2/25/22  #1089
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If you have never listened to the show The Paracast (www.theparacast.com), I encourage you to check it out as your beloved editor of Conspiracy Journal is now an occasional co-host along with Gene Steinberg. Our latest show features NY Times writer Ralph Blumenthal, and we discussed his book "The Believer: The Passion of John Mack."

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60 Minutes Reports Officials Stricken With "Havana Syndrome" On White House Grounds

Infrared Image Shows "Swarm" of Flashing UFOs Chasing US Navy Destroyers

Researchers Analysed Material From an Unsolved UFO Case with Modern Scientific Equipment

"Lake Monster" Filmed in Taiwan

F-22s Scrambled To Investigate High-Altitude Balloon Off The Coast Of Hawaii

Is There New Evidence of Jewish Temple Treasures in the Vatican?

Beauty Spot Haunted by "Woman in White" Ghost - Tells People to "F*** Off"

The Boggart: A Study in Shadows


See You Space Cowboys