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They live deep underground in the stygian caverns carved from the virgin rock millions of years ago.  They are the Old Ones, the first to call Earth their home -- but their original home, somewhere in the vast curtain of stars in the heavens, has been lost    in antiquity.  They now sit and watch their descendants on the surface who talk of love and forgiveness,  but scheme to kill each other for the love of profit and power.  They wonder how people who talk of peace and freedom are now considered evil and wrong,  fit only to be taken to concentration camps for the ultimate walk down the fiery path.  Blessed are the peace makers it was once written -- but now,  such words are considered blasphemous and must be silenced. The Old Ones are glad  that they live underground, free from the madness that envelopes the surface.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such soul-searching stories as:

- A Grim Vision of the Future -
- Cold War Psychic Operatives -
Werewolves in the Mist -
- It's Raining Fish and Frogs -
AND:  Death Call from the Dark Side

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SHOT WITHIN THE WALLS OF THE HOLY CITY WITH HIDDEN CAMERAS The Vatican has been shrouded in mystery and intrigue for centuries. Except for the highest Cardinals and Bishops, the public and even members of the priesthood are not privy to the inner workings of the Church. It is rumored that there are in the secret archives centuries-old artifacts that, if exposed, could embarrass the standard-bearers of the faith. Searching for truth has always been the Conspiracy Journal's main goal. With this in mind, we recently "invaded" the walls of the Vatican with our hidden cameras on a fact finding mission. On our return, we followed up our investigation by interviewing such astute researchers as: Jordan Maxwell - Brad Steiger - Patricia Ress - Penny Melis - and Diane Tessman.

* Does the Vatican conceal knowledge that the crucifixion was a fraud?
* Is there a secret cabal of Satanists within the Vatican to further the evil conspiracy of the New World Order?
* Learn about the UFO sighting that occurred over the Vatican the morning of the funeral of Pope John Paul.
* Can exorcism be a futile effort that often results in the death of the possessed?
* What secrets is the Vatican keeping about the perilous future of our world?
* Is the Vatican link to the Hubble Telescope evidence that they are aware that Planet X is headed toward Earth?

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                    In This Issue:
* The Enduring Quest for Eternal Youth
* Interview with Dead Famous TV Host
   Chris Fleming
* Doppelgangers: Seeing Double
* The Mystery of Astral Projection
* Cattle Mutilations Continue to Mystify
And Much, Much More!


A Grim Vision of the Future

Information chips implanted in the brain. Electromagnetic pulse weapons. The middle classes becoming revolutionary, taking on the role of Marx's proletariat. The population of countries in the Middle East increasing by 132%, while Europe's drops as fertility falls. "Flashmobs" - groups rapidly mobilised by criminal gangs or terrorists groups.

This is the world in 30 years' time envisaged by a Ministry of Defence team responsible for painting a picture of the "future strategic context" likely to face Britain's armed forces. It includes an "analysis of the key risks and shocks". Rear Admiral Chris Parry, head of the MoD's Development, Concepts & Doctrine Centre which drew up the report, describes the assessments as "probability-based, rather than predictive".

The 90-page report comments on widely discussed issues such as the growing economic importance of India and China, the militarisation of space, and even what it calls "declining news quality" with the rise of "internet-enabled, citizen-journalists" and pressure to release stories "at the expense of facts". It includes other, some frightening, some reassuring, potential developments that are not so often discussed.

New weapons

An electromagnetic pulse will probably become operational by 2035 able to destroy all communications systems in a selected area or be used against a "world city" such as an international business service hub. The development of neutron weapons which destroy living organs but not buildings "might make a weapon of choice for extreme ethnic cleansing in an increasingly populated world". The use of unmanned weapons platforms would enable the "application of lethal force without human intervention, raising consequential legal and ethical issues". The "explicit use" of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons and devices delivered by unmanned vehicles or missiles.


By 2035, an implantable "information chip" could be wired directly to the brain. A growing pervasiveness of information communications technology will enable states, terrorists or criminals, to mobilise "flashmobs", challenging security forces to match this potential agility coupled with an ability to concentrate forces quickly in a small area.


"The middle classes could become a revolutionary class, taking the role envisaged for the proletariat by Marx," says the report. The thesis is based on a growing gap between the middle classes and the super-rich on one hand and an urban under-class threatening social order: "The world's middle classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest". Marxism could also be revived, it says, because of global inequality. An increased trend towards moral relativism and pragmatic values will encourage people to seek the "sanctuary provided by more rigid belief systems, including religious orthodoxy and doctrinaire political ideologies, such as popularism and Marxism".

Pressures leading to social unrest

By 2010 more than 50% of the world's population will be living in urban rather than rural environments, leading to social deprivation and "new instability risks", and the growth of shanty towns. By 2035, that figure will rise to 60%. Migration will increase. Globalisation may lead to levels of international integration that effectively bring inter-state warfare to an end. But it may lead to "inter-communal conflict" - communities with shared interests transcending national boundaries and resorting to the use of violence.

Population and Resources

The global population is likely to grow to 8.5bn in 2035, with less developed countries accounting for 98% of that. Some 87% of people under the age of 25 live in the developing world. Demographic trends, which will exacerbate economic and social tensions, have serious implications for the environment - including the provision of clean water and other resources - and for international relations. The population of sub-Saharan Africa will increase over the period by 81%, and that of Middle Eastern countries by 132%.

The Middle East

The massive population growth will mean the Middle East, and to a lesser extent north Africa, will remain highly unstable, says the report. It singles out Saudi Arabia, the most lucrative market for British arms, with unemployment levels of 20% and a "youth bulge" in a state whose population has risen from 7 million to 27 million since 1980. "The expectations of growing numbers of young people [in the whole region] many of whom will be confronted by the prospect of endemic unemployment ... are unlikely to be met," says the report.

Islamic militancy

Resentment among young people in the face of unrepresentative regimes "will find outlets in political militancy, including radical political Islam whose concept of Umma, the global Islamic community, and resistance to capitalism may lie uneasily in an international system based on nation-states and global market forces", the report warns. The effects of such resentment will be expressed through the migration of youth populations and global communications, encouraging contacts between diaspora communities and their countries of origin.

Tension between the Islamic world and the west will remain, and may increasingly be targeted at China "whose new-found materialism, economic vibrancy, and institutionalised atheism, will be an anathema to orthodox Islam".


Iran will steadily grow in economic and demographic strength and its energy reserves and geographic location will give it substantial strategic leverage. However, its government could be transformed. "From the middle of the period," says the report, "the country, especially its high proportion of younger people, will want to benefit from increased access to globalisation and diversity, and it may be that Iran progressively, but unevenly, transforms...into a vibrant democracy."


Casualties and the amount of damage inflicted by terrorism will stay low compared to other forms of coercion and conflict. But acts of extreme violence, supported by elements within Islamist states, with media exploitation to maximise the impact of the "theatre of violence" will persist. A "terrorist coalition", the report says, including a wide range of reactionary and revolutionary rejectionists such as ultra-nationalists, religious groupings and even extreme environmentalists, might conduct a global campaign of greater intensity".

Climate change

There is "compelling evidence" to indicate that climate change is occurring and that the atmosphere will continue to warm at an unprecedented rate throughout the 21st century. It could lead to a reduction in north Atlantic salinity by increasing the freshwater runoff from the Arctic. This could affect the natural circulation of the north Atlantic by diminishing the warming effect of ocean currents on western Europe. "The drop in temperature might exceed that of the miniature ice age of the 17th and 18th centuries."

Source: The Guardian,,2053020,00.html


Massachusetts Woman Dies; Life Marked by Extraordinary Events

Audrey Santo, a young Massachusetts woman who lived most of her life in a comatose state, surrounded by unexplained spiritual phenomena, died at home on Saturday, April 14.

As a toddler, Audrey Santo suffered a traumatic accident, which-- aggravated by medical errors-- left her in a condition known as akinetic mutism. She spent nearly 20 years in a bed in her family's home in Worcester, Massachusetts, before finally succumbing to cardio-pulmonary failure.

Thousands of visitors came to pray at the silent patient's bedside over the years, and many reported extraordinary events. There were reports of bleeding Hosts, statues that exuded oil, and a scent of roses in the bedroom. Officials of the local Worcester diocese investigated the reports without reaching any definite conclusion.

“We may never fully understand the causes of various paranormal events which have been reported,” said Worcester Bishop Robert McManus upon hearing of Audrey's death. He added, however, "Everyone who visited their home was touched by the unswaying commitment to life that was exhibited each and every day by the Santo family and by the extensive network of friends and volunteers. God works in mysterious ways, but most importantly, He works through each of us to make His love present for those who are most in need.”

Doctors described Audrey's condition as "akinetic mutism," a coma-like state that resulted from a deprivation of oxygen to her brain when, at age three, the small girl somehow wandered into the family's swimming pool and nearly drowned. Her brain suffered massive hypoxia, killing off blocks of brain cells and leaving her unable to move or speak. Her parents refused to place her in an institution and have been caring for her at home ever since. The only exception was a trip the family took shortly after the accident to Medjugorje (once part of Yugoslavia), where apparitions of the Virgin Mary are reported, in hopes of a cure. Audrey was not cured, but since that time "miracles" occurred around the Santo home.

Some of the reported paranormal events include:

    * Religious statues weep a strange oil.
    * Oil seeps from some walls of the home (which is sometimes caught in paper cups taped to the walls for distribution to the pilgrims to take home as souvenirs).
    * Communion wafers ooze blood during a mass said at the home.
    * Chalices fill with oil.
    * Statues move by themselves.
    * A vision of the Virgin Mary was claimed to have been seen in a cloud formation over the Santo home.
    * The overpowering scent of roses (a flower often associated with the Virgin Mary) from an unknown source often permeates Audrey's room or other rooms of the home.
    * Spontaneous healings: a local man reported a remission of his throat cancer.
    * The appearance of stigmata -- the wounds that Jesus is said to have suffered during his crucifixion -- on Audrey's hands, feet, and side.

The Investigation

The Diocese of Worcester conducted an official investigation and Bishop Daniel Reilly released his "Interim Findings on Miraculous Claims". In the statement, the Bishop wrote, "We are not yet able to confirm claims of miraculous events occurring at Audrey's home or as a result of a visit to Audrey. Although we can't explain why oils and claims of blood are appearing on religious articles in the home, there is no obvious evidence of chicanery. Paranormal activities in and of themselves, according to the perspective and practice of the Catholic Church, do not provide a basis for proving the miraculous." In other words, the Church investigation cannot prove fraud, but is not quite ready to declare that miracles took place.

On the scientific front, samples of the blood and the oil were sent to laboratories for analysis. Of the blood, lab tests concluded that it was human blood, but not from any member of the Santo family. Conclusions about the oil seem to vary. According to a documentary called Audrey's Life: Voice of a Silent Soul, a Boston chemist found it to be a mysterious substance, not any known commercial oil. But when The Washington Post took a sample to Microbac Laboratories in Pittsburgh, they found that the oil contained 80 percent corn or soybean oil and 20 percent chicken fat -- "a simple mixture reproducible in any American kitchen." This finding doesn't necessarily point to fraud; that's just what the oil is made up of.

It's not clear how careful or how scientific the investigations thusfar have been, but by the throngs of people who lined up to see Audrey, it was clear that the faithful are willing to accept that the claims of miracles are legitimate.

The Santo family did not seem to be profiting from the situation, although they did receive free 24-hour nurse care for their daughter, according to The Washington Post. And there was a good deal of notoriety. In addition to the film documentary, there have been numerous magazine articles about Audrey, as well as a book, "In God's Hands: The Miraculous Story of Little Audrey Santo".

It's interesting to note that without the religious overtones, the events claimed to take place in the Santo home are similar to those claimed in many poltergeist cases -- and even cases of supposed demonic possession: oozing blood and other substances, things moving about by themselves, unaccounted for odors, and bodily harm. Is it possible that similar forces are at work in all these cases -- forces of the mind and energy we do not yet understand -- and are flavored by the mindset of the people involved? 

Source: Catholic World News/


Cold War Psychic Operatives

In the mid-seventies, the English channel was the venue for a secret and amazing psychic cold war incident. The channel is the busiest shipping lane in the world and many incidents happened there during that period, but an occasion occurred that still baffles intelligence personnel.

A warning light on a marker bouy had gone out and Trinity House who deal with the bouys, had to send out a small boat a.s.a.p. to put it right. When they reached the bouy, they found that a nearby Russian trawler was casually using it as target practice for small arms fire.

The Trinity House repair crew quickly retreated back to the bigger boat, and on looking through binoculars saw the Russian trawler was bristling with concealed armaments. The Admiralty decided to ask a passing U S aircraft carrier to put itself between the bouy and the trawler, so repairs could be made on the bouys light. The bill for the hire of the U S aircraft carrier to the British admiralty was £3000 per hour.

Some years later on defector evidence it was said that the whole operation was 'controlled and psychically overwatched' by Wolf Messing trained thought transmission operatives on board the trawler.

The Russian society for experimental psychology, founded in 1891, went underground during the communist oppression when officially such things were frowned upon. Yet over the next 60 years advances in psychic techniques and disciplines were sharpened and honed by soviet scientists to an astonishing degree.

Soviet documents describe such things as 'motor impulses', which we in the West call telepathy and had advanced to such a point that restricted documents show successful tests in sending messages from submarine to surface, and even mentally intercepting the feel of U S sent coded message traffic.

How the West came to discover this was an interesting story in itself. A senior Soviet operative from Directorate One, the department that ran the psychic testing, was continually passed over for promotion due to his very poor birth. His mother, a cleaner in the building, took away scraps of paper and smuggled them to the west in revenge.

Vladimir Durov, with his animal and people mental tests, showed the value of mental influence and in Britain in W.W.II Alexander Cannon as part of Churchill's occult 'Black team' showed something similar in his lecture called, 'Proving the Impossible Possible'. This news held the British war dept in a state of shock.

Famous Neuropathologist Vladimir Bekhterev was forced into the 'thought suggestions' programme, by communist hardliners. In military terms any psychic operations are called Psychotronics, and Bekhterev became head of the Brain Research Institute at Leningrad, where he had unlimited funding to improve by whatever means possible the abilities of cold war psywarriors.

Sensitive subjects were hot-housed in experiments round the clock day after day, month in, month out until their abilities were honed to a knife edge.

The battery effect was where a team of thought transmission agents could will the U.S president to make decisions in the Soviet favour. This was demonstrated in the Cuban missiles crisis when the U.S. was stopped from using this as an excuse for an attack, as one senior defector said; but it was alright for the U S to have missiles on OUR doorstep in W. Germany?

Successful usage of this was also claimed to interfere, confuse and muddle defectors statements, as in the James Angleton investigations.

The defector also claimed successful testing and feasibility for the psychotronics team to stop the heartbeat of someone from across the world, in preparation for an attack on the U.S. president and others.

Professor Leonid Vasiliev, Yuri Orlov and Wolf Messing have all separately been identified as part of the Soviet psychic warfare iniative. Both by A. I. Ps ( agents in place) and defector informants.

Who under the Witness protection programme have given startling evidence of developed clairvoyance, telekinesis remote viewing, telepathy and thought disruption and interference, to the point where a subject can be taken under remote control and used as the 'Manchurian candidate' of, say, a Sirhan Sirhan.

Alexander Litvinenko still had a great deal to tell us when he was murdered earlier this year.

Much Soviet documentation in the top secret Red papers category and now in the west has been used by Paul Mckenna and Derren Brown-type performers to amusing effect.

Regrettably, many experiments under the orders of Joseph Stalin himself were carried out in Soviet mental hospitals, where subjects were said to have had their capabilities enhanced and extended to the point of madness.

The Mitrokhin archives show that after Krushchev's accession in 1956 Psi research was given increased funding in secret while openly decried as nonsense.

Lavrenti Beria the psychopathic secret police chief claimed Wolf Messing could read his thoughts and could yet make, train and build the greatest of all spies.

In a superb article in Unexplained magazine, it states that just prior to the siege of Leningrad in 1940 Vassiliev showed that the muscles of an insect's intestines respond to electrical impulses emitted from contracting human muscles. Showing amazing connective thought between species and plant experiments also show this connection.

Czech parapsychologist Dr .Milan Ryzl claimed the most startling research has never been seen, particularly on suggestology, and Frank Hyde; the London Psychic; demonstrated at the U S Embassy in 1975 how he could mentally rummage the drawers in a secure room, while standing downstairs in the foyer, and re-tell what the documents said. His psychic connection to the U S space shots, if true, is rumoured still classified.

In response to defector information the U.S. under several people such as General Stubblebine, began training their own psywarriors. Using much material from Britain via Winston Churchill's wartime Black Team; magical experiments, for which Prof.Alexander Cannon was put under house arrest in the Isle of Man, for talking about Black Team operations.

Dr Venyami Yermolayev with his psychokinetic crew, demonstrated the levitation of extremely heavy objects by thought alone, and Dr. Venyami Pushkin documented men being lifted high into the air. He said, "as in the India rope trick."

Neurophysicist Dr. Gennady Sergayev even invented a Bio-energy measuring device for testing these wonders.

In 1970 the book 'Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain; was published by Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander. It upset the Russians by revealing its espionage defence and psywar capabilities, but most of all told how to intercept and alter thought telepathy between enemy agents. (See documentation by Gen. Boris. Ratnikov)

The first conference on psychotronic research was held in Prague in 1973 where 400 delegates attended, were told of the 'Woodpecker' device which induces mental confusion and imbalance in mind control experiments and can work over distances. But entrenched skeptics deny this event ever took place.

While the U.S. government trains, uses and recognises these psi agents, it refuses to pay the ransom for the psychic who pinpointed the whereabouts of Saddham Hussein, even down to the hole in the ground.

Source: Farshores/Terry Stokes


Werewolves in the Mist

This is not your typical Hollywood horror story. No matter what your parents may have told you, Werewolves are real. I know this to be fact, because I’ve seen one. I wouldn’t be the first. People have been seeing werewolves for ages. It has been said that werewolves even participated in the first Olympic games. In Native American cultures, the Skinwalkers are said to turn into werewolves. They are often referred to as powerful shamans with the ability to shape-shift; this is sacred to them. A Native American will never divulge the secrets of the Skinwalkers to outsiders.

Werewolves are not a thing of the past, however. Consider the Beast of Bray road. Sightings of the werewolf persist to this day. Countless sightings documented by Linda Godfrey, (to name just one) refer to the werewolves roaming around Washington County, Wisconsin. Recently, the media documented a sighing in which a truck driver caught a clear view of a werewolf like creature, on a quiet deserted the middle of the night. This parallels completely with a sighting I experienced some years ago.

What are these elusive creatures? Are they men with the ability to transform into beast or is it a special, yet unknown kind of beast with the ability to transform into a man? What is known is that they are humanoid in appearance. They’ve been seen walking on their hind legs, and not to say that movies are in any way realistic, but the werewolves created specifically for the film "Dog Soldiers" are the most precise looking werewolves I’ve seen, (in reference to the sighting I had).

Up until my own sighting I had no regard for so-called werewolves. To me they were just a product of overactive imaginations. To hear a tale of a werewolf sighting was like seeing a Lon Chaney movie being replayed behind the storyteller’s eyes. It wasn’t until my sister had an encounter, and subsequently I endured my own encounter, only then did I see the significance of such cases.

Some twenty years ago, when my sister was seven, she saw something that has stayed with her to this day. Even now, to ask her to recount the tale is to see her shudder from the memory. It’s a good story, yes, but it is also true.

She was walking across the yard from one side of the house to the other. It was about 9pm and a quiet midsummer night. She had a bowl of rice in her hand and since she had walked the same path across the yard for years, she didn’t expect what she found. Across the street she heard a hiss. She turned toward it and in the distance, some 20 feet away, under the street light she saw what she could only refer to as "like a man". Not quite a man though, because there was something off about him.

He extended an unusually elongated finger and beckoned her near. In the light of the street lamp she saw that his eyes glowed blood red and his teeth were pointed and yellow. He wore long dreads in his hair and smiled at her, but the smile she said was an evil grin that made her blood run cold.

She dropped the rice and ran back to my grandmother's door, screaming and banging until finally my grandmother came to her rescue. That night my sister did not sleep a wink. Instead she woke me up periodically throughout the night and begged me to talk to her. I understood then as I do now that what my sister saw was real.

In comparing werewolf sightings from the past to those of the present, today’s werewolf sightings are missing one element however that needs to be established. They have not attacked any humans. In fact, they hate to be seen and have been known to act aggressive towards humans who have seen them, but it is a aggressiveness akin to a celebrity incognito, being stalked by the paparazzi.

Some may even venture to say that werewolf sightings are actually Bigfoot sightings. But what I saw was NO Bigfoot. In fact, while digging for historical records that may account for the origins of the Werewolf, I did find something rather interesting: The Dog-faced people.

Cynocephaly comes from the old Greek word "cynocephalus", or Doghead. This may be the most logical explanation for the dog/wolf-faced creatures we refer to as werewolves. One such famous dog-faced man was St. Christopher, but there was also the lesser-known St. Andrew.

The Marmaritae people were said to have been extremely tall and dog-faced in countenance. This description of the peoples of the Marmaritae tribe also ties somewhat with Biblical references to abominations, or mixings of humans and animals to create monsters.

The Egyptian God Anubis was a Jackal-headed man. Are all of these connected? There exists a letter in which a priest questions whether or not the Dog-headed people ought to be considered human. This was actually a question among the clergy of his day! Does this mean these people did in fact exist? And if so, could they exist to this day; savages among modern men with no place in the human family tree?

So what did I see that night, some seven years ago? A remnant of the human past, or a man transformed into a wolf, as we’ve been led to believe, via comic books, movies and television shows? I have never really tried to dissect it like that.

I was on a bustling residential street that suddenly turned quiet, as if a switched had been flipped. The air was static-y and there were no cars coming down the road and no lights on in any of the houses that lined the sidewalk as I headed home. What I saw was a large humanoid, almost eight feet tall, with deep red eyes and a snout. His hands ended in long talons and he parted the bushes and peered out at me. We stared at each other and I was so lost at the sight of him that when I gathered my bearings and ran away, it took me a few minutes to realize that I had left my bag behind.

Everything about this encounter was reminiscent of various encounters throughout the ages in which out-of-place creatures have seemingly appeared out of nowhere, only to disappear back into the dark moments later. For instance, the abrupt absence of sound and the blood red, penetrating eyes. Let us not forget the static discharge in the air that left an almost crackling, or popping sound for seconds after the beast had disappeared.

The werewolf it seems, is just as elusive as Bigfoot. But I venture to say that the two, although inextricably of the same vein of the paranormal, are not the same. I am inclined to believe that these two beings walk on two separate planes that never overlap and perhaps never will.

The mystery, for now, continues, but I for one have opened my mind to the probability that somewhere in the dark, in a place that people rarely go, lies a remnant of the past long since relegated to myth and legend before its time has passed.

Source: Esotericana/Tina Sena


It's Raining Fish and Frogs

Clerics, academics and scientists can't seem to agree on key points in our tales of frogs and fish falling from the sky. 

Never mind cats and dogs ... what was perhaps the most remarkable shower of fish of all time landed on Aberdare. It was a February day and was raining hard, with a rather stiff wind from the southwest.

A sawyer, John Lewis, was busy dragging timber to the saw, and he was struck by several objects falling on his head and back, and even down his neck.

He reached under his sweater and shirt, and pulled up several small fish!

When looking up, he saw fish falling with the rain all around him. The ground was covered with fish, and when Lewis took off his hat, its brim was full of them.

Other workmen helped gather a bucketful of fish and this was emptied into a large pool of rainwater.

Local and the national newspapers published stories about this 'extraordinary shower of fish'.

But as could be expected, it wasn't long before some rationalists objected that a rain of fish was manifestly impossible, and contrary to the laws of nature.

Fish were as unlikely to rain down from the sky in showers as they were to ride along Regent Street in a coach and four, dressed in tailcoats and top hats.

The veracity of John Lewis was called into doubt by these sceptics, but the vicar of Aberdare, the Rev John Griffiths, interceded on his behalf, pointing out that Lewis was a sober, reliable character, and that it was beyond his capacity to make up a story like this.

The vicar had recorded Lewis's own testimony, and sent it, along with several specimens of the fish, to the zoologist Professor Richard Owen.

These fish, which fell from the sky on February 9, 1859, apparently still living, were exhibited in an aquarium at the Zoological Gardens, Regent's Park.

No report on the matter from Professor Owen himself has been kept for posterity.

Dr JE Gray, of the British Museum, entered the debate, but hardly did himself proud. He bluntly suggested that the whole thing was a fraud and imposture, and that the other workmen had poured a large basin of fish and water over John Lewis, as a practical joke.

The Welsh sawyers were probably having a good laugh at the expense of the many gullible journalists and amateur scientists who had been taken in by their prank.

This feeble attempt at debunking does not explain the several wheelbarrows full of fish that could be collected in the vicinity of the barnyard; nor that the fall occurred over a considerable area and was observed by several people.

The editor of The Zoologist, Edward Newman, who seems to have been a sworn enemy to all kinds of anomalous precipitation, seconded Dr Gray's objections; he agreed that a rain of fish was impossible, and that a fraud was the most likely explanation.

On the other hand, Dr Robert Drane, of Cardiff, and the Rev WS Symonds, reported to the British Association for the Advancement of Science that they were convinced that a considerable number of fish had really descended with the rain.

According to the contemporary newspaper correspondence, both the journalists and the British public took their side against the narrow-minded rationalists.

In the 1862 volume of his magazine All the Year Round, Charles Dickens commented on the debate, quoting several Indian reports as well as the Welsh one, and supporting the veracity of John Lewis against the onslaught of the British Museum officials.

A thorough review of the annals of anomalous precipitation would indicate that between the years 687 and 2006, at least 123 probable or verified showers of fish occurred, and in 37 of them, the fish were clearly seen to fall through the air. During the same period, there are records of 61 showers of frogs or toads; in 39 of these, the animals were observed to descend from the clouds. These showers of fish and amphibians have been observed all over the world. Quite a few occurred in the USA, India, Ceylon and Malaysia. In Europe, there is a marked concentration of fish and frog rains in the British Isles.

The intensity of these showers has varied greatly. Sometimes, only a few animals fall with the rain, but on other occasions, they resemble the plague of raining frogs striking the cities of Peonia and Dardania, or a tremendous shower of toads witnessed in 1794. On July 2, 1901, frogs and toads fell over Minneapolis during a violent rainstorm: according to the newspaper reports, certain streets and sidewalks were filled with 'quackers', and neither people nor cart horses could wade through the mass of squirming bodies.

In view of the compelling evidence from historical and modern cases, it cannot be denied that fishes, frogs and toads sometimes fall down in showers with the rain. Although some cases can be explained as hoaxes, ill-researched or fraudulent newspaper stories, or misinterpretation of mass migrations of amphibians, the vast majority are beyond reproach.

There is also a quite natural explanation of these odd showers.

A waterspout is a pillar of water drawn up by a powerful whirlwind; it can suck up vast amounts of water, mud and earth from the ground. Some waterspouts resemble a giant hourglass, with one end traversing the earth, and the other being in contact with a large cumulus cloud. French naturalist, Count de Castelnau, who had examined a fish rain occurring near Singapore in 1861, suggested to incredulous colleagues that a whirlwind or tornado might have caused this phenomenon.

Dr Gudger, the greatest modern authority on fish showers, also advocated the whirlwind theory.

British zoologists and meteorologists belonging to the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation have even been able to reconstruct the path of the tornadoes, and the site where the fishes were drawn up into the cloud.

What is strange, and hitherto unexplained, is how such an enormous number of toads or fish can fall from the sky; in some instances, the whirlwind must have emptied an entire lake or bog of its fish or amphibian population.

Another downfall struck London in 1984, another in 2000 in Norfolk.

A downpour was reported from Knighton, Shropshire, in August 2004. Several people saw small fish fall, some still showing signs of life when they landed.

Knighton is 50 miles from the coast, but the fish may have been sucked up from a nearby lake.

Source: icWales


Death Call from the Dark Side

KARACHI: Rumors of a ‘supernatural’ killer call on mobiles phones, that supposedly kills the person receiving the call by damaging their central nervous system and splattering the brain, have swept like wildfire among Karachiites.

According to these rumors, which are believed to have originated in Sialkot, the victim receives a call on his or her mobile phone in which a red-colored apparition of a woman appears on the display screen. There have been claims in the Punjab that many deaths have taken place by unsuspecting cell phone owners.

In Karachi, these rumors have taken on a whole new twist, as many now believe that besides death, this mysterious call can also result in impotency in men who receive the call, while the women end up becoming pregnant.

According to the rumors, the cause of this supernatural call is that some mobile phone company set up a tower at a graveyard, which enraged the spirits, causing them to wreak havoc among mobile phone users.

No matter how irrational these rumors may sound, they have sent a wave of fear among cell phone users in Karachi and many people have stopped receiving calls or SMS messages from numbers they are not familiar with.

“I got very scared after hearing these rumors and stopped using my mobile phone,” said Bashir, a driver by occupation. “I do not want to end up dead just because I am using my mobile phone.”

For others, the scare was reminiscent of urban legends. “It is a very scary thought indeed. It reminded me of a horror movie that I once saw,” said an employee of a software house.

The significance of the impact of the rumours can be gauged by the fact that mobile phone companies have started issuing clarifications to ease the prevailing panic among their customers.

Random SMS messages have been making the rounds. “These messages are probably the handiwork of bored young people, who are doing it for the kicks,” said a graphics designer.

Source: The Daily Times-Pakistan


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