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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such ocular-osculating tales as:

- New Indiana Jones Movie Based on Mythology of Real Crystal Skulls -
- Planet of the Apes -
- Giant Bones: A Big Deal, or Merely Tall Tales? -
- Rome's Exorcist Gives Inside Look at Devil -
AND:  Monsters From Scottish Folklore Brought Back To Life

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In This Incredible Issue:
Sleep Paralysis, Split Personalities,
and Spirit Possession

Michelle Belanger: Life as a Psychic Vampire

Science and Psychism:The Future of Artificial Intelligence

From Microbes to Monoliths:The Search for Life on Mars

PLUS: From Dwarfs to Giants: Sightings of Unusually Sized Humans

News Blackouts and the Non-Reporting of UFOs

The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie

College Campus Urban Legends:Tall Tales that Students Tell

Moonville, OH:A Haunted Railroad Town

Virginia’s Twitching Illness and Other Mass Maladies

The Children of God:Jesus Freaks and Flirty Fishing

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New Indiana Jones Movie Based on Mythology of Real Crystal Skulls

The infamous Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull was placed on public display for the first time in year recently at spiritual expo in the Chicago area.  This mysterious skull was first discovered in 1924 in the jungles of Belize in South America and is believed to be over 2,500 years old.  It is carved in such a manner that defies explanation.  Scientists who have tested the large human-sized skull found that the quartz crystal was carved against the grain and found no tool marks, modern or ancient, on the smooth surface.  Theoretically, like the bumble bee that shouldn't be able to fly, this mysterious artifact shouldn't exist.  Carving an object out of quartz crystal against the grain should have shattered the object and the mystery surrounding the lack of tool marks remains just that: a mystery.

This crystal skull event was significant in that crystal skulls may become a popular subject in a short while with the upcoming movie, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," coming out in May.   This is the fourth and perhaps final IJ movie produced by movie moguls Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas. 

The subject of crystal skulls is not well known to the average person or even to the spiritually or metaphysically-oriented person.   But to the collector of modern crystal skulls, of which there are many, the idea that a movie about their lovable collectibles is coming out is exciting. 
However, Hollywood does seem to be taking the mythology of the crystal skull to the extreme, judging by the movie posters which depict a crystal skull that looks very alien in nature.   Mention of the infamous alien-based Area 51 is also prevalent in the movie, if the rumor mill is correct about the very secretive story line of the movie.

So what is the true mythology of the crystal skulls? 

One starts with the story of the crystal skull in the jungles of South America, where they were first discovered. These skulls were unearthed from the ground in ancient ruins by those explorers who were excavating the South American jungles in the 19th century.  Many sites around the continent were explored and the activities of archeologists of the time were coupled with fortune-hunters searching for gold and treasurers.  Several discoveries of skulls and other artifacts were done at this time, although records of these are sketchy at best. 

Among these discoveries is the Mitchell-Hedges skull discovery, as well as others, some which are held by private owners and others  are displayed in museums. At the time, all of these skulls have been declared 'ancient' by their respective discoverers, that is to say they are over 2,500 years old. 

Theories of the origins and purposes of the skulls abound, but ancient Aztecs, Incans and Mayans all had religions with the images of skulls.  It is believed by scientists and archeologists that crystal skulls were created to be used in rituals and as objects of worship. 

The spiritualists or metaphysicians have taken their theories a bit further; as far as outer space, in fact. The names of Atlantis and/or the Pleiades are mentioned in regards to the true origins of the ancient crystal skulls, the number of which are either 13 or 52, depending on who you talk to about these strange artifacts.

Regardless, of where they came from, these skulls fascinated the public and many came to see these mysterious objects.   The popularity became intense and it is said that as a result more modern crystal carvers began sculpting skulls for the general public use.  There is a old glass factory in Germany which was known to have created crystal skulls for the people at this time and it was at this time that more unscrupulous individuals began selling these modern wonders to unwitting peoples claiming their ancient origin, but indeed they were creations of modern quartz artisans, not ancient tribesmen. 

Several of these more modern wonders have landed in the hands of museums - the British Museum has a crystal skull which was once declared ancient, but now has been categorized as 'old', or only several hundred years old, since the authenticity of the crystal skull's true age is in question.

The truth is that inorganic material, such as quartz crystal, can not be tested for age with our current science.  Only organic material can be tested and so it is the organic material found around inorganic artifacts that is measured and thus the inorganic material is declared in age.  

Another infamous crystal skull that may or may not be ancient is in the Paris Museum of Man.   The Smithsonian Museum in the United States also holds within its collection a crystal skull.

Then there are the crystal skulls held by private owners, such as the Mitchell-Hedges Skull.   Of these many owners have declared their skulls as ancient.

Among these reputed ancient skulls are Max, the Texas skull owned by Joanna Parks, and Synergy owned by Sherry Whitfield Merrell.   Both these skulls have their own fascinating back story and their owners have allowed these skulls to be displayed to the public.  Another reputed ancient skull is ET, which actually looks very alien and is owned by Joky van Dieten.  Perhaps this is the skull that the Indiana Jones movie was inspired by.

The uproar of ancient versus modern caused a clamor in the 19th century and the crystal skulls fell out of favor for a time.   But the exploration and exploitation of the South American jungle by treasurer hunters continued into the 20th century and crystal skulls continued to be found among the ruins.  Among those having such a find was a man named Nick Nocinero, who was not only an explorer but also a believer in things supernatural.   His skull, named Sha Na Ra, became infamous and subsequently the fascination of crystal skulls was renewed by the public in the 1980's, when Nocinero co-authored a book about crystal skulls, with Joshua Shapiro. Shapiro today is known as a crystal skull explorer and subsequently one of the most predominant crystal skull experts, especially since Nocinero passed away a few years ago. 

Further in the 1980's a British film team while filming a documentary in South America stumbled across the original site where the Mitchell-Hedges skull was found and became captivated with the subject of crystal skulls.  Their quest became a book and a documentary movie which fired up the public's imagination once more.  

Both books mention the fact that the crystal skulls have also been a fascination for psychic and channelers over the years.   Like the shamans of old who told tales that the skulls often spoke to them, so have various psychics who have been exposed to the Mitchell-Hedges skull, the British Museum skull or Sha Na Ra, or any reputed ancient crystal skulls, said these skulls talk to them.   This is where the information of the skulls beginnings coming from outer space originates - from those who have 'talked' with the skulls.  

Modern crystal skulls are now being carved on a regular basis in China and Brazil and these pricey modern replications of the ancient relics are being collected by crystal skulls caretakers from around the world.  Many of these people feel that the modern skulls also talk with them; these people state that they simply care for the skulls and not truly own them.  They are caretakers of the crystal skulls.

What the messages that the skulls are telling caretakers, psychics and channelers?  Often they are personal messages intended for the individual to help them in their personal and spiritual life.   Other messages surround world changes, messages of peace and world events.  There are various internet groups who talk regularly about these messages and the modern caretakers of the skulls, ancient, old or contemporary relate their various experiences with their skulls to other skull caretakers.  These experiences include out-of-body travels, dream analysis, mediation and various personal and spiritual growth experiences among the group.

Now with the advent of a movie that may explore this fascinating subject being made available to the public, the popularity of crystal skulls may grow.  Or Hollywood may do what it does best - take a subject of legend and rearrange the facts to ensure the box office cash register will ring loudly and often.

Regardless, of what Hollywood does, the subject of crystal skulls remains one steeped in mystery, controversy and secretive legends. Whether the ancient skulls really came from Atlantis or further out from outer space or simply from worshiping ancient natives of South America may be debated for years to come.  However, the movie going public can enjoy the intrigue of the crystal skulls, their secrets, their beauty and their mystery, regardless if they believe in anything more or not.

The caretakers of these skulls, ancient and modern, know their own truth.

*Ms. Blake Cahoon is a spiritual writer and teacher.  She also is a collector of modern crystal skulls.  Her company, produces and provides educational materials about crystal skulls and other metaphysical subjects. She lives in Illinois.

Source: Blake Cahoon


Solar Power to Rule in 20 Years, Futurists Say

He predicted the fall of the Soviet Union. He predicted the explosive spread of the Internet and wireless access.

Now futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil is part of distinguished panel of engineers that says solar power will scale up to produce all the energy needs of Earth's people in 20 years.

There is 10,000 times more sunlight than we need to meet 100 percent of our energy needs, he says, and the technology needed for collecting and storing it is about to emerge as the field of solar energy is going to advance exponentially in accordance with Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns. That law yields a doubling of price performance in information technologies every year.

Kurzweil, author of "The Singularity Is Near" and "The Age of Intelligent Machines," worked on the solar energy solution with Google Co-Founder Larry Page as part of a panel of experts convened by the National Association of Engineers to address the 14 "grand challenges of the 21st century," including making solar energy more economical. The panel's findings were announced here last week at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Solar to compete in five years

Solar and wind power currently supply about 1 percent of the world's energy needs, Kurzweil said, but advances in technology are about to expand with the introduction of nano-engineered materials for solar panels, making them far more efficient, lighter and easier to install. Google has invested substantially in companies pioneering these approaches.

Regardless of any one technology, members of the panel are "confident that we are not that far away from a tipping point where energy from solar will be [economically] competitive with fossil fuels," Kurzweil said, adding that it could happen within five years.

The reason why solar energy technologies will advance exponentially, Kurzweil said, is because it is an "information technology" (one for which we can measure the information content), and thereby subject to the Law of Accelerating Returns.

"We also see an exponential progression in the use of solar energy," he said. "It is doubling now every two years. Doubling every two years means multiplying by 1,000 in 20 years. At that rate we'll meet 100 percent of our energy needs in 20 years."

Other technologies that will help are solar concentrators made of parabolic mirrors that focus very large areas of sunlight onto a small collector or a small efficient steam turbine. The energy can be stored using nano-engineered fuel cells, Kurzweil said.

"You could, for example, create hydrogen or hydrogen-based fuels from the energy produced by solar panels and then use that to create fuel for fuel cells, he said. There are already nano-engineered fuel cells, microscopic in size, that can be scaled up to store huge quantities of energy, he said.

Other grand challenges

The NAE panel thinks that meeting the energy challenge and the other grand challenges of the 21st century is "simply imperative to our survival on the planet," said panel member Charles Vest, former president of MIT and current NAE president. Other challenges that the panel addressed include providing access to clean water , engineering better medicines, reverse engineering the brain, securing cyberspace and enhancing virtual reality.

The inspiration for the report was a previous NAE that reflected on the engineering achievements of the 20th century, such as the automobile, aircraft, jet aircraft, rockets, missiles, satellites, radio, radar, television, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, the computer, internet, genetic engineering and antibiotics.

These inventions gave us the green revolution that improved food production as global population grew, the distribution of safe water and electricity, improved health and generated an improved standard of living for many in the world.

However, now the world faces some dark consequences of these advances, said Stanford University's William Perry, a member of the Grand Challenges panel and a former Secretary of Defense in President Clinton's administration, including the depletion of prevailing energy resources, a looming global environmental disaster in global warming, the emergence of drug-resistant bugs and the threat of a security disaster if nuclear and biological weapons fall into the wrong hands.

With this in mind, the NAE brought together the panel (other members included Segway inventor Dean Kamen, biomedical engineer Robert Langer, former National Institutes of Health Director Bernadine Healy and genomics pioneer Craig Venter) to report on the needs of society and how technology can meet them.

More solutions to 21st century challenges

Other tech solutions suggested by the NAE panel to the new century's big challenges include:

* Better detection and monitoring of nuclear weapons components to prevent them from getting in the hands of terrorists.
* Improving rapid responses to possible bioweapons attacks.
* Advances in genetic engineering to address the problem of drug-resistant viruses and bacteria, and to create personalized medicine.
* Desalinization and water filtering to address the shortage of potable drinking water.
* Tutoring computers to help meet education needs.
* Artificial intelligence that better simulates the brain to help create faster computers and also to aid in the treatment of neurological disorders

Perry was optimistic about the ability of society to arrive at these solutions, saying the achievements of the 21st century "will I believe be just as spectacular as achievements of 20th century."

Panel member Calestous Juma of Harvard University, an authority on using science and technology to promote sustainable development, said the policy implications of the 21st century challenges plan reveal a "more enlightened understanding of role of science and technology in general."

"This idea [of solving large-scale problems using technological innovation] is being developed in the context of a globalized world," he said. "Even though the proposals have been developed in the United States, the challenges themselves that humanity faces are global in character."

Source: LiveScience


Planet of the Apes

The idea of evolution was quite new in the twenties. It was 1925 when John Scopes, a high school teacher in Tennessee was criminally charged with teaching the subject to his class. Scopes was using a biology textbook, which mentioned ideas found in Charles Darwin's book, 'On the Origin of the Species'. Since there was a law in Tennessee forbidding teaching any theory that denied the story of divine creation, as depicted in the Bible, John had to be taught a lesson.

The 'Scopes Monkey Trial' in March of that year brought the subject of evolution to the general public. Before that trial only scholars and men of letters paid any attention to Darwin's writings. Scopes' trial changed all that, not only for Americans, but across the seas as well. This court battle was big news all over the world and two giants of the American law community each took a side. These bigwigs were William Jennings Bryan for the prosecution and Clarence Darrow for the defense. Charles Darwin himself spoke on behalf of John Scopes.

There are still people living in the US today who believe Darwin's ideas are nothing more than a theory and insist on teaching children the creation story as fact. But luckily it's no longer against the law to teach evolution today…though these people think it still should be.

World War II started little more than a decade later, drawing global attention to two of history's most fanatical leaders, Adolf Hitler in Germany and Josef Stalin in Russia. How lucky the world is that these two did not work together. They both did enough damage by themselves.

As soon as the war was over Hitler's atrocious acts were revealed to the world, but it took decades before Stalin's awful experiments to come to light. One of Stalin's most demented efforts was that of trying to produce a hybrid ape-human.

The Scotsman newspaper published the story of Stalin's quest to breed a new species in its December 20, 2005 issue. This news source claimed that Stalin was looking to create an Army of ape-men that would be stronger than ordinary men, not need uniforms and could be fed almost anything, but this was not really the case. Stalin did work to create this unholy hybrid, but more because he was a passionate atheist and believed that creating an ape-man would prove his point.

With this goal in mind, Stalin asked prominent Soviet scientist and animal breeder, Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov for help. Ivanov had worked in the field of genetics for years and had successfully crossbred zebras with horses. In fact, Ivanov established the world's first center for artificially inseminating racehorses. Ivanov, a man who believed in the Darwinian view of life was the perfect man for the job and he was pleased to help Stalin prove that there was no God.

Ivanov, who was a lunatic in his own right, took to this assignment like a duck to water. He immediately set to work and he and his son went to Africa in 1926 to open a breeding center there. Archive reports show the Pasteur Institute in Paris let him use a station they had in Guinea, West Africa. There is very little said in these papers as to whether the Pasteur Institute understood what their facility would be used for, but they had a man named Calmette working there themselves at the time, so they couldn't have been unaware of the work Ivanov intended to do.

Ivanov also opened up a center in Georgia to house, care for and raise the creatures he brought forth. Not only is that Georgia center on record as far as the archives go, but it was documented that workmen unearthed ape-like skeletons while building a playground in a small Black Sea town in Georgia a few years ago as well.

Once the Georgia facility was settled, the main work in Africa began. That work was the cross breeding itself. Ivanov used the sperm of local tribesmen to impregnate chimps, as he believed that these men would be genetically closer to apes. There's also evidence to substantiate that during this same time, female natives were forced to submit to artificial insemination, using the sperm of great apes as well.
It was reported that this project failed and Ivanov was arrested for his troubles in 1930. He ended up being one of the millions that Stalin rounded up and sent to labor camps. He died at one of those camps two years later in 1932.

But did the experiments fail?

In the mid thirties Capt. William Hitchens, a professional hunter on an official lion hunt in Africa in the mid thirties witnessed, with other hunters and local natives, the actions of two little ape-man like creatures. These creatures walked upright and were not recognized by any members of Hitchens' group. It would be hard to imagine that professional hunters and local native would be unable to recognize an ape or monkey living in the jungle they so frequently hunted. Hitchens' report was published in the December 1937 issue of Discovery.

In the late nineteen fifties, Charles Cordier, a man who made his living collecting animals for zoos and museums came across a creature in the Congo that amazed and astounded him. He reported seeing ape like creatures that were around 5 and one half feet tall, walked upright and had more human faces than any chimp he had ever seen. Cordier said that these creatures' movements and behavior were very human like indeed.

The most amazing piece of this story is the capture of Oliver in 1970. Oliver was not a glimpse of color flitting through the jungle, but a flesh and blood being, in the hands of trainers in America. He was a most unusual animal, looking neither like a chimp nor a human. He walked upright, preferred the company of humans to chimps and acted decidedly human in many ways. He even drank and smoked.

The timing of these wild discoveries I believe is quite telling…all after 1926. Before DNA testing, Oliver was sold as being the missing link and paraded around the country as a side show. Now that we have DNA testing available, we know that Oliver had 47 chromosomes. That is one less than a chimp and one more than a human. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes now. Chimps have 24. Scientists are telling us now that we once had 24, but as we evolved our second and third chromosomes fused together.

So I ask again, did Stalin's experiments really fail?

Source: Jeanne Evans


Giant Bones: A Big Deal, or Merely Tall Tales?

The mystery surrounding reports of “giant skeletons” has always intrigued and fascinated me. Specifically, how it seemed to be a common occurrence that human-like bone remains, often of giant proportions, were known for popping up everywhere in the mid-to-late 1800s, as featured in reports like these:

* During an 1879 excavation of an Indian mound near Brewersville, Indiana, a nine-foot eight inch skeleton was found buried within.
* Around the same time, George W. Hill, M.D., also unearthed a skeleton said to be “of unusual size” while excavating a mound in Ashland County, Ohio.  
* In 1880, American Antiquarian, volume three, reported that a Doctor Everhart allegedly found another large skeleton “reported to have been of enormous dimensions” in a strange clay coffin along with a sandstone slab marked with unidentified hieroglyphics near Zanesville Ohio.
* In 1881 in Medina County, Ohio, a succession of nine bodies were found below the cellar of a house, buried as though the corpses had been “dumped into a ditch.” Albert Harris, one of the residents, was twenty years old at the time of the grave’s discovery, and removing one of the large skeletons, said that he could literally fit the piece over his entire head and allow it to rest on his shoulders like a large helmet, even while wearing a cap underneath!  

Still, we’ve all heard of how even well known authors of the era, including Mark Twain, contributed to the telling of “whoppers” in their day; that is, many writers who got their feet wet as newspaper writers for dailies would occasionally cook up tall tales when local news just wasn’t doing it (see a great example of this here). Eventually, I decided to try and find out if there might be any reports that could be verified with more certainty, and after some digging around in public domain archives, I found a couple.

In their 1894 report to the secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, Cyrus Thomas and Thomas Powell of the Bureau of Ethnology wrote of several discoveries where large human skeletal remains were found, the first occurring in Roane County, Tennessee:

“Underneath the layer of shells the earth was very dark and appeared to be mixed with vegetable mold to the depth of 1 foot. At the bottom of this, resting on the original surface of the ground, was a very large skeleton lying horizontally at full length. Although very soft, the bones were sufficiently distinct to allow of careful measurement before attempting to remove them. The length from the base of the skull to the bones of the toes was found to be 7 feet 3 inches. It is probable, therefore, that this individual when living was fully 7½ feet high.”

And yet another instance, this time in presumed Indian burial mounds at Dunlieth, Illinois:

“Near the original surface, 10 or 12 feet from the center, on the lower side, lying at full length on its back, was one of the largest skeletons discovered by the Bureau agents, the length as proved by actual measurement being between 7 and 8 feet. It was clearly traceable, but crumbled to pieces immediately after removal from the hard earth in which it was encased….”

Indeed, it seems that the Smithsonian at one time reported oddities like these which they uncovered, especially during the “giant boom” of the late nineteenth century. Still, I can’t help but ask; if these kinds of discoveries were ever at all commonplace, why aren’t skeletons and other anomalies like this found more frequently in modern times… or are they?

During an email exchange I had last year with my good friend and mentor, Brad Steiger, we began discussing a few similar reports which he had included in his book Worlds Before Our Own, where a few such skeletons were said to exist in private museums. ”After the book was published, I learned of even more and included photos of them in my lectures,” he told me. ”Soon, individuals beseeched me to cease; the private museums were mysteriously suffering unexplained fires.” One is left to ask; what about anomalous relics of this (or any) sort could be so worthy of censorship on such a level?

Further complicating the mystery of missing giant bones is the following excerpt from an article I wrote which included the inquiries of the late zoologist Ivan T. Sanderson, best known for his interest in the legends regarding America’s Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowmen alleged to reside in the Himalayas:

“Sometime in the 1960s, Sanderson wrote about an odd letter he received regarding an engineer who, during World War II, had been stationed on the Aleutian island of Shemya. While building an airstrip, the bulldozing of a group of hills in the area led the engineer and his crew to unearth several sedimentary layers of human remains. They noted the extraordinary length of the crania and leg bones at the site, having apparently belonged to people of gigantic proportions. The skulls were said to have measured up to 24 inches from base to crown, far greater than the length of an average human skull. Also of interest was that each was said to have been trepanned, the strange process of drilling or cutting a hole and removing a top center portion of the skull, thought by some ancient cultures to enable a variety of alleged “benefits”, including psychic abilities, etc. Sanderson actively began to search for more proof of this incident, and later was able to contact another member of the unit who also confirmed the bizarre story. By all accounts, the remains were said to have been gathered by the Smithsonian Institution, but no record of where they were taken was ever issued. Sanderson seemed convinced that the institute did indeed retrieve them however, going so far as to ask ‘is it that these people cannot face rewriting all the textbooks?’ “

Do I honestly think that there are MIBs out there spiriting away giant skeletons into an unmarked warehouse someplace? Not at all… but I think it’s safe to suppose (at least for the sake of a good pun) that someone may have a few “skeletons in their closet” that they just aren’t talking about!

Source: The Gralien Report


Brazil: High Strangeness Creatures

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world: spreading over an extension of 8,511,965 square kilometers, it is the fifth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China and the USA. Most of it is made up of jungles that remained unexplored to this very day, great savannas and a number of mountain ranges which remain enveloped in dense vegetation, without mentioning the vast swampland of the Amazon, which harbors an infinity of creatures and beings, some of them known to science and others known only through tradition and sporadic sightings made by explorers and aborigines.

Our research shows that two groups of entities may be taken into consideration: 1) Strange beings linked to the apparition of UFOs (bearing in mind that Brazil is foremost among the nations with the greatest number of sightings, landings, contacts, abductions, etc.; 2) Giant cats, winged creatures, hairy humanoids, dwarves, sea monsters, gigantic serpents, etc, which steer the investigator toward a cryptozoological or paranormal phenomenon.

1. Strange creatures associated with UFOs

There are hundreds of reports in which one can find a direct relationship between UFOs and strange creatures. However, in this report we shall limit the scope to only the most relevant cases and those which present the most varied morphology. Likewise we shall concentrate on those events which transpired after the so-called "modern era of UFOs", which kicked off, as we all know, with Kenneth Arnold's sighting in 1947.

Bauru, state of Sao Paulo, July 23, 1947: Only 29 days after the Arnold sighting, Brazilian topographer José C. Higgins witnessed an enormous disk some 45 meters in width, whitish-grey in color, and supported by four metallic struts. Three beings, measuring some 2.15 meters in height (7 ft), stepped out of the craft wearing transparent outfits which covered them like "plastic bags". They had round eyes, bald heads and bulky round heads without eyebrows or facial hair; their legs were proportionally longer than a human's. The witness could not determine if they were male or female, but found that they had "a certain beauty" about them.

Near Santa María, state of Rio Grande do Sul, March 16, 1954. Rubén Hellwing encountered, on two successive days, with a number of different entities. On the first day, he saw two slender men, 1.60 meters in height, with dark complexions and helmetless. On the following day he encountered a tall blond man accompanied by two dark skinned women with long black silky hair, and dark slanted eyes. The three were dressed in identical one-piece brown outfits. In both cases, Hellwing was able to see a flying object resembling "an inverted casserole."

Pontal, November 4, 1954. José Alves was out fishing when he met three diminutive creatures wearing white outfits and tight-fitting helmets. The entities had emerged from a discoidal vehicle some 3 to 4.5 meters in diameter.

Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, November 10, 1954. An agronomer from Porto Alegre allegedly saw two strange-looking men emerge from a discoidal structure some 5 meters in diameter. The figures were humanlike, with long hair, and wearing coveralls.

Linha Bela Vista, state of Rio Grande do Sul, December 9, 1954. Olmira da Costa e Rosa, a farmer, met three average-height humanoids described as: "broad-shouldered, with pallid complexions, slanted eyes and wind-tousled blond hair," who were gathered outside two discoidal objects enveloped in a kind of fog. The farmer believed at first that they were aviators from another country.

Sao Sebastiao, on Brazil's southern shore. At 7:10 p.m. on June 15, 1957, professor Joao Freitas de Guimaraes, attorney and professor of Roman Law at the Catholic Law School, observed two tall men (1.80 mts.) with shoulder-length blond hair, fair complexions, youthful demeanor and a look in their eyes which expressed wisdom and understanding. They wore one piece greenish outfits that were snug around the neck, wrists and ankles. Professor Guimaraes was able to see a luminous, hat-shaped object which descended not too far from his position.

Quebracoco, October 10, 1957. Spanish Navy officer Miguel E. and a companion were able to see a giant UFO whose portholes offered a glimpse of seven small humanoid beings, no larger than a child, with long hair and clad in luminous outfits.

Minduri, August 23, 1958. On August 23, 1958, two giants whose height was estimated at six meters (19 feet!), clad in brilliant red outfits, were seen close to Minduri by three witnesses who also claimed having seen a hat-shaped luminous object suspended in the sky.

Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, August 28, 1963. At 7:15 p.m., three boys were standing in the backyard of their home in Belo Horizonte's Sagrada Familha neighborhood when they noticed an large, transparent luminous sphere descending toward them. One of the occupants of the sphere was a tall, slender man, some 2 mts. in height, dressed in a "scuba diver's outfit" and with an entirely bald head contained within a massive helmet. The man was earless and noseless, red-skinned, and had a single large dark eye, without eyebrows or eyelashes, in the middle of its face. This case was not investigated until the summer of 1965, when it was brought to light by Brazilian researcher Hulvio Brant Alexio.

Cruzeiros, state of Sao Paulo, August 14, 1965. A railroad worker in Rio de Janeiro, Joao do Rio, had a close encounter measuring approximately 70 centimeters in height, with large luminous eyes recessed in a large bald head. The singular creature had emerged from a flying saucer.

Sao Joao, state of Pernambuco, September 10, 1965. Antonio Pau Ferreira, a 45-year old farmer, was startled to behold two disk shaped objects no larger than 1.50 meters wide and 60 centimeters thick, which disgorged two small beings of a generally humanlike appearance, beardless, with reddish-brown skin and waxen complexions. They wore form-fitting outfits.

Alto Dos Cruzeiros, Canhotinho Municipality, Pernambuco. On October 26, 1965, José Camilo Filho, a 56 year-old mechanic, witnessed a UFO flying over his neighborhood. Minutes later, driving along a highway, he noticed two small beings, less than a meter tall, with brown skins, wrinkled and furrowed faces "like those of old men", white hair on enormous heads, and slanted eyes. One of these dwarves wore a pointed cap made of dark material, and a patchy beard grew on its face. Both creatures wore silvery outfits and luminous belts.

Agua Branca, Quipapa, state of Pernambuco, Februrary 25, 1966. María Marluce and María Marilucy de Silva had an encounter with a disk-shaped object some 3 to 4 meters wide. Standing beside the object was a humanoid being some 2 meters tall surrounded by six small, large-headed creatures in coveralls. The creatures appeared to be talking among themselves.

Alexania, Brasilia, December 27, 1967. Wilson Plácido Gusmao, a resident of Brasilia, ran into five humanoid entities shortly after having witnessed a UFO. The creatures belonged to the oft-described category of long-haired blondes, with porcelain-like complexions and shimmering, form-fitting outfits. One of the humanoid, presumably the leader, had a light in front of him.

Sao Paulo, August 25, 1968. María José Cintra, a worker at Serafim Ferreira Hospital, was startled to encounter a strange woman with fair skin, wearing a light blue cloak over a silvery coverall with tight cuffs. The entity floated into a pear-shaped object which floated less than a meter off the ground.

Prefeitura de Lins, state of Sao Paulo, October 2, 1968. Turíbio Pereira witnessed 5 identical beings which appeared to be repairing a luminous object that rested on the ground. The witness described the creatures as being some 1.50 meters tall, wearing radiant blue tunics which covered their head, arms and torso. Two other individuals wore brilliant red tunics.

Fazenda Bela Aliança, Pirassununga, February 6, 1969. José Antonio Fioco saw a strange craft lying in one of his ranch's pastures. Three tall humanoids wearing brilliant silver outfits emerged from the vehicle. Their outfits had three large buttons on the torso.

Bairro Pinheiro, Pirassununga, February 6, 1969. Several residents of this community reported seeing the descent of a large luminous object around 7:30 a.m. Two small men emerged from the object. Witnesses described tham as having slender lips, flattened noses, dark eyes with neither pupils nor whites, wearing aluminized outfits that covered their bodies.

Colegio Batista, March 22, 1969. Two girls observed a small man wearing a helmet which projected a greenish radiance through bulbs shaped like "cat's eyes." Two hours earlier, the girls had seen a strange luminous object which appeared to be following them.

Itaperuna, December 20, 1971. Manuel da Silva Souza witnessed a strange discoidal object on the ground. Standing beside it were 4 diminutive humanoids with bare round heads, thin noses and slanted eyes, wearing emerald colored clothing. The beings appeared to be mouthless.

Baldim, Minas Gerais, July 12, 1972. Joao Alves Sobrinho saw 2 small beings along the roadside, wearing light-colored, long-sleeved clothing, standing beside a dark object with 7 luminous sources outside it. The witness did not hesitate to notify the corresponding authorities.

Londrina, January 5, 1973. Joao Marques reported seeing an airplane-sized object which disgorged a humanoid occupant, dressed all in white, wearing a helmet. The creature made a friendly gesture at the witness.

1973 (precise date unknown). Bernadette Gómez, adopted daughter of General Moacyr Ulloa, was taken to some location in the Amazon where she witnessed an extraordinary blue light which produced a normal sized entity wearing a tight-fitting outfit. The creature cured the young woman of a disease known as Mal de Chagas -- a fact corroborated by Santa Lucía Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Paciencia, Rio de Janeiro, September 15, 1977. Antonio La Rubia allegedly encountered an unknown object resting in the middle of a football field. Upon turning away from it, he was faced by three robot-like figures measuring some 1.20 meters. The robots had antennae which extended over their heads like footballs, in whose center was a band of tiny transparent mirrors in shades of blue. They had thick bodies and appendixes resembling arms which thinned out toward their ends (La Rubia compared them to an elephant's trunk). The witness claims having been abducted by these creatures.

2. Creatures of a cryptozoological or paranormal nature.

Under this heading we include all those creatures which have generated multiple reports, but whose existence science has as of yet been unable to determine. It should be pointed out that there are, in fact, "official" confirmations of their existence, but given the elusiveness of the creatures, reports are at best sporadic.

As with the previous heading, there exists an infinity of references concerning these entities, yet we consider it to be more expedient to mention reliable evidence exclusively, as well as those cases which portray the diversity of these manifestations.

Isla de Noronha, Brazil, 1905 (precise date unknown). Fernando de Noronha, a Luso-Brazilian sailor, witnessed a sea monster in the waters off the eponymous island. The creature's head was allegedly "as large as a cow" and its body spiraled away from its head to a distance of 9 meters (29 feet).

Rio Negro, Brazil, 1907 (precise date unknown). Commander Percy Fawcett, an explorer, killed an Anaconda measuring some 19 meters (62 feet). These reptiles normally measure no more than 7.5 to 9 meters.

Pernambuco, Recife, 1907 (precise date unknown). An officer on a merchant vessel witnessed a sea monster measuring some 55 meters long (180 feet). The creature reached the ship "...with the speed of a flying arrow..." It had two large dorsal fins.

Cordillera de Parecis, 1914 (precise date unknown). Commander P.H. Fawcett encountered savage creatures covered in hair which resembled apes. According to his testimony, they had knowledge of the bow and arrow. Locals referred to these beings as "maricoxis."

Cuenca del Urubu, 1930 (precise date unknown). For over 60 years, persistent rumors concerning the existence of a giant apelike being in this region have run along the length of the Urubu River. In this reference, a Brazilian who formed part of a ten-man expedition ran into a massive hairy creature which growled as it walked and left in its wake "..a bitter and penetrating odor..." Despite having fired at it a number of times, the animal escaped. The hunter believed that it was the Mapinguary, Pelobo or Pe de Garrafa.

Along the Araguaya River, 1940's (precise date unknown). An anonymous photographer took two pictures of the giant Sucuriju, a sea serpent measuring anywhere between 60 to 180 feet long, with brilliant green eyes, which reportedly lives in the Araguaya River.

Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, 1950's (precise date unknown). Luiz do Rosario Real and his wife Lucy Gerlach Real were walking through the forest one night next to the sea when they were startled to notice two flying shadows crossing the path upon which they walked. The couple believed them to be two colossal birds until the creatures made a vertical descent, and the Reals were able to see that they were in fact six-foot tall winged humanoids. It is worth including under this item the experiences of British explorer J. Harrison while traveling along the Manaús River, a tributary of the Amazon, in February 1947. According to Harrison, the "birds" had a nine-foot wingspan, had the color of dark leather and showed no signs of having feathers. The top of their heads was flattened and they had a long neck and beak.

Amazon Jungle, 1966 (precise date unknown). A band of savages, standing more than six feet tall, hairy and very aggressive, raided neighboring tribes according to those who know them as the Kreem-Akakore. Elements of the Brazilian army tried to contact the giant raiders but did not achieve its purpose. A team of British scientists led by Alaistair MacKenzie, Ian Bishop and David Hunt was dispatched in hopes of finding the Kreem-Akakore.
Rio de Janeiro, August 1982. A group of fishermen claim having seen a sea serpent twice. The monster had an elongated neck and was covered in scales, measuring some 48 meters (157 feet).

Xurucus, Recife, February 3, 1983. A number of people claim to have seen gigantic green creatures, some 3 meters tall, with box-shaped heads and square legs, exiting a cave located near Xurucus. The main witness is farmer Geraldo Cordeiro.

Lagos do Aviso, Vitoria, July 21, 1992. A large number of people witnessed the presence of an extraordinary sea serpent, with an approximate length of 15 meters, swimming along the river. The creature did not attack any living beings.

Sao Paulo, February 21, 1994. David Oren, a Brazilian explorer, went in search of an enormous creature which traditionally roams the Amazonian jungles. The Mapinguary, Preguica Amazonica or Pé de Garrafa has been seen since before 1930 by a variety of witnesses. According to Oren, the time is right to send out a serious expedition to find it.

Tres Lagos, Matto Grosso do Sul, March 14, 1995. Wilson Dourado de Paula, a well-known soccer player, was attacked by a wolf man (lobizón) in Tres Lagoas at 1:30 a.m. as he left a family reunion. He described the creature as measuring some 2 meters in height and having fiery red eyes, a pointed tail and entirely black in color. He had to cast a stone at it, since it very nearly seized him. Witnesses to the event were Aníbal José Pedro, 43, and Dirceu Arruda, 52.

San Roque, state of Sao Paulo, October 7, 1996. Farmer Eduardo Roberto de Moraes stumbled upon a number of claw-shaped footprints deeply etched into dry, hardened soil. Some of the prints measured up to 40 cm. (13 in.) in length. Tufts of brownish-grey hair were found tangled in a local fence. To judge by the footprints, the creature would weigh some 200 kgs. (440 lbs.). According to the testimony of two witnesses who encountered the creature, it resembled a dog standing some 5 feet tall, with large black eyes, long fangs and a body entirely covered in dense yellow fur. A mane of sorts ran down its back. The entity was able to walk grotesquely on its two hind legs or on all fours. SAMIZDAT correspondent Encarnación Zapata García submitted the hair samples to the University of Sao Paulo to have them analyzed.

Source: Inexplicata/Dr. Rafael A. Lara, CEFP


Rome's Exorcist Gives Inside Look at Devil

Urges Separating Possession From Psychiatric Problems

Some of the mystery surrounding the devil and exorcism is being unveiled in a television and Internet report series, detailing the work of the exorcist of the Diocese of Rome.

Society of St. Paul Father Gabriele Amorth, Rome's exorcist for the past 21 years and a specialist in the figure of Mary, explained in the first edition of the series how he performs exorcisms.

"I go to one of Rome's churches, to a parish that is closed during the day," he said. "There is Mass in the morning and then the church is closed. There I perform the difficult exorcisms. I always work with seven to 10 people who help me, and use a small bed. Sometimes we need to tie people down or simply subdue them."

With Christ, the priest said, it is possible to overcome the devil: "The exorcist acts in the name of Jesus and with the strength that comes from Jesus."

Is he real?

The first question Father Amorth addressed in the report is if the devil exists: "I respond with the words of John Paul II, who was once asked this question: 'Your Holiness, I find many bishop who don't believe in the devil.' And John Paul II responded: 'One who doesn't believe in the devil doesn't believe in the Gospel.'

"The devil is an angel, and therefore, a pure spirit created good by God and who perverted himself because he rebelled against God. Therefore, he maintains all the characteristics proper of a pure spirit, such as a very large intelligence, immensely bigger than ours."

The devil is pleased by the way he is generally represented -- with wings and a tail, horns, as a bat, etc. -- because these images make him seem ridiculous and help people to believe that he does not exist, the exorcist reported.

Medical or spiritual

Father Amorth suggested that diabolic problems be separated from psychiatric ones; and to do so an exorcist is needed in every diocese to help in discernment.

"Normally when a person experiences these conflicts and problems, the first thing he does is see a doctor and psychiatrist," he said. "It is very difficult to distinguish the devil's action from a psychological problem. The person goes to a psychiatrist and after years of therapy obtains no result.

"Then he begins to suspect that the problem is not a natural one and goes to a conjurer from whom he obtains even greater harm. This is what normally happens. At this point, it is possible that someone more experienced in these matters suggests an exorcist."

Our Lady

The exorcist confirmed that Satan's great foe is the Virgin Mary.

He explained: "On one occasion an exorcist friend of mine asked the devil what most hurts him about Our Lady, what most annoys him. He responded, 'That she is the purest of all creatures and that I am the filthiest; that she is the most obedient of all creatures and that I am the most rebellious; that she is the one who committed no sin and thus always conquers me.'"

Father Amorth affirmed that on some occasions, God forces the Prince of Lies to tell the truth, however, the devil's main struggle is to make man fall into sin.

"To lead man towards evil is to make him fall into sin; this is the devil's preferred activity and we are all subject to it from our birth until our death."

According to Father Amorth, Mary is a key figure in the fight against the devil's tricks, especially since she herself was tempted: "Mariology is my field and I have often been asked if Mary was tempted by the devil. Definitely. When? From her birth until her death. But she always triumphed."

Source: Zenit


Monsters From Scottish Folklore Brought Back To Life

From ghosts and goblins to sea monsters and cannibals, Scottish history is littered with tales of the weird and wonderful. While some Scottish legends have become much-loved parts of our culture, other stories have disappeared into obscurity over the centuries.

Now Glasgow University is set to revive Scotland's folklore thanks to a new postgraduate course examining mythical creatures, superstitions, beliefs and the storytelling that kept them alive.

Here's a look at just some of the myths and legends that got handed down through the generations.


Legend has it that the Monster of Glamis was a deformed member of the Bowes-Lyon family, who was kept in a secret chamber in Glamis Castle. The "monster" was alleged to be Thomas Bowes-Lyon, the eldest child of the Queen Mother's great-great grandparents, who was born in 1821.

Official records suggest the child died in infancy but, over the years, rumours spread of his survival. According to the story, Thomas had an enormous chest with his head running straight into his body and had tiny arms and legs.


These mysterious sea creatures lived in the stretch of water between the Isle of Lewis and the mainland. They looked like humans but had blue skin and would swim alongside fishing boats, making their way through that stretch of water trying to lure sailors into the sea.

Legend had it they would also conjure up storms to wreck ships and that they lived in underwater caves, where they were ruled over by a chief. It was said fisherman could escape them if they were good at rhyming.


Although the idea of the village that only appears once every 100 years is now considered a Scottish myth, it actually has its roots in the mythical cursed German village of Germelshausen.

It was this story that inspired composers Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe but, in 1947, a musical set in Germany was a no-no, so they relocated the musical in Scotland.

So the story of the Scots village where the passing of a century seems no longer than one night became part of our national folklore, with tourists still asking guides where they can find it.


Given how regularly the seas around Scotland used to claim the lives of fishermen, it's no surprise people who lived on the coast had a fear of the water. And that's why so many of Scotland's mythical creatures lived there, including the kelpie.

Haunting lochs and rivers, they would appear to tired travellers as a lost pony with a wet mane. If you climbed on to the creature, it would charge straight into the deepest part of the water, drowning you in the process.


Scotland's most famous cannibal has become a mythical figure in folklore and arguments still rage about how much of the story is based on fact.

The story goes that in the 16th century, Bean made his home in a coastal cave near Galloway, where he spawned a brood of more than 40 children and grandchildren.

Together, the clan would ambush, murder and eat people as they passed by, escaping capture for more than 20 years until they were eventually found and executed.


The Scottish version of mermaids were half-human, half-seal creatures who could take their seal skins on and off. It's believed they originated in Orkney but Ireland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland all have their own versions.

They often featured in tales telling of how they would lose their skin and marry fishermen, bearing them children before finding their skin again and disappearing back into the sea.


Found among the ruined castles scattered across the Scottish borders, red caps were murderous goblin-like creatures who killed travellers straying into their path.

They would then dye their hats with their victim's blood and they had to keep killing as, if the blood dried, they would die. Despite wearing spike-clad iron boots, the buck-toothed demons were said to be too fast to outrun and so the only way to escape one was to quote a passage from the Bible.


Described as a man covered with short brown hair but with a wolf's head, the wulver is part of Shetland folklore. While other mythical werewolves were aggressive, the wulver stayed out of the way, spending its time fishing on a rock still known as The Wulver's Stane.

The wulver would leave fish on the windowsills of poor families. It's been 100 years since the last sighting.


The word "banshee" comes from the Gaelic "bean shidh" which means "woman of peace". While different cultures had their own versions, banshees were believed to be women found near streams, washing blood from the clothes of those about to die. In some tales they are described as having just one nostril, one long tooth, webbed feet and long hanging breasts. Some people believed banshees were the spirits of women who had died during child birth.

Source: The Daily Record

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