Underground Alien Bases & The Battle For Planet Earth

This is NOT science fiction! This is a true-to-life "War of the Worlds" recently featured on UFO Hunters!

Controversial author and UFO researcher Branton pulls out all stops in this explosive book that reveals at last the soul-rending secret that the U.S. government has been keeping from the public for decades.  Much of this information was disclosed by one brave man who managed to escape from this hellish facility with top-secret information about genetic experiments using kidnapped people from every walk of life. Even more unbelievable, these experiments by the U.S. government are being conducted with the cooperation of alien races who control a large section of the Dulce underground base. What goes on in those sections is the stuff of nightmares!

If you order RIGHT NOW we will include a fantastic DVD featuring the late Phil Schneider who revealed his involvement in the Dulce facility and the hellish pact made by the extraterrestrial Grays with the U.S. government.Both The Dulce Wars and the Phil Schneider DVD are yours for only $32.00 + $5 for shipping.

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The Dulce Wars & DVD

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