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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.  THE CONSPIRACY JOURNAL DOES!  And once again it is here to confound your senses and honk off those who wish to keep everything a deep, dark secret. So sit back and relax, take your shoes off and read the secret news that you may not find in your local newspaper or see on the six o'clock news.

This week, Conspiracy Journal brings you such spine-cracking stories as:

- The True Story Behind Push -
- 100 Bigfoot Sightings in Michigan During Last 15 Years -
- Weird Skeletons in Mankind's Closet -
- Solar Calendar Secret Revealed in Suffolk Church -
AND: UFO Contactee Howard Mengers Dies

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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* Reversed Gravity
* Free Energy
* Contact With Hidden Dimensions
* Mysterious Radio Signals From Space
* Earth Changes
* Freak Weather Patterns
* Electric Death Rays
* UFOs
* The Ultimate Conspiracy of Silence!

An examination of Nikola Tesla's lost papers - some of which were confiscated by the U.S. government after his death - shows that Tesla was interested in and experimented with many concepts that have been regarded until recently as "wild ideas."  It's no surprise that Tesla was loathe to speak of these kinds of interests - after all, even now these areas of study still come under fire by the majority of  mainstream scientists who refuse to use their imaginations and intellect and scorn such matters with terms such as "voodoo science" and "ordinary quackery."

It is now known that there have been a number of top-secret programs that were devoted to either investigating or, shockingly enough, actively using technology based on some of Tesla's unorthodox ideas.   Who knows how many deep, dark, secret projects are being conducted right now with science that could be decades, even hundreds of years, beyond what civilian science knows about today?

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In This Incredible Issue:


America’s Oldest Mystery: Rhode island’s Newport Tower - Newport, RI, has long been famous as the summer playground for the fabulously wealthy. But nestled amongst the luxurious mansions and the private yachts is a mysterious stone tower whose history has baffled historians for centuries. It is believed to be the oldest stone structure in America, though no  one can say precisely when it was built.
Was there a Golden Age? Historical Proof for the Garden of Eden -
Almost all of the ancient cultures of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have myths which speak of an earlier time when life was easier and humans lived in harmony with nature and each other.  Most historians believe that these myths are little more than fairy tales, perhaps the result of our need to idealize the past. However, there is now evidence that suggests that these myths may contain a kernel of historical truth, a kind of distant folk memory of an actual historical era.
The Higgs Boson and the Large Hadron Collider: Seeking the God Particle - Tucked away in a sleepy Swiss  village lies the Center for Nuclear Experimentation and Research, the site of the recently completed Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest particle collider and perhaps the most complex machine ever built. The principle goal of the LHC is to reveal the so-called god particle: the Higgs Boson, which is about 120 times more massive than a proton, and gives mass to all other particles as they emerge from the primordial quantum field.

The Parapsychology Revolution: An Interview with Dr. Robert Schoch -
A geologist and paleontologist by profession, Dr. Schoch has studied some of the greatest ancient monuments around the world including the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx,and the underwater structures near Yonaguni Island, Japan. He has also written several bestselling books, including his most recent, The Parapsychology Revolution.

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The True Story Behind Push

You think government-trained psychic spies are a bunch of hooey? Col. John Alexander would like to politely disagree.

In the movie Push, civilians with psychic powers—people who can manipulate thoughts, see the future, or toss objects with their minds—find themselves on the run from a shadowy government agency intent on using their beautiful minds for military purposes. Pure Hollywood hokum, right? Slow down. Retired Army Colonel John Alexander—once a Special Forces commander in Vietnam—knows differently. You see, he was once one of the key members of Stargate—a U.S. intelligence agency designed to prove that psychics could be more effective Cold War weapons than spy satellites or wire taps. The most unsettling part? He was right…

First of all, can you explain a little bit about, well, just what the hell you were involved with on behalf of the Army?

We were watching what the Soviets were doing—we're talking late-'70s, early-'80s—and had reason to believe they were taking the whole "Psi" area very seriously. We had what was then a classified program going. Part of it was an R&D program in "remote viewing" that became actually operational, meaning that it was being used to target a wide range of things—initially Soviet, later on drug smugglers and things of that nature. Psychokinesis, mind over matter kinds of things. I was conducting… well, beyond "experiments" because the colloquial press likes to make light of that. But the metal-bending effect was absolutely real.

You mean like Uri Geller or the kid in The Matrix who could bend spoons with their minds?

Uri Gellar happens to be a personal friend, but it's not folks like Uri. It was average, everyday kinds of, in our case, senior officers. So we were concerned because of the implications of what you could do. People would say, "What are you going to do? Bend tank barrels?" And you say, "No. We're just going to move electrons. Make computers either not work, or render them unreliable." This was right at the beginning of the Information Age, of course. That this worked is 100 percent real.

Were you a believer from the start, or were you skeptical at first?

Well, I considered myself the quintessential skeptic, as opposed to a debunker. Now, when you deal with Psy-cops and those kinds of organizations, they're not skeptical—they're debunkers. Meaning "it can't be, therefore it isn't." As opposed to us, because we've had enough incidents happen with folks right in front of us. The problem was, they didn't happen 100 percent of the time. And control was a significant issue, as were the theoretical models. Are you familiar with the "white crow" saying?


The saying goes that it takes only one white crow to prove all crows aren't black. We saw absolutely certain kinds of things occur under pretty good observational conditions. We weren't being faked. These were, as I say, everyday people. In fact, there was something called the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory (PEARL) at Princeton. It was run by Bob Jahn, a supreme astrophysicist and dean of engineering at Princeton, and because of the things that they saw, they set up their laboratory. But if you came in and said, "I'm a psychic, I'd like to be tested," they'd say, "Thank you very much. We won't do that." The only people they would test were normal people. What they didn't want was somebody to come in and run some tests and put on their business card, "As tested by Princeton."

Do you remember the first thing you saw that made you a believer?

I had what we call a PK (psychokinesis) party at my house.  We had a guy by the name of Jack Houck, who had invented a process whereby we could teach these techniques to large numbers of people. My boss, who was a three-star general, and a bunch of others were there. But we had a woman hold a folk by the bottom and this thing just dropped a full 90 degrees with no physical contact.


That's what we said, "Wow." It was like, "somebody needs to look at this." And then I learned the process and was able to do it again, teaching hundreds to thousands of people over time, many of them pretty senior officials. And we protected who they were because this is not career-enhancing stuff in most cases. The final codename for the operation was Stargate. But it lasted over 20 years and had a number of different names: Grillflame, Centerlane, Sunstreak. Over time we changed the names just to protect the program. But the results are pretty spectacular. The ability to gain information at a distance? Absolutely undeniable.

So…can you do these things?

Well, I'm not sure how to answer that. I come from a school that says everybody has capabilities, and psi-ability is like physical capability. As fast as I train, as hard as I run, I'm never going to break a four-minute mile. But there are people that do that routinely today. I think the same thing is true with these phenomena, that everybody has some capabilities. There are those that have more than others. By the way, the thesis in the movie Push is you have people trying to get away from the government. My take was the complete opposite: the government is trying to make them go away. Because we have all these people—particularly self-proclaimed psychics—who jump up and try to intrude. I said, "You've got this backwards," but it makes for a better movie.

Now, I heard that one of the U.S. Psi agents was able to "remote view" the location of a Russian submarine without any prior knowledge of where it was or what it looked like. Is that true?

That was Joe McMoneagle, who has written several books on this. We recommend him because he's known for being the best of the best.  In this case, they gave him just some coordinates and he came back and described a building. Then they showed him the building and said, "What's inside?" and he described the submarine. But the information he provided was considerably different from anything we knew from our human sources. One of the key issues was that he described the torpedo launching tubes as being forward of the sail. At that point, every nuclear submarine in the world had the torpedo tubes behind the sail. So they gave this information to our boat builders, they looked at it, and said, "Well you can't do that." They dismissed it and said, "You build a submarine that big, when it goes to depth it will crush." Well, guess what? We were looking at the first Typhoon class submarine and didn't even know it. Once the satellites came on and we saw it, we said, "Holy shit. There's the submarine." We originally ignored the information because our sciences said you can't do that. And Soviets proved, yes, you could. So that was a really solid example of an operational capability.

Is it true there were psychic spies brought in during the Iran hostage crisis?

There were. They were trying to find out where the people were. We couldn't locate them. Particularly after the rescue attempt, because they scattered and moved in a different location. But we did not have good data on where the people were located. You know, the overhead only sees what you can see from the outside, but they were able to come up with some pretty specific information. One of the most important bits was they knew of an individual, a senior official, who it turned out was pretty sick. They were able to a) spot that, and b) actually determine when he was going to be released. And, like I said, they had a fair amount of information on it, but unfortunately once Desert One (the launch point for President Jimmy Carter's failed rescue mission) happened  and the hostages got split up, it became more difficult. It made a single rescue attempt pretty much impossible.

There have also been stories of certain KGB agents who were able to cause physical harm with only their minds. Is that just a Cold War ghost story, or was there real evidence to support it?

Well, I'll tell you the story. When you say, "Was there evidence?" I've got to say I wouldn't call it evidence. But there was a guy by the name of Nikolai Kokolov. He'd been a major in the KGB who defected. The problem here is that the information all becomes second-hand. He was not involved in these experiments but he did talk about getting reports from people who were. And the report included the ability to do spinal fractures (using psychokinesis) but, like I say, we don't have a lot of evidence on that.

In the movie, the psychics are broken up into different categories based on their abilities. There are "Pushers" who can inject their thoughts into others, there are "Movers" who can manipulate objects—is this based on anything from your own experience?

I would say that there are some very fundamental truths, but they've been greatly extrapolated. I mean, I saw in the movie people being thrown around through the air and stuff like that. This past summer, though, we spent a couple of weeks in the Peruvian Amazon at a Shamanic conference and the things that happen there are truly remarkable, but they come from a totally different construct of reality. [In Western culture], we talk esoterically about a spirit world and a real world. Some people believe. Some don't. But we tend to see those as separate locations. The shaman move seamlessly. In fact, I've done interviews where I've had to stop them and say, "Well, wait a minute. Are you talking about physical reality as we know it? Or are you talking about some other world?" We assume that our construct of reality is the only one that must be real and they don't necessarily accept that.

When you talk to people about this stuff are they sort of dismissive of it, like they are of stories about Area 51?

Well, Area 51 is a real place. There just aren't any aliens out there. Like I said, we spent decades working with some very senior folks that had direct experience. That was the reason that we did this, so people would have direct experience and couldn't say, "Oh, that was a trick." If you do it yourself, then you've got to explain it. In the world in general there are enough people that have had direct experiences with psychic phenomena—this is where the public and the scientific communities differ dramatically. One of the problems that people have is when scientists say, "Oh no, this couldn't possibly be," and they say, "But here's what happened to me." UFOs are a good example. Only seven percent of the adult population believes that they've seen them. When you get into near-death experiences, you have tens of millions who have had such experience. The catch-22 is when they say, "How do you do that?" And you go, "Well, we haven't got good theories." But the experience says we ought to be looking.

Source: Maxim


100 Bigfoot Sightings in Michigan During Last 15 Years

WEST BRANCH - An illusion of the light, a figment of the shadows, a trick played on a travel-weary eye?

Hard telling.

A quick glimpse was all that Phil Shaw and his wife ever received, but he was certain of this much: The creature that crossed the forest clearing stood upright, was much larger than a man and moved in a way that was definitely non-human.

"There was an opening in the trees and this guy was just going across there," says Shaw. "She and I looked at each other and at the same time we said, 'Did you see what I saw?'

"We didn't see any hair or clothes, like you would on a human. And he had a funny gait, which is often the case in a Bigfoot sighting; people say their movements are not quite human."

That was three years ago during a family vacation to the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

Returning home to Ogemaw County, Carol Shaw put the beastly episode out of her mind, claiming one of those first three possibilities probably holds the truth.

But not Phil Shaw.

Three years worth of studies and interviews have only strengthened his belief that Bigfoot is lurking out there.

"I'm just intrigued by the possibility that Bigfoot is real, I guess," Shaw says, noting there are more than 100 recorded sightings in Michigan. "I'm convinced there is something to this. There is far more evidence to prove there is a Bigfoot than there is evidence to suggest that there is not."

Shaw is not shy when it comes to discussing Bigfoot. He'll deliver a presentation to any group that invites him. Still, he is well aware that most folks don't take the idea of a 700-pound, ape-like creature running through the local forest too seriously.

"I think people are spooked by it," he says. "I don't know why - I'm not talking religion, I'm not talking politics, I'm not talking sex. Why should they be spooked? You can tell they are embarrassed because they try to change the subject."

He admits that the Bigfoot phenomenon attracts more than its share of charlatans and frauds, such as the rubber-ape suit frozen in ice that was presented to the world last fall during a nationally televised press conference. Perpetrators of those frauds cast an air of suspicion over those seeking honest answers and legitimate discussion about Bigfoot's possibility, Shaw said.

Yet enough legitimate evidence, published books and articles and first-hand accounts exist that Shaw can't dismiss the idea of an unknown giant ape living in relative isolation among us.

"There are a limited number of motion pictures and films. We have photographs. We have footprints and hand castings - there are thousands of those," Shaw says. Add to that body impressions, scat and hair samples, beds and structures and, the way Shaw sees it, the evidence points to the existence of Bigfoot.

What's more, the group of believers is growing ever larger and includes anthropologists, biologists and wildlife experts.

Nationally, there are more than 5,000 claimed sightings and similar creatures are a world-wide phenomenon stretching back centuries. Counting the notorious Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest, Florida's skunk ape, Ohio's grassmen, the Himalayan yeti and others, Bigfoot is part of a very large family, too.

Still, those who claim to see Bigfoot are often met with derision. Shaw, retired from the federal Farmers Home Administration, says the only reason he dares to speak out is "because I don't have a boss that can fire me."

"You can't blame people for not saying anything," Shaw said. "A lot of these sightings go back 10, 15, 20 years. They say, 'I mentioned it to my family and they ridiculed me so much I never mentioned it again.' And for every one that comes forward, there are 10 or 15 sightings that are never told."

By Shaw's argument, the creatures prevent detection by residing remotely, often in swamps and mountain ranges. And he feels they are closer to apes than man - bipedal with lots of hair, good night vision, mainly herbivore. Close encounters indicate they smell bad, a completely understandable result of their swamp environment, Shaw says.

Those who have heard vocalizations, including locals, call them haunting.

The sound they make is long and low, but it can be quite loud," Shaw said.

"If they're intelligent at all, and I think they are, they could remain undetected," Shaw says. "They're very shy, like a bear, and it's lucky they are. If they offended one of us, we'd get up a posse and go out and kill them."

Shaw has been part of a posse before, though he wasn't looking to bag a Bigfoot. But the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, a scientific research group, does hold organized expeditions across the country. Shaw participated in one that took a group of Bigfoot believers through the Upper Peninsula woods on an unsuccessful search for the creature.

Sooner or later someone will meet with success, Shaw says, and deliver hard evidence - an irrefutable photograph, a video or DNA evidence. In the meantime, the Internet has expanded the capacity for scientists, backyard researchers and Bigfoot believers to communicate and share ideas.

It also has become a way for first-time observers, many of whom previously either did not believe or gave the legend no thought, to share their stories.

Until, like Shaw, they saw a Bigfoot for themselves.

"People should be more open minded; that's my conclusion," Shaw said. "If anyone is out in the woods, take a camera. You might only have a minute or two, but that might be enough time to get a photo."



A Brush with the Netherworld: Improbable Entities

"See those eyes so red/red like jungle burning bright..." sang David Bowie in his song to the 1982 remake of the classic horror film Cat People, in which humans turned into were-panthers to feast on human flesh.

The existence red-eyed, felinoid entities, however, can hardly be relegated to the cinema of yore and has few points of contact with the lycanthropic traditions held by nearly every culture on this planet of ours. Strange felinoid entities have been reported throughout history, and continue to make their presence known right up to our Internet-saturated early 21st century.

Whenever accounts of this nature surface in journals or online, skeptics decry the simplistic assumptions of the untrained, pointing out that the eyes of most animals tend to glow red under certain conditions. This argument is brought to bear even in cases where witnesses stress the phosphorescent, self-luminous properties of the entities' eyes. The dispassionate approach of "experts is a small consolation to the person who has just had a run-in with one of the hairy hominids collectively known as "bigfoot" or "yeti", or to the householder who has lost beloved pets to the crimson-eyed predator known as the Chupacabras.

Field researchers and journalists have speculated, over the past 30 years about how such visitors came to be among us. Some theories suggest that they were dropped off by alien spacecraft in the same manner in which Spanish explorers of the Americas dumped cattle on uninhabited islands, in the hopes of returning and finding an abundant supply of work animals, while others believe that they represent survivals of species considered extinct, ranging from the elusive Gigantopithecus (known to us only through its impressive dental work) to pterodactyls and other life-forms of the Age of Reptiles. That some creatures may possess the gift or ability of roaming in and out of dimensions has also been thrown into the mix, to the dismay of the paladins of rational thought.

Unlikely Hominids

Bigfoot researcher and journalist Peter Guttila mentions a case which occurred in Texas Canyon, California from October 1974, during which a group of teenagers driving through the canyon were suddenly faced by a dust cloud, similar to one raised by a motorcycle or dune buggy. To their dismay, behind the cloud was no desert joy rider, but a trio of "tall, hairy creatures with dog-like faces, human bodies and eyes that glowed." The teens added that the creatures threw sand and pebbles at the car as it went by, making noises they categorized as "monkey chatter". Perhaps more ominous was the fact that some of the vehicle's occupants got the impression that similar creatures--visible only by the points of light that were their eyes--were running down the canyon's side to join their fellows. Surprised at the fear evinced by their offspring, some of the parents visited the canyon but could find nothing aside from the smell of rotting eggs that usually accompanies monster sightings.

Guttilla also discusses a case involving a Bigfoot-like entity engaged in the theft of a pig. Accounts of the shambling creature appeared in the Saugus Newhall-Signal and included an interesting detail: the oversized, hairy thief was wearing a "glowing blue belt". Most descriptions of these frightening entities fail to mention any accoutrements whatsoever. It is interesting that a similar description would emerge during the course of a conversation between this author and Puerto Rican UFO researcher Willie Durand Urbina regarding high-strangeness events in the island's El Yunque rainforest. Durand mentioned that sightings of hairy manimals were nothing new in Puerto Rico, and certainly not in El Yunque. However, in the wake of the Chupacabras apparitions of 1995-96, there were now reports of Bigfoot-type entities wearing cinturones de luz (belts of light) emerging from the rainforest. The researcher added that these creatures tended to be more violent than their unadorned counterparts. Other investigators of the unknown in Puerto Rico have mentioned cases in which human-sized hairy monsters have committed acts of violence against eyewitnesses.

The Spawn of Anubis?

Perhaps our own biases toward the humanoid shape cause us to pay more attention to cases involving the more manlike entities and ignoring others which are equally important. These would be the creatures described as feline or canine, walking on four legs and sometimes on two, and clearly different from anything known in our world. One of the earliest reports involving these paranormal creatures, known as the Beast of Bungay, has been cited in a number of books and magazines. Elizabethan printer Abraham Fleming consigned the account in a black-letter brochure, describing the incident occurred in the month of August, 1577: "The parish church at Bongie (Bungay) did quake and stagger under the violence of a storm, such as never before hath been seen [...]. Immediately thereupon, there appeared in the most horrible shape and similitude to the congregation...a thing like a black dog...This black dog, or devil in such a likeness, running all along down the body of the Church with great swiftness...". Perhaps Mr. Fleming would be surprised to learn that such events are still occurring five centuries later.

According to Brazilian researcher and author Carlos Machado, director of the CIPEX group, the city of Sumaré in the state of Sao Paulo was visited by a number of bizarre entities between April 27 and May 10, 1997. One case involved a manicurist named María Vera, who was returning home at around 11:50 p.m. afer a having spent the evening at her sister's house. As she crossed an empty field to reach her house, she ran into a "horrible monster" described as an enormous, swift-moving ape that moved on all fours with large red eyes. Despite the initial simian description, María Vera likened it to a colossal dog that reeked of carrion. It towered over the woman when it stood before her on two legs. "It was a great work of evil. I didn't faint only because my faith is so strong," referring to her pentecostal beliefs.

Confirmation for María Vera's sighting came from Irene Rodrigues do Mata, a fellow churchgoer who would also describe the entity as "a giant dog". Even the local night watchman, Luis Carlos, claimed having seen the aberration five times during the same night. "The critter's already killed two cows," he told reporters. "Dead dogs have been turning up in the wilderness, and the living ones are making such a racket like I'd never heard before."

On April 29, 1997, Sr. Alirio, the gardener for the Prefecture of Sumaré, would be treated to a sighting at five o'clock in the morning as he headed for work. Again, the description offered was that of a "very large dog" with a slender body.

But the strangest of these reports from the Sao Paulo vicinity involves one such monster dog followed by a horde of normal dogs. According to eyewitness Anisio Cacheta, whose sighting occurred on May 17, 1997, the creature was black and hairy and had simian rather than canine features with spine-like formations running down the length its body.

The suggestion that whatever force is at work in these animal mutilations has a "protean" quality that allows it to change shape has also been debated, and there have been more than several cases in which such transformations have been reported. Perhaps none of them is quite so vivid as the event involving Mr. and Mrs Lew Lister of Point Isabel, Ohio, retold by the late Leonard H. Stringfield in his classic Situation Red, The UFO Siege (Doubleday, 1977).

In 1964, the Listers had been sitting in their car talking around 11:00 p.m. with the headlights off when a figure took "large hops or leaps" over to their vehicle. Passing with uncanny ease through a barbed wire fence, the entity lunged toward the car's windshield as the frightened couple tried to roll up the windows and make their escape. Retelling the story to Stringfield in 1975, Mrs. Lister had been hesitant to disclose what happened next: the attacking creature had changed shape, its hands transforming into paws and running away, vanishing into thin air.

Dennis Pilichis, author of Night Siege, a monograph about northern Ohio's rash of Bigfoot sightings in 1981, cites a case from Lewiston, NY, involving police efforts at finding the party responsible for killing a horse by snapping its neck and leaving a deep gash along its side. A police officer allegedly interviewed a man who reported seen a creature squatting, "sitting [in the snow] on its haunches as if it was eating." Feline footprints were also found along a ditch: the cat tracks suddenly vanished when they approached the ones made by the strange entities. "What happened to the cat?" asks Pilichis. "Was it eaten by the critter? Did it change into the creature? Who knows..."

The Felinoids

Perhaps the most frightening of the creatures encountered are the felinoids: during the course of a conversation with Spanish parapsychologist Eduardo Gregorio, he mentioned that a successful summoning of some nameless entity had produced the materialization of a hideous feline shape that darted into the surrounding darkness, much to the dismay of the would-be warlocks. Their dismay is quite understandable, given the fact that the very same thing had occurred to a famous occultist of the past. In his book The Goblin Universe (Llewellyn, 1987), cryptozoologist F.H. "Ted" Holiday describes the efforts made by the infamous Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc's companion-in-arms. Rendered nearly penniless by his profligate lifestyle, the French nobleman sought to find wealth through sorcery. A necromancer named La Riviere seems to have conjured "a demon in the form of a leopard" which could allegedly be heard by servants as it walked on the castle's rooftops.

The United States has had its own felinoid cases: in the summer of 1996, a caller to The Laura Lee Show mentioned seeing a thin, shadowy figure like that of "a human cat" race across her backyard. In 1991, Strange Magazine ran a letter from a reader in Maryland concerning a creature known as "The Cat Man" which allegedly haunted a dumping ground near the city of Salisbury. The entity was described as black, hairy and having claws or hook-like fingernails; glowing yellow eyes completed the nightmarish ensemble.

Encountering one such entity is bad enough. Who could remain sane in the face of an infestation of said creatures? The question is not rhetorical: in 1985, residents of the communities of Rafael Calzada, Quilmes and San Francisco Solano (suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina) were forced to contend with precisely such a phenomenon.

According to researcher Gustavo Fernández, accounts of the felinoids' attacks were initially circumscribed to the police blotters of local newspapers. "One or more persons in feline disguise," standing almost 6 feet tall, had sexually accosted a number of local women. Victims and eyewitnesses had coincided in their descriptions, stressing the speed and agility of these figures.

As the number of cases increased, the police was prompted to take action. Over 40 law-enforcement agents at a time tried to capture one of the swift, shadowy figures without any success. On one occasion, the policemen converged upon one of the perpetrators in an empty lot, believing it to be hidden behind some shrubbery. When they ran toward it, the figure disappeared.

Fernández states that the number of creatures believed to prowl the suburbs was almost one hundred, and multiple reports were coming in from locations separated by considerable distances. As would occur with the Chupacabras sightings in Puerto Rico a decade later, locals began taking their own measures upon seeing the police's inability or unwillingness to capture or slay the creatures. During one incident, relates Fernández, two men "opened fire against a thin, black, hairy silhouette at a distance of 5 meters" and saw it fall to the ground following the bullets' impact, only to rise up to its feet once more and run away.

Fernández found himself drawn into the situation when his expertise in the occult was requested by locals who complained of the inordinate number of "possession" events taking place in the community. Catholic and Protestant clergymen were being called in to exorcise homes and individuals more than ever before. Although Fernández believed that the "cat people" were probably human terrorists, he was interested to learn that the appearance of the bizarre silhouettes coincided with the opening of several Umbanda temples (terreiros, in Portuguese) in the local woods.

The occultist investigated the case of a local family whose daughter, Elena, would awake every night at two o'clock in the morning screaming, weeping and convulsing. Standing guard outside the girl's room while she slept, Fernández was startled to hear her cry at precisely 2 a.m.. Barging into the room, he became aware that "something" had dropped off the roof of the house and onto the ground outside the open bedroom window, "a shadowy shape darker than the night sky".

Instinctively, Fernández --a practitioner of the martial arts--thrust himself at the window and rammed his left fist at the hairy figure. This is how he describes physical contact with a non-human entity: "The fact is that I felt a repugnant sensation under my left hand. Its body was very cold, colder than its mammalian exterior would suppose, and was soft. The best tactile image I can give you is that of a leather bag filled with jelly. Its bristles were hard and almost perpendicular to the skin, or at least so it seemed to me." The entity turned and ran as the researcher leapt out the window to chase it to no avail.

The paranormal infestation ended as abruptly as it had begun--a constant in most cases involving entities of this description. Reflecting on those utterly strange days sixteen years ago, Gustavo Fernández believes that the felinoids were the "byproduct of goetic activity" in the area and that their activity was strongly reminiscent of the Medieval incubi, who would materialize physically to sexually accost humans or disturb their spiritual harmony.

The reader would do well to pause and reflect after reading such an account. What were these slender shadows doing roaming around suburban Buenos Aires in 1985? Collective hallucinations by members of a society beset by economic and political woes? Or to make the story more palatable to UFO believers, saucer crewmen engaged in activities incomprehensible to the human mind? Perhaps, in the final analysis, the supernatural answer fits best.

The Quest for Answers

In the summer of 1996 this author was approached by parapsychologist and lecturer Peter A. Jordan, well-known for his even-handed and thorough research on the cattle mutilation phenomenon in the 1970s and for unmasking the "Amityville Horror" fraud. Jordan had become interested in the manifestations of the paranormal predator known as the Chupacabras or "Goatsucker" and sought to repeat an investigative approach that had served him well during the cattle mutilations in the Western U.S.: submitting physical evidence and photographs to psychics and psychometrists in the hopes of coming up with a solution to the mystery.

A number of photographs of farm animals mutilated by the Chupacabras provided by the Puerto Rican Research Group were made available to Jordan, and these were forwarded to psychometrists with a background of law enforcement and academic work in parapsychology. The experiment's results were startling.The impressions from the six photographs presented to a psychic collective known as the United States Psychic Rescue Squad suggested that some kind of ritual was involved in the animal mutilations. One sensitive received "fleeting impressions of men in white clothing resembling Santería [practitioners] or Mau-Mau." The focus of the ritual was "revenge and hatred" of an unspecified source. Another sensitive felt that "a reborn witch doctor" was involved in the mutilations; still another felt that "a type of devil worship was involved, yet not necessarily of an organized type," adding that the person at the center of the situation "believes he is the hand of God."

Other psychometrists flatly refused to handle the material, feeling that the negativity of whatever had caused the animal deaths. The late Ron Mangravite sensed that the creature took great pleasure in killing, showing that the entity behaved in malicious fashion, betraying a keen intelligence. The image of the creature which formed in the psychometrist's mind had been that of a feline with "an elongated neck", adding the curious observation that the earth-energies in the place where the mutilations had taken place (in the vicinity of Puerto Rico's mysterious El Yunque rainforest) were "immense...strong enough to generate tulpas (the Tibetan thought-produced entities) or Tulpoid phenomena."

What these psychometrists did not know--could not possibly have known--at the time of the experiment was that veiled references were being made to a "Yoruba temple" (or more properly, a place of Santería worship) in Mameyes, a small town on the foothills of El Yunque, perhaps being responsible for the summoning of the Chupacabras. A lucky guess?

How Can These Things Be?

In his book Investigating the Unexplained (Prentice-Hall, 1972), zoologist Ivan Sanderson presents a cogent explanation for the question "how can these things be?". After stressing the fact that many so-called "intangible" creatures present clearly "tangible" aspects, he propounds the existence of an entirely new set (or sets) of dimensions separated from what we understand to be our normal space/time, but "so close to ours in either respect that bits and pieces fall through from one to the other, and then possibly back again..." Perhaps more important is the great researcher's assertion that we are increasingly surrounded by measurable evidence of these other dimensions in touch with our own, inhabited by denizens of unsuspected natures, ranging from "abysmal idiots to godlike entities."

Sanderson ends his exposition on the matter by postulating a number of concepts: that there are other universes intertwined with our own, that the number of these may be infinite, that intelligent life may be common in some of them, and more importantly, that some of these intelligences figured out how to make round-trip sorties from their home universes. Less consideration has been given to another possibility: the likelihood that these manifestations were forcibly brought into our reality--summoned--through the practice of sorcery.

It is understandable how such an possibility would receive short shrift from the outset. To believe in the summoning of entities involves a belief in ceremonial magic that not many are willing to concede, since the laws of the physical world demand that a given input be provided to obtain the desired output. No human has the ability--we would like to believe--to command the elements, coerce others to take action, or draw strange creatures from other realities for unsuspected purposes, but the record would appears to indicate otherwise. Indeed, journalist Ed Conroy, in writing about Whitley Streiber's abduction experiences (Report on Communion, p.249), suggests that one of the ways in which the issue of "visitors" may be approached is through the analysis of Western ceremonial magic practices, with their extensive tradition of contact between humans and non-humans.

Source: Inexplicata/Scott Corrales


Weird Skeletons in Mankind's Closet

From 9-ft. giants to tiny mummies, these human remains are puzzling.

In 2004, scientists were stunned by the discovery of skeletons of what are thought to be an ancient race of people that stood about 3½ feet tall – about the height of a modern three-year-old. Found on the remote island of Indonesia, these pygmies were named Homo floresiensis and nicknamed “hobbits” because of their small size (their heads were no bigger than a grapefruit). The scientists believe this diminutive race died out about 13,000 years ago, although modern natives reported knowledge of a tiny race of people currently or recently living in isolated areas of the jungle.

These are not the first or only strange skeletons unearthed around the world – including the U.S. Whether you believe humans are the descendents of Adam and Eve, the result of millions of years of evolution or the genetic creations of the Annunaki, there are many puzzling specimens of skeletons, skulls and other human (or human-like) remains that can truly make one wonder about mankind's past.

Here's a bare-bones look at some of the more intriguing cases:

Horny Devils
Within an ancient burial mound near the town of Sayre in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, skeletons measuring approximately 7 feet in length were discovered in the 1800s. But the most remarkable feature of these tall skeletons was not their height, but the strange horn-like protrusions above the brow region on their skulls. It was estimated that they were buried around 1200 AD. According to some sources, the skeletons were sent to the American Investigating Museum in Philadelphia, and vanished.

All the Better to Eat You With, My Dear
In 1888, seven skeletons, which had been placed in a sitting position, were uncovered from a burial mound near Clearwater, Minnesota. The highly unusual skulls of these beings had double rows of teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. It was also noted that the foreheads were low and sloping, compared to "normal" human skulls, and had distinctly prominent brows.

Copper Man
The December 17, 1891 issue of the respected journal Nature reported the discovery of a giant man buried 14 feet within the center of one of Ohio’s mysterious burial mounds. The enormous man’s arms, jaw, arms, chest and stomach were all clad in copper. Wooden antlers, also covered with copper, rested on either side of his head. His mouth was filled with large pearls, and a pearl-studded necklace of bear teeth hung around his neck. Who this man was, or to which race of people he belonged, is unknown.

The Mica Giant
In 1879, a burial mound in Brewersville, Indiana yielded another giant skeleton, according to the November, 1975 edition of The Indianapolis News. This one reached 9 feet 8 inches tall! It wore a necklace of mica stone, and a crude human effigy of clay was found standing at his feet. The giant skeleton was examined by scientists from Indiana and New York, and it remained in the possession of Mr. Robinson, who owned the land on which the mound stood. Unfortunately, the curious bones were washed away in a flood in 1937.

Researcher Robert Connolly photographed this strange elongated skull in 1995. It was found in South America and is estimated to be tens of thousands of years old. Apart from its obvious abnormalities, it also exhibits characteristics of both Neanderthal and human skulls – impossible in itself, according to anthropology texts, since Neanderthals did not exist in South America. Some believe that the unusual shape of the skulls might be the result of a primitive practice known as "skull binding" in which a person's head is tightly bound with cloth or leather straps throughout his lifetime, causing the skull to grow in this dramatic way.

Small Wonders
Near Coshocton, Ohio in 1837, several fully developed adult skeletons were found buried in tiny wooden coffins. Why tiny coffins? Because these adult skeletons were only 3 to 4½ feet tall. No artifacts were found with the remains that might give clues as to who these small people were, but there were so many of them that researchers believed they could have been the residents of a small city.

Pedro Mountain Mummy
“Pedro,” as he has been nicknamed, is one of the most famous enigmatic human remains ever found. He was discovered by gold prospectors in 1932 when they were dynamiting through the canyons of the Pedro Mountains, which rise about 60 miles southwest of Casper, Wyoming. There he was, sitting cross-legged on a ledge with his hands resting serenely in his lap. (See photo.) He was completely mummified. What’s astonishing, however, is that this middle-aged-looking man appeared to be only 14 inches tall! But it might not have been an adult at all. Although the mummy has been lost, X-rays survive and one modern analysis concluded that Pedro was actually an infant, or even a fetus, that might have been afflicted with the disease anencephaly.

Red Giants
In 1911, miners were digging out layers of guano from a cave located about 22 miles southwest of Lovelock, Nevada when they happened upon the mummified remains of an individual who must have stood 6½ feet tall when alive. A tall Native American, perhaps? Probably not, since the mummy was still crowned with "distinctly red" hair. Amazingly, the ancient legends of the local Paiute Indians described a race of red-haired giants – called Si-te-cahs – who were the enemies of many Indian tribes of the region.

The Starchild Skull
Lloyd Pye, author of Everything You Know Is Wrong, has taken it upon himself to discover the identity of an unusual skull he has dubbed "The Starchild Skull." The skull, which was found in a mine shaft near Chihuahua, Mexico around 1930, is unusually wide at the back and exhibits larger than normal eye sockets. Although he says the origin of the skull is uncertain, Pye speculates on whether or not it could be of alien origin - or at least belonging to a human-alien hybrid. While some contend that the skull was merely that of a deformed human child, Pye wanted definitive proof and so, in late 1999, subjected the skull to DNA testing. The results of the test indicated that the skull was from a human being, but Pye points out that the lab could not extract sufficient strands of DNA to make a definitive conclusion, and therefore the question still remains open.

Robert Connolly has photographed a similar, more complete skulls. (See photos.) In most respects it appears to be that of a human, except that it has an extraordinarily large cranium and eye sockets. The eye sockets are about 15 percent larger than a modern human's. The age and date of the skull are unknown. Similar skulls appear in photos by Karen Scheidt of remains found in a Mexican cave. Could they all be genetic mutations, some unknown species of creature or something not of this world?

Source: Wagner



A dense and eerily atmospheric forest situated deep within the heart of the historic and ancient English county of Staffordshire, the Cannock Chase is a high plateau bordered by the Trent Valley to the north and the West Midlands to the south.
And it’s also the very location where I spent much of my childhood and teenage years.
The huge and picturesque Cannock Chase has been an integral feature of the Staffordshire landscape for generations. Following an initial invasion of Britain in A.D. 43, Roman forces advanced to the south to what is now the town of Cannock, and along a route that became known as Watling Street: a major, and historic, Roman road.
The surrounding countryside was heavily wooded even back then, as can be amply demonstrated by the Romans’ colorful name for the area: Letocetum, or the Grey Woods. And those Grey Woods are, today, home to some distinctly strange and diabolical beasts.
For example, just three years ago, the local Birmingham Post newspaper recorded that: “In March, 2006, ramblers reported seeing a ‘fourteen-foot snake moving through the bracken’ near to Birches Valley. They said the beast had a powerful head and ‘coloring that stood out sharply against the greens and blues of the bracken.’”
Despite the fact that there are without doubt no indigenous snakes in the British Isles of such a monstrous size at all, it is also a reality that, from time to time, stories of bizarre, snake-like and sea-serpent-like creatures do surface in the area.
Indeed, the story told by the Birmingham Post eerily paralleled one that had been related to me back in 1995 by a man named Norman Dodd. In the 1970s, Dodd regularly commuted to the vicinity of the Cannock Chase woods on business, and had a truly startling encounter with a large snake-like beast in the woods during the summer of 1976 – which turned out to be one of the hottest on record for the British Isles.
Dodd informed me that he could not recall the exact location on the Cannock Chase where the incident had taken place; but he was able to state with certainty that it was a small pool, no more than twenty feet by thirty feet in size, “not far from [the village of] Slitting Mill; and back into the Cannock Chase.”
Dodd stated that he had parked his car, a Ford Cortina, on the grass-verge of the road that was adjacent to the pool and was munching on his lunch and reading a newspaper. “It was a bloody stifling day. I remember swigging something to drink and having a bite when there was something moving right on the bank [of the pool].”
He added that he was startled to see a creature that he estimated to be around six or seven feet long slowly surface from the water; and that then proceeded to “bask” on the banks of the pool. “It sort of wriggled,” said Dodd, adding that “it was like its whole body seemed to sort of shake or wobble as it moved.”
Dodd further explained that the animal had a serpent like head and an oily-colored skin. Its body was thick and it seemed wholly unconcerned by his presence. “I know it saw me – or saw the car, definitely – because it looked right in this direction and then just went back to what it was up to: just laying there.”
But what was most puzzling of all to the highly shocked Dodd was the fact that the animal seemed to have “flippers near the front – or little feet.”
He conceded that the animal may conceivably have had similar “flippers” or “feet” at its rear, too; but explained that the “back-end never came right out of the water; like as if it was trying to keep itself cool from being part [sic] in the water.”
He watched astonished – and not a little concerned, unsurprisingly – for at least twenty minutes, after which time the animal simply slid back into the pond.
He concluded: “I wondered how a small pond like that might feed an animal that big for food [sic]. But what about its feet or the flippers: does that mean it might have been able to go from pool to pool for fish and things?”
Dodd’s eye-opening report was one of those that almost sounded too good to be true; and yet the wholly independent story of a giant snake seen in the Cannock Chase woods in early 2006 suggested to me that such Loch Ness Monster-like beasts were indeed on the loose in the area – and, perhaps, they still are…

Source: Mania/Nick Redfern


Solar Calendar Secret Revealed in Suffolk Church

Every year thousands of revellers flock to watch dawn break on the summer and winter solstices at Stonehenge, which Druids believe is a temple to the alignment of the sun.

Although no-one knows the reason behind the prehistoric stone circle in Wiltshire, it is widely accepted its design was such that it would mark the longest and shortest days of the year.

Now a mysterious spectacle which appears to honour the two other most significant days in the solar calendar has been discovered in a Suffolk church. This year's spring equinox - when the day and night are of equal length - will shed light on a religious statue and with it an extraordinary secret that remained hidden for hundreds of years.

Weather permitting, for just four minutes on March 20 a beam of evening sunlight will filter through a small window at Barsham Church, near Beccles, and bathe a sculpture of Christ on the Cross in a golden light.

It is a phenomenon that was only recently rediscovered by a vicar after being hidden for centuries because the sculpture, also known as the rood, was taken down. It may date back as far as the 1300s when the window was built.

The Rev John Buchanan discovered it in the early 1990s, but has only recently been able to make sense of it after recording its occurrence over a number of years.

This year he predicts that the entire rood will be directly lit on March 20, while the preceding day and the following day will see the figure partially lit. The phenomenon is repeated at the autumn equinox in September.

“To actually see it was a matter of luck,” said Mr Buchanan. “You have to go in there at the right time and there's got to be no cloud. That's why it's taken myself and others such a long time to find it.

“I'm a curious sort of guy and my immediate thought was that it wasn't by chance - I thought, 'what sort of event does it mark?' So I went through the church calendar, and it got terribly complicated because in the 1600s they shifted it from Julian to Gregorian. But I realised that the one thing that would stay the same is the equinox.”

He added: “It's a sort of camera obscura effect like at Stonehenge.”

There is nothing in the record books about the phenomenon, although Mr Buchanan believes that the window and statue were positioned by design because the window is conspicuously off-centre.

“I've often wondered whether a cunning priest was trying to do a bit of magic,” he said. “But I think it was for an agricultural purpose, to mark the time between winter and summer. I think it was a fixed point in time to say when the cattle can go back on the marshes.”

The rood was removed in accordance with Henry VIII's wishes in the 16th century, and even after it was remade in 1870 there was only a period of five years before the window was covered by a large painting, again hiding the church's secret. In 1979, when a fire at the church destroyed the entire nave roof, the painting was removed.

Visitors are invited to see the spectacle at about 5.20pm on March 20, or on March 19 or 21. “It's only four minutes, so it's one of these events where you either drink it in or you pay no attention to what's going on and take your picture,” Mr Buchanan said. “It is a magical moment.”

Source: EDP 24


UFO Contactee Howard Menger Dies

Famed UFO contactee Howard Menger died at his home in Vero Beach Florida on February 25th, 8 days after his 87th birthday. He is survived by Connie Menger, his wife of over 50 years, four children, (two by a former marriage) and many grandchildren.

At the age of 19, Menger enlisted in the Army and saw service in the Pacific during WWII in a flamethrower unit flushing the Japanese out of caves and other hideouts. He was wounded and received the Purple Heart. Returning to his native New Jersey in 1946, Menger started a sign painting business and a family.

This changed in 1956, when he appeared on the Long John Nebel radio show, along with contactee George Van Tassel. He talked about contacts with space brothers (and more specifically -sisters) who appeared to him beginning when he was ten years old. Some of his later published descriptions sound distinctly sexual in nature, although he carefully couched them in language that could be construed as platonic.

He also started taking pictures of the space people and their ships, although most who saw the photos say that they are quite indistinct. On August 4th of 1956, Menger said he was invited on board one of the flying saucers. The next month he said that the space people took him for a joyride where he saw alien civilizations on other planets and structures on the Moon.

Later that year, an attractive young woman named Connie Weber appeared at one of Menger’s gatherings. He thought that she was the reincarnation of a blond spacewoman that he had known (in the biblical sense) in a previous life on Venus. He soon left his first wife an family to begin a new life of lectures and touring on the Contactee circuit. Many investigators visited the Menger home and interviewed witnesses whose stories varied with the telling or did not match each other.

In From Outer Space To You, Menger’s 1959 entry into the contactee fray, made him a regular at Van Tassel’s annual Spacecraft Conventions in Southern California. Connie wrote a book entitled My Saturnian Lover about her previous interplanetary relationship with Menger.

In 1960, Menger appeared on a TV show with Nebel and basically recanted his entire story. He later said that he was involved in some sort of Army test of public reaction to possible alien contact. Fortean writer Ivan Sanderson arrived at the Menger residence in the late 1950s and claimed that Menger got very angry with him when Sanderson discovered some equipment and crates in a storage area with “U. S. Army” stenciled on them. (My source for this obscure story was the late Dr. Mario Pazzaglini.)

After this, Menger retired from the public eye and worked on electronic devices he said were designed to harness free energy and allow mankind to build their own flying saucers. He received no widespread publicity for these inventions. Jim Moseley recalled that Menger attended a UFO convention in the 1970s and “blew out all the fuses in the hotel” with one of his contraptions.

Despite the claims and controversy, Howard and Connie Menger seemed to be genuinely in love with each other and apparently raised a reasonably happy family. If nothing else, Menger will be remembered as a unique personality who tried to leave a positive message as his legacy.

Source: UFO Mystic

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