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10/31/08  #493
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This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such Halloween-horror stories as:

- U.S. and Soviet's Studied Paranormal Powers For Cold War Advantage -
- Are Military Bases Haunted? -
- Living In A Haunted House Drew Woman To Ghost Chasing -
- The Biting Dead -
AND: The Haunted Home of Joan Crawford

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Timothy Green Beckley's


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The Mysterious Subterranean Realms of California.

The Mysterious Blast at California’s Port Chicago.

California’s Lake Monsters.

PsiSpies: The History of Remote Viewing.
By Louis Proud

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Amusement Parks:Fodder for Scary Stories

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The John Frum Movement:A South Pacific CargoCult

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2008:The Year of the UFO?

Mary Ann Winkowski:The Original Ghost Whisperer

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U.S. and Soviet's Studied Paranormal Powers For Cold War Advantage

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is well known for pushing the boundaries of science and technology in search of ways to give the U.S. military an edge—robotic pack animals, self-navigating vehicles and plant-based jet fuel, to name a few. Less well known is the agency's Cold War-era investigation into how paranormal phenomena like extrasensory perception might be used by the U.S. to get a leg up on the former Soviet Union and, perhaps more importantly, by the USSR against the United States.

Working with Washington, D.C., think tank RAND Corporation, DARPA determined that paranormal research by the Soviets focused on physical science, engineering and quantifiable results, whereas their U.S. counterparts tended to be psychologists looking instead to explore the human mind. The bottom line, according to a 1973 DARPA-commissioned study entitled "Paranormal Phenomena": "the U.S. has failed to significantly advance our understanding of paranormal phenomena."

As Halloween approaches, the report serves as a reminder of our fascination with paranormal forces (for more on this, visit's "Science of the Occult" in-depth report). The authors were worried that the Soviets might win the race to use the supernatural to its advantage much as they had threatened to win the space race decades earlier when they launched Sputnik. "If paranormal phenomena exist," RAND analysts P. T. Van Dyke and Mario L. Juncosa concluded, "the thrust of Soviet research appears more likely to lead to explanation, control and application than [does] U.S. research."

The authors acknowledge that the study was limited, because it was based on but a sampling of works available at the time. Among them: a decade of abstracts from the parapsychology section of Psychological Abstracts, a print version of the PsycINFO abstract database of psychological literature. They knew even less about Soviet efforts, they admitted, noting that their conclusions on that front were based on a "somewhat impressionistic" sample  and "some not always reliable and frequently imprecise reports of Western visitors to the Soviet Union."

Soviet research on telepathy dates from the early 1920s when a program was established at the Institute for Brain Research at Leningrad State University. The Soviets appear to have been fascinated with telepathy, which they called "biological communication," as a ship-to-shore way of communicating with submarines without using electronic equipment. They also considered training their cosmonauts to develop and use precognitive abilities  to "foresee and to avoid accidents in space."

It seems the Soviets also were quite taken with the possibility of psychokinesis (using mental imagery to move objects) as a way of "disrupting the electrical systems associated with an ICBM's [intercontinental ballistic missile] guidance program."

The Soviets were more inclined than American scientists to believe that paranormal phenomena might be the result of "bioenergetics," or the energy given off by the metabolic processes of living things. This theory stated that people exuded "bioplasma," (a theoretical energy field) that, under certain conditions, was capable of emitting charged coherent radiation beyond the body surface in the form of electrons and possibly protons.

Although the Soviets did not reach a consensus on the existence of bioplasma, RAND concluded, "the very pursuit of this theory indicates that Soviet parapsychologists were attempting to explain alleged paranormal phenomena with a greater degree of specificity than their Western counterparts."

Source: Scientific American


Are Military Bases Haunted?

Military bases appear to be a popular haunt for wandering spirits, with several attracting the attention of ghost hunters seeking evidence of paranormal activity.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) in January checked out reports of unexplained phenomena—mysterious footsteps, voices and apparitions—in three buildings at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio for the Sci Fi Channel show Ghost Hunters. Some base personnel have reported seeing the ghost of a blond-haired boy in building 219; others claim to have spotted the apparition of an elderly woman in building 70.

During the episode, TAPS co-founders Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes spend time in building 70, where they claim to hear footsteps one night in the empty office space after urging any spirits there to present themselves. Derek Kaufman, a public affairs specialist with the 88th Air Base Wing, says that the base was happy to have TAPS check out the reports. He notes that he works in building 70, but so far has not had any ghostly encounters of his own.

Ghost sightings at Wright-Patterson are nothing new. Hospital employees working in building 219—a three-story brick building—in the 1990s reported seeing ghosts  (one they named "Harvey," after a doctor who had worked at the hospital in the 1930s and took his own life there) roam the halls daily, according to an October 1996 article in Wright-Patterson AFB's Skywrighter magazine. Other ghosts include the boy, who appears to be between the ages of eight and 10, as well as older men. Those claiming to have seen the apparitions say they are somewhat transparent but clear enough to distinguish their sex and age. Most of the sightings, according to the article, were on the third floor (where the operating room had been) and in the basement (which at one time housed the morgue).

Colorado Paranormal Investigation (CPI), a Denver-based team of ghost hunters, late last year investigated ghost sightings on F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming using electromagnetic field indicators, digital cameras and tape recorders. CPI investigator Karl Holden requested a visit to the base after reading (in the Fort D. A. Russell edition of the Warren Sentinel) about base personnel sensing the presence of a ghost. CPI's investigation turned up recordings of what they described as "paranormal heavy breathing, whispering and sobbing" in the base's Civil Air Patrol building, according to a report by the base's public affairs department.

The investigators also reported that their camera batteries drained uncharacteristically quickly (which they attributed to spirits drawing energy from the environment) in that building. CPI's investigation of the base's 90th Security Forces Group's Bldg. 34 and Security Forces Investigations building turned up little evidence of the supernatural, although investigators report hearing a book slam against the floor and another flying off a shelf while in the base library. (Alas, neither incident was captured on tape.)

Although not strictly a paranormal encounter, Reuters last week reported on recently revealed information that two U.S. fighter pilots were scrambled at the Royal Air Force base at Manston, Kent in the U.K. in May 1957 with orders to shoot down an unidentified flying object.

No shots were fired, but the mission was kept under wraps until information about it was recently handed over to the National Archives in London, which has tracked numerous reports of UFO encounters over the years. The pilots  said that their radar detected a large object in the sky—like a "flying aircraft carrier"—that at times sat motionless and then took off at a speed they estimated to be more than 7,600 miles per hour, Reuters reports. The documents, however, contain no official explanation for the incident.

Source: Scientific American


A Family’s Tale of Ghostly Mischief And Woe

Cooking dinner, washing dishes, doing laundry: these are just some of the everyday activities a family deals with in their home. Becky Eckle has a family of six to clean up after: her husband Tom, her daughter Samantha, her son Kris, and two ghosts.

The Eckle family has been coping with paranormal activity at their home, on the corner of Urban and South Wells streets in Sistersville, West Virginia, since moving in nearly nine years ago. Becky, a Tyler County native, moved back to the area to be closer to her mother.

“I was born here, I was born in Sistersville,” said Eckle. “I’ve moved around a lot. I lived in North Carolina for a while. I lived in Parkersburg for a while.”

The Eckles bought the house, traced back to the 1870s, from Walker Boyd in 2000. For the first three years in the home, the family got on just fine with no major commotions.

But after the Eckles began some new renovation work, the former inhabitants made their presence known.

“We started remodeling the bedroom,” said Becky. “We had already done the living room, put drywall up, and then we did the bathroom. My daughter and I weren’t here or my son; just my husband was here. He was asleep on the couch and he had made a blowout patch where he had made a hole in the wrong spot to cover it up.

There were little chunks of drywall lying on the floor and Samantha had been playing with them. She stacked them up and they were in the bedroom. When he woke up the next morning, they were thrown at him; they were on him and on the floor beside of him, and nobody else was here.”

From that moment on, the spirits started causing trouble in the Eckle household. Becky’s husband wasn’t the only one to notice the ghosts. Her daughter Samantha also noticed the new entities.

“Some friends were over, then my little girl (asked) us ‘where’s the little boy at that plays with bubby?’ I said what little boy? ‘You know, that little boy that plays with bubby.’ Bo? ‘No, not Bo. You know, that little boy. He plays in bubby’s room and sometimes he plays in your room. He has red hair and a green shirt.’ We all just kind of looked at her; she was probably 3-years-old when she told us that.”

The family believes there are two different spirits: a young boy and an adult male. It’s been difficult for Becky to get solid information on the house and its former inhabitants.

“I traced the house back when I traced the property back...but we don’t know the exact year the house was built,” said Becky. “If I ever get a chance, I’d like to know. We’ve asked people, but there aren’t a whole lot of older people around anymore that still know. We know a Hedelson lived here; I got that from the courthouse.”

The incidents in the Eckle household are your typical ghost incidents: random noises, creaky floors, moving objects, opening and closing doors, etc. The major encounters only seem to occur when major renovations are going on.

“One night we were all laying in bed; Tom’s dad was here helping him work,” said Becky. “All of a sudden seven or eight of my pictures on the wall all came flying off the wall. There’s no way even my cat could have done that. It just looked like somebody spread their arms and went right through the wall and knocked all my pictures off.”

The ghosts not only affect physical objects, but also the very temperature of some of her rooms.

“There’s one room in the house that always stays cold,” said Becky. “Nobody can sleep in there. We have an electric heater we try to put in there and it will warm up some, but it’s not like the rest of the house; it’s very cold.”

While some might scoff at the notion of ghosts and spirits, but not the Eckles; they have the pictures to prove it.

“I have a picture of a ghost my daughter took in this house,” said Becky. “It’s on my cell phone. She was playing around with my cell phone and as far as I know my cell phone does not take black and white pictures. It’s a black and white picture. It was on the wall in the living room; she took a picture of the wall and there it was.”

The picture, taken by Becky Eckle’s cellular phone by her daughter Samantha, appears to capture the image of one of the ghosts plaguing their household. The picture has only been edited to better show the frightening image.

There are many groups with the ability to measure paranormal activity in a home, such as The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.) or the Mid Ohio Valley Ghosthunters. Becky hasn’t had the chance yet, but she would like to consult with someone.

“We had talked about it and we were going to,” said Becky. “Some of my friends, after Samantha took that picture, wanted us to call T.A.P.S. or someone, but I never got to do that yet.”

For now, the Eckles are content to share the home with their phantom friends. Other than an incident here and there, Becky said that ghost activity is now as routine as cleaning the house.

“Sometimes it will still freak you out,” said Becky. “I was cleaning out the lint catcher in the dryer and I thought, at first, it was my shadow I was seeing, but it wasn’t my shadow because it wasn’t moving the same direction I was, and that made me come out of the dryer pretty quick. Other than that, it’s pretty routine. You just learn to deal with it.”

“They don’t seem to be harmful,” added Becky. “Every once in a while I’ve been touched on the shoulder when I’m in the shower. Other than that they don’t seem to be harmful, but everyone is like ‘I can’t believe you live in that house,’ and I’m like ‘well, they lived here first apparently.’”

Source: Tyler Star News


Living In A Haunted House Drew Woman To Ghost Chasing

Though she now chases ghosts for fun, Patty Antol never believed in the paranormal before she moved to a 1950s ranch in Coraopolis in 1992. Even after an antique grandfather's clock that hadn't worked in more than 20 years suddenly started tick-tocking in her new house -- and then stopping dead at precisely 1 a.m. -- ghosts were the last thing on her mind.

"It didn't seem right, but I couldn't put my finger on anything so I just dismissed it," she recalls.

Then things started to go missing. She'd put down a hammer, turn around and it'd be gone. Makeup and mail disappeared. And what about those unearthly voices and whispers? It was starting to test her sanity.

"My husband told me I was watching too many spooky movies and to get over myself," says Mrs. Antol.

Which she tried her best to do, until about a year-and-a-half after moving in. While talking to a friend on the phone in her kitchen one sunny afternoon, she heard someone coming up the stairs from the basement. Turning toward the noise, she saw the image of a very tall man walking toward her, his hands clenched in fists at his side. He came so close that Mrs. Antol could see beads of sweat on his translucent brow and dirt on his white T-shirt. What really frightened her, though, was that when he walked through her, she could feel his anger and torment.

"It was the most intense feeling I ever felt," she recalls. She pauses, remembering how her husband laughed when she told him about it. "I thought maybe I was losing it."

Or was she? A couple of weeks later, her oldest daughter, then 7, was especially grumpy when she got up for school. "Bruce" had kept her up all night, she complained. Mrs Antol assumed she must be talking about one of her stuffed animals. But when pressed for more information, her daughter shook her head.

"No, Mommy," she replied. "It's the guy who comes into my room at night."

"What guy?" Mrs. Antol asked.

"The guy who watches me and plays games with me."

Usually, he just takes the blanket off her bed, she said. But that night, he'd pushed down on her chest "and it hurt."

Asked what he looked like, the little girl described a very tall man in a dirty T-shirt and work pants -- the same man Mrs. Antol had seen.

"Is he real?" Mrs. Antol remembers asking. Her daughter responded quite matter-of-factly, "No, Mommy. He's the ghost who lives here."

Mrs. Antol had never spoken to her children about "her" ghost or the other strange things she had experienced. The only explanation was that her house, which was built in the 1800s on the site of an apple orchard, was indeed haunted.

"I just had this feeling that Bruce was stuck there for whatever reason and meant no harm to us," she says.

Over the next several years, more unusual things occasionally happened in the house, but for the most part, the family just went about their lives. Mrs. Antol, meanwhile, became so interested in paranormal activity that she founded a group,Ghost Chasers of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

But she never told many people about her own ghostly guest.

"We were a little overprotective," says Mrs. Antol, who during this time got divorced, remarried and had a third daughter. "We didn't want to share him."

In 2005, the family sold the house in Coraopolis and moved to a new house in Canonsburg. With Ghost Chasers, meanwhile, she has investigated dozens of other haunted houses. One of her favorites is a farm dating to the early 1800s in Greene County, which she visits a dozen times a year. Along with cold spots, footsteps and electronic voice phenomenon, she's recorded strange videos of dangling lights and shadows on EMF meters and digital thermometers. Her cameras have also captured faces of people in the windows.

Most people who visit the farm refuse to be alone upstairs, she says, and its owner has been touched by unseen hands. Mrs. Antol believes one of the spirits may be a woman named Rachel who lived in the house in the late 1800s.

Mrs. Antol says there's also been paranormal activity at her new home, though of a happier nature. About six months after moving in, the Antols threw a birthday party for their youngest daughter. After everyone had left, the 3-year-old went to sleep in her parents' bed.Sitting in the living room, Mrs. Antol watched as her daughter's favorite Mylar balloon started bouncing across the ceiling and into the hallway. Dropping halfway to the floor, it then floated up the staircase. "Then it turned, mid air, and floated into my bedroom to the side of the bed where she was sleeping," recalls Mrs. Antol, who followed it.

She's pretty sure it was her mother, who died before her daughter was born but with whom the child seems to be connected. After talking about seeing an "angel" in her bedroom, the youngster picked a picture of her grandmother as a teenager out of an old photo album.

"We like to think she's keeping her eye on her kid and grandkids."

It's funny, Mrs. Antol admits. Tell a stranger that you investigate ghosts and they look at you like you're crazy. But almost always, they follow up with a ghost story of their own.

"People might not want to talk about it, but a lot of us have experienced things we can't explain," she says.

Source: Pittsburg Post-Gazette


The Biting Dead

You often hear of ghosts that physically hurt the living, they are often physically aggressive they hit, bite and scratch certain individuals for seemingly no reason at all. These behaviors are fairly common from what I have found out from many others over the years in the paranormal community. Television does not play up the fact that these situations are what many people express as what a real haunting is all about. The real fear of ghost is not just seeing one but afraid of what they can and will do to you.

Being attacked by someone alive is bad enough, but when unseen entities physically harm you in some way the mental state it puts you in is very unnerving. It happens for different reasons with different ghosts and under different circumstances at different locations.

The literature suggests that biting may be a normal developmental phase for infants and toddlers, with virtually no long-lasting developmental significance. Once a child turns 3 years old, however, biting may indicate other behavioral problems, especially if the biting incidents are frequent. Because of the developmental nature of most biting, experts stress that biting is not something to blame on the child, parents, or teachers (Greenman & Stonehouse, 1994). Stress communication skills is usually the answer to why this occurs. And when a ghost does this to a living being then it is apparent that that haunted soul is in such a state.

Just because a ghosts bites you or scratches you does not mean that it is the ghost of a small child state many psychics mediums's and ghost channelers. Aggression; "Behavior Problems" do as we are aware of to date carry over beyond the grave. A ghost will hit you strike you and even sexually molest you. Many often think or believe this is because of the fact that it is the strongest desires of the ghosts and the only way some of them know how to communicate. You must consider that a ghosts is in a stunted Emotional Development and Nonverbal Communication might be the only recourse this particular ghost you come across has to openly contact you. Personally I was kicked in the ass by a ghosts while doing something I should not have.

Six Reasons Ghosts Bite

ATTENTION - a Ghosts of any age sometimes bite to get attention. When real ghosts are in situations where they are not receiving enough positive attention and daily interaction, they often find a way to make others sit up and take notice. Being ignored is not fun. Biting is a quick way to become the center of attention - even if it is negative attention.

IMITATION - Many ghosts do love to imitate others. Watching others and trying to let them know they are around they show their presence to a haunted location. Sometimes as we all do ghosts see others bite and decide to try it out themselves to see if they can effect the living.

TERITORY - Some believe that real ghosts are trying so hard to show possession of a location. "Mine" and "Me do it" are words that come to mind. Learning to do things independently, making choices, and needing control over a situation are part of a haunting. Biting is a powerful way to control others. If you think about it , it is a quick way to get what you want.

FRUSTRATION - You have to realize that a ghost as being what it is experience a lot of frustration. Being Dead is a real struggle. D consider this when they can't find away to make people hear their words to express their feelings, they resort to hitting, pushing, or biting.

STRESS - A real ghost's world can be stressful, too. A lack of daily routine, interesting things to do, or interaction with loved ones or just another human being are stressful situations for the dead. When a person transits to the other side they also experience stressful events of what they see family members going through. Biting is one way to express feelings and relieve tension. It is also a way to show persons that you do not like what they are doing.

Paranormal Sexual Biting - may also be considered a living persons fetish and not associated with ghosts openly. The feeling of actual human teeth during oral sex, luv biting or nipping of fingers, toes( also see: Real Foot Fetish Ghosts - Oh My Haunted Feet), chest, shoulders, neck, inner thighs, ankles, knees, ears, Lips, feet or genitals. There have been over the years many stories of haunted individuals having these things occur to them in the course of paranormal activity they witness and personally experience. Many paranormal Investigators have experienced these biting ghosts on themselves but too few or willing to come forward because of fear of ridicule.

Biting, scratching and kicking is considered an age appropriate behavior and reaction for children 2.5 years and younger. This is why so manny believe the ghosts that bite you to be of this age. Conversely children above this age have verbal skills to explain their needs and dislikes and biting is not age appropriate. Biting may be prevented by methods including redirection, changing the environment and responding to biting by talking about appropriate ways to express anger and frustration. School age children, those older than 2.5 years, who habitually bite may require professional help.

Odaxelagnia is the paraphilia involving the sexual attraction to biting or being bitten.

The strange part of this is a lot of ghost Hunters and researchers dismiss it as paranormal poo poo unless it happens to them personally. Few will tell you but sexually orientated ghosts and spirits are more common then reported on haunted web sites.

Where, And When A Real Ghost Bites You Is A story In Itself

I have often gotten reports of people being bitten by a ghosts in hospitals, private homes, hotels, cemeteries and even Funeral homes. You have to consider he location and why a ghost is biting you for attention. It is more then likely they want your attention.

Perverted or sexually orientated bites in genital or what many consider private areas of their bodies such as inner thighs genital, necks and breast seem to happen more frequent then many will tell you. Embarrassing to the fact that a ghost is biting a male or female is usually equal. But more woman will come forward and say that a real ghost has bitten them on the vagina them men saying a ghost bit their penis. Many have explained to me that the fear is that they do not want to find out that the ghost is a male or female. Which is to say they not only feel violated but are afraid of the ghosts sexual orientation.

Many people are so frightened when a ghost bites them that they will not talk about it. Those that have this happen to them repeatedly are usually the ones that come forward and will tell you they just want it to stop.

One particular Ghost Tour in Texas reports that many of the male guest on the tour or often bitten through their clothes while taking the daily ghost tour. Bit marks on their "Ass Cheeks" and genital region or often spoken of. The tour guide usually tells them it is a ghost of a famous prostitute just to calm their nerves. And tells them it seems she likes you. But to this day the ghosts true identity has never come to light. Male? Female, well who really knows.

I have in my life also spoken to many Ghost Hunters that have related ghosts that nip or mouth male paranormal and female genitals while they investigate a locations. These individuals usually only share these experiences with others in the field. to date I have not come across any writing or books on the subject. but the general conceptions is that these ghosts have sexual biting on their mind and nothing else. Probably these ghosts were sexual predators in life and still are in death.

If you have been bitten by a ghosts please contact Gina Lanier through her web site or by Email:

Source: Haunted America Tours


Witnesses Claim UFO Fleet Landed In Chicoana, Argentina

Strange, deep marks left on three wheat fields. Hundred of witnesses reported the event to the police, but law enforcement gave it little importance.

The marks left on the fields measure nearly one meter deep and are geometrical in shape.

A series of strange geometric marks – circular and rectangular – allegedly left behind by UFOs that landed on three wheat fields in Chicoana: at Quebrada de Tilian, to the south of the community; at Pulares, to the west, and next to the Las Mesitas Camp Ground to the north. They have become the great mystery of this community in Valle de Lerma, 35 kilometers south of the capital.

The prints appear to have been made by the “legs” of enormous structures and were seen at dawn last Thursday, after an evening that to hundreds of witnesses was “unreal” because they were able to see “strange lights dancing” above the fields in question, although “at a given moment, they stopped their nearly-erratic movements and remain suspended at low altitude for a considerable amount of time, after which they took off and vanished over the horizon.” This was the description given by perplexed and astonished Raul Martinez, a local resident from San Cayetano, two miles from the Las Mesitas Campground and of one of the wheat fields that was marked with the peculiar cracks.

“We saw the first lights with my son around 3 a.m. and tried to film them, but curiously, our cellphones stopped working, as though they had no batteries in them. It was a wild succession of flashing colors that died down and appeared to form part of an enormous framework. I saw this phenomenon for five minutes. Later, whatever landed on the field, the source of the flashes, took off and went away at an astonishing speed. Our cellphones worked normally after that,” explained Martinez.

Moreover, students from the Maria Valdivieso Rural School #588 in Villa Fanny, at Quebrada del Tilian, seven kilometers south of Chicoana, also witnessed the phenomenon, which took place at a considerable distance from the northern accessway to the locality. Its characteristics were nearly identical. “We tried to phone the police to report what was happening, but our cellphones wouldn’t work.”

“The spectacle lasted around five minutes and no one could record the images because our cameras weren’t working,” said another student. The next day, they discovered the same geometric shapes in one of the wheat fields.

But that wasn’t all: six kilometers west of Chicoana, in the vicinity of Pulares, locals also claimed having seen a light show that took place during the same span of time and at the same hour. A seal identical to the other two was left behind here. Impressions measuring a meter or more in depth and of equally unexplained origin.

It is interesting to note that the vertexes of the three “affected areas” can form an isosceles triangle, so to speak. At the triangle’s heart can be found the infamous La Candelaria and El Antigal mountains, the scene of three fatal air accidents, all of them caused by unexplained systems failures.

The Villa Fanny shelter school has 100 students. That night, 80 of them were present and all claim having witnessed the luminous phenomenon. Neighbors of the little school say that animals hid when the lights manifested, even though no noise was heard.

Residents of Chicoana as well as numerous tourists pulled up in their cars on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to photograph and look at the strange marks that were left on the wheat field located next to the access road to the town.

Federico Arnaldo Gutierrez, a technician with Nortevision Satelital, a local TV station, was one of the few who crossed the barbed wire fence and inspected the marks. “It’s very odd. The soil looked like something extremely heavy had landed on it. Wheat was flattened but not cut. There were no signs of burning or anything similar, only the geometrical marks.”

Graciela, a biology instructor who also arrived with her camera to take pictures of the figures left behind in the fields, remarked: “This area has a wealth of strange phenomena and UFO sightings. Remember that over the past 15 years three aircraft plummeted from the sky and in all cases, the reasons were the same. Their instruments stopped working, just like what happened to those who saw the colored lights on Thursday morning and tried to photograph them, but couldn’t because their instruments didn’t work.”

Authorities with the Chicoana Sheriff’s Department did not comment. One law enforcement officer, who asked to remain anonymous because “I’m about to issue a personal opinion that shouldn’t be construed as an official story” informed El Tribuno that many remarks “had indeed been received about the situation, but no one wants to make a written complaint. In my opinion, all of these marks are the result of wind and rain.”

However, after consulting the weather bureau, there was no precipitation or strong wind during previous days or on the days that the events occurred. And should this be the case, why were the marks only on three wheat fields and not all of them, which can be found in the hundreds?

José Silva, principal of School 558, whose students witnessed the events, ventured an opinion: “I’ve lived here for ten years and had never seen marks like this. I reject the possibility that they were caused by nature or made by someone. It’s weird, very weird.”

Children living in the shelter also told El Tribuno that those of them with cellphones, and who saw the lights, tried to take pictures and couldn’t. “My aunt,” said Pedro, 13, “lives near the school and has a video device. The same thing happened to her. It didn’t work, as though its batteries had run out.”

Silva adds: “I never saw anything like it. If people are saying that the prints were produced by the lights, let’s be clear about one thing: lights are weightless,” concludes the principal.

The Municipality of Chicoana has announced that specialists will be asked to analyze the strange marks.

“For the time being, we have asked the Salta Volunteer Fire Deaprtment to bring a ladder that will enable us to photograph the mysterious marks from above, since we are unable to make out their shape from the ground, due to a lack of perspective,” said Rafael Romano, secretary of state of the community, to El Tribuno. Romano is the brother of the local intendent.

The official remarked that “with such images, we will be able to aske advice to have experts study them and tell us what the figures that were stamped in three wheat fields are. We have no explanation at all about them.”

Moreover, there was an incessant traffic of curiosity-seekers to this community, located 35 kilometers south of the capital, interested in seeing the indentations, which are reminsicent of the theatrical film “Signs” directed my M. N. Shyamalan, starring Mel Gibson, who plays a farmer who finds very strange geometric designs in his crops, which he later ascertains are the work of alien invaders.

The number of visitors to one of the premises with strange markings (at the entrance to the town) was such that local radio journalist Fernanda Vega of FM Tradicion asked people over the air “not to trespass the fields, as they may damage the crops.”

Nothing else is being talked about in the area, and people are hopeful for an encore of last Thursday’s sightings.

Source: Inexplicata


The Haunted Home of Joan Crawford

By Brad and Sherry Steiger

Few actresses have rivaled Joan Crawford for star glamour and staying power as one of Hollywood's top movie queens. Her stardom spanned an amazing five decades and included such films as Our Dancing Daughters (1928), Rain (1932), Johnny Guitar (1954), and her Academy Award-winning performance in Mildred Pierce (1945).

Joan Crawford epitomized the essence of the Hollywood rags-to-riches story-a poor shopgirl who, in the 1920s, becomes the very embodiment of America's "flaming youth" and then transcends the role of "dancing daughter" to emerge the heroine of America's favorite melodramas.

In 1978, Christina Crawford, Joan's adopted daughter, wrote Mom-mie Dearest and shocked the United States with her heart-wrenching story of what it was really like growing up with one of Hollywood's most famous leading ladies. Mommie Dearest was on the New York Times best-seller list for forty-two weeks and was made into a 1981 film star-ring Faye Dunaway.

In 1989, we heard rumors of haunting manifestations in Joan Craw-ford's former home, and Christina seemed genuinely surprised that we knew about the stories.

"Not many people know that the house I grew up in may be haunted. It is not in print anywhere," she said.

When asked if there were manifestations or hauntings that she could remember as a child living there, Christina recounted the following:

    I have vivid memories of some things, but when you are severely abused, you tend to block out other things. I'm positive that there were manifestations occurring when I was little. I saw them! There were places in the house that were always so cold that nobody ever wanted to go in them.

    As a child, I was always told that I had an active and vivid imagination; I was always scared by things, but people just told me that I just had an "active imagination." Years later, I thought, oh well, maybe that was good to have had an active imagination, and I became a writer because of that.

    But as a child, I saw things in the house! There was, of course, no context or framework in which to put what I saw and felt. I had nobody to speak to about the occurrences.

    Any time I would become extremely frightened and would get out of my bed to try and find somebody, I was always treated as though I were just being a "bad child" that didn't want to go to sleep. I always expressed my fear to my mother because it was she that I went to find to help me ... because I would be very upset and I'd be crying.

    I used to have terrible nightmares and that kind of thing, but a lot of it had to do with the fact that I saw things in the night; so the solution to that finally was just to leave the lights on everywhere. One of the things I saw seemed like an apparition of a child ... or children, but as I said, I may have blotted out a lot.

Christina told us that she had not been back to the house since she was seventeen. "That was when I went to college [in 1956], at which point, Crawford still owned the house."

Christina recalled her last day there:

    I remember the woman who had taken care of me and my two younger sisters since I was four years old just watching me, without saying a word. I was going from room to room in the house, without saying anything, just standing in the middle of each room, then going on to the next one. She finally asked me what I was doing. I told her that I would never see this house again, therefore, I was saying goodbye to it.

    Many years after I had left, we met again. She was now an elderly woman and had retired. We always had been quite close. She told me she had always remembered the look on my face when I said my goodbyes to the house. It seemed a strange thing to do, to say, 'I'll never see this house again,' when at that time there was absolutely no inkling of the house being sold. In fact, it was not sold for another two and a half to three years, and, indeed, I never have been back.

Christina had learned recently that the current owners of the house had called in the Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center to work with the house:

    Rosalyn described what she had seen in the house when she went there. She picked up on some things that astounded me because they seemed to validate what I may have seen and experienced when I was little. It gave me goose bumps when Rosalyn told me that she discovered so many spirits in the house and there had been signs of ritual abuse in one of the rooms. Many of the spirits had "underworld" connections.

    I was sent to boarding school when I was ten years old. I came home infrequently after that. I always believed that I was sent away partly because I was too much the eyes and ears to the world--a witness. I saw too much, I guess.

    Some of the things that I saw that were going on were very violent. Her [Joan Crawford's] relationship with men, a number of men, was extremely violent. I was getting too old, and I was beginning to understand what was going on.

    That house is so weird! Now, evidently, the walls are starting to catch fire! Other people have heard children's cries in the walls! Every single owner has had trouble.

    The first one was Crawford. She built the majority of the house. It was a small cottage when she bought it, but most of the house, she built. She sold it to Donald O'Connor, who sold it to the Anthony Newleys. They sold it, I think, to the current owner, who is a friend of the Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere, and they asked her to "work" on the house.

    Every single family that has lived in that house has had horrible things happen . . . illnesses, alcoholism, addictions, relationship problems, and now, evidently with the current owner, the walls are breaking out in flames! I've heard that in particular it's the wall that was behind Crawford's bed.

Although the scene is in her book, Mommie Dearest, Christina re-minded us that the last words that Joan Crawford uttered were to a woman who was kneeling at the foot of her bed, praying for her.

"As she was dying," Christina said, "Crawford opened her eyes and said directly to the woman, 'Don't you dare ask God to help me!' ... and then she died." It was such arrogance, Christina said, that she believes is a major part of the difficulty with the seemingly accursed house.

And that has nothing to do with me! So it would not surprise me in the least if the "haunting" spirit that is in the house is Crawford! She was capable of real evil. If you have never experienced that "look" from another human being, it is almost impossible to believe that such an experience could even exist! I think perhaps that's why so many people are unwilling to deal with the shadow side because they can't really get themselves to believe that such a dimension exists.

My brother and I were absolutely terrified of her. In fact, there is a passage in Mommie Dearest that describes ('the look" on her face) when she tried to kill me when I was thirteen. We all saw "that look." My brother and I talked about it extensively ... it was not of an ordinary human being!

Later, we were able to contact the Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center, who kindly agreed to share her thoughts on the manifestations in Joan Crawford's former home.

    "It is true that the house was afflicted with spontaneous fires, primarily in the wall behind where Joan Crawford's bed used to be. However, I did not pick up that Joan Crawford's ghost was there."

The Reverend Bruyere expressed her opinion that the house had been poisoned in some way before Crawford had moved into the place but that the evil in the house had added to Joan's neuroses. The actress had apparently built onto a pre-existing cottage in a very chaotic man-ner.

    "Nothing is where it should be," Rosalyn commented. "She added dining rooms and hallways that led to other dining rooms. It all combines to form an H-shaped house. Turn a corner and you're lost."

The noted healer, who in this case served as an exorcist to clear the home, said that she found the haunting existing in levels.

    "It was a place of conspicuous negativity. I called it an 'Astral Central,' a gathering of spirits that were attracted to the negative vibrations. People had been tied up and tortured in that house. I picked up on gangland figures, corrupt politicians. There is an area in the house where a child [not Christina] had been tortured and molested. Terrible things went on in that house."

The Reverend felt that ghosts themselves were trying to burn the house down.

    "Once the Beverly Hills Fire Department spent four days there attempting to solve the mystery of the spontaneous fires that would break out on the walls," she said. "I feel the spirits were trying to burn the house down to protect some horrible secret. There is something hidden there. I am certain that there are bodies buried in that basement."

She said that there had only been one recurrence in the house after she had exorcised and cleared it. "The house had become an astral dumping ground, but it seems clean now."

When we [Brad and Sherry] visited the former Crawford home in the early 1990s, the current owners graciously allowed us to enter to film a segment for an HBO special on haunted Hollywood. The couple told us that they had experienced some mysterious pyrotechnic phenomena and had witnessed quite a number of apparitions of quite a wide variety of entities in various parts of the home. The couple said that the small cottage next to the swimming pool very often seemed to be center of haunting phenomena.

We kept in touch with the couple for quite some time. It was not long after we had filmed in the Crawford home that they decided to move. We have no comment from them whether or not it was because of any haunting phenomena.

It would seem over the past decade that the once haunted mansion of Joan Crawford has found peace, for we have heard of no further ghostly activity occurring in the home.

Source: Alien Seeker News

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