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Are things not going your way? Is the bank threatening to foreclose on your house? Is the price of gas up to a point where it would simply be cheaper to burn money in your SUVs gas tank? Has your job decided to fire everyone and move operations to China where they can pay workers 35 cents a day and reward the CEO a $25 million dollar bonus for coming up with the scheme?  Did a black cat cross your path? Did you spill some salt? Did you step on a crack?  Is it FRIDAY THE 13th?  Well, before you get too worked up over your bad luck, take time to relax and enjoy another fascinating issue of your favorite newsletter of the weird and bizarre...Conspiracy Journal is here once again to shed light on all of the bad stuff that THEY don't want you to know.

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such paraskavedekatriaphobia tales as:

- Oil Shortage A Myth, Says Industry Insider -
- Top Pentagon Scientists Fear Brain-Modified Foes -
- Listening for ET at Mount Shasta -
- Romanian Fighter Jet Hits UFO -
AND: Thai Politics Depend on Spirits and the Stars

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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Science and Psychism:The Future of Artificial Intelligence

From Microbes to Monoliths:The Search for Life on Mars

PLUS: From Dwarfs to Giants: Sightings of Unusually Sized Humans

News Blackouts and the Non-Reporting of UFOs

The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie

College Campus Urban Legends:Tall Tales that Students Tell

Moonville, OH:A Haunted Railroad Town

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The Children of God:Jesus Freaks and Flirty Fishing

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Oil Shortage A Myth, Says Industry Insider

There is more than twice as much oil in the ground as major producers say, according to a former industry adviser who claims there is widespread misunderstanding of the way proven reserves are calculated.

Although it is widely assumed that the world has reached a point where oil production has peaked and proven reserves have sunk to roughly half of original amounts, this idea is based on flawed thinking, said Richard Pike, a former oil industry man who is now chief executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Current estimates suggest there are 1,200 billion barrels of proven global reserves, but the industry's internal figures suggest this amounts to less than half of what actually exists.

The misconception has helped boost oil prices to an all-time high, sending jitters through the market and prompting calls for oil-producing nations to increase supply to push down costs.

Flying into Japan for a summit two days after prices reached a record $139 a barrel, energy ministers from the G8 countries yesterday discussed an action plan to ease the crisis.

Explaining why the published estimates of proven global reserves are less than half the true amount, Dr Pike said there was anecdotal evidence that big oil producers were glad to go along with under-reporting of proven reserves to help maintain oil's high price. "Part of the oil industry is perfectly familiar with the way oil reserves are underestimated, but the decision makers in both the companies and the countries are not exposed to the reasons why proven oil reserves are bigger than they are said to be," he said.

Dr Pike's assessment does not include unexplored oilfields, those yet to be discovered or those deemed too uneconomic to exploit.

The environmental implications of his analysis, based on more than 30 years inside the industry, will alarm environmentalists who have exploited the concept of peak oil to press the urgency of the need to find greener alternatives.

"The bad news is that by underestimating proven oil reserves we have been lulled into a false sense of security in terms of environmental issues, because it suggests we will have to find alternatives to fossil fuels in a few decades," said Dr Pike. "We should not be surprised if oil dominates well into the twenty-second century. It highlights a major error in energy and environmental planning – we are dramatically underestimating the challenge facing us," he said.

Proven oil reserves are likely to be far larger than reported because of the way the capacity of oilfields is estimated and how those estimates are added to form the proven reserves of a company or a country. Companies add the estimated capacity of oil fields in a simple arithmetic manner to get proven oil reserves. This gives a deliberately conservative total deemed suitable for shareholders who do not want proven reserves hyped, Dr Pike said.

However, mathematically it is more accurate to add the proven oil capacity of individual fields in a probabilistic manner based on the bell-shaped statistical curve used to estimate the proven, probable and possible reserves of each field. This way, the final capacity is typically more than twice that of simple, arithmetic addition, Dr Pike said. "The same also goes for natural gas because these fields are being estimated in much the same way. The world is understating the environmental challenge and appears unprepared for the difficult compromises that will have to be made."

Jeremy Leggett, author of Half Gone, a book on peak oil, is not convinced that Dr Pike is right. "The flow rates from the existing projects are the key. Capacity coming on stream falls fast beyond 2011," Dr Leggett said. "On top of that, if the big old fields begin collapsing, the descent in supply will hit the world very hard."

Source: The Independent


Top Pentagon Scientists Fear Brain-Modified Foes

There's concern in some corners of the U.S. military about "enemy activities in sleep research," neuro-pharmaceutical performance enhancement, and "brain-computer interfaces." And it's not coming from the Pentagon's scientific fringe, or from some tin-hat kook with a Defense Department badge. The celebrated scientists on the Pentagon's most prestigious scientific advisory panel, JASON, are the ones worried about adversaries' ability "to exploit advances in Human Performance Modification, and thus create a threat to national security."

In a recent report, unearthed by Secrecy News, the JASONs are recommending that the American military push ahead with its own performance-enhancement research -- and monitor foreign studies -- to make sure that the U.S.' enemies don't suddenly become smarter, faster, or better able to endure the harsh realities of war than American troops.

The JASONs are particularly concerned about (and excited by) new drugs that promote "brain plasticity" -- rewiring the mind, essentially, by helping to "permanently establishing new neural pathways, and thus new cognitive capabilities."  The military has already tested these neuro-modulators as a way to keep troops alert after sleepless nights.

But these new drugs will certainly have extensive off-label use for improvement of memory and cognitive performance. [They] may have the additional effect of weakening or overwriting existing memories. Depending on the ultimate performance of these drugs, adversaries might use them in training programs or field operations... to increase troop effectiveness or modify troop behavior and/or emotional responses.

The scientific group also wants the military to keep close watch on the hardware and software which connects the human brain to machines. American researchers have used these brain-computer interfaces to develop new prosthetics -- and to train monkeys to control robotic limbs. Northrop Grumman just won a Pentagon contract to develop binoculars that will tap the subconscious mind. The JASONs believe "the primary threat potential for adversarial use of a Brain-Computer interface...

...may arise in a feedback mode, in which a the interface provides a soldier with a simple signal or a pain/pleasure pulse in response to externally provided situational information. Longer term adversarial developments may include prosthetic applications providing specialized sensory input or mechanical output.

None of this is likely to happen soon, of course. Even the most basic of these advances -- a drug to effectively, consistently fight sleep deprivation -- still isn't read for wartime.  "If an opposing force had a significant sleep advantage, this would pose a serious threat. However, the technical likelihood of such a development is small at present," the JASONs note.

But since "existing neuro-pharmaceuticals" are "used rather commonly... as study aids." And since "the US military will certainly test whether, and to what extent, the new lessons of neuroscience can be used in military training... it is reasonable to expect that adversaries will do so as well. We do not expect the development of super-soldiers as a result of improved training, although enhanced military capability can certainly be expected."

While it is possible to improve athletic performance using supplements, or banned substances (e.g the former East German sports teams), such improvements often are either small in effect, highly variable from individual to individual, or dependent on coordination with highly disciplined training regimes. As a result, the tactical advantage that might be gained by any adversary employing supplements is not likely to be overwhelming in general operations. Special circumstances, as in the use of khat in Somalia, can however contribute to unexpected enemy behavior. Therefore it is important for the US to establish and maintain awareness of adversaries’ uses of performance modifying substances (either as part of local culture, or officially established military policy).

Source: Wired


Listening for ET at Mount Shasta

It may be no accident that a remote volcanic valley area near Mt Shasta, California, was chosen as the home for a new array of 350 radio telescope dishes used by SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). The area on and near Mount Shasta has a well-earned reputation for being a place where extraterrestrials may be visiting our planet.

It is standard operating procedure to build radio telescope arrays as far from civilization as practical. The Hat Creek Radio Observatory is thirty miles from Shingletown, California and a long way from any large cities. Shingletown is a tiny town with a few shops, a bar and restaurant. It’s also a place where unexplained triangular lights, glowing orange orbs and unidentified disc-shaped objects are frequently seen.

Mount Shasta is the cone of an extinct volcano and part of the Cascade Mountain Range in Northern California. It rises to over 14,000 in height and is located near the California-Oregon border. Stories of UFO and Bigfoot sightings mix with a long held belief that a vortex or space-time doorway lies somewhere on or near the Mount.

Tunnels run deep into Mount Shasta. The Rosicrucians say the tunnels were used by the Lemurians, survivors of the sinking of the continent of Mu over 12,000 years ago. They also claim that the people of Lemuria still live deep in the bowels of the Mount. Some UFO researchers claim that the U.S. Government allows Aliens to use a facility deep inside or under Shasta as an earth base.

Archeologists tell us that the Mount Shasta area has been inhabited by humans since as early as 2500 B.C. They claim that the first inhabitants were Native Americans who considered the Mount to be a sacred place and their center of creation. Since that time, over one hundred different religious organizations and new age groups have claimed the Mount as a sacred place, powerful cosmic power point or landing zone for ETs.

The Hat Creek Radio Observatory is being funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Rick Forster, one of the few astronomers who believes other life forms exist out there and is actually interested in contacting them, is helping to prepare the dishes for use. He says, “"It's nuts to think we're alone… It's just a matter of looking in the right direction, at the right time, at the right frequency, with the right algorithm.”

Frank Drake recently visited the new facility. He was one of the founders of the original S.E.T.I. program and created the Drake Equation. That mathematical formula alleges to identify the number of alien civilizations with which we might be able to communicate and the numbers are staggering. Some researchers have used the Drake Equation to calculate that over one million alien civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy may be sending out some sort of signals that S.E.T.I. can detect.

The Hat Creek Radio Observatory will allow S.E.T.I. to search for ET signals in a much broader range. The 350 dishes will combine to form a huge radio telescope that will make the most of present-day technology. Jill Tarter is one of the driving forces behind the program. When funding for the government’s version of S.E.T.I. was cut, she connected with radio astronomers worldwide to help establish the S.E.T.I. Institute so that the work would continue.

Tarter, now sixty four years of age, has been listening for ET for over forty years. She became the model the Jodie Foster character of Ellie Arroway in Contact, the film based on Carl Sagan’s novel. As Director of S.E.T.I.’s Research Department, Jill Tarter is heavily involved in the Hat Creek project. She says, “If we find a second technological civilization, we will know there are many.” Let’s just hope they’re friendly!

NOTE: If you would like more information about the Mt. Shasta and its fascinating history concrening UFOs, the paranormal and ancient lost civilizations, then check out our new book "Mysteries of Mt. Shasta" available now for Conspiracy Journal readers - HERE

Source: OpEdNew/Bill Knell


Mind Reading By MRI Scan Raises "Mental Privacy" Issue

Employers, the military and intelligence services may soon be using computerised mind-reading techniques and there is a need for a public debate about "mental privacy," a leading neuroscientist said recently.

Scientists have taken MRI scanning equipment normally used in hospital diagnosis to detect lying, racism, and even identify which image a person is looking at, suggesting one could visualise scenes from a person's dreams or memory.
At the Cheltenham Science Festival, backed by The Daily Telegraph, Prof Geraint Rees of University College London said that, although hospital patients and experimental volunteers are protected, there is a need for debate about, for example, whether employers could use mind reading methods to decode brain activity to screen job applicants.

Another possibility raised by studies of how the brain encodes memories and other information is that these methods could be used by intelligence agencies: a suspect's brain could be interrogated against their will. "There are obvious military activities and the CIA and so on are known to be interested too."

And it could be possible to reveal unconscious prejudices: a person who claims not to be a racist could be revealed to be one, if their amygdalae, almond shaped structures linked with disgust, go into action when shown a picture of a black person, raising the nightmarish possibility of interrogation for "thought crimes".

Although "conceptually possible," Prof Rees says say this is currently firmly in the realm of science fiction because these mind reading methods, which typically detect tiny changes in blood flow in the brain, currently have to be adapted to each individual during hours of training while in the scanner.

"You need an all purpose lie detector that would work with many people," he says. "That is quite challenge, given people's brains are different shapes and sizes, and lies come in many variations too, from my CV to how I got here."

However, he warned about potential privacy issues in the future when scanning techniques improve, so they could be used to evaluate brain scans, even those taken years earlier that have been stored in medical archives. "We have to think about this now, because we are going down this road."

And, though much more distant, there is also the possibility that technology may be developed to read minds from afar: current methods require people to wear a high tech hair net, to measure flickers of electrical activity, or to put their heads in a large machine to detect magnetic activity, or changes of blood flow.

Another possibility is that, as was shown in the sci fi classic film Blade Runner, it may be possible to use the pupil of the eye, and the way it constricts, to shed light on what people are thinking about when asked questions.

Source: The Telegraph


The Devil Baby Is Alive And Well And Lives In New Orleans

Its status as a world-famous tourist destination is due in part to its architecture, music, cuisine, its annual Mardi Gras, and other celebrations and festivals. The city is often referred to as "The most unique city in America." And the most haunted!

Born in the shadows of the great looming Cathedral's spires. The New Orleans Devil Baby has haunted the streets of new Orleans reportedly since 1799. Some people think he is a mange ridden racoon or a escaped deformed baboon from the Audubon Zoo. This is the basis of the Bourbon Street Devil's Child stories. Or is it?

But what is the real truth? Is the Devil's only lost Son roaming the streets of Old New Orleans Today?

Devil Babies come in all shapes and sizes and live all over the world some say. Tales of terror and horror through the generations tell many a strange tale of these wild savage children of Satan. Form the Devil Baby of Bourbon street, the Devil baby of hull house and the Jersey devil, American's have not heard the last of the spawn of satan through out it's history. He has been called the Devil bébé, Diablo bebé, Devil peu enfant, fils du diable enfant, le petit fils de Satan, and enfant le mal qui hante New Orleans in the early 1800's.

The Devil Baby Of New Orleans Is Born

The most popular version of the Bourbon Street Devil Baby legend begins in the 18th century when from Ireland, and Italy many immigrated to Crescent City. A young Creole widower married a Plantation owner, a rich established man who wanted a male heir other then the three girls he already had from his first wife, to continue the Louisiana family name he had established. Consequently, the new wife was continually pregnant. After bearing six healthy female children, she was dismayed to be pregnant with her seventh child. She is said to have gone to a Voodoo Hoodoo Queen and asked to have a boy child.

But no one liked her husband especially the Voodoo Queen so she cursed the unborn child, declaring a preference to bear the Devil's child (or son) rather than another girl. Apparently, her wish was granted as the new child had horn, red eyes, cloven hooves, claws, and a tail. The horrific newborn proceeded to eat the neighbors children and was locked away in the attic garret room where it's parents held him captive, before escaping from to begin its reign of terror on New Orleans citizens. The Devil Baby's birthday was said to be on a Mardi Gras Day.

New Orleans the America's strong hold of Mardi Gras and Real Voodoo has always been a hot bed of Paranormal happenings and strange tales. From those of Zombies, Loup Garou's, Ghost, Grunch, Vampires and the birth place of the jazz.

La Nouvelle-Orléans, in Standard French; Nueva Orleans in Spanish) is a major United States port city and the largest city in Louisiana. It is named after Philippe II, Duc d'Orléans, Regent of France, and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. New Orleans is known for its multicultural heritage as well as its music and cuisine and is considered the birthplace Lucifer's son.

The St. Louis Cathedral is one of New Orleans' most notable landmarks. This venerable building, its triple steeples towering above its historic neighbors, the Cabildo and the Presbytere - looks down benignly on the green of the Square and General Andrew Jackson on his bronze horse and on the block-long Pontalba Buildings with their lacy ironwork galleries. Truly, this is the heart of old New Orleans.

As a principal port, New Orleans had a leading role in the slave trade, while at the same time having the most prosperous community of free persons of colour in the South. The touch of Real Voodoo Hoodoo got a firm grasp on the city. Voodoo-ist like Sainte Dede , Dr. John and Marie Laveau prospered and their abilities of combating the devil and his powers over the residents an more then just a twice told tale. While Pirate's Alley is the subject of much legend and lore, some true, and much false, It is one of the "must see" locations of the French Quarter since it was a haven for pirates and voodooist and The Devil Baby in days past and for present day adventurers.

The large open garden behind the 215 year old St. Louis Cathedral is said to be the best spot to sight the Devil Baby. Stories of duels fought and much blood shed on the grounds is said to be why he haunts the spot or a spell or blessing of some sort keeps him close to the spot. An often told story tells that the Devil Baby was given to the priest of the Grand Cathedral to guard over. Held captive by the parish priest he would often escape and run wild in the streets wrecking havoc and frightening those that crossed his path.

St. Anthony’s Garden, sometimes called by locals the Devil Baby Playpen or simply the Devil's Garden. As this small plot of land was the traditional meeting place for duels and debts of honor. In this pleasant God blessed garden is where they say the Devil Baby hides at night to attack unsuspecting passerby's. At one point in history it was thought by locals as to be one of the very seven gates of Hell. One old New Orleans oral tradition tells that the Devil baby was born here in this very garden. It seems the mother of the Devil baby took refuge here in the late hours of her labor just before dawn in a Mardi Gras Day, only to leave the new born devil infant on the back door steps as an orphan to the church. True or not the tale is still chilling in it's description.

As dawn approached and the long early morning turned to day some were said to see a bloodied young woman staggering from the garden as the scream from hell could be heard coming from the low hedges.

The population of the city doubled in the 1830s, and, by 1840, New Orleans had become the wealthiest and third most populous city in the nation. The Union captured New Orleans early in the American Civil War. This action spared the city the destruction suffered by many other cities of the American South. And around this time stories of the Devil's baby birth were circulating in hushed tones throughout the city streets.

New Orleans also famously has the presence of its distinctive variety of Voodoo, due in part to syncretism with Roman Catholic beliefs, the fame of voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau, and New Orleans' distinctly Caribbean cultural influences. However, the exotic image of Voodoo within the city had been highly changed and diversified out of proportion to the small number of serious adherents to the religion. And the incorporation of the Devil Baby into it's myths of hoodoo - voodoo beliefs.

Born of a Slave girl some say, others state the horrid abomination to God was born of a French aristocrats daughter she was said to be addicted Absinthe. As the lurid story goes she frequented the many Absinthe bars of the city And drank it to the very hour she gave birth and abandoned the grotesque infant in Pirates Alley. His demonic cries are said to have disturbed the Ash Wednesday mass.

Some lurid tales say he was the result of experiments that Madame Delphine Lalaurie And her Doctor Husband and her husband performed with the help of Marie Laveau. A often told story is that Delphine Lalaurie kept this child locked in a second story room that faces Royal Street. His wild demonic cries could be heard in the streets day and night.

Another tale tells that she is said to have hid him away in the attic of one of the buildings that line Pirates Alley today. One tale tells that the Devil Baby was nursed on a mixture of goats blood and Absinthe by Marie Laveau or Delphine Lalaurie. This was done in her St Anne street house or on Royal street.

The traditional Devil Baby escape story tells that on one dark and rainy night as a hurricane beat down the levee's long ago, he escaped into the night. Biting through his heavy chains to run and hide under the buildings that line Bourbon Street to this day.

Many people say they dream of the Devil Baby. And if you do you might just be in for a run of real bad luck if you do. To dream of holding the Devil Baby means that trouble is at your door. To dream of kissing the Devil Child on the face means your Lover is cheating on you with someone of the same sex. To dream of giving birth to the Devil Baby means that you will have a hysterectomy very soon.

And finally to dream of the Devil Baby being your child then you might as well get dressed for the grave as you read this.

Death Of The Devil Baby?

One of the most popular tales often told is that he died and is buried at the foot of the tomb of Marie Laveau.

One story tells that he was struck by lightening as he was forced by an angry mob one stormy night and he scaled the spire of the St. Louis Cathedral. and that God struck him dead with a thunderbolt that started the first great New Orleans Fire.

Another tale tells that Marie Laveau strangled him with her bare hands one night when he was teething. They say he drove her crazy biting her and her many children. Another tale tells that she left him locked away in her attic chained to the roof beams and was found dead mummified there when the Marie Laveau House building was demolished.

Devil Baby Second Line Umbrellas have been part of New Orleans culture for many years. Rarely seen out side the city the special made Voodoo Hoodoo blessed items are known as a effective weapon to keep him at bay to say the least. One old tale tells that a old Catholic Nun walking on Bayou St. John in the 1860's. It is said she beat the Devil baby to death with a umbrella. He then sunk into the cold black waters of the Bayou near where Holy Rosary Church stands today. Many say that's why no one swims in the bayou to this day because all that try drown. This because at one time the bayou was crystal clear when the devil baby died in it. The clear water turned black and murky.

Whether the stories or not many have claimed to see a demonic toddler roaming the Cemetery at different hours of the day and at night. Many tales of the Devil Babies death or by what many say or exaggerated. How can you kill something that is immortal? Especially Satan's Child.

A very perverse tale tells that the Devil Child was captured one night poisoned with Laudanum. In his stupor he was taken to St. Louis Cathedral and long nails were driven through his eyes, hands and his black heart and he was impaled on or beneath the altar before God, where he died 7 days later at the first morning Mass of Easter Sunday 1881. His Body was taken to Slidell, Louisiana where he was buried in a deep pit. Many say his purple blood stained the beautiful marble floor to this day and spots can be seen as you get closer to the altar.

But you can't keep a good Devil Baby dead for long! Many say he feigned his death and crawled from the foot of Marie Laveau's Tomb where they buried him to reek havoc on those that tried to dispose of him.

Still others say he lives in the City Park area and is lord of the Grunch. The Grunch is a New Orleans version of the Chupacabra. Some say Devil Baby lives on Grunch Road and the actual real El Chupacabra Like Grunch go out and steal babies and cats and dogs for him to eat. Many believe he is the fore father to all the Grunch that live today.

An old Voodoo Hoodoo story says Marie Laveau Castrated the Devil Baby when he was born. Because she wanted him to produce no more of his evil kind. The two bloody testicles fell to the floor as she used a very sharp hoodoo voodoo blade. Immediately they turned into a male and female grunch, who it is said actually attacked the great Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. The grunch are said to have almost killed her with their feirce bites and punching. The dark evil terror the old Voodoo Queen must have been unbearable as she struggled under their great strenght before she fainted. When she awoke the Grunch and the Devil Baby were gone. Laveau was near death after this and many have said this is when Marie Laveau gave up her Voodoo Hoodoo ways and went back to being a good Catholic woman.

Many different descriptions have been offered by alleged witnesses of the Devil Baby of Bourbon Street:

"It is less then three feet high. The size of a 4 year old. Bald headed, pointed ears, arms and hands like a racoon or a Louisiana nutria, face like a goat but still human, split hooves for feet and a long rat like hairy tail". But others say he has the face of the most innocent lost child one would just stare in at it's beauty. Many have reported seeing this lost infant crawling through the streets as if abandoned by it's mother. Upon reaching down to investigate the find that the Devil's spawn is upon them to kill them.

Still others say he is "It was 2 feet high, with glowing red eyes and a snakes flickering tongue. And runs very fast jumping upon them and tearing at peoples eyes and biting at their bare naked throats. he is said to be able to jump to the roof tops in a single bound to escape capture.

While the many descriptions vary, several aspects remain fairly constant, such as the devil's red eyes, pointed ears and hooves. The creature is often said to have a baby like head and the face of an Angel. Its reputed height varies from about three feet to more than seven feet.

Many recent New Orleans Paranormal sightings report the vile creature to have glowing red eyes that can paralyze a man, and that it a has a humanlike terrifying scream that can be heard above the noise of Bourbon Street.

What strange powers does The Devil Baby Possess?

Some say he has super human strength and able to leap to the roof tops of the tallest building in New Orleans in one bound. Others say he is the father of incubus and Succubus.

Known to drink blood and eat human organs from the living and the dead Many old Voodoo Hoodoo tales say his urine and feces was used to make Zombie powder. A lock of hair from him is said to cure blindness. If the Devil Baby attacks you and only kisses you it has been said that you will become a ghost when you die and have to do his bidding.

He will stay a child for the rest of his life because the first time he was destroyed was on Holy ground and on holy ground he was born. It is also believed because of this the Devil Baby has a chance at redemption and some day might just go to heaven.

The Devil Baby is said to be able to climb like a squirrel, swim like a fish and run faster then a greyhound. he only attacks from dusk until dawn because he cannot exist in daylight much like a vampire. Many say Holy water Boils on it's own when he is near. Crosses fall off the wall, and a blessed Rosary's break in your hands.

A few old legends tell that he has the power to tell the future. That if on a Mardi gras Day you find him he takes on the guise of a normal man. If you find him then you may ask him any question and he will answer it with the whole truth. At midnight he returns to his original form.

Many a New Orleans Woman have said over the years that they were brutally raped by the Devil Baby. The Uh-holy children grew up to be Murderers, Vampires, Werewolves or evil mindless Grunch.

To find urine, excrement or vomit from the Devil Baby on or near your front doorstep in the New Orleans French Quarter or area is not a good sign. How can you tell if it's from him? Locals say when you see it you will know!

A very stern Caution is always warned: Never Hunt For The Devil Baby unless you want him to hunt for you!

Post Hurricane Katrina

In 2005 and the beginning of 2007 many thought the Devil's child was washed away from the city for ever or finally dead by the flooding from hurricane Katrina. People actually say they spotted him in Houston, Atlanta, Miami and as far away as Rome Or Paris. But as recent reports state the Devil Baby is now back home roaming the city streets of New Orleans where he belongs.

Rumors circulated from 2005 - 2006 that he was air lifted out, he drowned, or was just sucked into hell as told from locals. One New Orleanian swore that a friend had taken him out on a evacuation bus to destinations unknown.

The many stories of him feeding on the dead or attacking the national guard might be slightly exaggerated. One story was told that he was captured when Animal Rights Rescuers came to find missing pets. They said he was trapped in a cage eating dog food.

Another story that has circulated the city in the past year is that he hided in the attic of a famous New Orleans Dance Club on Bourbon Street. What ever the story really is the truth is sightings of the mysterious Devil Baby have been on the rise once more.

Many families across America or now transplanted New Orleanians. They miss The Big Easy an awful lo. tBut I think they miss stories of The Devil Baby Even More.

Source: Haunted America Tours


Romanian Fighter Jet Hits UFO

A UFO had a mid-air collision with a fighter jet over central Europe, a leaked report has revealed. Defence chiefs are investigating claims that the Romanian MIG 21 fighter plane was struck by 'strange objects'.

The official report says the cockpit of the jet was shattered.

Romanian defence ministry officials have ruled out all normal types of collision such as birdstrikes, ice or small meteorites. Chief investigator Commander Nicolae Grigorie said in the report: 'We can definitely say what this thing was not, but we cannot say what it was.'

The impact on a training flight above Transylvania took only 67 milliseconds and was recorded on an in-flight video camera. Pilot Marin Mitrica was slightly injured but managed to land the plane safely after the incident last year.

Baffled defence chiefs have now passed the UFO incident on to the Security Committee of European Air Forces for investigation.

UFO "Dive-Bombs" Couple

An elderly couple claim they had a close encounter with a UFO while travelling along a Territory highway. Lawrie Fuchs, 70, and his wife Gwen, 69, were returning to their home town of Elliott following a trip to Queensland last Friday when they say the UFO swooped them as they drove along the Barkly Highway.

Estimated to be about six metres wide, they say the object passed the vehicle with such speed that its slipstream forced their Mazda sedan into the middle of the road. They were travelling in a westerly direction and were about 55km east of the Threeways roadhouse when the incident occurred.

"It was about 4pm when suddenly we saw a dark, silvery flash and heard a loud sound as it passed," Mr Fuchs said.

"It was travelling at a terrific speed, very bloody fast, and there was no warning at all.

"I'm sure it dive-bombed us but I can't imagine why."

"I do a lot of bush work and over the years I've seen a number of strange, unexplained things," he said.

Mrs Fuchs said she saw a little flash just below the sun visor then heard a loud whoosh as it passed over.

"I actually thought it hit the car, but there were no marks," she said.

Mr Fuchs, a mechanic who has lived in Elliot for 40 years, says he took the incident in his stride.

"I don't talk about it much because sometimes people don't take you seriously."

Last week, another man reported seeing a UFO near Tennant Creek. Alan Martin, who is deaf, was obviously shaken by his experience. The Aboriginal man in his 40s had bought alcohol and headed alone into scrub land to avoid being humbugged.

He described seeing a disc-shaped object at close range. His drawing indicated it had red, green and blue lights.

Couple Watch "Freaky-Looking" Object Descend to Earth

A mysterious craft spotted in the sky over Wanstead and Woodford, has sparked UFO fever amongst shocked residents. Five strange lights were spotted hovering over Charlie Brown's roundabout in Woodford Green, which suddenly went out one-by-one as a dark object descended to earth.

Bradley Gross, of Baddow Close, Woodford Green, was outside his home saying goodbye to some friends with his partner Cheri and 15-year-old daughter Natasha at 11.55pm on Saturday night when they saw the UFO.

The 32-year-old paint shop worker said: "It still gives me the shivers even thinking about it now. It was really freaky-looking and we saw these bright spots and then this thing slowly come down diagonally to earth.

"Without a doubt it was something odd and it could not have been a plane or a balloon as it was not moving at all and had these bright lights.

"It totally freaked my daughter out and she couldn't sleep. It could well have been something to do with UFOs as I believe we can't be the only living things in the universe."

"I stood out there at midnight the following night to see if I could catch it again but couldn't see anything."

Strange beings have apparently attempted to make contact after a hostile alien craft' was seen near Winston Churchill's statue on the Green, Woodford Green, in February, prompting the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to issue an appeal for calm. And when secret Government files were opened last month, many stories emerged such as the tale of two little boys who were terrified back in 1970 when they saw a pair of strange lights in the skies over Wanstead.

More recently, accounts cover a variety of strange sights, including one man who spotted two "giant sparklers" hovering in the skies of Woodford Green back in February, 2001.

London UFO studies group chairman Roy Lake said north-east London was notorious for UFO activity.

He added: "A lot of times these are Chinese lanterns which float up very high but from the description that must be ruled out so it's definitely an unexplained sighting.

"But there's nothing much to go on and we need more information. There's certainly been contact made with aliens as after 50 years investigating these things and talking to lots of people including airline pilots I'm left in no doubt."

A spokeswoman for the MoD played down the possibility of an alien craft.

She said: "We examine reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised military activity.

"Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported."

Sources: Metro, Northern Territory News, Your Local Guardian


Thai Politics Depend on Spirits and the Stars

The ex-premier tours 99 temples to improve his fortune. Generals gather in Chiang Mai to channel the spirit of a Himalayan rishi. Ritualists vandalise an ancient monument. Thai politics have long been subject to the stars and the spirits.

Still, the desecration of Phanom Rung was startling. This is a major historical sight of stunning grandeur. The damage was spread throughout the complex, and involved many different types of images. The intention seemed highly aggressive.

Of course, the desecration might have nothing to do with the current political situation. But the knee-jerk reaction was to make that association. Some soldiers had used the site for a politically inspired rite a few months earlier. As the monument is of Khmer origin, the trail quickly led to Newin Chidchob - Thaksin Shinawatra's lieutenant for politics and magic.

Access to mysterious forces is a form of power. In the past, kings tried to monopolise this important asset. But now, access has become more open and democratic. Politicians now compete to use them.

Astrologists claim that the movement of the planets determine events, especially great events. To understand these movements and be able to predict the future offers advantage over rivals.

In the past, Thai kings imported an astrological system from Sri Lanka, and hired Indian Brahmans expert in its use. They used their advice to find the propitious times for wars and other great events.

The exclusiveness and exoticness of this astrological service was an important part of royal power. The government's astrological department still existed until less than a century ago. Astrologers still provide services to the palace and the state.

Today access to this knowledge is not so exclusive. Astrologers write newspaper columns and offer fee-based consultancies. Politicians compete to find those with the greatest expertise. Hon Warin rose to prominence because he specialised in politics, and made a few good predictions. If the military had succeeded in their plan to form a governing party last year, he was set to become a member.

Theoretically, astrology offers nothing more than prediction. It is passive. But people who want to know about the future also want to influence it. For this reason, astrologers have often tended to offer a portfolio of services beyond prediction. The court Brahmans were happy to conduct all sorts of ceremonies. Now politicians seek experts who can mobilise the gods and spirits in their favour.

Although Thailand has long been technically Buddhist, in practice a vast panoply of gods and spirits comes into play. Much of India's prodigal assembly of gods and goddesses has been imported, redefined a bit, and rearranged somewhat. On top, there's a deep and ancient belief that the spirits of some people linger in the world and can influence events. Great figures from the past and prominent ancestors can be very powerful. So too can anyone who has had the misfortune to die a violent and untimely death.

Old royal and state ceremonies called upon all these for assistance. Some old legal processes began by invoking all the gods and spirits to ensure a fair and just outcome.

The list, including Hindu gods, saint-figures from early Buddhist history, semi-mythical kings, and sundry ancestors took almost twenty minutes to read.

Again, in the modern era, access is no longer so exclusive. Anybody can find a monk willing to call on all the gods and spirits for luck. But politicians want the best and most efficient service.

Thaksin likes quantity, especially magical quantity. A few years ago he organised synchronised chanting in 108 temples all over the country. Recently he has toured around 99. Other people put their faith in quality, hoping for access to a single god or spirit with exceptional influence. Spirit mediums have boomed over the last twenty years. Many of them claim access to major historical figures, including the first and fifth kings of the Chakri dynasty. Hon Warin has established the reputation of an obscure Himalayan rishi.

Besides the stars and the spirits, there are the more mysterious forces of saiyasat or supernaturalism. Again there is probably an Indian origin. Three thousand years ago, Indian sages compiled a manual of methods to protect oneself against all kind of dangers, especially illness, wild animals, and the malice of one's fellow man. The name of this collection still survives in the Thai word arthan. The scope and methods of Thai supernaturalism today are still very close to this old manual. Mantras, talismanic protective devices, and magical diagrams are used to ward off danger and bring good fortune. Nowadays, the old wide range of talismans has been replaced by the convenient amulet. It is much easier to buy an amulet over the Internet rather than searching in the forest for scraps of ivory lodged in trees by charging elephants.

Old royal governments had a department to distribute protective devices to troops. The use of these supernatural devices is also now democratised. Chanting formulas, blessing amulets, and perform arthan ceremonies for a new house, business, or political party is probably the major activity of the monkhood. The police hand out yantra cloths to officers sent to the South.

Most politicians have many amulets. But again too there's competition for quality. Thaksin seems impressed by the Khmer reputation for special expertise.

In saiyasat, there is a clear distinction between defence and attack. Using these methods for protection is widely accepted and practised. Using them to harm someone else is not. That distinction was written into the old laws, in force until a century ago.

That is why the Phanom Rung incident is significant. Not only did it damage a historical treasure, but it seemed to indicate a shift from defence to attack. To counter this, someone found a suspiciously sleek rishi wearing what looked like a fake Louis Vuitton version of a tiger-skin toga.

Wish him luck.

Source: The Nation

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