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This week, Conspiracy Journal brings you such jaw-dropping stories as:

- America’s Forgotten Freedoms -
-The UFO and JFK Assassination Link -
- Argentina: Bizarre Entity in Colonia Elia (Prov. of Entre Rios) -
- Monster of the Mountains -
AND: UFOs, Aliens and Ghosts Are Believed in More than God

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 What do Satanism, human trafficking, mind control experiments and child sex abuse have to do with the U.S. government? According to the testimony of experts and survivors, the CIA utilized all of these elements and more for their Top Secret Project Monarch, part of the MK-ULTRA mind control program. For reasons of National Security, dozens if not hundreds of people, many of them children, were allegedly subjected to unimaginable rape, torture, and bloody satanic rituals, with the aim of fracturing the human mind through trauma. This created multiple personalities that could then be programmed to perform specific tasks . . . Many of the purported victims say they were used to satisfy the sexual urges of the rich and powerful, even U.S. presidents. . . For these purposes, the CIA is said to have sought help from intergenerational cults, as well as child pornography and snuff film networks. As thousands of people were bought and sold on the underground sex market, our government supposedly looked the other way, seeing it not as an atrocity, but as an opportunity.

"I nearly jumped out of my seat when I first read this book. I was never convinced of the stories surrounding the sex slave allegations that people like Cathy O'Brien have been making. But now we hear from Mark Phillips, Cathy O'Brien, Ted Gunderson, Noreen Gosch and Palela Freyd who tend to support these claims. Plus there is additional added material on the Mind Control programs like MK Ultra by Commander X and Nick Redfern to really make this volume a must read for ALL conspiracy buffs." --Tim Beckley , Publisher, Conspiracy Journal.

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America’s Oldest Mystery: Rhode island’s Newport Tower - Newport, RI, has long been famous as the summer playground for the fabulously wealthy. But nestled amongst the luxurious mansions and the private yachts is a mysterious stone tower whose history has baffled historians for centuries. It is believed to be the oldest stone structure in America, though no  one can say precisely when it was built.
Was there a Golden Age? Historical Proof for the Garden of Eden -
Almost all of the ancient cultures of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have myths which speak of an earlier time when life was easier and humans lived in harmony with nature and each other.  Most historians believe that these myths are little more than fairy tales, perhaps the result of our need to idealize the past. However, there is now evidence that suggests that these myths may contain a kernel of historical truth, a kind of distant folk memory of an actual historical era.
The Higgs Boson and the Large Hadron Collider: Seeking the God Particle - Tucked away in a sleepy Swiss  village lies the Center for Nuclear Experimentation and Research, the site of the recently completed Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest particle collider and perhaps the most complex machine ever built. The principle goal of the LHC is to reveal the so-called god particle: the Higgs Boson, which is about 120 times more massive than a proton, and gives mass to all other particles as they emerge from the primordial quantum field.

The Parapsychology Revolution: An Interview with Dr. Robert Schoch -
A geologist and paleontologist by profession, Dr. Schoch has studied some of the greatest ancient monuments around the world including the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx,and the underwater structures near Yonaguni Island, Japan. He has also written several bestselling books, including his most recent, The Parapsychology Revolution.

Coming soon to your favorite bookstore or magazine stand.


America’s Forgotten Freedoms

A survey by the First Amendment Center in the US has reached the shocking conclusion that most American citizens don’t know the five basic freedoms enshrined in the constitution.

The study found that no more than 3% of Americans remember “petition” among the First Amendment’s five basic freedoms.

However, freedom of speech was remembered by the majority of respondents - 56%.

The others freedoms enshrined in the constitution appeared to have made little impression: freedom of religion was named by 15%; the same percentage remembered press freedom as a constitutional right while just 14% knew they had a right to assembly.

The number of respondents who remembered freedom of speech was the lowest in the history of the survey, conducted each year for the past eleven years.

What makes this year’s results more shocking is that 4 out of 10 people questioned could not name any freedom at all.

Whatever freedoms the constitution of the country may guarantee, it does not matter much since these rights are neither remembered nor needed as such.

The findings indicate that modern Americans do not think along the same lines as the Founders of the U.S.

Nowadays, it would seem, many Americans do not consider their basic rights and freedoms inalienable and are ready to delegate them to state or federal officials.

More than two centuries ago it did not take long for the Founders of the United States of America to realize the necessity of preserving individual freedoms in a system of individual states with a strong federal governmental centre.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

In 1791, just four years after the declaration in 1787 of the American Constitution, the states adopted the First Amendment together with the Bill of Rights to guarantee that the strong federal government would not trample on basic individual rights and freedoms.

Moreover, there are rights totally forgotten by the American society, meaning most Americans are not familiar with the freedoms guaranteed by the American Constitution.

Freedom of speech and religion are among the first but liberties introduced to the American Constitution by the Bill of Rights. Traditionally, most of the questioned Americans recalled them. But regarding freedom of the press, freedom to assemble and to petition - these seem to be lost in oblivion.

The annual State of the First Amendment survey, held by the First Amendment Center (, questions adult Americans on their attitude towards the rights spelled out in the First Amendment. This year it found the following:

• 39% would extend to subscription cable and satellite television the government’s current authority to regulate content on over-the-air broadcast television.

• 54% would continue IRS regulations that bar religious leaders from openly endorsing political candidates from the pulpit without endangering the tax-exempt status of their organizations.

• 66% say the government should be able to require television broadcasters to offer an equal allotment of time to conservative and liberal broadcasters; 62% would apply that same requirement to newspapers, which never have had content regulated by the government.

• 38% would permit government to require broadcasters to report a specified amount of “positive news” in return for licenses to operate.

• 31% would not permit musicians to sing songs with lyrics that others might find offensive.

• 68% favor government restrictions on campaign contributions by private companies, and 55% favor such limits on amounts individuals can contribute to someone else’s campaign.

Thus, a large number of Americans concede that in specific cases the federal government can be involved or even control individual freedoms.

The most shocking conclusion of the survey was that most of Americans could not name the five basic freedoms enshrined in the constitution.

Source: Russia Today


The UFO and JFK Assassination Link

A conspiracy is a secret agreement among a group of people attempting to conceal something. The two biggest conspiracies in our lifetimes, if true, are the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the cover-up of the presence of extraterrestrial beings on earth.

Kenn Thomas, author of a book titled MAURY ISLAND UFO: THE CRISMAN CONSPIRACY, points out a remarkable string of coincidences that may actually tie the two conspiracies together. According to Thomas, a man named Fred Crisman played a central role in these seemingly unrelated events.

On June 21, 1947, an airplane pilot named Kenneth Arnold spotted what he described as "flying saucers" over Mt. Rainier in the State of Washington, launching the modern UFO era. The term "flying saucer" soon became part of the UFO lexicon. There were many UFO sightings later in 1947, including the famous Roswell crash incident.

Four people, including Harold Dahl and his son, witnessed the event from a salvage boat in a nearby bay. They reported seeing six doughnut-shaped craft, approximately 20 feet in diameter, hovering high above. Five of the craft formed a circle surrounding a craft in the middle that was wobbling badly. The seemingly damaged craft suddenly dropped down about 700 feet, then spewed two substances -- one was a paper-like metal that floated in the bay and the other was a hot, steaming, black sludge that rained down, striking Dahl's son and killing his dog.

Dahl reported these events to Fred Crisman, a man he believed to have some connections in the intelligence community.

Crisman subsequently went to Maury Island to investigate the incident. He found a great deal of both materials on the shore and recovered some for himself.

Soon thereafter, Crisman shared his experience with Ray Palmer, a magazine publisher, who then hired Kenneth Arnold (the original pilot) to investigate further.

Three days later, Arnold had more sightings, culminating with a woman recovering some unusual material in the same vicinity, who then turned the material over to FBI agent Guy Banister.

Capt. Lee Davidson and Lt. Frank Brown, Air Force investigators under the command of Gen. Nathan Twining, soon joined Arnold in retrieving debris on Maury Island. Ultimately, Crisman was compelled to turn over his samples to the two Air Force investigators.

Classified documents, recently discovered under the freedom of information act, also indicate that Crisman turned additional samples he had held back over to CIA agent Clay Shaw.

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

Many people believe it was part of a larger conspiracy, far beyond a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald.

In his 1968 investigation of the assassination, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison claimed that Guy Banister and Claw Shaw were involved in the plot to kill JFK, and that Fred Crisman may have been one of the gunmen.

Some interesting coincidences occurred between the JFK assassination and the 1947 UFO cover-up.

In 1943-1952, Guy Banister was FBI "Special Agent in Charge" in the Pacific Northwest, later transferred to Chicago. Upon retirement he opened a private investigative office in New Orleans where he occasionally hired Lee Harvey Oswald in a variety of capacities.

In 1963, former CIA agent Clay Shaw was the director of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans, a CIA front organization. He later went to trial as one of the co-conspirators in JFK's death but was found not guilty by a jury. Key evidence linking Shaw to the assassination was not permitted by the trial judge.

According to many JFK assassination researchers, Fred Crisman was one of the three so-called "hobos" who were picked up in the railroad yard immediately following the JFK shooting, then released shortly thereafter.

The world is full of strange coincidences and possible conspiracies in high places.

In September of 1964, the Warren Commission Report declared that Kennedy was killed by a lone-gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Fifteen years later, the House Selection Committee on Assassinations concluded that Kennedy "was probably killed as the result of a conspiracy" but "was unable to identify the other gunmen or the extent of the conspiracy."

Based on the information detailed in CROSSFIRE by Jim Marrs and FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE by Robert D. Morrow, it seems likely that the conspiracy involved organized crime.

Carlos Marcello was the mob boss of New Orleans. In the spring of 1961, the new U.S. Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, had Marcello handcuffed and put onto a plane to Guatemala City with no luggage and very little cash.

Marcello was eventually flown back to the USA by his personal pilot David Ferrie, vowing to get even with the Kennedys.

Allegedly, Marcello and Ferrie devised a plan that included placing blame on a "nut" for the assassination of the President, Robert Kennedy's brother. Ferrie had been Lee Harvey Oswald's Civil Air Patrol leader.

The thrust of the plan was to make it look as though Fidel Castro was behind the killing of the American President, thereby inciting the U.S. government to attack Cuba, eliminating Castro who had forced the mob casinos in Havana to close.

Santos Trafficante, the south Florida mob boss, was a close associate of Marcello who had been in the casino business in Cuba and even jailed by Castro for a period of time.

Mobsters Johnny Roselli of Miami and Sam Giancana of Chicago were also involved.

Trafficante set up two men who thought they were working for the CIA to assassinate Castro and had them sent to Cuba. Through Roselli, Castro was tipped off that the CIA was sending these two men to kill him. The two men were then captured in Cuba and forced to reveal they were CIA operatives.

On September 7, 1963, Castro told associated press reporters he was being targeted for assassination by U.S. government leaders who "could find their own lives in jeopardy."

During this entire period, Lee Harvey Oswald was being manipulated by associates of Ferrie in New Orleans to appear to be a pro-Castro wacko.

The trap had been set. A patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald, had been created to shift the blame to Castro. Plus, Castro had recently made statements to the press that he was being targeted by the Kennedy Administration, further fanning the flames. Thus, when JFK was killed, Castro, through Oswald, would be targeted for invasion by the USA whereupon the mob would get their Cuban casinos back and get the Justice Department (headed by Robert Kennedy) off their backs.

When JFK was assassinated in Dallas several things went awry.

Oswald was to have been killed in the confusion but managed to escape. He was later killed by Jack Ruby to silence him and close the case.

The FBI and the CIA both wanted the case closed as quickly as possible to avoid embarrassing entanglements.

The new President, Lyndon Johnson, wanted it closed quickly to avoid a possible catastrophic confrontation with Cuba and their cold war ally, the USSR.

Thus, the lone gunman nutcase became the quick official remedy.

Jack Ruby, the Dallas mob connection, was the key lynchpin to the conspiracy. He made more long distance phone calls to known mobsters (Trafficante, Marcello, etc.) during the two months prior to the assassination than he had made the entire previous year.

Roselli met with Ruby twice just prior to the assassination.

When the Dallas police chief was answering questions at a press conference shortly after Oswald was arrested, Ruby (from the back of the room) loudly corrected him (captured on audio and video) as to which Cuba freedom organization Oswald had belonged. It was imperative that Oswald be portrayed as Pro-Castro, thereby placing ultimate blame on Castro as being behind the assassination.

Ruby then killed Oswald to end any further investigation.

Scheduled to testify before Congress, Roselli was found dead in an oil drum floating in Biscayne Bay.

Giancana had helped JFK get elected President, later to be subjected to Robert Kennedy's organized crime taskforce. The evening before Giancana was to testify before a senate committee on CIA-mob assassination plots, he was shot in the back of the head.

A few days before David Ferrie was scheduled to meet with the New Orleans district attorney to discuss the JFK assassination, he was found dead (unsolved murder) in his apartment.

Less than 12 hours later, Eladio del Valle, a known Ferrie collaborator, was brutally murdered in Miami.

Dead men tell no tales.

A coincidence is the occurrence of supposedly unrelated events that seem to have a connection. When you have dozens of coincidences all relating to the same event, the concept of everything being unrelated no longer passes the smell test.

Dead skunk in the middle of the road.

And it stinks to high heaven.

Quote for the Day -- "I'll call myself a conspiracy theorist if you call yourself a coincidence theorist." John Judge (Coalition on Political Assassinations)

Source: Area Wide News


Police Helicopter Narrowly Avoids Collision With UFO

A police helicopter flying over Birmingham narrowly avoided tragedy when it nearly collided with a UFO, a report has claimed.

The pilot managed to swerve out of the mystery aircraft’s way while he was on a routine police surveillance task over the city centre earlier this year.

The helicopter was also carrying two police observers during the journey at around 9.50pm on May 2.

All three reported seeing an aircraft with two continuous blue/green lights – but were unable to identify what it was. The extraordinary incident is detailed in a document compiled by experts from the Airprox Board, which records near misses and reports them to the military and air traffic control units.

The report stated: “The front observer saw unidentified lights flying around their aircraft. The pilot established visual contact, as he manoeuvred the aircraft to avoid a collision and to identify the light source.”

The object was less than 100m away and flew around them. The pilot told the Airprox Board he thought the intent may either have been sinister or just someone messing around.

It was initially believed that the object was a radio controlled aircraft and that it was purposefully flown around the helicopter.

The report stated: “He (the pilot) believes the lights may have come from a radio controlled fixed wing aircraft, the lights being to assist with night flying.”

Despite searching the area with a thermal camera, the pilot was unable to find any signs of radio-controlled model activity.

And the British Model Flying Association ruled out the possibility, saying the mystery object was flying too high to be a miniature craft.

Leading expert Nick Pope, who previously worked for the Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk and is nicknamed the British Fox Mulder, told the Birmingham Mail today: “A helicopter was nearly blown out of the sky.

“This is a very disturbing incident which needs to be thoroughly investigated by the MoD and the Civil Aviation Authority as well as other near misses.

“The conclusion on the report is unsatisfactory especially when this aircraft came within seconds of a collision. It is a very interesting case especially when you look at the eyewitnesses. They are credible and reliable sources who have experience in night time flying.”

“This sighting clearly illustrates that whatever one believes about UFOs, this incident raises important air safety issues and should be taken seriously.”

Source: Birmingham Mail


The Roswell Liars

The crash of the extraterrestrial to Earth in 1947 is likely a true event, a fact of history. But like all history, it is clouded with fiction. And the story-telling and mistruths are not always told by those who are covering up the alien reality. In fact, the greatest lies about the Incident are told by those who believe that it really was an ET crash.

Why do people hoax their involvement in Roswell? What makes some seem compelled to insert themselves in the event? Who are the Roswell Liars?

Man has pondered the stars -and whether they are inhabited- since he first gazed the skies. To wonder if there are others in the Universe is perhaps the most fundamental question. It has been asked by all people throughout all ages. By its very nature, such a question evokes deep emotion and opinion. It invites speculation. This "not knowing" is a source of perpetual frustration. Man sends out flying telescopes and manned spaceships to find out. He sets up vast arrays to hear ET. He makes movies about it. That there are Others is our greatest hope. The ultimate question - Is anyone out there?- plays off of our greatest fear. No one wants to be alone.

It is then understandable that there will be those who will use this "yearning for ET" to their advantage. Quenching that yearning will bring out both the sincere and the insincere. Out will come those who are motivated by truth and those who will trick for personal gain.

We have all faked something in our lives. We do so when we cannot offer truth. And there are many who have faked their association with Roswell and its aftermath. This includes people from all walks of life. Station and position in the world has little to do with the desire or ability to fake. Some very intelligent and very prominent people have done so. Those who lie about their Roswell knowledge or involvement have included military officials, intelligence agents and even men of science.

People hoax many things- from literary works to clinical test results. Precisely why they do this is difficult to ascertain. One explanation does not explain the reason for all hoaxes. But personal gain or elevation-without regard for others- is always at the center of such hoaxes.

Money is often a motivator. Before he passed, my grandfather told me that the best advice that he could give me was to always "follow the money." He said that when you do that, the truth will become evident. Some hoaxes are boldly created just for money. Ray Santilli's financier of the hoaxed "Alien Autopsy" film (Volker Speilberg of Austria) privately confessed that though Roswell was likely true, he cared only about making money from it - and doing so at anyone's expense. Santilli himself, not content with all the money that he had made from the film, later even released a tongue-in-cheek "tell all" movie in the UK on the "making of the hoax" for further personal profit.

Lack of self-worth is another reason for devising such hoaxes. Lt. Col. Philip Corso (who dreamt up his "Day After Roswell" book from imagination) was one such person. He was a man who didn't quite make it. Despite over two decades of service as an Army Officer, Corso was always near to the decision-makers, but never himself a decision-maker. He was photographed with prominent men, but was not one of them. Always around the action, Corso wanted to claim some action of his own later in life. He inserted himself in history. He finally made his mark on it by crafting his story at a time when those he mentioned as also Roswell-involved has passed. Bob Lazar was another example of someone who had great -but unrealized- potential. Dreaming that he was an engineer working on the crashed Roswell craft at Area 51 reflected a young man who wanted to be recognized for great scientific achievement. His early years making rocket cars did not bring him that recognition. But Roswell rockets would.

Pranks for the sheer sake of it is yet another reason people hoax Roswell. We all knew a class clown. Someone who enjoyed having fun by making fun of others. People prank others because they can. They like to take advantage of those who are vulnerable to such a thing. They insinuate their "power" over others in a way that is meaningful only to themselves. They receive enjoyment from deceit because they have nothing real to give. John Lear Jr. is such a person. The rebellious son of an overachieving father, the Junior's achievements were far surpassed by those of the Senior, the inventor of the Lear Jet. John Lear Jr. did not need the money nor the notoriety to tell his Roswell tall tales. He just wanted more fun in his advancing years. An adventurous type, Mr. Lear spun tales of adventure about underground alien bases at Dulce, NM for years. Though he no longer flew CIA missions over the jungles, he could still take flight by spinning stories about aerial discs and Roswell.

Embellishment is still another cause for Roswell lies. Those who may have had a fleeting exposure to the events surrounding the crash sometimes enlarge their roles. Though they may have had some genuine Roswell connection, they feel the need to make their part in it greater than it actually was. They do not themselves know the "whole story." But they know the "core story" to be true, based on their limited personal experience or through what they knew from others who were more involved. So these individuals "build" on their Roswell tales to help "make the case" and to satisfy those who question them by providing needed answers. Roswell "luminaries" such as Frankie Rowe and Glenn Dennis likely fall into this category.

Official disinformation, some say, is used by Intelligence Agents who are sanctioned to "confuse the truth"about Roswell. They maintain that these agents are purposely authorized by their superiors to spread "wild tales" about the event and its aftermath in an effort to make Roswell sound ridiculous. But I do not think this is the case at all. Disinformation is not always used to cover up what is known. Sometimes it is used to "smoke out" what is not known.

Recent discussions with a "minor member" of the notorious "Aviary" reveal that this is precisely the case with original Roswell investigator William "Bill" Moore. Mr. Moore was very active in 1980 in uncovering details about the crash, authoring the first book on the subject. During the course of his investigation, he befriended many scientists and military officers associated with such places as Kirkland AFB and nearby Sandia Labs. Some were intrigued by his investigation. Moore even developed amateurish codenames (using species of birds) as a way to identify these scientists and officers without using their actual names.

During a conversation with Dr. Henry Monteith, a retired 20-year physicist with Sandia, I learned much about this. Dr. Monteith explained that in 1980 a man named Rick Doty, a Special Agent with AFOSI at Kirkland, had begun soliciting people's opinions at the base and at Sandia about Moore's claims about Roswell. Monteith did not trust Doty. He did not think that Doty really "knew" anything himself, but that he was merely trying to find out the truth from others. It seemed as though Doty would do anything to learn the truth, including making up stories to get the real story. Doty's interest was genuine, but his personal knowlege, nil. So he continued with Moore to assemble others to learn what they might know about the Roswell matter.

Over the years, people that Monteith knew began to make speculations and theories about the matter, repeating rumor and unconfirmed stories. These people included other physicists at Sandia such as Robert Collins (who together with Doty wrote "Exempt from Disclosure" a couple of years ago) and others outside of Sandia such as Hal Putoff, Kit Green and John Alexander. What became clear in talking to Monteith is this- each "Aviary" member was "smoking out" the other for the truth that they did not themselves possess! Despite their lofty positions in science and military, these people gave fall to the same vulnerabilities that we all do. They played off of each other with their own gullibility, paranoia and distrust. Moore and Doty tried to "fuel" this circle of scientists and officers and "trick" them into revealing more. But it is a "more" that they did not have. Ultimately, the "Aviary" wound up only reflecting and feeding off of itself with each person's personal interests and "takes" on Roswell. They "spun" it in their own ways and applied it to their own future purposes. None really knew the truth, but each wanted to see if any of the others did. Kind of like a poker game. Who has the best hand?

The common denominator found in all hoaxers is a lack of respect for their victims. Hoaxing about Roswell -whatever the motivation- only serves to cast doubt, derision and confusion on the matter. Hoaxes cheat us of reality.

Like the spirits that must be discerned and the false prophets that must be called out- the Witnesses to Roswell must be tested for their truth. And for every person who speaks the truth, there will always be one who does not.

Source: The UFO Reality/Anthony Bragalia


Argentina: Bizarre Entity in Colonia Elia (Prov. of Entre Rios)

Very early in the morning on October 8, a team from Vision Ovni headed for the locality of Colonia Elia in the Province of Entre Rios to research the manifestations of a strange creature that appears in small holds and fields, slaying farm animals as well as calves and sheep. This was the information presented to us by the national media, which had taken an interest in the story. It was thanks to this interest that we became aware of the case.

Once we had reached the site, 260 kilometers distant along Route 14, we entered Colonia Elia through a dirt road in search of the witnesses. As always, we employed an old but sure-fire strategy to get information. We stopped a man who was riding along on horseback, and he quickly indicated the location of the Restayno family home. This was the family that had witnessed the events involving the unusual creature.

The witnesses warmly welcomed us: they showed us evidence of the mutilations, which was among the reasons for our trip, and quickly told us the details of the occurrences.
A Summary of the Restayno Family's Experiences

Manifestations of this entity began a year ago, around September 15, when they found a dead chicken beside the granary, displaying strange marks, and a large print on the ground. The family's boys – Matias and Gabriel – fully knowledgeable about the animals that wander the fields, could not recognize the type of marks left on the chicken's breast and much less identify the footprint found near the dead animal. In an effort to glean further evidence, they found tear marks, made as if by claws, in the back of the henhouse. The following night, early in the morning, the heard noises that prompted them to go outside to see what was happening. Matias, 16, was startled when he saw a bizarre figure scurry away among the vegetation at the back of the house; he described this figure as large (standing at least 1.70 meters) and swift in its getaway.  Upon inspecting the henhouse, they found a dead chicken with a large rip in it chest.

From that moment on, the family's boys would not have a normal life again, as each night turned into an episode of chase and attempted capture of this creature, which turned the family's life into a strange adventure. According to a family member, the "critter", as they've dubbed it, seems more frightened than them. Whenever the possibility of an encounter exists, the reaction is always the same: flight.

All manner of snares have been laid out to trap this creature: otter traps, cages (lent by a neighbor who cares for endangered animals), and they even prepared a trap using old bedding elastic [...]. The creature was captured in each of these, but managed to free itself. The otter trap, however, inflicted serious injury, given that blood traces remained on the trap and on a nearby stone. These samples were taken for analytical purposes.

Manifestations have been constant. The witness see fleeting shadows and the entity's claw-prints, such as the ones it left on a tree, as though it had used the wood to sharpen them, or its footsteps, which are easily seen because the boys, in their urge to secure evidence, began spreading ashes and rice powder around the hen houses.

The best was yet to come, and it would happen inside the house at three o'clock in the morning. Matias heard a noise behind the kitchen but within his home. This experience allowed Matias to clearly see the entity that had been engaged in the chicken mutilations.  We managed to obtain an oral picture of the creature. We showed him a series of figures from our files, and he identified one of them as very similar, and based on that, he outlined the description of what confronted him that night.

He seized his carbine (.22 caliber) and quickly headed to the front of the house. When he drew the curtain of the room that houses his mother's pantry and the cheese-making churns, he found the "critter" on top of the freezer, clearly intending to grab the churn. Matias's immediate reaction was to fire, which he did four times without wounding it. The anima jumped through a window, spilling chicken entrails throughout the room.

Source: Inexplicata


LAIR OF THE BEASTS: Monster of the Mountains

Just recently, Britain’s Center for Fortean Zoology—the world’s only full-time group dedicated to investigating unknown animals such as the Loch Ness Monster and the Chupacabras—dispatched a team of personnel to the wilds of the Caucasus Mountains, in search of one of the most intriguing and perplexing of all strange beasts: the Almasty.
Arguably the cousin of the North American Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, the Almasty is a bulky, hair-covered wild-animal that is said to roam some of the more remote areas of Russia, the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains of Central Asia, and the Altai Mountains of Southern Mongolia.
For some monster-hunters, the Almasty is nothing more than a large, unidentified ape. For others, however, it is seen as possibly being the last remaining pocket of Neanderthal man – which mainstream science boldly asserts became extinct thousands of years ago.
And although scientists are content to simply scoff at tales of the Almasty, the fact is that apparent sightings of the beast are longstanding—and, in many cases, are highly credible, too.
For example, in 1430, Hans Schiltberger recorded the details of his own encounters with these monstrous, hairy creatures in a journal that detailed his trip to Mongolia as a prisoner of the Mongol, Khan.
Then there is the story of Zana, said to have been a female Almasty who allegedly lived in the isolated mountain village of T'khina, fifty miles from Sukhumi in the Caucasus Mountains. Captured in the mountains in 1850, she was at first aggressive towards her captors; but very soon became domesticated and was supposedly even able to assist with simple household chores.
Bringing matters more up-to-date is a reported encounter with a male Almasty in 1941, shortly after the German invasion of what was then the USSR. According to the story, a creature somewhat similar to Zana was found—yet again—in the Caucasus Mountains; this time by a detachment of the Red Army under the control of a Lt. Col. Vargen Karapetyan.
According to Karapetyan, the beast was very human-like, but was covered in fine, dark hair. Interrogation revealed the creature’s apparent inability to speak; and, somewhat incredibly, it is said to have been shot as a suspected German spy.
In a nutshell, that is a concise history of the Almasty. But, I hear you ask: what of the present day findings of the Center for Fortean Zoology?
Led by Richard Freeman – formerly a head-keeper at England’s Twycross Zoo – the team has returned with a wealth of intriguing witness testimony. Not only that: Freeman and a colleague, Adam Davies, may very well have almost come face-to-face with the mighty creature.
As Davies explains: “There was a case we investigated of an Almasty seen at a barn in the mountains, which happened to be the scene of a triple-murder. You could hear the jackals howling, and it was spooky. In 2005, a couple of shepherds had been sleeping in the barn. One had come outside, and there was an Almasty going for their food. It didn't attack the shepherd, but physically moved him from one place to another.”
He continues: “On the first night when I was doing the stake-out, one of the Russians, Anatoly, claimed to have heard an Almasty calling; but I didn't hear that. But on the second night, me and Richard heard movement across the front of the barn, and we saw a large shape. You can imagine the adrenalin rush: we both rushed out, but the thing had gone. So, I can't say I saw an Almasty; and it's important to stress that. But there was a lot of interest and evidence around that barn.”
Davies adds: “We also spoke with a direct eye-witness, a guy called Tahir, who had seen an Almasty in 2005. His sheep were being disturbed, and he had seen this large Almasty watching him. So, we got a lot of good eye-witnesses of that sort. Interestingly, many of them described the Almasty as having this conical-shaped head, rather like the Yeti.”
But it is not just witness testimony that Freeman’s team has brought back with them from Russia: samples of what may well be Almasty hair—and possibly even finger-bones—were recovered and are presently undergoing expert, scientific analysis.
Hopefully, we should not have long to wait for the results. And, as Jonathan Downes, Director of the Center for Fortean Zoology, said earlier this week:
“I am happy to be able to announce that the long awaited Russian expedition book is practically completed. Richard and I did all that we had to do for the interior of the book this weekend, and it should be available from Amazon within the next two weeks.”
Perhaps, finally, we shall have some firm answers as to the real nature of the hairy monster that, for centuries, and possibly even for thousands of years, has made its home in the Caucasus Mountains.


UFOs, Aliens and Ghosts Are Believed in More than God

Believers in UFOs, aliens and ghosts outnumber those who follow mainstream religions, a survey has found.

While 54 per cent of people believe in God, 58 per cent believe in the supernatural.

Researchers found women were more likely to believe in the supernatural than men, and were more likely to visit a medium.

Nearly a quarter of the 3,000 questioned by researchers claimed they had an encounter with the paranormal.

Some 37 per cent said aliens and ghosts were the basis of their belief system.

The study, to mark the DVD release of X Files: I Want to Believe, conflicts with another report that showed 68.5 per cent of the general UK population described themselves as believers .

Files released in October revealed cases of passenger jets nearly colliding with UFOs and reports of alien abduction which have been logged by the Ministry of Defence.

The 19 files, disclosed by the National Archives which date from 1986 to 1992, show the extensive records of strange sightings by members of the public and unexplained radar images from air traffic control.

In the files, the military admitted the sighting in April 1991 could not be explained, having ruled out a British or American missile.

It concluded: "In the absence of any clear evidence which could be used to identify the object, it is our intention to treat this sighting like that of any other Unidentified Flying Object."

Source: The Telegraph

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