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What's that strange light in the sky? Hush! Did you hear something on the roof? Quiet! I think someone is in the house!  Could it be extraterrestrials looking for abductees to experiment on? Maybe it's the Men-In-Black seeking to threaten and warn dire consequences. I bet it's agents of the New World Order looking to implant mind control devices in our heads to create robot killers!  No, wait!  It's ALL OF THE ABOVE!  But don't worry, they're only here to read your
latest edition of Conspiracy Journal, with all the news and info that's fit to suppress.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such lip-smacking stories as:

- Former Pilots and Officials Call for New U.S. UFO Probe -
- Da Vinci's Last Supper Painting Has Coded "Soundtrack" -
- Florida Town Puzzled By Mysterious Ape Sightings -
- Sleep Deprivation - Or a Glimpse into Another Dimension? -
AND:  The 10 Most Intriguing Mysteries of Lost Civilizations

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Accompanied by Warriors From Atlantis,
Lost Cities, Living dinosaurs, and a
Bloody Arsed Pirate or Two

Noted historian Timothy Green Beckley has proclaimed Harold T. Wilkins one of the most important writers on the paranormal of ALL TIME, “who immersed himself in tales of Atlantis, lost civilizations in the jungles of South America, haunted treasure troves of infamous pirates, and prehistoric creatures which might still be alive. In the l950s, he became mesmerized by the earliest flying saucer accounts, and his works "Flying Saucers on the Attack" and "Flying Saucers Uncensored" created a stir because of their controversial nature.”


The history of a militant race of Atlantean warriors who could only be killed by stones or wood because they were invulnerable to steel. 

Read a terrifying account of a fire breathing monster which emerged from a flying saucer in 1952. Witnesses saw a half-man/half-dragon creature, ten feet tall, with  a red-orange face and green body. Then there was one contactee who in 1953 met a beautiful saucer woman who hailed from a planet on the dark side of the moon.

Do exotic creatures still exist in the deepest jungles of South America?  Read about a brave explorer found ripped to shreds by a King Kong-like monster, and the native women who coupled with large "apes."  Learn of their hybrid progeny, whose "language" consists only of moans and howls.
Also included are the world’s most mysterious creatures: Unicorns, the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas and a bird with the head of a monkey.

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Mark David Chapman: Lone Nut or CIA Assassin?
America and Bio-Weapons: A Troubling Ethos
The Healing Sounds of Jonathan Goldman
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Former Pilots and Officials Call for New U.S. UFO Probe

UFOs may be fodder for comedians but there was no joking Monday when an international panel of two dozen former pilots and government officials  recounted seeing strange phenomena in the sky and demanded, as a matter of safety and security given continuing reports about flying discs, glowing spheres and other strange sightings, that the US government reopen an investigation into unidentified flying objects.

"Especially after the attacks of 9/11, it is no longer satisfactory to ignore radar returns ... which cannot be associated with performances of existing aircraft and helicopters," they said in a statement released at a news conference.

The panelists from seven countries, including former senior military officers, said they had each seen a UFO or conducted an official investigation into UFO phenomena. Several pilots offered dramatic accounts of witnessing UFOs -- including a transparent flying disc and a triangular craft with mysterious markings -- as they insisted their questions needed to be taken seriously more than 30 years after the US file was closed.

"We want the US government to stop perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down-to-earth, conventional terms," said Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona and air force pilot who says he saw a UFO in 1997.

"Instead our country needs to reopen its official investigation that it shut down in 1969," Symington told a news conference.

"We believe that for reasons of both national security and flight safety, every country should make an effort to identify any object in its airspace," said a statement from the 19 former pilots and government officials from around the world.

The subject of UFOs came up in a recent debate among US presidential candidates, with Democrat Dennis Kucinich saying he once saw a UFO -- making him the object of ridicule and jokes by late night television comedians.

Skeptics say UFO sightings are merely aircraft, satellites or meteors re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. A panelist who once worked for Britain's Ministry of Defense said 5 percent of incidents cannot be explained.

But the sightings are often dismissed by authorities without proper investigations, UFO activists say.

"It's a question of who you going to believe: your lying eyes or the government?" remarked John Callahan, a former Federal Aviation Administration investigator, who said the CIA in 1987 tried to hush up the sighting of a huge lighted ball four times the size of a jumbo jet in Alaska.

But the retired pilots spoke to a sympathetic audience of UFO "believers" who heard them recall their encounters with seemingly other-worldly objects appearing out of the sky.

"Nothing in my training prepared me for what we were witnessing," said James Penniston, a retired US Air Force pilot, as he described seeing and touching a UFO when he was stationed at a British air base in Woodbridge.

He said he saw an inexplicable triangular craft in a clearing in the woods with "blue and yellow lights swirling around the exterior."

The UFO was "warm to the touch and felt like metal," Penniston said. One side of the craft had pictorial symbols and "the largest symbol was a triangle, which was centered in the middle of the others," he said.

Then after 45 minutes the light from the object "began to intensify" and it then "shot off at an unbelievable speed" before 80 Air Force personnel, he said. "In my logbook, I wrote 'speed: impossible.'"

Rodrigo Bravo from Chile's air force said UFOs needed to be studied but lamented that the media often belittle the sightings.

"Sadly the UFO subject has been contaminated with false information, out of touch with reality, provided by unqualified people to the media," Bravo said.

"One of our most important civil aviation cases occurred in 1988, showing that unidentified flying objects can be a danger for air operations," he said.

"A Boeing 737 pilot on a final approach to the runway at the Puerto Montt airport suddenly encountered a large white light surrounded by green and red."

The pilot took a sharp turn to avoid a collision, according to Bravo.

The panel included a former Iranian fighter pilot, Parviz Jafari, who said in 1976 he tried in vain to fire from his jet at an "object which was flashing with intense red, green, orange and blue light" over Tehran.

But when he approached, "my weapons jammed and my radio communications garbled."

A former Air France captain, Jean-Charles Duboc, said in 1994 he and his crew saw "a huge flying disc" near Paris with a diameter of about 300 meters (1,000 feet) that left no sign on radar.

The disc "became transparent and disappeared in about 10 to 20 seconds," Duboc said.

The former pilot said like other major airlines Air France was mindful of its image and it was difficult to raise the subject of UFOs.

A former official with the Federal Aviation Administration, John Callahan, said government agencies discourage inquiries into UFOs.

"'Who believes in UFOs?' is the kind of attitude of the FAA all the time," he said.

"However, when I asked the CIA person: 'What do you think it was,' he responded 'a UFO.'"

When Callahan suggested the government tell Americans about a UFO, the CIA official allegedly told him: "'No way, if we were to tell the American public there are UFOs they would panic.'"

Source: Yahoo News;_ylt=


Da Vinci's Last Supper Painting Has Coded "Soundtrack"

ROME - It's a new Da Vinci code, but this time it could be for real.

An Italian musician and computer technician claims to have uncovered musical notes encoded in Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper," raising the possibility that the Renaissance genius might have left behind a somber composition to accompany the scene depicted in the 15th-century wall painting.

"It sounds like a requiem," Giovanni Maria Pala said. "It's like a soundtrack that emphasizes the passion of Jesus."

Painted from 1494 to 1498 in Milan's Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the "Last Supper" vividly depicts a key moment in the Gospel narrative: Jesus' last meal with the 12 Apostles before his arrest and crucifixion, and the shock of Christ's followers as they learn that one of them is about to betray him.

Pala, a 45-year-old musician who lives near the southern Italian city of Lecce, began studying Leonardo's painting in 2003, after hearing on a news program that researchers believed the artist and inventor had hidden a musical composition in the work.

"Afterward, I didn't hear anything more about it," he said in an interview with The Associated Press. "As a musician, I wanted to dig deeper."

In a book released Friday in Italy, Pala explains how he took elements of the painting that have symbolic value in Christian theology and interpreted them as musical clues.

Pala first saw that by drawing the five lines of a musical staff across the painting, the loaves of bread on the table as well as the hands of Jesus and the Apostles could each represent a musical note.

This fit the relation in Christian symbolism between the bread, representing the body of Christ, and the hands, which are used to bless the food, he said. But the notes made no sense musically until Pala realized that the score had to be read from right to left, following Leonardo's particular writing style.

In his book - "La Musica Celata" ("The Hidden Music") - Pala also describes how he found what he says are other clues in the painting that reveal the slow rhythm of the composition and the duration of each note.

The result is a 40-second "hymn to God" that Pala said sounds best on a pipe organ, the instrument most commonly used in Leonardo's time for spiritual music. A short segment taken from a CD of the piece contained a Bach-like passage played on the organ. The tempo was almost painfully slow but musical.

Alessandro Vezzosi, a Leonardo expert and the director of a museum dedicated to the artist in his hometown of Vinci, said he had not seen Pala's research but that the musician's hypothesis "is plausible."

Vezzosi said previous research has indicated the hands of the Apostles in the painting can be substituted with the notes of a Gregorian chant, though so far no one had tried to work in the bread loaves.

"There's always a risk of seeing something that is not there, but it's certain that the spaces (in the painting) are divided harmonically," he told the AP. "Where you have harmonic proportions, you can find music."

Vezzosi also noted that though Leonardo was more noted for his paintings, sculptures and visionary inventions, he was also a musician. Da Vinci played the lyre and designed various instruments. His writings include some musical riddles, which must be read from right to left.

Reinterpretations of the "Last Supper" have popped up ever since "The Da Vinci Code" fascinated readers and movie-goers with suggestions that one of the apostles sitting on Jesus' right is Mary Magdalene, that the two had a child and that their bloodline continues.

Pala stressed that his discovery does not reveal any supposed dark secrets of the Catholic Church or of Leonardo, but instead shows the artist in a light far removed from the conspiratorial descriptions found in fiction.

"A new figure emerges - he wasn't a heretic like some believe," Pala said. "What emerges is a man who believes, a man who really believes in God."

Source: RedOrbit


ARGENTINA: Police Encounter UFO and Four Aliens Near Irene

Agents of law enforcement were engaged in routine patrols of local roads. The sighting took place from a pickup truck. The figures observed were short in stature. Bracamonte and Orellano were paralyzed by the strange apportion. Residents of the fields and couple driving along the road witnessed a phenomenon having similar characteristics.

The apparition of a strange unidentified flying object, preceded by a enveloping white light, and the sighting of four strange beings in the vicinity of Irene, Coronel Dorrego district, kept residents speculating as to their origin.

The event occurred last Wednesday at 1:30 a.m. when two police agents from the Oriente station reconnoitered the rural area in the vicinity of Irene, specifically at the property of Felipe Fernandez. That is when the inexplicable episode occurred, startling Luis Bracamonte, first lieutant at Oriente, and Osvaldo Orellano, a sub-lieutenant from the same police station. The police officers were engaged in a routine patrol when at one and a half hours past midnight, Orellano got out of the police pickup truck to take a look, while Bracamonte remained aboard.

"At that time I was loading a telephone calling card into my cellphone, and for that reason I remained in the vehicle. While I stared at the phone in my hand, I saw a small light, like that of a pickup truck approaching, but when I saw that it was closing in quickly, the light became larger as though from a large gray pickup truck. I wasn't disturbed by the scene, but at a distance of 10 meters I saw a shape moving and my first thought was that it was a dog. Then I saw that it was a silhouette, like that of a little man, standing approximately 80 centimeters tall, with a large head, large prominent gray eyes and a greenish cast. I then tried to dial my fellow officer's cellphone, but when I pressed the 1 and the 5, my hand remained sort of static. I could see that three more creatures came out of that vehicle or craft, two similar to the first and a fourth with a slightly more robust appearance," said Bracamonte with complete certainty.

The policeman also said that "at that time, my partner was seeing the same thing I was seeing and shouted, "what's going on?!" In a flash, the four little men boarded that craft again and it took off swiftly toward the north, scattering a white light that extinguished itself, leaving behind a green halo and a strong odor of sulfur or gunpowder, making a sound like a thunderclap."

When sub-lieutenant Santiago Walter of the Aparicio station added his testimony to the facts provided by Bracamonte. He had a similar while on patrol a few kilometers away from Irene with police officer Walter Carabajal between 1 and 2 a.m. "We were heading out of [the town] of Nicolas Descalzi toward Aparicio on a routine patrol when we saw a large white light that appeared to engulf us.At that time the pickup stopped dead and I tried to place a call on my cellphone, but there was no signal. My partner, Carabajal, asked me to look up. That's when we saw a powerful light that appeared to stop above our pickup truck and then vanished in a flash," he said in a telephone interview. Walter contacted first lieutenant Damian Sandoval, the officer-in-charge at Oriente, only minutes later, and who was on patrol in the La Turca area, far from his present position. Sandoval reported nothing unusual. When [Walter] checked in with Bracamonte, part of the events and details of their respective experiences coincided. Both men have found no explanation for the event.

Orellano, Bracamonte's partner, acknowledged that the situation was strange, but does not regret having been a witness to it in the least. "When I went back to the pickup truck, Bracamonte was silent, with his hand paralyzed for an unknown reason. For two hours he had some trouble with his eyes, something that made them weep, but nothing major came of it."

Several residents of Oriente confirm the police officers' testimony, claiming having seen a strange glow that surrounded the towns of Irene and Aparicio at the time in question. A couple traveling from to Marisol from Oriente at the stated time saw a light toward Irene that engulfed them from the rear. It could not have been a lightning bold, which made them feel even more curious. Farmworkers also witnessed the glow, which they cannot explain and which has been a source of speculation among locals.

At least a dozen local residents heard a loud report that startled them around 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning, which jolted them awake. However, there was no apparent cause of origin. Today, listening to the reports of unidentified creatures, the situation dovetails with the reports given by the policemen.

An Interview with Guillermo Gimenez of Planeta UFO

Readers of Inexplicata are familiar with the reports on Argentinean UFO and paranormal cases provided by our contributing editor, Guillermo Gimenez, who co-directs the Planeta UFO weblist (with Christian Quintero. Mr. Gimenez took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

Hi Guillermo -- Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to answer some questions for INEXPLICATA. As a researcher, what is your opinion on the case involving the four police officers that had the CE-4 experience near the town of Irene?

Hello Scott – well, I can tell you that this is without a doubt a very interesting case, more so when its protagonists were four police officers from the Buenos Aires Provincial Police, holding the ranks of lieutenants and sub-lieutenants. Two of the witnessed not only a large object that came close to them, but also the descent and perception of four small humanoid figures, greenish-hued, large-headed and gray-eyed. You can also add to this the number of witnesses who claim having seen -- between 1 and 2 a.m., the indicated time of the encounter on Wednesday, November 7 – strange lights in the sky and a loud detonation whose source still remains unknown. There are also reports from other localities which I consider to be “hot spots”, such as Coronel Dorrego, Oriente, Tres Arroyos and Necochea, plus the visual testimony of a UFO photographed some days ago at a lagoon near the place where the events occurred. All of this can be added to the veracity of the events.

Can you describe the conditions one finds in rural Argentina? By this I mean the distances to be covered, the population density, the factors that make it ideal for UFO sightings?

The Republic of Argentina is a vast country. Traversing it covers thousands of miles from north to south and east to west. Our fields are fruitful in a number of areas and therefore, distances here are vast, making favorable for UFO events. For example, between my city, which is Necochea, and the neighboring city of Tres Arroyos, there’s a distance of 142 kilometers. There are some homesteads and small localities where strange objects are also reported, as well as encounters with their occupants.

This region is very rich in UFO case histories, and we’ve had all kinds of encounters with beings of various descriptions. Perhaps the first recorded CE-3 case in this region took place in Tres Arroyos around 1940 and its protagonists were also police officers from the Province of Buenos Aires. They witnessed a luminous, disk-shaped object and could see a number of humanoid figures “coming and going,” in the words of Sgt. Vicente and Patrolman Gitani. This sighting impressed them to the extent that they withdrew from the area. A startling case. Imagine what it must’ve been like, Scott, to undergo an experience like this one.

Does this case remind you of other cases involving police officers that ran into UFOs in your country’s rural areas?

Argentina has had many UFO cases involving police officers. I’m reminded of the events of the Julio Orozco case from May 1999 in the province of La Pampa, a region that has always offered rich and interesting case histories. Another would be the one that occurred in Salta, in the vicinity of the Tin Tin straight road, near the Cachi Pass at an elevation of 6100 meters, when a patrol car was escorted by a huge UFO along a beautiful region of our country. This was around May 2001. Another event would be July 2002 incident in the Province of Cordoba, when various law enforcement officers sighted a large object. As you can see, I can keep listing cases, but I think this offer a good sample.

Have you had the chance to investigate any similar cases in Necochea and its environs?

I had the chance to investigate several UFO cases involving police officers as well as regular citizens, highway chases and even encounters with occupants. All of this took place in Province of Buenos Aires, in cities such as Necochea, Miramar, Tres Arroyos, Coronel Dorrego, Oriente, etc., in other words, the same area as the main events. Case histories are abundant and have taken place at different times.

Which ufological mystery intrigues you most?

My interest in ufology came about in the summer of 1977 in my city, Necochea, when I was able to see the maneuvers of a large mothership that crossed the city at a very low altitude and in perfect silence. There were hundreds of witnesses. From that moment I felt the urge to research. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world and find in various parts of the world (the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, etc.) many encounters that were similar to others that took place enormous distances away and in other times. Surprising cases involving different witnesses. There’s no doubt that cases involving the presence of occupants intrigue me the most. Here in Necochea I have looked into real encounter cases. Our area is rich not only in cases, but in the quantity and quality of the eyewitnesses involved.

Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

Source: Scott Corrales, Inexplicata


Florida Town Puzzled By Mysterious Ape Sightings

Near the northern border of Florida, one county over from the east coast of the state, is the small community of Glen St. Mary. It is a town in Baker County, Florida, with a population of 473 in the 2000 census, and 489, as of 2004. The people in Glen St. Mary live in 181 households in 131 families. Ninety-eight percent of the people in town identify themselves as Caucasian Americans.

The little town of Glen St. Mary is in the middle of a bit of uproar. A cryptid is the talk of the town. A mystery ape seems to be about.

Folks who live in Glen St. Mary say nothing much happens there. But some excitement came to the little North Florida town -- in the form of an escaped ape. Or did it?

Downtown Glen St. Mary has all you'd expect from a small North Florida town: one traffic signal, one gas station and one big mystery. Screeches in the night. A creature in the trees.

Needless to say, Florida is the land of accounts of the Skunk Ape, the Myakka unknown, and boogers. There are over a hundred years of reports of this kind coming from this part of America’s subtropical South.

Stories of sightings in Glen St. Mary echo on every corner. The local newspaper even ran a story about it. Eric Lawson's heard the tales.

"There is kinda that 'I've seen a bigfoot' type of feel to it," he said. "They said it made a nest in that tree, so it's probably somewhere here in the area."

What's got Glen St. Mary howling? It's a monkey. Well, actually -- an ape. Specifically, an orangutan. A handful of folks say they've heard the call of an escaped ape.

One family even found the grand prize: what looked to be an orange ape, nesting high in a tree.We talked on the phone with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission investigator who actually answered the original complaint call.

He said there was definitely something up in the top of the tree, but he really couldn't be sure what it was. So, he took a pack of jelly donuts and left it right at the bottom of the tree, hoping to lure the creature to the ground.

He hasn't heard anything since.

Well, orangutans really love fruit. So, hungry for answers, we went to "Ed" -- a neighbor who hears all the gossip from his produce stand.

But Ed had boarded up his stand and beat it out of town. Why did he decide to split? It's not clear, but the sign he left behind prominently features a bunch of bananas as one of his top-selling products.

Ed took off, and so did the mystery creature.

"The next morning, the people came out and it was -- it was gone," Lawson remembered from the story he'd heard from his father.

If it is an ape, where did it come from? The state says no one in Baker County is even licensed to own an orangutan. It seems like that's part of the mystery.

In the end, the evidence of any, umm, monkey business -- is still up in the air.

Glen St. Mary should not feel alone, other Florida locations have experienced strange ape sightings. A Santa Rosa resident called on sheriff’s department investigators in November 2006 to help identify a mysterious intruder that looked remarkably like a chimpanzee.

The resident spotted what appeared to be some type of monkey in a nearby field on Thursday. She was able to take a photograph of the animal prior to it leaving the area.

She took the photograph to the Gulf Breeze Zoo, where officials verified that the animal was a chimpanzee. Zoo officials took a count of their chimpanzees and all were accounted for.

Zoo officials, as well as the sheriff’s office, warned the public to be aware of the dangers if they encountered the animal. Chimpanzees can be very aggressive and vicious, causing great bodily harm to humans. The public was urged to not approach the animal and instead call local law enforcement so that the appropriate agencies can be contacted to apprehend the animal.

However, as far as anyone knows, the Santa Rosa chimp was never seen again. Maybe it moved on to the quieter surrounding of Glen St. Mary's.

Source: Cryptomundo


Sleep Deprivation - Or a Glimpse into Another Dimension?

A cool October breeze brushed Len Berroth as he stood at his front door in 2006. Len, of DeLand, Fla., thought he was at the end of three mostly sleepless nights and a seven-hour drive.

But something wasn’t right at Len’s house.

“Sleep depravation lifted the veil between parallel plains that coexist at different vibration levels would be my guess,” Len said. “What showed itself was not of this world yet interacted with dwellings, objects, landscape surroundings as if it were theirs.”

The world around Len rippled, sending streaks of light dancing past him, as his perception of reality changed. For the next nine and a half hours, he watched his neighborhood team with life that shouldn’t be.

Like the giants.

“Three giant beings were visible, human-like … except in height. They ducked their heads to go under the wires on the telephone poles,” Len said. “The tops of their heads were even with the roof tops.”

The giants gently groomed bushes and trees as they made their way down the neighborhood.

“It looked like they were twining rope from the leaves and branches,” Len said.

His neighbors across the street were on vacation, but as Len stood at his door, two SUVs pulled in the neighbor’s drive and six “average-looking people” got out of the SUVs and spent several hours talking, never approaching the house.

“Positioning myself for a better look across the street I heard the sound of grass being ripped up behind me,” Len said. “Turning, I saw my two 15-foot high, elephant yard adornments grazing the front lawn. Their trunks yanked the grass up, feeding to their mouths while slowly walking around the yard.”

Tires sliding across pavement drew Len’s eyes back to the SUVs which, like the giants and the lawn ornaments, were alive.

“The two SUVs were acting like a pair of grazing buffalo,” Len said. “Their tires scraped at the driveway as their front ends dipped down till the bumpers touched the ground as if eating. I did go over the next day and have pictures showing erratic black rubber markings on the concrete consistent with what I saw.”

The “average-looking people” didn’t seem to notice the activity because they were interested in something else.

“I saw one person in their group holding what I’ll describe as box-like, four inches high, 14 inches deep, 18 inches wide, a series of different colored lights forming several rows,” he said.

The others circled around the man with the box as a sequence of colored lights turned on and off in a pattern. Len said the box was a signal light.

“The group now looked up to the night sky, then I saw hovering about 2,000 feet above us was a saucer-shaped craft completely silent, then it’s underbelly lit up as rows of colored lights flashed the same sequence toward the ground,” Len said. “Just then six beings appeared on the sidewalk in front of that house, they were in mid stride when they popped out of nowhere.”

The beings were eight-feet tall, slender and dressed in black, hooded robes.

“They seemed relevant to the space craft as the colored light exchange stopped,” Len said. Then the beings dressed in black disappeared as did the craft. “The craft shot from sight directly after the black robed beings disappeared.”

That wasn’t the end. Len later saw what he described as Neanderthals milling for hours in his yard until a friend of his pulled up to his house.

“Ten of them were in my front yard, taking no notice as a friend pulled up next to them,” he said. “These beings acted like we weren’t there as I met my friend at the curb, she couldn’t see them.

“Tell me you don’t see these people,” Len demanded of his friend. “‘Nobody’s there,’ was her response. The commotion from my raised voice caused the people that signaled the UFO to walk toward us.”

The people crossed the road and stopped several feet from Len and his friend.

“You know I can see you,” Len thought, and a voice in his head said “yes.”

Len grabbed his friend’s arm and ran into his house. A year later, Len is convinced his experience was not caused by sleep deprivation, but by our dimension merging with dimensions we don’t normally see.

“That night, trees and plants took active roles, exposing their living spirits as being more in tune to surroundings, quite capable of telepathic exchange,” he said. “But that’s another story in itself.”

Source: Jason Offutt-From the Shadows


The 10 Most Intriguing Mysteries of Lost Civilizations

Tantalizing clues to the possible true history of our distant past.

How can we know who we are if we don't know where we come from? It is clear from many fragments of evidence, traditions and lore that we have an incomplete picture of the earliest days of human civilization. It's possible that whole civilizations, some with advanced technology, have come and gone. At the very least, human culture reaches much further back in time than conventional history admits. There are many mysteries in our ancient past, but there may be clues to that past around the world in the form of sunken cities, ancient structures, cryptic hieroglyphics, artwork and more.

Here are ten of the most intriguing pieces of the puzzle that is our past. They are shrouded in mystery and varying degrees of doubt, but all are nonetheless fascinating.

1. Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon

The April 5, 1909 edition of the Arizona Gazette featured an article entitled "Explorations in Grand Canyon: Remarkable finds indicate ancient people migrated from Orient." According to the article, the expedition was financed by the Smithsonian Institute and discovered artifacts that would, if verified, stand conventional history on its ear.
Inside a cavern "hewn in solid rock by human hands" were found tablets bearing hieroglyphics, copper weapons, statues of Egyptian deities and mummies. Although highly intriguing, the truth of this story is in doubt simply because the site has never been re-found. The Smithsonian disavows all knowledge of the discovery, and several expeditions searching for the cavern have come up empty-handed. Was the article just a hoax? "While it cannot be discounted that the entire story is an elaborate newspaper hoax," writes researcher/explorer David Hatcher Childress, "the fact that it was on the front page, named the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, and gave a highly detailed story that went on for several pages, lends a great deal to its credibility. It is hard to believe such a story could have come out of thin air."

2. Age of the Pyramids and Sphinx

Most Egyptologists believe the Great Sphinx on the Giza plateau is about 4,500 years old. But that number is just that - a belief, a theory, not a fact. As Robert Bauval says in "The Age of the Sphinx," "there was no inscriptions - not a single one - either carved on a wall or a stela or written on the throngs of papyri" that associates the Sphinx with this time period. So when was it built? John Anthony West challenged the accepted age of the monument when he noted the vertical weathering on its base, which could only have been caused by long exposure to water in the form of heavy rains. In the middle of the desert? Where did the water come from? It so happens that this area of the world experienced such rains - about 10,500 years ago! This would make the Sphinx more than twice its currently accepted age. Bauval and Graham Hancock have calculated that the Great Pyramid likewise dates back to about 10,500 B.C. - predating the Egyptian civilization. This raises the questions: Who built them and why?

3. Nazca Lines

The famous Nazca lines can be found in a desert about 200 miles south of Lima, Peru. On a plain measuring approximately 37 miles long and one mile wide are etched lines and figures that have puzzled the scientific world since their discovery in the 1930s. The lines run perfectly straight, some parallel to one another, many intersecting, making the lines look from the air like ancient airport runways. This prompted Erich von Daniken in his book Chariots of the Gods to suggest (ludicrously, we think) that they actually were runways for extraterrestrial craft... as if they would need runways. More intriguing are the gigantic figures of 70-some animals carved into the ground - a monkey, a spider, a hummingbird among others. The puzzle is that these lines and figures are of such a scale that they can only be recognized from a high altitude. (They were rediscovered by accident in the 1930s by an overflying airplane.) So what is their significance? Some believe they have an astronomical purpose, while others think they served in religious ceremonies. A recent theory suggests the lines lead to sources of precious water. The truth is, no one really knows.

4. Location of Atlantis

There are as many theories as to the true location of Atlantis as there are SPAM in your e-mail box. We get the legend of Atlantis from Plato who wrote about the beautiful, technologically advanced continent-sized island back in 370 B.C., but his description of its location was limited and vague. Many, of course, conclude that Atlantis never really existed, but was merely a fable. Those who think it did exist have sought evidence or at least clues in almost every corner of the globe. Edgar Cayce's famous prophecies said remnants of Atlantis would be found around Bermuda, and in 1969, geometric stone formations were found near Bimini that believers said confirmed Cayce's prediction. Other proposed locations for Atlantis include Antarctica, Mexico, off the coast of England, possibly even off the coast of Cuba (see below).
Writer Alan Alford makes the case that Atlantis was not an island at all, but an exploded planet. The controversy and theories will likely continue until someone uncovers a sign saying: "Atlantis, pop. 58,234."

5. Mayan Calendar

There's been a lot of hand-wringing over the supposed prophecies of the Mayan calendar. More people fear it, perhaps, than feared the ominous predicted catastrophes of the year 2000. All the fretting is based on the finding that the Mayan "Long Count" calendar ends on a date that corresponds to our December 21, 2012. What does this mean? The end of the world through some global cataclysm or war? The beginning of a new era, a new Age for mankind? Such prophecies have a long tradition of not coming to pass. But the only way we'll find out for sure is to wait and see. Just in case, however, in 2012 you might want to do your Christmas shopping early.

6. Japan's Underwater Ruins

Off the southern shore of Okinawa, Japan, under 20 to 100 feet of water lie enigmatic structures that may have been built by some ancient, lost civilization. Skeptics say the large, tiered formations are probably natural in origin. "Then, in late summer of the following year," writes Frank Joseph in an article for Atlantis Rising, "another diver in Okinawa waters was shocked to see a massive arch or gateway of huge stone blocks beautifully fitted together in the manner of prehistoric masonry found among the Inca cities on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, in the Andes Mountains of South America." This seems to confirm that these are manmade ruins. The architecture includes what appear to be paved streets and crossroads, large altar-like formations, staircases leading to broad plazas and processional ways surmounted by pairs of towering features resembling pylons. If it is a sunken city, it is huge. It's been suggested that it might be the lost civilization of Mu or Lemuria (see below).

7. Voyages to the Americas

We were all taught that Columbus discovered America; what they meant to teach us, however, was that Columbus began the official European invasion of the Americas. People had "discovered" the continent long before Columbus, of course. What are known as Native Americans arrived here many centuries before Columbus, and there is good evidence that explorers from other civilizations beat Columbus here, too. It is widely accepted that Leif Ericsson successfully sailed to North America in the year 1000. Far stranger, artifacts have been found suggesting that ancient cultures explored the continent. Greek and Roman coins and pottery have been found in the U.S. and Mexico; Egyptian statues of Osis and Isiris were found in Mexico, to say nothing of the Grand Canyon discovery, see above; ancient Hebrew and Asian artifacts have also been found. The truth is, we know very little about early, far-traveling cultures.

8. Sunken City off Cuba

In May 2001, an exciting discovery was made by Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), a Canadian company that was mapping the ocean bottom of Cuba's territorial waters. Sonar readings revealed something unexpected and quite amazing 2,200 feet down: stones laid out in a geometric pattern that looked very much like the ruins of a city. "What we have here is a mystery," said Paul Weinzweig, of ADC. "Nature couldn't have built anything so symmetrical. This isn't natural, but we don't know what it is." A great sunken city? It must be Atlantis, was the immediate suggestion of many enthusiasts. National Geographic showed a great deal of interest in the site and was involved in subsequent investigations. In 2003, a minisub dove down to explore the structures. Paulina Zelitsky of ADC said they saw a structure that "looks like it could have been a large urban center. However, it would be totally irresponsible to say what it was before we have evidence." Further explorations are forthcoming.

9. Mu or Lemuria

Nearly as famous as Atlantis is the legendary lost world of Mu, sometimes call Lemuria. According to tradition among many Pacific islands, Mu was an Eden-like tropical paradise located somewhere in the Pacific that sunk, along with all of its beautiful inhabitants, thousands of years ago. Like Atlantis, there is ongoing debate as to whether it really existed and, if so, where. Madame Elena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophy movement in the 1800s, believed it was in the Indian Ocean. The ancient residents of Mu have become a favorite of channelers who bring their enlightened messages to present times.

10. Caribbean Underwater Pyramids

One of the most intriguing tales of the discovery of ruins of a lost civilization is the story of Dr. Ray Brown. In 1970, while diving near the Bari Islands in the Bahamas, Dr. Brown claimed to have come across a pyramid "shining like a mirror" that he estimated was 120 feet tall, although he could see only the top 90 feet. The pyramid had a colored capstone and was surrounded by the ruins of other buildings. Swimming into a chamber he found a crystal held by two metallic hands. Over the crystal hung a brass rod from the center of the ceiling, at the end of which was a red multifaceted gem of some kind. Brown said he took the crystal, which allegedly has strange, mystical powers.

Brown's story sounds fictitious - it's just too spectacular. But it excites the imagination and wonder about all the mysteries that could be down there - lost worlds awaiting rediscovery.



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