ALL PLANETS ARE HOLLOW, INCLUDING OUR SUN AND MOON. The current, average scientist only THEORIZES that our planet is solid with a molten core. They have not proven it. However, experiments have weakened that theory. Thermometers have been lowered on lines for many miles, only to discover that as it descended, the temperature dropped.

I have collected several planetary photos that clearly and visually prove that the planets are hollow. For example, the north pole of Mars displays "SWIRLS". Ice DOES NOT move in swirls, but in ANGLES because it crystallizes. Indeed, I agree that Mars has ice-clad poles, but the "swirls" ARE NOT ICE, THEY ARE CLOUDS, because both the clouds and ice are white, the entire pole is assumed to be ice. AT LEAST that is the message the Masses are being given. In the photos, the poles appear to rise up for miles into the atmosphere. That is the light of the INNER SUN rising out of the polar opening.

Down through the ages, mythology and legend preserved the folklore and tales of the hollow earth, passed down from generation to generation around the world. The Scandinavian legends of Odin, Woden or Vetan have been, and still are, embraced not only by the Norsemen, but are still worshipped in parts of Germany.

World-wide history is rich with mythologies that clearly and commonly correlate and personify certain Great Beings of the world, with varied names. All being Enlightened ones from diverse cultures. Those links always indicate terms such as, UP, SUBTERRANEAN, or NORTH, Norse, Germanic or Teutonic folklore teaches of The White Island at the top of the world or the North Pole, wherein the gods dwell. One must pass over the "RAINBOW BRIDGE" or "BIFROST", (the Northern Lights), to enter the inner Paradise of the gods, called, MIDGARD, ASGARD or EDDAS, the home of the gods. "MIDDLE EARTH" is another name for the hollow inner world.

All folklore is preserved in universal symbolism, composed of stories and parables with material, the familiar or fantastic subjects who represent sacred gods, evil ones, both spiritual and material environments, when the symbolism is decoded and the correlation between world-wide myths are paralleled, THE AMAZING TRUTH BEGINS TO COME INTO FOCUS.

The ROOT teachings of ALL great religions and folklore are the same. To find the Truth, we must return to those ROOTS, else there is continued confusion with the nebulous veils, smoke and mirrors of the remnant parables of the ages past. But, together they also bring the common reality-link into clarity.

All belief-systems are spin-offs of the INNER EARTH source or Northerly domains. Every religion is based upon mythology and folklore, inter, woven with many Truths and antidotes for success and harmony. When we trace religion back to the ROOTS, it is not a system of worship or to psychologically separate ourselves from. IT IS COSMIC SCIENCE OF ALL DIMENSIONS. Many who have not researched the correlations, will deny that because they are uninformed. Such responses limit the consciousness of humanity, yet, they claim they are "Truth Seekers";( as long as it is within their limitations).