It could be NORAD is being less than honest when they say they do not have any UFO reports, or they are playing games and their reports do not use the term “UFO.” Efforts to retreive these files are still underway. However, there is another avenue that is used to report important UFO events.

In the place of CIRVIS, AFI 10-206 now references what is called Operational Reporting (OPREP).  In the past, UFO researchers have noted the term OPREP-3 on UFO documents. Australian UFO researcher Paul Dean, has been taking a closer look, and it appears this may be the way important UFO sightings are being reported by the military today.

The current AFI 10-206 states: “The OPREP-3 system provides CSAF [Chief of Staff of the Air Force] and intermediate commanders the information necessary for timely operational decisions. The main criterion for inclusion in the OPREP-3 system is essential information for command and control of aerospace forces.”

In other words, these are reports that are so important they need to be quickly communicated straight up to the top of command.

The instructions give guidance to different levels of importance and categories of reports that are identified by “flagwords.” For instance, an OPREP-3 PINNACLE (OPREP-3P) is a report that requires immediate notification to command and, among other things, is of “national-level interest.” NUCFLASH is used for missile launches and re-entering space debris. BROKEN ARROW is a nuclear weapon detonation or radioactive contamination. FADED GIANT relates to nuclear reactor or radiological accidents or incidents. The lowest level is BEELINE, which is an OPREP-3 report that is AF-level, but not national-level.

There are many levels of OPREP-3 reporting, but these are some that we will reference in this story. Dean has also found that OPREP-3 is used among all branches of the military, and some branches have their own flagwords.

Dean first noticed that OPREP-3 was being used to report UFOs when he was looking into UFO cases in the 70s, in particular a case from the Pinecastle Electronic Warfare Range in Florida on May 14, 1978. The case made it into the papers, including a newspaper covering the military called Pacific Stars and Stripes.

According to the OPREP-3 report, the incident began at about 10 pm local time when a woman called the Pinecastle Range to ask if they had any flares being dropped in the area. The duty officer said no, and she described seeing strange lights above nearby trees. She said they were red, green and white. Soon after she disconnected, another witness called saying he and around 18 other witnesses were also seeing the lights.

Naval personnel also saw the lights, and they were able to track the object on radar. According to the report, the radar operator said the object seemed to be “evading his efforts to lock and track it on the computer,” and at one point the object was moving at 400-500 knots (about 460-575 mph).

The report was marked OPREP-3 NAVY BLUE, a Navy flagword that means the incident is of Navy interest, but not national, and does not fit under another flagword.

There has also been at least one report that has garnered an OPREP-3 PINNACLE, which, as was covered earlier, is a highly important report needing immediate attention. Dean discovered this file in a group of files that was released from a FOIA request by UFO researchers Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett for the books Clear Intent and UFO Cover Up: What the Government Won’t Say.

This report was part of a string of sightings on the U.S. and Canadian border. This file can also be found on the Department of Defense (DoD) website. It is on page 39 of a DoD pdf of UFO files. The report reads: “A visual sighting of an unidentified object has reported at Loring CRC 4NM NNW of Loring AFB.”

In another case, the OPREP-3 reports state that an unidentified helicopter or low flying aircraft flew over the weapons storage area at Wurtsmigh AFB in Michigan. The aircraft were never found or identified.

It is no wonder that these cases are deserving of a vital reporting system such as OPREP-3. It is also no wonder that despite telling the public they are not interested in UFOs, that they are in fact investigating these shocking cases of unidentified aircraft violating our most secure airspace. Recently, we covered the story of the release of a documentary with military witnesses whom had been present at nuclear bases when UFOs were spotted.

Dean says he and his UK based colleague David Charmichael, are still submitting FOIA requests for OPREP-3 UFO reports, but thus far, have been told they do not exist. As he notes in his article, it is likely a matter of getting the wording right. It is a sort of game.

The DoD has posted a document on OPREP-3 that was released due to a FOIA request by a man named Armen Victorian. Dean says Charmichael was in contact with Victorian in the past, and that Victorian had received a letter from the Office of the Secretary of Defence (OSD) that stated: “OPREP–3 reports containing information relating to unknown objects near US military installations are considered extremely sensitive, and thus not releasable.”

While that rings true, Dean has not been able to contact Victorian to get a copy of the letter, and they have not received a similar response to their FOIA requests. It would be shocking to have the military admit they have information on unknown objects, even though the OPREP-3 documents released thus far demonstrate unknown aircraft have been observed and tracked on radar.

Dean and Charmichael have received the response, “…the responsibilities of addressing unidentified aerial devices or objects fall directly under the control of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD)…”

Of course, NORAD is not subject to FOIA – isn’t that convenient, and the FAA has recently told Greenewald they have no UFO files, which is in contrast to earlier statements.

In an interview on Open Minds UFO Radio, Dean says NORAD has told him they do not study “unknown tracks” or “NORAD remaining unknowns.” He has been able to track those reports to an organization called the Center for Aerospace Analysis. However, he has also found that this organization no longer exists.

Dean continues to pursue NORAD for answers, and we will be sure to update you on what he finds.

Project Blue Book includes thousands of reports, and many of them are very interesting and, according to the USAF, around 701 of them remain unsolved. Even more important is the fact that these did not include the most important cases. Those apparently went to CIRVIS and/or OPREP-3. The paper trail shows us UFO reports did go to OPREP-3, and the few reports that have been released, along with the credible testimony of military witnesses, demonstrate unidentified objects flew over bases with nuclear weapons, and the military did take notice.

Perhaps, the dogged pursuit of these files will result in further enlightening us on the facts of these cases, and adding to the evidence that something, or someone, with capabilities beyond our own, might be compromising our most secure military airspace at will.

Source: Open Minds


NASA Denies Cutting Live Feed That May Show UFO

Nasa has denied cutting the live feed to the International Space Station as a strange unidentified object flew through the shot.
Viewers spotted the unusual object in video footage beamed back from the space station on July 9 before it abruptly cut out.

The incident led to renewed theories that the US space agency was trying to cover up the existence of UFOs.Nasa has been repeatedly accused of cutting video feeds to the ISS when strange objects have floated into view.

But it has now insisted there is a mundane explanation for why the feed was interrupted. A Nasa spokesman told CNET that the video feed comes from its High Definition Earth Viewing experiment on board the ISS. This experiment has four high definition cameras mounted on the exterior of the space station that provide different angles of the Earth.

According to Nasa, the experiment is programmed to automatically cycle between the different cameras. Pointed at the Earth, the experiment is programmed to automatically cycles through different cameras.

The spokesman told CNET: 'The station regularly passes out of range of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRS) used to send and receive video, voice and telemetry from the station.

'For video, whenever we lose signal (video comes down on our higher bandwidth, called KU) the cameras will show a blue screen (indicating no signal) or a preset video slate.'

The footage was captured from the live feed and p;osted on YouTube by user StreetCap1, who described it as a UFO entering Earth's atmosphere.

On the video, he said: 'Remember a UFO is an unidentified flying object.

'This could well be a meteor or the like.'

However, he then goes on to say that the move is strange.

'What made it interesting was the camera cut off when the ufo seemed to stop.'

The post caused accusations that Nasa was trying to cover up UFOs seen in space. Others have offered other explanations for the object seen moving in the footage.

Some have said it could be a low orbit satellite that appears to be descending towards the Earth's horizon as the space station moves away from it. Others have suggested it could be the Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1.

The Chinese ship recently hit the headlines amid claims China may have lost contact with its first ever space station raising fears that it could career back to Earth in an uncontrolled re-entry.

The Chinese Tiangong-1 space station module was launched in 2011 and was expected to be deorbited at the end of its life to crash into the ocean or burn up in the atmosphere.

But there are reports China has lost control of the spacecraft, meaning it could crash back into the Earth's atmosphere, exploding into molten metal that could be devastating over inhabited areas.

The video is the latest in a string claiming Nasa cut the feed to cover up UFO sightings.

'They should be made to explain why they are cutting off public information and debate,' demanded one commenter.

Earlier this year a Nasa spokesperson denied allegations that NASA technicians deliberately shut down transmission when UFOs appear on the live video.

According to the spokesperson, NASA never intentionally shuts down live transmission to hide UFOs. Loss of video is usually due to loss of signals from the ISS.

In November Nasa captured a bizarre horseshoe-shaped object on its live feed of the International Space Station before transmission mysteriously went down, according to UFO enthusiasts.

The footage has prompted debate among researchers who believe the feed was cut intentionally as part of a cover-up being conducted by Nasa.

The mysterious clip appears to show a glowing blue object floating ever-closer to the ISS while rotating on the horizon.  The feed is then apparently cut for around an hour before it resumes and a much smaller white light can be seen in the distance.

The object was spotted by Scott Waring, who posted it to UFO Sightings Daily and wrote: 'I saw a UFO at the space station.

'It was diamond shaped and it seemed to be changing its shape, but I think that's due to it moving ever so closer to the ISS.'

He claimed that shortly after the sighting the screen turned blue, which is Nasa's way of attempting to 'hide it from the public'.

The footage was then sent to Tyler Glockner of popular YouTube channel secureteam10, who uploaded the video alongside some of his own narration.

Speaking over the footage, he said: 'When you play this footage quickly, it looks like the UFO changes its position.

'When we first see it it's more on its side, but when you cycle through the footage it seems to be manoeuvring more on its face.

'It's definitely another interesting find and once again directly after it appears NASA cuts the feed.'

He later added: 'The only time when the feed tends to get cut is oddly when these UFOs appear.'

The sighting comes around two weeks since Jadon Beeson, 20, spotted a cigar-shaped object while watching a live stream from the ISS on his phone.

He told MailOnline: 'I looked and realised there was a metal object above the Earth. It had a blue glow to it and it stayed there for about two minutes.

'It was a metallic object, it looks like a Millennium Falcon from Star Wars or something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I thought it was all very strange.'

A Nasa spokesperson said: 'Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artefacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory.'


Sightings of this kind are not uncommon, and Nasa has spoken out in the past to explain that the 'UFOs' and other phenomena spotted in the ISS footage often have simple explanations.

In the case of the'fireball', the object could be a meteor or space debris – such as a discarded stage of a rocket launch – burning up as it enters Earth's atmosphere.

Other 'objects' may be a result of reflections from the space station windows, structures from the ISS itself, or lights from Earth.

The skies above the home planet are becoming increasingly busy, with communications and research satellites collecting and relaying data for modern life.

Source: The Daily Mail


The Original Female Ghostbuster

Long before fictional ghostbusters splashed across screens, Eleanor Sidgwick used science to scope out the paranormal.

The long-awaited "Ghostbusters" remake hit theaters this weekend, and while vampire slaying has often been portrayed as a female-dominated profession (at least on television), ghost hunting seems more male-centered, at least as depicted on reality TV shows such as SyFy's "Ghost Hunters," now in its eleventh season of not finding ghosts.

The new "Ghostbusters" film has an all-female lead cast, but if you're looking for a real-life pioneering female ghostbuster, you couldn't do much better than Eleanor Sidgwick.

Born in 1845 into a prominent British political family (her brother, Arthur, became Prime Minister), Eleanor Mildred Balfour married philosopher Henry Sidgwick in 1876 and on 1880, at 35, she became Vice-Principal of Newnham College in Cambridge.

According to Eleanor Sidgwick's friend Alice Johnson's account in Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, "From an early age she showed a special aptitude for mathematics," and in fact Sidgwick assisted Lord Rayleigh in his "classical measurements on the Silver Voltameter and the Latimer Clark Cell, thus establishing definitively the units of resistance, current, and electromotive force."

Indeed Sidgwick might be considered something of a role model for young girls interested in STEM fields, as she "took a keen interest in science generally [and] she once remarked to me that mathematics especially appealed to her in her early youth because she thought a future life would be much more worth living if it included intellectual pursuits," Johnson wrote.

Eleanor Sidgwick devoted much of her life to science and education but also had a keen interest in what would today be considered the paranormal. She and her husband, both together and separately, spent many years seeking evidence for spirits.

In her chapter "Ghosts and Poltergeists" in the book "Parapsychology: A Handbook for the 21st Century," researcher Michaeleen Maher traces modern ghost investigation techniques back to Sidgwick, who was an investigator for the U.K.-based Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in the mid-1880s.

Sidgwick's article "Phantasms of the Dead" in the SPR's third "Proceedings" (1885) journal examined ghost reports and identified numerous potential sources of error including hoaxing; mistaking a living person for a dead one; unintentional exaggeration by the eyewitness; visual or auditory hallucinations or misperceptions, and so on. She was open to the possibility of ghostly encounters, but believed that if they occurred they were a form of "veridical hallucination." As Maher notes, "Sidgwick brought an exacting and perspicacious intelligence to her analysis."

Sidgwick had no proton packs or laser blasters—this was the late 1800s, after all—but instead investigated ghost reports, attended séances where psychics claimed to communicate with spirits, and so on. She examined over 300 of what were considered the best eyewitness ghost accounts, and according to Maher "When she summarized the ghostly characteristics that were representative of her sample—and these same characteristics prevail in the credible accounts of ghosts reported today—Sidgwick concluded that (1) there is no foundation for the supposition that ghosts primarily haunt old houses; (2) there is no indication that ghosts are connected with crimes or tragedies; (3) ghosts do not ordinarily appear on anniversaries or special occasions; (4) ghosts rarely appear in the clothes of a bygone age; (5) ghosts may be seen in daylight or in artificial light, at dawn or at dusk, and in various parts of a house or outside in the yard," and so on.

Sidgwick's analysis is interesting partly because it largely debunks many long-held and widely-believed tenets of modern ghostlore (for example that ghosts appear dressed in clothes of the period they're assumed to belong to, or that ghosts are primarily seen in the dark). Nonetheless many modern real-life ghost hunters continue seek their quarry thwarted by misperceptions and unrecognized ghost folklore.

In his book "The History of Ghosts," Peter Aykroyd (father of original "Ghostbusters" actor and co-writer Dan Aykroyd) described a séance attended by both Sidgwicks in which a medium claimed to be in contact with ghosts. The medium, Eusapia Palladino, "managed to produce from nowhere a fresh melon, which was deposited on the table in front of the sitters [audience]. She also moved, by psychokinesis or telekinesis, a small wicker table."

Palladino, however, was often caught faking "ghostly" phenomena in her darkened, fraud-friendly séance rooms; as Aykroyd notes "Everyone at the séance saw her cheat...and the mighty Sidgwicks were not at all impressed." Palladino continued to perform for paying audiences, trying to stay one step ahead of the skeptics and ghostbusters who continually exposed her magician's tricks; she eventually gave up and died in 1918.

According to Alice Johnson, Eleanor and Henry Sidgwick "condemned the tacit encouragement given by the majority of spiritualists at that time to fraudulent mediums, who knew that no exposure would prevent their continuing to drive a profitable trade." Mrs. Sidgwick also helped expose fraudulent activity of many other self-proclaimed psychics, ghost summoners, and mystics including the famous occultist and medium Helena "Madame" Blavatsky.

Sidgwick was not necessarily always skeptical, however; when investigating a psychic medium named Gladys Leonard on behalf of the SPR, she concluded that "On the whole, I think that the evidence before us does constitute a reasonable prima facie case for belief" in clairvoyance.

Whether the new "Ghostbusters" film is a hit or flop remains to be seen, but there's surely a great story in the real-life exploits of scientist, feminist, and original ghostbuster Eleanor Sidgwick.

Source: Seeker


Paranormal Happenings in the Workplace

Most paranormal occurrences or psychic manifestations we hear or read about happen in homes.

But these incidents can occur anywhere—in open spaces, churches, hotels, factories, business offices, schools, cars, ships, even inside an airplane.

Here are several true stories of paranormal happenings in the work place or commercial establishments:

Strange deaths in a car accessories manufacturing firm

In the mid-'80s, Bobby, general manager of the well-known firm in Makati City, called me because of certain strange happenings in their factory.

Bobby said when one of their employees died in October they did not see anything strange about it.

"Then in November another employee in the same department also died. Still nothing so unusual from our point of view. In January, a third employee in the same department also died. "That's when I began to think something strange was going on... Do you think there is something supernatural [here]?"

"I don't know," I replied. "Did you do anything different before the incidents began?"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well, anything new that you did in the factory that you did not do before. Think of anything you did before October."

Bobby said, "There's nothing unusual I can think of except I had our old warehouse cleaned to give way to an executive parking area. That warehouse was not being used for a long time..."

"That's it! "I exclaimed. "That could explain the deaths of your employees."

"What do you mean?" asked Bobby. "What has that got to do with our employees dying?"

"Hard to explain to a very rational guy like you," I told Bobby, a graduate of the Asian Institute of Management like me.

I told him that since the warehouse was not used for a long time, it could have been inhabited by negative elemental creatures.

When the place was cleaned, the creatures were dislocated. Bobby asked me if I could visit his factory and see if I could provide some explanation, and how to prevent future deaths, if indeed there was some connection among the strange events.

I brought a blind exorcist from Sampaloc who was known to contact bad spirits and get rid of them using a medium. The famous novelist and magazine editor Celso Al Carunungan came along out of curiosity.

The exorcist put his medium in a trance and asked the spirit to enter her. It was learned that there were hundreds of negative engkantos inside the warehouse.
When asked if they killed the three employees, the spirit said yes and explained, through the medium, "Because they were making too much noise at night."

I asked Bobby if that was true. He said the employees worked near the warehouse and usually worked overtime. To keep themselves awake, they played stereo music very loudly. That must have disturbed the engkantos.  They were also angered by the destruction of their habitat.

The exorcist asked them to leave the place but they refused. A battle of wills took place, which looked weird and surreal for us onlookers. The exorcist said he would melt each one of them if they refused to leave. How one could melt a spirit, I could not comprehend.

Anyway, it took the whole afternoon before the exorcist finally "destroyed" all the so-called engkantos in the place.

Whether one believes this story or not, the fact remains that, after the exorcism, there were no more deaths in the factory, which eventually transferred to Quezon City.

Dead tycoon wants favorite desk back

I worked in a large, multinational company in Makati in the late '80s. When the famous son of the company founder died, a museum containing the history and family memorabilia was established within the building.

A company historian-curator was hired to oversee the museum and update the records. The tycoon had three sons, all of them educated in the United States. Each of them headed subsidiaries of the vast conglomerate.

One day, the youngest son noticed his father's beautiful narra desk was just displayed in the museum. He decided to use it as his desk and asked that it be transferred to his office.

I heard that employees started to experience ghostly manifestations in the son's room after that. When nobody was around, typewriters sounded like they were being used, paper clips flew from one desk to another and security guards noticed somebody going inside the private restroom of the son then disappearing.

The son did not believe in ghosts and considered reports of haunting merely the product of his employees' fertile imagination. When I was asked to check at the room without the son's knowledge, I noticed the center of the ghostly visits was the old man's desk.

I suggested that it be returned to the museum, as the old man apparently did not want it used by anybody else. The son, I was told, laughed at the suggestion.

The manifestations continued for some time until the son returned his father's desk.

Source: Asian Journal

The Mechanism of Poltergeist Activity

The sight of small blonde girls watching television is guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of anyone who has watched the movie Poltergeist.

We're right to be terrified, say physicists. Children generate poltergeist activity by channelling energy into the quantum mechanical vacuum.

Pierro Brovetto, whose last known address was the Instituto Fisica Superiore, in Cagliari, Italy and his colleague Vera Maxia wanted to explain the origin of poltergeist phenomena, characterised by objects flying around the room "of their own accord".

In their paper titled: "Some conjectures about the mechanism of poltergeist phenomenon," the researchers note that poltergeist encounters have been reported around the world and across different cultures, but tend to have one thing in common.

"Poltergeist disturbances often occur in the neighbourhood of a pubescent child or a young woman," the authors note in their paper.

So Brovetto and Maxia have come up with a mechanism to explain just how these women and children create such havoc. Like so many problems that arise in adolescence, puberty gets the blame.

"Puberty is a modification of the child body which involves various organs, chiefly the brain," they state.

Their summary states that poltergeist accounts concern at least four kinds of strange spontaneous manifestations, such as burning of materials, failures of electric equipments, rapping noises and movements of objects. A simple analysis of phenomenology of these disturbances shows that they might have a common origin, that is, a reduction in strength of molecular bonds due to an enhancement in polarization of vacuum which decreases the actual electron charge.

Arguments based on Prigogine’ nonequilibrium thermodynamics are proposed, which show how transformations in brain of some pubescent children or young women might be the cause of these effects.

Brovetto and Maxia hypothesize that the changes in the brain that occur at puberty involve fluctuations in electron activity that, in rare cases, can create disturbances up to a few metres around the outside of the brain.

These disturbances would be similar in character to the quantum mechanical fluctuations that physicists believe occur in the vacuum, in which "virtual" particle and antiparticle pairs pop up for a fleeting moment, before they annihilate each other and disappear again.

Brovetto and Maxia believe that the extra fluctuations triggered by the pubescent brain would substantially enhance the presence of the virtual particles surrounding the person. This could slowly increase the pressure of air around them, moving objects and even sending them hurtling across the room.

The poltergeist paper will appear in the journal Neuroquantology.

Brian Josephson, a Nobel laureate physicist who is on the editorial board of Neuroquantology commented that the paper looked "distinctly flaky" to him.

Source: New Scientist


The Disappearance of Rivalino Mafra da Silva

Rivalino Mafra da Silva was a Brazilian diamond prospector who lived in Diamantino, a town in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. Rivalino’s wife had died in 1961, and he raised his three sons Raimundo (12-years-old), Fatimo (6-years-old), and Dirceu (2-years-old) by himself in a shack. On August 19, 1962, the family was woken up during the middle of the night by a shadow in their shared bedroom. According to Raimundo, the shadow was “half the size of a man and not shaped like a human being.” It quietly moved through the room, looked over the Mafras, and then left their house.

After the shadow left, the Mafras heard voices and footsteps coming from outside. One of the voices said, “This seems to be Rivalino,” and then Rivalino jumped out of bed and went into the living-room. He asked the voices who they were, but they refused to identify themselves. They told Rivalino that they were going to kill him. Eventually, the voices stopped and seemed to have left, but the Mafras couldn’t sleep after this incident. They were so scared that they prayed all night.

In the morning, while fetching his dad’s horse, Raimundo saw two ball-like objects hovering in the air near the family shack. One of the objects was entirely black in color, the other was black and white. Both objects had antennae and tail-like appendages. They also made humming noises, and flashes of light or fire came out from their backs.

Raimundo shouted for his father, and when Rivalino came outside, the two objects combined into one ball and released a yellow smoke. The smoke covered Rivalino and filled the air with a terrible odor. When the smoke cleared a minute later, Rivalino and the ball-like object were gone. Raimundo looked all over for his father, but couldn’t find him. He ran to the local police station and reported what happened. When the police searched the Mafras’ shack, they found drops of human blood, although it couldn’t be determined whether it belonged to Rivalino.

Naturally, the authorities didn’t buy Raimundo’s incredible story. They suspected that he killed his father, or perhaps was covering up for the murderer. Joao Antunes de Oliveira, a psychiatrist, thought that Raimundo was perfectly sane. He seemed to truly believe that he saw a ball-like object abduct his father. The police didn’t buy it though. In a cruel trick, they covered a (still living) volunteer with a sheet and told Raimundo that it was Rivalino’s dead body. Raimundo still refused to take back his account. In tears, he insisted that the story was true and that the ball must have returned his father.

While some believed the boy, other residents sided with the police. Elagmano Marques da Costa, a businessman in the area, thought Mafra ran off and abandoned his sons. One popular rumor suggested that he was murdered. Perhaps Raimundo saw the shadows and voices of the murderers, but hallucinated the rest of the incident due to shock. While he might have been deemed sane, Raimundo wasn’t in the best of health. He was badly malnourished, illiterate, and couldn’t even read a clock. Interestingly, Raimundo related the same story over and over. His account is said to have never changed, perhaps confirming the psychiatrists’ observation that he believed what he saw. (Or, if you will, the veracity of Raimundo’s testimony.)

Five days after his father’s disappearance, Raimundo gave an interview to the press. The next day, an article about the story appeared in the newspaper Diario de Minas. A Rio de Janiero-based paper, Tribuna da Imprensa, covered the case on August 29. In a September article for The A.P.R.O Bulletin entitled “Man Kidnapped by Globes,” Olavo T. Fontes translated Raimundo’s press interview, the first report of the case in English-speaking media. Many other articles and books, as listed here, have since covered Rivalino Mafra da Silva’s disappearance, but with distortions and inaccuracies.

One common piece of apocrypha, missing from the earliest sources, concerns alien dwarves.  Slightly before Rivalino’s disappearance, two of his co-workers are said to have seen a pair of three foot-tall beings while walking past his house. The dwarves were digging a hole, and when spotted, ran into the bushes. A red UFO then emerged from the hiding spot and took off into the sky. Others claim that it was Rivalino himself who saw the dwarves.

Many English sources also neglect the fact that Rivalino’s body might possibly have been found. In October 1963, A Estrela Polar reported that a group of hunters found bones near Rivalino’s house in “a place of difficult access.” Due to the belt that was found with the remains, along with the location, the body was identified as Rivalino’s. Of course, some have questioned whether the bones really were Rivalino’s, but this was enough to (partly) satisfy the foul play theory. To my knowledge, however, nobody could come up with the names of the murderers.  Whatever exactly happened to the Mafra boys after their father’s disappearance is also obscure; Raimundo is said to have died in 2001, and the whereabouts of Fatimo and Dirceu are unknown.

Source: The Birarre and Grotesque

The Vampire Graves of Jewett City
By Greg Newkirk

Every town has its mysteries, but some places hold secrets far more bizarre than others. Take Jewett City, Connecticut, a small city that’s home to 3500 people.. and a handful of vampires.

The strange tale of the Jewett City Vampires begins in the middle of the 1800s, when a local family began to notice that they were falling victim to a strange illness. Henry Ray and his three sons were slowly wasting away, each day a bit weaker than the last, almost as if something was visiting them in the night, sucking the life force from their bodies. The family attempted everything they could to diagnose the men, but despite their efforts, their relatives continued to die, thin and frail, shadows of their former selves.

In May of 1853, the family held a meeting. The Rays believed that the undead were stalking the countryside, targeting the farming community, and feeding on victims in the dead of night, turning their friends and family members into foul creatures who would rise from the grave and do the same. Fearing the return of their brothers, the Ray family marched to the local cemetery, exhumed the bodies of their dead, and set them ablaze. When the flames died down, the vampire hunters rearranged the bones, then re-buried the bodies, this time for good.

The drastic measures seemed to work. As the years wore on, the mysterious illness began to slowly disappear, and the countryside was once again safe from the threat of the undead.

Despite their exhumation being witnessed by a huge crowd, even written about in the local newspaper, the tale of the Jewett City Vampires was chalked up as nothing more than a folk tale. Then, in the early 90s, some local kids made a startling discovery that changed all that.

Two boys from the nearby town of Hopeville were sliding down a gravel bank when they noticed they had kicked up some strange, round objects with their feet. Those objects turned out to be skulls. The boys reported their find to their parents, who called the city, and within days, archaeologists had discovered an unmarked cemetery. One grave, though, was particularly interesting.

Hidden inside a coffin marked “JB-55” was the body of a man who had been completely dismembered, his skull pulled from his spine and placed in his chest cavity, his femurs crossed in an “X” just below his skull. It had all the identifying marks of the local legends: this body had belonged to a vampire.

Local researchers believed that the man had been disinterred five years after his burial in the late 1700s, and his bones rearranged in order to prevent him from returning from the grave. It was the first real evidence that the Connecticut vampire scourge was more than a legend.

The thought that blood-sucking, undead creatures may have roamed the New England countryside is a chilling one, but there’s no reason to stock up on garlic and start whittling wooden stakes. As it turns out, the rash of vampire-killings that spread through Connecticut can be chalked up to a lack of modern medical knowledge.

Analysis of the disorganized bones discovered in the mysterious “JB-55” coffin show signs of a disease commonly referred to as “consumption” at the time. Had these “vampire attacks” occurred several decades later, the locals would have realized that the only thing ravaging the farming community of Jewett was tuberculosis.

Today, those visiting the Jewett City Cemetery can still see the graves of the “vampires” that caused such a widespread panic throughout the state, and, if you’re feeling particularly morbid, you can even stand in the very spot they were exhumed, burned, and dismembered.

On second though, maybe you should bring some holy water. Just in case.

Source: Week In Weird

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