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1/16/09  #504
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What's the matter bucko, tired of those flying saucer people pestering you every day with their tales of woe and Armageddon? Are you scared of the government and their corporate cronies looking for new ways to spy on you and take away your personal rights and freedoms? Are you sick to death of those pesky Men-In-Black harassing you because of those unwanted contacts with those flying saucer folks and government agents? Well cheer up, because once again, like a bolt of awareness and enlightenment from the sky, Conspiracy Journal is here to uncover all those dirty little secrets that THEY are trying to hide! So sit back and relax and enjoy another thought-provoking issue of the number one e-mail newsletter of conspiracies, UFOs the paranormal and more.

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such eyebrow-raising stories as:
- Research Claims Earth Facing Ice Age -
- Man Dreams of Creating Flying Saucer -
- Monsters of the Dark Waters - Giant Eels on the Loose -
- Unexplained Sounds -
AND: UFO "Sceptic" Spots Nine UFOs

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

~ And Now, On With The Show! ~

Does A Secret World Exist Beneath Our Feet?



Is There A Golden Paradise Inside Our Earth?

Who Pilots The Ships We Call UFOs?

Are They Here To Harm Or Help Us?

Are the Residents Of This Subterranean World Angels or Devils?

Quietly -- without public fanfare -- scientists search for the entrance to the inner earth. Such a discovery could possibly improve all our lives. . . as well as provide an endless source for fossil fuel.

It could be that mankind may not be alone on this planet. Scripture actually speaks of a paradise inside the earth inhabited by giant plants, mythological creatures and even highly advanced human-like beings. Further, UFOs do exist, but only some of them come from outer space. And the ones that do come here from other planets may not be entirely friendly. We may have to learn to protect ourselves from their ungodly influences and desires.

The author, William L. Blessing is a full gospel minister who wants to share vital information with you! Based on Scripture, Rev. Blessing is convinced that there are "three heavens that belong to the earth. The Apostle Paul tells us that he was 'caught up to the third heaven' and while in the heaven he 'heard unspeakable word which is not lawful for a man to utter.'" Blessing states that this area of "darkness" is inhabited by a very evil people. Beyond the darkness is the moon and then the asteroid or planetoid ring of inhabited places -- inhabited by the outer space people. Beyond this first heaven is a vaporous ring in which they are great quantities of ice."

According to Blessing, "The Bible teaches us that there are people dwelling in the inside of the earth. For want to a better name I shall call them Inner Earth People. I would estimate the population of the inner earth to be ten billion, or about five times more than those of us who live on the surface.

"There are 200,000,000 pilots in the flying saucer corps in the inner earth. The name of their commander in chief is Apollyon, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath is his name Apollyon."

Blessing states: "They will soon, very soon, invade the surface of the earth. In fact, I believe that the invasion has already begun by an advance reconnaissance force that is flying out and over the surface, mapping the land areas and strategic places where they will strike in their all-out invasion!"

About the Author
Rev Wm Blessing is one of the few in the ministry to accept the reality of UFOs and subsurface beings. This large formatted book, weighing over two pounds, is crammed with never before released data on a subject that has been neglected by the media and not even whispered about by our cleric, even though Rev Blessing says it is a specific part of the Holy Scripture. Not only does Blessing draw upon Biblical reference, but also from world headlines, personal experience and the words of others not prone to elaboration.



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In This Incredible Issue:


America’s Oldest Mystery: Rhode island’s Newport Tower - Newport, RI, has long been famous as the summer playground for the fabulously wealthy. But nestled amongst the luxurious mansions and the private yachts is a mysterious stone tower whose history has baffled historians for centuries. It is believed to be the oldest stone structure in America, though no  one can say precisely when it was built.
Was there a Golden Age? Historical Proof for the Garden of Eden -
Almost all of the ancient cultures of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have myths which speak of an earlier time when life was easier and humans lived in harmony with nature and each other.  Most historians believe that these myths are little more than fairy tales, perhaps the result of our need to idealize the past. However, there is now evidence that suggests that these myths may contain a kernel of historical truth, a kind of distant folk memory of an actual historical era.
The Higgs Boson and the Large Hadron Collider: Seeking the God Particle - Tucked away in a sleepy Swiss  village lies the Center for Nuclear Experimentation and Research, the site of the recently completed Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest particle collider and perhaps the most complex machine ever built. The principle goal of the LHC is to reveal the so-called god particle: the Higgs Boson, which is about 120 times more massive than a proton, and gives mass to all other particles as they emerge from the primordial quantum field.

The Parapsychology Revolution: An Interview with Dr. Robert Schoch -
A geologist and paleontologist by profession, Dr. Schoch has studied some of the greatest ancient monuments around the world including the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx,and the underwater structures near Yonaguni Island, Japan. He has also written several bestselling books, including his most recent, The Parapsychology Revolution.

Find it at your favorite bookstore or magazine stand.


Research Claims Earth Facing Ice Age

Scientists are now making an alarming claim that the earth is on the brink of entering another Ice Age that could last the next 100,000 years.

They believe a 12,000-year warming period is currently winding down.

They say ice cores, ocean sediment cores, the geologic record, and studies of ancient plant and animal populations all demonstrate a regular cyclic pattern of Ice Age patterns, separated by intervening warm interglacials, each lasting about 12,000 years.

Experts point out that most of the long-term climate data collected from various sources also shows a strong correlation with the three astronomical cycles which are together known as the Milankovich cycles.

The three Milankovich cycles include the tilt of the earth, the shape of the earth’s orbit, and the Precession of the Equinoxes, which gradually rotates the direction of the earth’s axis over a period of 26,000 years.

The Milankovich theory of Ice Age causation claims that these three astronomical cycles work together to produce the cycle of cold Ice Age maximums and warm interglacials.

Since the late 1970s, the Milankovich theory has been recognized as the predominant theory to account for Ice Age causation among climate scientists.

However, during the 1970s the famous American astronomer Carl Sagan and other scientists began promoting the theory that ‘greenhouse gasses’ such as carbon dioxide, or CO2, produced by human industries could lead to catastrophic global warming.

Now global warming is accepted as fact by most of the academic establishment, and scientists are encouraging governments to make pivotal changes to prevent its theoretical effects.

The main evidence cited in support of the global warming theory is the famous ‘hockey stick’ graph presented by Al Gore in his 2006 film “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The ‘hockey stick’ graph shows an acute upward spike in global temperatures that began during the 1970s and continued through the winter of 2006 and 2007.

Yet, this warming trend was interrupted when the winter of 2007 and 2008 delivered the deepest snow cover to the Northern Hemisphere since 1966 and the coldest temperatures since 2001.

Some experts believe the current Northern Hemisphere winter of 2008 and 2009 will probably equal or surpass the previous winter in both snow depth and cold temperatures.

A few researchers claim global warming is flawed because it focuses on evidence from the past one thousand years, while ignoring the evidence from the past million years.

However, some believe the data from paleoclimatology provides an alternative and more credible explanation for the recent global temperature spike, based on the natural cycle of Ice Age maximums and interglacials.

The British journal “Nature” published the results of data derived from glacial ice cores collected at the Russia ’s Vostok station in Antarctica during the 1990s.

The graph of the Vostok ice core data shows that the Ice Age maximums and the warm interglacials occur within a regular cyclic pattern.

The Vostok data graph also shows that changes in global CO2 levels lag behind global temperature changes by about eight hundred years, which means global temperatures precede or cause global CO2 changes, and not the reverse as claimed by global warming.

In other words, increasing atmospheric CO2 is not causing global temperature to rise; instead the natural cyclic increase in global temperature is causing global CO2 to rise.

Some say the release of CO2 by the warming oceans lags behind the changes in the earth’s temperature.

So global CO2 levels could continue to rise for another eight hundred years after the end of the earth’s current Interglacial warm period. Scientists believe we will be eight hundred years into the coming Ice Age before global CO2 levels begin to drop in response to the increased chilling of the world’s oceans.

The Vostok ice core data graph reveals that global CO2 levels regularly rose and fell in a direct response to the natural cycle of Ice Age minimums and maximums during the past four hundred and twenty thousand years. Within that natural cycle, about every 110,000 years global temperatures, followed by global CO2 levels, have peaked at approximately the same levels that they are at today.

Source: Redorbit


Methane "Plumes" Suggests Life On Mars

The tantalising prospect of finding life on Mars comes a step closer today with reports that Nasa has found tell-tale plumes of methane gas in the planet's atmosphere.

The discovery provides the strongest hint yet that alien microbes could be thriving deep below the planet's red, dusty surface.

At a conference later today Nasa scientists will stress there is still no direct evidence of extra terrestrial life - and that methane can also be produced by volcanic activity.

However no active volcanoes have ever been spotted on the Red Planet. On Earth 90 per cent of the methane in the atmosphere comes from living organisms.

The latest Nasa findings are expected to confirm studies by Europe's Mars Express probe, which reported signs of methane in 2004.

The level of activity was believed to equal the amount of the gas released at some of the most methane-rich locations on Earth.

Brad Bebout, a Nasa microbiologist, said if methane is present in the atmosphere of Mars then something must be producing it on the planet now. This is because the gas is broken down by sunlight within 300 years.

Most methane on Earth is created by primitive microbes, although some is produced by reactions between water and hot, carbon-bearing rocks.

It has not yet been established if either of these are the cause for the methane on Mars.

But British scientist Professor Colin Pillinger, who masterminded the unsuccessful Beagle 2 mission to Mars in 2003, said he believed the gas pointed to the existence of life on the planet.

'Methane is a product of biology. For methane to be in Mars' atmosphere, there has to be a replenishable source,' he told The Sun.

'The most obvious source of methane is organisms. So if you find methane in an atmosphere, you can suspect there is life. It's not proof, but it makes it worth a much closer look.'

Water is seen as a pre-requisite for life on Mars, and Nasa has sent orbiters and probes to the surface to find evidence of the liquid.

There was success in July last year when their Phoenix Mars Lander dug up a soil sample which gave off water vapour.

'We've now finally touched it and tasted it,' William Boynton of the University of Arizona said afterwards.

'From my standpoint, it tastes very fine.'

Then in November, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter detected vast glaciers, up to a mile thick and tens of miles long, in the Hellas Basin region of the planet.

Lead researcher Dr Holt said: 'Altogether, these glaciers almost certainly represent the largest reservoir of water ice on Mars that is not in the polar caps.'

So, is there life on Mars?

Source: The Daily Mail (UK)


Man Dreams of Creating Flying Saucer

The Macomb County, Michigan moon man stood next to his forlorn flying saucer, which sat perched on milk crates in a weedy patch along Interstate 94. He railed against corporate conspirators and misinformed scientists.

According to the moon man, a nefarious cabal has blocked him from laying his hands on the necessary money to complete his perpetual flying machine -- a machine he says, that could reach Mars in a mere two weeks.

"Bankers promise calls they never return," said Alfie Carrington, who when not working in his laboratory makes ends meet as a part-time construction worker. "The governor's office told my mother no. And these so called scientific experts who have never seen it, say it won't work."

And so the earthbound saucer sits north of 14 Mile, smothered in a blanket of bird-dung and snow.

"I say 'Is saucer aircraft technology in somebody's college?' " he asked. "There's no MIT for this. There's no Berkeley for this. They say 'Where did you get your saucer information from.' Nowhere. Because the saucer information is in here."

And with that, he knowingly tapped his temple with his forefinger.

Carrington, 59, is one of those Michiganians with an obscure, beautiful mind who, in the dark recesses of his pole barn, tinkers with gadgetry or studies science or listens to Mahler into the late evening. But once this man leaves the orbit of his own private universe, he appears to the general public as a little more than a nut job, a loon, a man likely to find his end at the bottom of an unmarked grave.

Carrington said he accepts disdain as the price of genius. And although he has no formal scientific training, Carrington does hold an associate's degree in psychology.

"People think I'm nuts," he said.

He claims he's spent 30 years and $60,000 of his own money building the flying saucer, which he insists will replace the automobile and render the combustion engine and gasoline irrelevant.

Unfortunately, Carrington ran out of money before he could build his motor and hasn't been invited to this year's North American International Auto Show.

To make a tall tale short, Carrington fell on hard times. His mother's feet swelled with diabetes, and she moved into his home. Construction jobs dried up. The saucer prototype fell into disrepair and was evicted from its hangar.

Carrington grew forlorn and found solace in yoga, fried chicken and cold beer.

But now, Carrington believes his saucer may indeed take flight, what with Washington prepared to hand-out $1.5 trillion in stimulus and bailout money.

"Everybody else has got their hand out," said Carrington. "Wall Street, Chrysler, even Larry Flynt. I'm the only one that's got a plan. All I need is about $250,000. We could have it up and flying in nine months."

Inspired by "Star Trek" episodes and science fiction novelist H.G. Wells, the simplest explanation of Carrington's flying saucer goes something like this: Measuring 14-feet in diameter and constructed of carbon fiber, the craft would have two discs that rotate in opposite directions. The discs would be fitted with electro-magnetic technology and would connect to a coil mounted in the interior of the discs, which in turn would send electrical power to batteries.

This, according to Carrington, would create a continuous, perpetual power source. Steering would come by benefit of air ducts running through the craft that could be opened or closed for desired propulsional direction.

"This is the answer to Detroit's problems," Carrington said. "Think of it as something like a flying car. It would have space capabilities too, but when I mention that, people treat me like I'm crazy."

Listen to the man for 10 minutes and you too may start to become convinced. His pitch is so convincing in fact, that NASA warmly received him at a symposium 15 years ago only to grow cold when they realized he knew nothing about computers.

Richard E. Wirz is an assistant professor at UCLA and formerly a senior engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who specializes in spacecraft integration and developed the world's first miniature noble gas ion thruster. He says Carrington's flyer-saucer has about as much chance of getting airborne as a dead elephant.

"Using electro-magnetic energy to power his craft is like saying I'm using tires to power my car," says Wirz.

"The power has to come from somewhere. He's talking about using batteries, but the size of batteries he needs would be so large, he wouldn't be able to get the craft off the ground. Did you see the 'Iron Man' movie? If he had a little reactor like that, then that might do the trick."

But Wirz said the Moon Man should be supported not scorned.

"Don't discourage the guy," the professor said.

"One of his 100 ideas might actually be helpful. What would you have him do? Sit around watching reruns of 'Seinfeld?' We'd be better off with more men like him."

Source: The Detroit News


Monsters of the Dark Waters - Giant Eels on the Loose

As is the case with practically every investigator of the unknown, I am sure, occasionally I am on the receiving end of stories, tales and accounts that sound great, but where the person relating the data insists on either complete or partial anonymity.
Of course, such tales can be very interesting indeed; but, equally, they can be extremely frustrating, too. Primarily, this is because at the end of the day, without hard evidence that the person really is who they claim to be, very little can be done with the story in terms of investigating it and/or validating it, aside from keeping it on file, and hoping that by making it public – as I’m doing now – it may encourage others to come forward.
And the strange story that follows is a classic example.
It comes from a man who claims to be a retired British police constable, who has personal knowledge of a story of truly monstrous proportions, and which focuses on dark goings-on after sunset in the British city of Birmingham in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
For what it’s worth, here’s the tale.
According to the man, who identified himself only by the surname of Sykes, while serving in the British Police Force (service that, he said, began in 1977 and ended in 1988), he heard two tales from colleagues of giant eels seen in the winding canals that run through the city of Birmingham – both of which occurred, he thought, around 1979 or 1980.
In both cases, the witnesses had reported seeing very large creatures – the first, amazingly, around twenty feet in length, and both “very dark” in color. Needless to say, if the physical details described in the first encounter were not exaggerations on the part of the witness, then it was without shadow of a doubt, a definitive monster.
Notably, Sykes said that although he was not the investigating officer in either case, he recalled that around the same time that the eels were seen, there had been a spate of mysterious disappearances of pet-rabbits in the area. And while some of Sykes’ colleagues had attributed this to the work of sadists and nutcases, there had been brief talk at the station that “it was the eels’ doing.”
And there was one other, and very ominous, story that Sykes recalled and related to me as I listened intently. At the height of the rabbit-disappearances and the two eel encounters, someone had contacted the Police Station Sykes was working at, with a remarkable tale.
“It was a local lad, in his twenties; I remember that much,” said Sykes. “He hadn’t been long married and had just bought a house around here.”
According to the story-teller, the man had quickly phoned the police after hearing a huge commotion in his small back-yard in the early hours of one particular morning.
The wooden fence at the foot of the yard had been partially smashed down; a large area of grass had been flattened; and something had broken into his rabbit-hutch, utterly destroying it in the process. Needless to say, by the time the man got downstairs and into the yard, there was no sign of the unknown intruder – and, unfortunately, there was no sign of the rabbits, either.
Continuing his tale, Sykes wondered out loud if the eels, hungry for food, had elected to stealthily leave the confines of the canal and had, under the protective cover of overwhelming darkness, slithered around the yards of the nearby homes in search of a tasty rabbit or several.
Well, it was as good a theory as any, I thought. And, it was pretty disturbing too, to think that such beasts might secretly be on the loose in a sprawling, industrialized city like Birmingham, and mercilessly prowling the area by night.
As far as Sykes knew, this particularly weird and unsettling incident was never resolved. No more sightings surfaced, and a rigorous search of the canal failed to find anything conclusive at all.
And that, in essence, was the tale.
Without doubt, it’s one that is fascinating, outrageous, and bizarre in equal measures. And taking into consideration the amount of time that has gone by since the events allegedly occurred, it’s unfortunately difficult to prove anything with any high degree of certainty.
That is, unless anyone reading this knows more…

Source: Nick Redfern - Mania


Unexplained Sounds

Mysterious booms, annoyingly persistent hums, and underground mechanical rumblings that defy explanation.

Mystery Booms

    * In January, 1999, a loud boom at 12:15 a.m. disturbed the residents of Colorado Springs and Denver. Some witnesses said the noise was accompanied by a flash of light in the sky. There was no electrical storm. Although it could have been a sonic boom, the military denied any military activity in the area.
    * On January 10, 1999, dozens of people in Fairfield, Ohio reported a stunning, explosive sound. No cause was ever discovered.
    * Thousands of homes were rattled by two huge, mysterious booms 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles just before 10 p.m. in May of 1998. Residents described the sounds as explosions, earthquake noises, and thuds. The two booms occurred about five minutes apart.
    * Two very loud skyquakes startled hundreds of people on the beaches of Ocean City, Md. on July 30, 1998. No planes were in sight, and the sounds seemed to be coming from some miles offshore.
    * A mysterious boom reverberated through Narragansett Bay, R.I. on August 1, 1998 at 9:30 p.m. Investigating officials could not find the source of the noise.
    * On Sept. 16, 1997, the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was rocked by a boom that shook the ground and registered 1.1 on the Richter scale. Readings from ground-monitoring equipment showed that the energy did not come from the air, ruling out a sonic boom.
    * On December 17, 1997, a huge aerial blast rattled windows and blew open storm doors in Rogersville, Mo., a town 13 miles east of Springfield. Again, the Air Force denied the possibility of a sonic boom caused by one of its aircraft.

These are just a few recent examples of a fairly common phenomenon - loud, earth-shaking booms with no apparent cause. They are often labeled as mystery booms, sky booms, or skyquakes, and although there could be quite prosaic explanations for the explosive sounds - sonic booms, small earthquakes, even exploding meteors -- investigations always come up short for conclusive explanations.

The Taos Hum
The Taos Hum is a faint, low-frequency humming noise heard in and near the town of Taos, New Mexico. Not only is the hum's source a mystery, but its peculiar qualities are as well: only about 2 percent of Taos residents - about 1,400 people - can hear it. The low hum - between 30 and 80 Hz on the frequency scale - has been described by hearers as sounding like a diesel engine idling in the distance or having a slow beat-note sound. Some people perceive it as being louder indoors than outdoors. More mysterious still, some hearers who are bothered by the sound have tried earplugs and other acoustic quieting devices to block it out - to no effect. Investigations by scientists, including some from the prestigious Sandia National Laboratories, have failed to find a source or even a plausible explanation for the phenomenon. One theory is that the source is the U.S. Navy's ELF (extra-low frequency) communications system that is used to communicate with its submarine fleet. The Navy, of course, accepts no such responsibility.

Taos isn't the only town afflicted with an annoying hum. According to The Taos Hum Homepage, "Nearly every state in the U.S. has at least one 'hum hearer' report, including Alaska and Hawaii. The largest number of reports come from the southwestern U.S., the Pacific Northwest, and southeastern states. Worldwide, the hum has caused such problems in the U.K. and Sweden that hum-hearer support groups have formed there. There are hum-hearer reports from Italy and from Mexico." The Bristol Hum is the most widely reported hum in the U.K.

A long list of hum reports from around the U.S. can be read here, and you can even add your own to the list.

Underground Mechanical Sounds
An article by Greg Long for Northwest Mysteries [link no longer works] reports on strange sounds seemingly coming from underground in the south-central region of the state of Washington. Those who have heard the mysterious machine-like sounds, including loggers, liken the noise to "several large turbines" starting up and running, or a "loaded truck pulling up a long hill and never reaching the top." The article also examines similar noises reported in England, Italy, Colorado, Texas, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, California, and other states. Among these accounts are what sounded like underground drilling and construction work, motor-like sounds, or generators. Explanations? Long wonders if the noises can be attributed to seismic activity and speculates on the correlation with sightings of UFOs sometimes reported in the same areas.

The Sounds of Hell?
And speaking of weird underground sounds... have scientists actually recorded the sounds of people suffering in Hell? This sound file comes from Art Bell's Web site which was submitted by one of his listeners in response to following story, allegedly quoting a scientist as excerpted from Ammenusastia, a Finnish newspaper. It seems the researchers had drilled a nine-mile-deep hole and were astonished at what they heard down there:

"As a communist I don't believe in heaven or the Bible, but as a scientist I now believe in hell," said Dr. Azzacove. "Needless to say we were shocked to make such a discovery. But we know what we saw and we know what we heard. And we are absolutely convinced that we drilled through the gates of hell!" Dr. Azzacove continued, "...the drill suddenly began to rotate wildly, indicating that we had reached a large empty pocket or cavern. Temperature sensors showed a dramatic increase in heat to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. We lowered a microphone, designed to detect the sounds of plate movements down the shaft. But instead of plate movements we heard a human voice screaming in pain! At first we thought the sound was coming from our own equipment. But when we made adjustments our worst suspicions were confirmed. The screams weren't those of a single human, they were the screams of millions of humans!"



Luminous Feline Creature Seen in Northern Venezuela

Shortly after midnight on October 18, 2008, 5 people witnessed the movement of a large and strange luminous creature over the waters of El Supí Beach on Venezuela's Paraguaná Peninsula, located in the vicinity of the town that bears the same name in the coastal state of Falcón in Northwestern Venezuela.

"There was no moon that night, and it was all very dark," remembers Larry Gonzales, who said the events took place while he, his older brother, and other friends lit a bonfire on the edges of the aforementioned Beach, outside a house they had rented for the weekend.

"We reached the house late. One group stayed inside tidying things up while we took out some chairs and began lighting a fire. At that time, none of us had had anything to eat or drink, because we had just reached the site."

According to the witness, the being, which stood at approximately two or 3 meters tall, was brilliant white and transparent like a hologram. It ran swiftly over the water's surface, coasting the shore some 60 meters away.

Larry Gonzalez, his brother, and three other friends were spellbound by what they were seeing. However, one of them tried to cast light with a flashlight, but the brightness of the light caused the being to become a less visible. “Furthermore, it moved very quickly. for that reason we were unable to make out any details," said Gonzalez.

He described the entity’s bodily appearance and movements as generally resembling those of a feline. “My friend Rubén began shouting at it to see if it reacted, and in a matter of seconds, it accelerated to a prodigious speed, behaving like a feline,” explains González.

The water was not disturbed, nor was any noise generated other what was caused by ocean waves. The young witness claims “the being appeared to be so lightweight that it did not disturb the surface tension of the water as it moved over it. Not only that, the waves rolled in but were unable to even move the figure."

After reaching a certain distance out to sea, after traveling the beach from one end to another, the enigmatic creature vanished before the startled eyes of the witnesses. But the strange episode had not ended yet.

"After it took off running, we were in the total state of panic. Suddenly, shoals of fish began jumping all along the water's edge, as though they had been electrocuted. We could hear them flapping around, and when we pointed the flashlight at them, we could see them jumping around in the water. "

Despite of the fact that they all carried camera equipped cellphones, none of the witnesses were able to take a photo of the alleged creature. They were gripped by fear for several minutes, and their actions became confused. "We didn't have any time to take pictures because we did not understand what was going on. We only realized what was happening later, but it was all over."

"In the morning, we asked the fishermen if they had seen or heard at anything, but no one did," said Gonzales. Oddly enough, there were several blackouts throughout the area that night. Residents of El Supi, however, say that electrical outages are common not only in their town but in several communities throughout the state of Falcon.

Larry Gonzalez adds that two of the people who witnessed this episode are atheists and did not believe in the supernatural. This experience, however, has changed their point of view. Even he himself was skeptical about supernatural accounts presented on television. "When I would see people on TV discussing things of this nature, I would find it ridiculous, and say it was all lies. Now I think it's true. There are things out there that we still do not understand."

Source: Inexplicata (Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez and Hector Escalante)


UFO "Sceptic" Spots Nine UFOs

A self-confessed “total sceptic” has described his close encounter with nine suspected UFOs.

Peter Green, of Private Lane, Haslingden, reported seeing the flying objects, in a diamond formation, while he was walking his dog late at night.

The sighting occurred at 12.30am on Sunday, January 4 – less than four hours before a Lincolnshire wind farm turbine was damaged by a mystery aircraft.

Experts claim there were several reported sightings in Rossendale at that time and have pledged to launch an investigation.

Mr Green, 55, said he was walking his dog in Grasmere Road when he saw a moving, bright, solid-orange light.

Mr Green, who runs a carpet and upholstery care company, said: “As the first light, which seemed to follow the Rossendale Valley, came closer at what seemed a considerable speed, it rose almost vertically over the other side of the valley above Scoutmoor Wind Farm, followed at regular two-to-three second intervals by a further eight identical objects.

“Once all nine lights had risen to a height when their brightness was faded, they gathered in a ‘diamond nine’ formation, then one by one – in the order they had passed me and risen – they faded and disappeared, or simply gained further height and went out of sight.”

He added: “I was scared because I couldn’t find any logical explanation.

"It wasn’t like the different coloured flashing lights you see on an aircraft or helicopter.

"They were solid orange balls which made no noise. It was weird.

“I’m a total sceptic, but it was like something out of Close Encounters.”

Later that morning, at around 4am, a 20m-long blade was knocked from one of the 20 turbines at Conisholme Fen near Louth, Lincolnshire.

Lancashire-based experts described Mr Green’s sight-ing as “very interesting.”

Phil Catterall, of Bolton UFO Society, said they would be investigating the incident.

“I’ve had around four phone calls and emails saying they saw exactly the same thing and that was before the story about the wind farm,” he said.

A MOD spokesman said they would only investigate if they believed there was a threat to national security or there had been an incursion in UK air space.

Source: The Lancashire Telegraph

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