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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such toe-tingling tales as:

- Assassination Copycats -
- Beeping Creatures -
- Can We Really Transplant A Human Soul? -
- The Ghost in the Mirror -
AND:  Rupert Sheldrake Stabbed At New Mexico Conference

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Orfeo Angelucci Enters An Alternative Reality  Of "Infinite Entities," Voyages to other Dimensions, Dramatic  Moments of Illumination, and the Strange World Of Alien Intervention In Our Lives

CAUGHT IN A "SIMULATED LIFE" MATRIX? - Was He Under "Programmed" Control? The late, renowned, all night king-of-talk-show hosts Long John Nebel proclaimed  Orfeo Angelucci's amazing close encounters to be "the wildest and most beautiful of all the stores told to me about the flying saucer phenomenon." Though his death in 1993 was little noted, in his time Orfeo's claims attracted the attention of the celebrated psychologist and philosopher C.G.Jung, who wrote about them in one of his celebrated works.

While growing up in Trenton, NJ, science, particularly fundamental physics, had been Angelucci's greatest interest and most intense study. This preoccupation led him into work with General Motors and Lockheed Aircraft during the years of World War II and the Korean conflict. The author's studies and practical experience in the field of airplane manufacturing helped, he believed, to produce his unusual writings about outer space, and its various attributes. Orfeo suggests his background was the reason for having under gone the various experiences he discusses in Son of the Sun and its companion text The Secret of the Saucers.

What you read in this book will never be outdated—and it will positively change your life—for the very positive!

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In This Incredible Issue:
Sleep Paralysis, Split Personalities,
and Spirit Possession

Michelle Belanger: Life as a Psychic Vampire

Science and Psychism:The Future of Artificial Intelligence

From Microbes to Monoliths:The Search for Life on Mars

PLUS: From Dwarfs to Giants: Sightings of Unusually Sized Humans

News Blackouts and the Non-Reporting of UFOs

The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie

College Campus Urban Legends:Tall Tales that Students Tell

Moonville, OH:A Haunted Railroad Town

Virginia’s Twitching Illness and Other Mass Maladies

The Children of God:Jesus Freaks and Flirty Fishing

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Assassination Copycats

Do assassinations come in copycat clusters? Historically, such situations appear to have occurred.

Forty years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee. On April 3, King in Memphis, addressed a rally, delivering his "I've been to the Mountaintop" address at Mason Temple (Church of God in Christ, Inc. – World Headquarters). King was shot on the 4th of April, while standing on the 2nd floor balcony, near his room 306 at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.

On April 4, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy, the then-senator from New York State, learned of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and gave a moving impromptu speech in Indianapolis' inner city, in which Kennedy called for a reconciliation between the races. Riots broke out in 60 cities in the wake of King's death, but not Indianapolis, a fact many attribute to the effect of Kennedy's speech. (Barack Obama recalled that speech while speaking himself from Indianapolis on April 4, 2008.)

On April 7, 1968, Black Panther Bobby Hutton, who held the title of the Minister of Defense, was killed. Bobby Hutton, or "Lil' Bobby," was the youngest member of the Black Panther Party. He joined soon after the conception of the BPP in 1966, at the age of 16. He was killed by the Oakland, California, police after a firefight. Eight Black Panther Party members, including Hutton, Eldridge Cleaver and David Hilliard, were traveling in two cars when they were allegedly ambushed by the Oakland police. Cleaver was wounded. Both the Oakland police and the Black Panther Party each called the event an ambush by the other group. Two policemen were shot in the incident.

Rudi Dutschke born Alfred Willi Rudi Dutschke (March 7, 1940 – December 24, 1979, Århus, Denmark) was the most prominent spokesperson of the left-wing German student movement of the 1960s. He famously split from those who went on to form the violent Red Army Faction and advocated instead "a long march through the institutions" of power to create radical change from within government and society by becoming an integral part of the system's machinery.

On April 11, 1968, Dutschke was shot in the head by Josef Bachmann. After the attempted assassination, Dutschke lived for another 12 years until related health problems caused his death. Because of massive brain damage from the assassination attempt, Rudi Dutschke continued to suffer the effects for the rest of his life. He died on December 24, 1979 in Aarhus, Denmark, when he had an epileptic seizure while in his bathtub and drowned.

On June 3, 1968, Andy Warhol, while in his New York loft, was shot by frustrated writer, Factory-hanger-on Valerie Solanas. The Pop Art guru barely survived the shooting, and would face physical repercussions from the assassination attempt until his death in 1987.

On June 4, 1968, presidential candidate Senator Robert F. Kennedy had just scored a major victory from winning the California Democratic primary. He addressed his supporters in the early morning hours of June 5, 1968, in a ballroom at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. He left the ballroom through a service area to walk through and greet supporters working in the hotel's kitchen. In a crowded kitchen passageway, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian, opened fire with a .22 caliber revolver and shot Kennedy in the head at close range. Following the shooting, Kennedy was rushed to The Good Samaritan Hospital where he died the next day.

June 5, 1968, was the first anniversary of the Six-Day War between the military forces of Israel versus Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq.

There has been no assassination of a major political figure resulting in a fatality of any leader in the United States since 1968. There have been killings of minor figures, assassination attempts against significant individuals, and some of these events have come in clusters.

Source: The Copycat Effect


Beeping Creatures

An interesting characteristic of Bigfoot, UFO and alien encounters is the electronic, beeping sound many witnesses report hearing during these incidents.

(My personal experience with beeping sounds: I’ve occasionally have been abruptly awakened late at night, and yes, around 3:00 am, because of a loud beeping sound in my head. The sound is very distinct, very mechanical, and all I can say is, as loony as it sounds, it’s from inside my head, not an exterior source, like from a truck outside or someone’s alarm clock. This has happened several times.)

In Peter Guittilla’s Bigfoot Files, he writes about a 1979 report of Bigfoot activity in the area where the witnesses lived -- hearing screams, etc. -- as well as beeping sounds:

“One night in April at 2:30am my husband woke me to listen to odd beeping sounds coming from the woods. These have not been identified and continued on and off for about a year.” ~ p136

Guittilla recounts other Bigfoot stories, where witnesses say they hear all kinds of unusual sounds coming from areas reported to have Bigfoot activity, including coming from underground: The sounds which often occur in combinations, are described variously as buzzing, beeping, whirling, humming ...” ~ p 197 Bigfoot Files

In The Hunt for The Skinwalker, a “hairy humanoid” was seen racing across the property (the ranch in Utah, home of the skinwalker phenomena) The rancher shot at the creature, being sure he hit it:

”. . .but the creature barely flinched. . . . When he chased after it, he heard a weird sound that resembled a soft whine combined with an electronic beeping noise. ~ p179, Hunt for the Skinwalker

The following is from an interesting report on “skinwalker ranch” type phenomena that occurred in the 1970s on a ranch in Elvert County, Colorado:

On another evening, very annoyed at the repeated blows, Jim hurried outside with his rifle and fired at the fleeing bigfoot. Jim is a good shot and the creature was hit although without seeming to be too inconvenienced by the fact. It must have been wearing a bulletproof vest! Subsequently the people at the ranch heard a hoarse crying sound mixed with a kind of beep-beep. ~ From Prologue: US Air Force, UFOs and Bigfoot, the Great Deception.

UFOs and Aliens

Some think alien abductions are the work of aliens from space, the military (MILABS) or both. Bonnie Meyer, author of Alien Contact: The Messages They Bring, writes, in a section titled “Scanning:”

”If you are Healings a lot of beeping sounds, it is probably a small scanning instrument. this scanning if kind of like a mind probe. I doubt you could tell the difference where or who it’s coming from.”

Barney and Betty Hill experienced hearing beeping sounds on the night of their sighting. In Captured! the beeping they heard is described as being “code like,” with several beeps, a pause, then more beeps. Were the beeps some kind of alien Morse code?

Researcher, author and experiencer Raymond E. Fowler has experienced this beeping sound while in asleep (similar to my experiences) and dreams about aliens, making two entries in his journal:

January 27, 1995: I awoke twice to a electronic beeping sound. the second time I thought it was my watch alarm sounding and actually reached to shut if off before the beeping stopped. My right nostril is still sore.”

The next day, January 28, Fowler experienced it again:

I woke up again to a electronic beeping sound and again reached for my watch alarm, but it was not the watch. My right nostril is still sore. ~ ”Synchrofile: Amazing Personal Encounters with Synchronicity and Other ~ Page 188

In UFO Mysteries: A Reporter Seeks the Truth, author Curt Sutherly recounts the story of Harold Butcher . In 1965 Butcher, was working on his parents farm in New York state. Butcher noticed that the animals were panicking over something, at the same time, the milking machine Butcher was working abruptly stopped:

”Looking out a window, Harold saw a large elliptical object land about a quarter-mile away. The object emitted a smell of burned gasoline and a red vapor clouded its rim. A strange beeping sound was heard. the object departed by ascending straight up into the clouds.

What is the cause of this beeping sound? Why does a consistent characteristic -- beeping -- occur with diverse phenomena such as UFOs, various alien beings, robots and Bigfoot?

Maybe it’s a mistake to assume that these things are not connected; they may share a relationship with each other in ways we don’t readily see. Some see Mothman, some Bigfoot, others weird aliens or craft, but if they are manifestations of the same kind of phenomena, it isn’t so strange. If they come from the same source, as John A. Keel, Andrew Colvin, and so many others have suggested, it makes some sense. (Keel calls it the “superspectrum.”)

If this source, that throws out all kinds of weird things at us, lulls us into a hypnotic, trance like state, beeping would be a way to induce that state. In his Mothman Prophecies, Keel suggests beeping sounds have something to do with lulling us into a passive, amnesiatic state:

”There is a kind of posthypnotic suggestion involved in many UFO and psychic incidents. The witness is driving along a road late at night. He hears a beeping sound and lapses into a trance. . . as if he had been preconditioned to lose consciousness at the sound of the beep. Later, he awakes to the sound of another series of beeps.”

The witness wakes up hours later to find he or she is now a victim of missing time.

In some cases, it may be a combination of human involvement, possibly working with some paranormal or alien agencies, to manipulate other UFO, cryptozoological and or alien phenomena. This theory has been suggested to explain cases like Mothman, the Flatwoods creature, UFOs and aliens, as well as Bigfoot.

A seeming glitch in this idea is in the fact that in many of these areas: the area in Utah, location of the Skinwalker ranch, or Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia, home of Mothman, have had a history of paranormal and UFO activity going back hundreds of years. But if we consider that there are human agencies working with this energy in some way, manipulating both it and us, we find that there isn’t a contradiction.

Now the question isn’t if these things are happening, but why are covert human elements so interested?

Source: UFO Digest/Regan Lee


Strange Apparitions Accompany Saucer Waves

Communities visited by strange entities in human shape

In Valcheta, Rio Negro Province, between Bajos del Gualicho and Somuncurá, there are those who claim to have seen an inexplicable light in the immensity of the desert, belonging to a lost city that emerges and vanishes, according to Luis Burgos.

The vast number of UFO cases recorded in Argentina, totaling 110 sightings since the start of the year, has opened the door to a singular number of ET- related phenomena which include, for example, strange characters that vanish and evaporate in the loneliness of the towns of the interior.

Ufological studies of these mysterious manifestations of “strange people”, as defined by the locals who experience them, suggest that these fantastic manifestations of the UFO phenomenon are closely tied to the latest extraterrestrial developments.

Specialists who deal in these cases believe that the manifestations are usually contained within the small communities in which they occur, and therefore do not yield even larger case histories within a field that nonetheless acknowledges the presence of ghostly figures ascribed to alien entities.

Luis Burgos, director of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO), stresses that the subject isn’t an easy one, as involvement in these cases implies crossing the swampy terrain that lies on the border between ufology and parapsychology. Burgos cautiously took on the challenge of stating the specifics of these manifestations, which always occur at lonely locations with few witnesses. The final result is a unique experience that may have various interpretations.

”The explanation one can give these cases is that the fit into a collateral manifestation of the UFO phenomenon,” says Burgos, convinced that in order to venture into these cases “it is necessary to have the proper balance, as poorly grounded individuals could go off the deep end.”

From FAO’s perspective, one of the most valuable cases consigned in local records and involving fantastic events that cannot be rationally explained, could be taking place right now in any town of the interior.

Burgos recalled that some 8 years ago, in the vicinity of Estancia La Esperanza, Gobernador Galvez, Province of Buenos Aires a young woman witnessed one of these cases: two alleged teenagers, dressed in early 20th century farming clothes, crossed her path in an empty field.

Carolina, the protagonist of this story, gave FAO a detailed account when researchers delved into the case. She explained that the two teenagers – a male and a female – whom she was seeing for the first time, greeted her by name. When she turned around to ask where they knew her from, they had already vanished.

“There are many cases in ufology that involved contacts with humanlike entities clothed in archaic dress, as though they belonged to another time,” explains Burgos, not dismissing the possibility that this situation could be the result of a “breach in time.”  The specialist does not dismiss the possibility of a “dimensional doorway”, but adds that the known cases of “oddball humans” always occur within the framework of UFO manifestations. Therefore, it is “very feasible” that the current UFO flap will yield some of these experiences.

The 110 sightings catalogued by FAO in 2008 stress the possibility that fantastic experiences, such as Carolina’s, may occur. To this day she still talks about the day that she crossed paths on her way to La Esperanza with “oddball people” having nothing to do with the town and probably not to the world as we know it.

Humanoids And Mysterious Cases

Ufology acknowledges several sidelines of the UFO phenomenon that somehow mark the presence of humanoid contact with Earth dwellers. These give rise to such bizarre events as the animal mutilations ascribed to the Chupacabras, imp-like beings similar to the ones from the SUPE neighborhood in Berisso, and even ghosts.

One of the stranger cases involves animal mutilations in the pastures of the heartland by a specimen still uncatalogued by human science or rather, by an entity that still remains unknown, aside from its red eyes glaring in the dark of the night, generally near the carcass of an eviscerated bovine.

The Nuns of Berisso and  Suicide Dogs

When it comes to marking strange events linked to the UFO phenomenon, the FAO’s records hold some unique cases that exemplify this connection rather well, such as the enigmatic presence of the so-called “Nuns” of Berisso, who caused surprise and shock to infrequent witnesses.

FAO’s files make reference to them during an investigation performed in 1991, in after some workers in the Naval Workshop area of that community, located south of La Plata, allegedly saw entities clad in hooded garments – hence their description as “nuns” – moved around, causing wonder and fear of the unknown.

At that same site, and within the framework of this investigation, another “high-strangeness” characteristic ascribed to UFOs emerged.  Three operators of the old electric power station facing the port of La Plata claimed seeing a strange creature running between the sheds. It stood no taller than 40 centimeters, but was robust and clad in green, military-type garments.

Prior to the manifestations of the “Nuns” and the creatures of the old power station in the SUPE neighborhood, FAO also recorded an intense UFO presence over the area which gave rise to a terrible situation: dozens of dogs leaped into the void from terraces and balconies, inexplicably committing suicide.

Source: Diario Popular

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Daniel Gimenez,
Planeta UFO).


Can We Really Transplant A Human Soul?

The progress of medical science in the past 30 years has been so rapid that yesterday's miracles are tomorrow's commonplace procedures.

So it has proved with heart transplants, which have become almost routine in hospitals around the world.

Yet every once in a while a story emerges which should cause us all to sit up and take note that there is nothing "routine" or "commonplace" about such complex operations.

The suggestion, highlighted again this week, that donor patients could not only be acquiring the organs but also the memories - or even the soul - of the donor is surely one such story.

This bizarre possibility was raised by the inexplicable case of Sonny Graham - a seemingly happily married 69-year-old man living in the U.S. state of Georgia. He shot himself without warning, having shown no previous signs of unhappiness, let alone depression.

His friends described it as an act of passion, not of reason.

The case might have remained just an isolated tragedy were it not for the fact that Sonny had received a transplanted heart from a man who had also shot himself - in identical circumstances.

To make things even more intriguing, shortly after receiving the heart transplant, Sonny tracked down the wife of the donor - and fell instantly in love with her.

"When I first met her," Sonny told a local newspaper, "I just stared. I felt like I had known her for years. I couldn't keep my eyes off her."

He spoke of a deep and profound love for her. It was instant and it was passionate. The kind of love where overwhelming passion seizes control of the mind and banishes reason. They quickly wed.

The tragedy of Sonny Graham will, no doubt, be written off as mere coincidence. After all, there is surely no conceivable way that the memories, let alone the character of a donor, can be transplanted along with their heart.

Virtually every doctor and scientist will tell you the heart is a mere pump. The seat of our mind, our consciousness, our very soul - if such a thing exists - lies in the brain.

The heart's only control over our mind is whether or not it sends it blood. Ever since William Harvey unravelled the mysteries of the heart and circulatory system centuries ago, this fact has remained beyond doubt.

Well, almost beyond doubt.

For a few brave scientists have started claiming that our memories and characters are encoded not just in our brain, but throughout our entire body.

Consciousness, they claim, is created by every living cell in the body acting in concert.

They argue, in effect, that our hearts, livers and every single organ in the body stores our memories, drives our emotions and imbues us with our own individual characters. Our whole body, they believe, is the seat of the soul; not just the brain.

And if any of these organs should be transplanted into another person, parts of these memories - perhaps even elements of the soul - might also be transferred.

There are now more than 70 documented cases similar to Sonny's, where transplant patients have taken on some of the personality traits of the organ donors.

Professor Gary Schwartz and his co-workers at the University of Arizona have documented numerous seemingly inexplicable experiences similar to Sonny's. And every single one is a direct challenge to the medical status quo.

In one celebrated case uncovered by Professor Schwartz's team, an 18-year-old boy who wrote poetry, played music and composed songs was killed in a car crash. A year after he died, his parents came across a tape of a song he had written, entitled, Danny, My Heart Is Yours.

In his haunting lyrics, the boy sang about how he felt destined to die and donate his heart. After his death, his heart was transplanted into an 18-year-old girl - named Danielle.

When the boy's parents met Danielle, they played some of his music and she, despite never having heard the song before, knew the words and was able to complete the lyrics.

Professor Schwartz also investigated the case of a 29-year-old lesbian fast-food junkie who received the heart of a 19-year-old vegetarian woman described as "man crazy".

After the transplant, she told her friends that meat now made her sick, and that she no longer found women attractive. If fact, shortly after the transplant she married a man.

In one equally inexplicable case, a middle-aged man developed a new-found love for classical music after a heart transplant.

It transpired that the 17-year-old donor had loved classical music and played the violin. He had died in a drive-by shooting, clutching a violin to his chest.

Nor are the effects of organ transplants restricted to hearts. Kidneys also seem to carry some of the characteristics of their original owners.

Take the case of Lynda Gammons from Weston, Lincolnshire, who donated one of her kidneys to her husband Ian.

Since the operation, Ian believes he has taken on aspects of his wife's personality. He has developed a love of baking, shopping, vacuuming and gardening. Prior to the transplant, he loathed all forms of housework with a vengeance.

He has also adopted a dog - yet before his operation he was an avowed "cat man", unlike his wife who favoured dogs.

It's easy to dismiss such tales as hokum. But the Chinese authorities are certainly taking them seriously.

They have recently taken an interest in Professor Schwartz's ideas and have begun a programme to monitor transplant patients. (As many "donated" organs in China come from executed political prisoners, a cynic might suggest that the authorities are worried about an "epidemic" of political thought spreading via organ transplants.)

Many scientists will, of course, point out that tens of thousands of organ transplants have now been carried out worldwide, so you would expect to come across a few bizarre cases like Sonny Graham's.

It is also hardly surprising that after a major life-threatening operation such as a heart transplant, a patient may undergo a profound alteration to their character. Who could remain unchanged after staring death in the face?

The powerful drugs required as part of organ transplant procedures can also cause major changes in behaviour. Put all these together and it's no wonder that some patients leave hospital with a drastically different outlook on life.

What is most surprising about these cases, though, is not that some transplant patients emerge as different people after an operation, but that the changes are so specific.

"It's a targeted personality change," says Professor Schwartz. "If this is the result of drugs, or stress, or coincidence, none of those would predict the specific patterns of information that would match the donor."

If Professor Schwartz and his ilk are right, it would destroy one of the foundation stones of modern biology. But then again, modern biology has a guilty little secret: it has, as yet, no viable theory to explain how we store memories and how we produce consciousness.

In fact, scientists haven't even managed to define what exactly consciousness is, let alone managed to pin down where it comes from and where it is to be found within the body.

So maybe, just maybe, the poets, romantics and mystics throughout the ages were right: the heart really is the seat of our emotions and of our souls.

And if we can transplant hearts, then perhaps it's not so fanciful to suggest that some part of the spirit goes with them. Who knows - one day doctors may even be able to offer a "character transplant".

Source: The Daily Mail (UK)


The Ghost in the Mirror

Many in the world still do believe that you should cover a mirror if someone dies in a room and their image is reflected in a mirror. As they believe that the mirror will capture the dead person’s soul, thus preventing its entry into heaven. Some old passed down oral traditions state that the Devil invented mirrors for this specific purpose.

Many old mirrors thick and old and silver back stained are said to be haunted by the ghosts of those that died. their image forever frozen or trapped in the glass. Some recent stories on eBay tell of people selling their antique mirrors that were either bought or passed down the generations in their families and said to be very haunted . It is said by some that if a ghost or lost soul wanders your home during the night, a mirror can capture it. An old New Orleans Voodoo way to capture a ghost was to put a large standing mirror in your bedroom door way. When the ghost thinking it is a door enters the mirror it is forever trapped in the rooms that were reflected in it when caught not the real rooms.

Bloody Mary The Face In The Mirror

A urban legend of sorts states: If you go into the bathroom and look into the mirror with the lights off and the room completely black, and then say 'Bloody Mary' thirteen times, a woman will appear and scratch your face off. The research into Bloody Mary goes back to 1978, when folklorist Janet Langlois published her essay on the legend. Belief in summoning the mirror-witch was even at that time widespread throughout the U.S.

Mary is summoned whenever young teen aged girls get together for a sleepover, but boys have been known to call on her too. The 'Bloody Mary' legend was common in the early 1970s. Typically performed the "ritual" in bathrooms, because the bathrooms of suburban homes had large mirrors and were easily darkened even during the day since they had no windows. In latter years after the release of the movie Clive Barker's Candyman (1992) calling upon him became more popular. Many do believe the Candyman's Movies premise is based on fact and try summoning him even today.

Helen Lyle is a student who decides to write a thesis about local legends and myths. She visits a part of the town, where she learns about the legend of Cabrini Green and the Candyman, a one-armed man with a hook who appears to you in your bathroom when you say his name five times, in front of a mirror. Of course, Helen doesn't believe all this stuff, but the people of the area are really afraid. When she ignores their warnings and begins her investigation in the places that he is rumored to appear, a series of horrible murders begins.

In the 1998 movie Urban Legend, two co-eds try to summon an evil spirit by chanting 'Bloody Mary.' In an episode of television's The X Files ("Syzygy," original air date 26 January 1996), two teenage girls lure a rival for a boy's affections into the bathroom — and a "Bloody Mary" ritual — during a birthday party. They prevent her from leaving the bathroom, and the camera cuts to the rest of the partygoers downstairs, who hear a crash of breaking glass and a scream.

Mirror ... Mirror on the wall you make my skin creep and crawl. Whose the ghost that resides within... The spirts of the dead the lost or my next of kin!

Fear of mirrors probably arose from the time when the first humans saw their reflections in a pool of water and once they had got over their initial shock of seeing someone or something, believed that the image was their soul or spirit and to endanger it would mean risking injury to the other self. Also since ancient times, mirrors were said to have magical powers, including the power to foretell the future and were considered to be devices of the gods. Thus breaking a mirror would end its powers and bring untold miseries and misfortunes upon the one whose reflection it last held. Or even damning a trapped spirit to a hell that only the Devil himself knew existed.

Mirrors are the perfect example of an everyday household furnishing attached with countless superstitions. Probably the most common belief concerning mirrors is that their breakage causes seven years of bad luck. But does Breaking a mirror with a real ghost locked in it set it free to haunt you? Consider this: Was the ghost trapped their on his own or placed their by some force to trap it to save others from the haunting the ghost could cause? In New Orleans Voodoosit are said to use a grand spell to capture household haunting ghosts in Zombie bottles or large mirrors. The mirrors which render the ghost harmless only to haunt the world that is reflected in the mirror. Not the Real world we live in. One custom unique to New Orleans voodoo is to watch (particularly if it is a bad or evil spirit or ghost) wander into a room or door way reflected in the mirror then to smash it trapping the ghost forever to roam into a different eternity and not haunt your house any longer. And to tell if a old mirror given to you or purchased is haunted place to tall white candles no further then 12 inches apart . Do this at midnight. Focus your eyes at the space between the two candles if it is haunted you will see the ghost!

A common use is that of scrying with a mirror. In Canterbury Tales, "The Squire's Tale" describes a magical mirror that can look over a king's realm; similarly, in The Faerie Queene, Merlin enchants a mirror to have this power. Another example, from the German tales of the brothers Grimm, is Snow White, in which the Wicked Queen consults a magic mirror to determine the identity of the most beautiful woman in the world; this mirror is capable of scrying the forest and finding Snow White. In modern fantasy, the mirror of Galadriel, in J.R.R. Tolkien's fictional universe of Middle-earth, shows things that were, and things that are, and things that yet may be.

Mirrors, along with labyrinths, figure prominently in the work of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, who often used them as symbols of infinity, impersonation, and illusion. In Dreamtigers, he writes of fearing that his reflection would move independently or change shape before his eyes. In Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, a fictional heresiarch declares that "mirrors and copulation are abominable, since they both multiply the numbers of men."

Similarly, Edgar Allan Poe expresses an aversion to mirrors in The Philosophy of Furniture:

Regarded apart from its reflection, the mirror presents a continuous, flat, colourless, unrelieved surface, – a thing always and obviously unpleasant. Considered as a reflector, it is potent in producing a monstrous and odious uniformity: and the evil is here aggravated, not in merely direct proportion with the augmentation of its sources, but in a ratio constantly increasing. In fact, a room with four or five mirrors arranged at random, is, for all purposes of artistic show, a room of no shape at all. If we add to this evil, the attendant glitter upon glitter, we have a perfect farrago of discordant and displeasing effects.

Ghost And Mirror Superstitions

Never look into a mirror by candlelight, it may show you a very haunted version of your home.

If you stare into a mirror between two tall white candles you might see the spirit of a loved one who has passed away. And their soul is stuck in your mirror.

Always cover a haunted mirror during a thunderstorm lightning will release the ghosts.

It is considered a bad omen to receive a mirror from a deceased persons home as a present.

If a mirror in the house falls and breaks on its own, A evil ghost is trying to escape it's mirror prison.

A baby should never be shown its own reflection before it is a year old, else it will stutter or grow no bigger than it is or die before it turns one.

Many families cover a mirror if someone dies, as they believe that the mirror will capture the dead person’s soul, thus preventing its entry into heaven. When a person is bad in life many say let them be trapped in mirror it is better then going to Hell!

And if someone sees their reflection in a mirror from a room where someone has recently died, they will die soon too.

It is said that if ghost wanders your home during the night, a mirror can capture it.

Source: Haunted American Tours


Dead Wife Contacts Lancs Man Via SMS

A Lancashire man whose house has a chilling reputation for poltergeist activity claims he is being haunted by text messages from his dead wife, the Blackpool Gazette reports.

Frank Jones, 59, was obliged 12 years ago to have his home in Windsor Avenue, Thornton, exorcised after a malevolent spirit dubbed "The Thing", which had already driven one terrified family from the house, turned its attentions on him and his wife and kids.

In 1971, previous residents the Ross family told the Gazette how The Thing had "pulled at their bed covers while they were asleep" and that they "sensed a vile smell and felt something breathing in their ears".

Jones moved in 20 years ago, solidly sceptical about the legendary presence, but "soon changed his mind". He recounted: "I just thought they were imagining it. But there was a lot of banging and an earthy smell in the house. Then one night I was lying in bed and a mist came across the room. I wanted to shout out at it, but I couldn't get my words out. My face seemed to be paralysed. It all got too much for me when that happened."

Jones's daughter, Maureen, 30, confirmed that The Thing had turned on taps and "ransacked" the house. She said: "You think people are exaggerating until you experience it. I was home alone one evening and suddenly heard these footsteps coming up the stairs. They went into my dad's bedroom and then I heard all the cupboards banging open. It sounded like burglars."

Cue an exorcist from Fleetwood Spiritualist Church, who "cleansed" the property of the spirit "trapped between two worlds".

Peace then reigned in Windsor Avenue until five years ago, when Jones suffered a double tragedy - the death of his son Steven, 32, from a brain tumour and wife Sadie, 69, three months later from a heart attack.

Jones explained: "Just after Sadie died I came home and I felt like I didn't want to go in the house. I got a missed call on my mobile, but it didn't ring. The call was from my own home number, but there was nobody in the house. Then when I went inside there was a smell like cigarettes which Sadie used to smoke and the smell of her perfume."

Jones says his family has since received strange SMS messages which they believe to be from Sadie. He concluded: "She always had a mobile with her. We buried her with her phone. There have been messages with words Sadie would say but there's no number."

Source: The Register


Rupert Sheldrake Stabbed At New Mexico Conference

An Englishman speaking on "thought transference" during an international conference at La Fonda on Wednesday was stabbed in the leg by a Japanese man who seemed upset by his remarks, witnesses said.

Rupert Sheldrake of London was sitting up and alert as medics took him on a gurney to an ambulance outside Santa Fe's historic hotel at the southeast corner of the Plaza. Asked if he was OK, Sheldrake smiled and responded, "I hope so."

Hirano Kazuki, 33, of Yokohama, Japan, spent Wednesday night in jail after he was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and assault with intent to commit a violent felony. He provided no resistance as officers led him in handcuffs from the hotel.

Hirano had been attending the 10th International Conference on Science and Consciousness. Other attendees said he had been acting oddly. They said he confronted Sheldrake earlier this week, telling him he heard voices and saw demons. Another featured speaker at the conference told the man he was "full of negative energy" and counseled him to "calm down," said Evan Mecham, an attendee from Broomfield, Colo.

Another attendee, David Graves of Tel Aviv, Israel, said he had tried to talk to Hirano earlier in the conference, but he did not respond. On Tuesday, Graves said he watched Hirano as he sat on a bench, rocking back and forth, like an orthodox Jew in prayer. "Why the hell would he attack that guy?" he asked.

Sheldrake's keynote address was titled "Memory and Morphic Resonance," and his workshop was "Fields of the Mind: Experimental and Research and Practical Intuition," according to a catalog on the conference which began Monday and concluded today. Sheldrake, described as a biologist with a doctorate degree, is the author of Seven Experiences that Could Change the World.

David Edwards of Fresno, Calif., said Sheldrake had been talking about how thoughts can be transferred by staring into another's eyes. During the lecture in the main ballroom on La Fonda's second floor, an Asian man left the room and when he returned, he didn't take a seat but stood near the podium with his eyes closed like he was meditating, Edwards said.

The attack came when Sheldrake called for a break about 3 p.m. Edwards said he started to leave the room when he heard a commotion. By the time he looked back, he said, an Asian man was being held on the floor by four people while a fifth held a knife in a napkin. Mecham said the knife was a folding type that hunters typically use.

Edwards said Sheldrake had a 2- or 3-inch cut on the front of his left thigh, just above his kneecap, causing blood to spurt some 8 inches into the air as he lay on his back. Edwards, who is a physician, said he stemmed the blood loss while they waited for the ambulance and police. Had Sheldrake not been standing at the podium, Edwards said, the stab wound might have been more serious because it would have been higher on his body.

Edwards said when he asked Hirano why he stabbed Sheldrake, Hirano mumbled something he couldn't understand. "He seemed like he was in a trance or schizophrenic," Edward said. "He seemed to be angry."

Police Capt. Gary Johnson said the first law-enforcement officers to arrive on the scene were his brother, Chief Eric Johnson, and Sheriff's Lt. Marco Lucero, who both had been at a meeting at City Hall, and Officer Cecil Sena, who patrols the Plaza and downtown. By the time they arrived, conference attendees had subdued Hirano and were treating Sheldrake, Gary Johnson said. He said Sheldrake was taken to St. Vincent Regional Medical Center where his injuries were determined not to be life-threatening.

After police found Hirano's Japanese passport, which listed his home as Tokyo, Johnson said, "we notified the Japanese consulate to advise them of the custody of one of their nationals." Hirano was booked into the Santa Fe County jail about 9 p.m. and is expected to be arraigned this afternoon in Santa Fe County Magistrate Court. His online booking sheet listed his home as Yokohama.

Many people attending the conference appeared shaken by the incident and declined to comment. A man who helped subdue Hirano would only say, "The creator will take care of the rest of it." Attendees gathered for a prayer session before leaving La Fonda on Wednesday afternoon.

Source: The New Mexican

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