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Are you afraid of ghosts and monsters? How about aliens flying down in their spacecraft to kidnap you from your bedroom at night?  Do you worry that the government is listening in on your private conversations ready to charge you with dissent and treason? Or that the Men-In-Black are waiting for you just around the corner? Well never fear - Conspiracy Journal is Here!  Yes that's right. Conspiracy Journal, your number one source of conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal and more, is here once again to protect you from THEM, by keeping you informed on all the news and information that you won't hear on your local 6 o'clock news or read in your hometown newspaper.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such paranoia-producing stories as:

- Detectives Perplexed by Oregon Cattle Mutilations -

- Dashcam footage Shows "Ghost child" on Dark Highway-

- Time Slips and Teleportation -

AND: Woman Plans To Marry Chandelier Named Luminere

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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By Tim Swartz, Tim Beckley,  Sean Casteel, Prof. Stephen Fenley,
Scott Corrales, Joseph Foster, Harry Drew, and others


Over 20 of the world's leading UFOlogists establish  that humans have done battle with aliens over and over again, shooting at them, molesting them, hitting them, running them over,  unleashing dogs upon them, and injuring -- and even killing them -- though any means possible, as humans try to combat their fear of the unknown.

In many instances the aliens have fought back. They have sought revenge, and more often than not, gotten it.   Here are over a hundred reports of the strangest close encounters with humanoids who use force to defend themselves -- such as the case of the NY hunter whose rifle was ripped from his hands, the shotgun barrel twisted, and than handed back to him. There is also the crash landing of a UFO in Kingman, AZ which involved 8 UFOs positioning themselves in the sky in combat position, apparently returning to find any  survivors of their doomed craft, and to protect themselves in doing so.  


The second part of the book's "mission," is to disprove the concept held by  many that African Americans are not prone to have UFO experiences or to hold a belief or interest in the subject. One contributor, Prof. Stephen Finley of the University of Louisiana, explains how UFOs are part of the overall "Black experience" of many African Americans. Most of his fans do not realize that Muhammad Ali had over 21 UFO sightings. A friend of researcher Tim Beckley, the late Champ explains why he was so taken up with the subject, being a part of his spiritual beliefs.

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Detectives Perplexed by Oregon Cattle Mutilations
By Garrett Andrews

The udders appeared to have been removed with precision — straight, even cuts, as if made by a sharp object.

The reproductive systems had been cut out cleanly as well, and without disturbing other organs.

There was no indication of predator activity and perhaps strangest of all, scavenging animals appeared to have hardly touched these six cow carcasses found in a seven-day span this year on ranchland in rural Crook County.

Detectives with the Crook County Sheriff’s Office, longtime ranchers and a Prineville veterinarian who reviewed evidence from an ongoing case say they’re stumped by the “unnatural” deaths.

But the mutilated cattle might be more ordinary than they seem, according to Brian Dunning, a Bend-based podcaster committed to deflating wild claims.

“This reads like a very typical case,” he said.

Crook County Sheriff John Gautney said his office has no leads but cautioned there’s “no reason to panic.”

“We’ve had cases like this over the years,” Gautney said. “They seem to come in groups and then go away. We are not speculating on how these are happening, as we try to keep an open mind and look at all possibilities.”

Mutilated cattle have been reported in the American West since at least the 1960s. There have been multiple recent cases of bull mutilations in Harney, Wheeler and Umatilla counties in Eastern Oregon. But now, beef cattle have turned up dead in the remote ranchlands outside Prineville bearing signs common to the cattle mutilation phenomenon.

The current string of cases began Feb. 27, when Crook County Sheriff’s Office deputy Scott Durr was dispatched to suspicious circumstances at the 96 Ranch on Southeast Van Lake Road. Owner Rickey Shannon said one of his herd had been discovered dead two days earlier with an odd cut down its spine.

Shannon, who lives on the ranch with his two sons, reported no predators or birds had touched the cow. There were no tracks, and no blood surrounding it. The cow’s left cheek, tongue and three of its teats had been cut away cleanly. But the eyes, usually the first body part to be scavenged after death, were untouched. There were no bullet holes and a scan of the cow by a metal detector turned up none.

The cow was about 200 yards from the road, near the edge of a field and some juniper trees. There were no vehicle tracks near the dead animal, no footprints of any kind.

The mystery deepened a few days later. On March 4, Casey Thomas, manager of the GI Ranch on Lister Road in Paulina, reported that one of his herd of around 5,000 appeared to have suffered a strange death.

Crook County detective Javier Sanchez arrived to find a deceased Black Angus cow lying on its side. Hair had been removed near the stomach. All four udders were cut off and its left cheek, tongue and sex organs removed. Between the front legs an uneven patch of hair was missing and in the middle was a prick mark, Sanchez wrote in his report.

The next day, Crook County’s Sgt. Timothy Durheim was dispatched to a report of a wolf kill at the McCormack Ranch on Southeast Bear Creek Road. But it was apparent no wolf took down this cow.

Durheim noted several straight incisions on the animal. One udder had been removed and a circular cut was made around the anus and the reproductive organs removed without puncturing the gut. The left cheek, left eye and tongue had been removed.

“Again, I noted straight, clean incisions where the cheek had been,” Durheim wrote in his case report.

Durheim examined the carcass and found a puncture wound between the neck and shoulder. He found no bite marks.

“There were no apparent animal or human tracks immediately surrounding the carcass, and only minimal blood in the area,” Durheim wrote. “I know from personal experience that if an animal is killed or scavenged by predators, there is typically a large bloody messy area surrounding the carcass.”

On March 6, Casey Thomas called police back to report finding another dead cow bearing the same strange injuries. This one was more badly decomposed than the first but its left cheek was also removed and a 2-inch patch had been cut into the hair on its neck.

Detectives took photos of the dead cows to Prineville veterinarian Dr. Taylor Karlin for her perspective. She agreed the deaths appeared unnatural and her opinion was included in a search warrant request filed in the case to scan for cell phone activity near where the cows were found.

Charges in any of the cases could include trespassing and aggravated animal abuse. With the cattle valued at $1,250 to $1,400 each, criminal mischief also might be charged.

As a vet with an interest in large animals, Karlin has performed many post-mortem examinations on deceased livestock. When, and if, another mutilated cow turns up in Crook County, Karlin has agreed to perform an appropriate necropsy so she can personally examine a fresh specimen if another turns up.

“I wish I had an answer,” she said. “We’re kind of at a loss.”

One possible explanation is these were, in fact, natural deaths.

Podcast host Dunning’s long-running show Skeptoid devoted an episode to debunking cattle mutilation in 2015. Dunning, who read the 28-page search warrant request, called the recent Crook County case typical of numerous accounts often attributed to aliens or satanic rituals.

“This is almost certainly the same kind of bird predation we’ve seen in so many similar cases,” he wrote to The Bulletin. “In my opinion, there is nothing here that suggests anything but normal and expected bird predation had occurred, and ... no justification for a search warrant to seek out an apocryphal human responsible for the wounds.”

Dunning said he’s learned there’s actually a short window of time between when the animal dies and when its body is scavenged when it’s obvious what killed the animal.

“Most particularly birds, and also some insects, will always go first for the exposed soft tissue: eyes, tongue, lips and mouth area, genitals. The animal is dead with zero blood pressure so there is never significant bleeding from post mortem wounds. The body is in the process of drying and decaying, so skin pulls tight from around the excised area, giving the impression of a perfect surgical cut.”

Karlin is awaiting the results of liver and blood samples she’s sent away for lab testing. Police have sent hair samples to the state crime lab on the chance they don’t belong to the bovine.

Last year, the FBI in Oregon started receiving questions about cattle mutilations in Central and Eastern Oregon, according to Beth Anne Steele, spokesperson for the FBI Portland office. But despite sporadic media inquiries, the office does not have a current role in the cattle mutilation investigations, Steele wrote to The Bulletin.

Source: Oregon Live

     Solved!  The Mysteries of Space, Time and UFOs, now available on Amazon.


Dashcam footage Shows "Ghost child" on Dark Highway

Eerie dashcam footage of what is believed to be a young child standing in the middle of a Sydney highway at night has been shared to social media.

Mitch Kuhne was driving back to the Gold Coast along the Hume Highway near Bardia just before 8pm on Sunday when he claims to have spotted a small child standing on the road.

Dashcam footage of the incident shows what appears to be a child-like figure wearing a big jacket or wrapped in a blanket standing in the middle of one of the lanes. The figure appears to step towards the car as it passes.

Kuhne said he was unable to stop as he was towing a toy hauler and said it would have caused an accident. His mother, who was sitting in the passenger seat, immediately called Triple Zero and reported what they had seen. The call was reportedly placed at 7.41pm (AEST), according to the Daily Mail.

Kuhne said they were told by police that they were "putting patrols out immediately".

Less than an hour later at 8.29pm, Kuhne called Macquarie Fields Police Station to offer his dashcam footage but said he was told the child had been found

"I called the local station after realising the dash cam would have footage and called to see where I could send it to help them so they know what it is we saw and could pin point the location," he wrote on Facebook.

"I was told on the phone by the officer that there is no need to send it as the child had been collected safely and was on its way home.

"I felt absolutely sick when all this happened I instantly felt so much better when I was told the kid had been collected."

However, NSW Police have since told the Daily Mail that no child was found, despite officers searching the area until 3.45am on Monday.

Kuhne was shocked by this revelation, writing on Facebook: "To see that they are claiming I was never told [the child was found] makes me sick as I have the exact time and station I called on record!"

Source: NZ Herald


Time Slips and Teleportation

What if these missing people are walking into a disturbance in our atmosphere? A disturbance that causes a portal to manifest and swallow them up instantly.

It seems like the demons of the world are out in full force, because I was telephonically contacted by Monique Navarette of Dallas, Texas. She tells me that for one week now a demon has been harassing her. The demon will touch her feet while she is asleep. He will watch her sleep, which makes her go into a state of depression. The demon is a grayish black smoky figure. Her father has seen it and her little brother has seen it. One night the demon was angry and threw a water bottle at her. He moved the shower curtain and violently shook the closet doors. Monique was terrified. She called me in desperation and asked if there is anything I can do for her. I suggested the following steps. That she goes out and purchase angelic figurines. Each angel figurine should be blessed with holy water.

Each angel figurine should be strategically placed on window sills and all entrances of the home. I told her to consult her clergyman and have him bless the home. I said some prayers with Monique, asking for a protection of God's angels to watch over her home, family and Monique. I will be telephonically in touch with Monique, until she can get out of this dire situation.

Now let's look at some strange paranormal phenomenon. Let's talk about time slips. Did you know that an eminent naturalist named Ivan T. Sanderson, his wife and his assistant Frederick G. Allsop were doing a biological survey in Haiti, when they found themselves going from Haiti to Paris, France. Not only did they go to Paris, France from Haiti, they were in 15th Century France. Ivan was able to survey the streets of France and determine that the buildings were of 15th Century architecture. The three of them were amazed at what they were seeing and had no idea how they could be in an open field in the island of Haiti and find themselves in France. After walking around for a while in France, they decided to take a seat. Frederick who carried cigarettes for all three of them, started lighting up three cigarettes. As he finished lighting all three cigarettes, the landscape of 15th Century France changed back to present day Haiti. How did this time slip happen? Perhaps there are certain portals throughout the world in which rare time slips can occur that will take you into the past and even into the future. Scientists determine that time is actually parallel with the past, present and future. That in one linear line, one could walk from the past into the present and into the future. Perhaps through these time portals are where strange interdimensional beings come from. Perhaps UFOs use these portals to get from our world to another world.

A teacher in Holt, Norfolk actually time slipped into the future. The teacher saw a laundry mat that was once under construction, now completed and open for business. People were going in and out of the laundry mat utilizing the services that a laundry mat provides. The teacher was thrilled that there was now a completed laundry mat in his neighborhood and went home to tell his wife. His wife with 5 loads of laundry hurried over to the laundry mat only to find that the building was still under construction. The teacher actually went into a time slip and was probably 3 months out into the future.

Fortunately these people went into time slips and returned back to the present time safely. But, what happened to Isaac Martin, a farmer who walked into his field on April 25, 1885 and vanished in front of witnesses?

He never returned. In broad daylight he simply walked into the field to conduct his tasks and vanished. When witnesses went to the area where he vanished they could hear his fading voice yelling for help. Where was he headed? Did he go into a time slip or was he taken to another dimension? From July to August of 1892 many people in Montreal simply vanished. No sign of foul play, they were gone. Were they abducted? Did they get consumed by a dimensional portal? In November 2, 1926, 8 people went missing in 3 days in Southend, England. Again, no sign of foul play, they were just gone. A really bizarre case was in August 5, 1920 in Belfast, 8 girls all age 12 vanished within a few days time. Where did they go? Why all girls? Why all the age of 12? An abduction experiment by extraterrestrials?

I will never forget back in 1988, I was driving in downtown Sacramento. I noticed a very good looking blonde in a short skirt walking down the sidewalk. Of course, I had to take notice. I turned my head for maybe a half a second and looked back and the blonde girl was no where to be seen. It was impossible for her to vanish so quickly. It was an open sidewalk with no places for her to hide. Where did she go? I know what I was seeing. I don't imagine hot looking girls walking down sidewalks. I will never forget that strange sighting.

What if these missing people are walking into a disturbance in our atmosphere? A disturbance that causes a portal to manifest and swallow them up instantly. What if this portal is a time passage, or a dimensional passage? What if they teleported to another world? Case example, the Pansini boys ages 7 and 8 were walking around Bari, Italy and found themselves teleported to the town of Ruvo near a relative's house. When they arrived to the relative's house, both boys were disoriented.

A very famous case is Kaspar Hauser. Kaspar wandered into Nurnberg, Germany on May 1828. He could only say a few sentences. People suspected he was either 17 or 18 years old. No one knew where he came from. He seemed to have problems walking. He seemed very disoriented. Kaspar became a sensation throughout Europe. No one knew where he came from, but for some reason he was now there in Nurnberg. It was perplexing and mysterious for many. Many theories were brought forth. Kaspar later revealed that he was kept in a dark cell and his keeper was known as The Man. Later in life, he was mysteriously attacked. The attack that finally killed him was done in the snow. He claimed he was stabbed in the forehead by a masked man. After the stabbing, he soon died. The odd thing of this attack is the only footprints they could find in the snow, were those of Kaspar Hauser. How did he get stabbed in the forehead? Why would someone want to murder Kaspar? What people learned about Kaspar is that he had an uncanny ability to see and maneuver in the dark. Rumors circulated that he was once the Crown Prince of Bavaria and he was held in a dungeon, so he could not obtain his powers of ruler ship. Could the answer actually be that Kaspar was being kept prisoner by extraterrestrials. When Kaspar started learning the language, maybe it was time for his captors to take him out. If there were no outside footprints at the murder scene and Kaspar didn't stab himself in the forehead, you only have one option left. Something paranormal took Kaspar out. But what was it?

I feel ancient civilizations knew about these portals, they knew about the magnetic balances of this world through ley lines and strategically placed monuments at key areas such as Stonehenge or the great Pyramids in Giza.

Just like there is a Great Red Spot on Jupiter, there is the Bermuda Triangle on Earth. Strange planet anomalies that can be doorways from one world to another world. The universe is mysterious and I can only wonder if one day we will have all the answers.

For more interesting stories of time slips and other weird mysteries, read Tim R. Swartz's article: On The Edge of Time: The Mystery of Time Slips

Source: Alien Seeker News

By Brian Allan

In this remarkable book the author and editor of Phenomena Magazine, Brian Allan, introduces the idea that Heresy (the word is taken from the Greek language and only means ‘one who chooses’), not only decided the frequently bloody fate of free-thinkers in the Dark Ages, but still affects us in many surprising ways to this very day. Drawing on hard-to-find sources, the author shows that at one time the charge of heresy was used as a brutal and particularly heavy-handed form of control by various religious groups.

Heretics like Aleister Crowley, Anton Szandor laVey, Kenneth Grant, Charles Manson and others are discussed in these pages and show that heresy was and is part and parcel of how magic and Satanism began and perhaps even lies at the origins of the human race. Discover how the intelligence services, through people like the enigmatic Col. John Alexander, have successfully weaponised former heretical beliefs such as magic, remote viewing and mind control and used them to kill. Even today among scientists, particularly in quantum physics, the charge of heresy is a very real threat and can bring promising careers to an abrupt halt, because even although the perceived heresy is correct, it dares to challenge the status-quo.

This reasonably priced book can and will change how you see the world and it is available from any good bookseller, from ‘O’ Books or through Amazon.


Giant and Out-of-Place Reptiles in Oklahoma

An ice storm, the flu, and a computer virus have kept me out of the blogsphere for a while—when it rains, it pours (and in this case it rains ice). But one good thing came out of trekking twice a day to the only outlet still serving food: about two days into the storm one of my fellow refugees approached me during dinner with a very strange story.

Adam Meirs of Kansas, Oklahoma (another in a long line of creative Okie names) had an encounter of the slithery kind in the summer of 2005.

Kansas is a small town in Delaware County, just off the Cherokee Turnpike. It has a population of 685, according to the last census. Meirs states:

“I was riding my four-wheeler at dusk behind my uncle’s house where there’s a lot of trees. Back behind his house there’s a dip that leads to a pond that he also owns and before you reach the pond there’s a turnaround point.”

It was dusk, and Meirs began to get spooked. He continues:

“I turned around and right at the dip my four-wheeler immediately shuts off. I’m trying to pull-start it, and I started getting a little more freaked out because I heard some rustling off to the side. I look over and see a human-like shadow standing off to the side, but instead of being a normal human he had a snake-like head.”

The being approached Meirs, who struggled more and more frantically to start his vehicle:

“I gave one final pull on the starter while pressing on the gas at the same time and my four-wheeler starts, and I haul out of there and go tell my friend Joe what I seen.”

Joe took the four-wheeler and returned to the site, but headed back to the house after hearing a noise that “did not seem normal”.

The most interesting thing about Meirs’s snake-headed humanoid is the resemblance it bears to the Seminole tribe’s “human snakes”, legendary malevolent creatures that lived in dens full of giant snakes. I asked Meirs if he was familiar with the legend, and he said he was not. Human snakes are either half-snake half-human or can shape shift between the two.

Human snakes aren’t the only breed of strange snake the Native Americans believe in. The Cherokee tribe tells of Ukena, giant horned reptiles that live in the water, and perhaps most interesting are the Creeks’ tie-snakes, strong, dark snakes that live in caves alongside riverbanks and are capable of pulling unsuspecting humans to a watery death.

Of the forty-six species of known snake native to Oklahoma, only a few are aquatic, and none are powerful enough to prey on humans. The Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake and the Coachwhip hold the title of OK’s largest snakes, both clocking in just shy of seven feet long.

But could there be monsters hiding in the forests and lakes, as the Native legends hold?

Snake Creek, near Tenkiller Lake, appears to have been named for good reason. Edna Stubblefield recalls in the Stubblefield memoirs that sometime in the 1890s she and her family spotted a snake at the Creek that “looked like a big old fence post” crawling across the road.

A nine-foot Burmese python turned up in a Tulsa driveway, and on October 25, 2001, another Burmese python, this one seven feet long, appeared in a Stillwater neighborhood. And according to this article, more giant snakes may be on their way to Oklahoma.

While we’re on the subject of out of place reptiles, how about rampaging alligators? The official range of the American alligator is restricted to extreme Southeastern Oklahoma, particularly Choctaw and McCurtain counties, and yet they just seem to keep turning up in other parts of the state.

In August 2002 a South American caiman, of all things, was netted in Lake Tenkiller. Another caiman, this one two to four feet long, appeared in a Tulsa backyard in February 2004. And in July 2006 animal control officers spent two days trying to capture a four-foot-long alligator that appeared in the Battle Creek Golf Course in Tulsa. The gator was never caught, and apparently vanished. (Note of interest—the Battle Creek housing edition was also home to another out-of-place creature in 2005—a “mountain lion” reportedly terrorized the neighborhood, preying on household pets. It was also never caught and eventually just faded away.)

And of course the strange case of the “fugitive” gator. In the summer of 2003 a 350-pound reptile dubbed the Truck Traveling Alligator was caught in a pond, sent to a breeder, and then sent to Safari Joe’s, a wildlife sanctuary in Adair. The gator promptly vanished from its pen and reappeared in a pond just south of Interstate 44, and then turned up in yet another pond, this one behind the Big Cabin Truck Plaza, where he was finally recaptured. He was relocated to prime gator habitat in McCurtain County.

Granted, giant reptiles are nothing new to Oklahoma. The Sam Noble Museum in Norman hosts the world’s largest Apatosaurus (http://www.rareresource.com/images/apatosaurus.jpg)—93 feet long—found in the Panhandle. And if that’s not big enough for you, the world’s largest dinosaur to date also once called Oklahoma home. In 1994 fossils that were first thought to be tree trunks were discovered. The “trunks” turned out to be neck bones, each four feet long. The sauropod the bones belonged to stood an estimated 60 feet and weighed 60 tons, and was dubbed Sauroposeidon—the “earthquake God lizard”.

This monster went extinct 110 million years ago, but perhaps some of the God lizard’s smaller cousins stuck around.

Source: OK? Awesome!


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Ghosts in the Machine

The human brain is, in surprising part, an appliance powered by electricity. It constantly generates about 12 watts of energy, enough to keep a flashlight glowing. It works by sending out electrical impulses — bursts of power running along the cellular wires of the nervous system — to stimulate muscles into motion or thought into being. We’re mostly aware of this when the machine falters, when it short-circuits into epilepsy or frays into the tremors of Parkinson’s disease.

So when scientists wrote in a recent issue of the journal Nature that they could induce phantom effects — the sensation of being haunted by a shadowy figure — by stimulating the brain with electricity, it made perfect neurological sense. One could even argue that the existence of such sensations explains away the so-called supernatural. In fact, as The Times reported, the researchers promptly concluded that ghosts are mere “bodily delusions,” electrical misfirings and nothing more.

The report does look like a kind of proof — albeit very small proof, as this was a study of two people — if one happens already to believe that ghosts are no more than biological quirks. But what’s fascinating is that it can also look like proof that ghosts are real entities, to those inclined to believe as much. And so the findings also present a case study in two very different perspectives.

The scientific study of the supernatural began in the late 19th century, in synchrony with the age of energy. It’s hardly coincidental that as traditional science began to reveal the hidden potential of nature’s powers — magnetic fields, radiation, radio waves, electrical currents — paranormal researchers began to suggest that the occult operated in similar ways.

A fair number of these occult explorers were scientists who studied nature’s highly charged circuits. Marie Curie, who did some of the first research into radioactive elements like uranium, attended séances to assess the powers of mediums. So did the British physicist J. J. Thomson, who demonstrated the existence of the electron in 1897. And so did Thomson’s colleague, John Strutt, Lord Rayleigh, who won the 1904 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work with atmospheric gases.

Rayleigh would later become president of the British Society for Psychical Research. And he would be joined in that organization by other physicists, including the wireless radio pioneer Sir Oliver Lodge, who proposed that both telepathy and ghostly appearances were achieved through energy transmissions connecting living minds to one another and perhaps even to the dead.

Lodge argued that the human brain could function as a kind of receiver, picking up signals at a subconscious level. These were powered by some undiscovered energy, traveling perhaps in waves, perhaps in currents. Such transmissions lay behind telepathic experiences, including shared thoughts. Along the same lines, he thought it possible that a spirit’s appearance was really just its specific energy signal stimulating a response from the receiver’s brain.

The theories developed by Lodge and his colleagues dovetail rather neatly with the electricity-produced hauntings that Olaf Blanke, a Swiss neuroscientist, reports in Nature. For example, he used an implanted electrode to send a current into a region of the brain called the angular gyrus. The test was focused on language processing. But as a side effect, one of the test subjects nervously reported sensing another person in bed with her, silent and shadowy. Her creepy companion came and went with the ebb and flow of current.

It would be compelling — and more convincing — if the same result could be exhibited in a few more subjects. But Dr. Blanke believes that even this one subject’s experience serves as an example of how we may mistake errant signals in the brain for something more. Humans tend, he points out, to seek explanation, to impose meaning on events that may have none. The pure rationalists among us suggest that our need to add meaning to a basic, biological existence easily accounts for the way we organize religions and find evidence of otherworldly powers in the stuff of everyday life.

The nonpurists suggest a different conclusion: willful scientific blindness. And there’s no reason Dr. Blanke’s study can’t support their theories of the paranormal. Perhaps his experimental electric current simply mimics the work of an equally powerful spirit. Much of the psychical research done today applies similar principles: brain-imaging machines highlight parts of the brain that respond to psychic phenomena, while other devices are used to search for infrared radiation or increased electrical activity in haunted houses.

The American psychologist and philosopher William James, also a leader in the Victorian paranormal research movement, remarked even then on the culture clash: “How often has ‘Science’ killed off all spook philosophy, and laid ghosts and raps and ‘telepathy’ underground as so much popular delusion?” he wrote in 1909. And how often, James wondered rhetorically, had such efforts stopped people from seeing ghosts and believing in supernatural powers? Because in the end, of course, the conclusion has nothing to do with science at all and everything to do with how one sees the world.

I suspect that we’ll dwell forever in the haunted landscape of our beliefs. To many people it’s a world more interesting — bigger, stranger, more mysterious — than the one offered by science. Why choose instead to be creatures of chemical impulse and electrical twitch? We would rather gamble on even a tiny, electrical spark of a chance that we are something more.

Deborah Blum, a professor of journalism at the University of Wisconsin who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992, is the author of “Ghost Hunters: William James and the Scientific Search for Life After Death.”

Source: NY Times


Woman Plans To Marry Chandelier Named Luminere

Amanda Liberty was invited to Channel 4's daytime show Steph's Packed Lunch for an episode on love and relationships.

The woman from Leeds opened up about having objectophilia, the feeling of love and romantic commitment to inanimate objects

For some, including Amanda, the idea of sexual or close emotional relationships with humans is simply not on the radar.

Speaking to host Steph McGovern, she said: "I don't view them as inanimate objects as most people do.

"You know the term animism, it's more common in Japan, it's when people sense an energy from an object.

"It's not just a sitting object, it has an energy you can get to know. That's how I feel, it's never a moment that I'm in love.

"It was never a lightbulb moment. It was more like something that happened over time."

Amanda explained how she first fell in love with a drum kit and is now planning to get married to a German chandelier named Luminere.

When asked about her discovery of having feelings for objects, Amanda replied: "I didn't understand it for a long time to be honest but I always accepted myself even though I didn't understand it.

"Even now it's hard to explain because I don't know why I fall in love with objects, I can't explain it.

"But I've accepted myself for who I am and this is why I came here, because I want everybody else to just accept and be happy - because it makes me feel happy and content."

While acknowledging that objectophilia is a difficult concept for some to understand, Amanda compared it to the way some people see or feel energy in crystals.

She went on to explain her connection with Luminere: "I feel loved by them [chandeliers], just an amazing connection I can't explain, I think they're beautiful."

After seeing the nearly 100-year-old chandelier, Amanda said she 'couldn't get it her out of her mind for two weeks' and she eventually had the item shipped over from Germany.

Now she's hoping to tie the knot with the fixture, adding: "When I say marriage I don't mean compare it to a marriage of another human.

"It's more of a commitment, just an expression of my love and a celebration."

Despite the fact that some of Amanda's friends and families can't quite understand her connection to objects, ultimately they're happy that she is happy and feels in a good place mentally.

"I think that is what's important in life, to be happy and to feel loved," she said.

Damn straight, Amanda - you do you.

Source: Lad Bible

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