Officially, HAARP is a research station directed by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate in Gokona, Alaska, that opened in 1992 to gather data about the atmosphere and "radio propagation conditions." Their web site ( states that they are monitoring and archiving the naturally occurring variations with the sun's activities such as sunspots and solar flares. 

HAARP constitutes a system of powerful antennas capable of creating "controlled local modifications of the ionosphere." However, there seems to be much more going on behind HAARP's public face.


HAARP is based on physicist Bernard J. Eastlund's U.S. Patent from 1987 titled "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere" (US #4,686,605).   Eastlund's patent is based, in part, on the works of Nikola Tesla, who first suggested that RF could transmit approximately one watt per cubic centimeter to any point on the planet without the use of wires. Thus, power can generated on the ground and then sent through the air to the upper areas of the atmosphere miles above the surface of the planet.

Eastlund explained in his patent application that by influencing the ionosphere, methods of communication disruption, missile shielding and weather modification are possible. His second patent described the reflection of a second signal, using a previously "heated" ionospheric bulge, to distant locations on the Earth's surface.

Eastlund had been working with the Atlantic Richfield Company, holders of a massive reserve of natural gas under Alaska's North Slope. ARCO bought Eastlund's first two patents with the understanding that this new technology would make it possible for their natural gas reserves, too expensive to be piped from Alaska, to be converted to electrical energy on the north slope, and then bounced off the heated ionosphere to customers in remote locations around the globe.

Because Eastlund's "heaters" could elevate the Earth's ionosphere, his discovery provided the ability to control weather by altering upper atmosphere wind patterns. This is done by focusing high frequency radio transmissions on the ionosphere, lifting and heating it in localized areas which then alters wind patterns and ultimately weather conditions.

Unfortunately, the military had purchased Eastlund's two patents from ARCO and had given them to Raytheon, a military contractor. So there would be no civilian use for this new technology.


Today, HAARP has 48 antennas that can broadcast up to 960 kW of power, and plans to expand to 180 antennas and 3.6 megawatts of power by 2006. Even that is short of the thousands of antennas and hundreds of megawatts of power that Eastlund figures would be needed to control the weather or act as an effective missile shield. However, even at 3.6 megawatts, significant weather control experiments could be performed.

In fact, radio operators who routinely monitor HAARP transmissions have noted an increase in RF output from the station right before hurricanes Katrina and Rita grew into dangerous storms. Though there is no proof that the ferocity of these recent hurricanes are the result of climatic tampering by the HAARP administration, Phillips Geophysics Lab, which is a partner in the HAARP project, contemplates the triggering of storms and hurricanes for military use in a course for military personnel at MD's Hanscom Air Force Base, on weather modification techniques.

Even if the HAARP program is experimenting with weather control, ground-based weather control could soon be surpassed by theoretical solar powered satellite-based systems with a possible power output of 1,000 megawatts. NASA, and the European Space Agency has been researching the possibility of such satellites being used as an energy source, transmitting power to Earth with concentrated beams of microwaves. With a fleet of these powerful satellites using the same RF principals used by HAARP, it is conceivable that the weather over any geographic location could be modified at will.


It has been alleged that the HAARP facility, located near Gokona, Alaska, is not the "real" HAARP project, and that the actual HAARP is conducting experiments that seem beyond the realm of possibility. Writer Dan Eden, of the Viewzone website, recently revealed that in 1998 he was shown a secret HAARP facility near Fairbanks, Alaska.

Eden was invited to come to Alaska by two men, Dave and Jonas, who had been recently discharged from the Navy. Eden was taken by his hosts to a small Alaskan town called Fox. From there they took snowmobiles east along the Chatinaka River where they encountered military "Restricted Area" signs. From the vantage point on top of a ridge, Eden was shown an enormous area below them that was covered with rows and rows of metal poles - antennae and small silver rectangular sheds where black cables originated. The entire area was at least a mile square and the number of antennae must have been in the thousands.

Eden was told that this was a phased array, and that this was a type of antenna where the signal being sent out could be focused to a very narrow beam - like a laser - and that it was capable of emitting a signal that was billions of watts in power.

At one point Eden questioned why an antenna system would be buried between such high ridges. "Wouldn't that interfere with the signal?"

"Not if you're sending it straight up," he was told. They explained that this energy was used to heat a layer of the atmosphere, to cause it to bend and thicken, and that it would then be ready for the "death ray."

Eastlund's discovery had been taken by the military during the cold war era because it allowed microwave signals to be sent and received beyond the horizon. This fact alone allowed them to prevent its development in any humane or commercial application since it would then be available to enemy nations. But once the heater had created a sort of lens in the ionosphere, you did not have to limit your signal to radar or microwaves. Eastlund had developed the ability to send massive bursts of power - in the billions of watts range - and these could now be zapped to just about any point of the Earth.

"HAARP in Gakona, about 300 miles south of here, that's a fake decoy for the public. Everyone knows about that," Dave told Eden. "They even have a web site with one of those instant cam things and a few dozen antennae. That's just a thing for show so they can say that it's all harmless and open."
The two men explained that they had worked at the secret HAARP, Dave was in the 'com'- the command center of the heater. He worked with the primary transmitter or generator. Jonas said that he mainly worked on the feeder lines on the antenna farm. The two were both there when they "bumped the power up to the max and let it blow," from thousands of watts to billions.

"They never used that much power before so they just did it to see what would happen," Jonas said. "And when they did it kind of multiplied the power and then a huge chunk of Earth's atmosphere blew away, out into space.

Jonas pulled another graph from the box.

"Here. Look at the ultraviolet and radiation the came through right after they did it. They blew away the shield and all the radiation just came right down and zapped Earth. And look. It lasted for a long time!"

Eden asked if anyone had been hurt by these tests. The answer chilled him to his bones.

"Shit, yes. Here in Alaska there were Eskimos that were all fried and like whole herds of antelopes. But the holes also moved west and did their real harm in Siberia. But it isn't just the people it killed. It made these people and animals sick from the radiation that came from the Sun - the stuff that's usually blocked by the atmosphere - and so there have been still births and cancers and mutations. They are trying to keep it all real hushed. It's insane. And the worst part is that they are going to use it again!"


Several years later, in 1999, Dan Eden received e-mails from a reader in Serbia, where the UN forces had been fighting Melosovich, mostly with American armed forces and equipment. The e-mails mentioned a strange phenomenon that accompanied attacks by the U.S. A-10, "warthog" fighter jet.
It was reported that, just prior to an air attack, the sky often filled with huge black clouds that would materialized out of nowhere, and stayed until the end of the campaign -- which was usually couple of weeks. However, instead of rain, falling on Belgrade, there were hailstones the size of eggs.

"You can still see the marks it left on houses." During that time witnesses described strange "lighting" in the sky that lasted for hours which didn't look like anything anybody had ever seen before. The "thunder" that accompanied the strange "lightning" was equally strange. It was hundreds of times stronger than any thunder anybody ever remembered. It was so loud that it was even louder then the sound of bomb explosions.

As well, scientists in Serbia released a report that stated that the electromagnetic field over Serbia was punctured. The "hole" was almost the size of Serbia itself and it started at the border, between Kosovo and Albania in the south, and ended near the Yugoslav and Hungarian border in the north.

There are also reports of bizarre weather over Iraq during the U.S. invasion in 2004. It seems obvious that HAARP is being used to manipulate the weather all over the planet. The Washington Post reported that a growing number of physicists and others in the scientific community are becoming increasingly worried.

A "small group of American physicists, some of whom have aired complaints in scientific journals, fear HAARP may not simply be the simple research experiment that advocates describe, but possibly phase one of a secret U.S. military program that could be seeking ways to blow other countries' spacecraft out of the sky or disrupt communications over large portions of the planet."

Richard Williams, a physicist and consultant to the David Sarnoff laboratory in Princeton alleges HAARP constitutes "an irresponsible act of global vandalism." He and others fear a secret second stage where HAARP would "beam much more energy into the ionosphere. That could produce a severe disruption of the upper atmosphere at one location that may produce effects that spread rapidly around the Earth for years."

Documents acquired from the Office of Naval Research via the Freedom Of Information Act reveal a more ominous purpose for HAARP. According to these documents, the U.S. military believes the former Soviet Union has similar heaters with which they claim to have achieved higher levels of ionospheric reaction than possible so far in the "West".

Although smaller in size than the secret HAARP project, there are many other ground based transmitting heaters in operation around the world; Tromso, Norway and Arecibo, Puerto Rico among them.

Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Center for Research on Globalization, says that: "There are very clear statements by the U.S. Air Force to the effect that weather modification technology is available, HAARP is fully operational and could be used in actually military situations. It is clear that weather warfare does constitute an instrument of the Air Force, they even identify the scenarios of its use."

Can these heaters already be changing the weather, and have they somehow contributed to the recent climate-based catastrophes in the U.S? How many humans have contracted cancers and other sicknesses that might have remained dormant if not triggered by these transmissions?

It is critical that this technology be closely monitored by independent scientific associations (it currently is not), and, if used, needs to be used in such a way as to be beneficial. It could be used to increase food supply, repair the ozone layer or reduce damage to civilian populations frequently affected by adverse weather conditions. Sadly, current military agendas appear not to give much weight to these possible beneficial uses of the technology. It is an instrument that is paid for by tax-payers dollars and is currently not in the hands of people who have earned or deserve our confidence and trust.

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