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Once again secret information has made its way over the hidden channels that clandestinely flow throughout the deepest, darkest recesses of the planet.  Information, that at times, have brought down whole governments and sent men to their torturous deaths.  Information that has finally found its way once again to your email box in the form of Conspiracy Journal!  Your number one source of all the news fit to be kept hidden.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such Karma-cleansing stories as:

- New Law Could Allow Permanent Internet, Phone Spyware -
- CDC Requests Bay Area Morgellons Study -
- Physicists Have 'Solved' Mystery of Levitation -
- Tutankhamen-Like Curse Killed Nepal's Royal Family? -
AND:  China Tells Living Buddhas to Obtain Permission Before They Reincarnate

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The Dig Just Keeps Getting Deeper
An Interview with Ray Santilli
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George Hensley's Serpent Handlers
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New Law Could Allow Permanent Internet, Phone Spyware

A new law expanding the government's spying powers gives the Bush Administration a six-month window to install possibly permanent back doors in the nation's communication networks.  The legislation was passed hurriedly by Congress over the weekend and signed into law Sunday by President Bush.

The bill, known as the Protect America Act, removes the prohibition on warrantless spying on Americans abroad and gives the government wide powers to order communication service providers such as cell phone companies and ISPs to make their networks available to government eavesdroppers.

The Administration pushed for passage of the changes to close what it called a "surveillance gap," referring to a long-standing feature of the nation's surveillance laws that required the government to get court approval to capture communications inside the United States.

While the nation's spy laws have been continually loosened since 9/11, the Administration never pushed for the right to tap the nation's domestic communication networks until a secret court recently struck down a key pillar of the government's secret spying program.

The Administration argues that the world's communication networks now route many foreign to foreign calls and emails through switches in the United States.

Prior to the law's passage, the nation's spy agencies, such as the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency, didn't need any court approval to spy on foreigners so long as the wiretaps were outside the United States.

Now, those agencies are free to order services like Skype, cell phone companies and arguably even search engines to comply with secret spy orders to create back doors in domestic communication networks for the nation's spooks.  While it's unclear whether the wiretapping can be used for domestic purposes, the law only requires that the programs that give rise to  such orders have a "significant purpose" of foreign intelligence gathering.

The law:

    * Defines the act of reading and listening into American's phone calls and internet communications when they are "reasonably believed" to be outside the country as not surveillance.
    * Gives the government 6 months of extended powers to issue orders to "communication service providers," to help with spying that "concerns persons reasonably believed to be outside the United States."  The language doesn't require the surveillance to only target people outside the United States, only that some of it does.
    * Forces Communication Service providers to comply secretly, though they can challenge the orders to the secret Foreign Intelligence Court.  Individuals or companies given such orders will be paid for their cooperation and can not be sued for complying.
    * Grandfathers in the current secret surveillance program -- sometimes referred to as the Terrorist Surveillance Program -- and any others that have been blessed by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.
    * Requires the Attorney General to submit to the secret surveillance court its reasons why these programs aren't considered domestic spying programs, but the court can only throw out those reasons if it finds that they are "clearly erroneous."
    * Requires the Attorney General to tell Congress twice a year about any incidents of surveillance abuse and give statistics about how many surveillance programs were started and how many directives were issued.
    * Makes no mention of the Inspector General, who uncovered abuses of the Patriot Act by the FBI after being ordered by Congress to audit the use of powerful self-issued subpoenas, is not mentioned in the bill.

In short, the law gives the Administration the power to order the nation's communication service providers -- which range from Gmail, AOL IM, Twitter, Skype, traditional phone companies, ISPs, internet backbone providers, Federal Express, and social networks -- to create possibly permanent spying outposts  for the federal government.

These outposts need only to have a "significant" purpose of spying on foreigners, would be nearly immune to challenge by lawsuit, and have no court supervision over their extent or implementation.

Abuses of the outposts will be monitored only by the Justice Department, which has already been found to have underreported abuses of other surveillance powers to Congress.

In related international news, Zimbabwe's repressive dictator Robert Mugabe also won passage of a law allowing the government to turn that nation's communication infrastructure into a gigantic, secret microphone.

Source: Wired


CDC Requests Bay Area Morgellons Study

KTVU Channel 2 has learned the federal Centers for Disease Control has asked Kaiser Permanente to begin the nation’s first epidemiologic study of "Morgellons Disease," a mysterious ailment that the government terms an "unexplained and debilitating condition that has emerged as a public health concern."

KTVU Health and Science Editor John Fowler was the first in the nation to report on this “mystery disease” as it was called in 2004. He reported the skin disorder seemed to cause fibers and filaments to emerge from the skin of sufferers, and also seemed to cause neurological problems patients described as "brain fog."

John followed up with other reports, and founders of a non-profit group hoping to help sufferers understand the disease named it Morgellons. As of February this year, the Morgellons Research Foundation has identified more than ten thousand families nationwide. John profiled former A’s pitcher Billy Koch who says both he and his wife have symptoms.

It started in Oakland four years ago. Koch saved 44 games and was the top reliever in the major leagues. His fastball wowed crowds. And then the strangeness began.

"He freaked out. He wanted to ignore it … I wanted to too. But when it comes to your kids, you gotta stop ignoring it," said Koch's wife Brandi.

She describes their symptoms: "It was the scariest thing I had ever realized in my entire life. There was matter and black specks coming out and off of my skin."

Within two years -- at age 29 -- Billy Koch was out of baseball, partly because of the uncontrollable muscle twitching that went on for months at a time and often kept up him up all night.

The disease is characterized by slow healing skin lesions that often extrude small, dark filaments, especially after bathing.

"That's when it would really just ooze -- literally ooze out of my skin," explained Brandi Koch.

The couple was at wit's end after numerous doctors not only provided little in the way of relief, but actually were skeptical about their health problems: "There's no reasonable explanation for it. I'm not seeing things. l'm watching it happen. We're pretty sane people…" lamented Billy.

KTVU has obtained a federal Request for Quotation, delivered to Kaiser Permanente, that says the CDC now wants its nationwide study to be focused in the Bay Area because 24% of Morgellons patients "reside in California with geographic clustering in the San Francisco metropolitan area."

Federal doctors now want Kaiser Permanente to conduct an urgent epidemiologic investigation with results due by next May " better characterize the clinical and epidemiologic features of this condition; to generate hypotheses about factors that may cause or contribute to sufferers' symptoms; and to estimate the prevalence of the condition in the population; and to provide information to guide public health recommendations."

The CDC for the first time publicly says Morgellons is "an emerging public health problem."

Source: KTVU-TV2


Toward A New Earth And A New Heaven
by Jack Manuelian
After reading the article "Real Reasons Of Global Warming" and how our Solar system and planet Earth with it are coming to a new position and a new alignment on the arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, in parallel to the disc after being off-angle for the past two billion years, all this as a result of a marriage between Milky Way & Sagittarius Galaxies or of both galaxies becoming one flesh and thus generating intense heat, I could not help myself wondering that the worst is yet to come and Earth may actually starts baking.

Here is a few lines from Saint Theresa's poem: "The heat of the sun will burn skin from the bones. The seas will be empty, the ground found bare; there will not be food for any to share."

A prediction of Nostradamus states: "Because of the solar heat upon the sea of Mediterranean, its creatures will be half cooked. People will not need to cook the fishes, they will merely dress and eat them."

Already this summer south Europe entered the beginning of this "baking" season and news releases from that region are actually using the word "bake" to describe the intense heat.

A decade ago there was much talk about Earth entering some king of a "photon belt." Was this a reference to this new alignment of our solar system discovered by Matthew Perkins Erwin in 2006? Did those photon belt energies were actually references to the new high energies the Earth was going to come under once our solar system's merger with the Milky Way was completed?

Is Earth going to enter a new wondrous age or is it going to be a time of our extinction? In my writing in 1995, I did made the following quotes from Cosmic Awareness:

"It appears that the earth is moving toward a field of energy which is called the photon belt, and that this field of energy can and will have a profound effect on the energies of the electromagnetic field on earth and that people will have an opportunity to be altered genetically because of the electromagnetic change on their bodies and light photons that will affect them, even to the cellular levels of the human body."

"For those who have a consciousness that can adjust to higher frequencies of love and light it will be a time of blissful joy. For those who are greedy, hostile, and very grounded in negative energies, it will be a time in which they experience great weakening."

"The New World Order planners are concerned about keeping the approach of the photon belt secret in order to gain the most possible advantage from anything that occurs. They see the photon belt as a natural phenomenon that they can take advantage of and lead the masses into subservient position while they set up controls all over the planet."

"However, the controllers will be moving also into this new zone, and will be caught in a kind of mental warp that puts them into their own private hell or private prison within that mind-scape or consciousness-scape that replaces the land-scape of earth, for as they move into the new dimension it becomes likened unto their own private nightmare."

"As to the question of timing. To project when the events will begin is somewhat difficult. It will be more likely that it is a growing thing rather than a sudden change that occurs, and the growing thing may begin in the mid-nineties (1995), but may take considerable amount of time before it reaches a point of completion. Completion does not refer to the end of the experience, but rather to the complete transition into the total experience, the projected time to be approximately 2012 or 2013, when this experience will be entered into fully."
"People should cherish their life at this time, for its unique opportunity to be part of this great event that is occurring in the universe [Milky Way & Sagittarius Galaxies becoming one flesh], on this Earth, and recognize that even though there will be some pain and suffering involved in experiencing these enormous changes, you are extremely fortunate to be part of such an event, and if you move through these frequencies and vibrational changes without mental disruption or resentment or repression or trying to avoid what can't be avoided, you will have a much easier transition from this dimension to the next," from this old Earth and old heaven to the new Earth and new heaven.
Source: Jack Manuelian


Physicists Have 'Solved' Mystery of Levitation

Levitation has been elevated from being pure science fiction to science fact, according to a study reported recently by physicists. In earlier work the same team of theoretical physicists showed that invisibility cloaks are feasible.

Now, in another report that sounds like it comes out of the pages of a Harry Potter book, the University of St Andrews team has created an 'incredible levitation effects’ by engineering the force of nature which normally causes objects to stick together.

Professor Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin, from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, have worked out a way of reversing this phenomenon, known as the Casimir force, so that it repels instead of attracts.

Their discovery could ultimately lead to frictionless micro-machines with moving parts that levitate But they say that, in principle at least, the same effect could be used to levitate bigger objects too, even a person.

The Casimir force is a consequence of quantum mechanics, the theory that describes the world of atoms and subatomic particles that is not only the most successful theory of physics but also the most baffling.

The force is due to neither electrical charge or gravity, for example, but the fluctuations in all-pervasive energy fields in the intervening empty space between the objects and is one reason atoms stick together, also explaining a “dry glue” effect that enables a gecko to walk across a ceiling.

Now, using a special lens of a kind that has already been built, Prof Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin report in the New Journal of Physics they can engineer the Casimir force to repel, rather than attract.

Because the Casimir force causes problems for nanotechnologists, who are trying to build electrical circuits and tiny mechanical devices on silicon chips, among other things, the team believes the feat could initially be used to stop tiny objects from sticking to each other.

Prof Leonhardt explained, “The Casimir force is the ultimate cause of friction in the nano-world, in particular in some microelectromechanical systems.

Such systems already play an important role - for example tiny mechanical devices which triggers a car airbag to inflate or those which power tiny 'lab on chip’ devices used for drugs testing or chemical analysis.

Micro or nano machines could run smoother and with less or no friction at all if one can manipulate the force.” Though it is possible to levitate objects as big as humans, scientists are a long way off developing the technology for such feats, said Dr Philbin.

The practicalities of designing the lens to do this are daunting but not impossible and levitation “could happen over quite a distance”.

Prof Leonhardt leads one of four teams - three of them in Britain - to have put forward a theory in a peer-reviewed journal to achieve invisibility by making light waves flow around an object - just as a river flows undisturbed around a smooth rock.

Source: The Telegraph (UK)


Tutankhamen-Like Curse Killed Nepal's Royal Family?

One of the most gripping tales to have captured the public's imagination is the legend of Tutankhamen's curse, the superstition that the mummy of Egypt's boy-king took its revenge on the violators of its tomb, causing the death of the British excavators who discovered the grave in 1923.

Though the tales petered out in the 80s, after the woman who was the last link to the expedition died, a similar myth has now sprung up in Nepal, still regarded as a mysterious land that opened up to the outside world only in 1950.

According to Nepal's tabloid press, a secret room in a temple in western Nepal wields similar power, and could be responsible for the massacre of Nepal's royal family in 2001 as well as the sudden death of a parliamentarian recently.

More than two centuries ago, the forefather of the present King Gyanendra, swooped down on Kathmandu valley from the tiny kingdom of Gorkha in western Nepal and began annexing the neighbouring principalities.

The old palace still stands in Gorkha, protected by the temple of Gorkhakali, the goddess of war and power.

Like many old temples in Nepal, the Gorkhakali shrine has a 'vayu kotha' - a secret room said to contain dangerous powers and kept locked.

Though worshipers are forbidden to enter the secret room, the late queen, Aishwarya, ordered the lock to be forced open and entered it in May 2001, the Jana Aastha tabloid reported.

A week later, the queen, while attending a dinner party with family members, was gunned down along with king Birendra, three of their children, and other relatives, reportedly by her eldest son crown prince Dipendra who also perished in the infamous midnight massacre.

The scared temple authorities boarded up the room once again only to be commanded to re-open it last month, which was once again followed by death, the tabloid said.

Last month, a team of parliamentarians went to Gorkha as part of its mandate to visit Nepalese prisons and advise the government how to improve them.

The tabloid said that the head of the team, Dilli Raj Sharma, went to the temple where the priest told him about queen Aishwarya's visit.

An intrigued Sharma then reportedly asked the priest to have the door of the secret room forced open once again so that he could go inside.

By evening, Sharma, who had reportedly told his peers that he was in the best of health, had a sudden heart attack and died while he was being rushed to hospital.

'A coincidence connects the queen and the legislator,' the Nepalese tabloid said.

Scores of chilling legends, especially about the royal family, abound in Nepal.

The most repeated one is about how Prithvi Narayan Shah, the warrior king who had begun expanding his kingdom from Gorkha, angered a holy man with supernatural powers, Gorakhnath.

The sage cursed Shah, saying his dynasty would end after the 10th king.

Birendra, who died in the June 1, 2001 assassination along with his entire family, was the 10th king of the Shah dynasty.

Source: News Post India

Scientist Gets a Hand With Inventing a Legacy

Elmer R. Gates was the most brilliant scientist you've never heard of. He taught dogs to see color. He studied the way emotions affect human breath. He had 43 patents to his name. He spent each waking moment intensely studying his own consciousness, going so deep inside himself that he was certain he had changed the very structure of his brain.

And he did it all in Chevy Chase in what at the time -- 1896 to 1908 -- was said to be the largest private laboratory in the United States. Yet today, even the folks at the Chevy Chase Historical Society haven't heard of this idiosyncratic genius.
Since 1904, Family and Child Services of Washington, D.C., Inc. has provided opportunities for less fortunate children to attend summer camp. Many of the children come from the city's foster care caseload. None of them could afford a week at camp without this support.

Idiosyncratic genius or crackpot?

That's the problem. Some of Gates's theories were so outlandish at the time -- exercising the brain as if it were a muscle? -- that he was embraced, if he was embraced at all, by the fringiest of knowledge-seekers.

Lee Humphries of Minneapolis wants to change that. Last year Lee, 65, launched, a Web site devoted to all things Elmer.

Gates seems to have been more concerned with how something was invented than what was invented. He was convinced that people could put themselves in the right frame of mind to be creative, possibly by adjusting their physical surroundings. And so he paid special attention to the conditions when he was most creative.

Said Lee: "He kept voluminous records on his own physiology, taking urine samples several times a day and blood samples. He would take his temperature. He was doing this to find out what his physiological state was when he was most productive."

Sometimes Gates would do his thinking in a special chamber in which he could regulate the temperature, humidity and electrostatic charge of the air. All to discover how external forces affected his thinking.

Except he didn't call it his "thinking," preferring the expression "mentative process" or "psychurgy."

Although he lectured at the Smithsonian and his lab played host to esteemed visitors, it was a mention in the book "Think and Grow Rich," by power-of-positive-thinking huckster Napoleon Hill that kept Gates's name alive.

That's where Lee, then a curious high-school student, first encountered him.

"I'm interested in creativity," Lee said. "I felt in my own meager way I had replicated some of [Gates's] results, essentially using the same introspective procedures for problem solving that he used."

Lee tracked down Gates's heirs and gained access to original papers, which he put up on his Web site. Gates "thought that ultimately he would synthesize all of this stuff and he would write his great work," Lee said.

Except he never did. He was in the fine tradition as such iconoclastic -- and doomed -- American inventors as Philo T. Farnsworth. Gates didn't publish, and he spread himself awfully thin. His dozens of inventions include ore separators, an electric iron and an early chemical fire extinguisher.
Since 1904, Family and Child Services of Washington, D.C., Inc. has provided opportunities for less fortunate children to attend summer camp. Many of the children come from the city's foster care caseload. None of them could afford a week at camp without this support.

He trained dogs to walk down a darkened hallway where tiles of certain colors were electrified, in the process becoming perhaps the first researcher to use negative reinforcement.

He had people in various emotional states breathe into a glass tube, collected the condensate, treated it with various agents and examined the precipitate. Newspapers at the time announced that Gates had declared that the color of sin was pink, one of many misinterpretations of his work, Lee said. In fact, Gates had discovered that a person's emotional state could affect his or her body's chemistry, something we take for granted now.

My favorite Gates invention is from 1903: Patent No. 741,903, "Educational Toy or Game Apparatus." It was a box whose lid had different shapes cut into it -- circles, triangles, squares -- and an assortment of similarly shaped blocks to go into it.

Elmer R. Gates invented the square peg for the square hole, the round peg for the round hole.

None of his inventions made him rich, though. He was too busy plowing money back into his lab, which he eventually lost. The pages of his diary from the spring of 1911 show an increasingly desperate man. Money had dried up, and Gates's journal alternates between desperation and inspiration. "My idea for artificial wrapping for sausages and bologna has leaked out," he laments. "I saw these goods for sale in the market recently!"

Then later: "10,000,000 dollars can be made on a non-magnetizable watch."

He decided to try to invent one. If he had, maybe you'd have heard of him.

Source: The Washington Post


China Tells Living Buddhas to Obtain Permission Before They Reincarnate

Tibet’s living Buddhas have been banned from reincarnation without permission from China’s atheist leaders. The ban is included in new rules intended to assert Beijing’s authority over Tibet’s restive and deeply Buddhist people.

“The so-called reincarnated living Buddha without government approval is illegal and invalid,” according to the order, which comes into effect on September 1.

The 14-part regulation issued by the State Administration for Religious Affairs is aimed at limiting the influence of Tibet’s exiled god-king, the Dalai Lama, and at preventing the re-incarnation of the 72-year-old monk without approval from Beijing.

It is the latest in a series of measures by the Communist authorities to tighten their grip over Tibet. Reincarnate lamas, known as tulkus, often lead religious communities and oversee the training of monks, giving them enormous influence over religious life in the Himalayan region. Anyone outside China is banned from taking part in the process of seeking and recognising a living Buddha, effectively excluding the Dalai Lama, who traditionally can play an important role in giving recognition to candidate reincarnates.

For the first time China has given the Government the power to ensure that no new living Buddha can be identified, sounding a possible death knell to a mystical system that dates back at least as far as the 12th century.

China already insists that only the Government can approve the appointments of Tibet’s two most important monks, the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama. The Dalai Lama’s announcement in May 1995 that a search inside Tibet — and with the co- operation of a prominent abbot — had identified the 11th reincarnation of the Panchen Lama, who died in 1989, enraged Beijing. That prompted the Communist authorities to restart the search and to send a senior Politburo member to Lhasa to oversee the final choice. This resulted in top Communist officials presiding over a ceremony at the main Jokhang temple in Lhasa in which names of three boys inscribed on ivory sticks were placed inside a golden urn and a lot was then drawn to find the true reincarnation.

The boy chosen by the Dalai Lama has disappeared. The abbot who worked with the Dalai Lama was jailed and has since vanished. Several sets of rules on seeking out “soul boys” were promulgated in 1995, but were effectively in abeyance and hundreds of living Buddhas are now believed to live inside and outside China.

All Tibetans believe in reincarnation, but only the holiest or most outstanding individuals are believed to be recognisable — a tulku, or apparent body. One Tibetan monk told The Times: “In the past there was no such regulation. The management of living Buddhas is becoming more strict.”

The search for a reincarnation is a mystical process involving clues left by the deceased and visions among leading monks on where to look. The current Dalai Lama, the fourteenth of the line, was identified in 1937 when monks came to his village.

China has long insisted that it must have the final say over the appointment of the most senior lamas. Tibet experts said that the new regulations may also be aimed at limiting the influence of new lamas.

Source: China View


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