Incredible Videos About the Life of Nikola Tesla...Including His Inventions
and Recent Developments of Tesla-Based Science and Technology

Nikola Tesla, Free Energy and Antigravity

Engineer Ralph Ring talks about Nikola Tesla, Otis T. Carr and the development of antigravity technology.

Nikola Tesla Scalar Technology Is Real

Nikola Tesla 1857-1943 His Legacy Lives On - looking at the life of one
of the greatest inventors the world has really never been told about. 

Nikola Tesla: The Untold Story

This program reveals the discoveries of Nikola Tesla, a forgotten genius
who is considered to be the father of our modern technological age. 
Tesla is one of the most mysterious and controversial scientists in history.

Nikola Tesla's Life Documentary

Produced by the BBC and PBS, 2014

HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology

Examines the controversial military program based on Tesla technology -
its' possible effects on weather and use in mind control.

The Secret of Nikola Tesla - The Movie

THE SECRET OF NIKOLA TESLA is a theatrical motion picture drama that tells the true story about the life and mind of a "scientific superman" who, against all odds, changed the world forever with his imagination, discoveries, and inventions.

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