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Perk up your ears Echelon, Carnivore and Magic Lantern - Yo' Men-In-Black, its hereee - All you silly flying saucer folk, abduct this!  And you New World Order, right-wing elite, get out your pencils because it's time once again for the email newsletter of conspiracies, UFOs, strange creatures of the night, and just general weirdness - That's Right - Conspiracy Journal is here once again to make your life complete and oh-so-satisfying.

This week, Conspiracy Journal brings you such Chi-flowing stories as:

- Former Arizona Governor Admits Seeing UFO -
- Inuit Seek Answers to Arctic Sun Quirks-
- France Opens Secret UFO Files Covering 50 Years -
AND:  The Elusive Little People

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The Incredible Search for Dr. Halsey
By Sean Casteel With Original Material by Michael X Barton

In 1965, renowned researcher and author, Michael X. Barton, began a quest to find the remains of one of his dearest friends, Dr. Wallace Halsey.  A respected UFO and occult researcher himself, Dr. Halsey had disappeared  two years earlier while flying a small plane from Logan, Utah to Sunset  Beach, California. Along with his flying companion, Harry Ross, Halsey was presumed dead but, since no bodies or wreckage had ever been found, Halsey's widow could not collect the much-needed life insurance monies until seven years had passed.

This is one of the things that gave Barton a sense of prove for legal reasons that Halsey and Ross had, indeed, died in a plane crash enroute to California. But there was soon an added dimension that spurred Michael Barton onward. He began to receive strange messages through which the spirit of Halsey seemed to be leading him to the exact location where the wreckage and bodies could be found!

What follows is an inspiring story of courage, both physical and psychic, as Michael Barton ventures into the desert and mountains beyond, with the spirits of the dead and an aerial display of UFOs as his guide!

GONE FOREVER IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE contains the full text of Michael X. Barton’s 1965 book on the spiritual journey, THE INCREDIBLE SEARCH FOR DR. HALSEY, as well as new material written by Sean Casteel that delves into the history of other mysterious disappearances down through the ages.

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* Interview with Dead Famous TV Host
   Chris Fleming
* Doppelgangers: Seeing Double
* The Mystery of Astral Projection
* Cattle Mutilations Continue to Mystify
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Former Arizona Governor Admits Seeing UFO

Fife Symington decides to set record straight ten years after famed "Phoenix Lights" incident.

Ten years after the Arizona UFO incident known as the “Phoenix Lights,” former Arizona Republican Governor Fife Symington, III, now says that he himself was a witness to one of the strange unidentified flying objects, even though he originally did not say so publicly.

“It was enormous and inexplicable,” he said in an exclusive interview from his home in Phoenix. “Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too.”

On March 13, 1997, during Symington’s second term as Governor, thousands saw multiple triangular and V-shaped craft, gliding slowly and silently across the sky for half an hour beginning at approximately 8:15 pm. Awestruck witnesses, throughout the state, estimated that the eerie, lighted vehicles were bigger than many football fields, up to a mile long.

Arizona Senator John McCain, a friend of Symington’s who the former Governor describes as “open-minded,” acknowledged at a 2000 press conference that lights were seen over Arizona. “That has never been fully explained. But I have to tell you that I do not have any evidence whatsoever of aliens or UFOs,” he said.

The evidence for a possible UFO, which simply means something in the sky that can’t be identified, lies in the fact that countless witnesses reported seeing low, gigantic, technological flying machines that blocked out the stars - not merely lights. Now the former Governor attests to that.

Symington says he saw a large triangular “craft of unknown origin” with lights, moving slowly. “It was dramatic. And it couldn’t have been flares because it was too symmetrical,” he says.  “It had a geometric outline, a constant shape.”

The sightings of the objects that evening are sometimes confused with the row of lights that appeared at about 10 pm, near Phoenix, and have been shown repeatedly on television news. These later lights were probably flares. People witnessed the objects at around 8:30 because they were outside on that pleasant, cloudless night watching the Hale-Bopp Comet.

Symington was known for ridiculing the incident at a spoof press conference, so his statement marks a dramatic turnaround. He wants to make amends to his constituents and set the record straight.

On the morning of June 19, 1997, when pressure was building from frustrated citizens who wanted answers, the Governor announced on television that he was ordering a full investigation and would make “all the necessary inquiries. We’re going to get to the bottom of this. We’re going to find out if it was a UFO,” he said in a serious tone.

Later that same afternoon, Symington suddenly called a press conference and told viewers that he had found the source behind the Phoenix Lights. His chief-of-staff, Jay Heiler, was escorted in by public safety police officers while handcuffed, wearing a large rubber mask and dressed as a space alien. The Governor presented the costumed extraterrestrial as the “guilty party.” While laughter filled the room, he joked that “this just goes to show that you guys are entirely too serious.”

“It was an insult to the intelligence of the witnesses,” Barwood recalls. “The message to Arizona citizens was that reporting this was stupid.”

“If I had to do it all over again I probably would have handled it differently,” Symington explains. He says that the state of Arizona was “on the brink of hysteria” about the UFO sighting when he called the press conference, and the frenzy was building. “I wanted them to lighten up and calm down, so I introduced a little levity. But I never felt that the overall situation was a matter of ridicule,” he says.

The former Governor, a cousin of the late Missouri Senator Stuart Symington, states that the incident remains open and unsolved, and should be officially investigated. The US Government has never acknowledged that something was in the sky that night.

Phoenix city councilwoman Frances Barwood was the only elected official to launch a public investigation in 1997, but she received no information from any level of government. Barwood spoke with over seven hundred witnesses, including police, pilots and former military, who provided very similar descriptions. “The government never interviewed even one witness,” she says.

Symington also attempted to find an explanation. He called the Commander at Luke Air Force Base, the General in charge of the National Guard, and the head of the Department of  Public Safety in 1997. None of these officials had answers, and they were “perplexed,” he says.

In 2000, the Department of Defense maintained that it could not find any information about the triangular object, in response to a court-ordered search requested by a U.S. District court in Phoenix, as part of a class action suit filed by witnesses.

“How could they possibly not know about these huge craft flying low over major population centers? That’s inconceivable, but it’s also frightening,” Barwood commented.

Symington’s announcement is bolstered by the fact that similar flying objects have been documented by the governments of England and Belgium.

On March 30, 1990, the Belgian Air Force sent two F-16s armed with missiles to intercept a black triangular UFO displaying bright lights on its underside. The object could accelerate or dive at tremendous speeds, starting from a stationary position, as recorded on radar. It flew at the speed of sound without making a sonic boom.

The Belgian Ministry of Defense released all its data on the UFO to the press, after eliminating American stealth aircraft and all other possible explanations.

On the night of March 30, 1993, three years later to the day, a vast triangular-shaped craft, also capable of rapidly accelerating in seconds from a virtual hover, was seen by over a hundred witnesses in England, including police officers and military personnel. The British Ministry of Defense stated that “none of the usual explanations put forward to explain UFO sightings seem applicable” and concluded that the evidence showed that “an unidentified object (or objects) of unknown origin was operating over the UK."

According to an April 1993 MOD document, the agency sent a letter to the US Embassy which was “disseminated to all ‘interested Agencies’ in the US” to find out whether the March UFO could have been attributable to some US prototype such as the Aurora.

“The answer I got back was extraordinary,” reports Nick Pope, the MOD official who investigated the 1993 sighting. “The Americans had been having their own sightings of these large, triangular-shaped UFOs and wanted to know if the RAF might have such a craft.”

This statement, four years before the display over Arizona, contradicts the 2000 claim by the US DOD that the department had no information at all about the triangles. To this day, US officials continue to keep the lid on the Phoenix Lights and other well-documented American sightings of mysterious giant triangles.

“I wish that government entities would stop trying to shut down these investigations by putting out some flakey story,” says Symington, a long-time pilot, drawing an analogy to the November sighting of a hovering disc by many aviation witnesses at O’Hare airport, which the FAA explained away as a ”weather phenomenon.”

Leslie Kean is an investigative journalist whose articles have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world such as the Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Providence Journal, Sacramento Bee, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Newark Star Ledger, The Nation magazine, International Herald Tribune, Globe and Mail, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Bangkok Post, the Kyoto Journal, and the Journal of Scientific Exploration. Her stories have been syndicated through Knight-Ridder Tribune, Scripps-Howard, New York Times Wire Service, Pacific News Service and the National Publishers Association. She is the co-founder of the Washington-based Coalition for Freedom of Information.

Source:  Prescott Daily Courier


Inuit Seek Answers to Arctic Sun Quirks

Some Inuit say they hope scientists coming to Nunavut for research as part of International Polar Year can help shed light on changes they're seeing in the sun — particularly, how it's been showing up more often in the usually always-dark winters.

For the past several years, residents in the High Arctic have observed that the winter dark season is ending earlier than usual, with the sun coming up at a different place than what people are used to seeing.

"The people [are] talking about earlier sunrise, more light in the dark season, instead of being more total darkness than before," Grise Fiord resident Larry Audlaluk said Thursday, adding that he has heard similar observations from people in other Far North communities.

"There are notices of more daylight earlier, and the dark season is not the real dark season that we used to know."

A bit further south, Igloolik Mayor Paul Quassa said hunters have noticed the same phenomenon.

"This year, the sun started coming up so fast that it's almost like April when it's mid-February," he said.

Both Audlaluk and Quassa were part of an International Polar Year planning workshop Thursday in Iqaluit.

Wayne Davidson, who is the resident meteorologist in Resolute Bay, said the likely cause of this "rising sun" mystery is a temperature difference between the very cold air over the snow and the air above, which has been warmer than usual.

Glaciologist Dr. Roy Koerner, with the Geological Survey of Canada, agreed, comparing it to sticking a fork into a glass of water: the fork appears to bend where it enters the water, he said.

"So you get the same effect: you get this bent effect. Except in this case, the sun, which is just below the horizon, looks as if it's above the horizon, just a bit of it," he said.

Both Koerner and Davidson said they believe a warming climate is responsible. They said they hope Inuit and scientists working during International Polar Year can work together on more in-depth analysis of the observations.

Source: CBC News


Space Hawks Chase Death Rays

For more than a year, Bruce Gagnon strongly suspected he and his family were being spied on, but he didn't have any evidence, and he didn't know who might be behind it.

An Air Force veteran, Gagnon is one of the most prominent activists in the world concerned with space weapons. He directs the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space from a small office in Maine.

Still, he was caught off guard when the American Civil Liberties Union called and told him it had uncovered court documents revealing that NASA and the U.S. Air Force were secretly monitoring him.

"We're a small organization with meager resources," said Gagnon. "They feel threatened by us? That tells us something."

As tourists line up to ride private rocket ships into space, the galaxy has never seemed closer as a theater for war. The evidence goes beyond surreptitious surveillance of peace-loving space activists. Even now, space lobbyists are on Capitol Hill, hoping to persuade the government to work more closely with private enterprise, including collaboration with the Department of Defense.

Earlier in March, 50 to 75 volunteer lobbyists spent three days speaking with staffers from more than 250 offices on Capitol Hill. Organized by citizen lobby group Prospace, the volunteers traveled on their own dime to push a number of initiatives to open space to ordinary citizens faster, including a draft bill to create a $250 million National Space Prize, among other things.

Prospace also called for the creation of the Center for Entrepreneurial Space Access that will "encourage cooperation between emerging space companies and the Department of Defense," according to ProSpace. The Center will be located at the Air Force Research Lab on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

"The U.S. military still doesn't have the capability to launch a spy satellite on demand," said Marc Schlather, director of ProSpace, the lobbyist group coordinating March Storm. "We are seeking a cross-pollination."

The Bush administration, as the Clinton administration before it, continues to push forward President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative -- or "Star Wars" -- a wide-ranging space weapons program first proposed in the mid-1980s.

Since the '80s, the military has spent an estimated $120 billion trying to develop weapons that could destroy incoming nuclear, biological or chemical warheads targeting American cities.

Yet in the 20 years since Reagan called for this multilayered "space shield," the military is still light-years away from deploying any directed-energy weapons or anti-satellite mines.

Despite the lack of tangible progress, the Bush administration increased the Star Wars budget by 20 percent for 2007, with the total allocation reaching $10.7 billion, an increase of nearly $6 billion since 1999.

Gagnon is convinced this master plan for space defense is nothing but a fantastic Trojan horse.

"This massively costly program under way today is not really about defense," he said. "The true purpose of this arms program is to control and dominate space. And whoever controls space will control the Earth."

Gagnon and other critics say the military's ambition to control space has been an objective since the beginning of the Cold War.

The Bush administration has called for a permanent base on the moon by 2020, Gagnon noted. Once there, the United States will be able to monopolize the moon's resources, he said, such as helium-3, an element rare on Earth but abundant on the moon that may drive nuclear fusion.

In January, Russia announced a similar plan, aiming to establish a permanent base on the moon by 2015 and mining operations to extract helium-3 by 2020. China, which in 2003 became the third country in the world to send a human into space, has announced plans for an unmanned lunar landing by 2010, and a manned moon mission by 2020.

To protect U.S. interests, Gagnon said space-based weapons will be deployed near or on the moon.

"The military has stated the moon is the ultimate high ground," Gagnon said. "There's going to be a scramble for the moon by the Chinese, the Russians and the Americans. This is real. There's going to be a conflict over it."

Theresa Hitchens, director of the Center for Defense Information, a Washington think tank, said the militarization of space is being championed by factions in the Air Force, the Pentagon, the Defense Department and even the White House -- but not by all.

"There is a debate ongoing about the wisdom, the affordability and the do-ability of implementing a full-up space-war fighting strategy," she said.

But because China is claiming to have developed anti-satellite capabilities, and the U.S. military is fighting terrorists across the globe, "these space hawks are emboldened now," said Hitchens.

On the other hand, Hitchens said there are factions within the Air Force and the White House against the militarization of space, mostly because the cost would run into the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Hitchens said the space hawks, which include Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, have clearly stated their goals in several strategic-planning reports published during the last several years.

"While our ultimate goals are truly to 'exploit' space through space force enhancement and space force application missions, as with other mediums, we cannot fully 'exploit' that medium until we first 'control' it," said U.S. Space Command in the recent Strategic Master Plan FY06 and Beyond.

Controlling space, said sources, was outlined in a Department of Defense report published in 2000 titled Joint Vision 2020. The report introduces the doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance, or supremacy on land, sea, air -- and space.

"In the past, Full Spectrum Dominance meant land, sea and air," said a public affairs officer from U.S. Space Command, who declined to give his name. "Now it encompasses cyberspace and space.

"We need to operate in the realm of space. No doubt about it," added the officer. "We also reserve the right to protect our assets in space."

Source: Wired News,70303-0.html


France Opens Secret UFO Files Covering 50 Years

France became the first country to open its files on UFOs this week when the national space agency unveiled a website documenting more than 1,600 sightings spanning five decades.

The online archives, which will be updated as new cases are reported, catalogues in minute detail cases ranging from the easily dismissed to a handful that continue to perplex even hard-nosed scientists.

"It is a world first," said Jacques Patenet, the aeronautical engineer who heads the office for the study of "non-identified aerospatial phenomena."

Known as OVNIs in French, UFOs have always generated intense interest along with countless conspiracy theories about secretive government cover-ups of findings deemed too sensitive or alarming for public consumption.

"Cases such as the lady who reported seeing an object that looked like a flying roll of toilet paper" are clearly not worth investigating, said Patenet.

But many others involving multiple sightings -- in at least one case involving thousands of people across France -- and evidence such as burn marks and radar trackings showing flight patterns or accelerations that defy the laws of physics are taken very seriously.

A phalanx of beefy security guards formed a barrier in front of the space agency (CNES) headquarters where the announcement was made, "to screen out uninvited UFOlogists," an official explained.

Of the 1,600 cases registered since 1954, nearly 25 percent are classified as "type D", meaning that "despite good or very good data and credible witnesses, we are confronted with something we can't explain," Patenet said.

On January 8, 1981 outside the town of Trans-en-Provence in southern France, for example, a man working in a field reported hearing a strange whistling sound and seeing a saucer-like object about 2.5 meters (eight feet) in diameter land in his field about 50 meters (yards) away.

A dull-zinc grey, the saucer took off, he told police, almost immediately, leaving burn marks. Investigators took photos, and then collected and analyzed samples, and to this day no satisfactory explanation has been made.

The nearly 1,000 witness who said they saw flashing lights in the sky on November 5, 1990, by contrast, had simply seen a rocket fragment falling back into earth's atmosphere.

Patenet's answer to questions about evidence of life beyond Earth was sure to inflame the suspicions of those convinced the government is holding back: "We do not have the least proof that extra-terrestrials are behind the unexplained phenomena."

But then he added: "Nor do we have the least proof that they aren't."

The CNES fields between 50 and 100 UFO reports ever year, usually written up by police. Of these, 10 percent are the object of on-site investigations, Patenet said.

Other countries collect data more or less systematically about unidentified flying objects, notably in Britain and in the United States, where information can be requested on a case-by-case basis under the Freedom of Information Act.

"But we decided to do it the other way around and made everything available to the public," Patenet said.

The aim was to make it easier for scientists and other UFO buffs to access the data for research.

The website itself -- which crashed host servers hours after it was unveiled due to heavy traffic -- is extremely well organized and complete, even including scanned copies of police reports.

To visit the website:

Source: AFP/Yahoo News


"Slow Quakes" May Predict Catastrophic Earthquake

Tiny tremors and temblors recently discovered in fault zones from California to Japan are generated by slow-moving earthquakes that may foreshadow catastrophic seismic events, according to scientists at Stanford University and the University of Tokyo.

In a study published in the March 15 issue of the journal Nature, the research team focused on weak seismic signals known as "non-volcanic tremor" and "low-frequency earthquakes," which seismologists say may be useful in forecasting the likelihood of potentially destructive mega-quakes of magnitude 8 or higher.

"Non-volcanic tremor is a weak shaking of the Earth that was discovered about five years ago in Japan," said Gregory C. Beroza, professor of geophysics at Stanford and co-author of the Nature study. "It’s often accompanied by low-frequency earthquakes [LFEs]—small temblors of magnitude 1 or 2. Some people believe that LFEs and tremor are separate phenomena, but what we’ve shown in this paper is that they are actually the same thing. Tremor is simply a swarm of low-frequency earthquakes, but rather than happening quickly and impulsively like ordinary earthquakes, tremor shakes the Earth for hours, days or even weeks at a time."

Destructive zones

To date, non-volcanic tremor and LFEs have been found primarily in subduction zones—seismically active faults where two tectonic plates meet and one plate constantly dives beneath the other. The most destructive earthquakes ever recorded have occurred in subduction zones, in places such as Chile, Japan, Alaska, Washington state and British Columbia. A recent example was the devastating 2004 earthquake near Sumatra, where a magnitude 9.2 temblor triggered powerful tsunamis that killed more than 200,000 people.

These violent mega-thrusts occur every 100 to 600 years, depending on the location. Recent studies suggest that giant quakes, which form at relatively shallow depths, are preceded by a series of much deeper events called slow (or silent) earthquakes, which displace the ground without shaking it. A slow earthquake can last days, months or years without being felt at the surface.

"In Japan, the deep section of the fault where slow earthquakes form is particularly significant, because it lies next to the shallower locked portion of the fault, where big quakes periodically strike," Beroza said. "So each time a slow earthquake happens, it adds stress to the locked section and increases the likelihood of a magnitude 8 mega-thrust. Therefore, knowing when a slow earthquake has occurred could be useful in seismic hazard forecasting."

Tremor trauma

But detecting slow quakes is a difficult task, he added. That’s one reason why seismologists were particularly excited by the recent discovery of non-volcanic tremor and LFEs in the subduction zone near Shikoku, Japan.

"Shikoku experiences a big earthquake every 100 years or so," said Stanford graduate student David R. Shelly, lead author of the Nature study. "The last one happened in 1946, a magnitude 8.1 event that killed 1,330 people, and the next big one could strike in less than 40 years."

Seismologists believe that since the violent 1946 fault rupture, Shikoku has experienced a series of slow earthquakes every six months or so. These events, which can last a few days or up to two weeks, cause an imperceptible shift in the Earth’s crust equivalent to the ground displacement produced by an ordinary earthquake of magnitude 6. Although harmless on the surface, these slow-slip events may be causing stress to accumulate in the adjacent locked section of the fault, scientists say.

Concerned about the hazards posed by earthquakes, the Japanese government installed a network of highly sensitive seismic instruments 10 years ago throughout the region. This advanced technology soon led to the discovery of slow earthquakes accompanied by LFEs and non-volcanic tremor in the Shikoku fault zone. Since then, some seismologists have proposed using LFEs and tremor to monitor slow earthquakes and assess seismic hazard. Others maintain that these weak signals are of little use in earthquake forecasting.

"Some people draw an analogy between non-volcanic and volcanic tremor," Beroza said. "In volcanoes, fluids moving through shallow conduits cause the Earth to vibrate. But in earthquakes, waves are generated by slip on a fault. That’s the fundamental earthquake mechanism."

Is non-volcanic tremor a vibration caused by fluids moving deep in the subduction zone, or is it a seismic signal produced when the fault slips during a silent earthquake? To find out, Shelly pored over hundreds of seismograms recorded in the Shikoku region between 2002 and 2005. His analysis revealed an almost perfect correlation between tremor events and low-frequency earthquakes.

"David found that the wiggles that tremor makes on seismographs matches the wiggles of the low-frequency earthquakes," Beroza explained. "This demonstrates that tremor is actually a swarm of hundreds of thousands of LFEs, each of which is caused by slip on the deep part of the fault—the same mechanism by which regular earthquakes are generated but with a twist. The slip in deep tremor happens more slowly than in ordinary earthquakes."

This insight may open new avenues of research for predicting earthquake hazards, Shelly said. "We now understand that tremor is generated directly by slip on the deep extension of the fault," he said. "Combining this understanding with our new ability to locate tremor precisely in time and space, we can now track the details of how slip evolves during a weeklong slow-slip event. This could also improve our ability to predict the effects on the shallower, earthquake-generating portion of the subduction fault and potentially lead to an improved ability to forecast a major earthquake there."

Besides Japan, non-volcanic tremor also has been detected under California’s San Andreas Fault and in the Cascadia subduction zone, which stretches from northern California to British Columbia. Cascadia includes four heavily populated urban areas—Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. In 2003, Canadian scientists discovered that slow quakes and tremors in Cascadia occur like clockwork every 13 to 15 months. Scientists worry that these predictable slow events are loading stress on the locked portion of the fault, where a devastating magnitude 9 earthquake is expected to strike sometime in the next 300 years.

"In early February, Cascadia experienced one of those slow events, and the Canadian Geological Survey issued a public warning based on increased tremor activity," Shelly noted. "The survey announced that there was a greater likelihood of a major earthquake in the next two or three weeks based on the activity of the tremor. Fortunately, the earthquake didn’t happen, but the real utility of the warning was to get people thinking about earthquake hazard in that region. It shows that tremor is starting to be used for earthquake forecasting.

Source: Huliq


Nebraska May Have Had its Own Roswell in 1884

Very few people have heard of Max, Neb. A cursory look at the Google Map of the town shows just how small it is - under 20 blocks, a blip in southwest Nebraska. It's just eight miles from the seat of Dundy County: Benkelman, population 914.

But Max, the blip it may be, is the closest town to an incident in that occurred 1884.

The Nebraska Nugget reported, "About 35 miles northwest of Benkelman, Dundy County, on the 6th of June (1884) a very startling phenomenon occurred. It seems that John W. Ellis and three of his herdsmen and a number of other cowboys were out engaged in a roundup. They were startled by a terrific whirring noise over their heads, and turning their eyes saw a blazing body falling like a shot to Earth. It struck beyond them, being hidden from view by a bank."

One of the herdsmen, Alf Williamson, was burned as he approached the craft, which had created a split in the ground as it dragged to a stop. He was taken back to Ellis' home and treated for his burns.

E.W. Rawlins, the brand inspector for the district, came to inspect it.

The Nebraska State Journal reported on the event in 1887, saying, "One piece that looked like the blade of a propeller screw, of a metal of an appearance like brass, about 16 inches wide, three inches thick and three-and-a-half feet long, was picked up by a spade. It would not weigh more than five pounds, but appeared as strong and compact as any known metal. A fragment of a wheel with a milled rim, apparently having had a diameter of seven or eight feet, was also picked up. It seemed to be of the same material and had the same remarkable lightness."

The lack of physical evidence means there's nothing much left today, and John Buder, a field researcher with the Mutual UFO Network of Nebraska, said that the people of Dundy County shy away from talking about the event.

Most of his investigation into it has been research. He first stumbled across the story in a tourist's guide to Nebraska. From there, he's found it in multiple books on the subject.

"There has been a lot of studies made on UFO crashes," Buder said. "The people who I

would claim know the most have not identified it as a hoax."

It was the second UFO crash Buder knows of, and the first to be recorded in newspapers of the time. But once the story came out, it started a worldwide wave of similar stories - some more reputable than others.

One such case is the 1897 crash near Aurora, Tex., where four alien bodies are supposedly buried in a graveyard. Eyder Peralta, a reporter for the Houston Chronicle, investigated that crash and turned up nothing.

But the Nebraska crash is the first reported. It was only after the incident near Max that it became a sort of mythology.

"That means that all these other hoax crashes that started seem to have gotten their start at Max, Neb.," Buder said.

It's a piece of Nebraska history only occasionally touched on, Roswell before there was a Roswell to speak of.

"I'd say right now there's only a few dozen people

in Nebraska who even know about it," Buder said.

But how does a craft just disappear, just dissolve in a crash? What about the "cogs" that the craft threw off as it approached the ground? Did those, too, simply disappear?

It's a legend taken more seriously than most of the era in ufology circles, which is not to say there aren't skeptics. Alan Boye even wrote in his recent book, "The Complete Roadside Guide to Nebraska," that "there are, of course, many people who do not believe the story, and others who claim it is yet another UFO story neglected and laughed at by skeptics."

But skeptical or not, Buder asserts that it was the beginning of the wave of stories, ground zero for what would turn into airship sightings as time went on.

He sees the building of the railroad coinciding with the sightings of the era. In fact, the crafts were often described as "railroad engines without wheels" at the time.

"It's ironic that this same story, this being the first, was repeated many more times worldwide at later dates," Buder said.

And as for the remnants, Buder thinks there might be some things tucked away in the Republican River valley.

"I wouldn't doubt that out there in one of those tool sheds or barns out there, there's a piece of metal that no one knows where it came from," he said.

Source: Daily Nebraskan


The Elusive Little People

Leprechauns... elves... fairies... they're all just characters of folklore, figments of the imagination... right? Amazingly, there are eyewitnesses who claim they are very real!

Of all paranormal phenomena, the existence of "little people" - whether they be fairies, elves or leprechauns - is among beliefs that receive little serious attention. These myths are ancient and reside deep within the folklore of many cultures. But no one today really believes in these tiny, magical beings...

... Or do they?

Steve K. relates this story of "frolicking fairies" at Paranormal Confessions:

After my buddies on a camping trip had turned in for the night, one friend and I stayed up talking for awhile. Late in the night, after my friend had gone to sleep, I was looking out the screen when I noticed a strange blue light flitting through the woods. I continued to look at this light and soon it was joined by other blue lights. This lasted for some 10 minutes and the lights were playfully chasing each other. I know it sounds crazy, but I swear I saw little outlines of people in those lights. Then I moved and accidentally scrapped my sleeping bags zipper against the tent and the lights flew away blazingly fast. Back home, I read a book on fairies and after flipping through it, I think it was a troupe of fairies that I saw in the woods that night.

Was this the product of a tired mind and an active imagination? Quite possibly. But, like stories of ghost encounters, these tales are related by serious people who will usually swear that they were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and that their experiences seemed entirely real.

In Jerome Clark's book, Unexplained!, he retells the story of 13-year-old Harry Anderson who had a strange encounter on a summer night in 1919. Anderson claimed to have seen a column of 20 little men marching in single file toward him. The bright moonlight made them clearly visible, and Anderson could see that they were dressed in leather knee pants with suspenders. The men were shirtless, bald and had pale white skin. They paid no attention to Anderson as they passed and seemed to be mumbling something unintelligible all the while.

In Stowmarket, England in 1842, a man claimed this encounter with "faries" when walking through a meadow on his journey home:

There might be a dozen of them, the biggest about three feet high, and small ones like dolls. They were moving around hand in hand in a ring; no noise came from them. They seemed light and shadowy, not like solid bodies. I... could see them as plain as I do you. I ran home and called three women to come back with me and see them. But when we got to the place, they were all gone. I was quite sober at the time.

The legends of these wee creatures are told all over the world. While the Irish have their gold-rich and clever leprechauns, the Scandinavians have their trolls, and in Central America the small dwarflike beings are known as ikals and wendis. The ikals were described by the Tzeltal Indians as being about three feet tall, quite hairy and living in caves like bats.

Iceland also has its elves who are said to be very protective of their habitations. Those who attempt to disturb them are in for trouble. One story is told of the construction of a new harbor at Akureyri in 1962. Repeated attempts to blast away rocks continually failed. Equipment malfunctioned and workers were regularly being injured or falling ill. Then a man named Olafur Baldursson claimed that the reason for the trouble was that the site of the blast was the home of some "little people." He told the city authorities that he would work out a deal with the little people. When he came back and reported that the little folks were satisfied, the work proceeded with no problems.

Icelanders - citizens of one of the most literate nations in the world - take their elves quite seriously. Even today, Iceland's most well-known "elf-spotter," Erla Stefansdottur, has helped Reykjavik's planning department and tourist authorities create maps that chart the haunts of hidden folk. The public roads authority quite often routes roads around hallowed boulders and other spots believed to be inhabited by the elves.

Sightings today

Sightings of the little people continue right up to the present day. In fact, there have been several postings on the Paranormal Phenomenon Forum from readers who have either heard stories of such encounters or have experienced them first-hand. Here are some examples:

"I learned that a bored young boy playing along a creek near Bend, Oregon, saw two little people who crossed the creek and stood looking at him. He said they were no more than 15 to 18 inches high and very dark complected. They wore skins as garments, and after a period of 10 to 15 seconds, walked back across the creek and into the forest. The boy showed their footprints to his parents, who had contracted to a logging company to clean up slash piles. The prints were obvious and his parents were flabbergasted, but chose not to follow the little beings into the woods. He believes now that the little men weren't happy about the logging and destruction in the forest."

"The last time I saw little people was around 1957 in Fort Worth, Texas. I had been sleeping and something made me open my eyes. I saw two small people looking back at me. I was too tired and sleepy at the time to pursue further investigation of these two little guys who had very little hair and wore shabby strange clothes. They sort of smiled at me and I fell back to sleep. I know what I saw and they were real."

"I don't know if what I saw was a "little person," but when I was younger, around seven or eight, these little shadows or elves, maybe the size of a pinky, would come out in my room. I can't remember the feelings I had. I wouldn't go to bed with the lights out and I insisted that my parents stay with me in my room until I fell asleep. I think they thought I was crazy or something! But I know what I saw. Most of the time, they walked on my window, but then when I turned the other direction, they would jump in front of me as if they wanted me to see them. I don't think I was all that scared, but I can still remember clearly what they looked like. Over a period of time, they disappeared. I think it lasted a year. Also, I remember that when I wanted them to go away, I would ask them to leave. If they didn't, then I would try to smack them with my hand, but they would disappear before I could. I don't recall them talking. It was strange, but I know it happened."

"Last year when my daughter and friends were four- wheeling in the woods in Washington state, they were stuck and having problems getting out. When working at getting out, an elf- like person came out and looked at them. The elf had a bow and arrow, pointed hat and pointed ears. Six people saw it."

At a site called Unknown History, Paul Wilson has written an article called The Little People in which he says, in part:

In March 1967, as a 16 year old boy... I was hunting rabbits in a secluded area along the Purgatory River in a place called Nine Mile Bottoms south of Higbee, Colorado. The area was and still is very sparsely populated. The closest farm or house was approximately seven miles away, so I was surprised to come across the bare foot prints of a small child. I immediately became concerned, believing that I had come upon the tracks of a small child that had somehow gotten lost in the area. The tracks were approximately 4 1/2 to 5 inches long, bare foot and headed away from the river into a side canyon.

As soon as it became apparent that I had lost the tracks and could not find the child, I headed back as fast as I could to the nearest house where we reported the incident to the sheriff. When the sheriff and his deputy arrived, they called in a local man who had tracking dogs by radio to help with the search. When the dogs arrived, to everyone's bewilderment, they refused to track the child. Whining and whimpering with there tails between their legs around their owners feet. After first smelling the tracks, no matter how much coaxing or begging anyone did, no one could get the dogs to participate.

With great disgust the Sheriff and the men started out with out them on what turned out to be a two-day fruitless search. Several months later, as the whole affair continued to bother me, I mentioned the incident to an old Indian fellow who lived in Lamar that I knew. He only smiled at my concern and said that I should never be worried about the little people. That they were earth spirits and very elusive. He said that since I had been the one to come across the tracks first, I should take it as a sign that they wanted me to know about them and learn everything that I could from them. So 30 years later, I am still tracking them. I have had many experiences with them since and have learned a great deal about them. But he was right for sure about one thing. They are elusive indeed.


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