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3/20/09  #513
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The darkness, like living flesh corrupted, envelops us with its icy embrace. Thoughts that once burned fire-like in their complexities, now smoulders in the stygian emptiness. Invisible terrors, once consigned to the back roads of consciousness, now eagerly seek prey to feed an eternal hunger.  Horrors of the night now reach out across the threshold into the once safe light.

But there is one light that pierces the darkness, one shining example of freedom of information. One weekly, e-mail newsletter that is not afraid to publish that which everyone else fears to even think. That's right! Conspiracy Journal is here once again to split the darkness of ignorance and fill your world with the pure, white light of truth.

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such eye-popping stories as:

- Has Alien Life Been Discovered? -
- Work Halted on Warwick Castle Over Haunting Scare
- Is Cannock Chase Home to Demonic Dogs? -
- The Lady in Blue Still Climbs the Stairs -
AND: Debunking Elf-Sex Myths

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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* Reversed Gravity
* Free Energy
* Contact With Hidden Dimensions
* Mysterious Radio Signals From Space
* Earth Changes
* Freak Weather Patterns
* Electric Death Rays
* UFOs
* The Ultimate Conspiracy of Silence!

An examination of Nikola Tesla's lost papers - some of which were confiscated by the U.S. government after his death - shows that Tesla was interested in and experimented with many concepts that have been regarded until recently as "wild ideas."  It's no surprise that Tesla was loathe to speak of these kinds of interests - after all, even now these areas of study still come under fire by the majority of  mainstream scientists who refuse to use their imaginations and intellect and scorn such matters with terms such as "voodoo science" and "ordinary quackery."

It is now known that there have been a number of top-secret programs that were devoted to either investigating or, shockingly enough, actively using technology based on some of Tesla's unorthodox ideas.   Who knows how many deep, dark, secret projects are being conducted right now with science that could be decades, even hundreds of years, beyond what civilian science knows about today?

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In This Incredible Issue:


America’s Oldest Mystery: Rhode island’s Newport Tower - Newport, RI, has long been famous as the summer playground for the fabulously wealthy. But nestled amongst the luxurious mansions and the private yachts is a mysterious stone tower whose history has baffled historians for centuries. It is believed to be the oldest stone structure in America, though no  one can say precisely when it was built.
Was there a Golden Age? Historical Proof for the Garden of Eden -
Almost all of the ancient cultures of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have myths which speak of an earlier time when life was easier and humans lived in harmony with nature and each other.  Most historians believe that these myths are little more than fairy tales, perhaps the result of our need to idealize the past. However, there is now evidence that suggests that these myths may contain a kernel of historical truth, a kind of distant folk memory of an actual historical era.
The Higgs Boson and the Large Hadron Collider: Seeking the God Particle - Tucked away in a sleepy Swiss  village lies the Center for Nuclear Experimentation and Research, the site of the recently completed Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest particle collider and perhaps the most complex machine ever built. The principle goal of the LHC is to reveal the so-called god particle: the Higgs Boson, which is about 120 times more massive than a proton, and gives mass to all other particles as they emerge from the primordial quantum field.

The Parapsychology Revolution: An Interview with Dr. Robert Schoch -
A geologist and paleontologist by profession, Dr. Schoch has studied some of the greatest ancient monuments around the world including the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx,and the underwater structures near Yonaguni Island, Japan. He has also written several bestselling books, including his most recent, The Parapsychology Revolution.

Find it at your favorite bookstore or magazine stand.


Has Alien Life Been Discovered?

In a major scientific breakthrough Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) claims to have found three unknown species of bacteria about 40 kilometres above the Earth's surface.

An ISRO research balloon found the three unknown species of bacteria which could mean that there is alien life in space.

Terrestrial microbes fight to survive at heights where the three species of bacteria have been discovered as ultraviolet rays kill most of them.

So are they really alien? Scientists say they could be mutant forms of earthly bacteria. Tossed into space by exploding volcanoes, they could have evolved to survive in a hostile world.

One of the new species has been named Bacillus Isronensis recognising ISRO's contribution in the experiment, while another is called Bacillus Aryabhata after India's ancient astronomer Aryabhata.

The third is called Janibacter Hoylei after astrophysicist Fred Hoyle.

A 459-kg scientific payload, which was launched from the National Balloon Facility in Hyderabad, collected air samples at heights between 20 to 41 km, and was later parachuted down and retrieved.

The samples were analysed at the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad and the National Center for Cell Science (NCCS), Pune before revealing the startling results.

But it is not the first time scientists have claimed to find signs of life in space.

In 2008, the Phoenix Mission found evidence of liquid water on Mars. An astronaut aboard Nasa's Discovery Mission in 1989 reported an encounter with an alien spacecraft and in 2004, Mars explorer Spirit captured images of bigfoot, a human like form on the planet.

Source: IBN Live


Work Halted on Warwick Castle Over Haunting Scare

Work on a new tourist attraction being built at a Midland historic castle was dramatically brought to a halt after terrified builders claimed ghostly goings on were leaving them too spooked.

The new dungeon being built at Warwick Castle would, when complete, include a “torture chamber” and would see actors dressing up as ghosts and creatures from the dead to create frightening fun for visitors.

However, the castle may now not have to hire actors as contractors working on the site claim the real deal is already haunting the historic building.

Site manager Paul Woodfield was left petrified when he spotted a strange figure in the hallways at the site. He was so scared he immediately upped tools and ran away in fear.

“When we started clearing out the site for the new dungeon, which is in what used to be the castle’s armoury, I started to notice some pretty strange things,” he said.

“I kept smelling lavender which, for a building site, was very odd indeed.

“Later that day I saw a tall, slim man wearing some kind of tunic and trousers walking out toward the doorway.

“At first I thought it was just my imagination and asked the other guys if they had spotted anything, but nobody else had seen anything so I carried on as normal.

“When I saw him again later that day, I knew it was no trick of the mind.”

Paul’s claims to having seen spirits in the former armoury are not the first. Several mediums have visited the castle in the past and have come across a ghost matching the same description.

A recent visit made by two mediums also reported seeing a woman hovering around one of the doorways in the area of the castle where the new dungeon attraction will be situated.

The mediums, who also noted a “general sense of fear and negative atmosphere”, believed the woman could have been the ghost of Frances “Daisy” Greville, the Countess of Warwick and mistress to King Edward VII who died in 1938.

Staff have now had to convince Paul to return to work and say the dungeon is on schedule to open at Easter.

Sue Kemp, general manager at the castle, said: “We have long attracted attention from mediums and those interested in the paranormal from all around the world.”

Source: Birmingham Mail


The Story of a Modern-Day Exorcist

When he first heard about a Vatican-sponsored course on exorcism for priests, journalist Matt Baglio was intrigued by the idea of this ancient ritual taking place in the modern world. In his new book, The Rite, Baglio follows American priest Father Gary — sent to Rome to train as an exorcist — and his apprenticeship with Father Carmine. Baglio talked to TIME about belief, skeptical priests and the particulars of the exorcism ritual.

TIME: The thing that inspired this book was a class on exorcism. Tell me about it.
BAGLIO: I was a freelance journalist living in Rome and had heard about this course called Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation. It was organized by the Legion of Christ and their school, the Regina Apostolorum, which is Vatican-affiliated. Not knowing anything about exorcism or if the Church even still believed in it, I was intrigued by the idea of a university-level course teaching priests about exorcism.

What were your first thoughts about the class? Did you think, Wait a minute, this is the 21st century. Why are we even still talking about exorcism?
Absolutely. My first thought was, Why is the church doing this class? Is it just a p.r. stunt? But then I saw that a lot of the course work itself was very theologically and historically based. None of it was practical, which is why Father Gary had to eventually go out and apprentice with a veteran exorcist, Father Carmine. The course would bring in experts — experts in satanic cults, experts in criminology, they even had a psychiatrist come in to talk to the priests about the differences between the various mental illnesses that could be confused for demonic possession vs. what the church says is actually demonic possession. (See photos of Pope Benedict XVI.)

As we understand more and more about multiple personalities, epilepsy, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, doesn't demonic possession get explained away?
There's a definite degree to which that's true. You can't deny the fact that many illnesses in the past were misunderstood. The church has to be very careful about confusing mental illness with demonic possession.

When you started the book, did you lean one way or another in terms of whether or not you believed in the possibility of exorcism?
I came at this topic very journalistically, not having an opinion for or against it. I wanted to really understand what it is and why the church still believes in it. But even exorcists themselves admit that 90% of the people that come to see them don't need an exorcism. There still remains a small percentage of cases, however, involving levitation, mind-reading and other paranormal phenomena that can't be explained through science. Maybe one day.

You write about how most priests don't even like to talk about exorcism, that they find the idea distasteful. Why is that?
There's a lot of taboo when it comes to the devil and evil itself. Parishioners don't want to hear about Satan and evil and sin. Father Gary, he's in his 50s, and he was ordained in the late '70s. During that period, you had a lot of turmoil in conjunction with Vatican II shaking up the church and getting rid of many very old traditions, the Latin mass and those sorts of things. But you have to look at priests themselves as being creatures of their environment. Coupled with that were all this these new psychoanalytical approaches that were uncovering a lot of things that in the past were considered to be in the realm of the spiritual. I think a lot of priests saw that and said, Let's just keep becoming more modern and more open and don't worry about all these "medieval things."

And as a result, many exorcists are marginalized within the church.
I had priests tell me that their superiors belittled the fact that they were exorcists. Interestingly, though, the newer generation of priests are more responsive to the reality of the devil, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that John Paul II was and Pope Benedict XVI is a little more conservative, so the younger seminarians are a little less apt to ridicule. The older priests of Father Gary's generation didn't want to talk about it.

So how is a priest supposed to figure out that an exorcism is warranted? How do they judge who is and who isn't a worthy candidate?
The ritual stipulates that there are three signs that the priest has to look for: abnormal strength, the ability to understand unknown languages and the knowledge of hidden things. But they're very arbitrary, even those things. So they have to be in concert with something else. And typically what priests look for is what they call the aversion to the sacred, which is a person's inability to pray, to say the name of Jesus or Mary, to even look at the priest. Typically, when the person comes to see them, it's the last thing they want to do. They tend to have gone to see many doctors in search of a medical cure for whatever is afflicting them. They don't believe that the problem is demonic. They don't come in and say, "Father, I'm being attacked by demons. You need to pray over me." When someone says that to them, the priests immediately discounts that the problem is demonic.

So what happens during the exorcism rite?
The ritual, as its written, has several different stages to it. You say the litany of saints, you read the Gospel, you say a homily. The priest is allowed to bring in other elements if he wants to — the renewal of the baptismal vows, for example. But at the core of it are the exorcism prayers themselves, which are composed of the imperative and the depreciatory. The depreciatory involves the exorcist entreating God — "God, come down and bless this person." The imperative is the command, "I command you to leave this person." If you were to do the whole thing from start to finish, it would take out about an hour. But none of the priests that I followed in Rome do it like that. Almost all of them get rid of everything except the exorcism prayers. And the reason they do that is because they don't have time. They have a waiting room of 20 people. That's one day. The next day they have another 20 people.

Most of the exorcisms that Father Gary witnesses are fairly low-key. What happens during the dramatic ones?
If an exorcist sees 100 people, there are only going to be 2 or 3 that are dramatic. And I would characterize those as being when the person actually speaks to the exorcist. Quite often they'll be burping or belching or coughing or yawning. There's moaning and screaming too. But in the stronger cases, in almost every instance, you'll have the voice. The person will speak in a demonic voice, and they'll say things like, "This person belongs to us," "You have no power over us," "You can't defeat us." They are usually very dramatic in the sense that the person will be screaming at the top of their lungs. There can also be shaking. Picture a person sitting in a chair with their arms sticking straight out, their legs sticking straight out, convulsing. That's common.

But usually, the more dramatic cases deal with people who are screaming, using their voice, shoving and punching, getting up, smacking their head against the wall — just very violent. And that voice is beyond a simple mimic of a strange voice. It's very uncanny, very unnatural. And then, of course, there's vomiting, which is common. Father Carmine saw a case where a woman vomited up a small black toad that was still alive. He went to catch it, and it dissolved into saliva. I had another priest who I talked to who dealt with a woman who vomited up seven little black nails, six of which dissolved into this black liquid. Father Carmine saw a woman vomiting up buckets of human sperm.

Don't you think that regardless of your book or the testimonials by these priests, there are many people who aren't going to believe that exorcism is valid?
For people to just outright discount it is a little premature. I think that there's clearly something going on here. Even if you don't believe in the devil, how do you explain the paranormal? I would dearly love if science could really explain some of these things, but until then, the question is just too big to ignore.

Source: Time,8599,1885372,00.html?imw=Y


Ryan Straub Knows There Are Ghosts -- He Sees Them

The car wreck left 16-year-old Ryan Straub broken, but it may have fixed something in him that had, until that point, lain dormant.

“I was hurt really bad,” Straub, now 25 and living in central Missouri, said. “Then I started seeing things, even that night. Spirits. After that I thought, ‘what the hell’s happening to me?’”

As he saw more and more people – dead people – no one around him could see, he set out to find out what had happened to him.

“That’s what’s sparked my interested in the paranormal,” he said. “I’ve dedicated my life to it. Since then I’ve been indulging myself in research.”

Straub began investigating the paranormal in his hometown of Marceline, Mo., the boyhood home of Walt Disney; which included a local nursing home, and the “lady in white” that haunts a Marceline restaurant.

Straub chose to attend Benedictine University in Lisle, Ill., because of its paranormal reputation.

“It’s haunted,” he said. “That’s the only reason I went to it. It’s a Catholic university. There were exorcisms conducted on the top floor of one building. That’s why I went to school here. I heard it was haunted by demons.”

Today, Straub, along with Jeremy Taylor and Mike Hourcade investigate the paranormal with their group Tirfirnath, which means, “to observe the dead” in Tolkien elvish. They also, if asked, try to rid an area of any unwanted spirits.

“The three of us started doing extensive research,” Straub said. “I like to call our group an ‘evaluate and eradication’ group. We’ll go into an area and determine what (type of entity) is there and get rid of it. I don’t like going somewhere and not helping someone.”

Straub’s group has investigated spots in Idaho, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma, and although the group specializes in hauntings, they’ll also entertain reports of aliens, Bigfoot and werewolves.

Tirfirnath has received a report of an Ohio man witnessing what looked like a large dog walking on two legs near a construction site and one report from Missouri.

“A friend heard stuff in the woods and he saw what looked like a large wolf-like creature walking around the property,” he said. “That’s probably the most non spirit-related thing we’ve dealt with.”

Straub’s most chilling encounter was at Hill Haven, a nursing home in Marceline that was in the process of closing its doors.

“My mom used to run the building,” he said. “My mom would work up there during the day. There was no electricity.”

One night the police called Straub’s mother reporting lights were on in the building and it looked like people were walking along the hallways. She was ill, so she asked Ryan to go by the building.

“She sent me and a friend to figure out what was going on,” he said. “We walked through the whole building. The lights were on when we went up there. There was one light on in one room on the third floor.”

As they approached the room on the third floor, they could hear the creak of a rocking chair on a hard floor.

“The doors were very big and very heavy,” Straub said. “We opened the door and there was the spirit of an old woman rocking back and forth.”

The sight of the apparition startled the two, but not like what happened next.

“The woman who was facing the window without moving her body turned her head 180 degrees to face us,” Straub said. “The smile was literally across her face. It was unlike anything paranormal I’ve ever seen.”

His mother later confirmed a woman had lived in that room.

Since that encounter, Straub has tried to banish spirits from the building, but whatever’s there isn’t ready to leave.

“What I don’t understand from that building, you can go through and do cleansing and before you know it there is something else going on up there,” he said. “It sounds like the building growls at you. It’s not pipes. I can tell you that.”
Have a haunting? Straub and Tirfirnath can be reached at
“I’ll do anything I can to help somebody,” he said. “I’ll go just about anywhere.”

Source: From the Shadows/Jason Offutt


Is Cannock Chase Home to Demonic Dogs?

Forget Bigfoot, panthers and UFOs...there’s something even more chilling on Cannock Chase.

It’s time for the fabled Hellhound – a portent of doom – to take a bow-wow.

Reports have been received on paranormal websites of the demonic dog roaming our area.

The hound, also known as the "ghost dog of Brereton," has been seen on numerous occasions stalking the roads leading into Brereton.

The apparition has been described as large, black, muscular, with sharp pointed ears and strangly glowing eyes. British folklore indicates that the black dog forewarns death.

The most prominent sightings happened in the 1970s, and early 1980s. Whilst driving through the Chase in 1972, Nigel Lea described seeing a ball of light crash into the ground.

He slowed down to take a closer look and was confronted by "the biggest bloody dog I have ever seen."

Muscular and black, with large, pointed ears and huge paws, the creature seemed to ooze menace and negativity, and had a wild, staring look in its yellow-tinged eyes. For 20 or 30 seconds, man and beast faced each other, after which time the “animal” slowly and cautiously headed for the tall trees, never once taking its penetrating eyes off the petrified driver. Somewhat ominously, around two or three weeks later, a close friend of Lea’s was killed in an industrial accident under horrific circumstances; something which Lea believes—after having deeply studied the history of Black Dog lore—was directly connected with his strange encounter on that tree-shrouded road back in 1972.

In the January, 1985, there was another report of the hell hound stalking Coal Pit Lane, Brereton. Mrs Sylvia Everett, of Cannock Wood Road, described a strange misty figure moving across the road as she and her husband drove on a warm and clear summer night. Although they could not explain the incident, Mrs Everett believed that it may have been connected to the to the dog-lore of Brereton.

In direct response to an article that appeared in the Cannock Advertiser during the winter of 1984–85 on the sightings of Brereton’s infamous ghost dog, a resident of a local village wrote:

“On reading the article my husband and I were astonished. We recalled an incident which happened in July some four or five years ago driving home from a celebration meal at the Cedar Tree restaurant at about 11:30 p.m. We had driven up Coal Pit Lane and were just on the bends before the approach to the Holly Bush when, from the high hedge of trees on the right hand side of the road, the headlights picked out a misty shape which moved across the road and into the trees opposite.

“We both saw it. It had no definite shape, seeming to be a ribbon of mist about 18 inches to 2 feet in depth and perhaps nine or ten feet long with a definite beginning and end. It was a clear, warm night with no mist anywhere else. We were both rather stunned and my husband’s first words were: ‘My goodness! Did you see that?’ I remember remarking I thought it was a ghost. Until now we had no idea of the history of the area or any possible explanation for a haunting. Of course, this occurrence may be nothing to do with the ‘ghost dog’ or may even have a natural explanation. However, we formed the immediate impression that what we saw was something paranormal.”

Possibly relative to the tale of the ghost dog of Brereton was the story of a man named Ivan Vinnel. In 1934, as a 12-year-old, he had a strange encounter in his hometown of nearby Burntwood. The sun was setting and Ivan and a friend were getting ready to head home after an afternoon of playing hide-and-seek. Suddenly, however, the pair was stopped dead in its tracks by the shocking sight of a ghostly “tall, dark man,” who was “accompanied by a black dog” that had materialized out of a “dense hedge” approximately ten yards from the boys’ position. Both man and beast passed by in complete and utter silence before disappearing.

Traditionally, demonic dogs are associated with grave yards, bridges, water, crossroads and places connected with violence and death.

Approaching Brereton on the Rugeley Road you come to an ideal crossroad, where the Rugeley Road, Colliery Road, Stile Cop road, and Startley Lane meet. The area is also associated with the former Lea Hall and Brereton Collieries – hazardous places where workers at times met with terrible accidents.

Could there be a connection between these sights and the spectral hound?

Source: Sunday Mercury (UK)


The Lady in Blue Still Climbs the Stairs

LEWISTON – It was Friday the 13th, unusual in that it was the second time in two months for the day one in five Americans think might actually mean something. Maybe black cats or broken mirrors get their attention. Or maybe they turn that attention to ghosts.

To many business owners on Lewiston's Main Street, ghosts, spirits, or whatever you want to call them, are very real.

Morgan's Alley is rumored to be haunted by a spirit known as the Lady in Blue.

"Everybody talks about it and has had little experiences," said Harvesting the Arts employee Carmelita Nedrow.

Nedrow said she has heard and felt the Lady in Blue and that lead her to paint a portrait. Many of the encounters happen in a stairway to the 3rd floor. Nedrow took photographs to prepare for her painting, and when she looked at the pictures, she discovered something strange.

"I saw these little orbs on the steps and coming down the steps, going around the corner," said Nedrow.

Nedrow’s experiences are not unique. Vikky Ross is one of the owners of the building and when she bought it, she heard the stories.

"The Lady in Blue has been seen by other people for the last 30 years," said Ross.

Ross said doors open and close unexpectedly, lights flicker and many tenants said they feel like they are being watched.

"I heard piano music start to play and I followed it through, because it was really getting louder and louder as I was coming up stairs," said Ross. "I went clear to the 3rd floor and there was music coming but there was no explanation for it. It was just there, so I decided to leave."

As spooky as that sounds, no one thinks the Lady in Blue has ill intent. Lewiston City Council Member Garry Bush owns Ghost Tours and says the Lady is a friendly character.

"I think she's curious and I think like Vikky said, she's not mean spirited," said Bush. "When something happens in this building she is the caretaker."

In the 30s and 40s Morgan's Alley was a mix of rowdy bars and brothels. Once thought to be a prostitute, now the Lady in Blue is regarded as Mary Spalding, the wife of a missionary. Bush said she often shows herself on his ghost tours.

"I have an article that I think is dealing with this lady and as I read it to the folks, she has been seen over my shoulder, next to me, reading the article," said Bush.

But Morgan's Alley isn't the only haunt on main street.

"I think that every one of the buildings downtown has some paranormal activity," said Bush.

In the basement of one of those building people said they have seen lights flicker, in a room with no electricity.

Bush said some ghosts are interactive like the Lady in Blue while others are on a loop, always doing the same thing.

The next time you are in downtown Lewiston, keep your eyes open, because you never know who's watching.

Source: KLEW-TV


Debunking Elf-Sex Myths

Elves are hard to find, but a few years ago elves found Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir. These encounters led to some of the most wonderful sexual experiences of her life. Keen to share her experiences, her book "Please yoursELF-Sex with the Icelandic Invisibles" has made her the leading authority on the mystic art of elf sex.

Surveys have shown that ten percent of Icelanders believe in the existence of “huldufólk” (the hidden people), dwarfs, spirits and other supernatural beings. Ten percent deny it, but the remaining eighty still refuse to rule out their existence. 

Natives to Iceland, elves are very limber, light and strong which makes them excellent sexual partners. Unlike humans, elves have the ability to open up other worlds of sexual encounters. Although Hallgerður does not think they possess supernatural powers, she is sure that having sex with one is magical.

“They can do stuff you would never imagine, and also have the imagination to think of things you never would,” Hallgerdur divulges.

Some people may find this surprising, considering that elves are generally small and skinny in physical stature. But, as the saying goes, size does not matter and according to Hallgerður, half the magic lies in the way they use their tongues. Also, it seems the myths of elves "eating people" may have been slightly misconstrued, as it is far less physically harmful and much dirtier then Hans Grimm ever divulged.

Although she has been sexually cavorting in this world for years, Hallgerður is not monogamous with these elves, and has never been in a serious relationship with one. She also cannot fully detail how long these encounters last; bedded in soft moss with a supernatural being by her side (or some other position entirely) seems to blur the time space continuum. Grapevine asked if filming these encounters would be allowed (for journalistic purposes, of course), but unfortunately it seems elves are very excited about "electrical devices" and are prone to steal them or use them (we did not ask on what).

To those who wish to try and catch themselves an elfish encounter, be warned – elves are shy so Hallgerður’s book recommends secluded places. They would love to have more people wandering around the Icelandic countryside and for those unsure about dabbling in the world of elven pleasure, other benefits include no-strings-attached, stress-free sexual encounters and no one seeing you performing the walk of shame through the forest in the morning.
"Please yoursELF-Sex with the Icelandic Invisibles" by Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir is available from 

Source: The Reykjavík Grapevine

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