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Long Out of Print - Now For the First Time in Decades, Conspiracy Journal Brings You the Incredible Story of the Dero and Other Inner Earth Mysteries!

What is the Shaver Mystery?. . . Here Is A Mystery That Stretches From The Madhouse To The White House; From the Moronic To The World's Greatest Minds; From the Superstition To Scientific Knowledge; From The Forgotten Past To The Present Instant!. . .Here are volumes One and Two in a continuing series originally released by publisher Ray Palmer in the 1960s.

Serious collectors have paid as much as $100 per volume, or $900 for the entire set. We will be reissuing the entire series at a far lesser cost for serious students of the Shaver, Inner Earth, and Hollow Earth Mysteries! . . .In Volume One, you will read about the beginning of the Shaver Mystery and how it attracted thousands of fans who first read about it in the science fiction magazine AMAZING STORIES (circa 1943) even though Richard Shaver and editor Ray Palmer said the things claimed in this work were for REAL!. . .Shavers hears the tormented voices coming from below. . . Readers question his sanity when he describes entering the caves of the ancients. . .Shaver describes in detail the plunder of our planet by extraterrestrials in ancient times; and the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. . .Shaver "proves" his case by revealing an ancient alphabet he calls "Mantong." . . . Captured by the Dero from ancient races, the stem and mech machines cause utter chaos on surface dwellers, wars, murder and horrific accidents are also created by the evil underground dwellers.

Volume Two features the original story The Masked World by Richard Shaver, which takes the reader inside the insane world of the underground beings known as the Dero who, like a dark cloud, hang over the Earth as the subsurface mutants kidnap and torture humans, even performing cannibalistic acts upon their flesh. . .This volume also includes an indepth story on a series of airplane crashes carrying well known celebrities that can be blamed on the demented robot-like creatures Shaver identifies as the Dero. . .Shaver also reveals the secrets of "Growing A Better Man," and tells how voices in the night tortmented him. Furthermore, readers of the early Shaver articles in Amazing Stories, Fate and Flying Saucers From Other Worlds magazine, confirm much of what Shaver has revealed up to this point.

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The Hidden World Vol. 1 & 2

The Hidden World Vol. 1

The Hidden World Vol. 2

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