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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such soul-satisfying stories as:

- 2020 UFO Sightings Spike During Lockdowns -

- Unknown "Fatal Brain Disease" Cases in Canada -

- Eucharistic Miracles -

AND: Werewolf Sightings at Camberwell Old Cemetery

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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By Tim Swartz, Tim Beckley,  Sean Casteel, Prof. Stephen Fenley,
Scott Corrales, Joseph Foster, Harry Drew, and others


Over 20 of the world's leading UFOlogists establish  that humans have done battle with aliens over and over again, shooting at them, molesting them, hitting them, running them over,  unleashing dogs upon them, and injuring -- and even killing them -- though any means possible, as humans try to combat their fear of the unknown.

In many instances the aliens have fought back. They have sought revenge, and more often than not, gotten it.   Here are over a hundred reports of the strangest close encounters with humanoids who use force to defend themselves -- such as the case of the NY hunter whose rifle was ripped from his hands, the shotgun barrel twisted, and than handed back to him. There is also the crash landing of a UFO in Kingman, AZ which involved 8 UFOs positioning themselves in the sky in combat position, apparently returning to find any  survivors of their doomed craft, and to protect themselves in doing so.  


The second part of the book's "mission," is to disprove the concept held by  many that African Americans are not prone to have UFO experiences or to hold a belief or interest in the subject. One contributor, Prof. Stephen Finley of the University of Louisiana, explains how UFOs are part of the overall "Black experience" of many African Americans. Most of his fans do not realize that Muhammad Ali had over 21 UFO sightings. A friend of researcher Tim Beckley, the late Champ explains why he was so taken up with the subject, being a part of his spiritual beliefs.

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2020 UFO Sightings Spike During Lockdowns
By George Knapp

The year of the pandemic was also the year of the UFO. A massive statistical analysis shows that Americans in lockdown spent a lot of time eyeing the sky, resulting in an across-the-board spike in UFO sightings.

Covid-19 caused massive shifts in how Americans spend their time, and where. Millions of people lost jobs, millions more worked from home.

It meant that many had the time to gaze skyward. And what did we see? UFOs, of every shape and size and color.

Using data beginning in 2001, UFO researcher and author Cheryl Costa published the most detailed analysis of American UFO sighting reports ever assembled, the UFO Sightings Desk Reference.

During 2020 she expanded it, covering the next 20 years of sighting reports from almost every city, county, and state. Costa’s new project includes a ranking of which cities reported the highest numbers of odd objects.

“Phoenix is the number one city. Okay, second year in a row. New York City is number two,” Costa said. “I never used to count New York City’s five boroughs. I attended the counties. Now we’re counting them as a full city. Las Vegas is number three for sightings. Los Angeles is number number four. Number six is Portland. San Diego is number 10. Houston is number 11 in the country, Albuquerque 13. Sacramento number 21 in the country. 23 is San Francisco. Fresno was 43. And Lubbock is up to 75.”

Costa does not try to explain the sightings or claim they are alien craft, only that they are unidentified flying objects people have reported seeing.

Her soon-to-be released report breaks down the sightings by time of day, and other categories, and analyzes which cities are up and which are down.

She is also categorizing the sightings by shape. The shapes people are reporting also come and go by seasons according to Costa. “I was playing with the data and we were thinking of writing a shapes book at that time, when we started noticing when we started plotting like months. And then over many months, we started noticing there was a repeating pattern. Sometimes a particular shape would only show up in the fall going to show up in spring, or the spring and summer at everything. And we put the whole thing on hold until we correct all the city spelling situations. And so we do the shapes book, we’re going to be able to show you what seasons they are.”

Source: Mystery Wire

     Solved!  The Mysteries of Space, Time and UFOs, now available on Amazon.


Unknown "Fatal Brain Disease" Cases in Canada
By Laura Brown

New Brunswick Public Health is investigating a fatal brain disease they don't have a name for.

It looks like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), which can cause memory loss, sudden movements and vision problems, but a neurologist says it's more likely a new syndrome altogether.

"We don't know what is causing it, so we keep our minds open to possibilities," said Dr. Alier Marrero, a neurologist with Vitalité Health Network. "We cannot say this is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It doesn't look that way."

 Over the last five years, 35 cases have been confirmed as the unknown neurological disease and eight are suspected. Five people have died.

The province's chief medical officer of health say they have "a lot of work to do" to determine why the disease has appeared – and if it's environmental.

"It most likely is a new disease," said Dr. Jennifer Russell. "We haven't seen this anywhere else and so it's of unknown etiology but the symptoms are very like CJD."

In 2019, 700 patients at the Moncton Hospital had to be contacted after two suspected cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease were identified in patients who had cataract surgery at the Moncton Hospital.

Health officials haven't confirmed if these two patients are considered part of this cluster.

According to a March 5 memo from Dr. Cristin Muecke, N.B. Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health, the median age for the cases found in N.B. is 59 years – but some are in their early fifties.

Dr. Marrero is studying the disease and says patients have presented with unexplained pain, loss of memory, involuntary movement, blurry vision and hallucinations.

He says it's been very difficult on patients and their families.

"Sometimes the patients, when they are diagnosed, they don't have the capacity to really understand this is happening," he said. "Obviously their families do. And many of the patients initially do as well. So it's very hard."

He added it's also difficult not to be able to provide families with a name, or a definitive diagnosis.

The cases have been sent to the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease surveillance system.

In an e-mail, a spokesperson for the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) said its Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance System has received case referrals from the province of New Brunswick.

"PHAC is aware of the situation and has been collaborating with physicians and public health officials in New Brunswick since January 2021 to conduct their public health investigation by providing diagnostic testing services and epidemiologic expertise," wrote spokesperson Anna Maddison. "Please note that New Brunswick is leading the ongoing investigation, with collaboration from the Public Health Agency of Canada."

It's rare for any Maritime province to see a case of CJD. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick usually see one case of CJD a year.

The disease is degenerative and can cause a fatal form of dementia.

Health officials across New Brunswick are being asked to watch for patients who present with symptoms similar to CJD.

Source: CTV News

By Brian Allan

In this remarkable book the author and editor of Phenomena Magazine, Brian Allan, introduces the idea that Heresy (the word is taken from the Greek language and only means ‘one who chooses’), not only decided the frequently bloody fate of free-thinkers in the Dark Ages, but still affects us in many surprising ways to this very day. Drawing on hard-to-find sources, the author shows that at one time the charge of heresy was used as a brutal and particularly heavy-handed form of control by various religious groups.

Heretics like Aleister Crowley, Anton Szandor laVey, Kenneth Grant, Charles Manson and others are discussed in these pages and show that heresy was and is part and parcel of how magic and Satanism began and perhaps even lies at the origins of the human race. Discover how the intelligence services, through people like the enigmatic Col. John Alexander, have successfully weaponised former heretical beliefs such as magic, remote viewing and mind control and used them to kill. Even today among scientists, particularly in quantum physics, the charge of heresy is a very real threat and can bring promising careers to an abrupt halt, because even although the perceived heresy is correct, it dares to challenge the status-quo.

This reasonably priced book can and will change how you see the world and it is available from any good bookseller, from ‘O’ Books or through Amazon.


Awaiting the Next Super Solar Storm
By Kelly Kizer Whitt

Researchers uncovering eyewitness accounts of powerful solar storms of the past say we should expect at least one super-storm from the sun per century.

Powerful solar storms can hammer Earth, causing major technology glitches. One of the best-remembered events is the Quebec power grid failure of 1989, a 12-hour blackout in which millions of people found themselves in dark office buildings, stalled elevators, and underground pedestrian tunnels.

Going farther back, there’s the famous Carrington Event of 1859 that caused telegraph communications around the world to fail; there were reports of sparks showering from telegraph machines, shocking operators and setting papers ablaze. All over the planet, colorful auroras illuminated the nighttime skies, glowing so brightly that birds began to chirp and laborers started their daily chores, believing the sun had begun rising.

Extreme space weather, or solar storms, occur when the sun shoots out boiling-hot plasma in the form of solar flares and winds.

Although the most solar storms are usually harmless, a large enough one hitting Earth could have catastrophic effects.

Scientists agree it’s only a matter of time until the next powerful solar storm affects earthly technologies. Next time, we might expect steeper consequences, since today’s world relies so heavily on technology. But, with few events to go on, no one knows when the next powerful Earth-directed event will erupt on the sun. That’s one reason researchers were happy to announce in March 2021 that they’ve unearthed new eyewitness accounts from a 1582 solar storm that startled skywatchers across the globe.

Pero Ruiz Soares was a 16th-century Portuguese author in Lisbon. He and his contemporaries were unaware of the connection between solar storms and the northern lights when he wrote of the 1582 event:

"A great fire appeared in the sky to the north, and lasted three nights.

"All that part of the sky appeared burning in fiery flames; it seemed that the sky was burning. Nobody remembered having seen something like that … At midnight, great fire rays arose above the castle which were dreadful and fearful. The following day, it happened the same at the same hour but it was not so great and terrifying. Everybody went to the countryside to see this great sign."

According to a statement from scientists who studied the event:

"Across the globe in feudal Japan, observers in Kyoto noted the same fiery red display in their skies, too. Similar accounts of strange nighttime lights were recorded in Leipzig, Germany; Yecheon, South Korea; and a dozen other cities across Europe and East Asia."

During those few days in 1582, people looking skyward – not understanding what they saw – were marveling at a strong display of the northern lights, or aurora borealis, which was little understood at the time and the subject of many myths and legends. The northern lights are seen mostly at high latitudes on Earth. They’re not often seen at lower latitudes, like Portugal. That’s another thing a powerful solar storm can do, however; it can cause northern lights to be seen closer to Earth’s equator.

Today’s researchers look to uncover events in the past, such as the 1582 solar storm, in order to investigate the pattern of these strong storms on the sun. They want to know how often they occur. They hope historical records, like that of the 1582 storm, will help them predict future solar storms.

At present, with scientists’ limited understanding of the patterns, the historical record suggests that such powerful Earth-sun events occur at least once a century. Their statement said:

The historical record seems to suggest that major storms like the one in 1582 are, at minimum, a once-in-a-century occurrence, and so we should expect one or more of them to hit Earth in the 21st century.

The sun waxes and wanes in activity on about an 11-year cycle. Solar Cycle 25 officially began in late 2020. In other words, we’re heading toward another solar maximum, when the sun should be at its most active. Scientists expect this solar maximum to occur around 2025.

In the coming few years, we can expect Earth to undergo some effects as activity on the sun increases. At the peak of the sun’s activity, charged particles from the sun may affect satellites in orbit, and may disrupt communications or navigation on Earth. But, for the most part, these effects are expected to be manageable.

In the meantime, scientists are looking out for the next truly big solar storm. For example, Rami Qahwaji of the University of Bradford wrote at The Conversation:

"My colleagues and I developed a real-time automated computer system which uses image processing and artificial intelligence technologies to monitor and analyze solar satellite data. This helps predict the likelihood of solar flares in the coming 24 hours."

This team has also created a process for automatically classifying sunspots and detecting different solar features, such as active regions and sunspots. Their space weather prediction system is publicly available here.

Source: EarthSky


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'Battery Man' Stuns Scientists by Conducting 20,000-volt Current

Human conductor Slavisa Pajkic has scientists scratching their heads because he can withstand high voltages without feeling a thing.

Known as 'Battery Man', the machinist claims he can act as an insulator, conductor and even a heater.

Videos on the internet show the 54-year-old powering up a lightbulb and cooking sausages by using energy stored in his body.

Slavisa, from Pozarevac, Serbia, says he discovered his amazing talent when he was a teenager.

He said: 'I was 17 years old when accidentally during work, I felt that electricity can not do anything. The rain was falling, and my colleagues made a metal fence."

The fence somehow became live, and it was then his new life began.

'My friend, who was leaning against the fence, said he could feel electricity but as I approached and touched the wet spot, I felt nothing.

'I was open-mouthed, but then I realized that current could not harm my body.

'When there is a sudden power failure, my folks do not have to worry. My house is always shining. I can be an insulator, conductor, accumulator and heater.

'People have seen me on television so they are glad to meet me but afraid to shake hands.'

The Serbian man set his first Guinness World record in 1983, when he allowed a current of 20,000 volts to pass through his body.

His next accolade came in 2003, after he became the quickest man to heat up a cup of water to 97 degrees Celsius, in 1 minute and 37 seconds.

He now hopes to set a third world record by charging on a million-volt power generator and shooting laser from his fingers.

Slavisa added: 'I will try to charge on it and become a wireless laser man.'

Source: Daily Mail


Eucharistic Miracles

Transubstantiation is the changing of bread and wine in to the body and blood of Jesus Christ. There are many tracts written on how Christ can be present but the appearance or “accidents” of the bread and wine remain the same. However this is not always the case. Stories abound throughout history of actual changes of the Eucharist into flesh and blood. There are also other miracles including levitating and incorruptible hosts.

There are far too many cases to include them all in this post but here are three of the most interesting ones, all of which can still be viewed to this day. All of these are in Italy but similar miracles have taken place all over the world, including this one in Poland.

Lanciano, is the setting for our first miracle where an 8th century priest-monk experienced doubts about the true presence while celebrating mass. Before his eyes the host transformed into flesh and the wine into blood. The blood dried into five pellets and investigations by the monks showed that the smallest pellet weighed as much as the largest, one pellet weighed as much as all five together and two as much as any three.

In the 1970s, some investigations were done and both flesh and blood were found to be human and of the blood group AB. The tissue was heart tissue and the blood was found to have been from a live body and not a cadaver. No trace of any preservatives were found. The previous anomalies regarding the weight of the pellets were not found.

The church was demolished after earthquake damage but the miraculous flesh and blood still reside in the new church, dedicated to St Francis of Assisi.

S Maria Del Vado in Ferrara, on the 28th March 1171 a host turned in to flesh and sprayed blood over the marble vault behind it. The church was enlarged in 1500 and the marble vault removed to a side chapel and displayed. The drops of blood can still be seen. There is an excellent website with PDFs containing photographs of this and other miraculous events in PDF form, filed in country order.

Siena boasts two Eucharistic miracles, the first as the bloody page of a breviary in which a priest hastily inserted a host to take to a sick person in 1330. This maltreatment caused the host to bleed and stick to the pages and the priest quietly took it back and confessed. It may be seen today in the Basilica of St Rita in Cascia.

The second consists of a ciborium containing hosts which have remained uncorrupted since August 14th 1730 when they were stolen by thieves who had taken advantage of fact that clergy were distracted by the feast of the Assumption. The hosts were eventually located but due to their dirty and cobwebbed state when found, it was decided that the hosts could be allowed to decay naturally at which point they would no longer contain the body of Jesus Christ. They are held in the Basilica of St Francis in Siena and are not on permanent display but are shown at various times, mainly on the 17th of each month to commemorate the day of their discovery and are also paraded on the feast of Corpus Christi each year in a processional monstrance.

More modern miracles such as that in India 2001 and La Reunion 1902 have tended to consist of the appearance of the face of Jesus in a host. The Indian host survives and may be seen in St Mary of Chirattakonum in the diocese of Trivandrum.

Other Eucharist related activities of note include some astonishing acts of perpetual worship. Apparently the Cathedral of Lugo, Spain was the setting for the perpetual worship of the Eucharist for over 1000 years from the 4th century (from Joan Carrol Cruz although online sources say 6th century). The present Cathedral was built starting in 1129 and is very impressive.

A 500 year perpetual adoration took place in France in the Chapel of the Holy Cross Avignon from 14th September 1226, continuing till 1793 when there was a break until 1829 (after a bit of choppy choppy) when the adoration resumed.

Perpetual adoration has become popular, so popular in fact that the diocese of St Petersburg, Florida has banned the practice, fearing that worship of the host would detract from other sacraments.

Source: Cabinet of Wonders


Werewolf Sightings at Camberwell Old Cemetery
By Michael Hein

A reported werewolf sighting in a south London graveyard has cryptozoology enthusiasts doing a double-take. According to a report by The Daily Star, the sighting eerily matches another one from eight years beforehand. The two close encounters seem to help legitimize each other.

Local researcher Andy McGrath told reporters that he developed a personal fascination with the "Werewolf of Camberwell." When looking for more information on the alleged cryptid, he found the accounts from 1996 and 2004, which he said: "sound like something for fantasists and horror fans." He explained the two sightings, highlighting their remarkable similarities.

"On October 9th, 1996, a man en route to see a friend, had decided to take a shortcut through Camberwell Old Cemetery to save time, when something prodigiously strong grabbed him by the arm and smashed him into the ground," said 44-year-old McGrath. "He saw a large creature, with dark fur and a head like a German shepherd, looking at him intently, slobbering and growling and sniffing his body up and down, just as a dog would. Just as quickly as the attack started, it was over and the beast sprinted off on its hind legs."

"Curiously, the witness believed that he was spared because he suffers from a disease that dogs can smell and thinks that probably because of this, the creature left him alone," McGrath added. He then described the second encounter from 2004, which had two eye-witnesses.

"We heard a low growl," one of those witnesses said. "Then a large tree in the corner of the cemetery was shaking incredibly hard as if something really powerful was shaking it with all its might. It was definitely not made by a person or an animal. The tree looked as if the roots were ready to be ripped out."

"My friend and I took to our heels and ran as fast as we could in different directions," they went on. "We could not rationalize the sheer terror we both felt. We knew we had to get as far away from the cemetery as we possibly could. There is something very sinister there."

McGrath said that he actually considered himself a skeptic before digging up these two accounts. However, the apparent corroboration of the stories has him taking the urban legend more seriously.

He said: "If a creature is described as being animal-like, then it probably is an animal and not uncommonly, a known animal; even if the qualities it portrays seem superficially supernatural, at the time. Modern-day sightings of the dogman, or as it has been traditionally known throughout European history, the Werewolf; are the type that I would have laughed off a few years ago... This is because the likelihood of an upright, bipedal, Wolf-Man had seemed biologically implausible to me. Nothing more than a fanciful faerie tale, to scare medieval kids straight and keep them out of the woods."

"After researching this phenomenon for many years, I have become fascinated by the sheer volume of eyewitnesses who claim to have encountered this, Bipedal, wolf-like creature, in our modern era. Something which defies rational explanation as much today as in those formative fabled days of myth and legend," he concluded.

Source: Pop Culture

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