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This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such nail-biting stories as:

- Stalked By A Cell Phone: Who's Spying On You? -
- Is There A Secret Space Program? -
- Giants - Myth or Reality? -
- The Cursed Delhi Purple Sapphire -
AND:  The Ghosts Come Calling at the Tower of London

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What is the Secret About the Hollow Earth That Admiral Richard Byrd Took to His Grave?

Explore the bizarre world under the Poles! Journey with renown researcher Tim Swartz as he attempts to unravel Admiral Richard E Byrd's mysterious journey to find a secret subterranean world! Here is evidence that the great adventurer actually ventured beyond the poles into a rich land inhabited by a race of superbeings as well as possibly refugee scientists and SS members of Hitler's dreaded Nazi regime.

How the world was formed. The existence of the mythological lands of Hyperborea and Ultima Thule.  The development of the Flying Saucer. The mysterious lands and people of the Far North.  Operation Highjump - Antarctic Attack!  Did Hitler Escape to Antarctica?  Britain's Secret War at the Poles.  Did an Inner World race give the German's UFO technology?

This is a large size - 8.5x11 -- book with easy to read text and contains many important illustrations, art work and documents for the serious student to study. 

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The Psychic World of Amelia Earhart
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Ancient Aliens-ETs or Gods?
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Stalked By A Cell Phone: Who's Spying On You?

For most of us, the cell phone is our lifeline, but in the wrong hands it's can be a high-tech snooping device. Somebody could be watching or listening with software that could turn your cell phone into their eyes and ears to track your every move.

"Your phone can basically spy on you in a heartbeat," says security expert Howard Schmidt.

A man we'll call "Dirk," who spoke on condition of anonymity, says he worried about his cyber stalker -- his ex-girlfriend. Even when Dirk's cell phone was off, his ex spied on him.

She managed to access his cell remotely without him knowing. With Dirk's cell phone she knew his every move: when he was alone at the corner coffee shop, what he bought at the grocery store, who he ate dinner with -- even details about his dinner conversation.

"She always seemed to know where I was at -- 'So you're with so-and-so' -- and I would be with that person, all the time," says Dirk.

At first, Dirk chalked it up to a good guess and blamed himself for being paranoid.

"She would say 'I'm psychic. I know how you think.'"

He believed it. But when his ex knew things he intentionally didn't tell her, that's when it clicked: his cell phone was her microphone.

"She knows too much, there is no way she could know this, without having a listening device," Dirk said.

Sneaky Software

"You don't know what your mobile phone is doing beyond what you think it's doing," insists Schmidt, who worked as a cyber security adviser to the White House and Microsoft's chief security officer.

He insists it all comes down to one word: software. If a stalker gets a hold of your phone, he can install it.

"Some of the software is designed so it will take that conversation and send it through the Internet to a Web site and you can click on the Web site and listen to it," says Schmidt.

Schmidt says once the software is installed, you can listen in on conversations from anywhere in the world. And in Dirk's case, even if the phone was off, his ex could hear any conversation taking place within the vicinity of the cell phone.

"This Could Result In Something Catastrophic"

Schmidt says software already controls every function on cell phones, but spy software can add other functions, like allowing the snoop to remotely and silently turn on a cell phone's microphone while the phone appears to remain off.

"I said 'how do you know that? How do you know?'" Dirk said. "She said, 'I just know who you are, I know who you are.' "

Schmidt says it can result in something catastrophic: "We've seen stalking things go bad where people actually lost their lives over it."

And high-tech surveillance isn't limited to a jilted lover. As long as your cell phone is capable of Internet access, Schmidt says it can be hijacked -- and so can confidential e-mails, financial transactions and intellectual property, all without you ever knowing.

"It's a mobile PC," says Schmidt.

The best defense? Never let your cell phone out of your sight. Schmidt says spy software can be installed in minutes. Dirk thinks that's how his nightmare began. He wants to warn others because the consequences can be long term and severe.

"I still can't see myself being in a relationship," says Dirk.

He says if you think you're paranoid, check it out -- it could be the eyes and ears in your pocket watching and listening to you. Even when he got a new phone or new number, it didn't stop.

"I actually changed it four times in one week, she found my number every single time."

Dirk says more than year ago he moved out of state and eventually the stalking stopped. As an extra layer of precaution, when he's not using his phone he takes the battery out.

Cyber Stalking A Misdemeanor Crime

According to court documents filed last year, the FBI arrested two alleged mobsters by using their cell phones as listening devices -- even when their phones were off.

In June of this year a Seattle family made headlines when they revealed that they were being victimized by bizarre calls on their cell phones. For  months, the Kuykendalls, the Prices and the McKays say, they’ve been harassed and threatened by mysterious cell phone stalkers who track their every move. The stalkers know what the family is eating, when adults leave the house, when they go to baseball games. 

Somehow, the callers gained control of the family cell phones, Price and Kuykendall say. Messages received by the sisters include snatches of conversation overheard on cell-phone mikes, replayed and transmitted via voice mail. Phone records show many of the messages coming from Courtney’s phone, even when she’s not using it – even when it’s turned off.

Once, in front of multiple eyewitnesses, one cell phone switched on by itself and sent a text message to another phone.

The families and their friends adopted new routines, they block the cameras on their phones with tape. They take out the batteries to stop the calls. The Prices and Kuykendalls returned all their corrupted phones to their wireless company and replaced them with new ones. However, the threatening messages kept coming.

Cyber stalking is a misdemeanor crime in Washington unless the perpetrator threatens the victim. Then it becomes a Class C felony.

Schmidt also warns you can be tricked into putting spyware on your phone, so know who you're downloading from. When you download things like ring tones or programs for stock quotes, you're giving someone else access to your cell phone.

If something doesn't seem right, experts insist it's unlikely you'll be able to detect it on your phone. You may need hi-tech help.

Source: KOMO-TV


Is There A Secret Space Program?

The rumors have circulated for years. Researchers point to a black budget in excess of $2.3 trillion dollars; technology watchers speak of secret mini-shuttles and hypersonic aircraft that are years ahead of civilian science.

According to Linda Moulton Howe in her article "Do Black Budget Trillions Support A Secret American Space Program?", Michael Schratt, an Aerospace draftsman for Armstrong Aerospace has a theory that there is a Top Secret space program that not even Congress knows about. Schratt speculates that NASA is only public window dressing for a much bigger and more advanced American clandestine program to dominate and weaponize space. 

Science advisor and author Richard C. Hoagland agrees with this scenario, he points out that with the Space Shuttle, NASA is using technology that is now 25 years old and suggested the reason for this is that there are actually two space programs - the one with public missions, and another which is more heavily funded and kept secret from the American public.

Bill Rose wrote in UFO Magazine UK that there is growing evidence that a mini-shuttle was developed shortly after the space shuttle Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986 and that the trials began in 1992.

Operating under the mysterious Aurora Project, the system is believed to comprise a spaceplane roughly the size of an SR-71 spyplane and a hypersonic launch vehicle resembling the experimental XB-70A strategic bomber designed in 1957-60. This large aircraft could perform a number of roles, but it appears to have been designed specifically to carry the smaller spaceplane to a suitable launch altitude.

The man known by the press as the "UFO Hacker" has said that his computer hacks on NASA uncovered some interesting evidence of a secret space program. Gary McKinnon told the BBC that he had found a list of officers' names under the heading "Non-Terrestrial Officers" that included fleet-to-fleet transfers and a list of ship names that were not U.S. Navy ships. Mckinnon believes that the ships and personnel files he saw were from a space program that operates off-planet spaceships and maintains several secret space stations.

There are also some first-hand accounts of encounters with unknown aircraft that demonstrate flight characteristics and design unknown to civilian aircraft. On August 5, 1992, A United Airlines 747 crew reported a near miss with an unknown aircraft as the airliner headed out of Los Angeles International Airport. The airliner was in the vicinity of Georges AFB, California, when the 747's Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) warned the flight crew that an aircraft was approaching at high speed.

The unidentified aircraft flew past the 747 about 500-1000 feet below it at high supersonic speed. The UFO was described as having a lifting-body configuration, much like the forward fuselage of an SR-71, and being roughly the size of an F-16. It was speculated that the aircraft was a secret spaceplane.

In 1967, former U.S. Navy aviator and aviation writer Jack D. Pickett and his business partner Harold Baker visited MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida to gather information for an Air Force-sponsored article on historical experimental aircraft.  At the edge of the base, they were shown four decommissioned aircraft, all of them flying discs, measuring 20, 40, 70 and 116 feet in diameter.

Through interviews with various base personnel, Pickett and Baker discovered that during the 1950s the USAF had developed several models of flying discs for reconnaissance flights over the Soviet Union.  Pickett was personally shown hundreds of official U.S.A.F. photographs of these aircraft in formation flight, on the tarmac, and was shown portions of motion picture footage of these aircraft in flight.

The discs had supersonic capabilities and were actually capable of achieving space flight.  Many disc flights, particularly those of the highly successful 40-foot version, were no doubt responsible for many "Flying Saucer" reports during the period.  By the early 1960s, all had been retired in favor of more advanced aircraft.

In 1978, Warren Botz, a retired WWII P-40 Warhawk Flying Tigers pilot, was attending a flight reunion at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, when he inadvertently walked into a restricted hanger. There, taking up the entire hangar, was the identical craft Jack Pickett saw at MacDill AFB in 1967. Botz was only in this hangar for about two minutes, but was able to confirm many of the details mentioned by Jack Pickett 12 years earlier.

One questions needs to be asked...if these secret aircraft, which allegedly had the capacity of flying into space, were decommissioned in the early 1960s in favor of more advanced aircraft, what amazing leaps of technology have been secretly developed by the beginning of the 21st century?

Considering the trillions of dollars of unaccounted for black budget money, ones imagination reels at what could be flying around out there that only a select few know anything about.

It has been alleged that on November 12, 1988 there was a secret exhibit at Norton AFB to garner support for black budget aerospace programs. Displayed at this exhibit were three craft measuring 24, 60 and 130 feet in diameter. Reportedly these craft looked like a classic flying saucer, or almost like a Jell-o mold.

These craft were hovering off the floor and the U. S. general who was giving the lecture at this exhibit stated that these craft could do light speed, or better.

The implications are that starting in the early 1950s, there was an alternative, secret military space program, completely separate from the civilian space program, that was developing nuclear energy for aircraft and spacecraft propulsion. By the late 1950s, work was already underway to crack the gravity barrier. Antigravity may have actually been developed as early as 1960, nine years before astronaut Neil Armstrong landed at Tranquility Base on the moon.

The late Benjamin Rich who was the second director of Lockheed's Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991 and regarded as the "father of stealth," stated during a 1993, Alumni Speech at UCLA, "We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an Act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity...Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do."

Source: Tim R. Swartz


The Bowen Manuscript

Twenty years after they were first thrust upon the ufological scene in Tim Good’s classic book Above Top Secret, the so-called Majestic 12 documents still continue to provoke controversy.

And the controversy is almost certainly going to increase as a direct result of the limited-edition-release of a new book titled An Encyclopaedia of Flying Saucers by Vernon Bowen and with (as the front-cover of the book states) “interpretive material added by Dr. Robert M. Wood” (pictured above)

Basically, the story goes like this: Vernon Bowen was a writer of books for children, and a successful advertising copyrighter who graduated from Marietta College in 1927 and died at the age of 78.

Between 1957 and 1961, Bowen worked on his Flying Saucer manuscript and did something with it that few, if indeed anyone else has ever done: namely, before submitting it to a publisher, Bowen sent an original, typed version of it to the Air Force for review, and in an effort to ensure that its contents, as they related to the Air Force, were accurate.

And that’s when the manuscript vanished.

An Encyclopaedia of Flying Saucers was never published. However, in 1999, a strange thing happened: the same, original, typed version of the manuscript that Bowen sent to the Air Force all those years before, turned up in the mail-box of none other than UFO researcher Timothy Cooper (below).

Timothy S. Cooper

According to Cooper, the Bowen manuscript was contained in an envelope that identified the sender as someone attached to the US Army’s Intelligence and Security Command at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Now, there have of course been a lot of questions raised about the validity (or otherwise!) of photo-copied MJ12-style documents sent anonymously in the mail to elements of the UFO research community.

But, regardless of what you, me or anyone else might think about the MJ12 affair, in this case we’re not working with photo-copies (which, from a forensic perspective, aren’t great to work with). I won’t go into all the complexities of the controversy, but in this case - as the book reveals - there’s no doubt that the manuscript that Vernon Bowen sent to the Air Force at the dawning of the 1960s somehow turned up in the mailbox of Tim Cooper decades later.

In other words, given that Cooper was provided with Bowen’s original and not a photocopy, it does appear to be the case that someone “on the inside” had to have been behind the move to get this material sent to Cooper - since it was the Air Force that had been its original custodian.

Not only that: someone had stamped a number of the pages “TOP SECRET/MAJIC” (various pages contained within the manuscript contain hand-written notes too, reportedly written by someone high-up in the official/”MJ” world who appears to have intriguing knowledge of classified UFO data and projects).

For MJ12 proponents, this is, of course, evidence that after Bowen sent his manuscript to the Air Force, it somehow made its way to the so-called Majestic 12 group, who read it and annotated it. And then, years later, Cooper received it from a sympathetic insider.

Is this evidence that there really was a Majestic 12 group? I would urge anyone with an interest in the story of MJ12 to secure a copy (and quickly, given that it’s a limited edition publication) of An Encyclopaedia of Flying Saucers.

You’ll find in its pages an entertaining and informative manuscript courtesy of Bowen, and comments and observations of a forensic nature from Bob Wood.

For ordering information, contact Ryan Wood at his website:

Take this link to read PDF-version extracts from Bowen’s original manuscript:

Source: UFOMystic


Giants - Myth or Reality?

In the human experience, giants are literally the "elephants in the room". When our research first began on this paradigm, we had little knowledge of how extensive the evidence of their existence was. We now have a comprehensive database consisting of over 200 historical descriptions; over half from the United States and the U.K. history, alone. And, our unpublished files contain enough information to more than triple the current data we now have online. Were one to undertake a thorough study of giants and record all in detail, it would certainly be a life's work.

The lack of the presence of giants in orthodox history, academia, and anthropological studies is appalling in light of the true historical records from every part of the globe. Even more mysterious is the seemingly unanimous decisions by the keepers of the world's museums and archeological treasures to keep the physical evidence of giants hidden from public view. Only a smattering of the evidence is available in obscure locations. Thousands of skeletons and hundreds of historical reports are ignored.

The accepted knowledge among the world's peoples is that giants are the creatures of myth and folklore, relegated to children's fairy tales and B grade horror movies, an it is almost a crime not to include a giant in any fantasy film or video game. The reality is that giants were present throughout our history from ancient biblical accounts and historical Roman military campaigns to the relatively modern genocide of the natives of North America.

A Wealth of Evidence

Giants appear in the legends of Australia, Bavaria, Belgium, Chad, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, India , Italy, Kazakhstan, Laos, Morocco, the Netherlands, Nova Scotia, Pakistan, Patagonia, the Philippines, Poland, Rwanda, Russia, Scotland, Sicily, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Terra del Fuego, Turkey, the United Sates, Wales, Zanzibar, and the ancient Incan, Toltec, and Nordic cultures, just to name a few.

Giants are everywhere; in our religions, our history, our literature, and our folklore. Legends of extraordinarily tall humans are found in almost every culture and, on almost every continent. But, they are always viewed as mythical beings. Jack, the Beanstalk kid, Paul Bunyan and his giant ox, and the travels of Gulliver are familiar children’s stories in English literature. There are festivals dedicated to giants, they are represented in paintings, statues, and rock art, and even the Catholic Church has its own giant saint; St. Christopher, who was so tall, he made a living as a human ferry, transporting people on his shoulders across deep rivers.

St. Christopher was described by Jacques de Voragine in "The Golden Legend": "He was of gigantic stature, had a terrifying mien, was twelve coudees tall.”, (a coudee is equal to or larger than the English foot). According to this ancient account, St. Christopher stood from 12 to 18 feet tall, a fact that was erased from church history. While Western icons don't picture St. Christopher as a giant, those of the Eastern churches do. His story, in brief, is that his name was originally Offro, or Offerus, and he was a giant of great strength, but of a sensitive nature, traveling in search of the greatest God. He was possibly of royal birth. His search eventually led him to a strange occupation as a human ferry, hiring out to literally carry people across rivers too deep for a normal human to cross. The legend has it that Jesus was one of his customers. Jesus supposedly blessed him, and told him that he had carried all the sins of the world on his shoulders. After the giant had carried Jesus across a river he asked St. Christopher to plant his great walking-staff in the ground. At once, a wonderful tree miraculously sprang up."

Giants in the Bible

The Bible, alone, of all the ancient writings describing giants, has scores of descriptions of giant beings. Even the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls contains a book called "The Book of Giants". The giant, Goliath, was only one of many giants the Bible speaks of and, owing to the "best seller in history” status of the Bible, he is the most famous. The 4th verse of Genesis 6 begins with: "There were giants in the earth in those days". The word "giants" in Genesis 6:4 is translated from the Hebrew word nphiyl, pronounced nef-eel'; properly, a feller, i.e. a bully or tyrant. Many have been mistakenly led to believe that the word "nphiyl", commonly thought to be the word Nephilim, meant the "fallen ones", or "those who fell from heaven or the sky". This mistake has been promoted by the proponents of theories created by Zachariah Sitchin for decades, but has no basis in fact, as a simple study of the word in any Hebrew lexicon, (dictionary), will verify.

If there is any doubt about the true meaning of this word, one only needs to go to very next instance in the Bible where the word 'nphiyl' is used to get a clear meaning. Moses describes a race of giants called the Amalekites in the land of Canaan: "And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight." (Numbers 13 33) Or, the next instance in order: "For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man." (Deuteronomy 3:11) Converted into modern terms, this verse is stating that the bed of King Og is 14 feet long and 6 feet wide, making his estimated height to be 12 feet, (3.8 meters), or taller.

Some Notable Examples Worldwide

    * One of the most fascinating cases of giants in U. S. history are the Smithsonian Giants. During the genocidal conquest of the indigenous peoples of North America, the United States Calvary and hired mercenaries encountered giants living among the tribes, and engaged in direct combat with them. The mindset used to justify the wholesale slaughter of many, and forced relocation of the rest of these tribes, was that they were sub-human; their darker skin being a key to this gross misconception. The giants they encountered and killed were red-headed with white skin. Fearing a backlash from the American people for killing whites, giants or not, the government ordered that all bodies of these giants be retrieved and shipped to the Smithsonian Institute, to hide the damaging evidence. We have no idea if those bodies were ever disposed of, but there is sufficient evidence available from the Smithsonian officials and documentation of the time to believe this actually occurred.
    * Bones of giants have been uncovered in the United States in New York, California, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nevada, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Mexico, and Kentucky from as early as 1792 to as late as 1965.
    * The legends of early North American tribes are rich with stories of giants, including the Sioux, who told about giants that ran down the buffalo, and the Algonquin stories of giant, bearded men that first occupied their native lands. Individuals, from Columbus to Wild Bill Cody, gave testimony to their existence in North America. Reports of giant skeletons up to 25 and more feet being discovered were reported in early history of the occupation of the United States.
    * Early English history describes, and even names, giants. Miss Marion, the 8-foot, six-inch Queen of the Amazons, the 8-foot, four-inch George Auger, of the 1903 Barnum and Bailey Circus, Charles Byrne the towering eight-foot-two-inch giant, who gained fame in the late 1700s in London, are just three such giants. Bones of giants up to 13 feet and taller have been uncovered all over the English landscape.
    * In China, archaeologists have found some of the earliest skeletal remains of giants, as much as fifteen feet tall. Melchior Nunnez, in his letters from India, vouches for the fact that some five hundred giants were used as archers to guard the gates of Peking. George Hakewill, in his Apologie, written in 1627, issued a similar report.
    * A skeleton found in 1692 in a tomb near Angers, France, measured seventeen-feet, four-inches. And, in his "De Gigantibus", Joh Cassanio speaks of a giant in Bordeaux, France that stood so tall, a man of ordinary size could walk between his legs. He states that Francis I of France (1494-1547) enlisted him as one of his guards.
    * The Greeks had more than their share of giants in their legends, including Agrius, Alcyoneus, Aloeus, Alpus, Antaeüs, Arges, Atlas, Brontes, Chthonius, Clytius, Coeus, Crius, Cronus, Damasen, Enceladus, Ephialtes, Epimetheus, Eurytus, Gegenees, Gration, Hippolytus, Hopladamus, Hyperion, Lapetus, Metis, Mimas, Mnemosyne, Oceanus, Orion, Orius, Otus, Pallas, Peloreus, Phoebe, Polybotes, Porphyrion, Prometheus, Rhea, Steropes, Talus, Tethys, Thea, Themis, Thoas, Thurius, and Typhoeus.
    * At Agadir, in Morocco, the French Captain Lafanechere discovered a complete arsenal of hunting weapons, including five hundred double-edged axes weighing over seventeen pounds, 20 times as heavy as would be convenient for modern man. To use these tools would require the hands of a size appropriate to a giant with a stature of at least 13 feet.
    * Giants play an integral role in the lore of the Norse gods, including Angr-boda, Asvid, Aurboda, Aurvandil, Baugi, Beli, Bergelmir, Bestla, Bolthorn, Bolverk, Börr, Brimer, Buri, Byleist, Eggther, Farbauti, Fjolvar, Gang, Geirrod, Gerdh, Gilling, Gjalp, Grid, Gunnlauth, Gymir, Hela, Helblindi, Hlebard, Hrauthung, Hreidmar, Hrimthurs, Hrod, Hrungnir, Hrym, Hymir, Hyndla, Hyrrokin, Ide, Jarnsaxa, Jötunn, Laufey, Leirbrimir, Logi, Mistblindi, Norfe, Odin, Orvandil, Skadi, Surt, Suttung, Thiassi, Thrym, Thurs, Tjatsi, Trivaldi, Trym, Utgarda-Loki, and Vafthruthnir.
    * Many mariners, such as Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Thomas Cavendish, Oliver Noort, Sebald de Weert, William Cowley, George Spilbergen, and George Shelvock, reported encountering giants in the logs of their voyages.
    * In 1812, an Italian journal reported that in the valley of Mazara, in Sicily, the skeleton of a man ten-feet and three-inches in length was dug up in the same area that several other human skeletons of gigantic size had previously been found.
    * In 1950, in the Euphrates Valley of Southeast Turkey, many tombs containing giants 14 to 16 feet tall were unearthed.

The Giants of the Breitenwinner Cave - A Potential Breakthrough

In our initial research to compile our database of giants in human history, we dug deeply to find as many references to giants as possible. In 2003, we discovered an obscure document allegedly written by one Berthold Buchner in 1563, which spoke of giant bones found in Breitenwinner Cave in the Bavarian region of Germany. In the opening of that document, Buchner, speaking of the exploration of the cave, stated: "The marvels they saw there have been written down by Berthold Buchner. The ignorant will not believe this story, the experienced ones will not think it possible. But we have seen it with our own eyes, and it is the truth." Further, in the 1563 recounting of his experience, Buchner goes on by documenting the following: "When we crept in we found so many bones that the first of us had to pile them up in one place to make room for us to enter. The bones were very large as if from giants." And, "We came to a narrow vault where we found a skull bigger than we had ever seen before."

Unfortunately, we were dealing with a long-forgotten incident that occurred almost 500 years ago. We could only find one reference to this cave and the giant bones, at the time, and wrote the following in our conclusion to that document: "The 16th Century narrative is self explanatory. The cave now lies in ruin, having been looted over the centuries, of all the ancient treasures it once held." It was our belief that this treasure of giant evidence, including the bones was forever lost to history and the human experience.

Then, as fate would have it, we received an email on November 8, 2007, which began: "You wrote of Breitenwinner Cave in Bavaria. I just got out of the Army and was stationed at the Joint Multinational Training Center, now known as the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, a NATO training facility which now surrounds this cave." The individual went on to say: "Two friends also stationed here and myself accidentally stumbled across this cave which was located near what we call Checkpoint 35, those ever stationed here will know where that is. We had a video camera with us and found thousands of bones that were of huge proportion." We viewed the video, immediately made contact with the person making this claim, established his credibility, and contacted our media sources. Within 24 hours, the man who had explored Breitenwinner Cave, was interviewed on a major radio show.

Danny, (last name held by request), is a former combat photographer, with over 7 years in service. He was forthcoming and seemed only interested in getting the story out. His concern was focused on what he believes to be the travesty of a mass burial site going unnoticed and treated with absolutely no respect. The cave is now located in a "live fire zone", being used for bombing practice for NATO training exercises. Danny, in fact, knew nothing about the history of the Breitenwinner Cave until long after he had explored the cave and done research on it. Due to this, he was not looking for any evidence of giants when he explored it and took a video of that exploration.

At the time of this writing, anthropologists, universities, non-governmental organizations, and researchers in the field are coming together to attempt an official examination of the Breitenwinner Cave. If successful, such an exploration could blow the lid off the cover-up of this amazing paradigm and add a new dimension to the human reality. The readers following this paradigm are asked to contact any individuals that may be of help in exposing this phenomenon. The evidence of giants in world history is overwhelming and the time has come to reveal this fact to the world.

SourceL Alien Seeker News


The Cursed Delhi Purple Sapphire

A gemstone ‘stained with blood and dishonour’ haunted anyone who owned it.

Some 34 years ago Peter Tandy, a young curator at the Natural History Museum, happened upon a jewel while working among the great lines of mineral cabinets. From a scientific perspective, the stone was nothing special, though its setting was rather bizarre, bound by a silver ring decorated with astrological symbols and mystical words with two scarab-carved gems attached. It was a typewritten note that accompanied the jewel, an amethyst known as the Delhi Purple Sapphire, that caught Tandy’s eye.

“This stone is trebly accursed and is stained with the blood, and the dishonour of everyone who has ever owned it,” said the note, which had been written by Edward Heron-Allen, a scientist, friend of Oscar Wilde and the amethyst’s last owner. It carried a curse and had left a trail of bad luck and tragedy.

Heron-Allen claimed to have been so disturbed that he had surrounded the amethyst with supposedly protective charms and sealed it inside seven boxes before leaving it to the museum in his will. His letter concluded: “Whoever shall then open it, shall first read out this warning, and then do as he pleases with the jewel. My advice to him or her is to cast it into the sea.” While they were sceptical, Tandy and his colleagues agreed to keep quiet about the curse.

The jewel might have remained hidden if its remarkable story had not caught the imagination of staff working to relaunch the museum’s public mineral gallery, the Vault. On Wednesday, the Delhi Purple Sapphire will go on permanent display at the museum, complete with a label declaring its reputation as “trebly accursed”.

A supernatural tale might seem to sit a little uneasily in one of the world’s great scientific institutions. But according to Alan Hart, head of collections in the mineralogy department, such narratives give the collection a cultural dimension that appeals to visitors.

“People ascribe precious stones with all sorts of legends. All it needs is for one owner to declare it to be cursed or lucky and the story will remain with the stone as it is passed from person to person through history,” he says.

But that the Delhi Purple Sapphire was cursed was never doubted by Heron-Allen’s family. Ivor Jones, his grandson, a 77-year-old former naval officer, refuses to handle the jewel.

“My mother certainly wouldn’t touch it and she recommended that we didn’t either because of the curse,” he says. Heron-Allen was one of the most remarkable individuals ever associated with the Natural History Museum. Independently wealthy, he trained as a solicitor while simultaneously learning the art of violin-making – his book on the history of the instrument, published in 1884, is still in print. He studied Persian and wrote a prose translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. But it was as a scientist that he forged the strong bond with the museum that would ultimately see the cursed amethyst wind up in South Kensington.

He had a lifelong fascination with foraminifera, single-celled aquatic organisms that create exquisite, shells and by the time he died in 1943 he had already given the museum the world’s finest library of works on the subject.

But later that year a box arrived that nobody had been expecting. The accompanying note, written by Heron-Allen told the story of the Delhi Purple Sapphire. It had, Heron-Allen said, been brought to the UK by a Bengal cavalryman Colonel W Ferris after being looted from the Temple of Indra in Cawnpore – now Kanpur – during the Indian Mutiny in 1857. The soldier thereafter lost money and health, his son doing likewise after inheriting it. A family friend who possessed it for a short time committed suicide.

Heron-Allen was given the stone in 1890 and was immediately beset by misfortunes. He twice gave the stone to friends who had asked for it – one “was thereupon overwhelmed by every possible disaster”, the other, a singer, found “her voice was dead and gone and she has never sung since”.

He even claimed to have thrown the amethyst into Regent’s Canal only for it to be returned to him three months later by a dealer who had bought it from a dredger.

In 1904 he had had enough. He declared: “I feel that it is exerting a baleful influence over my newborn daughter”, had it shipped to his bankers with instructions that it be locked away till after his death. It might sound farfetched but even scientists are not immune to the story’s power. Seven years ago John Whittaker, former head of micropalaeontology at the Natural History Museum, took the amethyst to the first annual symposium of the Heron-Allen Society, an organisation founded to discuss the man’s life.

On the way home, he says, “the sky turned black and we were overtaken by the most horrific thunderstorm I’ve ever experienced. It was so bad we considered abandoning the car and my wife was shouting, ‘Why did you bring that damned thing?’ ” Whittaker was taken violently ill with a stomach bug the night before the second symposium and he missed the third when he developed a kidney stone. The fourth symposium, in 2004, was held at the museum. “We were all a bit apprehensive on the eve of that meeting,” he says.

Source: The Sunday Times


The Ghosts Come Calling at the Tower of London

TOWER OF LONDON, England — Ghosts don't come when they're called.

That's what I thought.

Then my new pen suddenly stopped working ...

I had come to the Tower of London to hear the stories of uneasy spirits that are said to share the landmark's 18 acres with 35 yeoman warders (sometimes called Beefeaters), a governor and two deputies, a pastor, a doctor and their families.

Secretly, I hoped to encounter one of the specters.

Phil Wilson, a sergeant among the men and one woman who are guardians of the 900-year-old fortress, met me as shadows oozed across the grounds and seeped over stones worn by history and its players.

Only a corporate group on a special tour and I invaded the nighttime privacy of the 100 or so year-round residents, soldiers on guard duty and those wraiths that piqued my curiosity. If I were ever to see a ghost, this could be the place.

Storied, historic and bloody, this mass of 21 towers beside the chilly River Thames has seen lives anointed, destroyed and redeemed. Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard died here, victims of King Henry VIII's obsessive quest for a son. Among others who gave up their heads in the tower's sloping courtyard were Baron Hastings, an adviser to Edward IV who was executed by Edward's successor; Lady Jane Grey, queen for nine days; and the Earl of Essex, a traitorous favorite of the first Queen Elizabeth.

It was considered a benevolence to be dispatched within the fortress's confines, away from the baying crowds on Tower Hill, about 200 yards from the entrance at Middle Tower. And imprisonment in the tower's dungeons was reserved for nobles and educated people who ran afoul of the monarch's favor or agenda. Common criminals had their own jails and their own execution grounds elsewhere.

Although many dozens died on Tower Hill after being held in the fortress, only seven people were dispatched on Tower Green. It's some of these who are said to be among the wraiths that reside and occasionally roam in the tower.

"I won't believe until I see them," Wilson told me as we began a walk among the darkening passageways.

But he doesn't dismiss or belittle experiences reported by fellow yeomen, their kin, soldiers, workers or visitors.

Most occurred after dark. "There's too many people about" in the daytime, he says, suggesting perhaps that phantoms prefer privacy.

We pass through the black-painted gates of the Byward Tower and Wilson describes a watchman's experience. He was reading a newspaper when the lights dimmed and the hiss of his gas fire turned into crackling. He looked up to see two men dressed in red, with spindly legs, smoking long clay pipes on either side of a fireplace. One turned and looked at the watchman, Wilson says, then the pair vanished.

What intrigued the watchman, the warder says, was the question, "Was the past seeing the future or the future seeing the past?"

We walk beside the Bell Tower, where defender of Catholicism Thomas More was imprisoned before his beheading. The fragrance of incense has been reported near the doomed man's chamber, Wilson says.

By the scaffold site on Tower Green, he tells me that terrifying shrieks have been heard here on the anniversary of the death of the Countess of Salisbury, who was hacked to death May 27, 1541, by an executioner who chased her down. Also in May, a headless Queen Anne Boleyn is said to walk the area on the 19th, the date of her death in 1536.

Some of the most convincing reports of encounters with spectral beings are those from yeoman warders, all of them former military with long service and good conduct medals, and active military on duty at the landmark.

During World War II, a sentry reported seeing a procession in 14th-century clothes descending Tower Hill while bearing a headless body on a stretcher.

In recent years, a yeoman and his family moved into an apartment near the Bloody Tower, where the young princes Edward V and his younger brother, Richard, were held captive then, tradition holds, murdered. Shortly after the family settled in, the warder asked his young son whether he liked his new room. The child, who had been told nothing of possible ghosts at the tower, replied, "Yes, but the two boys that play outside at the back are really noisy and wear funny clothes."

Other yeomen have reported a feeling of being followed when no one was behind them, or the approach of people who vanish when challenged. Their wives talk of tendrils of smoke swirling purposefully, of items moved seemingly without human intervention, and of noises that have no apparent cause.

However frightening or inexplicable the tower's ghosts may be, they've harmed no one, although a guard in 1815 died two days after confronting a bear he said had materialized from a wisp of smoke. People also have reported feeling pushed on stairs (especially at the White Tower, where the original dungeon was) and sensing their chests being pressed toward suffocation.

The day before my walk with Wilson, yeoman warder Ken McGrath told me that a week earlier, a yeoman had heard prayers in Latin issuing from Beauchamp Tower. The warder entered, and the supplications stopped. He searched for a source, even asked others whether sounds were being piped in for effect. But no origin for the entreaties was found.

Just that week, a guard reported groaning coming from a small window at the Wakefield Tower, McGrath said.

But yeomen and military guards aren't the only ones to experience oddities. Visitors have reported cold spots and touches by unseen hands. A tour member once asked a warder as her group left the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, "Who was that woman in black standing behind you as you spoke?"

The chapel figures in numerous sightings, and the decapitated queens are among remains buried under its stone floor.

In one of the strangest reports by a visitor, an American tourist's photo of Traitors' Gate, taken when no one was near, contained a silk-cuffed hand. Kodak representatives assured her the image hadn't been doctored, Wilson says.

"Who knows?" he adds.

Two of his wife's friends, recently visiting the Wilsons' apartment in the Beauchamp Tower for the evening, went briefly to the unoccupied roof. "You know, we're not alone," one woman said. "There's a soldier on guard up here." She said she could see the man in boots and cape. He was waiting for someone, she said. The second woman said she saw nothing. As the pair descended stairs to the Wilsons' rooms, the first woman, suddenly trembling, said someone "ran through her." She told her friend, "It's you in another life."

Still, Wilson says there may be rational explanations for some occurrences.

Quite a few reports date to Victorian times, when the English were "besotted with death," he says. It was a time of spiritualists and people who wrote about the unseen of other worlds. Ghosts were rock stars of the macabre.

Also, electrification came slowly to the tower; for centuries the dark was held at bay only by flickering firelight or gaslights.

Sometimes, it isn't ghosts but commerce that creates a scare. Wilson and a colleague were on duty after dark years ago when screaming shattered the evening. The two, a distance apart, began to run toward each other, when a Thames tour boat outside the walls resumed a calmer narrative after its scary segment.

Also, warders have been known to play pranks, trying to scare one another, Wilson says, suggesting a very human source for unnatural phenomena.

Nonetheless, "When I get up (during the night), I always look at Tower Green. I always hope to see something, and I never do."

Thoughts of unearthly encounters aren't his alone. Moira Cameron, the first female yeoman warder in the tower's history, moved into quarters in July.

"I'm not a huge believer, but I'm not a disbeliever," she says. "Too many people see too many things." Because she lives in an apartment on the tower's interior street, and "the closest execution was spies from World Wars I and II," she doubts she'll encounter a wraith.

Says McGrath, "I don't know if I believe or not, but there must be some semblance of truth somewhere."

Perhaps, for me, a glimpse of that truth was in the Beauchamp Tower room where some time before a girl visiting with her mother had seemed to receive messages from the prisoners who had been held there.

Some inmates had carved tombstonelike tablets into the soft limestone walls. The girl was looking at one when she repeated, "So much suffering, so much suffering."

Reassured by the warder on duty that prisoners had left long ago, she responded, pointing to a space beside her, "He's still here."

Could the man invisible to others have been one of the prisoners lingering from long ago?

Wilson can't say, but he wants to show me a particularly handsome carving in a locked room next to this one.

He reaches into the pocket of his dark blue yeoman warder's uniform with its red applique of the queen's initials. No key. That's odd, he says, but reassures me that he knows where he left it. He asks me to wait here while he retrieves it.

In the quiet, I inspect other inscriptions left by men clearly educated and amazingly artistic, considering the fearsome straits they were in.

A puzzled Wilson re-enters the room. He can't find the key. "That really is strange," he says.

And just at that instant, as I'm copying words from the wall, the ink in my pen stops.

One beat, two beats, three. Nothing. Then the blue flows again.

Was it an exclamation point from beyond? A signal for attention? A message as only spirits can send?

I am left to wonder.

Source: The Journal News


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