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Why is it so hard to believe that things may not be as they seem? Behind the frozen smiles and empty eyes lie the decaying dreams of a better world. Where once was a promise of fairness and quiet noble ideals, is replaced with fear that grasps with rabid desperation for fictional pasts, tribal gods and all-to-real prejudices. And freedom, sweet freedom, its desire demands a watchful eye as treason blooms from the root of our forefathers. Fear and security are the new mandate. With fear comes control. From control comes power. This is what we have to offer our bearers of new light. Is this the legacy we want to leave after our lives have disappeared into dust; A bold, free future, or a shattered promise of yesterdays forgotten dreams?

Why is it so hard to believe that things may not be as they seem?

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such stomach-churning tales as:

- Mysterious Lights, UFOs, Sonic Booms, F-16s and an Earthquake -
- The Day the Aliens Landed -
- Templar Tomb With Possible Mid-East Connection Found in France -
- Military Mind Control and the UFO Experience -
AND: Two Women Say Ghost Assaulted Them

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In This Incredible Issue:
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and Spirit Possession

Michelle Belanger: Life as a Psychic Vampire

Science and Psychism:The Future of Artificial Intelligence

From Microbes to Monoliths:The Search for Life on Mars

PLUS: From Dwarfs to Giants: Sightings of Unusually Sized Humans

News Blackouts and the Non-Reporting of UFOs

The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie

College Campus Urban Legends:Tall Tales that Students Tell

Moonville, OH:A Haunted Railroad Town

Virginia’s Twitching Illness and Other Mass Maladies

The Children of God:Jesus Freaks and Flirty Fishing

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Mysterious Lights, UFOs, Sonic Booms, F-16s and an Earthquake

Working backwards, most by now are aware of the moderate earthquake (5.2 on the Richter - two more 4.5 aftershocks have been felt in Indiana since April 18) that was centered near West Salem Illinois, but was felt in surrounding states, literally as far as Atlanta.

For the purpose of this article, the temblor was felt strongly in the neighboring state of Indiana; indeed initial reports were unclear about the epicenter, some stating that it did in fact originate in the Hoosier state.

I bring this to light because two days earlier (Wednesday the 16th) “loud explosions” (and earthquake like tremors) occurred near Kokomo, Indiana, accompanied with “strange lights”; some reports described “a bright light,” “fireballs,” and “flaming, falling, debris.” In response to the hoard of calls received by local police stations, the first notion was that a plane crashed; a massive search was initiated by emergency personnel to no avail, according to Larry Smith, Howard County’s emergency management director.

The search was conducted between Kokomo and Indianapolis, near U.S. 31 and County Road 300 North in Tipton County and by some reports included up to “50 emergency vehicles” from two counties, as well as city and state resources; barring a plane crash, Smith speculated that a meteor might have come crashing down; however, nothing turned up to support that dogma either . . . at least nothing from officialdom.

In talking to a nearby resident by phone who’s lived there his entire life and who’s had feedback from friends and family that live in Kokomo etc., he stated that this incident was unprecedented!

The explosions were so loud, and literally “earthshaking,” people ran out of their houses to see the streets filled with their neighbors fearing some major disaster!

After the initial explosion(s) scores of people got into their cars and converged near US 31 close to Sharpsville looking for the source of “falling, flaming debris.”

Important to point out that police officials in the course of their investigation contacted both the Indianapolis International Airport and the Grissom Air Reserve Base to inquire about the possibility of a downed aircraft, explaining the reports of explosions and mysterious lights; at no time (initially) did either entity attribute the presumed explosions and light phenomenon to aircraft, civilian or otherwise, specifically in relationship to an airplane crash of some sort; they stated emphatically that they “had no planes in the air!”

Along with the Air Force statements, an AP report states:

“Major Brian Martin, a spokesman North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, said none of the thousands of manmade objects – spent rocket vehicles, satellites – that government tracks re-entered the atmosphere over the U.S. on Wednesday night.”

I offer the a fore mentioned points, because “the next day” Tech Sgt. Darin Hubble with the 122nd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard, stated,

“military officials are investigating if F-16 training might explain the Kokomo booms and lights and similar reports Tuesday over Logansport.

Training often includes pilots shooting flares and can produce sonic booms that shake the ground below. We’re allowed to do training missions in that area and our F-16s are equipped with flares that erupt in order to evade heat-seeking missiles."

Later in the day this preliminary statement was confirmed as “fact” by the 122nd.

Although the more significant event(s) occurred on Wednesday night, and after sifting through various news reports, there were in fact similar accounts occurring “Tuesday night” (over Logansport northwest of Kokomo) as well, i.e., strange lights, tremors and booms.

It seems there is a pattern to these type of episodes, that is the “knee-jerk response” by military officials is to deny everything, ala “Stephenville” and or the “Phoenix Lights” events; although at least in this instance they didn’t wait “a week or two” before offering up the “familiar flare scenario.”

Personally, “at present” I don’t discount the “flare explanation”; however, one would think that since folks live so close to Grissom Air Force Base, they would be accustomed to “training missions” as well as being able to identify military aircraft. Granted, this isn’t going to be true for everyone, but out of the dozens of “first-hand reports” I’ve listened to and or read, people weren’t talking about F-16s, or any other military (or civilian) jet aircraft.

I find this very peculiar; I by no means am an expert on aviation or F-16’s in particular; however I can “distinguish” one from a good distance, most often during the day when the noise threshold is much louder due to traffic and daytime activity. Moreover, given the fact that the 122nd is stating they went “supersonic” (mach 1 or above) this would have made a tremendous amount of noise; I find it very uncharacteristic that this wasn’t predominant if indeed a “training mission” was the origin of all the commotion.

Additionally, the Military Operations Area (MOA) for the 122nd encompasses “Grissom Air Force Base” (north of Kokomo); however, “it does not include airspace over Kokomo,” or in this instance “south of the city.” Given the fact that this is a rural area, and the city of Kokomo would stand out at night against the surrounding countryside (from the air), the odds of flying over the area in question “by accident” are slim in my view.

Even within the designated MOAs, according to the “Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment”:

    “The Hill Top MOA is geographically located within the ROI, but is above the 8,000-foot ceiling of the airspace controlled by the base. The Twelve Mile MOA, located approximately 15 NM from the base, extends from 500 feet above ground level (AGL) up to, but not including, 9,000 feet AGL, and is in effect from 8 a.m. to 30 minutes after sunset, Tuesday to Saturday. . . . The Twelve Mile MOA, the Hill Top MOA, and the MTRs are owned by the 122nd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard and are used primarily by F-16 aircraft.”

The AFCEE also states that MOAs are subject to Air traffic Control (ATC) and are governed by the FAA under “Rules of Flight.”

That said, if F-16’s from the 122nd were the cause of the hullabaloo below Kokomo then there exists a severe dereliction of procedure on a number of levels; for example, if this was a training mission as stated, not only were the F-16’s outside the MOA, the exercise took place during a prohibited time period. Moreover, even within an MOA, F-16’s are prohibited from going “supersonic” during training missions.”

On top of that, all air traffic in a controlled airspace i.e., an MOA, is monitored and supported by ground communications, navigational aids, and ATC services; why then when emergency services contacted both Grissom AFB and Fort Wayne International Airport Air Guard Station before midnight on Wednesday did they “deny” having any aircraft aloft?

It’s certainly “plausible” that a “sonic boom” could have caused the “explosions” people heard and the “tremors” people felt that night; however, Colonel Jeff Soldner, the commander of the 122nd Fighter Wing in Fort Wayne, says:

    “People in the area also reported seeing something akin to a fireball . . . since the training missions tend to be conducted at an altitude of 20,000 feet, the flares won’t be visible during daytime missions. they burn out long before anyone would see ‘em”

This seems to contradict “eye witness accounts.” If the flares were ejected at the altitude stated, how is it that people reported flaming debris low to the ground? So much so that the culmination of the reports gave emergency personnel a search grid within a few block radius.

Finally, individual reports also suggest strange lights (UFOs) were also seen before the major event, as well as after; there seems to be much more to this story then the “official explanation” allows for.

Source: UFO Breaking News/Frank Warren


The Day the Aliens Landed  

American film maker Randall Nickerson is currently visiting southern Africa to make a documentary that follows up an incident that happened at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in 1994, when 62 children aged between eight and 12 reported seeing a UFO and “strange beings” during their morning break.

Those children are now young adults scattered around the globe. Nickerson is tracking them down and interviewing them about the experience. “Their stories have not changed at all,” he says. “Not what you would expect if they had made it all up.”

So what exactly happened on that day in 1994 at the school in Ruwa just east of Harare? “It was morning break and they were out in the school yard playing,” says Nickerson. “They saw one main silver craft that had four others around it,” says Nickerson. “It came down on a hill beyond the school yard that was out of bounds. The boundary was the edge of the school yard, then it was bush and the hill.

“They ran to the edge of the school yard to see what this thing was. They saw this small creature walk around on top of the craft while another came down to check out the children. He was all in black, with a very tight suit. The children said he had big eyes ‘like rugby balls’.

“The children had direct eye contact with this creature. There seems to have been some kind of communication with the children about the state of the world — what we are doing to the planet, the destruction we are causing, although not all the children got this message. Some of the children were traumatised, others were excited. The young children were the most traumatised as they were at the front of the group.

“They all went screaming back to the teachers. The teachers didn’t believe them at first. But then they went home and told their parents who came to the school and wanted to know what had happened.”

Soon afterwards the children were asked to draw pictures of what they had seen. “They did this separately. The drawings were all the same.”

A BBC television crew were first on the scene to follow it up. In November 1994, Harvard professor of psychiatry John E. Mack visited the school and filmed interviews with the children. He was assisted by South African producer Nicky Carter who had already made a short documentary on the subject for the SABC.

“I had a half-brother at the school,” she says. “He was off sick on the day it happened, but the children told him all about it and he contacted me.”

Carter has no doubt the children were telling the truth. “When they were interviewed by Mack with all his professional skills it was clear they were telling the truth — their voice tone, their body language. They were so consistent, they told their stories with such conviction. And they spoke about it in their own language. One child recalled being told by the alien that we should not be so ‘techknowledged’ — why make up something like that?”

Mack, a Pulitzer prize winner for his biography of T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) titled A Prince of Our Disorder, was a highly respected psychiatrist. However, when he began researching the phenomenon of reported alien abductions, his fellow academics looked askance. In 1994, when his book Abduction appeared, a committee was appointed to review Mack’s clinical care and investigation of the people who had shared their alien encounters with him. According to the BBC, “It was the first time in Harvard’s history that a tenured professor was subjected to such an investigation.”

After 14 months of inquiry, Harvard issued a statement stating that the dean had “reaffirmed Dr Mack’s academic freedom to study what he wishes and to state his opinions without impediment”.

In 2004, Mack was killed by a drunk driver while he was visiting London to lecture at a T. E. Lawrence conference.

Mack was guarded in his interpretation of the abduction phenomenon. To one interviewer who said that Mack seemed “inclined to take these [abduction] reports at face value”, Mack replied saying: “Face value I wouldn’t say. I take them seriously. I don’t have a way to account for them.”

In a BBC interview he said: “I would never say, yes, there are aliens taking people. [But] I would say there is a compelling powerful phenomenon here that I can’t account for in any other way. Yet I can’t know what it is but it seems to me that it invites a deeper, further inquiry.”

Nickerson sees himself as taking that inquiry further after being commissioned by the John E. Mack Institute, along with producer Dominique Callimanopulos, to make a documentary incorporating the interview footage shot in 1994 with follow-up material shot in the present.

“I want to present the story objectively,” says Nickerson. “To show the original raw material. That’s what initially interested me about this case. These children all describing seeing the same thing. You can tell they are not lying. But having seen this footage I thought: I need to go to this place, to talk to people, I need to investigate it for myself. Did this really happen?

“The subject has to be approached as scientifically as possible,” he says. “There are questions that we need to ask. It’s a case of presenting the evidence just like court.”

Despite this rigorous approach, isn’t there a danger he will simply encounter those on the “lunatic fringe”? “I have found those are the people who have all the answers, but people to whom something like this has really happened don’t. They have millions of questions. There is a humility about them, they realise it’s not about them.”

At the beginning of the project Nickerson set about contacting those people who had been among the 62 children who had witnessed the sighting. “They are mainly students in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Britain.”

Tracking them down hasn’t been that difficult. “They are contacting us because of what we put up on the John E. Mack Institute website. What is interesting is that their stories remain the same as in 1994.

“They were affected profoundly,” says Nickerson. “At the time one girl was told by her parents not to talk about it, that she had imagined it all. But then she found other people’s stories on the Internet. She got in touch with them and realised ‘Oh my God, that was real’.

“Others I’ve met never doubted it. They say the experience opened up new horizons for them.”
Nickerson cites two students who are now studying in the U.S. “Their father said they would never have done that, but after their experience the children were totally changed, that’s what convinced him that something really happened.”

Nickerson’s first stop during his visit to southern Africa was Ariel School. “I interviewed teachers and workers who were there at the time.” He also came across people from two different schools in the area who had similar sightings on the same day.

Nickerson is now in South Africa trying to track down those living here who were witnesses on that day. He will be here until the end of April following up leads resulting from two radio interviews he has given.

• If you witnessed the Ariel School sighting or have any information regarding it, you can contact Randall Nickerson at 082 154 731 or e-mail You can also contact Nicky Carter at 072 632 2330 or producer Dominique Callimanopulos on

Check out the website:

Source: The Witness


Templar Tomb With Possible Mid-East Connection Found in France

An underground tomb found in the Languedoc region of southwest France has been discovered, which may help substantiate the existence of a Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene bloodline, according to the new documentary BLOODLINE, premiering May 9 in New York and May 16 in Los Angeles.

The rare find will be further examined at a Monday, May 5 news conference at the Jewish Museum in New York City. The chamber contains a mummified corpse on a rose-colored plinth under a shroud bearing the distinctive red cross of the Knights Templar, and is surrounded by wooden chests, revealing a cache of gold chalices and coins. The discovery has been reported to the French Government agency, Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Languedoc-Roussillon (DRAC-LR), and plans are underway for a full scale survey.

“After the Crusades, it was rumored that the Templars had discovered treasure underneath the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem that could debunk the Catholic Church’s doctrine,” said BLOODLINE director Bruce Burgess, of the unprecedented discovery of what appears to be an intact Knights Templar tomb. “This treasure was believed to be priceless relics - documents, the Holy Grail, even the embalmed remains of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene – which was then brought to southern France, and hidden.”

The subterranean chamber was discovered by an English adventurer, Ben Hammott, using a hidden code in the decor of the church at Rennes-le-Chateau left behind by the 19th century priest, Berenger Sauniére. The film team was able to gain access into the tomb by using a remote camera inserted through a small air shaft at the top of the chamber. (Clips visible at

Relics were not removed, although the team was able to extract a few hair strands from the corpse, which have undergone testing by the Paleo-DNA Laboratory at Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada. “Like most ancient or degraded samples, we knew our best chance for successful results would be to focus our efforts on mitochondrial DNA,” said analyst Renee Praymack Fratpietro. “We were able to determine a Middle Eastern maternal origin of the individual based on haplotyping information. After we found out where this hair sample came from, we realized the significance of this work."

BLOODLINE producer René Barnett concluded, “Given the DNA results, the region’s Templar history and the legend of priest Sauniere which indicated that he found a tomb in the area that could “shake the Vatican to its core,” we think this is a staggering find.”

The DRAC Commissioner in the region, Jean-Pierre Giraud said, “This is certainly a very intriguing discovery, but it's just too early to tell how important it is. We need to do a full survey of the site to determine the age of the corpse and the other items in the tomb. The archeology department of the DRAC-LR will be carrying out an examination of the site as soon as access has been made possible.”

The area surrounding Rennes-le-Chateau features prominently in the bloodline legend which follows the premise that Mary Magdalene escaped Jerusalem with child, sailed to France and settled in the region.

Source: Grail Seekers


UFO Seen, Photographed Over Phoenix

PHOENIX -- Strange lights appeared above the Valley sky in formation on Monday night. Witnesses said the lights formed a vertical line, then a diamond shape, followed by a u-shape.

The lights reportedly moved from side to side and upward before disappearing one by one. ABC 15's Christopher Sign learned the largest UFO investigative group is now investigating the incident.

The Mutual UFO Network, known as MUFON has more than 6,000 field investigators worldwide who investigate reported UFO sightings.

"There's a number of things those lights could be," said MUFON investigator Jim Mann.

Mann and another investigator in Mesa say they will begin talking to witnesses and gather detailed information from what they saw.

"I always try to debunk sightings and I can't debunk it, then I know I've got something on my hands," said Mann.

MUFON investigations can last a matter of minutes to several weeks. Mann says he and fellow investigator, Stacey Wright, are currently looking into several other UFO sightings across the valley that have all taken place in the daylight hours.

ABC15's Jon DuPre talked to one north Phoenix man late Tuesday afternoon who said he watched his neighbor launch four helium balloons with flares attached to them right before the mysterious lights were spotted.

He said he believed this could be the source of Monday night's sightings. ABC15 knocked on the door and talked to that neighbor, who then said he didn't launch the flares, and instead it was another neighbor several doors down.

A Phoenix police helicopter pilot also witnessed the lights and described them as resembling flares. Air traffic controllers in the main tower of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport saw the bizarre spectacle of red lights flying across North Valley skies, but the Federal Aviation Administration won't let them talk to the media.

Ian Gregor, FAA regional spokesman, says the agency's policy won't allow controllers to comment even if they want to relate their experience.

Gregor confirmed that "several" air traffic controllers in the tower saw the staggered formation of mysterious lights moving in the sky, apparently over North Phoenix. He says he heard that second-hand, though -- the tower's manager told him about it.

The controllers didn't consider the source of the lights to be a hazard, because nothing was popping up on radar. The lights have defied quick explanation. Even the Sky Harbor lookouts had "no idea" what the darned things were, Gregor says.

Yet it seems clear air traffic controllers could offer a professional description of the UFOs, since they are, presumably, experts at spotting distant aircraft. Their guesses at the altitude, distance, speed and physical nature (if any) of the UFOs would carry more weight than those of the average skywatcher.

Gregor won't budge, though. "This has nothing to do with the FAA," he says.

An official with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said they checked with their command center that monitors the skies to see what is entering the Earth's atmosphere.  They have no reports of anything entering the Phoenix area.

A spokesperson from Luke Air Force Base in the West Valley also told ABC15 that the pattern of these lights was not common to an F-16 and that the lights were not from Luke.

The base had no aircraft in the air at the time of the sightings, according to that spokesperson. Residents like Tony Toporkek caught the lights on camera and shared his video with

Toporek was talking with his neighbors in north Phoenix when the lights appeared at about 8 p.m. He grabbed his video camera and started taping.

A Tuesday morning call to Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central coast of California also confirmed they had no activity during the evening and were not tracking anything.

Officials from the Yuma Air Station, the Arizona National Guard and White Sands in New Mexico told ABC15 they had no activity Monday night.

Read the eyewitness accounts:

These are the same lights that appear in the Goodyear Buckeye area at least 3 to 4 times a month; they fade then come back; there's always 3 to 4 little dots that are red.
From BostonBritt820

Have someone tell you that flares move because they don't. These things moved, I got a frantic call from a good friend of mine explaing the whole scene while I was rushing to capture them on my camcorder. They were moving in different shapes. Flares stay stationary. These WERE NOT stationary.
From Brad, Scottsdale

These lights have been appearing in the Phoenix area since 1992. They are flares attached to parachutes dropped by the air force over a local bombing range for practice exercises. They have been discussed on local TV stations numerous times.
From Annis Scott, Scottsdale, AZ
Those lights used to be common above Ft. Irwin in the desert outside of Barstow, Ca. They are flares to illuminate the ground below, are extremely bright, and can be seen for miles. The movement of the lights are just the winds aloft and the flares often do "go out" and re-ignite as they expire.
From Rick Haynes

UFO's are real. You might want to take a look at this eerie prediction made about a month ago (April 3rd) about this. He made it on the conspiracy website and everyone thought he was just another crazy kid (that's about to change).
From Corbin Bohne

We got a call from our son at about 8:00 telling us that he saw four lights in a diamond shape in the sky. by the time we saw them there was only two. I immediately grabbed my binoculars and adjusted them to bring the lights into focus. I could tell by the adjustment of the focus that they were over the city rather than out in space. Because I was using binoculars I could not tell if the moving was the lights or the unsteady binoculars but they appeared to stay in the same spot.

Before disappearing the two lights were flashing at the same frequency.
They disappeared and one came back and was flashing again. Then the flashing stopped and it faded away. We viewed them from 59th Avenue and the 101 facing East. If I had to guess I would say they were over Tom's Thumb in the McDowell Mountains. We could see them for about five to ten minutes.
From Jeff Johnson

That very same night I saw what looked like a really big falling star.
It seemed to be falling right on top of me, then poof... gone! 2:45 AM.
From Leah Walton

The strange lights in the sky look like a real Hoax! I think they are from a huge kite with lights!
From Sue in Chandler

That very same night I saw what looked like a really big falling star.
It seemed to be falling right on top of me, then poof... gone! 2:45 AM.
I live in Playa del Rey, CA.
From Leah Walton

I live in Atlanta GA, and I saw simliar lights over downtown Atlanta on March 25th this year. The pattern and movement was almost identical to what your city has seen. Have you all heard reports from other cities yet?
From Clint Hawkins

I read your story on the mysterious lights that appeared Monday night. I saw the lights as well but they were last Thursday. I don’t know why no one has reported seeing them last Thursday. I was coming home from school at ASU’s Polytechnics Campus which is on Williams Field east of Power rd. I was traveling west on Williams Field and saw four bright lights in the distance high in the air traveling away from me. At first I didn’t know what to think of them, but I was drawn to them…I couldn’t stop looking at them. They were definitely different than airplanes because they were obviously far away based on how slowly their movements were yet they were brighter than planes that were closer to me. They also moved in and out of formations. Sometimes a straight line and other times a sort of U. By the time I reached the 202 Loop on Williams Field they had disappeared. I believe this was all around 8:30pm. I have never seen anything like it before and the stories about last night’s sightings is definitely referring to the same thing I saw.
Just wanted to share.
From Jon Kistler

I saw the lights as I was driving home on the 101 freeway about 8 o'clock. They were very red and were in a straight line when I saw them.
Because I was driving in traffic I couldn't do more than occasionaly glimpse them as I was driving. They appeared to be hovering with no
discernible movement.
From Wayne Williamson, Peoria, AZ

Hello, I did not see the lights last night but last week I saw one light flying in the sky which appeard to me to be an airplane with its landing lights on, however it was not flying in the usual flight pattern that we see when they are comming in from the north into sky harbor. It was flying southeast and was very bright. I thought it was strange and my husband and I watched it for sevral minutes as it came closer. He suggested that it was a flare and we ruled that out by the way it flew horizontally across the night sky. Then we thought maybe it was a plane coming into Deer Valley airport, however it did not go east toward the airport. We watched for about 15 minutes. The sky was unbelievably clear.It flew over our home and did not have any flashing lights and it did not make a sound like aircraft we can identify. Then the light suddenly turned orange and disappeard. This happened last Wednesday night about 8. It was so strange that I got on my computer afterwards and googled disappearing lights in the sky and found many recent scenarios all across america and particulary in the western part of the US that matched identically what we saw. For what its worth!
From Shannon Kelso

My Son and I saw the lights; around 8 pm. My home is at scottsdale rd. and dynamite; the lights were in the SW sky. We saw them primarily in a vertical stacking with the top two off center from the bottom two. There seemed to be flashing that was without any particular pattern. I looked through binoculars and basically just saw perfectly round red lights. The bottom two dissapeared and then the top two stayed for a while; there was more flashing, and then the bottom one of these two dissapeared. The top one stayed a while, became faint; dissappeared and then returned briefly and was then gone.
From Jordan Perlow

Everyone I know is so interested in this story!!
Please keep investigating what these lights were and keep reporting on it. It's very interesting to all who live in the valley!
From Andrea

Source: ABC-15


Weather Modification Comes of Age

The practice of cloud seeding to create rain, mitigate hail or even quell hurricanes is now on the road from science fiction to fact, said scientists at the meeting of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and the Weather Modification Association (WMA) in Westminster, Colo. on Tuesday.

On the other hand, there is little hope that China's efforts to keep rain from falling on the Olympics will succeed, they said.

China has spent $100 million and employed 30,000 people in weather modification projects, but they are using old techniques from the 1960s and 1970s and have no way of evaluating whether their efforts are working, said Roelof Bruintjes of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, who recently visited China.

"Personally, I am very skeptical about what they claim they can do," said Bruintjes. But that's not the case worldwide, where more than 40 countries have projects underway to modify weather.

Doppler radar, advanced weather satellites and sophisticated weather models, combined with a lot of accidental, human-caused weather modification, make it finally possible to do the one thing that was virtually impossible in the past -- assess whether humans are having any effect on clouds. That's a big advance for a field that has seen a lot of hope, hype and often a desperate need for progress.

"There was a lot of excitement in the 1950s," said Bruintjes. But without any information about what was happening inside the clouds, it was impossible to tell if a shot of silver iodide into a cloud was really forming rain, or not.

What's more, said Bruintjes, a cloud-seeding technique that might appear to work one day might not work on another day, from season to season, or from place to place. This made it very hard to move ahead with any genuine science of weather modification.

Now, however, it's possible to see changes on the order of 10 to 15 percent in rain or snowfall when silver iodide is used to stimulate rain formation or when special salts are used to increase the size of existing raindrops.

These are the only two cloud-seeding techniques with any scientific backing, Bruintjes said.

It's also getting easier to see how air pollution particles, called aerosols, and urban heat are modifying the weather, said Joe Golden, senior researcher for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Earth System Science Laboratory.

"This pollution in regions that depend on uplift of air (over mountains) for precipitation...has caused a systematic decrease in snow packs," said Golden. This applies to Colorado, but even more critically to California, where tens of millions of people depend on the slow melting of the Sierra Nevada snow pack for their summer water supply, he said.

Urban heat has also been linked to an increase in cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in Houston, Golden said.

"These are two examples of human-caused effects on weather that concern us," said Golden. So much so that he and other scientists are beginning to collaborate with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to see if there may be ways to modify weather -- especially hurricanes -- that decrease hazards, he said.

A similar effort, called Project StormFury, was started in the 1960s, but suffered from a lack of data.

"Now we have much better observing tools for looking at hurricanes," said Joe Golden.

That said, the primary reason for cloud seeding worldwide hasn't changed much since the 1950s: to make water fall on thirsty ground, explained Arlen Huggins of Nevada's Desert Research Institute. And there's only so much you can do.

"Cloud seeding is not a drought-busting tool," agreed Bruintjes. "We cannot make clouds; we cannot chase away clouds."

Source: Discovery News


Military Mind Control and the UFO Experience

Since the 1960's (and possibly even earlier), some witnesses to UFO events have reported that they were abducted by the alleged alien pilots. In the 1970's these other-worldly kidnappings entered the once-supposed sanctity of the home as people reported being taken from their beds against their will in the middle of the night.

These abduction reports followed a very predictable pattern: a person, or even several people, is taken from their car or home by small, humanoid creatures that are gray in color, have large jet-black eyes and almost no nose, mouth or ears. The abductees are usually given physical exams that are often painful and humiliating. Sometimes there is some form of communication where the abductee is shown images, often apocalyptic in nature. But just as often there is no communication, giving the abductee the impression of being experimented on like a lab animal by unfeeling technicians.

Even more disturbing is the fact that most abductees say that these abductions are not a one-time-only occurrence, as they are taken for experiments numerous times throughout their lives. Frighteningly, children of abductees are also more prone to report abduction experiences of their own more often than children whose parents have not had abductions.

Some researchers have uncovered evidence that some abductees are also being targeted by a group, or groups, that are not from outer space, but from planet Earth. Investigator Helmut Lammer in his Project MILAB has noted that UFO abductions are generally a very strange and complex phenomenon, and that it has gotten even stranger as some UFO abductees have reported that they have also been kidnapped by human military intelligence personnel (MILAB) and taken to hospitals and/or military facilities, some of which are described as being underground.

Very few of the popular books on the subject of UFO abductions have mentioned these experiences. Especially odd is the fact that abductees recall seeing military intelligence personnel together with alien beings, working side by side in these secret facilities. The presence of human military and civilian personnel occupying the same physical reality as alien beings exceeds the mind-sets of the skeptics and the open-minded researchers by several orders of magnitude. The skeptics would rather believe that stories of aliens and military personnel in governmental underground facilities are fabrications designed to elicit attention from conspiracy believers or hallucinations in general.

Researchers in the field of mind control suggest that these cases are evidence that the whole UFO abduction phenomenon is staged by the intelligence community as a cover for their illegal experiments. The open-minded researchers who are trying to gain respect for abduction research ignore these stories, since they represent only a minor fraction of the cases in their files. Abduction cases involving reports of being taken by the military as well as alien beings are very important for two reasons:

1. If the UFO community has evidence that a covert military intelligence task force is involved in the abduction phenomenon, we would know that this phenomenon represents a matter of national security.

2. The alleged military involvement in the abduction phenomenon could be evidence that the military uses abductees for mind control experiments as test-targets for microwave weapons. Moreover, the military could be monitoring and even kidnapping abductees for information gathering purposes during, before and after a UFO abduction.

In recent years, various information on remote mind control technology has filtered into the conspiracy research community through such publications such as Conspiracy Journal, as well as a Finnish gentleman by the name of Martti Koski and his booklet "My Life Depends On You." Over the last decade, Koski has been sharing his horrifying tale, documenting the discovery of rampant brain tampering committed upon himself and countless others.

The perpetrators of these evil doings allegedly include the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), The CIA and Finnish Intelligence, among various other intelligence agencies. At one point during a mind control programming episode, the "doctors" operating on Koski identified themselves as "aliens from Sirius." Apparently, these "doctors" were attempting to plant a screen memory to conceal their true intentions.

What this suggests is a theory that alien abductions were a cover for MK-ULTRA mind control experiments perpetrated by secret intelligence agencies. According to author Walter Bowart in the revised edition of "Operation Mind Control," one alleged mind control victim said that in the late 70's the victim had been the recipient of a mock alien abduction, the intention of which was to create a screen memory that would conceal the actual mind control programs enacted on the victim.  The subject in this instance claimed to have seen a young child dressed in a small alien costume, similar in appearance to the aliens in Steven Spielberg's movie ET. 

None of this, of course, dismisses outright the theory that UFOs are alien spacecraft. Nevertheless, its implications are staggering when one considers the impact and subsequent commercialization of the alien abduction phenomenon, and how it has reshaped the belief systems and psyches of millions upon millions of the planet's inhabitants, in essence creating a new paradigm on the reality of visitors from other planets that prior to thirty years ago was virtually non-existent.

This takes us back to Helmut Lammer and his Project MILAB.  His studies indicate that MILAB abductees are harassed by dark, unmarked helicopters that fly around their houses. Lammer has discovered that the helicopter activity associated with UFO abductions has increased from the eighties to the present day. Dan Wright has ten cases in the MUFON Transcription Project files where helicopters were seen flying in the area of the abductee's home within hours of an alleged UFO abduction. Lammer has also found that many abduction researchers in North America have, on average, about three helicopter cases connected with UFO abductions in their files.

Most abductees report interaction with military intelligence personnel after the helicopters begin to appear. Debbie Jordan reports, for instance, in a side note of her book "Abducted!" that she was stunned by an alleged friend and taken to a kind of hospital where she was examined by a medical doctor. This doctor removed an implant from her ear.

Lammer reports that MILABs involve the following elements: Dark, unmarked helicopter activity, the appearance of strange vans or buses outside the houses of abductees, exposure to disorienting electromagnetic fields, drugging, and transport by a helicopter, bus or truck to an unknown building or an underground military facility. Usually after the military kidnappings, there are physical after effects such as grogginess and sometimes nausea.

MILABs could be evidence that a secret military intelligence task force has been operating in North America since the early eighties, and is involved in the monitoring and kidnapping of alleged UFO abductees. They monitor the houses of their victims, kidnap and possibly implant them with military devices shortly after a UFO abduction experience. It appears that they are searching for possible alien implants as well. Their gynecological interest in female abductees could be explained if they are searching for alleged alien-hybrid embryos. One thing is certain, this task force and the people who are behind these kidnappings are using advanced mind control technology which is currently being tested illegally on individuals who have nothing to do with UFO abductions.

Source: Commander X


Two Women Say Ghost Assaulted Them

Two women from Federal Way, Washington claim they've been sexually assaulted by ghosts.

According to a police report, the two women told officers a paranormal person has been placing sensors on their bodies and having intercourse with them at their apartment in the 28600 block of 25th Place South.

One of the women said the assault began when she lived in Kent and followed them to Federal Way. The second woman said her encounters began recently.

The maintenance man in charge of the apartment complex said the women keep calling him saying the ghosts are raping them on weekend nights. He finally told them to call police.

It's an odd case for cops, but it's right up Ross Allison's alley. He's a ghost hunter.

"Cases like this don't pop up that often," he said.

With the emergence of the Sci-fi channel's hit show "Ghost Hunters," paranormal popularity is soaring. And Allison says as the number of ghost shows grows, so do spirit sightings.

"And so they start to label every little interesting thing happening in their home as paranormal when it might just be a house creaking," he said.

Candid questions help ghost hunters sort the eerie from the unstable.

"A lot of times you'll find it might be medications that they're taking or something psychological," Allison said.

The ghost hunter took a walk through the apartment complex where the women say a spirit has haunted them for two years. He said he would need a psychic to check for the presence of a ghost.

Police declined comment on the unusual report other than to say they do not have any investigative leads.

And the women themselves - well, they weren't anywhere to be found, just like the ghost.

Source: KOMO-TV

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