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He stays up late into the night - fearful to sleep because of those who watch in the dark. They watch from the sky. The watch from the streets. They watch with the cold, glassy stare of hidden cameras. His communications are not safe. They read all that goes in, and all that goes out. His entertainment is monitored 24 hours a day. They know what TV shows he sees and which web sites on the Internet he visits. But despite all they see and do - nothing can prevent the arrival of his favorite weekly e-mail newsletter of the strange and weird. Yes that's RIGHT! Conspiracy Journal is here once again to reveal all the deep, dark secrets that THEY don't want YOU to know!

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such ankle-breaking tales as:
- George Adamski: Pioneer of Space or Charlatan? -
- New Insider Revelations About Phoenix Lights -
- The Coming of the Goatman -
- Back to the Future: A Time Machine? -
AND: Weird Happenings Baffle Pennsylvanians During 2008

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OMNEC ONEC - Ambassador From Venus

DO THEY LIVE HERE AMONGST US? Have Aliens Walked In To Earthly Bodies?

Take this link to hear a special Venusian Greeting!
It's a part of UFO research and the paranormal you seldom hear about, stresses Timothy Green Beckley, editor of the Conspiracy Journal and long time investigator of the unexplained.

I have often heard stories of human-looking, Nordic-like, aliens living amongst us, having become part of our society without the knowledge of their neighbors. They are even said to have married humans. One should recall that in Genesis it says that the sons of God in those days mated with the daughters of men, who were lovely and fair, to produce a race of giants.

The late Dr. Frank E. Stranges said he once met a man inside the Pentagon who was from another world and could read minds. The visiting stranger had no fingerprints because there was no crime on his home planet nor any wars. A college professor once told me how he had witnessed the landing of a spaceship and saw its alien crew emerge and drive off in an American-made automobile, only to see one of them standing in a supermarket line shortly thereafter.

The unique work you are now holding is the personal account of a living human being who was, with her full consent and active cooperation, transported to Earth in a spacecraft from her home planet. She arrived in the company of her paternal uncle after being carefully prepared and conditioned to live here and grow in the physical society of the native life-wave of our own planet. And the remarkable thing is that Omnec Onec is still here, perhaps getting ready to reemerge from hiding once more as our planet s people go through tough times yet again.

Before she arrived on this planet, she was carefully conditioned to our density and became physically manifest in an earth-body equivalent to a 7 year old girl. Her uncle and the crew who brought her here introduced her into a Tennessee family who had just lost their own little daughter. And although Omnec had the appearance of a 7 year old she had the Venusian wisdom and knowledge of her 210 year equivalent at the time of her arrival here in 1955.

This then is her story of her early life on Venus, her arrival here in the middle of our first modern excitement over UFOs, her preparation and adaptation to Earth living and its peculiar problems, unknown to her on her home planet.

Copies of the first printing of the hardcover edition of this book have been selling for upwards of $700 on the net. And one copy went in auction for around $1800.00. Due to a personal relationship with Col Wendelle Stevens (Ret) we are able to make copies of this work available to the vast number of people who have clammered for it but could not obtain a copy at a reasonable cost.


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America’s Oldest Mystery: Rhode island’s Newport Tower - Newport, RI, has long been famous as the summer playground for the fabulously wealthy. But nestled amongst the luxurious mansions and the private yachts is a mysterious stone tower whose history has baffled historians for centuries. It is believed to be the oldest stone structure in America, though no  one can say precisely when it was built.
Was there a Golden Age? Historical Proof for the Garden of Eden -
Almost all of the ancient cultures of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have myths which speak of an earlier time when life was easier and humans lived in harmony with nature and each other.  Most historians believe that these myths are little more than fairy tales, perhaps the result of our need to idealize the past. However, there is now evidence that suggests that these myths may contain a kernel of historical truth, a kind of distant folk memory of an actual historical era.
The Higgs Boson and the Large Hadron Collider: Seeking the God Particle - Tucked away in a sleepy Swiss  village lies the Center for Nuclear Experimentation and Research, the site of the recently completed Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest particle collider and perhaps the most complex machine ever built. The principle goal of the LHC is to reveal the so-called god particle: the Higgs Boson, which is about 120 times more massive than a proton, and gives mass to all other particles as they emerge from the primordial quantum field.

The Parapsychology Revolution: An Interview with Dr. Robert Schoch -
A geologist and paleontologist by profession, Dr. Schoch has studied some of the greatest ancient monuments around the world including the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx,and the underwater structures near Yonaguni Island, Japan. He has also written several bestselling books, including his most recent, The Parapsychology Revolution.

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George Adamski: Pioneer of Space or Charlatan?
                                            By Timothy Green Beckley

Everybody knows I have been investigating UFOs since I was 14. I went to Sears with the dimes and quarters I had saved and purchased a mimeograph machine when I was still in high school. This was long before quick copy centers even existed. You had to type these god awful stencils, print by utilizing a fairly messy method of squeezing ink into a drum that always managed to leak And then the worse part was stacking up all the pages and collecting them together and then stapling them before LICKING THE STAMPS, and finally bundling them with rubber bands so they didn't fall all over the place and finally taking them off to the post office. This, I should remind you was prior to the days of self adhesive postage, so you better have had a wet tongue at the ready if you wanted to be a UFO zine publisher.

The first publication I put out was called the INTERPLANETARY NEWS SERVICE REPORT.I was big into the ET nuts and bolt theory in those days while now I am more of a "UFOs probably come from other realms and dimensions" sort of guy. Jerry Clark typed the stencils to one or two of the original issues and Lucius Farish was our Assistant Director. Gene Steinberg of was a friend as were a lot of teen researchers who have either vanished from the scene or gone on to become somewhat "legendary" in UFOlogy.

There wasn't much to read in those days - hadn't been invented. I'm not even sure its founder Jeff Bezos was born yet. Barns and Noble didn't exist and most of the independent book store owners never heard of UFOs or flying saucers as they were called way back when.

Major Donald E Keyhoe was the champion of the "serious minded" "flying saucers are from outer space" brand of UFOlogist, while Frank Edwards gave em hell on the radio. But it was the Polish born George Adamski who first spoke of meeting Venusians and Martians. He was the "wild card" in the cosmic deck with some of the most amazing stories and truly unique photographs -- even if the "vehicles" they showed might not have originated from outside earth's orbit. To me, they didn't seem like trash can lids (to obvious), nor were they Frisbees as I don't know if a patent had been established on this fun fad as of 1953 when FLYING SAUCERS HAVE LANDED was first released by a publisher in the UK. For added sales appeal the publisher who had tacked on a very lengthy introductory section by Desmond Leslie a British Lord who seemed to back GA all the way. Leslie bought in the historical aspects of the topic and helped with the books credibility factor.

It should be noted that I never meet Mr Adamski . We had some limited correspondence and after his passing I shared an office and an apartment with his unofficial publicist Mr Harold Salkin who worked with Claire John editor of the Washington DC based Little Listening Post. They both ran a sort of Flying Saucer clearing house and Hotel near the Capitol where, to cut expenses, all the contactees stayed when they were in town. It made it easier for Clair to ghost write some of Adamski's material, and besides the two UFO insiders always liked to keep their ear pressed to the wall for an inside scoop,and so this gave them a golden opportunity to keep a watchful eye on the master of outer space and ET communications.

Over the years there has always been talk of a "lost" work that Adamski supposed did several years before his first "official" book that tells of a remarkable true tale of interplanetary travel. Ray Palmer, who was one of my mentors, said several times in his Flying Saucers From Other Worlds magazine that he believed that Adamski was well meaning, but that his story could not be true, because Adamski had once submitted to Palmer a manuscript in which GA claimed to have voyaged into space much like he insisted he had done in his much later, frequently criticized, Inside The Space Ships in which Adamski speaks of traveling to the planet Saturn.

Skeptics like Marc Hallet are by no means impressed with Adamski's many extraordinary claims. Hallet insists that as GA's legend grew he simply adapted his earliest writings to his later proclamations.

"In fact, Inside The Space Ships is nothing more than a science fiction book. The best proof we have of this is that it is a "remake" of a science-fiction book entitled Pioneers of Space which Adamski wrote in 1949. That book was ghost written by Lucy McGinnis and is now exceedingly rare.

"To your surprise you will discover that these two books give exactly the same descriptions of space (with the fireflies), the Moon (with snow on mountains, forests, lakes, artificial hangers and even small running animals), the scout ship (with the great lens in the middle of the cabin and the graphs on the walls), the mother ship (with its two "skins"), and even little details such as the portrait of the Great One in the mother ship, the famous Saturnian badge with the balance, etc... You will also be pleased also to see that the Masters' pompous statements are exactly the same, something that demonstrates that Adamski had a poor imagination and was unable to create new or original philosophical concepts. His lack of imagination was so great that his book Cosmic Philosophy published in 1961 was mainly based on texts he had written in the '30s and that Alice K. Wells was stupid enough to publish again in her Cosmic Bulletin after Adamski's death. So, thanks to Mrs Wells, it is proved that Cosmic Philosophy was definitely not inspired by space people!"

For years I had been interested in obtaining Adamski's "lost" book Pioneers of Space, but the cheapest copy I could find was $625 and what UFO researcher has that kind of money to toss around? But my curiosity remained intact for years, and I had numerous requests from readers of my UFO Universe and UFO Review to, as a publisher, provide them with copies of this rare manuscript. This of course would be impossible to do since to reprint the book even in a small run of 500 copies would cost me an arm and a leg and it is debatable if that sizeable of an audience existed for a work of such limited appeal (after all Adamski had been deceased for over 35 years). With the advent of "print on demand" and the ability to scan out of print books I decided to take a chance on bringing back to print that which many of GA's followers and cynics clamored for.

But I wanted to do more than just restore a musty tome that would be like a march through "ancient history" to many modern UFOlogists who might not even know Adamski's standing in flying saucerology. After all, the contactees of yesteryear have given away to the abductees whose friendship with Adamski's Space Brothers leave something to be desired.

Pioneers of Space is a hefty book. Your not going to read it in one sitting. Now, if you asked me in all sincerity if there are similarities between this book and GA's follow up works, I would have to say "yes" and I would have to say "no." I haven't gone over both of them with a fine tooth comb, someone else with more time on their hands can do the line by line, page by page, comparison and present it to the world.

The book is about outer space and traveling to other worlds. But the similarities between Pioneers and Flying Saucers Have Landed and Inside the Space Ships seems minimal at best. After all we know - and no one denies - that Adamski was into an form of new age and eastern philosophy. He had been paling around with theosophists and other metaphysical types in California for years. In fact, and here is a scoop, many years before his clandestine meeting with the benevolent man from space, Adamski had founded a mystical organization called the Royal Order of Tibet, claiming that he had actually studied as a youth in the mysterious east. We pull no punches nor are we interested in covering up any allegiances Adamski might have had with the "spiritual" community. It seems in all truthfulness, that Adamski was drawn to this type of work. The first reference to Adamski's involvement with what some might term the occult goes back to 1930s.


While doing research for this updated version of Pioneers, we got an e mail from researcher and author Tim Cridland who had discovered in the archives of the Los Angeles Times an article that appeared about Adamski far a in April of 1934. Cridland is a member of the Shaver Mystery Yahoo group and so as members we all share information on line almost every night. Some people might consider this very early reproduction of a newspaper clipping to be a shocking revelation. After all, as his UFO career progressed, GA did seemed anxious to distance himself from any metaphysical trappings, placing his contacts into a purely physical, nuts and bolts category, . . .which of course, he could not very easily accomplish because the truth remains the truth, and here is a verbatim copy of that article from the LA Times.

Shamaistic Order To Be Established Here

Purple-Clad Women and Golden-Robed Men Will Study "Ancient Truths" at New International Headquarters

The ten-foot trumpets of far away Lhasa, perched among perpetual snows in the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet, will shortly have their echo on the sedate hills of Southern California's Laguna Beach. Already the Royal Order of Tibet has acquired acreage on the placid hills that bathe their Sunkist feet in the purling Pacific and before long, the walls, temples, turrets and dungeons of a Lama monastery will serrate the skyline. It will be the first Tibetan monastery in America and in course of time, the trained disciples of the cult will filter through its glittering gates to spread "the ancient truths" among all who care to listen.

Inside the front gates, securely sheltered from the madding throng, feminine neophytes in flowing purple will wander through Elysian gardens, seeking to attune the inner being to the practical purposes and demands of a motorized world; men in golden garments with purple collars will endeavor to achieve through logic and science the blissful "mastery of self" which is at least one of the multi-featured goals of the Order of Tibet.

Those familiar with Laguna will instantly recognize the monastery site, for it is the Claude D. Bronner estate on Manzamita Drive. The beautiful dwelling, familiarly known as El Castillo Mio will be occupied by the parent group of the Tibetan Order, while the amphitheater, stage, temple, lecture halls, cell or chamber units and other buildings take form. The estimated cost of the project is $1,500,000 and when completed it will become the international headquarters of the order.

Headquarters are now in London.
Prof. George Adamski

Central figure in the new movement is Prof. George Adamski, sturdy, middle-aged. He is as strange as the cult he sponsors. Now he is an American citizen and served in the Word War, but as a child he lived in the ancient monasteries in Tibet and learned the law of the lamas.

His father was Polish, his mother an Egyptian. George Adamski, as first son, was destined to walk in religious lines. He studied them all and very nearly landed in a Catholic monastery, but his youthful ideas leaned so strongly to reincarnation that the move was not made. "I learned great truths up there on the roof of the world," says Adamski, "or rather the trick of applying age old knowledge to daily life, to cure the body and the mind and to win mastery over self and soul. I do not bring to Laguna the weird rites and bestial superstition in which the old Lamaism is steeped, but the scientific portions of the religion.

"The Order of Tibet acknowledges God and Christ. We hold to the basic thought of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, to which are added the ancient law of Tibet. But our main object is the application of knowledge, just as Christian Science, Mental Science and other crystallizations of thought are primarily intended to put Christianity into everyday use."
Robes and Ritual

Robes and ritual, Adamski admits, help the novice to set his feet firmly in the path he elects to follow. All churches have found this to be so. A uniform makes the sailor or soldier a different man, and so in the Laguna monastery the robes will be provided.

The symbol of the order is the twenty-four-point star. To ancient Tibet it represents the mystics or counselors grouped around God. The women at Laguna will wear a twenty-four-point yellow star and the men a similar pendant of pure white crystal. The decoration will be awarded after a successful three month's novitiate.

Inmates of the monastery will not be cut off from the world forever. In this respect, the institution will function more like a school. Students can come and go as they choose, though some will undoubtedly make their permanent homes there during the two-year course of instruction that will fit them to go forth as teachers and lecturers. By that time they will have come to understand self-evolvement and the Infinite Will.

Explorers returned from Tibet tell of isolated monasteries in which priests seeking utter purity and Nirvana in this life, to ensure perfect reincarnation, or, better still, direct mingling with the Ultimate without the necessity of more earth-lives, go into cells which are walled up.

There will be no self-imposed tombs at Laguna, but in addition to the amphitheater, stage and lecture halls, there will be isolated cells or "dark chambers" to which the student can retire to meditate or materialize a dream or ambition. In other words, the dark chamber will help carry out the Bible principle, "As ye think, so shall it be." When the monastery is fully completed, it will accommodate over 200 permanent residents and many hundreds of "at home" students.

Retyped by Sean Casteel for clarity, this article was originally found by researcher and author Tim Cridland. Cridland who has a website at:
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It can be theorized, and this is what I believe, that GA's mental attitude was the proper one for him to be drawn into an alien encounter. There is no denying the fact that there is a psychic element to UFOs and even though Adamski tried to convince his followers that all of his contacts were of a strict physical nature, we cannot turn against the weight of evidence that there might have been some grand master "cosmic plan" for him that eventually enabled him to communicate with a Nordic-type UFOnaut in the desert. Not only did he have a metaphysical background, but he was no doubt absorbed in the idea of space travel and life on other planets (so were millions of other Americans during this period). He often gathered with friends to look for UFOs and to attempt to photograph them. This he seems to have successfully done as testified to by an article reproduced in the book which is from an 1951 issue of Fate magazine. In some ways its easier to accept these initial photographs taken through a telescope as they fly past the moon, then it is to totally believe in GA's much later pictures of dome-shaped and cigar-shaped mother ships.

Especially the one where his face can be seen in a porthole of the Venusian scout craft which looks like fraudulent via way of a very crude paste up job.

Believers and skeptics alike have always held a fascination with GA and his accounts of interplanetary travel and face to face contact with our brethren from the stars. And now with the release of the updated version of Adamski's Pioneers of Space they will have something additional to ponder.

Order your copy of Pioneers of Space for only $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping

Timothy Green Beckley is author of over 30 books and publisher of 200 more through his Inner Light/Global Communications. His most popular works include MJ -12 and the Riddle of Hangar 18, Mysteries of Mt. Shasta, Subterranean Worlds Inside Earth, Strange Encounters. He was editor of UFO Universe for 11 years and has combined his UFO Review with the Conspiracy Journal, a widely read publication. At invitation he spoke before a closed door conference at the House of Lords on UFOs, and is a frequent guest on such programs as Coast to Coast AM, the Paracast, Darkness Radio and Capt Jack's Paranormal Radio show. His research efforts go back to the mid 1960s when he appeared on the original all night talk show hosted by Long John Nebel where he first heard George Adamsk speak of his experiences.

Source: UFO Digest


New Insider Revelations About Phoenix Lights

It has been nearly 12 years since the incident known as the "Phoenix Lights" was shown around the world, nearly 12 years that something has been burning inside of me. When the official explanations of the incident were released (mainly the story about Maryland ANG A-10 "Flares" story), myself and everyone else that had anything to do with the incident itself were deflated, as we knew it was false.

In short, on the night of March 13, 1997, USAF personnel stationed at both Luke AFB in Glendale and Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson were a bit scared, as something was occurring over the skies of central and southern Arizona that night, and the on-duty personnel at both bases had no idea what it was. That night, Luke AFB scrambled two F-16C's from the 56th Fighter Wing, however, these aircraft were not vectored southwest of Phoenix towards the source of the lights, but directly south towards Tucson. What is known further, is that less than 10 minutes later, a second set of F-16C's from the 56th were also scrambled and sent south-east.

Radio reports from the first flight of aircraft indicated something "odd" was occurring, however the pilots never gave any indication or specifics (in the open at any rate), as to what that was. Both flights were kept away intentionally from the lights being seen near the Estrella range. It was obvious to all with access that there were other aircraft in the area, with orders to drop flares (whether this was the Maryland ANG is unknown). It was felt that this was indeed a "deception" measure to keep curiosity focused on one space in the sky, as flares were never used that far north of the Goldwater training range (as any Luke personnel can tell you, if they were, there would be weekly "Phoenix Lights" incidents).

The next morning, wing intelligence units at both Luke and Davis-Monthan were scrambling to compile information. No one knew what had occurred the night before, but for some top officers that were summoned in during or just after the incident, there was an element of anxiety (I would not say fear, though many were disconcerted). The "hush" order took a few days to trickle down, but it was not a complete wash-up. Because of the sheer amount of public scrutiny, focusing on the "flares" video and photos allowed for a convenient and plausible explanation. Few in the mainstream press talked about the "other" sightings that night, focusing on the large triangular craft that had passed over the Phoenix metro area, the outskirts of Tucson, and over Fort Huachuca before slipping in to Mexico.

Neither did anyone mention the F-16's at all. Even though we KNOW there were numerous civilian witnesses to the scrambles (and even a few mentions here and there), NO ONE in the media asked what we all hoped they would, if this entire incident was just "flares" dropped from ANG aircraft, why then were four F-16's in the air that night, with one pair flying all the way to the Mexican border before turning back to Luke?

The incident has quietly fallen down the memory hole for most, but not for many USAF personnel close to the incident that night. There is a considerable amount of information that was never leaked, and for an incident of this magnitude, the mind boggles as to why.........


On the night of March 13th, 1997, an alert klaxon sounded at Luke, orders for two armed aircraft to perform an immediate take-off to 10,000 feet, and head south-east towards a radar sighting north of Casa Grande, Arizona. The first two aircraft, from the 56th Fighter Wing (310th Fighter Squadron), were armed only with 2x AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles and 20mm Vulcan cannons each. Once the flight was airborne, the flight leader called in that something “odd” was occurring after he picked up a radar contact a few thousand feet below, and several miles ahead of his position. His radar was showing “clutter” common to stand-off jamming.

This led to two further F-16C’s from the 56th, that were being fueled and armed since the first flight was launched, being sent up. This pair, in addition to the armament as above, also carried 2x AIM-7M Sparrow medium range missiles as well. They were also vectored south-east towards Flight 1 (now over Marana, AZ and approaching Tucson) on full afterburner. Flight 1 leader was able to regain radar contact on something large and low that was beginning to accelerate rapidly. Flight 1 lost the contact approximately 7 miles south of Tucson, and was ordered to proceed close to the border and try to regain contact.

Once Flight 1 lost radar contact, Flight 2 was ordered back to Luke (Flight 2 had just approached the Tucson area). Once Flight 1 was on station, attempts were made to re-establish radar contact to no avail. After 10 minutes or so, Flight 1 was ordered back to Luke. ALL of this occurred as the “flares” were being taped and photographed south-west of Phoenix. No aircraft were vectored to that area to investigate.

Alleged Facts:

Further scramble of aircraft was initiated from Nellis AFB, Nevada (prior to the Phoenix sighting) and Holloman AFB, New Mexico (around 10 minutes after the Flight 1 scramble from Luke). F-16’s from Nellis, no word on aircraft type from Holloman (at the time it was the only F-117A “Stealth Fighter” base, with the Luftwaffe having a training squadron of Tornado aircraft, neither would have been used on an intercept mission).

Towers at several locations had tapes of the “event”. Radar at Luke and Davis-Monthan were picking up low level “noise” on several frequencies, similar to what had happened to Flight 1. This “noise” was consistent with active wide-spectrum jamming. It was highly unusual for this to occur in an area that did not have that type of (jamming) training environment (nearest place this was done was at the Nellis AFB range). According to many in the know, something physical was in the sky that night, with radar data providing the primary source of evidence. That “something” entered Mexican airspace and promptly disappeared. Maximum recorded speed was at Mach 1.8 past Tucson nearing Fort Huachuca.

The next day, intelligence units at both Luke and Davis-Monthan were abuzz. No one knew what had occurred, other than something physical was in the sky, an intercept was attempted, and there were thousands of eye-witness accounts (many of these being the flares). Orders were apparently given for a flare-drop near Phoenix by a unit returning from the Goldwater range. This was considered highly odd to say the least, as that order was given while the main event was unfolding. These aircraft were likely A-10’s.

Other than that, all I have is a lot of second-hand hearsay. Mainly stories people would tell while drinking, etc. The above information is from my self, and from close friends whom I trust a great deal. Other than the above, I would not speculate further, as it would take away from the facts and only fuel sensational speculation.

Source: The UFO Chronicle


Paranormal Group Investigates Book at DePauw Library

On a crystal clear night with outside temperatures hovering around 10 degrees, a group of investigators from Hoosier State Paranormal were carrying heavy electronic equipment across the DePauw Quadrangle. They entered the Roy West Library and headed up to the second floor where a very special book is locked away in the Archives and Special Collections area.

It is part of Governor James Whitcomb's collection that was donated to Asbury (now DePauw) University in the early 1800s. Included in the collection is one book purported to be haunted. Titled, "The Poems of Ossian, The Son of Fingal," it is kept locked away in a special section of the library closed to the public.

For years a story has circulated about a boy who borrowed this book from the library in the 1800s. He became so engrossed reading it that when the library closed he snuck the book out of the library and took it to his room.

It was after midnight when he finished reading and turned out the lights. Later, he woke with a sense of not being alone.

When his eyes became adjusted to the darkness he saw a spectral finger pointing accusingly. Then he heard a voice speaking, "Who stole Ossian?"

A bony hand reached toward the boy, who swore he felt a finger touch his cheek. The boy returned the book first thing in the morning, telling the librarian he'd been visited by the ghost of Governor Whitcomb and promising he'd never take another restricted book out of the library.

On this night the group of paranormal investigators planned to find out if there was any chance that the Governor was guarding his book.

Chris Lien, founder of Hoosier State Paranormal, persuaded Wesley Wilson, Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections at the library, to allow the group to come in to search for the ghost of Governor Whitcomb in the presence of the book.

They were given one hour after the library closed.

Lien says he talked to numerous people who have seen shadows or had odd events occur when they were on the second floor of the library where Whitcomb's book is housed.

Interestingly, Wilson says he has found no documentation of the ghost story before the 1990s.

"I don't know that it means anything. I just have never found anything to document the story before the 1990s," he told the Banner Graphic.

Armed with infrared cameras and thermometers, mini-digital video and audio recorders and EMF detectors, the group hurriedly set up its equipment.

The lights went out and three of the investigators entered the Archive room. The others remained outside to monitor the recording equipment.

Within a few minutes, a flash of light slid down the computer screen at the end of the table where the book sat.

"Mark that time down," said Nate Lien, who is the audio tech for the group.

Paranormal investigators carefully go back through their audio and video recordings after an investigation.

At one point, they caught temperatures spiking over 15 degrees above their baseline. They ran their thermometers over and over and continued to read the fluctuation.

The temperature fluctuations were not by the Governor's book, but in a back office where a chair built in 1901 by inmates at the Indiana Reformatory sat.

They shot video and used special recorders to try and pick up any voices that can't be heard by the human ear.

The hour passed quickly with the group moving about the room and around the book while asking the Governor to talk to them.

Apparently, they got their wish. Two EVPs were recorded during the investigation.

"Where are you, Mr. Governor?" asked one of the investigators.

"It sounds like a man says 'I've been dead,'" said Chris Lien in a follow-up call to the Banner Graphic.

The second one says, "I'll be back."

Lien says he was extremely excited when he found out they had two EVPs. Both are available on the group's Web site

The Hoosier State Paranormal group began in November last year. It is made up of 13 members and includes local residents, several DePauw University students and Putnam County Operation Life Emergency Medical Technicians including Matthew Nance and Megan Soultz, who gained local notoriety after participating in the rescue efforts of the jet that crashed into the Hudson River recently.

Soultz is the case manager for the group and Nance is an investigator. Other members include founder Chris Lein, Savahanna Wise, researcher, Daniel Hendry, video technician and Nate Lein, audio technician. Also investigators Stephen Wise, Tyler Binion, Mitch Troyer, Gary Crowe, Josh Drake, Justin Woodall, and Sam Jacks.

When asked what got them interested in investigation paranormal activity, Chris Lein explained, "We watched TAPs (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) on television since 2004. We were all interested in what they did and it made us want to try investigating."

TAPS is a one-hour weekly reality show that follows a group of real-life paranormal researchers as it investigates hauntings throughout the country.

Hoosier State Paranormal also investigated a haunted house in South Bend last weekend where the owners have seen black shadows and heard a little girl crying. The results of that investigation should be available on their Web site at

Just in case you were wondering, Governor Whitcomb's book is back in its case, safely locked away out of the public view. As for the ghost of Governor Whitcomb, he did say he would be back.

Source: Greencastle Banner-Graphic


The Coming of the Goatman

Since moving to the United States from jolly old England in the summer of 2001, I can most definitely say that I’ve lived in some unusual places.
But without doubt the strangest of all was White Rock Lake, Dallas. A picturesque, large body of water, the lake looks like a friendly and inviting place. And, at first glance, it most certainly is.
Yet beneath its pleasant and innocent exterior lurks an absolute menagerie of monsters and mysterious beasts: tales abound of giant catfish seen swimming in its expansive waters. Lake Placid-style stories of marauding alligators or crocodiles in the area surface from time to time; and there is even a legend of a 30-foot-long snake supposedly seen slithering around the shores of White Rock Lake one particular summer in the late 1960s.
But without doubt the most notable resident monster of White Rock Lake is the ludicrously named Goat Man. Alligator Man would be cool, as would Shark Man, or even Snake Man. But Goat Man’s moniker most certainly is not cool - at all.
So the story goes, on several occasions in the 1970s and 1980s a distinctly odd creature was seen after sunset flitting in and out of the trees that surround the lake, and that was described as being man-like in form, around seven feet in height, but with Goat-style protrusions sticking out of its head, and hooves instead of feet.
The description of the animal was eerily like that of the fabled Satyrs of Greek and Roman legend. And, it must be noted that numerous other cultures had an awareness that such strange creatures were lurking among them – and for milennia.
There was, for example, the demon goat-man Azazel, there was the goat-beast of the mountains that was feared by the herdsmen of Parnassus, and, of course, there was the god Pan.
The god of fields and forests, Pan dwelt in grottos, roamed both mountains and valleys, was a lover of music, and was widely feared. In times past, any form of overwhelming dread without a discernible cause was ascribed to Pan, and became known as a Panic terror.
Rob Riggs wrote briefly about the Goat Man sightings at White Rock Lake in the book Weird Texas; the details, however, were scant. But a far more substantial account was brought to my personal attention by a woman named Sandy Grace, who claimed to have seen the infamous Goat Man up close and personal midway through August 2001.
Grace had been jogging around the lake on the nine-mile-long trail at around 2.00 p.m. when, out of the trees, she told me, suddenly stepped the strangest looking “thing” she had ever seen in her life.
Large, and covered from head to foot in thin, coarse brown hair and with two large horn-like protrusions sticking out of its head, the half-man-half-beast strode purposefully in her direction with a malevolent, sneering grin on its wide face.
Bizarrely, when it got within about fifteen feet of the terror-stricken Grace, the animal-man crouched on its four limbs and suddenly, and inexplicably, vanished in a bright flash of light. She was absolutely sure that it had not been a hallucination, but was equally sure that such a thing could not live within the confines of White Rock Lake – or, for that matter, anywhere else on the face of the Earth.
Interestingly, Grace told me that about a minute or so before the Goat Man put in its brief-but-terrifying appearance, she was overcome by an intense feeling of fear – albeit for no particular reason. She had never suffered from panic attacks (before or since); but figured that that was probably the best way to describe how she felt.
I thought to myself that it could also have been a classic description of a close encounter with Pan, the God of the Woods, centuries ago.
Is it only a coincidence that cultures all around the world in times past had legends and tales of such creatures inhabiting dark woods and forests, and that, today, people are still seeing them in similar locations? I conclude that it most certainly is not a coincidence. Something diabolical really is among us.
Notably, White Rock Lake is not the only place in Texas that is allegedly inhabited by such a Goat-like man (or a man-like Goat, depending on your own perspective), as I learned graphically in 2005. But that, as they say, is a story for another day…

Source: Nick Redfern/


Back to the Future: A Time Machine?

"If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious $@%&!"

Dr. Brown was a man on a mission in the movie "Back to the Future." His goal? Build a time machine.

Dr. Ronald Mallett, professor of physics at the University of Connecticut, is on the same mission. It's some serious $@%& alright. But Mallett says time travel will soon be much more than just science fiction.

The Drive

"When I was 10 years old -- I was the oldest of 10 children -- my dad was a television repairman in the Bronx. He was one of these people that was just larger than life and lots of fun. He played hard and worked hard. I adored him," Mallett said.

But Mallett's dad had a weak heart. At 33, he suffered a massive heart attack and died.

"It completely devastated me. I was inconsolable. My world came crashing down," Mallett said. "I entered into a deep depression at a very young age."

Mallett took strength from his love of reading.

"When I was 11, I came upon H.G. Wells' "Time Machine." I thought, if I could build a time machine, I could go back in the past and see him again," said Mallett. "It became a secret obsession. That gave me hope, that gave me a goal."

A year later, that turned into an obsession. At 12, Mallett read a book about Einstein.

"I didn't really understand much of it, but I did glean that time doesn't move independent of us and that we could affect the flow of time. It was then that I decided if I could understand Einstein, I could build a time machine."

He had a dream, but also had what, to many, would be an insurmountable obstacle before him.

"With the death of my dad, my family plunged into poverty," Mallett said. "College wasn't something in my future."

So he decided to change his future. Mallett entered the service so he could save money for college, then went to Penn State and worked toward his bachelor's and master's degrees and a Ph.D. in physics.

The entire time, he kept his passion a secret.

The Research

Who of us has not wondered 'What if I could change something in my past'? 'What's going to happen in the future'?"

Questions like these that have lead to many late-night conversations between students across the globe, including some of Mallett's own students at the University of Connecticut, but the real question is whether it's really possible or just science fiction.

"Einstein's "General Theory of Relativity" is the theory of gravity. It connects gravity with space and time," said Mallett. "That's where it starts."

To break down the complicated theories of how time and space can be distorted by lasers, Mallet uses a breakfast beverage.

"Imagine a cup of coffee in front of you. Think of that coffee in your cup as being like empty space. Think of your spoon as being a circulating light beam. If you stir, it starts swirling. That's what the light beam is doing to space - it's causing empty space when the coffee swirls around," said Mallett.

"If I drop in a sugar cube, the coffee will drag the sugar cube around. In the case of empty space, it's a neutron - part of every atom. If we put it in empty space, the space will drag the neutron around the same way the coffee drags the sugar cube around. That way, we can see space is being twisted around."

He said that's the basis of Einstein's theory - whatever you do to space also happens to time.

"If I stir space strongly enough, time, connected to space, it will actually twist that timeline into a loop," he said. "I'm studying how we can use that to send information back in time in a binary code."

Information that if received, could help prevent disasters.

"My particular work or focus isn't sending people back in time. It's sending information back, which could be even more important. What if you could tell people about a particular catastrophe, an earthquake?"

Theoretically, you could warn people about disasters or even heart attacks.

But here's the big problem. The information, Mallett said, could only go back in time as far back as there's a device to receive that information, and that device wasn't around when his dad was alive. It will only be around when Mallett creates it and turns it on.

"We won't be able to communicate with those who went before us, but if I'm right - our descendants will be able to communicate with us," he said. "I won't see my father again, but I think my work is a fitting memorial to my father."

The Grandfather Paradox

So let's say, one day we are able to send back information or even people in time. It leads to one of the most famous paradoxes associated with time travel, Mallett said.

"It's the so called grandfather paradox," he said. "Suppose you go back and do something like preventing your grandfather from meeting your grandmother. No parents, no you. How could you exist and go back and change the past?."

The answer? We might not be alone, but not in the way you might think.

"Our world, our universe, may not just be by itself. We might be just one of many parallel universes. It leads to the possibility that when you make a decision, there's another you who made the opposite decision in a parallel universe."

According to the theory of parallel universes, for each decision there's another universe created.

"If you apply the parallel universe idea to time travel, what it means is that the instant you arrive in the past you're in the split. A new universe. You could prevent it, but in that new universe, you may never have been born into it," he said.

Mallett said if we do get to the point where we can traverse the universes, it's something you'll do for the rest of your days.

"You can never return home again. You can live out your life in that particular universe you're in. What it comes down to is that we won't really know what will happen until we turn the first time machine on. What we think of as being the past could be something that was altered already."

The Future

Mallett has the research and the theories. He even has a laser specialist. What he needs now is money - at least $10 million.

That's where Hollywood comes in.

Spike Lee teaches film at New York University. Last year, two of his students heard about a book Mallett wrote. They bought it, read it and took it to Spike.

"UConn had invited Spike to give a talk this past March. When he came up, he asked to see me. I thought 'Yeah, right.' But we met and talked for a couple of hours and I gave him a copy of my book," Mallett said. "He went overseas and I thought I'd never hear from him again. But when he came back, he called me and said, 'This is a great book. I'd like to create a movie out of this.' He said, 'I'll have my people call your people.'"

In June 2008, the contract for Time Traveler was signed. Things are now moving forward quickly, said Mallett, who hopes to use the publicity from the movie to do fundraising for the research.

"Spike feels that having my work known nationally in that way will be able to attract the huge investors we need," Mallett said.

The script is now in development. Lee and his wife showed up to a recent event Mallett was speaking at in New York to use as input for the script. Casting is the next big step.

"For me personally, I'm not too concerned over who will play me," Mallett said. "What's even more important is who will be playing my father, because to see him on the silver screen, it will be like Spike brought back my dad."

Source: MNBC


Teleportation Milestone Achieved

Scientists have come a bit closer to achieving the "Star Trek" feat of teleportation. No one is galaxy-hopping, or even beaming people around, but for the first time, information has been teleported between two separate atoms across a distance of a meter — about a yard.

This is a significant milestone in a field known as quantum information processing, said Christopher Monroe of the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland, who led the effort.

Teleportation is one of nature's most mysterious forms of transport: Quantum information, such as the spin of a particle or the polarization of a photon, is transferred from one place to another, without traveling through any physical medium. It has previously been achieved between photons (a unit, or quantum, of electromagnetic radiation, such as light) over very large distances, between photons and ensembles of atoms, and between two nearby atoms through the intermediary action of a third.

None of those, however, provides a feasible means of holding and managing quantum information over long distances.

Now the JQI team, along with colleagues at the University of Michigan, has succeeded in teleporting a quantum state directly from one atom to another over a meter. That capability is necessary for workable quantum information systems because they will require memory storage at both the sending and receiving ends of the transmission.

In the Jan. 23 issue of the journal Science, the scientists report that, by using their protocol, atom-to-atom teleported information can be recovered with perfect accuracy about 90 percent of the time — and that figure can be improved.

"Our system has the potential to form the basis for a large-scale 'quantum repeater' that can network quantum memories over vast distances," Monroe said. "Moreover, our methods can be used in conjunction with quantum bit operations to create a key component needed for quantum computation."

A quantum computer could perform certain tasks, such as encryption-related calculations and searches of giant databases, considerably faster than conventional machines. The effort to devise a working model is a matter of intense interest worldwide.

Teleportation and entanglement

Physicist Richard Feynman is quoted as having said that "if you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understands quantum mechanics." Or sometimes he is cited thusly: "I think I can safely say that nobody understand quantum mechanics."

Nonetheless, here is how the University of Maryland describes Monroe's work.

Teleportation works because of a remarkable quantum phenomenon called entanglement which only occurs on the atomic and subatomic scale. Once two objects are put in an entangled state, their properties are inextricably entwined. Although those properties are inherently unknowable until a measurement is made, measuring either one of the objects instantly determines the characteristics of the other, no matter how far apart they are.

The JQI team set out to entangle the quantum states of two individual ytterbium ions so that information embodied in the condition of one could be teleported to the other. Each ion was isolated in a separate high-vacuum trap, suspended in an invisible cage of electromagnetic fields and surrounded by metal electrodes.

The researchers identified two readily discernible ground (lowest energy) states of the ions that would serve as the alternative "bit" values of an atomic quantum bit, or qubit.

Conventional electronic bits (short for binary digits), such as those in a personal computer, are always in one of two states: off or on, 0 or 1, high or low voltage, etc. Quantum bits, however, can be in some combination, called a "superposition," of both states at the same time, like a coin that is simultaneously heads and tails — until a measurement is made. It is this phenomenon that gives quantum computation its extraordinary power.

Laser pulse initiates process

At the start of the experimental process, each ion (designated A and B) is initialized in a given ground state.

Then ion A is irradiated with a specially tailored microwave burst from one of its cage electrodes, placing the ion in some desired superposition of the two qubit states — in effect "writing" into "memory" the information to be teleported.

Immediately thereafter, both ions are excited by a picosecond (one trillionth of a second) laser pulse. The pulse duration is so short that each ion emits only a single photon as it sheds the energy gained by the laser and falls back to one or the other of the two qubit ground states.

Depending on which one it falls into, the ion emits one of two kinds of photons of slightly different wavelengths (designated red and blue) that correspond to the two atomic qubit states. It is the relationship between those photons that will eventually provide the telltale signal that entanglement has occurred.

Beamsplitter encounter

Each emitted photon is captured by a lens, routed to a separate strand of fiber-optic cable, and carried to a 50-50 beamsplitter where it is equally probable for the photon to pass straight through the splitter or to be reflected. On either side of the beamsplitter are detectors that can record the arrival of a single photon.

Before it reaches the beamsplitter, each photon is in an unknowable superposition of states. After encountering the beamsplitter, however, each takes on specific characteristics.

As a result, for each pair of photons, four color combinations are possible — blue-blue, red-red, blue-red and red-blue — as well as one of two polarizations: horizontal or vertical. In nearly all of those variations, the photons either cancel each other out or both end up in the same detector. But there is one — and only one — combination in which both detectors will record a photon at exactly the same time.

In that case, however, it is physically impossible to tell which ion produced which photon because it cannot be known whether the photon arriving at a detector passed through the beamsplitter or was reflected by it.

Thanks to the peculiar laws of quantum mechanics, that inherent uncertainty projects the ions into an entangled state. That is, each ion is in a superposition of the two possible qubit states. The simultaneous detection of photons at the detectors does not occur often, so the laser stimulus and photon emission process has to be repeated many thousands of times per second. But when a photon appears in each detector, it is an unambiguous signature of entanglement between the ions.

When an entangled condition is identified, the scientists immediately take a measurement of ion A. The act of measurement forces it out of superposition and into a definite condition: one of the two qubit states.

But because ion A's state is irreversibly tied to ion B's, the measurement also forces B into the complementary state. Depending on which state ion A is found in, the researchers now know precisely what kind of microwave pulse to apply to ion B in order to recover the exact information that had been written to ion A by the original microwave burst. Doing so results in the accurate teleportation of the information.

Teleportation vs. other communications

What distinguishes this outcome as teleportation, rather than any other form of communication, is that no information pertaining to the original memory actually passes between ion A and ion B. Instead, the information disappears when ion A is measured and reappears when the microwave pulse is applied to ion B.

"One particularly attractive aspect of our method is that it combines the unique advantages of both photons and atoms," says Monroe. "Photons are ideal for transferring information fast over long distances, whereas atoms offer a valuable medium for long-lived quantum memory ... Also, the teleportation of quantum information in this way could form the basis of a new type of quantum internet that could outperform any conventional type of classical network for certain tasks."

The work was supported by the Intelligence Advanced Research Project Activity program under U.S. Army Research Office contract, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Physics at the Information Frontier Program, and the NSF Physics Frontier Center at the Joint Quantum Institute.

Source: LiveScience


Weird Happenings Baffle Pennsylvanians During 2008

Strange incidents reported from 50 Counties across the state.

During 2008, there were numerous reports of UFO sightings and other strange incidents reported from across the Keystone state. Reports of unusual incidents originated from 50 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. That is an increase over 2007, when such reports were received from 37 counties. Some of the strange incidents reported included sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects, strange sky illuminations, Bigfoot, giant birds, mountain lions, strange sounds and mysterious footprints.

An example of some of the more interesting 2008 mysterious events from Pennsylvania.

Giant Bird Sightings

There has been a history from Pennsylvania and other states of sightings of giant birds with enormous wingspans that are occasionally reported, and are commonly referred to as “thunderbirds.” In recent years, the reports of these huge flying creatures have increased. Rick Fisher of the Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania received a report which occurred in February at a rural location outside of Harrisburg. The driver of a vehicle, who was also an active hunter, saw a huge bird-like creature drop from the trees and approach his vehicle. The man stopped and got out to take a better look at the creature, which seemed to soar or glide without flapping its wings. He hesitantly told Rick that what he saw looked, “prehistoric almost.”

Researcher Jim Brown investigated an incident which occurred on the afternoon of May 20, on a major roadway in Washington County. Motorists reportedly pulled off the road to watch as a huge dark colored flying creature that looked more like a giant bat than a bird, circled low, and passed over some cars. One witness noticed that the wingspan extended beyond the edges of the two lane highway. One man was seen taking pictures of the giant flying creature. That person has never come forward.

Bigfoot Sightings

Over the years, there have been hundreds of sightings of huge hair covered man-like or sometimes more ape-like creatures reported statewide. A very active area is along the Chestnut Ridge in Westmoreland, Fayette, and Indiana counties. While such sightings are reportedly yearly, the number of such reports have dropped in recent years.

The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (PBS) received a report from Warren County in May that a woman had seen such a creature climb up her lattice and onto her back deck. She watched it from her patio door as it climbed over the railing and departed. In August, from rural Warren County, I received a report that a man and his son observed a 7 foot tall, hair covered creature with very long swinging arms cross a roadway with very long steps and enter a wooded area.

I also received reports of strange screaming sounds coming from along the Chestnut Ridge near Latrobe. An experienced woodsman came across 18 inch long, five toed footprints, unlike anything he had ever seen before, while hiking in the Forbes State Forest above Rector on August 22.

UFO Sightings

While there was a lot of UFO activity reported from the eastern portions of the state, many UFO sightings were reported in western Pennsylvania and elsewhere. While spherical, and disc shaped objects were reported, as well as formations of luminous objects, there were numerous triangular shaped objects sighted as well.

On July 2, near Connellsville, witnesses observed a triangular shaped object with a curved bottom and numerous lights. The silent object passed overhead and moved toward the Yough River. During the early morning hours of August 12, in a rural area between Greensburg and Youngwood, a witness observed what was described as, “two huge double headlights,” side by side, and slightly yellow in color, hovering low just above the road. The silent lights rose up from the ground and moved off over the trees.

I received several independent UFO sighting reports from Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties on September 5. About 12:30 a.m. a glowing round white object with various colored lights was observed hovering in the western sky from New Stanton. The object suddenly disappeared from sight after a few minutes. Soon after, a second object shaped like a glowing football moved rather fast across the sky, then suddenly stopped, then dropped lower toward the ground. With binoculars, the object appeared round with evenly spaced lights.

Another report was received which had occurred at nearly the same time. A motorist driving near South Park in Allegheny County watched as what appeared to be a large lighted object passed over him at an altitude of about 100 feet. His attention was first drawn to a series of bright white lights that were non-blinking and about 3 feet in diameter that were attached to the object. The driver lowered his window and heard no sound. The object made a sharp bank and rose up over the trees and moved off. That same morning, a slow moving silent orange sphere of light was observed at about 3 a.m. near Jeannette as it moved across the sky, then suddenly vanished.

It was during the early morning hours of October 4, that two hunters in Elk County encountered something unusual. As they moved into a wooded area, they first noticed two baseball sized glowing lights about 15 feet above the ground. Soon they noticed multiple beams of light which seemed to originate from about 10 feet from above the ground, and projected parallel with the ground.

Their attention, however, was drawn to a glowing human-like form, which was estimated to be about 3 feet tall. The color was described as a light green, lime color, and it had arms that hung straight down, and were longer than that of a human. The movement of the being gave the impression that it was gliding. On that same date at about 8:20 p.m., in nearby Tioga County, witnesses observed a silent bright solid cigar shaped object approaching from the north, and it suddenly faded out and vanished as it moved overhead.

This year will mark 50 years that I have been investigating and logging such strange accounts from Pennsylvania. My interest in mysterious happenings started at age 10 in 1959. I began conducting on scene investigations of such matters after the Kecksburg UFO incident in 1965. I started taking phone calls from the public in 1969, from those wanting to report alleged UFO sightings. In 1970, I founded the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group, the first of three volunteer, scientifically oriented research groups that remained active for many years, and which investigated UFO sightings and Bigfoot encounters, as well as other strange events around the state.

Today I continue to investigate and document current reports of such matters as an independent researcher. I am still receiving information about that event, and continue my investigation into this UFO incident which has gained international interest.

I receive anomaly sighting reports from the public via my UFO Hotline at 724-838-7768. I also receive e-mail sighting reports at For update information visit my web site: I also maintain contact with numerous researchers and organizations in the state and from throughout the country and elsewhere. The National UFO Reporting Center in Washington state, and the PA Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network also receive numerous UFO reports. Roger Marsh also provides current sighting information at: The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society continues to receive alleged sightings of Bigfoot encounters as well.

When I first began investigating UFO sightings and other strange reports, I found that while many sightings reported seemed initially odd, many were determined to be natural or man-made in origin. Many UFO sightings, for example, can be explained as bright planets and stars, meteors and searchlight beams. Some Bigfoot observations were determined to be large dogs or bear. In recent months, many UFO reports that I received of a very bright light low in the southwestern sky was determined to be the planet Venus. But not all mysterious sightings can be explained away so easily.


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