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Are you afraid of ghosts and monsters? How about aliens flying down in their space-craft to kidnap you from your bedroom at night?  Or that the Men-In-Black are waiting for you just around the corner?  Do you worry that the government is listening in on your private conversations?  Or worse yet, do you worry that your community will be abandoned to the wolves and looters if a natural disaster strikes?

Well never fear - Conspiracy Journal is Here!  Yes that's right. Conspiracy Journal, your number one source of conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal and more, is here once again to protect you from THEM, by keeping you informed on all the news and information that you won't  hear on your local 6 o'clock news.

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such insulin-robbing tales as:

- RAF Officer Breaks 37-Year Silence on UFO Radar Mystery -
- UFO Sightings Connected To Large Hadron Collider Experiment? -
- Why Ghosts Wear Clothes -
- Human Skin Capable of Seeing Colors and Shapes -
AND: Sea’s Mysteries: M As In Mermaid Or As In Manatee

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There are two sets of "unorthodox" beliefs about the interior of our planet -- the theory that the earth may be "hollow" and possibly inhabited (by a race of giants?), and the second that a system of caverns exists beneath our feet that are controlled by both good and evil entities (thus the concept of a hell down below).

There was a time in the days before the internet when people who were passionate about a subject would create their own self-published newsletters affectionately known as "zines." One such zine was Mary Martin's "The Hollow Hassle" which dealt with anything to do about the mysteries of the hollow Earth. The Hollow Hassle was filled with original articles by famous writers such as Richard Shaver, Charles Marcoux, and Bruce Walton, better known as Branton.

Now, for the first time in more than twenty years, many of these fascinating articles have been republished in this one incredible book: The Best of the Hollow Earth Hassle. This book is full of incredible stories about secret caverns, lost underworld civilizations, and Richard Shaver's monstrous underground race called the Dero.

"Mary was a 'special' friend of Richard S. Shaver. She traveled to his workshop and discussed with him many aspects of this oddly popular topic. This book contains some really fascinating material and is loaded with many gems. A must read for Inner Earth fans." -Tim Beckley - Conspiracy Journal

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The Mysterious Subterranean Realms of California.

The Mysterious Blast at California’s Port Chicago.

California’s Lake Monsters.

PsiSpies: The History of Remote Viewing.
By Louis Proud

strange customs   
Italian Community Secretly Builds Breathtaking Underground Temples

The Dangers of Hallucinogens

Urban Legends   
Amusement Parks:Fodder for Scary Stories

Haunted Heritage   
Ghostly Activities at California’s Cal-Neva Resort

Arcane Cults   
The John Frum Movement:A South Pacific CargoCult

From the Skies   
2008:The Year of the UFO?

Mary Ann Winkowski:The Original Ghost Whisperer

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RAF Officer Breaks 37-Year Silence on UFO Radar Mystery

It is a close encounter of the official kind. A former RAF officer has claimed that UFOs are real and may have invaded UK airspace, branding official resistance to such theories as "stupid and arrogant".

Wing Commander Alan Turner MBE was sworn to secrecy after he tracked a series of unidentified objects soaring over southern England at incredible speeds.

But now the airman, who was honoured by the Queen for his years of distinguished service, has broken his silence and spoken publicly for the first time about his extraordinary experience.

Turner, 64, a former head of air traffic control at RAF Lossiemouth, insists it is "stupid and arrogant" to rule out the existence of extra-terrestrials and is open to the suggestion that he witnessed craft from another world.

But the Ministry of Defence stressed last night there were "realistic explanations" for such reports.

The incident, which has baffled and haunted Turner for decades, took place at RAF Sopley on the south-west coast of England in the summer of 1971.

At the time he was Duty Military Supervisor and had the responsibility of monitoring the skies on radar screens for potential Soviet incursions.

On the day in question, Turner and his 13 colleagues were alarmed by a sudden and unexpected development.

He said: "I can clearly remember people shouting: 'What the hell is that?' I got to a console and people were loudly telling me to look to the east of Salisbury Plain.

"Twenty miles east of the eastern extremity was a series of returns, or radar blips, which were appearing in that position. There were five of them initially. Then six and then seven all following the same track.

"They were tracking south-east, each exactly six to seven miles apart and moving at exactly the same speed. At about 40 miles from the point they appeared on radar, they disappeared, to be followed almost immediately by a replacement at the point of origin.

"The objects were about 3,000ft above ground level when they first appeared and climbed so rapidly that, by the time they disappeared from radar they were in excess of 60,000ft.

"To climb to such a height in only 40 miles was beyond the ability of almost any fighter aircraft at that time."

In a bid to solve the mystery Turner diverted an RAF Canberra jet, which was returning from West Germany, to intercept the intruders.

"When the pilot got within a mile or so of one particular blip, he reported, in a very agitated voice, that his radar had picked up something on his port side that was 'climbing like the clappers'. Neither the pilot nor his navigator made any visual contact with whatever it was."

Within days, Turner was summoned into the Squadron Leader's office and questioned by two men, who wore civilian clothes and were not identified, about the incident.

"I, along with all the others who were in the room on that day, were told in no uncertain terms not to relate what we had seen until cleared to do so."

Turner, who was awarded the MBE in 1984 and retired from the force in 1995, has been assured that there were no training operations, classified or otherwise, going on at the time and there were no weather balloons or probes in the area.

"I have no idea what they were, but I certainly wouldn't rule out the possibility that they were UFOs. There is certainly a chance that we have been visited by extra-terrestrials," he said. "It is terribly arrogant and silly to think that we are alone in the universe."

He feels the time is right to end his silence and has accepted an invitation to be the keynote speaker at an international UFO conference in Pontefract, Yorkshire, next month.

"I have spoken to three ex-Air Force mates, who held senior positions, and they have seen similar things, but did not report them as they felt their personal integrity would be questioned. That is why I kept quiet for so long, but I know what I saw."

Source: The Scotsman


UFO Sightings Connected To Large Hadron Collider Experiment?

More responses to sightings of 'orange lights' UFOs near Louth, UK have been pouring into the Leader – with some wondering if recent UFO activity is connected to the Large Hadron Collider experiment in Geneva.

A man called Anthony from Wales emailed a similar account of what he saw: "I was having a cigarette outside my front door on Saturday at around 9pm and I looked over the roof tops and saw two orange-red glowing lights coming from over the hill where I live.

"I called my wife and daughter to come and have a look, then a third light followed the other two. My wife phoned her father who lives not far away and he saw them too. I then went to get my camera but by the time I got it out the lights just vanished. Not knowing what they were I decided to search the net to see if any one has seen the same as us and I came across your picture which is exactly what we saw.

"We live in a little village in Swansea and after 47 years of looking up at night this is the first UFO I have ever seen."

He added: "Could it be something to do with that experiment they are doing under ground in Geneva letting out pockets of energy or something?"

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator, intended to smash protons together in the hope of learning more about the Big Bang theory. It was turned on to much international press interest last week despite some scientists calling for the experiment to be stopped, in fear it could lead to the formation of mini black holes, which could expand and swallow the Earth.

Rachel Rijsdijk emailing from The Netherlands said she also saw similar orange lights last Saturday: "On Saturday night a week ago I was driving on the highway, past a city called Eindhoven, and I saw three orange round lights high in the sky. They were not moving, but hanging in a triangle form."

Reg Lambert from Rugby emailed to tell us about his own recent experience: "I and three others saw an orange light travelling south-west to north-east over Rugby at about 8pm.

"It was travelling quite fast and was above the height of a few clouds around at an estimated height of 5000ft. A few minutes after disappearing from view it reappeared travelling in the opposite direction."

He added: "There was no flicker or variation, or colour change, and it was in a straight line."

David Hinde from North Yorkshire is adament such sightings are not sky lanterns after witnessing some strange lights in the sky near his home: "I have seen the orange/red spheres in the skies above Speeton, moving in ways no conventional aircraft move - diagonal, vertical and horizontal movements, with no sound and no vapour trails - definitely not sky lanterns."

Theorising on where the UFOs came from, he concluded: "I am personally of the opinion that these objects are not of this world and believe that there is a continued cover up."

Source: Louth Leader


Mutilations: An Interview With Raul Oscar Chaves

Readers of Inexplicata have become familiar over the years with the reports provided by Raul Oscar Chaves, one of Argentina’s most prominent researchers of cattle mutilations and UFO activity. He took time from his busy schedule this week to answer a few questions regarding the current wave of animal mutilations occurring in his country.

What is Ciufoslapampa and how did it come about?

This organization, whose visible heads are Rosa Ester Urban and Raul Oscar Chaves, was created in 2002 immediately following the manifestation of the cattle mutilation phenomenon in Argentina, particularly in La Pampa, playing a role in the research of early cases at the provincial level and in the province of Buenos Aires. The reason for this was the need to know the details of the phenomenon in its various manifestations, that is to say, its implications and even its consequences from the standpoint of research.

Are animal mutilations common in your area?

They were and are customary. Although they have decreased at the present time, having reached their peak in the year 2002, when over 1500 cases of large cattle mutilation were reported. Lesser species were also mutilated, such as rabbits, chickens, cats, dogs, pigs, wild boar, deer, foxes, sheep, etc. Cases are being reported at this time, although the number is not significant in this province, and they involve beef cattle and pigs. There is a certain concern among cattlemen regarding the particular characteristics displayed by the phenomenon this time.

Is there any connection between mutilations and UFOs?

In cases that have been detected since 2002, finding mutilated carcasses invariably followed sightings of strange lights, particularly in rural areas. The emerging theory indicates the intervention of other Intelligences operating over highly specific sectors or areas. Veterinarians and former members of the School of Veterinary Medicine of La Pampa were unable to find answers to the following during their research into the phenomenon:

· The precision and neatness of the incisions, both under cold and hot conditions, after having performed lab tests using electric scalpels and thermocauterizers, without being able to come “even close” to results similar to the ones obtained in mutilations. This was evidence of the use of unknown technologies and procedures, according to experts.
· The nearly total absence of blood in some cases, with the flesh itself being found bloodless.
· The absence of corneas, in certain cases.
· The absence of fetuses or neonates in cases of pregnancy established by palpation and in the final months of gestation, without any deterioration to the birth canal.
· Absence of muscular mass in unopened bodies, with minor incisions (jawline only) attesting to the absence of Longinis Dorsis in a 40 cm tract, with signs of exposure to microwave radiation.
· Preservation of mutilated carcasses for up to 20 days under death conditions occurring within 24 hours.
· Changes in the coloration and consistency of pastureland in areas adjacent to the animal, attesting that even microfauna had been affected, detection of very high temperatures or some type of radiation in the soil, which acquires a notorious compacting and consistency.
· Detection of a crystalline, viscous, gelatinous element on the animal that changed to the liquid state, followed by crystallization and subsequent disappearance, presumably of exogenous or unknown origin and playing a role in the mutilations.
· Detection of a bluish-green pathogen inside various parts of the mutilated bodies, without any origin being established.

It was also established that the flesh of a mutilated animal exposed to the open air was preserved up to some 40 days with evidence of a slight fetid odor, with only some flies present. The work of these experts was highly important despite the absence of results from a rational standpoint and given the lack of adequate technology for research of this nature.

What is the popular opinion about this phenomenon?

Although the most critical and vivid stage is behind us (2002-2003), which left a powerful impression on public opinion, the uncertainty is experienced by rural livestock farmers, especially those who had significant losses (12-15 animals) and are trying to glean more details about the phenomenon’s manifestation in this instance.

Many thanks, Raul. We look forward to more reports on this disturbing phenomenon.

Source: Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy


China's UFO History

It might have been 37 years ago, but Lou Zhongrong still clearly remembers the day he first saw an unidentified flying object - a UFO.

"I witnessed a UFO incident with my own eyes in Hubei Province in 1971," says Lou, who was then serving in the national air force near Laohekou City in Hubei at the time.

While he was watching an outdoor movie, a spiral-shaped shiny object moving in the sky caught his eyes.

"It moved from south to north for about one minute then suddenly disappeared," recalls Lou. "I know planes. The flight profile of the shiny object was definitely not a plane. And it was not an illusion because many of my comrades-in-arms saw it too."

Witnesses in other nearby provinces also reported seeing the same strange phenomenon.

So what was the shiny object? Lou could not figure it out and neither could all the other witnesses and scientists at the time. Most of them let the incident pass, but not Lou. It was the beginning of an obsession leading him to become one of the earliest amateurs in Shanghai devoted to UFO research.

Today, 59-year-old Lou is deputy director of the Shanghai UFO Research Center, and his quest continues to learn the truth.

And he is not alone. Many people the world over are curious about whether humans are the smartest, most advanced creatures in the universe. Or, given the infinite size of the universe, if there are other smarter beings out there.

Many believe not only there are "aliens" but that those beings must be extremely advanced if the objects seen in the sky are anything to go by.

UFOs have been puzzling people worldwide for centuries and China is no exception.

Records thousands of years old refer to "flying carriages," "flame dragons" or "flaming balls." The words appeared in ancient Chinese books such as "Zhuang Zi," a philosophy book on Taoism written in about 300 BC by Chuang-tze "Shan Hai Jing" ("Classic of the Mountains and Seas"), a book on ancient Chinese geography before the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) and "Meng Xi Bi Tan" ("Dream Pool Essays")written by Shen Kuo in the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

However, in spite of such references, modern research into UFO sightings in China did not start in earnest until the late 1970s. When Lou retired from the military and started working at the Shanghai Airplane Institute, he also started his own UFO research. His access to abundant aeronautical information certainly aided his work.

He quickly made friends with other people also interested in UFOs and in 1979 a professor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University organized a group to hold regular seminars for the amateurs to discuss or debate the subject.

That group was the precursor to the Shanghai UFO Research Center. Lou's friend and colleague, Wu Jialu, joined the group on Lou's recommendation and the 66-year-old Wu has served as director of the center since his retirement.

Many people mistake UFO research as a search for aliens like ET of Hollywood fame, but that's not true, says Wu.

"UFO actually refers to a flying phenomenon that cannot be explained in a scientific way yet," says Wu. "It is not necessarily about aliens visiting Earth."

He says that although he also believes there might be creatures as smart as or even smarter than humans in the universe, as Earth is just one planet in the universe, no evidence has ever been found to prove other life exists.

"I can understand people's passion about finding other creatures in the universe, but it is not the goal of our research," says Wu.

Since its foundation, the research center has aimed to find reasonable explanations for various UFO incidents through a scientific approach.

Members keep alert for any reports on UFO sightings in China and try to analyze each phenomenon either individually or in seminars. They exchange ideas either by e-mail or in face-to-face discussion searching for the most reasonable explanation.

Lou says that of all the research in recent years, apart from 5 percent of fake reports, more than 90 percent of the reported UFO incidents can be explained as optical phenomena - light reflecting off a kite or a plane or an aberration in the printing of a photograph, for example.

A UFO sighting in Chongqing in June, for example, has been proven to be a virtual image like a mirage.

Shanghai, however, has quite a UFO track record with four "big incidents" on record in 1987, 1990, 1991 and 1999.

In each case the incidents were witnessed by many people suggesting whatever they saw was flying very high. And in each case the objects flew in patterns not possible for any plane or kite.

Wu witnessed the incident in 1999 which lasted about 10 minutes.

Though their achievements have been recognized by many people and many witnesses of alleged UFOs contact them for help, the research center still struggles financially as UFO research is still out of the mainstream of science in China.

This lack of money means members have to devote part of their salaries to the center. Lack of new members is another problem. At the moment there are only about 30 members and most are over 50 years old.

Wu says he found many young people were interested in UFO phenomenon when he gave lectures at universities, but sadly few choose to get involved in the non-mainstream program.

Lou says the center has successfully invited some well-known astronomers to become members to help boost the professional image of the center, but he agreed the participation of young people would help.

"They are passionate, quick thinking, broad-minded with abundant information channels. They will inject new blood to the research program," says Lou.

Chen Xiaoyu, a 34-year-old bank staffer, is one of the younger members of the center in charge of the primary filter of UFO reports.

"I'm no expert in astronomy or aircraft. Yet my psychology course at college helps the research," says Chen.

According to Chen, a clear and reliable witness report is the fundamental basic for UFO research.

So often witnesses unintentionally provide incorrect information. Take the famous UFO "sighting" at Duxi Forest Farm in Guizhou Province in 1994 for example.

There were various versions from witnesses about how long the phenomenon, ranging from five minutes to 30 minutes. A psychologist on the spot asked every witness to close his or her eyes and review the whole process in their mind and say "stop" when it finished.

The simple test showed that even the longest review process took no more than 20 seconds. The witnesses did not lie but their senses deceived them.

"UFO research is not as simple as solving an astronomy or flying problem. It involves many aspects such as psychology and picture-editing by computer," says Chen. "Anyone can participate in the research from his or her angle."

Shanghai's 'Big Four' UFO events

1. August 27, 1987, 7:55-7:58pm
Witnesses: Thousands of people in Shanghai and Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Taiwan provinces
Shape: Spiral
Color: Silver in center, orange at edge
Brightness: Brighter than stars, not as bright as the moon
Direction: From southwest to southeast
Height: 2,000-10,000 meters

Witness report: According to the witnesses, in the process of its moving from southwest to southeast, the shiny object descended slowly at first and suddenly jumped high and disappeared.

An air force pilot also witnessed the object. He said it did not affect operation of his plane and it flew about 3 to 4 kilometers above the ground and was many times faster than his jet.

Mystery: Its flight path was against the principle of normal dynamics. It flew faster than a plane but slower than a meteor. No man-made rockets can match that speed and shape.

2. October 31, 1990, 5-5:15pm
Witnesses: Thousands of people in Shanghai, mainly in the west and north including Jiading and Songjiang districts.
Shape: "U", "fish" or "shuttle"
Color: White head and orange edge
Brightness: Brighter than stars
Direction: From south to northwest
Height: About 2,000 meters

Witness report: People in different regions reported the shiny object to be different shapes, some saying like a "U," some like a "fish" and some like a "shuttle." Wang Guowei, a teacher in Putuo District, recorded clear video footage of a flying "U" while Baosteel TV Station in Baoshan District recorded witness' words about a flying "fish."

According to the video and witness reports, the object descended slowly then disappeared.

Mystery: "U", "fish" and "shuttle" shapes were witnessed at the same time by people in different regions. It flew at an average speed and maintained the same brightness until it disappeared.

3. March 18, 1991, 6:03-6:28pm
Witnesses: Thousands of people in Shanghai, mainly in the west, and Jiangsu Province.
Shape: "Fish," "shuttle" and column (witness report from the ground)
Color: White head and orange rail
Brightness: As bright as a comet
Direction: From southwest to northeast at first, then from southeast to northwest
Height: About 3,000 meters

Witness report: According to the record of conversation between the control tower of Hongqiao International Airport and crew of Flight 3665 who witnessed the incident, the UFO flew northeast then changed direction, height and speed several times. The UFO was red at first and turned black in the process. The black object split into two parts ?? a round head and a rectangle tail, and merged together again as a red ball before it disappeared.

Mystery: The UFO changed speed and height quickly several times and easily moved forwards and backwards which cannot be done by a plane.

4. December 9, 1999, 4:30-5:05pm
Witnesses: Thousands of people in Shanghai
Shape: "V," transverse "V" or a vertical bar
Color: Orange, or white head and orange tail
Brightness: Brighter than stars
Height: Less than 20,000 meters

Witness report: The UFO flew very slowly for about 10 minutes, at about 4 kilometers per minute, and it also remained still at one point. Some witness with high-power telescope said that they saw the UFO made a right-angle direction change.

Mystery: The object flew at a very low speed and even kept still in the sky which cannot be done by plane.

Recent China UFO incidents

November 30, 1994
Where: Duxi Forest Farm in Guizhou Province
Witnesses saw a strong light in the sky and heard rumbling like a train moving. A 3-kilometer-long stretch of trees were all broken at the same height.

June 26, 1995
Where: Fuxin City in Liaoning Province and four counties in the west of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Twelve witnesses in Fuxin reported a UFO with a nebulous aureole as big as a wash basin moving in the sky. Witnesses in four counties of Guangxi saw a 2-meter-in-diameter UFO in the sky the same day.

October 4, 1995
Where: Northeast of China
Pilots of four airplanes flying in northeastern China saw a white oval UFO at the same location in the sky. Some said that the white UFO turned green later, some said it turned red while others said yellow.

August 25, 1996
Where: Xiamen, Fujian Province
Witnesses saw two cricoid luminatary UFOs appear above them in Xiamen. A sailor took video of the whole incident.

Date: October 8, 1996
Where: Shijiazhuang Airport in Hebei Province
A Boeing 757 airliner was hit by unidentified objects on its way from Beijing to Wuhan in Hebei Province. The plane returned to Beijing and landed safely.

Date: December 23, 1997
Where: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Witnesses saw a dish-like shiny object moving in the sky from Jinan University to the wu shan' (five hills) area for almost an hour before it disappeared.

Date: June 30, 2002
Where: Chongqing
An air force pilot in Chongqing saw an object with yellow lights flying in the same direction beside him at about 10pm. The object kept flying parallel even after he changed direction. Fifteen minutes later all officers and soldiers on the ground saw the whole airport suddenly lit from above. The episode lasted about eight minutes.

Source: Shanghai Daily


Why Ghosts Wear Clothes

Pseudoskeptics and debunkers are usually quick to smirk and scoff at reports that spirits wear clothes. Indeed, it even exceeds the boggle threshold of many who believe in a spirit world.      

 "When the soul leaves the body it is at the first moment quite unclothed as at birth," Julia Ames communicated to William T. Stead, the prominent British journalist and automatist who went down with the Titanic, after her physical death.   "I awoke standing by my dead body, thinking I was still alive and in my ordinary physical frame. It was only when I saw the corpse in the bed that I knew that something had happened.  When the thought of nakedness crosses the spirit there comes the clothing which you need.  The idea with us is creative.  We think, and the thing is.  I do not remember putting on any garments.  There is just the sense of need, and the need is supplied."

Julia went on to say that once the spirit has fully awakened and adapted to the new environment, it has the ability to make itself appear in different ways, e.g., to appear as a child to someone who knew the spirit, when in the flesh, only as a child.  "We have no need to do so for our own purposes, but when a newcomer arrives, or when we have to manifest ourselves to you who are still in the body, then we need to use this thought-creation, and body forth the visual tangible appearances with which you are familiar."

In effect, Julia said what many other spirits have communicated: that they project an image of themselves as they remember having looked in the flesh to the newcomer on that side as well as to the person still in the earthly life so that they are recognized.

Allan Kardec, the pioneering French investigator, asked a spirit if any of them have wings.  "Spirits have not wings," the reply came.  "They do not need them; for, they can, as spirits transport themselves everywhere.  They appear according to the way in which they desire to affect the person to whom they show themselves. Some appear in ordinary costume, others enveloped in draperies; some with wings as attributes of the category of spirits they represent."  However, the spirit added that many spirits are unenlightened and do not really understand the process.   For them, it is more instinctive.

The communicating spirit went on to say that although the spirit has no corporeal infirmity, he might show himself disabled, lame, humpbacked, wounded, or with scars, whatever necessary for the incarnate person to recognize him.   The spirit also said that spirits can make ethereal matter tangible to the touch, if necessary.

A spirit calling himself Johannes communicated through medium Hester Travers-Smith to H. Dennis Bradley.  "Now you ask me about clothes and appearance... Every soul has its own form.  It has formed itself during the earth life, and it comes to us as it makes itself.  We seem to each other to be men and women as you are; and as to our garments, we do wear garments which convey the same impression as yours.  There are merely veils for the mental part, something that gives clothing and appearance to the mental form; but you need not believe that when you pass on you live so differently as you expect.  These garments are not made in the market as yours are; the really proceed largely from the idea of the individual.  They help to demonstrate the mind as yours do."

 Rev. C. Drayton Thomas, a psychical researcher as well as a Wesleyan minister, communicated with his deceased sister Etta through the mediumship of Gladys Osborne Leonard, a renowned trance-voice medium. At one of the sittings, Thomas asked Etta if clothing are simply replicas of those used when on earth or if spirits produce them entirely new. Etta replied:  "In one sense the answer to your question must be ‘both ways.'  Let me use as illustration the fact that on earth an old garment can be unpicked and remade into an apparently new one.  Now, our thought with regard to an object we have appreciated is so strong that it provides the pattern for a duplicate here.  But the actual garment is reproduced by processes unique to this sphere.  Thought plays a very important part in manufacturing here, but ours is not entirely a mental world.  We can make things by other processes than thought, if we choose to do so..."

At a different sitting, Thomas was told that he often visits with deceased relatives when he is sleeping.  His deceased father told him that he could see Drayton's soul leaving the body from his solar plexus during sleep, although at death it would leave from the head. He would watch the soul come out and form a sort of clothing for itself.  "That is because of one's intuitive sense of the need of clothing, the soul naturally seeks to clothe its body (i..e, the spiritual or psychic body)," it was explained.

Communicating through the hand of Elsa Barker, a renowned automatist of the early 20th Century, David Patterson Hatch, a lawyer and judge when "alive," said it is easy to get the clothes one wants after passing.  "I do not know how I became possessed of the garments which I wore on coming out, but when I began to take notice of such things I found myself dressed as usual.  I am not yet sure whether I brought my clothes with me."

Hatch said that after he had been on that side a short time, he encountered a woman dressed in a Greek costume.  He asked her where got it.  "Why, first I made a pattern in my mind, and then the thing became a garment," she replied.   Hatch then decided to see if he could make a Roman toga for himself, "but for the life of me I could not remember what a Roman toga looked like."

Similarly, a spirit once told Dr. Charles Richet, the 1913 Nobel Prize winner in medicine, that he could not materialize and show himself because he could not remember what he looked like when alive.

The same principle of being able to visualize oneself in the flesh seems to apply to psychic photography.  When a mother asked her discarnate son to explain just how he was able to appear on a photograph, he responded:  "I went home and looked at all my pictures, especially the one in the living room, as I like that best of all.  I tried to fix the image of that picture in my mind so that I might be able to impress it upon the ectoplasm."  The boy went on to say that he followed his mother into the room where she was being photographed and while the photographer was preparing to snap the picture he practiced a hit.  "Of course, I could not see myself but felt sure that I was pretty good.  I was all ready but when the camera man flashed a light bulb I did not expect it and I guess my face slipped a little."

A study of the history of spirit photography shows that many spirit photographs were supposedly debunked because the photographs resembled portraits of the person when alive, including the clothing worn in the photographs. It was assumed that the photographer somehow managed to obtain a portrait of the person.  The possibility that the spirits were using their old portraits to remember what they looked like, focusing on the same clothes worn in the portrait, seems not to have been grasped by the debunkers.

The spirit communicating with Father Johannes Greber, a Catholic priest in Germany, during the 1920s, said that "if a disembodied spirit wants to appear to terrestrial eyes in such a guise that it will be taken for its terrestrial being, it must clothes its spirit-form and all the members thereof with a shell of matter, which it produces by means of the condensation of terrestrial od (ectoplasm).  The spirit went on to say that a complete materialization requires so much od that no one medium is capable of supplying it.  "In such cases, therefore, part of the substance of the medium's corporeal body must be dissolved and used for materializing the spirit.  For this reason, in materializations of this nature, a medium surrenders a great part of his physical weight, which is restored to him in full when the materialization has come to an end."    Experiments conducted by Dr. William J. Crawford in Ireland around 1915 fully confirmed the loss of weight with the medium.   This also explains why so many materializations are of just arms or hands or faces.

A sitter at one of the séances of D. D. Home, the renowned medium of yesteryear, asked Home's spirit control how spirits make themselves visible.  "At times we make passes (augment the field of energy) over the individual to cause him to see us; sometimes we make the actual resemblance of our former clothing appear exactly as we were known to you on earth," came the reply.  "Sometimes we project an image that you see; sometimes you see us as we are with a cloudlike aura of light around us.

After dying in the Titanic disaster of 1912, William T. Stead (mentioned above) began communicating through several mediums. He explained that there were souls on his side who had the power of sensing people (mediums) who could be used for communication.  One such soul helped him find mediums and showed him how to make his presence known.  It was explained to him that he had to visualize himself among the people in the flesh and imagine that he was standing there in the flesh with a strong light thrown upon himself.  "Hold the visualization very deliberately and in detail, and keep it fixed upon my mind, that at that moment I was there and they were conscious of it," Stead explained the process.

Stead added that the people at one sitting were able to see only his face because he had seen himself as only a face.  "I imagined the part they would recognize me by."   It was in the same way he was able to get a message through.  He stood by the medium, concentrated his mind on a short sentence, and repeated it with much emphasis and deliberation until he could hear part of it spoken through the medium.

Father Junipero Serra, the early California missionary, is said to have communicated through the medium Violet Parent of Los Angeles during the early 1900s.  At one sitting, Mrs. Parent asked Father Serra if she could photograph him with her cheap box camera.   He consented. Father Serra apparently decided to pose with his mother.  The photo shows his mother as about half his height, or perhaps three-feet tall.  One's first reaction is to dismiss it as a fake, but applying the thought-image explanation to the photo one came make sense out of it.  That is, Father Serra simply projected an image of himself and his mother, fully dressed, of course, as he remembered her, and he saw himself as much taller than his mother. Moreover, his head is much too small relative to his body.  This may be due to the fact that Serra could more easily visualize his garments than his face.    While the photo resembled the only known painting of Father Serra, there were differences.   Since Father Serra lived before photography and probably didn't have many mirrors around the mission, one wonders if he really knew what he looked like.  Perhaps a reflection in the nearest stream gave him his only image of himself.

Many spirit communicators have stated that spirits tend to move from traditional clothing in the lower realms to robes and gown in the higher realms. After transitioning to the spirit world, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson began communicating through the hand of Anthony Borgia.  He told of being able to visit one of the higher realms. "I observed that most of the people waiting in the gardens were not habited in their earth clothes," he communicated, "and I assumed that most of them had been in spirit for some considerable time.  Such was not necessarily the case, Edwin (their guide) told us. They had the right to wear their spirit robes by virtue of the fact that they were inhabitants of this realm we were now in.  And the robes they wore were eminently suited to both the place and the situation.  It is difficult to describe this costume because so much rests in being able to give some comparison with a particular earthly fabric.   Here we have no such materials, but by the kind and degree of light that is the essence of the spirit robe. Those that we now saw were in ‘flowing' form and of full length, and the colours - blue and pink in varying degrees of intensity - seemed to interweave themselves throughout the whole substance of the robes."

Benson went on to say that he and the two other visitors accompanying him were still in their earthly style of raiment.  Edwin suggested that they might change the natural element in the matter of clothes, but Benson and the others wondered how they were to make the change.

"What did take place was very simply this," Benson continued to communicate.  "Immediately I had expressed the wish to follow Edwin's suggestion of discarding my earthly style of clothes, those very clothes faded away - dissolved - and I was attired in my own particular spirit robe - of the same description as those I could see about me."  However, Benson noted that his robe did not have the same brightness or color as Edwin's robe, apparently due to the fact that Edwin was more advanced than he was.    

Source: Gaia Community

Human Skin Capable of Seeing Colors and Shapes

Feeling blue? Well, the saying may be more than just a metaphor, at least that's what a researcher at Tel Aviv University says.

The researcher claims that humans might be able to 'see' colours and shapes with their skin.

Engineering professor Leonid Yaroslavsky hopes that his optic-less imaging model could lead to a new form of optical imaging technology that beats the limitations of today's lens-based imaging devices.

His model may also explain how this controversial primordial instinct, which is observable in some plants and animals, might have evolved over millions of years.

"Some people have claimed that they possess the ability to see with their skin," said Yaroslavsky.

Though biologists usually dismiss the possibility, there is probably a reasonable scientific explanation for 'skin vision.'

He believes that once understood, skin vision could lead to new therapies for helping the blind regain sight and even read.

Yaroslavsky has explained that skin vision in humans is likely a natural atavistic ability involving light-sensitive cells in our skin connected to neuro-machinery in the body and in the brain.

Yaroslavsky is motivated by science and the design of new smart imaging devices, in which optics are replaced by computers.

He is currently developing imaging simulation theories using computer software, theories which may lead to future devices with practical applications.

He said that such devices would have distinct advantages over conventional optics-based imaging.

Applications could include special sensors for detecting radiation at sea and in airports to detect terrorist threats, new night-vision devices, or near-weightless mechanisms to steer spaceships to stars beyond our own galaxy.

Traditional imaging lenses only work within a limited range of electromagnetic radiation. They are still very costly, limited by weight and field of view.

Yaroslavsky said that requiring no lenses, optics-less imaging devices could be adapted to any kind of radiation and any wavelength.

They could essentially work with a "bionic" 360-degree field of view and their imaging capability determined by computer power rather than the laws of light diffraction.

However, before real-world applications can be developed, Yaroslavsky hopes to convince biologists to take a leap of faith and delve deeper into the mechanisms of optics-less vision. He believes that their input could propel imaging research to the next level.

Yaroslavsky presents his theories on the subject in a chapter of a new book titled "Advances in Information Optics and Photonics."

Source: New Kerala


Sea’s Mysteries: M As In Mermaid Or As In Manatee

In 1492, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and lookouts were aloft to search uncharted waters, creatures began to appear that could only have roots in mythology, superstition, and embellishing beliefs that stemmed from ancient mariners as they explored distant shores.

After Columbus sighted land and discovered the new world, he reported three mermaids were sighted on Jan. 4, 1493. “Mermaids rose high out of the sea,” he recorded, “But were not as beautiful as they are represented.”

On June 15, 1608, English captain and navigator Henry Hudson was searching the Arctic Circle for a new route to Asia when he wrote the following entry in his ship’s log.

“This morning, one of our companie looking overboard saw a mermaid, and calling up some of the companie to see her, one more came up, and by that time she was close to the ship’s side, looking earnestly upon the men: a little after, a Sea came and overturned her: From the Navill upward, her backe and breasts were like a woman’s... her body as big as one of us; her skin very white; and long haire hanging down behinde, of colour blacke; in her going down they saw her tayle, which was like the tayle of a Porposse, and speckled like a Macrell.”

During the 1860s Victorian biologist P.H. Grosse proclaimed that with all the experience of Henry Hudson and his veteran crews, there could be no mistaking a walrus or seal for a mermaid and therefore announced there very well might be a previously undiscovered and new zoological species.

In the new millennium, and in the present day, we of course believe that mermaids are fictitious creatures of salty and fertile imaginations... or are they?

When Juan Ponce de Leon discovered the Dry Tortugas in 1513 and later cruised northward into the Ten Thousand Islands and discovered Marco and the Calusa Indians, could he and his crew have sighted a manatee on a moonlit night and believed they saw a mermaid?

With the warm and shallow waters between Fort Myers and Key West a perfect home for manatees, can there be any wonder that the mermen and mermaids of yesteryear might have been reported in our own coastal backyard?

Even today, manatees are linked to the legend of mermaids with the official animal-order name of Sirenia. The song of the siren has been recorded throughout history and even reaches into the heartland of Germany. Near Coblenz where the Rhine river flows through vineyard-covered mountains and castles guard every bend in the watercourse, the Lorelei rock awaits where a centuries-old legend tells the tale of an enchantress who sings a song so sweet she lures river sailors into destruction at the base of the well-known cliffs.

Mentally armed with the folklore and fables of old Europe, the storm-seasoned sailors arriving in the new world were instantly ready to explain away any phenomenon that might have made an appearance. Manatees sighted in daylight hours were repeatedly regarded as mermen; they were muddy, heavy creatures with bristles and whiskers, and a face that only a mother could love. With a moonlit night however, and a lonely sailor on anchor watch, the Florida manatee might have come calling, and left an impression, a story, and a legend of a beautiful mermaid that came out only after nightfall and only during a full moon.

Webster’s dictionary defines the siren as one of three sea nymphs, said to frequent an island near the coast of Italy and to sing with such a sweetness that lured mariners to destruction.

One of the most compelling and unforgettable accounts of mermaid legacy comes from an old story originating in the Outer Hebrides on the island of Benbecula. In 1870, after a severe ocean storm, seaweed cutters on the shore were attracted to a splashing in the nearby waters and found a small mermaid playing in the surf. Several townsfolk tried to capture her but she swam too fast to be ensnared in a net. Just before she submerged for the final time, the town bully threw a rock and hit her on the back of the head. The following day her body washed up and upon close inspection, everyone agreed this was a true mermaid. She had the body of a child with well-developed breasts but below the waist she had scales and a tail like a fish. By order of the town officials she was given a Christian burial as she was considered too human not to.

As sailors have forever been attracted to anomalies in the water, and as any unusual and exotic creatures are always alluring, there can be little doubt that the shallow water habits of our own Florida manatees could tempt mariners onto treacherous sandbars and coral reefs. Whenever the old mariners ran aground and found destruction in a storm, can the mermaids of old have been held to blame?

On almost any occasion, children will ask the most direct and amazing questions, and on rare occasions, parents will have equally incredible answers.

“Are mermaids real?” Five-year-old Mia from England recently asked on a sailing excursion in the Marco River.

“They’re as real as you want them to be,” her mother replied with a soft London accent.

“But mommy, I want them to be real,” Mia insisted.

“The next time we stroll on the beach,” Mommy suggested, “We’ll look for their toenails. Mermaids’ toenails can sometimes be found at the water’s edge.”

“But that’s silly mommy,” Mia was not to be hoodwinked. “Mermaids don’t have toenails. They don’t have feet. They only have a tail like a fish.”

“Oh, but that’s what’s special,” Mommy smiled knowingly. “Mermaids don’t start out as mermaids they start out as little girls, but only little girls that have pink toenail varnish.”

“But mommy,” Mia protested, “I have pink toenail varnish! Can I turn into a mermaid?”

“That can only happen, when little girls with pink toenails stay in the water too long and love the sea too much. When that happens their feet and legs turn into a fish tail and their pink toenails come off and wash up on the beach.”

“Look,” Mommy insisted as she opened her purse, “I found one this morning!”

“Is that really a mermaid toenail?” Mia asked in awe as she gazed at the bright pink seashell in her mother’s hand.

“It is if you want it to be, besides, where would mermaids live if not around Marco Island?”

Source: Naples Daliy News

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