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CAUS sent us this interesting report about Sedona and Pine Bush

Reported by Stephen Counihan.
At approximately 10:20 am on March 25th, 1999 in Sedona, Arizona I was walking out onto the deck of my shop when I looked up and saw a four engine jet coming from 12:00 heading to 6:00. Off of the left wing were two UFO's. Off of the right wing was one UFO. The distance between the jet's wing and the UFO's was the equivalent distance between the inner engine and the wing tip. The UFO's looked to be about the size of one of the engines on the jet, if you were looking at the jet head on. They appeared to be black spheres. The whole experience lasted approximately one and one half to two minutes, at which point they disappeared behind the next building. For the next several hours I was on an incredible high, just thinking about what I had witnessed.

2) CAUS thanks Dacy Barrows-Young ( for this report:

On September 21st of 1998 I witnessed something that still makes me wonder. It was about 7:30 PM & very dark here in the Village of Oak Creek (Sedona, Arizona) and "very" quiet in my neighborhood. I was taking a shower in very dim light with the window open and just happened to glance outside. There I saw something in the sky that was oval shaped but long and completely soundless. It was difficult to determine the distance and consequently the size because I could see no reference points in the pitch black sky, but it seemed very large and very low. It had a pinkish peachy soft glow that seemed to come from within it.

There was no other light on it, however just below and toward the rear there was a flashing bright white light and another just beyond the rear, neither one emitting any sound at all. Had I not glanced up there at that moment I'd never have known they were there. They were going from the Southwest toward the Northwest and disappeared from my view quickly.

After I stepped out of the shower & dressed, I went to the Northwest patio and immediately after I stepped out there a very loud noise from some sort of aircraft went almost straight over my house very rapidly in the direction of the object that had gone past minutes before. I couldn't make out anything about it's appearance except for the three white lights spaced very far apart. They did not flash.

This is probably nothing, but also in 1994 I was outside with my dog and a glint of something metallic caught my eye which wouldn't have seemed unusual except that it didn't move. It was not horizontal but at a slant and very thin. When I got the binoculars I was amazed to discover a transparent balloon shape surrounding it and there were five long appendages hanging down, four around the outer sides and one much longer in the center. They also were transparent (to the naked eye) and seemed to have something attached at the end of them.

Not knowing what weather balloons look like I really thought it may have been one but it was awfully close to the ground and the red rocks. There was one other person with me who saw this. I never did see it move away while I was outside.

3) CAUS thanks Justin Schneiderman (UFO for this report:

Back in the fall of 1995 while driving down Albany Post Rd in Pine Bush, NY my father and I noticed a strange light hovering at about treetop level in the back of a field. We stopped the car to watch the light and decided to take some pictures of the field. After a few moments the light disappeared behind some trees so we repositioned the car to try and get the light within our field of view again. This happened several times.

I continued taking pictures of the field for a few minutes until the light was no longer visible. Then we continued driving, not knowing the events that just took place right under noses. Recent investigation has concluded the trees that this UFO was hovering above to have been a mile away.

A day or two later we got the film developed and were totally blown away. Apparently although unseen by us at the time something very strange took place during the above described sighting. A being had actually walked from the back of the field up to the road. According to the pictures it seems this being was at one point somewhere between 10-15 ft away from us. This being was practically in our face and we did not see it. I would like to believe that although on an unconscious level we somehow interacted with this being.

Also I feel it is fair to draw the conclusion that this being is an extraterrestrial, because we were seeing a UFO above the back of that field while taking the pictures, which is where the ET walked from. There are also several anomalies that dot appear to be extraterrestrial in nature within the series of three photos which the ET showed up in, including ghostly and astral anomalies. A detailed analysis of all 3 photos are available on my website at .

Visit Peter A. Gersten, Director of CAUS at:THE CAUS WEBSITE.

I've been to Sedona a dozen times. Never had a sighting, but it is remarkable for its beauty. Especially at night under the full moon you can look up at the sky and some of the rocks even take on the images of Native Americans looking toward the heavens. You can see their faces outlined against the stars though they are only "rocks" (each place on the planet sets its own mood and defines its own purpose).

My favoriite restaurant in town is a place called Steak and Sticks. They have the best pool tables in the world -- handcrafted. My one pasttime is shooting a mean game of Eight Ball. If your good you can't miss a shot on these tables.

As for Pine Bush, my name is on the barber shop wall along with a list of other UFOlogists who have visited. I am not overly impressed by Ellen Crystal's photos -- some of them cannot truly be explained; but some of them are just light leaking into the camera. I've shot thousands of rolls to know that anything is likely to happen especiall at night. On the other hand she is very sincere and some of her pictures can be considered remarkable....though there are other places which John Keel defined as "window areas" where unusual phenomena is more likely to appear than at other locals.

Years ago I knew people who had friends who lived in the area who thought all the skywatchers were off the wall and wanted nothing to do with them. But off the record they admited that they had witnessed unusual "things". They equated it more to the spirits of the earth or the spirits of Indians since some mysterious flashes and lights were seen around what they thought were Indian burial mounds.

One woman told me she used to watch Ellen skwatch from a distance but never spoke with her. She had unknown lights around her home all the time but they were below tree top level and to her they weren't flying saucers or space ships from Mars. Something weird is going on there -- at least off and on -- but it is very hard to define...and as usual UFOlogist are quick to jump to conclusions.

Timothy Green Beckley, Chairman of the Board
Conspiracy Journal/Webufo

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