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Once again secret information has made its way over the hidden channels that clandestinely flow throughout the deepest, darkest recesses of the planet.  Information, that at times, have brought down whole governments and sent men to their torturous deaths.  Information that has finally found its way once again to your email box in the form of Conspiracy Journal -- your number one source of all the news fit to be kept secret, but for you, is revealed!

This week Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such larynx-lightening stories as:

- Huge Tunguska Explosion Remains Mysterious 100 Years Later -
- My Strangest UFO Abduction Case -
- The Economy is Going in the Tank -
- Moved by the Spirit: When Ghosts Come Calling -
AND: Evil Exploits of the Invisible People  

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The Mysterious Subterranean Realms of California.

The Mysterious Blast at California’s Port Chicago.

California’s Lake Monsters.

PsiSpies: The History of Remote Viewing.
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The Dangers of Hallucinogens

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The John Frum Movement:A South Pacific CargoCult

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2008:The Year of the UFO?

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Huge Tunguska Explosion Remains Mysterious 100 Years Later

A full century after the mysterious Tunguska explosion in Siberia leveled an area nearly the size of Tokyo, debate continues over what caused it.

Many questions remain as to what crashed into the Earth from above -- how big it was and what it was made of. Some question whether it even came from space at all, or whether it erupted from the ground instead.

And there is always speculation that it was caused by a UFO or famed inventor Nikola Tesla's "death ray."

Death from above?...

The explosion near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River on June 30, 1908, flattened some 500,000 acres (2,000 square kilometers) of Siberian forest. Scientists calculated the Tunguska explosion could have been roughly as strong as 10 megatons to 20 megatons of TNT -- 1,000 times more powerful than the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

The longstanding theory regarding the cause of the event is a cosmic impact from an asteroid or comet. In the last decade, researchers have conjectured the event was triggered by an asteroid exploding in Earth's atmosphere and measuring roughly 100 feet wide (30 meters) and 617,300 tons (560,000 metric tons) in mass -- more than 10 times that of the Titanic.

But recent supercomputer simulations suggest the asteroid that caused the extensive damage was much smaller.

Specifically, physicist Mark Boslough at Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, N.M., and his colleagues say it would have been a factor of three or four times smaller in mass and perhaps 65 feet (20 meters) in diameter. As the asteroid exploded as it ran into Earth's atmosphere, Boslough and colleagues calculate it would have generated a supersonic jet of expanding superheated gas. This fireball would have caused blast waves that were stronger at the surface than previously thought.

However ...

At the same time, prior estimates may have overstated the devastation the event caused.

The forest back then was unhealthy, according to foresters, so it would not have taken as much energy to blow down such trees. In addition, the winds from the explosion would naturally get amplified above ridgelines, making the explosion seem more powerful than it actually was. What researchers had thought to be an explosion between 10 and 20 megatons was more likely only 3 to 5 megatons, Boslough said.

As to whether the impact was similar to a stony, carbonaceous asteroid or a comet, "while the community has pretty much accepted the view that it was a carbonaceous asteroid, I'm not sure it's a slam dunk," Boslough said. "The main argument against it being a comet is statistical. There are a lot more small Earth-crossing asteroids than comets at least by a couple orders of magnitude. While it's unlikely to be a comet, I'm not convinced it's physically impossible."

Discovering the size and makeup of whatever hit at Tunguska could shed light on how often such a devastating impact might take place, explained NASA Ames Research Center planetary scientist and astrobiologist David Morrison.

"As interesting though Tunguska is, I'm more interested in the next Tunguska," Morrison told "We know small objects are far more numerous than large ones out there, so we want to see how much damage they might be able to do."

Death from below?...

Instead of a cause from above, in the last decade some researchers have suggested the Tunguska explosion actually came from below. Astrophysicist Wolfgang Kundt at the University of Bonn in Germany and others have suggested that an eruption of natural gas from kimberlite, a kind of volcanic rock best known for sometimes holding diamonds, could be to blame.

"It would have come from the molten earth, some 3,000 kilometers deep (1,864 miles)," Kundt said. "The natural gas would be stored as a fluid that deep, and when it reaches the surface it would become a gas and expand by a factor of thousand in volume, for a huge explosion."

For support, he cited the pattern the trees fell in, as well as chemical anomalies.

Even stranger ideas...

Wilder theories have been bandied about over the years regarding what caused the Tunguska explosion, including:

    * A UFO crash. Struck by the similarity of Tunguska and Hiroshima decades later, a science fiction writer named Alexander Kazantsev wrote a story in which the Tunguska blast was the exploding nuclear power plant of a spaceship from Mars. A few Russian scientists took up the cause and claimed to find various bits of evidence -- never substantiated -- for a civilized alien explanation.
    * The annihilation of a chunk of antimatter from space. This does not account for mineral debris the explosion left behind.
    * A black hole zipping through Earth. This also does not account for mineral debris the explosion left behind, and there was no subsequent explosion as such a black hole, having tunneled through the Earth, would have shot back out through the surface of the Atlantic.
    * A Nikola Tesla "death ray." The man who pioneered radio and modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems was often seen as a mad scientist. One story alleges he test-fired a death ray on the evening of June 30, 1908, and once he found out about the Tunguska event, he dismantled the weapon, deeming it too dangerous to remain in existence.

All the speculation concerning Tunguska is to be expected, Boslough said.

"Lots of theories are going to pop up -- it's like a crime scene, and everyone wants to have a hand in solving the mystery," he commented. "It's fun to speculate."



U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects

Faced with a surge in the number of proposed solar power plants, the federal government has placed a moratorium on new solar projects on public land until it studies their environmental impact, which is expected to take about two years.

The Bureau of Land Management says an extensive environmental study is needed to determine how large solar plants might affect millions of acres it oversees in six Western states — Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

But the decision to freeze new solar proposals temporarily, reached late last month, has caused widespread concern in the alternative-energy industry, as fledgling solar companies must wait to see if they can realize their hopes of harnessing power from swaths of sun-baked public land, just as the demand for viable alternative energy is accelerating.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” said Holly Gordon, vice president for legislative and regulatory affairs for Ausra, a solar thermal energy company in Palo Alto, Calif. “The Bureau of Land Management land has some of the best solar resources in the world. This could completely stunt the growth of the industry.”

Much of the 119 million surface acres of federally administered land in the West is ideal for solar energy, particularly in Arizona, Nevada and Southern California, where sunlight drenches vast, flat desert tracts.

Galvanized by the national demand for clean energy development, solar companies have filed more than 130 proposals with the Bureau of Land Management since 2005. They center on the companies’ desires to lease public land to build solar plants and then sell the energy to utilities.

According to the bureau, the applications, which cover more than one million acres, are for projects that have the potential to power more than 20 million homes.

All involve two types of solar plants, concentrating and photovoltaic. Concentrating solar plants use mirrors to direct sunlight toward a synthetic fluid, which powers a steam turbine that produces electricity. Photovoltaic plants use solar panels to convert sunlight into electric energy.

Much progress has been made in the development of both types of solar technology in the last few years. Photovoltaic solar projects grew by 48 percent in 2007 compared with 2006. Eleven concentrating solar plants are operational in the United States, and 20 are in various stages of planning or permitting, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The manager of the Bureau of Land Management’s environmental impact study, Linda Resseguie, said that many factors must be considered when deciding whether to allow solar projects on the scale being proposed, among them the impact of construction and transmission lines on native vegetation and wildlife. In California, for example, solar developers often hire environmental experts to assess the effects of construction on the desert tortoise and Mojave ground squirrel.

Water use can be a factor as well, especially in the parched areas where virtually all of the proposed plants would be built. Concentrating solar plants may require water to condense the steam used to power the turbine.

“Reclamation is another big issue,” Ms. Resseguie said. “These plants potentially have a 20- to 30-year life span. How to restore that land is a big question for us.”

Another benefit of the study will be a single set of environmental criteria to weigh future solar proposals, which will ultimately speed the application process, said the assistant Interior Department secretary for land and minerals management, C. Stephen Allred. The land agency’s manager of energy policy, Ray Brady, said the moratorium on new applications was necessary to “ensure that we are doing an adequate level of analysis of the impacts.”

In the meantime, bureau officials emphasized, they will continue processing the more than 130 applications received before May 29, measuring each one’s environmental impact.

While proponents of solar energy agree on the need for a sweeping environmental study, many believe that the freeze is unwarranted. Some, like Ms. Gordon, whose company has two pending proposals for solar plants on public land, say small solar energy businesses could suffer if they are forced to turn to more expensive private land for development.

The industry is already concerned over the fate of federal solar investment tax credits, which are set to expire at the end of the year unless Congress renews them. The moratorium, combined with an end to tax credits, would deal a double blow to an industry that, solar advocates say, has experienced significant growth without major environmental problems.

“The problem is that this is a very young industry, and the majority of us that are involved are young, struggling, hungry companies,” said Lee Wallach of Solel, a solar power company based in California that has filed numerous applications to build on public land and was considering filing more in the next two years. “This is a setback.”

At a public hearing in Golden, Colo., on Monday, one of a series by the Bureau of Land Management across the West, reaction to the moratorium was mixed.

Alex Daue, an outreach coordinator for the Wilderness Society, an environmental conservation group, praised the government for assessing the implications of large-scale solar development.

Others warned the bureau against becoming mired in its own bureaucratic processes on solar energy, while parts of the West are already humming with new oil and gas development.

Craig Cox, the executive director of the Interwest Energy Alliance, a renewable energy trade group, said he worried that the freeze would “throw a monkey wrench” into the solar energy industry at precisely the wrong time.

“I think it’s good to have a plan,” Mr. Cox said, “but I don’t think we need to stop development in its tracks.”

Source: NY Times


My Strangest UFO Abduction Case

Those readers familiar with my work know that I am quite skeptical about the vast majority of abductee reports. Listening to abductees tell about their having been taken up through ceilings, out through walls, levitated out windows and taken to an alien spaceship or medical laboratory seem more to me like bizarre paranormal occurrences. I have no doubt that something unusual, something very special, happened to these experiencers -- but what?

I first began interviewing UFO contactees and abductees in 1966 and have included their accounts in a number of books beginning with New UFO Breakthrough (with Joan Whritenour) 1968.

I have tried to consider their accounts in an objective manner, while, at the same time, wondering if the occurrences that they report might not really be personal mystical experiences that have taken place in dreams, visions, or out-of-body experiences. My extensive study of the paranormal has convinced me that it is possible for the human soul/spirit to soar free of the normally accepted limitations of time and physical space. An abductee's account of being taken aboard a UFO might actually be descriptions of a spiritual/nonmaterial experience rather than an actual physical/material one.

With those introductory remarks, I have in my files the most incredible case of abduction, which I have ever encountered--and there was physical proof of a most tangible kind. This is a remarkable account of an individual who had either discovered a doorway to other dimensions of reality, along with the ability to dematerialize his physical body, or he had been granted these unique talents through his interaction with UFO entities.

If the following report were not attested to by a very matter-of-fact physician associated with one of the largest, most prestigious hospitals in the Midwest, I would be extremely hesitant about sharing it with the public.

I made contact with "Dr. William" through a correspondent who had taken a course in medicine with him. According to my correspondent, Mrs. E., William had not mentioned the experience during the several weeks' duration of the course, but one day after a class session he had mentioned it over a cup of coffee. According to William, the following occurrence took place in a hospital in Hawaii in 1968. William was then about nineteen years old, serving in the medical corps and assigned to the military section of the hospital.

For obvious reasons I will not mention the name of the hospital in Hawaii. Neither will I give William's full name. He is a quiet, sincere man who wishes to continue his medical career and cannot see that his association with such an account would enhance his reputation as a doctor. Briefly, this is what happened:

A bedridden patient who was in traction and totally unable to move, with pins through his tibiae and femurs, told William that he would be gone that night for one hour to join his friends in a UFO. He said that William might accompany him if he truly believed in UFO's.

William indulgently told the patient that he would be unable to join him that night, as he would be busy.

Later, at bed check, true to his word, the patient had disappeared, leaving the metal pins on the bed. An extensive search of the hospital and the surrounding grounds by military policemen failed to produce any trace of the medically immobile man.

Here follows my questioning of Dr. William over the bizarre occurrence:

How old was this man, and why had he been brought to the military section of the hospital?

He was about sixty, a veteran of World War II. He was kind of a sixty-year-old hippie. He had been on an LSD trip when he walked in front of a semi truck and broke both of his legs in several places.

What was his name?

It was a Spanish-sounding kind of name, something like "Espinia." He had bushy eyebrows, shoulder-length blondish hair, very large eyes. He had a round face, a flattened nose. His height was about five-foot-six and he was a bit chubby.

Did you often engage Espinia in conversation?

It was difficult not to. He was always talking about his weird techniques for meditation.

Espinia had a strange accent. By the time I was assigned to that hospital, I had already been around the world a couple of times, and I'm a bug on accents anyway; but I simply could not place Espinia's. And he always seemed to have marijuana, or at least he seemed to be high a lot. We couldn't figure out where he was getting it. He had some pretty far-out friends who came to visit him, but we always tried to search them carefully.

UFOs like the one seen above have been photographed over the Hawaiian Islands for years.

Was there anything particularly unusual about his friends?

They were just young hippie types. Espinia was always talking about peace, love, brotherhood. You know, how we should get out of the war in Vietnam.

The night he disappeared, I was working the 11 [P.M.] to 7 [A.M.] shift. When I made the bed check, Espinia told me that he would be gone for about an hour, and he reminded me that I could come along if I wanted to. I chuckled and walked on to see about the rest of the patients.

Espinia was in a six-man room, but that night he was alone. My post was almost right across from his room. When I sat at my desk, I could survey the entire corridor. No one could get on or off the floor without my seeing them. And, of course, there were nurses, doctors, interns, and MP's walking around.

When I checked Espinia's room a bit later--maybe out of curiosity--he was gone. The traction weights were hanging there; the pins were on the bed; but Espinia was gone.

I put out an alarm, and MP's and other hospital personnel searched the place thoroughly.

Espinia was gone. No one had seen anything.

Oh, just a minute! Some other patients said that they had seen a bright light, a very bright light, on that side of the building, and that would have been just before Espinia's disappearance.

Is there any way that Espinia could have somehow removed the pins and the traction bars himself and crawled away?

Well, first of all, a man would faint from the pain if he tried to pull those pins out. I mean, this guy was lying in that bed with both legs up, his femurs broken. Think of the terrible pain of trying to crawl under such conditions. It would be impossible!

After searching the hospital--and even the grounds--for an hour, somebody looked in Espinia's room, and there he was again, back in traction, pins in place. The patient had been gone for one hour. He told his interrogators that he had been with his "friends."

Every pin was in its place. A doctor on the floor said that while it might be possible for a man to pull the pins out, it would be impossible for anyone to shove them back in by himself.

Four MP's grilled him for hours, but Espinia wouldn't even reply to their questions. When they finally left him, he looked at me and told me that I could have come along with him, but his UFO friends knew that I didn't really believe in them. He said that he and his friends had spent a delightful hour flying over the Hawaiian Islands and chatting about metaphysics.

When I chastised him for having caused such a disturbance in the hospital, Espinia became a bit sheepish and said that the next time he went flying with his friends, he would leave his body there and just go with them in his mind.

William swears that this incident really happened. As I listened to him tell the story in his apartment, William's wife of a few months expressed her amazement. William had never mentioned the experience to her, and she said that she was hearing it for the first time that evening.

This account remains in my files as the strangest UFO abduction account that I have ever heard.

Source: UFO Digest


UFOs Spotted by Navy Engineer Above the M5 Motorway

A Royal Navy aircraft engineer claims to have seen a "glowing" UFO hover over the M5 motorway. Michael Madden, 25, said he watched in disbelief as the disc-shaped object floated above his head before it "zoomed off at incredible speed".

He said the unidentified flying object flew for up to three minutes above junction 21 of the M5, near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Mr Madden was on his way back from Manchester with colleague Michael Casson, 22, at 9.50pm on Sunday June 29 when he saw the suspected 'extra-terrestrial' craft.

He said: "I work with aircraft and grew up next to Manchester Airport so I know exactly what a plane looks and sounds like. This was definitely not a plane.

"It was a circular disc which was glowing bright, hovering hundreds of metres up.

"Other people must have spotted it. It was unlike anything I've ever seen in my life. It really did look like the alien aircraft in films. It had an antenna fixed to the back."

Mr Madden's claim follows a string of recent UFO "sightings".

On June 7 three soldiers said they saw 13 UFOs, which looked like "rotating cubes", while on night patrol at Tern Hill military barracks near Market Drayton, Shropshire. One, Corporal Mark Proctor, 38, of the 1st Battalion of the Irish Regiment, recorded the sighting on his mobile phone and reported it to Army officers.

That sighting came just two hours before helicopter police officers reported an encounter with a huge craft 80 miles away near Cardiff. They claimed to have given chase to the "flying saucer-shaped" object after it almost collided with their aircraft near the Ministry of Defence base of St Athan.

Then Father-of-two David Osborne, 47, videoed 12 orange objects in the night sky above Basingstoke, Hampshire, at 10.40pm on June 28. The alleged UFOs moved across the sky, switching from a D formation, to a random pattern, to a line then a triangle before disappearing.

Source: The Telegraph


The Economy is Going in the Tank

The gas tank that is. It’s a simple case of reverse money laundering, something our government says is practiced by terrorists. In an earlier article I stated that there is no money, so how can there be money laundering? Money laundering is defined as the practice of engaging in financial transactions in order to conceal the identity, source, or destination of money. The government further states that “money laundering” need not involve money, and need not involve laundering. That’s how you take something that doesn’t exist and make it disappear and call it a crime. Such is the money matrix in that it is an illusion that money exists and money laundering is the illusion that it vanished. Kind of reminds me of the sock that goes missing in the dryer.

Reverse money laundering involves the reverse flow of money where, money whose source is known is converted to sinister purposes. This involves “Integration”, or putting legitimate currency into the economy for later extraction.

The fact that the money matrix exists at all remains obfuscated from the common individual as an optical obtrusion. For those of you too poor to pay attention here is how it went down. The economy is in a recession. I know it is because there is no money. The Federal Reserve said it is because people don’t have any money to put back into the economy even after they lowered interest rates. Hey, isn’t that a different way of saying there is no money?

Politicians did what they always do, threw money at the problem in the form of a $145 billion economic stimulus package. Most working Americans would get $600 to $1200 to spend. This is the “Integration stage” of the reverse money laundering. The money came from a known source, the government, which really has no money of its own, it has your money. Then it was dispersed widely across 130 million Americans to spend as they saw fit.

By coincidence at the exact same time the price of oil, and thereby the price of gas, started going up dramatically. I don’t believe in coincidences. The Arab oil producers said they are producing as much as is needed, so they don’t know why the price went up. The Oil companies said their stockpiles of gas are full, so they don’t know why the price is going up. It’s not like in the 1970’s when the Arabs had an oil embargo against the U.S. and gas had to be rationed. There is plenty of gas, it just suddenly costs an awful lot more.

With Americans having to pay more for fuel, the only part of the economy that is being stimulated is the only one that did not need it.

The Oil companies already have 41 billion in profits and the year is only half over. Once they suck up every ones economic stimulus, the price will amazingly go down.

We know the monied elite run the oil companies. We know the monied elite run Wall Street. The only answer that makes sense for the run up in the price of oil and gas is that it was a reverse money laundering scheme by the monied elite. If the government gave them the money outright it would be obvious. This way, they got the money they wanted and you feel good about it because it passed through your fingers on the way.

Wake up people, the money matrix has you.

-Phillip Tilley is the author of The Money Matrix of the New World Order and other articles.-

Source: Unexplained Mysteries


Moved by the Spirit: When Ghosts Come Calling

Last year, just before her release from a short prison sentence, American starlet Paris Hilton described feeling like spiritual forces had sent her to jail (contrary to what any tabloids may have said otherwise). She reported feeling that her “spirit or soul did not like the way I was being seen and that is why I was sent to jail. God has released me.”

Whether or not you can take this statement seriously, on a personal level at least Hilton seemed to describe what she felt to be “divine intervention”, instances of which may not appear to be a blessing of any sort at the onset, only to reveal later that there was a hidden meaning behind the hardship.

In one form or another, We all get “moved” by the spirit from time to time. My father is an Episcopal Priest, and growing up I’ve known a few people over the years who have come to me and personally described having “interventions” in their lives that seem to stem from someplace other than their inner consciousness. No doubt, my father has witnessed a lot more of this than I have, but I’ve still heard my fair share of bizarre instances of synchronicity from time to time in this regard, and of the amazing way that the spirit world, when it has something to say to us, will seem to communicate directly if necessary.

This seems to have been just the case in Leeds, England on the 12th of June when a 61 year old man was convicted and sent to prison on five charges of indecently assaulting three young girls between 1997 and 2001. As reported by, the whistle-blower had been the grandmother of one of the girls; it’s not unusual to have a family member speak-out against such action when circumstances like this arise, especially when the victim is a young child or otherwise feels insecure about discussing their plight. What IS unusual in this instance is that granny was deceased, having passed away years ago!

In a bizarre turn of events, her spirit had appeared before psychic/medium Patrick Hutchinson at a demonstration he was giving at an area pub, and insisted that he convey the message, “otherwise it might be swept under the carpet.” Against his better judgment, Hutchinson approached a 20 year old woman in the audience, which the spirit now pressing him had identified as her granddaughter. The mother of the girl, also present, was clearly shocked by the revelation, who watched her daughter break down as Hutchinson carefully approached her with the sensitive information. Later, the girl indeed confided to a 19 year old friend that what Hutchinson had conveyed was correct, and that she had been abused as a child. Since the revelation, two other women have come forward stating they were abused by the 61 year-old father of eight, Terrence Dunstan.

From time to time, spirits might opt for more conventional means of communication. One bizarre instance of spirit communication by more modern means involved well known British medium James Byrne, who has since described becoming “used to spirits interfering with technology associated with him.”

In August of 2007, Byrne had recently returned from a vacation, and found a single, mysterious message left for him on his telephone answering machine. Once the message had begun to record, a ghostly voice could be heard asking “is this switched on”? The message was dated August 7, and though no number had been recorded by the answering machine, by using the redial function on the phone itself he was able to return the call to its source.

James, living in the Mansell Close area at the time, said “a woman in Bolton answered, and when explained who I was, she said I’d done a reading for her 14 years earlier.” Still, she denied having made the strange call Byrne had received. Byrne then played the message for the woman, who was shocked at the similarity the voice had to that of her deceased partner, who had passed away only two months earlier! The woman followed up with her telephone service provider, who confirmed that no call had been made from her line to James’ number on August 7. Though Byrne was hesitant to say the deceased partner had called his phone, he did acknowledge the bizarre nature of the event, saying that “we can’t explain it, but it is very strange.”

Did Byrne receive a telephone call from the dead? If so, how might spiritual energies interfere with and manipulate technolgy in this way? Furthermore, if the call “was never made” according to the phone company, yet a spirit did indeed use Byrne’s telephone to make a distance call from beyond the grave, what kind of rates did he have to pay in order to do so? I’d imagine they were “out of this world”…

Source: The Gralien Report


Evil Exploits of the Invisible People  

It's open season again for stranger-than-fiction stories. In the coastal town of Mombasa, Nairobi-Kenya, the talk is about spirits (djinns) that take on human and animal forms.

Said to possess supernatural powers, these spirits are able to beat people, rape or sodomise them, or just make life miserable for them. Some will take on the form of long-dead people. Others will promise and even bring wealth in return for the life of a family member.

While many will be tempted to wave away such stories as old women's tales, people who claim to have encountered djinns have chilling stories to tell. The coastal strip is believed to be a favourite haunt of these spirits, the main reason, according to some Islam preachers, being the Indian Ocean.

This scary topic has been reintroduced by the happenings of two weeks ago in Mombasa's Old Town where residents claimed to have seen strange people at night. Some complained of having been strangled, others of having been slapped and other forms of rough treatment.

Many tenants moved from their rented houses claiming to have been attacked by spirits.

A tour of the Old Town reveals many beautiful houses that are unoccupied, a situation that residents attribute to the houses being haunted by spirits.
For the past three weeks or so, some Old Town residents claim to have experienced weird occurrences such as invisible families conversing in apparently empty houses.

"One moment you see naked people and the next, they are dressed. At other times you hear invisible people talking and laughing around you," says Mohammed, an Old Town resident.

"Dozens of houses have been abandoned, but they have their owners. Nobody would rent these houses because they belong to the djinns," he says.

Mohammed recalls his own experience with the spirits after chewing miraa, his favourite pastime.

"It wasn't my imagination. Somebody was strangling me, chocking the life out of me and telling me to stop chewing miraa and start attending mass instead," he says.

Though descriptions of the phenomena differ from person to person, Mohammed is sure of what he saw.

"I saw somebody with dreadlocks who was smiling. Then the next minute his face turned red with anger."

In Kisauni and on the Nyali and Mtwapa bridges, strange tales are told of people being raped or sodomised by invisible beings. An old man who lives under the Mtwapa bridge claims to have once seen a woman being molested by spirits.

"Unseen people threw her into the sea from a moving car on the bridge and it was like she was fighting off some unseen hand which was chocking her. She kept screaming and asking the person to leave her alone," recalls the elderly man, who has made a home under the bridge.

"I went after her accompanied by my dog and threw her a lifeline. It was like someone was trying to drown her and she was drifting away by the second. However I managed to bring her ashore and she hasn't been seen since," he says.

The man claims to have witnessed many weird incidents while living under the bridge, such as people being sodomised or raped by invisible persons.

"You hear their voices, their groans, and you see the victim's clothes being removed. You see clothes being detaching from the body but you don't see the person removing them. The next moment, the victim is crying in pain," says another Bamburi resident, Ali Mahmud.

Mahmud says he once saw his own girlfriend being raped by people he could not see and that his efforts to save her were fruitless as the beings were too powerful.

Residents of Bamburi still recall an incident in 2001when a person believed to be a djinn was turned into a cat that was then trapped by a magician from Tanzania. The cat had its head and neck in a pot buried in the ground.

According to Islamic preachers and Muslims in Bamburi, it was the case of a djinn being trapped by a more powerful djinn, probably from Tanzania, which is believed to be home to very powerful spirits.

The "cat" struggled to get its head out of the tight-necked pot for over 12 hours and, according to residents, when it was finally released it turned into a human being and disappeared into a nearby cemetery.

The area where the scary incident occurred has since been christened "Stage ya paka."

There are oft-told stories of sex-crazed men from upcountry who come to the Coast on vacation and hook up with what they take to be coastal beauties.
Some of these mostly married men either end up atop huge baobab trees, thinking they are in their houses, or in a state of confusion near the Likoni channel.

Mama Fatuma, who lives in Kibokoni, recalls how a man from Meru came to Mombasa and dated a woman for over three weeks, only to realise that she had actually died and been buried 10 years before.

"These are not just stories. They happen, and those they happen to are never the same again," Mama Fatuma says.

According to her, after dating a beautiful buibui-clad girl for three weeks, the man from Meru decided it was time to go and meet her parents.

"She directed him to her father's house where he declared his love for their daughter. The family was shocked. Their daughter was long dead, but the man was not convinced until he was taken to her grave in Tudor.

"There he found his jacket, which he had given to the girl. He fainted and has never been himself again. Today he roams the streets of Mombasa," says Mama Fatuma.

Sheikh Juma Ngao, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims tells all doubting Thomases that djinns are real and that they live like normal human beings. They can turn into anything, a human being, an animal or a shoe.

Ngao says they were created by God and, according to the Koran, they were created for the purpose of worshipping God.

"There are good and bad djinns but people tend to use bad ones to harm others or to acquire more wealth," says Ngao. "However, it is a sin according to the Koran for a human being to use a djinn against another human being."

He talks of certain extremely wealthy families that have one of their children who is either mentally handicapped or just locked up as a prisoner in one of the rooms.

"Those are families that use djinns to get wealth and the locked up family members are the sacrifices to the spirits," says Ngao.

"The effect is that the members of that family are, one after the other, turned into a state in which they are neither dead nor alive. They are neither in heaven nor in hell. The people who put human beings in such a state are committing a sin, and the sad thing is they know it and just don't care."

He claims some bus companies offer their passengers as sacrifices in grisly accidents to acquire more wealth.

In parts of Ganjoni, Nyali and Mkomani, stories are told of empty houses with invisible tenants. Children are heard running about and there are appetising aromas of food every morning, lunchtime and dinnertime.

Asked why stories of djinns are common in Mombasa, Ngao says: "They are just like human beings. Some like living in the sea, others prefer the hills, while some stay in exile in forests and deserts. Some might actually be living on top of your roof, that is just their preference."

And, for all you know, even this newspaper you are reading might be a djinn!

Source: The Standard

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