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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such chin-scratching stories as:

- Private Investigators Seek Answers to 'Drone' Photographs -
- Prof. Michio Kaku On The Science Behind UFOs and Time Travel -
Sci-fi Guru Arthur C. Clarke Dies at 90 -
- 'Gnome' Video Prompts Police to Launch Investigation -
AND:  New Kidney 'Changed my Whole Personality'

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Sleep Paralysis, Split Personalities,
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Michelle Belanger: Life as a Psychic Vampire

Science and Psychism:The Future of Artificial Intelligence

From Microbes to Monoliths:The Search for Life on Mars

PLUS: From Dwarfs to Giants: Sightings of Unusually Sized Humans

News Blackouts and the Non-Reporting of UFOs

The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie

College Campus Urban Legends:Tall Tales that Students Tell

Moonville, OH:A Haunted Railroad Town

Virginia’s Twitching Illness and Other Mass Maladies

The Children of God:Jesus Freaks and Flirty Fishing

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Private Investigators Seek Answers to 'Drone' Photographs

Private eye T.K. Davis has worked his share of oddball cases. Once he tracked down a one-armed woman wanted for child endangerment. He staked out a backyard to catch a guy throwing dirt clods into a pool. When you make your living answering life's mysterious questions at $100 an hour, you take a few calls out of the blue.

He works the streets of this suburban town near Santa Cruz, where dog-walking mothers and aging hippies compete for beach time. Oh, sure, it might seem innocent enough, but it can get a little creepy if you let it. People might see things -- unusual objects in the sky, for instance -- and not say a thing for fear of being ridiculed.

At times like that, a private eye comes in handy. He can look around, ask a few hard questions -- even if it means risking his reputation built over 30 years as a deputy sheriff.

That's more or less where Davis finds himself now, behind the wheel of his blue Ford Explorer, with his partner Frankie Dixon. They're cruising down streets, looking at utility poles and trying to figure out: Is that the one in these three pictures, the pictures with the unidentified flying object?

The photographs came from -- surprise! -- the Internet. In May, someone using the name Raji posted them on Craigslist. All three show a lone wooden power pole with its jumble of crossbeams and wires. Hovering just above it is some kind of flying saucer.

The thing looks part campy "Star Trek" prop, part slapdash collection of handyman tools, with metallic limbs jutting from a cylindrical sphere. Examined closely, one of the arms bears some kind of writing.

Raji told people he took the photos in Capitola. Then he vanished into cyberspace.

UFO hunters around the world started buzzing. Apparently, Raji wasn't alone. Elsewhere, other alleged eyewitnesses posted pictures and video of the quirky little craft. It became known as the "California drone" because it was clear from the photos that no human could have fit inside to fly the thing.

Soon, the mystery became too tantalizing to be left to Internet speculators. Somebody who knew what he was doing had to be hired to locate that pole, which might lead to finding the elusive Raji.

Enter Davis, 62, and Dixon, 60.

Men in Black they're not. To cover his middle-age paunch, Davis prefers windbreakers and blue jeans to the crisp suits of Hollywood's extraterrestrial sleuths. Dixon is more Man in White. On this day, he's wearing a Vegas-bright white sweater suitable for the first tee at the golf course -- which is where he spends most of this time since retiring from police work seven years ago.

"See how close that one is?" Dixon says of one power pole, comparing it with a photo. Their SUV is easing along a shady street, its cab cloudy with smoke from Davis' cheap Hav-A-Tampa cigars.

"I like that one," Davis says.

"No," Dixon says, "it's turned the wrong way."

They motor on, scanning the sky.

A onetime captain in the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department, Davis considers himself an expert in scam artists and nut cases. So his radar went up in January when he got the call from a woman in London.

She said she was from the Open Minds Forum, an Internet group specializing in "UFOlogy." She said she represented people who were interested in the drone and wanted to contact Raji and others who claimed in Web postings to have seen the craft. There was the guy in Bakersfield who called himself Chad. There was the hiker and the bicyclist, both from the San Jose area. Nobody used last names. So far, nobody could be found.

Before calling Davis, the Open Minds group had e-mailed Raji. He told them he snapped the picture from his fiancee's parents' home. They hoped to ask more questions, but he suddenly closed his e-mail account. They spent months looking for him before deciding to hire a professional.

Find the power pole in the photo, the woman told Davis, and you'll find the house. And Raji.

Oh, and one more thing: She didn't want to be identified.

Davis doesn't believe in UFOs, but he said that "she seemed like a logical person who wanted answers." Besides, he loves the challenge of working cold cases. And the nice hourly pay. So he started nosing around.

He thought the thing in the pictures looked far too intricate and sophisticated to be the work of some bored teenager using Photoshop. So what was it?

He went to the Internet, trawling for witnesses.

Some who said they saw the craft likened it to a dragonfly or an upside-down egg beater. They described it variously as an exploratory craft dispatched by a mother ship and a top-secret government project.

But in chat rooms, Davis also found plenty of drone doubters, who made comments such as "Looks like a new kind of torque wrench" and "Did you folks get a picture or two of the crop circles?"

In one exchange, when someone asked about the meaning of the writing on one of the craft's arms, the snide responses flooded in: "Made in China." "Martians for Obama."

Word of Davis' case quickly spread among his ex-cop cronies. T.K. had gone galactic, they joked at their weekly drinking sessions. He was seeing little green men. Davis let them laugh, just as they had when he'd taken a night class in meteorology and spent weeks chasing tornadoes in the Midwest.

"I'm not chasing flying saucers," he said. "I'm knocking on doors, looking for people, just like I've always done."

Then he got a call from Dixon, a fellow retiree he'd known since the two worked on a 1970s narcotics task force. Dixon, also a private eye, had heard about the case on the golf course. He wanted in. "I'm your man," he said. "I can find that pole." When Davis said yes, Dixon went out and bought a book about Roswell, N.M., the site of a notorious UFO sighting in 1947.

The pair devised a strategy: Don't buy into any far-fetched "Star Wars" theories. And don't admit the case has anything to do with possible alien spacecraft. If you start talking about flying saucers, Davis warned, people will start closing doors.

"We were working for people who didn't want to be identified," Davis said, "looking for people who didn't want to be found."

Dixon quickly became an expert on utility poles.

Like fingerprints, he says, each pole is different. Some carry only telephone wires. Others also have cable-TV hookups. Most, but not all, have short rods for climbing.

He visited the power company with one photo -- with the drone carefully edited out. He said he was working an auto accident. Could they tell him where the pole was?

No luck.

He then visited the website of the Mutual UFO Network, dedicated to extraordinary sightings, where a man named Isaac claimed that strange craft resembling the one Dixon and Davis were investigating were part of a U.S. government project. Isaac said he knew this because he worked for a top-secret government program in Palo Alto in the 1980s, devising commercial technology from extraterrestrial artifacts confiscated by U.S. scientists.

Isaac wrote that he worked five stories below ground. Dixon consulted fire officials, who keep records of building heights and depths, but could find no record of such a place.

Running into such dead ends, Davis took a chance and began mentioning the real reason for his search.

Sometimes, it actually seemed to help.

"They'd call it baloney and then admit, well, maybe they had seen something funny one night in their lives," he said. "Everybody's in the closet."

One person said she'd seen the drone in Sequoia National Forest. "It was broad daylight. I was sober," she said. "I'm not known for seeing things." Dixon had his doubts, because she couldn't even recall what day it happened.

Before hiring Davis, the woman from the Open Mind Forum called Capitola police to report the photo and request an investigation. Chief Richard Ehle considered the whole matter a farce, but assigned a detective to it just in case.

Sgt. Mark Gonzales found nothing.

"We're a small beach town, and residents report everything from cat feces on lawns to sick sea gulls," he said. "If someone saw something, I'd know about it."

But he said he wouldn't immediately close the case. "I keep an open mind," he said.

So do Davis and Dixon. They recently uncovered some new leads. At a party, Davis mentioned the drone to a friend. "I thought he would have thrown me out of the room." Instead, the man offered a theory about the location of Isaac's secret Palo Alto laboratory.

Davis has started a website for tips:

"The more I get into this, the more I want to know," he said. "It's weird."

Source: The LA Times,1,7704475.story?page=2


Prof. Michio Kaku On The Science Behind UFOs and Time Travel

In 1600, the former Dominican monk and philosopher Giordano Bruno was burnt alive in the streets of Rome. To humiliate him, the Church first hung him upside down and stripped him naked. What made the teachings of Bruno so dangerous? He had asked a simple question: is there life in outer space? Rather than entertain the possibility of billions of saints, popes, churches, and Jesus Christs in outer space, it was more convenient for the Church simply to burn him.

For 400 years the memory of Bruno has haunted the historians of science. But Bruno has his revenge every few weeks: about twice a month a new extrasolar planet is discovered orbiting a star: more than 250 such planets have now been documented. Bruno's prediction of extrasolar planets has been vindicated. But one question lingers. Although the Milky Way may be teaming with extrasolar planets, how many of them can support life? And if intelligent life does exist, what can science say about it?

Some people claim that extraterrestrials have already visited Earth in the form of UFOs. Scientists usually dismiss the possibility of UFOs because the distances between stars are so vast. But last year the French government released a report by the French National Centre for Space Studies, which included 1,600 UFO sightings spanning 50 years, including 100,000 pages of eyewitness accounts, films and audiotapes. The French government stated that nine per cent of these sightings could be fully explained, that 33 per cent had likely explanations, but that it was unable to follow up on the rest.

The most credible cases of UFOs involve a) multiple sightings by independent, credible eyewitnesses and b) evidence from multiple sources, such as eyesight and radar. For example, in 1986 there was a sighting of a UFO by JAL flight 1628 over Alaska, which was investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration. The UFO was seen by the passengers of the JAL flight and was also tracked by ground radar. Similarly, there were mass radar sightings of black triangles over Belgium in 1989-90 that were tracked by Nato radar and jet interceptors. In 1976, there was a sighting over Tehran, that resulted in multiple systems failures in an F-4 jet interceptor. But what is frustrating to scientists is that, of the thousands of recorded sightings, none has produced hard physical evidence that can lead to reproducible results in the laboratory. No alien DNA, alien computer chip or physical evidence of a landing has ever been retrieved.

We might ask ourselves what kind of spacecraft they would be. Here are some of the characteristics that have been recorded by observers.

a) They are known to zig-zag in midair;

b) They have been known to stop car ignitions and disrupt electrical power;

c) They hover silently.

None of these characteristics fits the description of the rockets we have developed on Earth. For example, all known rockets depend on Newton's third law of motion (for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction); yet the UFOs cited do not seem to have any exhaust. And the g-forces created by zig-zagging flying saucers would exceed 100 times the gravitational force on Earth - the g-forces would be enough to flatten any creature on Earth.

Can such UFO characteristics be explained using modern science? In movies it is always assumed that alien beings pilot these craft. More likely, however, if such craft exist, they are unmanned (or are manned by a being that is part organic and part mechanical). This would explain how the craft could execute patterns generating g-forces that would normally crush a living being.

Any alien civilisation advanced enough to send starships throughout the universe has certainly mastered nanotechnology. This would mean that their starships do not have to be very large; they could be sent by the millions to explore inhabited planets. Desolate moons would perhaps be the best bases for such nanoships. If so, then perhaps our own moon has been visited in the past by a civilisation similar to the scenario depicted in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is perhaps the most realistic depiction of an encounter with an extraterrestrial civilisation.

Some scientists have scoffed at UFOs because they don't fit any of the gigantic propulsion designs being considered by engineers today, such as ramjet fusion engines, huge laser-powered sails and nuclear pulsed engines, which might be miles across. But UFOs can be as small as a jet aeroplane, and can refuel from a nearby moon base. So sightings may correspond to unmanned reconnaissance ships.

Time is one of the great mysteries of the universe. We are all swept up in the river of time against our will. Around AD400, Saint Augustine wrote extensively about the paradoxical nature of time: 'How can the past and future be, when the past no longer is, and the future is not yet? As for the present, if it were always present and never moved on to become the past, it would not be time, but eternity.' If we take Saint Augustine's logic further, we see that time is not possible, since the past is gone, the future does not exist, and the present exists only for an instant.

In 1990, Stephen Hawking read papers of his colleagues proposing their version of a time machine, and he was sceptical. His intuition told him that time travel was not possible because there were no tourists from the future. If time travel were as common as taking a Sunday picnic in the park, then time travellers from the future should be pestering us with their cameras. There ought to be a law, he proclaimed, making time travel impossible. He proposed a 'Chronology Protection Conjecture' to ban time travel from the laws of physics in order to 'make history safe for historians'.

The embarrassing thing, however, was that no matter how hard physicists tried, they could not find a law to prevent time travel. Apparently, time travel seems to be consistent with the known laws of physics. Unable to find any physical law that makes time travel impossible, Hawking recently changed his mind. He made headlines when he said, 'Time travel may be possible, but it is not practical.'

Time travel to the future is possible and has been experimentally verified millions of times. If an astronaut were to travel near the speed of light, it might take him, say, one minute to reach the nearest stars. Four years would have elapsed on Earth, but for him only one minute would have passed, because time would have slowed down inside the rocket ship. Hence he would have travelled four years into the future, as experienced here on Earth. (Our astronauts actually take a short trip into the future every time they go into outer space. As they travel at 18,000 miles per hour above the Earth, their clocks beat a tiny bit slower than clocks on Earth. The world record for travelling into the future is held by the Russian cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev, who orbited for 748 days and was hence hurled .02 seconds into the future.) So a time machine that can take us into the future is consistent with Einstein's special theory of relativity. But what about going backwards in time?

If we could journey back into the past, history would be impossible to write. As soon as a historian recorded the history of the past, someone could go back into the past and rewrite it. Not only would time machines put historians out of business, but they would enable us to alter the course of time at will. If, for example, we were to go back to the era of the dinosaurs and accidentally step on a mammal that happened to be our ancestor, perhaps we would accidentally wipe out the entire human race. History would become an unending, madcap Monty Python episode, as tourists from the future trampled over historic events while trying to get the best camera angle.

But perhaps the thorniest problems are the logical paradoxes raised by time travel. For example, what happens if we kill our parents before we are born? This is a logical impossibility. It is sometimes called the 'grandfather paradox'.

There are three ways to resolve these paradoxes. First, perhaps you simply repeat past history when you go back in time, therefore fulfilling the past. In this case, you have no free will. You are forced to complete the past as it was written. Thus, if you go back into the past to give the secret of time travel to your younger self, then it was meant to happen that way. The secret of time travel came from the future. It was destiny. (But this does not tell us where the original idea came from.)

Second, you have free will, so you can change the past, but within limits. Your free will is not allowed to create a time paradox. Whenever you try to kill your parents before you are born, a mysterious force prevents you from pulling the trigger. This position has been advocated by the Russian physicist Igor Novikov. He argues that there is a law preventing us from walking on the ceiling, although we might want to. Hence, there might be a law preventing us from killing our parents before we are born.

Third, the universe splits into two. On one timeline the people whom you killed look just like your parents, but they are different, because you are now in a parallel universe. This latter possibility seems to be the one consistent with the quantum theory.

The film Back to the Future explored the third possibility. Doc Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) invents a plutonium-fired DeLorean car, which is actually a time-machine for travelling to the past. Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) enters the machine and goes back and meets his teenage mother, who then falls in love with him. This poses a sticky problem. If Marty's teenage mother spurns his future father, then they never would have married, and he would never have been born.

The problem is clarified a bit by Doc Brown. He goes to the blackboard and draws a horizontal line, representing the timeline of our universe. Then he draws a second line, which branches off the first line, representing a parallel universe that opens up when you change the past. Thus, whenever we go back into the river of time, the river forks into two, and one timeline becomes two timelines, or what is called the 'many worlds' approach.

This means that all time-travel paradoxes can be solved. If you have killed your parents before you were born, it simply means you have killed some people who are genetically identical to your parents, with the same memories and personalities, but they are not your true parents.

Source: The Telegraph (UK)


Sci-fi Guru Arthur C. Clarke Dies at 90

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Arthur C. Clarke, a visionary science fiction writer who won worldwide acclaim with more than 100 books on space, science and the future, died Wednesday in his adopted home of Sri Lanka, an aide said. He was 90.

Clarke, who had battled debilitating post-polio syndrome since the 1960s and sometimes used a wheelchair, died at 1:30 a.m. local time after suffering breathing problems, aide Rohan De Silva told The Associated Press.

Clarke was regarded as a technological seer as well as a science-fiction writer, and was known as "the godfather of the telecommunications satellite."

His most famous novel, "2001: A Space Odyssey," was the basis of the 1968 film of the same name, co-written and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film and the book elevated the plot's mentally unbalanced computer, HAL 9000, into the pantheon of great fictional characters.

Three "2001" book sequels followed, and one of them — "2010" — was made into a movie as well.

In addition to the "2001" series, some of Clarke's best-known works are "Childhood's End" (1953), "The City and the Stars" (1956), "The Nine Billion Names of God" (1967), "Imperial Earth" (1975) and "The Songs of Distant Earth" (1986). His 1973 novel "Rendezvous With Rama" is reportedly being adapted for film, with actor Morgan Freeman as producer and star.

A statement from the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation said that Clarke had recently reviewed the final manuscript of his latest novel. “The Last Theorem,” co-written with Frederik Pohl, will be published later this year, the foundation said.

Clarke won the Nebula Award of the Science Fiction Writers of America in 1972, 1974 and 1979; the Hugo Award of the World Science Fiction Convention in 1974 and 1980, and in 1986 became Grand Master of the Science Fiction Writers of America. He became an honorary fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1976, and was awarded British knighthood in 1989.

Arthur Charles Clarke was born in 1917 in the English coastal town of Minehead, the eldest of four children in a farming family. He became addicted to science fiction after buying his first copies of the pulp magazine Amazing Stories at a Woolworth's store. He devoured the writings of H.G. Wells and Olaf Stapledon, and began writing for his school magazine in his teens.

During World War II, the Royal Air Force put him in charge of a new radar blind-landing system. Then, after the war, he proposed the idea of using geostationary satellites as relays for wireless communication. It took decades for the idea to bear fruit, but it eventually earned him a claim to fame almost as great as his science-fiction stories. Geosynchronous orbits, which keep satellites in a fixed position relative to the ground, are today called Clarke orbits.

Also during the 1940s, Clarke predicted that man would reach the moon by the year 2000 — an idea that some experts dismissed as nonsense. In the late 1960s, Clarke served as a commentator along with CBS broadcaster Walter Cronkite for the Apollo missions that turned his prediction into reality. Later, NASA Administrator Tom Paine wrote in an inscription to Clarke that the science-fiction author "provided the essential intellectual drive that led us to the moon."

Yet another novel of Clarke's, "The Fountains of Paradise," helped spark the real-world efforts to build a space elevator from Earth to orbit. The idea is still being pursued, although its realization may still be decades away.

"Sir Arthur's positive vision of the future excited generations about space exploration, and inspired millions to pursue scientific careers," Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin said after hearing the news of Clarke's death.

Disabled by post-polio syndrome, the lingering effects of a disease that had paralyzed him for two months in 1959, Clarke rarely left his adopted home in the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka.

He moved there in 1956, lured by his interest in marine diving — which, he said, was as close as he could get to the weightless feeling of space. “I’m perfectly operational underwater,” he once said.

Clarke was married in 1953 and was divorced in 1964. He had no children, but kept in touch with friends and fans around the world via computer. He spent each morning answering e-mails and browsing the Internet.

On the occasion of his 90th birthday last December, Clarke delivered a speech to a small gathering during which he passed along three wishes: for ethnically divided Sri Lanka to find a lasting peace, for the world to embrace cleaner energy resources, and for extraterrestrial beings to "call us or give us a sign."

In an interview with The Associated Press, Clarke said he did not regret never having followed his novels into space, adding that he had arranged to have DNA from strands of his hair sent into orbit. “One day, some super civilization may encounter this relic from the vanished species and I may exist in another time,” he told AP.

Along with his DNA sample, Clarke enclosed a note with a brief handwritten wish addressed to that far-flung future: "Fare well, my clone."

Source: MSNBC


Ancient Chinese Texts Indicate Alien Sightings 4000 Years Ago

Strange stories of aliens visiting Earth are found not only in science fiction, but newspapers and magazines as well. But alien sightings are not merely a modern phenomenon—these accounts can also be found in ancient Chinese texts. These historical records provide evidence and clues for modern research on aliens.

According to a report on China Economic Net, a story in the book entitled "In Search of the Supernatural" [1] by Gan Bao of the East Jin Dynasty (317 AD - 420 AD) tells of contact with Martians.

In the Wu Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms Period [2] (222 AD - 280 AD), the ancients wrote of child possessing a strange appearance appearing among a group of playing children. He was 1.3 meters tall, dressed in blue and had shining eyes.

The other children had never seen this newcomer before, so they surrounded him to ask questions. "I am not from the earth, but from the Mars," said the child dressed in blue, "I saw that you are playing so happily so I came down to see you."

"The state of having three kingdoms standing will not last long," the child continued. "In the future, the world will belong to the Sima family." The Earth children were scared by this news, and one quickly ran to fetch the adults. When the adults rushed over, the Martian child bid the goodbye and immediately shrank his body and jumped into the air.

When people raised their heads to watch him, they could only see a white silk cloth dragging a long belt, flying rapidly towards the sky. Nobody dared to spread the bizarre event at the time.

Four years later, the Shu Kingdom perished. Another 17 years later, the Wu Kingdom also perished. When the tangled warfare among the three kingdoms was over, the Sima family united China, just as the Martian child had predicted. Regardless of whether the above record is true, it points to the possibility of ancient with aliens.

According to "Researching Lost Records" written by Wang Jia during the East Jin Dynasty , during the time of Emperor Yao [3] four thousand years ago, a huge boat-shaped UFO floated in the air above the West Sea [4]. The UFO drifted slowly and had many lights. People aboard the UFO were seen wearing hats, and had white feathers growing all over their bodies. They had no wings but could fly. "Annals on the Five-Elements" written of the Qing Dynasty, recorded another incident involving hunting an alien. The incident took place in March of the 12th year of Emperor Kangxi [5]. Some people saw a black-faced man flying fast through the air. His body was flashing red lights, as if setting fire in the sky. When local officials heard the news and rushed over, the man suddenly disappeared.

"The Chronicle of Disasters and Unusual Phenomena, Draft History of the Qing Dynasty" recorded an incident very similar to modern reports of alien abduction. On July of the third Year of Emperor Yongzheng [6] during the Qing Dynasty, a group of villagers went into the mountains to cut bamboo in Liaojiatang of Wudu in Lingchuan. The group witnessed one villager suddenly disappear. More than 140 days later, he reappeared in his home. Fellow villagers reported that upon his return, the abducted villager was completely incoherent.

Documents and historical records involving aliens not only reflect the magnificence of Chinese history and culture, but also add mystical color to the long-unsolved mystery of alien beings.

Source: The Epoch Times


Observers from Another Dimension

Three campers encounter a mysterious orb with two occupants.

It has been theorized that aliens – and perhaps ghosts and shadow people as well – are actually beings from a dimension of time and space beyond our own. For their own mysterious reasons, they sometimes pay a visit to our plane of existence. They may appear as fleeting shadows, vaporous apparitions, or as creatures piloting strange aircraft. Why do they come here? Are they studying us, or are they merely observers on a recreational sightseeing tour of planet Earth? Did David Crow and two colleagues encounter these interdimensional tourists one spring night in the mountains of New York State? This is David’s story….

I AM A 61-year-old retired sheriff’s deputy. This event happened to me and two other officers one night while we were off duty on a fishing trip.
We were in upstate New York, up in the Adirondack Mountains. It was April 18th, 2004.

We had just come in from the fishing boat and were tying in to the dock. While I was tying down my corner, I thought I saw a blue light flash across the lake. I looked up, and just as I did, I noticed that my two buddies looked up as well. The color of the flash reminded me of those “blacks lights” that are popular with kids, and it appeared to be about the size of a softball tossed into the air.

We watched this light for a good five or six seconds. It started to slow down considerably when it got to the opposite side of the lake. It then started descending toward the ground slowly near a farm silo just on the other side. The farm hadn’t been used in at least ten years. We watched this thing move down and down, until we could not see it in the sky anymore, but we could still see the colored glow shining into the air.


Being police officers, we decided to investigate this phenomenon. Each of us quickly untied our ropes and jumped back into the boat. We made it across the lake in about five minutes, tops.

As we docked the boat on a friend’s dock, who was away at the time, we looked in the direction of where the light was – approximately 300 yards away. It was now pulsating and no longer a steady glow. It was just behind the old silo and so we walked in that direction quite cautiously, yet very excited and quick.

When we reached the silo, suddenly the glow became solid again and stopped pulsing. The three of us, walking side by side, each with a pocket knife in hand, made it around to the other side where the light was coming from.

What we saw then was something I have never seen, or even could have fathomed...


It was a glowing circle or sphere about the size of a Volkswagen beetle, still the “black light” color. This sphere was transparent, and inside of it we saw what looked exactly like two humans – a male and a female – sitting facing one another. Yet there were no visible seats beneath them.

The woman had long blonde hair and was clothed in gray and black. The male had medium-length blond hair with similar clothes. The three of us all watched for a few seconds before we looked at each other, and almost simultaneously said, "Are we really seeing this?"

Each of us started whispering to each other what we were seeing, and all our descriptions were the exactly the same. As we were standing only about 25 to 30 feet away from this object, we clearly saw that the male and female had their hands pressed against each other’s and their eyes were closed.
The sphere surrounding them had an almost fluid look to it, yet seemed solid at the same time. Does that make sense? Well, it didn’t make much to us.


I had my cigarettes in my shirt pocket, so I pulled them out nervously. As I went to light a cigarette and just got my lighter flicked and cig lit, the female turned and looked directly at us. My buddy Tom elbowed me and said, "Great. Now we have been seen."

I did not feel any fear whatsoever, and later found out neither of them were fearful either. I know this is all very hard to believe. Just imagine us trying to believe it while seeing it up close!

After the female looked at us, she smiled very pleasantly and took one hand away from her mate’s. He then looked directly at us and smiled – a very humbling smile. We all looked at each other again, like, "Seriously?" Her hand movement looked as if it was a slight wave, and the male proceeded to follow.

My two friends did not move, but just kept staring. I, however, raised my hand for some odd reason as to wave back. As I did, the two beings looked at each other and smiled. The female then reached her hand outside of the sphere and picked up what looked like some grass. They then closed their eyes again, put their hands back up to one another’s, and the sphere began ascending slowly at about the speed of a helicopter ascending! The only noise emitted was a very faint hum, almost like a powerful household ion air cleaner, if that makes sense.

The sphere rose to about 50 or 60 feet, and we could see that both the male and female were looking down at us; we could see their heads turn and look down in our direction. Shortly after, I’d say five to ten seconds, the sphere took off quite rapidly. It got smaller and smaller, ascending maybe 20 feet every couple of seconds. It took off directly toward the constellation of Orion, which was visible in the clean night sky, until we could not see the sphere anymore. It seemed to have faded right into the third star in Orion’s belt.

And then – poof! – we were back in the dark by the silo. We had no flashlights and were almost blind from having all that light and then sudden darkness. We held onto each other to keep from stumbling as we headed back to the boat. That night we sat outside of the camper and recounted and wrote down everything each of us saw. We later compared our notes, and all of them were the same.

To this day, all three of us remember it and don’t tell this story to many people. Our families know, and they do believe us, or so they say. A few others here and there know. But this was just as real as anything else I had ever experienced.

I wonder… has anyone else had something like this happen?

(Special Thanks to stringer Russ Hamerly for bringing this to our attention.)

Source: Wagner


'Gnome' Video Prompts Police to Launch Investigation

Police in a town plagued by sightings of a creepy 'gnome' have launched a full-scale investigation - after records showed locals have reported seeing the creature for decades.

The knee-high person - who wears a pointy hat and has a distinctive sideways walk – was caught on video two weeks ago by a terrified group of youngsters.

Millions of stunned people viewed the chilling clip after The Sun reported the tale - with some sceptics claiming the footage just showed a dwarf causing mischief.

But detectives in the Argentinean town of General Guemes have dubbed the gnome the new 'Bigfoot' after hundreds of locals reported actually seeing the creature at least once in their lifetime.

Only weeks before it was captured on camera, spooked rail workers called the police to say they had spotted the crab-walking gnome side-stepping its way around the train tracks at night.

National newspaper El Tribuno has reported that fear is now so widespread that the town mayor Salta has been inundated with calls from terrified locals and has launched a full scale police enquiry into the affair.

He said: “I am a little sceptical because I have never personally seen these gnomes - but it’s definitely possible that they exist.

"People here believe in them and we have to respect that.

"I do not think that it is completely impossible. Gnomes are part of our culture here.”

And Police Commissionaire, José Luis Núñez - who has been charged with tracking down the creature's lair, said: "I personally believe in gnomes as I saw one when I was a child.

"But so far we have not been able to determine whether the figure on tape was real or not."

A local poll showed 90 per cent of General Guemes 30,000 residents believed gnomes stalked the streets at night.

Teenager Jose Alvarez captured the creature on video while larking about with pals.

He said: “We were chatting about our last fishing trip. It was one in the morning. I began to film a bit with my mobile phone while the others were chatting and joking. Suddenly we heard something — a weird noise as if someone was throwing stones.

"We looked to one side and saw that the grass was moving. To begin with we thought it was a dog but when we saw this gnome-like figure begin to emerge we were really afraid.

“This is no joke. We are still afraid to go out — just like everyone else in the neighbourhood now.

"One of my friends was so scared after seeing that thing that we had to take him to the hospital."

Source: The Sun (UK)


New Kidney 'Changed my Whole Personality'

A woman claims to have undergone a complete "personality transplant" after receiving a new kidney.

Cheryl Johnson, 37, says she has changed completely since receiving the organ in May. She believes that she must have picked up her new characteristics from the donor, a 59-year-old man who died from an aneurysm.

Now, not only has her personality changed, the single mother also claims that her tastes in literature have taken a dramatic turn. Whereas she only used to read low-brow novels, Dostoevsky has become her author of choice since the transplant.

Miss Johnson, from Penwortham, in Preston, Lancs, said: "You pick up your characteristics from your donor. My son said when I first had the transplant, I went stroppy and snappy - that wasn't me.

"I have always loved books but I've started to read classics like Jane Austen and Dostoevsky. I found myself reading Persuasion."

The former Preston North End football steward's life has been turned round since her successful operation. After developing kidney problems in 1998, she had previously undergone every available form of dialysis as well as a failed transplant in 2001.

Miss Johnson added: "It's given my 16-year-old boy his mum back.

"I totally respect the family who gave me this kidney. They have given me the best thing they can - a chance for a normal life. I am forever grateful to them."

Academics in America have developed a theory called cellular memory phenomenon to explain the personality changes that are allegedly experienced by some transplant recipients.

Examples include a Massachusetts woman with vertigo who became a climber; a Milwaukee lawyer who began eating Snickers, having always hated chocolate; and a seven-year-old girl who had nightmares about being killed after being given the heart of a murdered child.

However, the only case recognised by the scientific community is that of a 15-year-old Australian girl whose blood type changed following a liver transplant.

UK Transplant also remains sceptical about the phenomenon. A spokesman said: "While not discarding it entirely, we have no reason to believe that it happens. We would be interested to see any definitive evidence that supports it."

Source: The Telegraph (UK)

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