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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such stupendous stories as:

- Homeland Security Contracts KBR to Build Detention Centers in the U.S. -
- The Mind Outside the Brain -
- Finnish Researchers Obtain UFO Films -
- The Nanteos Cup -
AND:  More Violence During Full Moons, Say Police

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It Feels Like Bugs are Crawling Under Your Skin!



It has struck all across the globe with horrifying symptoms that seem to be ripped straight from the pages of a horror novel. Its victims all complain of the same symptoms, yet doctors brush them off as  being in their head.

It is called Morgellons, and it seems to have appeared out of  nowhere and is rapidly spreading with a speed and ferocity  that has left its victims shocked and helpless. Sufferers first notice a strange feeling as if bugs are crawling and biting just under their skin. More terrifying are the weird sores that sprout thread-like fibers that almost seem to be alive! 

Read first-hand reports from those unlucky enough to have caught Morgellons and are left helpless, ignored, and worse yet, labeled with the stigma of mental illness to explain away their sickness. Nevertheless, Morgellons is all too real, only the true causes and origins of this disease remain shrouded in mystery.

In this must have book, Commander X takes a close look at some of the leading theories on the origins of Morgellons. Is it a natural disease that has been with us all along? Is it a man-made disease that has somehow escaped from a lab? Is it biological warfare, or a terrorist attack? Is it an extraterrestrial pathogen that has managed to root itself upon planet Earth after traveling inconceivable distances from outer space?

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Homeland Security Contracts KBR to Build Detention Centers in the U.S.

Halliburton’s subsidiary KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown and Root) announced on January 24, 2006 that it had been awarded a $385 million contingency contract by the Department of Homeland Security to build detention camps in the United States.

According to a press release posted on the Halliburton website, “The contract, which is effective immediately, provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to augment existing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs. The contingency support contract provides for planning and, if required, initiation of specific engineering, construction and logistics support tasks to establish, operate and maintain one or more expansion facilities.”

What little coverage the announcement received focused on concerns about Halliburton’s reputation for overcharging U.S. taxpayers for substandard services.

Less attention was focused on the phrase “rapid development of new programs” or what type of programs might require a major expansion of detention centers, capable of holding 5,000 people each. Jamie Zuieback, spokeswoman for ICE, declined to elaborate on what these “new programs” might be.

Only a few independent journalists, such as Peter Dale Scott, Maureen Farrell, and Nat Parry have explored what the Bush administration might actually have in mind.

Scott speculates that the “detention centers could be used to detain American citizens if the Bush administration were to declare martial law.” He recalled that during the Reagan administration, National Security Council aide Oliver North organized the Rex-84 “readiness exercise,” which contemplated the Federal Emergency Management Agency rounding up and detaining 400,000 “refugees” in the event of “uncontrolled population movements” over the Mexican border into the U.S.

North’s exercise, which reportedly contemplated possible suspension of the Constitution, led to a line of questioning during the Iran-Contra Hearings concerning the idea that plans for expanded internment and detention facilities would not be confined to “refugees” alone.

It is relevant, says Scott, that in 2002 Attorney General John Ashcroft announced his desire to see camps for U.S. citizens deemed to be “enemy combatants.” On February 17, 2006, in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld spoke of the harm being done to the country’s security, not just by the enemy, but also by what he called “news informers” who needed to be combated in “a contest of wills.”

Since September 11 the Bush administration has implemented a number of interrelated programs that were planned in the 1980s under President Reagan. Continuity of Government (COG) proposals—a classified plan for keeping a secret “government-within-the-government” running during and after a nuclear disaster—included vastly expanded detention capabilities, warrantless eavesdropping, and preparations for greater use of martial law.

Scott points out that, while Oliver North represented a minority element in the Reagan administration, which soon distanced itself from both the man and his proposals, the minority associated with COG planning, which included Cheney and Rumsfeld, appear to be in control of the U.S. government today.

Farrell speculates that, because another terror attack is all but certain, it seems far more likely that the detention centers would be used for post-September 11-type detentions of rounded-up immigrants rather than for a sudden deluge of immigrants flooding across the border.

Vietnam-era whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg ventures, “Almost certainly this is preparation for a roundup after the next September 11 for Mid-Easterners, Muslims and possibly dissenters. They’ve already done this on a smaller scale, with the ‘special registration’ detentions of immigrant men from Muslim countries, and with Guantánamo.”

Parry notes that The Washington Post reported on February 15, 2006 that the National Counterterrorism Center’s (NCTC) central repository holds the names of 325,000 terrorist suspects, a fourfold increase since fall of 2003.
Asked whether the names in the repository were collected through the NSA’s domestic surveillance program, an NCTC official told the Post, “Our database includes names of known and suspected international terrorists provided by all intelligence community organizations, including NSA.”

As the administration scoops up more and more names, members of Congress have questioned the elasticity of Bush’s definitions for words like terrorist “affiliates,” used to justify wiretapping Americans allegedly in contact with such people or entities.

A Defense Department document, entitled the “Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support,” has set out a military strategy against terrorism that envisions an “active, layered defense” both inside and outside U.S. territory. In the document, the Pentagon pledges to “transform U.S. military forces to execute homeland defense missions in the . . . U.S. homeland.” The strategy calls for increased military reconnaissance and surveillance to “defeat potential challengers before they threaten the United States.” The plan “maximizes threat awareness and seizes the initiative from those who would harm us.”

But there are concerns, warns Parry, over how the Pentagon judges “threats” and who falls under the category of “those who would harm us.” A Pentagon official said the Counterintelligence Field Activity’s TALON program has amassed files on antiwar protesters.

In the view of some civil libertarians, a form of martial law already exists in the U.S. and has been in place since shortly after the September 11 attacks when Bush issued Military Order Number One, which empowered him to detain any noncitizen as an international terrorist or enemy combatant. Today that order extends to U.S. citizens as well.

Farrell ends her article with the conclusion that while much speculation has been generated by KBR’s contract to build huge detention centers within the U.S., “The truth is, we won’t know the real purpose of these centers unless ‘contingency plans are needed.’ And by then, it will be too late.”

The contract of the Halliburton subsidiary KBR to build immigrant detention facilities is part of a longer-term Homeland Security plan titled ENDGAME, which sets as its goal the removal of “all removable aliens” and “potential terrorists.” In the 1980s Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld discussed similar emergency detention powers as part of a super-secret program of planning for what was euphemistically called “Continuity of Government” (COG) in the event of a nuclear disaster. At the time, Cheney was a Wyoming congressman, while Rumsfeld, who had been defense secretary under President Ford, was a businessman and CEO of the drug company G.D. Searle.

These men planned for suspension of the Constitution, not just after nuclear attack, but for any “national security emergency,” which they defined in Executive Order 12656 of 1988 as: “Any occurrence, including natural disaster, military attack, technological or other emergency, that seriously degrades or seriously threatens the national security of the United States.” Clearly September 11 would meet this definition, and did, for COG was instituted on that day. As the Washington Post later explained, the order “dispatched a shadow government of about 100 senior civilian managers to live and work secretly outside Washington, activating for the first time long-standing plans.”

What these managers in this shadow government worked on has never been reported. But it is significant that the group that prepared ENDGAME was, as the Homeland Security document puts it, “chartered in September 2001.” For ENDGAME’s goal of a capacious detention capability is remarkably similar to Oliver North’s controversial Rex-84 “readiness exercise” for COG in 1984. This called for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to round up and detain 400,000 imaginary “refugees,” in the context of “uncontrolled population movements” over the Mexican border into the United States.

When the story about Kellogg, Brown and Root’s contract for emergency detention centers broke, immigration was not the hot button issue it is today. Given this, the language in Halliburton’s press release, stating that the centers would be built in the event of an “emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S.,” raised eyebrows, especially among those familiar with Rex-84 and other Reagan-era initiatives. FEMA’s former plans ‘for the detention of at least 21 million American Negroes in assembly centers or relocation camps’ added to the distrust, and the second stated reason for the KBR contract, “to support the rapid development of new programs,” sent imaginations reeling.

While few in the mainstream media made the connection between KBR’s contract and previous programs, Fox News eventually addressed this issue, pooh-poohing concerns as the province of “conspiracy theories” and “unfounded” fears. My article attempted to sift through the speculation, focusing on verifiable information found in declassified and leaked documents which proved that, in addition to drawing up contingency plans for martial law, the government has conducted military readiness exercises designed to round up and detain both illegal aliens and U.S. citizens.

How concerned should Americans be? Recent reports are conflicting and confusing:

    * In May, 2006, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) began “Operation Return to Sender,” which involved catching illegal immigrants and deporting them. In June, however, President Bush vowed that there would soon be “new infrastructures” including detention centers designed to put an end to such “catch and release” practices.
    * Though Bush said he was “working with Congress to increase the number of detention facilities along our borders,” Rep. Bennie Thompson, ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said he first learned about the KBR contract through newspaper reports.
    * Fox News recently quoted Pepperdine University professor Doug Kmiec, who deemed detention camp concerns “more paranoia than reality” and added that KBR’s contract is most likely “something related to (Hurricane) Katrina” or “a bird flu outbreak that could spur a mass quarantine of Americans.” The president’s stated desire for the U.S. military to take a more active role during natural disasters and to enforce quarantines in the event of a bird flu outbreak, however, have been roundly denounced.

Concern over an all-powerful federal government is not paranoia, but active citizenship. As Thomas Jefferson explained, “even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” From John Adams’s Alien and Sedition Acts to FDR’s internment of Japanese Americans, the land of the free has held many contradictions and ironies. Interestingly enough, Halliburton was at the center of another historical controversy, when Lyndon Johnson’s ties to a little-known company named Kellogg, Brown and Root caused a congressional commotion—particularly after the Halliburton subsidiary won enough wartime contracts to become one of the first protested symbols of the military-industrial complex. Back then they were known as the “Vietnam builders.” The question, of course, is what they’ll be known as next.

Source: Project Censored


The Mind Outside the Brain

By now everyone is familiar with advances in brain imaging and the fascinating insights being produced in many areas of brain research. Much less known are advances in locating the mind outside the brain. Long considered paranormal and therefore easy to dismiss, the reality of many phenomena is being verified. For a long time there has been a popular belief in ESP, clairvoyance, and related abilities. I thought it would be interesting to devote a series of posts to some intriguing studies, but more importantly, there is a major discovery waiting around the corner. Science is about to realize that intelligence is a field effect and that this "mind field" surrounds us on all sides, like the earth's magnetic field. It is thanks to the mind field that our brains are able to think and also to connect with other minds, not by physical means but invisibly, the way one magnet is connected to every other on earth.

The latest findings, which got wide publicity in the media, have to do with our ability to sense what is going to happen in the future. Is this REALLY proof that man can see into the future?

London's Daily Mail reports on a Dutch professor of psychology, Dr. Dick Bierman, who is using real-time brain scans to see if people sense things before they happen. "Sense" is different from "envision." Bierman is working with "presentiment," the physical or emotional feeling that something unusual is about to happen. Anecdotally, presentiments have been associated with many if not most great disasters. Some people didn't go to work at the World Trade Center on 9/11 because they felt suddenly sick or uneasy. Similar symptoms have kept passengers from flying on planes that later crashed. The French crew of the Concorde had dark premonitions before one of the supersonic jets crashed in 2000. Children felt uneasy going to school the day a coal-mine disaster engulfed a school in Wales in 1966, killing 144 people. One mother reported that her young daughter had a dream the night before of a black mass burying the school, which is exactly what occurred.

Bierman wants to quantify such presentiments, following up on a revealing experiment done by Dr Dean Radin, a former researcher on the military project Stargate, which looked into the phenomenon of 'remote viewing' and psychic premonition. Radin hooked ordinary subjects to a lie detector in order to measure changes in galvanic skin response. He then flashed at random a series of photos, some of which were violent or erotic. One would expect galvanic skin response to spike when such pictures appeared, but Radin discovered a strange phenomenon. Subjects tended to respond a few seconds in advance of the actual image flashing on the screen. In other words, they sensed an event before it occurred.

Subsequently the experiment was successfully replicated, startling even a Nobel Prize winner who acted as a subject. Dr. Bierman in Amsterdam is verifying that specific brain areas light up when presentiment occurs. He is certain that the phenomenon is real; now he wants to determine if certain people are more gifted at presentiment than others. This is the best glimpse to date that anyone has had of the mind field's existence as an everyday affair, for it would appear that to some extent all of us have experienced hunches, intuitive flashes, sudden premonitions, and other hints of foreknowledge. How far does this phenomenon extend, and what is its deeper significance?

If it is true that intelligence arises in a "mind field" that surrounds us on all sides, we must all be participating in it. Almost a century ago Carl Jung proposed that our participation takes place in a "collective unconscious," from which the human race derives its myths and archetypes. The fact that cultures widely separated in time and place produce the same kind of stories about questing heroes, transformation, and hidden worlds suggests that Jung is right. But what about active participation? Do we consciously use the mind field? One reads of Australian aborigines who view the world in "dream time" and map according to invisible "songlines" that cross the boundary between intuition and the five senses. There's an East Indian island culture in which the members discuss their dreams collectively every morning, with the belief that in this way they shape the events that will unfold for them in the future.

Everyday life in our society feels far from away form those examples. How do we use the mind field? Such a link was provided by Helmut Schmidt, a researcher working for Boeing's aerospace laboratory in Seattle. Beginning in the mid-Sixties, Schmidt set out to construct a series of "quantum machines" that could emit random signals, with the aim of seeing if ordinary people could alter those signals using nothing more than their minds. The first machine detected radioactive decay form Strontium-90; each electron that was given off lit up either a red, blue, yellow, or green light. Schmidt asked ordinary people to predict, with the press of a button, which light would be illuminated next.

At first no one performed better than random, or 25%, in picking one of the four lights. Then Schmidt it on the idea of using psychics instead, and his first results were encouraging: they guessed the correct light 27% of the time. But he didn't know if this was a matter of clairvoyance -- seeing the result before it happened -- or something more active, actually changing the random pattern of electrons being emitted.

So he built a second machine that generated only two signals, call them plus and minus. A circle of lights was set up, and if the machine generated a plus, a light would co on in the clockwise direction while a minus would make one light up in the counter-clockwise direction. Left to itself, the machine would light up an equal number of pluses and minuses; what Schmidt wanted his subjects to do was to will the lights to move clockwise only. He found two subjects who had remarkable success. One could get the lights to move clockwise 52.5% of the time. An increase of 2.5% over randomness doesn't sound dramatic, but Schmidt calculated that the odds were 10 million to one against the same thing occurring by chance. The other subject was just as successful, but oddly enough, he couldn't make the lights move clockwise. Hard as he tried, they moved counter-clockwise, yet with the same deviation form randomness. Later experiments with new subjects raised the success rate to 54%, although the strange anomaly that the machine would go in the wrong direction, often persisted. (No explanation was ever found for this.) In effect, Schmidt was proving that an observer can change activity in the quantum field using the mind alone.

Inspired by Schmidt's results, a Princeton engineering professor named Robert Jahn developed extremely more sophisticated trails, involving a machine that could generate zeros and ones five times a second. In the Princeton experiments, each participant went through three types of tests. First he would will the machine to produce more ones and zeros, then more zeros than ones, and finally he would try not to influence the machine at all. Each test was repeated until there was between 500,00 and 1,000,000 results, a staggering number that in a single day outdid all the previous trials done by Schmidt or various parapsychologists before him.

After 12 years of study, it was found that about two-thirds of ordinary people could influence the outcome of the machine, unlike in Schmidt's study, where only talented psychics were used. Yet like the psychics, ordinary people could will more zeros than ones, or ones than zeros, about 51-52% of the time. This seems like a slim margin, but it turns out to defy chance by a ratio of a trillion to one. It's the utter certainty of the outcome that is so staggering, since random chance is a bedrock of quantum physics, Darwinian evolution, and many other fields. (A dozen other studies, when wrapped into the Princeton ones, also came up with results in the 51-52% range.)

The assertion that we are embedded in the mind field seems more credible, and if that is the case, then it is more credible that everything we think and do is actually a fluctuation in the field.

Source: The Huffington Post/Deepak Chopra


Heroes, Holiness & Mystical Phenomena

Recently, NBC wrapped up its first season of an interesting television series called Heroes . For those who haven’t seen it --and you should see it--the show centers around a group of people who discover they have special abilities beyond the ordinary, including superhuman powers like telepathy, time travel, flight, invisibility, the ability to walk through walls, to heal, and to paint the future, among others. These “superheroes,” one by one, come to realize that they each have a particular role to play in preventing a catastrophe and “saving the world.” It is science fiction, to be sure. But this concept is not without precedence in the real world throughout history. The Catholic Church has had its own “heroes” – like the Cure d’Ars, Padre Pio, Joseph of Cupertino and Mother Teresa of Calcutta--who were, at least through parts of their lives, blessed with “supernatural powers.” The Church calls them “mystical phenomena,” and those saints who have wielded these inexplicable powers understood their role in advancing the kingdom of God.

Though the modern world is fascinated by the idea of men and women possessing unique superhuman powers, as evidenced by the huge success of Heroes and movies like Spiderman and Unbreakable , the modern world has little room to accommodate the idea of mystical phenomena, especially in connection with religious concepts like evil and holiness, blessings and curses. Even in a time when belief in UFOs, Elvis sightings, and animated gnomes is on the increase, most people remain highly skeptical of any claims of mystical phenomena in the lives of the saints. They believe these claims are in the realm of myth, even though numerous examples of mystical phenomenon have been studied and examined by modern scientific methods.

It is instructive to note that the Catholic Church has always approached claims of mystical phenomena with a healthy dose of skepticism. By design, Church officials throughout history have not accepted at face value any phenomenon which purports to be from God. The Church carefully weighs all the circumstances, evidence and personalities of those connected with the phenomenon to determine whether or not there is any possibility of either a natural explanation or a psychological explanation such as hysteria, schizophrenia, or some other form of insanity. The Church also attempts to determine whether or not there is the possibility of fraud or demonic activity, both of which are not uncommon.

If, after all, the facts and evidence of a particular mystical phenomenon lend themselves to God’s supernatural intervention, then the Church will accept a particular phenomenon as having no other explanation than the supernatural. In many cases, especially with phenomena that are specifically connected with manifestations of holiness, the Church waits until after the person dies to determine that the phenomena associated with them were truly manifestations of their heroic virtue and holiness. Then and only then will the Church confirm that a particular phenomenon, even when witnessed by hundreds of people, was truly from God.

Here are just a few examples of the mystical phenomena exhibited by the saints throughout the ages:


The suspension of the human body in the air without aid of outside physical forces is known as levitation. There are many accounts of the saints being lifted up during prayer or during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This has been witnessed by hundreds of people at a time. One of the most famous cases of a saint levitating is that of St. Joseph of Cupertino (d. 1663), an Italian Franciscan Friar who seemed to fly all over the place. He would rise not rise just a few inches but would actually be suspended in the air 18 to 35 feet and remain suspended in this ecstatic manner for fifteen minutes to as long as six hours at a time. Because of his many flights of ecstatic levitations, St. Joseph is the patron of airplane passengers.

Eucharistic fasts

There are a number of documented saints who have stopped eating any food whatsoever and lived on the Blessed Sacrament alone --not for days or weeks or even months, but for years and decades. Many of those given the gift of stigmata (bearing the wounds of Christ) also exhibit the phenomenon of Eucharistic fasting. The bed-ridden Theresa Neumann in our own day was a good example. She abstained from all food and liquid, except for one small Eucharistic host a day, after receiving a miraculous healing from paralysis while praying to St. Thérèse of Lisieux. She lived thirty-nine years, until she died in 1962, without any earthly sustenance.

Smelling sin

One of the more unusual gifts of mystical phenomena is the ability to smell the stench of sin when coming into contact with someone in the state of mortal sin. It can be a very terrible thing which in some cases has caused not only uncontrollable vomiting by the saint but even passing out because the stench is so overwhelming to him. St. Philip Neri was known for this ability and its side-effects. In his Life of Hilarton , St. Jerome says that St. Hilarion had the gift of knowing what sins or vices anyone was inclined to by simply smelling either the person or his garments.

The odor of sanctity

It has been reported in many cases, especially of those who have been given the stigmata, that an overwhelmingly beautiful and “heavenly” perfume seems to exude from the bodies of some saints, both living and dead. Often described like roses or delicate flowers, it seems to permeate everything around them. This happened quite frequently with St. Theresa of Avila. Her body threw off this scent even after her death in 1582. When her body was exhumed during the canonization process the odor of perfume coming from her incorrupt body was so strong that it permeated the room and everything in it for three days.


All will agree that “being in two places at once” is physically impossible. That’s what makes bilocation another mystical phenomena that has been granted to certain saints. This is one of the many gifts attributed to Padre Pio, and is corroborated by witnesses all over the world. Among the most remarkable incidents was Padre Pio’s appearance in the air over the city San Giovanni Rotondo during World War II. As American bombers were preparing unload their munitions on the Nazi-occupied city, Padre Pio appeared before their aircraft, and attempts to drop the bombs failed.

There are many more different authentic mystical phenomena that reflect, in this world, properties of the resurrected body in the world to come such as the faculty of distinguishing between holy and profane objects or between priests and laymen, the reading of hearts, the gift of prophecy, the gift of healing, glossolalia, and even the ability to walk on water, to name but a few. The saints blessed with these supernatural abilities were all heroes in another sense, too. Not only did they willingly participate with the will of God, they also exhibited heroic virtue-- in one way or another. In some cases, observers believe that their heroic acts of virtue led to the mystical phenomenon and not vice versa.

Perhaps the most hopeful bit of all this is that, even though most of us will not be able to bilocate, levitate, or (Heaven forbid) smell the stench of sin, we all have the opportunity to take hold of virtue and practice that virtue in a heroic way. We can, in a matter of speaking, play our part in advancing the Kingdom of God and, help “save the world.”

Michael S. Rose is author of several books including Benedict XVI: The Man Who Was Ratzinger and Goodbye Goodmen .

This article is reprinted with written permission of 4marks Magazine and is part of the network which offers a variety of online services to Catholics, including our online Daily Catechism program, Catholic Trivia, Temperament Test and single Catholic service. To learn more about any of our services or how 4marks is helping Catholics connect online in order to deepen their faith offline visit

Source: 4marks Magazine


Finnish Researchers Obtain UFO Films  

Pictures published in UFO magazine claimed to be taken by authorities.

Images published by the Finnish UFO Research Association FUFORA have lead to an internal investigation at the Guard Service.

The infrared video images, which according to FUFORA depict unidentified flying objects, were published in an issue of the Ultra magazine and on the FUFORA Internet pages, as well as in the association’s publication Uforaportti 13 (UFO Report 13). The images are claimed to have been filmed by the authorities.

According to the Gulf of Finland Coast Guard Commander Marko Tuominen, however, no images have been officially issued by the authorities for the use by the press.

The pictures were already published in April 2006, but they only became an issue within the Border Guard Service at the beginning of May this year, after an inquiry by a private citizen.

"Similar [IR imaging] equipment is in use by other instances as well, and therefore this first went unnoticed", head of unit Juha-Mikko Hämäläinen explains.

The Border Guard Staff is looking into whether an employee has misused official monitoring equipment and images and thus rendered himself guilty of malfeasance. According to Tuominen, the texts accompanying the published images claim that the official who handed over the images was employed by the Coast Guard. "The actual content of the images we have no need or ability to evaluate", said Marko Tuominen.

Superintendent Pihla Keto from the Coast Guard Staff explains that a clarification on the matter has been ordered, after which, if need be, an examination will take place. "If there is a question, the question is whether an employee has committed some wrongdoing."

FUFORA has no intention of revealing the identity of the person who handed over the infrared images.

The chairman of the organisation Tapani Koivula says it was agreed with the person who handed over the images that they could be made public once the individual had retired. "His only objective was to find out what the images were portraying."

According to Koivula, FUFORA was not aware of who knew about the handing over the pictures at the time it took place. "We felt this matter was the responsibility of the individual who handed them over to us."

Source: Suomen Ufotutkijat


The Nanteos Cup

One of the most interesting facets of Grail lore is the number of cups that exist that lay claim to being the Holy Grail. I can think of at least a dozen different cups and dishes that are in existence now that lay claim to the mantel of the Grail. Lore of these different objects is as varied as theories of the Grail itself. The Antioch Chalice even was exhibited at the 1933 World’s Fair as the true Grail. Of these Grail contenders, the Nanteos Cup has generated as fair a claim to the cup used at the Last Supper as any other. As the cup exists today, it is a chipped olive wood bowl that measures five inches in diameter and two and a half inches tall. The following is a history of the cup and its lore. The legend of the Nanteos Cup begins during the reign of King Henry VIII. In the late 1520’s, Henry began making steps to separate England from the spiritual authority of the Catholic Church. The disagreement between the Church and King centered round Henry’s desire to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragorn. The Pope opposed Henry’s request for both dogmatic and political reasons.

In 1533, Henry took matters into his own hands and secretly married the pregnant Boleyn. Parliament then passed an act that dissolved Papal authority in England. The Parliament’s actions annulled Henry’s marriage and made Henry as the spiritual leader of the newly formed Church of England. The doctrine of the Church of England was the nearly identical to Catholic doctrine with the exception of the Pope’s absolute authority in matter of faith. By 1536, all public and ecclesiastical officials had to publicly denounce the authority of Rome in accordance with the Reformation Parliaments acts.

To Henry, the Catholic Abbeys and Monasteries represented pockets of resistance to his reign. Pragmatically, they also represented a stream of income to the crown. Most Abbeys had large tracks of farmable land and other material assets that could be put to the King’s use. At the King’s request, Thomas Cromwell organized groups of commissioners to ferret out those still loyal to the Catholic Church. These commissioners were task with also seizing assets of any Catholics they found.

It is during this back drop that the Nanteos Cup legend surfaces. In 1539, the King’s commissioners were sent to check on the Abbey of Glastonbury. The Abbot of Glastonbury had evidently never denounced Papal authority. Some loyal Catholic had tipped the Abbot off that the commissioners were in the area. Upon hearing this, the Abbot made plans to hide the Abbey’s most prized possession. Along with what ever gold and silver wares the Abbey possessed, an olive wood cup measuring about five by three inches was hidden. The legend states that the Abbot accompanied the monks and barely escaped the commissioner’s ravages of Glastonbury.

The monks then fled to the Abbey Strata Florida in Cardiganshire At the Abbey, the monks found momentary refuge. While there, the monks hid their treasure under a loose floor board in the Abbey’s main chapel. It wasn’t long before the commissioners picked up the monk’s trail. For a second time, the former Glastonbury Monks were informed that their position was in jeopardy. The group of seven could not go to ground forever. They had to find a patron to shield them from the King’s agents or leave the country.

The monks then made contact with the Powell family. It was also rumored that the Powell family was partners with the neighboring Stedman family in a rather extensive smuggling operation. There was said to be a tunnel running nearly a mile from the coast to the Powell’s manor. The local tavern talk was that the Powell’s loyalties to the King were bought with bribes to the local magistrates. Possibly it was the smuggler nature to turn a profit or secret Catholic ties that connected Lord Powell with the monks. For whatever reason Powell’s decisions, the seven monks were directed to flee to the Powell estate of Nanteos.

When the monks reached Nanteos, the terms of their safe haven was struck with Lord Powell. In exchange for sanctuary, the Abbot would become personal chaplain to the family and the remaining monks would become servants around the estate. Lord Powell agreed and let the monks remain at the estate for as long as they liked. This arraignment went along for years. The monks lived their days with little difference than they had at Glastonbury. The only exception being, hiding in the costal tunnel when prying eyes came to the estate. The monks kept their part of the bargain for a number of years. All the while, keeping the secret of the cup they had spirited away from Glastonbury.

The ravages of age or disease began taking their toll on the monks, until only one remained. On his death bed, the lone Glastonbury monk called for Lord Powell. It was there he entrusted Powell with the olive wood cup and it’s secret. Lord Powell was told that this was the cup used at the Last Supper. It had been brought to Brittan by Joseph of Arimathea after the crucifixion. It must have been with some trepidation he took the cup from the dying monk. Viewing what he had been told was the Holy Grail. The monk charged the Powell Family to guard the cup, until the “Church shall claim her own.”

Lord Powell must have taken his charge seriously, because it stayed in the family for nearly 400 years.

In 1739, the Nanteos House was rebuilt by Thomas Powell. The cup was housed in a glass container of an upstairs room. Visitors to Nanteos were even told the generations old tale of how this cup came into the family’s possession. The cup stayed there for another 200 years, attracting pilgrims hoping to receive miraculous healing from the cup. Water that had rested in the cup was sent to serious ill friends and family members all over the world. Richard Wagner made a trip to Nanteos in 1855 to see the cup while writing Parsifal, at the invitation of George Powell. George recounted tales of the cup’s healing powers to Wagner. It even convinced Tom Mac Donald of Western Mail and South Wales News to write an article on the cup. On 5 July 1934, he recounted the story of an 80 year old man who was healed of some unnamed sickness after drinking from the cup.

The pilgrims that traveled to Nanteos House to drink from the cup have taken a physical toll on the artifact. Those desperate enough to receive the blessings of the cup took to taking bites out of it. Hoping that by ingesting some of the cup, they would be made well again. At some point after the 1934 article was written, a silver ring was placed around the rim to hold the cup’s cracked pieces together. Some say that it was then the miraculous benefits of the cup ceased.

When the last of the Powell family passed away in 1952, the Nanteos House was sold to the Mirylees family. The Mirylees were somewhat private about the cup. They no longer publicizing the fact they were the owners of the “Holy Grail”. The family did allow a few interviews regarding the cup. One was a 1997 BBC Television documentary and another was an interview granted to the Martinist Review in 1959. In the Martinist Review article, Marjory Mirylees hinted that the cup was still being used to some extent to heal the sick. She also mentioned that sometimes the water that was poured in the remaining portion of the cup turned a yellowish color, and tasted almost like wine. Mrs. Mirylees also assured the reporters that experts had told her the wood had absolutely nothing to do with the color change.

The Mirylees have moved from Nanteos House. The once proud House has turned into a run down bed and breakfast. Choosing to preserve both the cup and their privacy they moved to Herefordshire and deposited this contender for the true Grail in a Lloyd’s Bank safety deposit box. The only time the Nanteos Cup has been displayed was in 2001, at the launching of a book Nanteos and their Families. At that time, Mrs. Mirylees said that she still sends water out from the cup to heal those with life threatening illnesses.

The veracity of these claims have been put in question by Welsh historian Juliet Woods. Woods article Healing Cup of Nanteos, Dyfed – Is the Holy Grail in Wales? theorizes that the Nanteos Cup is a common Mazer bowl made of witch elm. However Wood’s evidence to this claim in the article is simply theory. She never mentions examining the cup. Wood’s also knocks the legends saying that there are no connections that can be made by the monks at Strata Florida and the Stedman/Powell family. But given the circumstances of the monks’ flight, why would there be any records?

So is the Nanteos Cup the cup used at the Last Supper? That’s for you to decide. Other cups make similar claims with equal veracity. In the end, it’s up to each of us to find out what the truth of the Grail is for him/her self.

Brian Kannard is a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason that lives in Nashville, Tennessee. His keen interest in topics on the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, and Freemasonry are also chronicled his blog Grail Seekers. Brian can be contacted here at Unexplained Mysteries under the user name of Grail Seekers.

Source: Unexplained Mysteries/Brian Kannard


More Violence During Full Moons, Say Police

A full moon doesn't just encourage werewolves. It also brings out the worst in the Great British Hooligan, police have discovered.

Cases of anti- social behaviour rose noticeably on the brightest nights, according to a study by the Sussex force.

"There is definitely a trend," said Inspector Andy Parr, who is responsible for patrols in Brighton at weekends. "With each full moon the number of disturbances recorded increased significantly."

The force is now preparing to put extra officers on the streets during full moons in a bid to curb unruly behaviour.
Inspector Parr, who led the study, said its findings are too striking to dismiss as coincidence.

He compared the number of violent crimes recorded in the region last year with the date of each full moon and discovered a distinct correlation.

"I'm aware that this is just one of many things that can influence public disorder but if you speak to ambulance staff they will tell you exactly the same," he said.

"It may be dismissed as an old wives' tale but there's plenty of other research to suggest that the moon has an impact on human behavioural patterns.

"Last weekend we had a full moon and it was busier in Brighton than it has been previously."

This is not the first time that a link between full moons and extremes in human behaviour has been identified. A study published by German scientists in 2000 claimed the full also sparked a rise in binge drinking.

They checked the police arrest reports and blood-alcohol tests of 16,495 offenders. Most of those with an excess of 2ml of alcohol per 100ml of blood - drunk, under German law - had been caught during the five-day full moon cycle.

Another study, published in 1998, discovered a rise in violent incidents among the 1,200 inmates at Armley Jail in Leeds during the days either side of a full moon.

During the first and last quarter of each lunar month there was a marked increase in aggressive incidents. But during the other period of every lunar month, there were far fewer incidents and none at all on some days.

The Daily Mail's astrologer Jonathan Cainer said Inspector Parr had shown "great courage" by publicly making the link between anti- social behaviour and a full moon.

"Privately it's not just the police who acknowledge that more dramatic things happen around the full moon," he said.

"The fire brigade and ambulance service will both say exactly the same.

"The ocean tides rise and fall with the moon and so do the tides of human emotion. At new moon our inner seas are deep but still.

"At full moon it is as if they are being furiously whipped up by a wind. Full moon aggression can, however, be turned into motivation. That's why many people achieve more during a full moon.

"But the reason why we have the word "lunatic" is because people famously go crazy when the moon is full. So, now that we have official confirmation of how a full moon can provoke violent crime, the only solution is to give the moon an Asbo.

"It's clearly inciting people to disobey the law and behave in a reckless manner."

Source: Daily Mail


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