4/4/22  #1091
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Salutations from an obscure arm of the galaxy and welcome to the latest issue of the Conspiracy Journal Newsletter.   We still have some copies of our new book "Timothy Green Beckley's Bizarre Bazaar" available for Conspiracy Journal subscribers at the special price of $15 (sorry, right now I have to limit this to the U.S. since I am not charging for shipping). So order your copy today before this special ends. 

Just take this LINK where you can now buy this book using PayPal from the Conspiracy Journal Bookshop.

If you have never listened to the show The Paracast (www.theparacast.com), I encourage you to check it out as your beloved editor of Conspiracy Journal is now an occasional co-host along with Gene Steinberg. Our latest show features Preston Dennett and Dolly Safran.  They are discussing Preston's new book
Symmetry: A True UFO Adventure,” which tells the story of UFO experiencer Dolly Safran.

We have some interesting articles for your reading pleasure this week, and as always, if you have any questions, concerns, or run across an interesting story that you think others would like to read, send your email to: conspiracyjournal@hotmail.com

CIA Document Claims Soviet Union Was Developing Cybernetic Telepathy

US warship was chased by two car-size ‘balls of light’ UFOs

Famed aviator John Lear, 79, departs on ‘His Next Adventure’

How Believers in the Paranormal Birthed the Pentagon’s New Hunt for UFOs

This Experiment Could Show Whether Information is a ‘Fifth Element’

First official Loch Ness Monster sighting of 2022 recorded after three month drought

The Science of Bad Vibes: Can Some Places Really Hold Onto Negative Energy?

Close Encounters of the Tourist Kind


Until Next Time - See You Space Cowboys