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Are you afraid of ghosts and monsters? How about aliens flying down in their space-craft to kidnap you from your bedroom at night?  Do you worry that the government is listening in on your private conversations? Or that the Men-In-Black are waiting for you just around the corner?  Well never fear - Conspiracy Journal is Here!  Yes that's right. Conspiracy Journal, your number one source of conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal and more, is here once again to protect you from THEM, by keeping you informed on all the news and information that you won't hear on your local 6 o'clock news or read in your hometown newspaper.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such curtain-climbing stories as:

- Famous LIFE Photographers' Roswell Crash Revelation -
In Search of the Mongolian Death Worm -
- Could Sardinia be the Lost Island of Atlantis? -
AND: Saudi 'Genie' Sued for Harassment

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

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Feature Articles
Decoding the Bible
Whether resting on an altar, courtroom podium, or bedroom nightstand, the Holy Bible commands respect. Although the longest debate about its teachings concerns evolution versus creationism, today’s controversy is not generating sermons or atheists’ arguments inasmuch as  challenging a standard belief system. The Good Book is getting a  closer look from people who are learning that past tragedies, such as 9/11 and the future    Apocalypse, may actually be encrypted in this 3,200-year-old text.
Sunspots and the Number 11 in the 2012 Prophesy
Our times are bracketed by two specific dates—September 11, 2001 and  
December 21, 2012—the greatest single act of terrorism on the continental United States and the end of the Mayan calendar. If, as some observers suspect, something more than a coincidental relationship exists between these two events, its explanation must lie beyond the powers of ordinary human reason and in the world of numbers.
The Mayan Calendar: Ancient Prophesies for a New World
On December 21, 2012, the world as we know it will cease to exist.  This prediction, made thousands of years ago by Mayan shamans, has  raised many questions: What does the ancient prophecy mean? Will a cataclysmic event destroy the planet and how and why did the Mayans choose the winter solstice in a year so far into the future? Scholars claim the answers to all these questions are found in the Mayan  
The Loch Ness Monster: Hoax or Horror?
Whichever estimate of sightings we accept, be it 600, 3,000, or 10,000, there is no shortage of anecdotal evidence that a strange creature inhabits Loch Ness.

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Famous LIFE Photographers' Roswell Crash Revelation

Famed Life magazine photographer Allan Grant may have provided to us his greatest "picture" just before he died. The cameraman's portrait of the Roswell crash in 1947 illustrates that the event that summer was of urgent importance to the military. It also shows that the skyfallen object was in fact of a genuine "unknown."

With his passing last year, Allan Grant has been rightly elevated to legendary status in the world of journalistic photography. For decades Mr. Grant was a permanent member of the prestigious Life photographic staff. He captured on film some of the most recognizable images in history. Grant's legacy includes such memorable work as the first-ever public picture of Lee Harvey Oswald's wife Marina (taken after Lee's capture) to the haunting, last-ever picture of Marilyn Monroe. His work's "movie still" clarity, his many Life cover shots and his photographic studies were a gift left to all of us.

But Allan's best chronicle was left before he died- and surpasses any captured image of a politician or an entertainer that he ever took. His greatest gift to history was his revelation that he was involved in the Roswell saga- and his confirmation that what crashed in New Mexico those many years ago was not of a balloon or a secret aircraft experiment, but of an Unidentified Flying Object!

In 1997, Mr. Grant had written a very brief Letter to the Editor of the Los Angeles Times. Allan was upset after having read in the LA Times of the second Roswell "debunking" report issued by the USAF that year. In the letter he was somewhat cryptic- but adamant that he knew that Roswell was not what the Air Force was reporting as a balloon project. He explained that he had a personal experience fifty years prior that had left a life-long impression on him. It also left no doubt in his mind whatsoever that something "very significant" had happened.

In online researching archived newspapers this author became aware of Grant's Letter to the Editor only last year, in 2008. Hoping that Mr. Grant was still alive and able to relate more, I tracked him down and emailed him.

Unfortunately Mr. Grant was very ill. As it turned out, Allan only lived for three more months after we began corresponding, passing at age 88. His wife Karin (also a Life magazine employee for many years) helped to facilitate these communications and she also replied with her own assessments about the Roswell event as she was "Mrs. Grant" back in 1947.

In early July of 1947 Allan stated that he had received an urgent call from his Life Editor in New York- "You have to get to Roswell, NM, and fast!"

All Allan was told at the time was that a very large "meteor" had apparently crashed "outside the Roswell area" and that the Army Air Force was attempting to recover the crashed object. Mr. Grant (and Mrs. Grant) maintained that the relationship between the US military and Life magazine at the time was "very strong and deeper than people will ever know."

In fact, Allan Grant said that the Army Air Force had informed his Editor that they would even provide an officer pilot from the Air Force who would personally fly Allan out there and put him in the vicinity of the crash to visually document the "meteor" event.

From Los Angeles, Grant was flown to Albuquerque, NM. Once there he was greeted by a US Army Air Force pilot officer named Major Charles Phillips. Grant stated that they both then boarded a "military training plane" (a single engine trainer) and departed. They later landed on a makeshift runway- a dirt landing strip. When they alighted the plane, Grant was handed a loaded semi-automatic pistol by Major Phillips. Disturbed, Allan asked of the Major "what the hell do I need that for?" Phillips replied that his orders were to see that Grant was armed with a weapon. When Grant asked of Phillips "Against what?" Phillips replied "we don't know!"

Something seemed very strange about all of this to Grant. They then got into a jeep and began driving, seemingly on a "wild goose chase." But they never located a thing! No meteor, nothing. Allan could not understand why they could not find it, and the Major was oddly being of little help in trying to understand why this was so.

But we learn from Allan's widow Karin Grant that there was a reason for this strange scenario having played out in the desert those many years ago. She and her husband discussed his strange flight to New Mexico for many years after. Both had agreed that there were one of three reasons why Allan was taken out there-

1) Allan said, "Of course we never found the big "meteor' and I wonder whether or not we had arrived too early or too late."

2) He also thought that "perhaps we landed in the wrong place."

3) Ultimately though, the Grants decided that the best explanation was that "the government knew all along that there was something more than a meteor that had crashed- and what better way to deal with it than to "invite" the prestigious Life magazine to come take a look."

Grant's widow continues, "You take them someplace near -but not exactly to- the spot. Show the world there's nothing there- and everybody is happy and relieved, and you can go about your business." She believes that "perhaps they thought you could keep other media out of there if need be by saying that Life has already been there, and they found nothing." And she was right- no mainstream media reported on the event after the first wire stories based on military press releases.

Before Allan died, he told Karin that he always believed that he was "used" by the military as a "potential cover" to in some way obfuscate something. He told her that the "something" what he had always thought -even at the time- was much bigger- an unidentified flying object.

So incensed was Allan about the event -and the Air Force's 1990's reports that explained away the crash as that of a balloon crash and dummy drop- that he felt compelled to write to the LA Times. It was after he read the Air Force Roswell reports that he knew they were lying. It was then that he got the sinking, knowing feeling that Roswell was real. It was a UFO that had crashed to the desert floor decades ago.

This author decided to see if there ever was a "Major Charles Phillips" as alluded to by Grant. If so, what things was this Major associated with during his years of service in the Air Force? The answer was found in reviewing the records of the now-defunct civilian UFO organization NICAP.

Incredibly, Major Phillips -just one month after the Roswell crash- would become one of the US Air Force's first official UFO researchers! Phillips teamed with famed astronomer Dr. Lincoln LaPaz from the University of New Mexico. Together they would lead what they termed "ground survey teams" to investigate the mysterious -and still unexplained- "Green Fireball" sightings that plagued New Mexico for the next several years!

Source: The UFO Iconoclast(s)/Anthony Bragalia


In Search of the Mongolian Death Worm

Trudging gingerly across the arid sands of the Gobi desert, Czech explorer Ivan Mackerle is careful not to put a foot wrong, for he knows it may be his last. He scours the land and shifting valleys for tell-tale signs of disturbance in the sands below, always ready for the unexpected lurch of an alien being said to kill in one strike with a sharp spout of acidic venom to the face. A creature so secretive that no photographic evidence yet exists, but the locals know it’s there, always waiting in silence for its prey, waiting to strike – the Mongolian Death Worm.

Reported to be between two and five feet long, the deep-red coloured worm is said to resemble the intestines of a cow and sprays a yellow acidic saliva substance at its victims, who if they’re unlucky enough to be within touching distance also receive an electric shock powerful enough to kill a camel… or them.

Given the latin name Allghoi khorkhoi, the Mongolian Death Worm was first referred to by American paleontologist Professor Roy Chapman Andrews (apparently the inspiration for the Indiana Jones character) in his book On the Trail of Ancient Man, in 1926 but he didn’t appear to be entirely convinced about the whole idea. Even though locals were desperate to relay events of when the dreaded worm struck, Andrews writes: “None of those present ever had seen the creature, but they all firmly believed in its existence and described it minutely.” But it wasn’t to stop other inquisitive adventurers taking up the investigative mantle when Andrews was no longer interested, or able to pursue the matter.

Only a few years ago, in 2005, a group of English scientists and cryptozoologists spent a month in the hostile Gobi desert searching for the fabled creature, and although they spoke to a number of Mongolians in the area, all of whom regaled wondrous stories of the worm, no one could verify they had seen the creature first-hand. Even still, after four weeks the team had gathered enough verbal evidence to be convinced that the worm really does exist. Lead researcher, Richard Freeman, said: “Every eyewitness account and story we have heard describes exactly the same thing: a red-brown worm-like snake, approximately two feet long and two inches thick with no discernable head or back (tail).”

Today, it is Ivan Mackerle, a self-made cryptozoologist who travels the world in search of scientific evidence that proves creatures like the Loch Ness monster and Mongolian Death Worm exist. As a boy he read the stories of the Russian paleontologist Yefremov, who wrote about a worm, which resembled a bloody intestine, that could grow to the length of a small man and mysteriously kill people at great distance, possibly with poison or electricity.

    Mackerle says: “I thought it was only science fiction. But when I was in university, we had a Mongolian student in our class. I asked him, ‘Do you know what this is, the Allghoi khorkhoi?’ I was waiting for him to start laughing, to say that’s nothing. But he leaned in, like he had a secret, and said, ‘I know it. It is a very strange creature.’”

So Does the Mongolian Death Worm really exist, and what if it does?

This insistence by locals that worm is a reality will continue to fuel inquisitive minds and as long as open-mindedness remains a fair virtue, we’re prepared to wait a little longer for empirical proof of its existence.

Just remember, if you do decide to go Death Worm hunting in the Gobi desert, don’t wear yellow, seemingly that’s the color that sends our wrinkly friend into one its trademark electrifying, spitting freak outs. Don’t say we didn’t warm you.

Source: In.com


Argentina: Cattle Mutilations on the Rise

July 2009: Seven bovines were found mutilated last week in a farm near Puelches, in Southwestern La Pampa. The information was confirmed to CEUFO by local cattlemen who expressed their concern at the new incidents and stated “they did not occur in a single day; rather, they took place throughout the week” while one woman, a ranch owner, added that “strange lights were seen maneuvering over the area for several nights throughout the region.”

It should be noted that throughout this area, the presence of “lights” and “vehicles” is so common that on several occasion, local residents contacted CEUFO to witness the maneuvers of “strange vehicles” that are even visible over the area during the daytime hours – a region that is being scourged by a remarkable drought.

The eyewitness accounts include those by police officers and community authorities of the southern communities, who have come to consider the phenomenon as folklore.

Cattle mutilations have re-entered the conversations of livestock producers and residents of various regions of La Pampa and central Argentina in general.

Every so often, almost cyclically, the subject of mutilated animals, slain with alarming precision, appears once more in the media, especially in the nation’s heartland. La Pampa takes center stage and a wide array of comments emerge from discussions at coffeehouses, cattlemen’s’ associations, and all the towns in Argentina’s central region.

Memories of the “rodents” in the absurd essay produced by SENASA are a source of amusement among seasoned laborers, knowledgeable of the strange manifestations in their area. And within this framework, the term “extraterrestrial” causes an uncomfortable sensation among those who have witnessed the maneuvers of strange lights in the darkness, generally associated to the mysterious and unknown.

Long-time rural residents marvel at the precision of the cuts, and are even more startled that other creatures refuse to approach animals slain in this fashion. It is only now that carrion animals are timidly starting to approach a carcass that has lain exposed for ten to twelve days.

A veteran farmer stated, “The lacerations are not normal. There are no signs that the animal even tried to fend off an assailant. Rather, it appears to have fallen asleep on the ground.

An officer of the Cattle Theft Division of the La Pampa Police has said: “Although no reports are called in when the events occur, police officers act on their own whenever news of these events becomes known,” adding that “our eyes only look for strictly police-related material”, making it understood that the cases are subsequently reviewed by experts that are better versed in the subject at senior levels. “They tend to find details such as the animals’ apparent proximity to high voltage wires, the fact that there are always water deposits nearby, and that some trees show signs of incisions and other marks.”

Within this framework of hundreds of episodes taking place over a vast central region of the country, some agencies endeavored to prove that the events were “natural” and blamed the “red-muzzled mouse”, but were unaware that scientists know the region well by virtue of living in it, and also know all of its nooks and crannies and each species that occupies them. These scientists vehemently dismissed the laboratory-confected assays. Finally, the DEFINITIVE report, which was not circulated at all, was the one furnished to CEUFO by an official with the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of La Pampa. After a year of experiments and comparisons, they ruled that THE INCISIONS WERE MECHANICAL – that is to say, produced by an element having nothing to do with the teeth of rodents or carrion animals.

In one of many forays conducted by CEUFO in the rural areas, we obtained an eyewitness account in March 2007 from a cattleman in the community of Embajador Martini, Province of La Pampa, who added an interesting fact to be kept in mind within comparative parameters. He said: “At 14:00 hours, I witnessed a stampede produced by a circular beam of light, measuring 2 meters in diameter approximately, issued by an object that traveled at a normal altitude and speed, shaped like two soup-bowls joined at their edges.”

The question arose immediately – Was this what caused the animals to stampede? Was it in any way connected with the mutilations?

We can draw our own conclusions with all of this information.

Source: Inexplicata - Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU.
Special thanks to Quique Mario, CEUFO, and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO


The Great Worm of Avebury

Somebody asked me a few weeks ago what I considered to be the strangest unidentified animal encounter I have ever investigated. Well, unsurprisingly, there have been more than a few memorable cases that positively reeked of extreme weirdness; but without doubt, right near the top of this list was the strange affair of a man named Malcolm Lees.
Lees enlisted in the British Royal Air Force in the early 1950’s and retired in the late 1960’s. In 1962 he received a posting to a RAF station in the county of Wiltshire, which he declined to name, and worked in the prestigious and secretive world of intelligence gathering.
Most of the work, Lees explained, was routine and even mundane; and he laughed heartily at the idea, spouted by many, that intelligence work was a glamorous one full of James Bond-style escapades. Nevertheless, Lees said, there was one aspect of his career that really was stranger than fiction.
Early one September morning in 1962, a call came into the base from someone who had seen a UFO hovering in the vicinity of the ancient standing-stones in the historic village of Avebury.
UFO reports would reach the base from time to time, said Lees. They were always handled by the RAF’s Provost and Security Services, and were for the most part mind-numbingly mundane, and related to little more than sightings of unidentified lights in the sky that could, in reality, have been anything or nothing.
Invariably, he said, the reports were a week or more old by the time they were received; and so were simply filed and passed up the chain of command – that was then at Government Buildings, Acton, and relocated to Rudloe Manor in 1977. But this one case was a little different, said Lees.
The witness was a middle-aged lady who had lived in Avebury all of her adult life and who was fascinated by archaeological history. A spinster, she would often stroll among the Stonehenge-like formation at night, marvelling at their creation and musing upon their history.
It was on the night in question that she had been out walking at around 10.30 p.m. when she was both startled and amazed to see a small ball of light, perhaps two-feet in diameter, gliding slowly through the stones. Transfixed and rooted to the spot, she watched as it closed in on her at a height of about twelve feet. The ball then stopped fifteen feet from her and small amounts of what looked like liquid metal slowly and silently dripped from it to the ground. Then, in an instant, the ball exploded in a bright, white flash.
For a moment she was blinded by its intensity and instinctively fell to her knees. When her eyes cleared, however, she was faced with a horrific sight. The ball of light had gone, but on the ground in front of her was what she could only describe as a monstrous, writhing worm.
The creature, she said, was about five feet long, perhaps eight or nine inches thick, and its skin was milk-white. As she slowly rose to her feet, the creature’s head turned suddenly in her direction and two bulging eyes opened. When it began to move unsteadily towards her in a caterpillar-like fashion, she emitted a hysterical scream and fled the scene. Rushing back home, she slammed the door shut and frantically called the airbase, after having been directed to them by the less-than-impressed local police.
The Provost and Security Services were used to dealing with UFO reports, said Lees, and a friend of his in the P&SS was dispatched early the next day to interview the woman – amid much hilarity on the part of his colleagues, all of whom thought that the story was someone’s idea of a joke. On returning, however, Lees’ friend and colleague had a very serious and grim look on his face, and informed him guardedly that what had taken place was no hoax.
The woman, he said, had practically barricaded herself in her home, was almost incoherent with fear, and only agreed to return to the scene after lengthy coaxing. Lees’ colleague said that he found no evidence of the UFO; and the worm, or whatever it was, had gone. On the ground near the standing stone, however, was a three-foot long trail of a slime-like substance, not unlike that left by a snail. Lees’ colleague quickly improvised and, after racing back to the woman’s house, scooped some of the material onto a spoon and into a drinking glass.
After assuring the woman that her case would be taken very seriously, and requesting that she discuss the events with no one, he headed back to the base, the slimy substance in hand. A report was duly prepared and dispatched up the chain of command – along with the unidentified slime. For more than a week, said Lees, plainclothes military personnel would wander casually among the stones seeking out evidence of anything unusual. Nothing else was ever found, however.
Lees said that he was fascinated by this incident because it was one of the few UFO-related cases he had heard about that was taken very seriously at an official level and that had some form of material evidence in support of it. He did not know the outcome of the investigation but he never forgot about it – and, after interviewing Lees, neither did I!

Source: Mania/Nick Redfern


Could Sardinia be the Lost Island of Atlantis?

Top scholars have gathered in Rome recently to discuss the exciting and controversial idea that Sardinia is the lost island of Atlantis.

The theory, developed in a book by the Italian journalist Sergio Frau, has drawn international acclaim but also fuelled heated criticism.

Despite selling 30,000 copies in Italy, a detailed 20-point appeal by 250 academics has dismissed the book, claiming it sensationalises Sardinian history.

But the theory received a major boost last year, when the United Nations cultural heritage body UNESCO organised a symposium on the issue in Paris, suggesting the idea was worth serious consideration. Academics, archaeologists, geologists and historians from across Italy have met in Rome’s Accademia dei Lincei to look at the theory in closer depth and discuss possible paths of future research.

The meeting has also been timed to coincide with the opening of an exhibition on Frau’s ideas, originally shown in Paris last year. Atlantika uses Frau’s book, The Pillars of Hercules, as a springboard for exploring theories and ideas on the legendary island and its whereabouts. Neither the location nor the existence of Atlantis have ever been confirmed.

The first documented mention of the island dates back to ancient Greek philosopher Plato – circa 427-347 BC – who said it was destroyed by a natural disaster, possibly a tsunami.

Traditional theories have placed it somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean because Plato said it was beyond the Pillars of Hercules which, according to another ancient writer, Erathosthenes, were at the Straits of Gibraltar.

But Frau believes Erathosthenes, a librarian and geographer who lived in Alexandria in the third and second centuries BC, got it wrong and that the Pillars of Hercules were actually on Sicily.

Frau had his brainwave after seeing a print of two maps of the Mediterranean as it was in the Bronze Age.

One showed Tunisia and Sicily almost touching; the other, of the Straits of Gibraltar, was remarkably similar .

Frau thinks Erathosthenes moved the pillars because in the 120 years between Plato’s era and his, the Greek world changed dramatically, and the strait between Sicily and Africa was no longer at the outer reaches of the Empire.

Furthermore, geological shifts and rising sea levels widened the distance between Tunisia and Sicily, contributing to Erathosthenes’ mistake and reinforcing it over time.

If the Pillars of Hercules really were in Sicily, Sardinia would be the obvious location for Atlantis.

Frau’s research has revealed that the Nuragic civilisation – named after the Nuraghes (stone towers) that were built on the island – flourished on Shardana (Sardinia) between 1400-1200 BC .

A catastrophic event, possibly a tsunami, is thought to have wiped the Nuragic people off Sardinia during the Bronze Age, around 1178-1175 BC .

Although Plato dated Atlantis to 9,000 years before his time, many historians think he meant 900 years, basing their judgments on his descriptions of the writing and bronze to be found on the island .

Furthermore, if the Pillars of Hercules were moved to the Straits of Sicily, Frau argues that many classical writings become more accurate in geographical terms.

For example, Herodotus writes of Corsica and the ancient city of Tartessos in one story as if they were near one another. If Tartessos were beyond the Pillars of Hercules in Gibraltar, the journey from there to Corsica would take more than a month by boat .

Another writer, Dicearcus, says that the end of the Adriatic is further from Greece than the Pillars of Hercules. “Malta and Gozo square up with this description, but not Gibraltar,” Frau said.

Source: The Malta Independent


Boy Says He Was Attacked By Ghost

A Priest has been called in by a distraught mum after her teenage son told her he had been attacked by a ghost in the family home.
Terrified mum Beverley Wilkins turned to the church after son Daniel was left bruised and bewildered by what his family say could only have been a ghost or poltergeist.

The 13-year-old had finished school and was alone in their home in York Road, Hartlepool, when he claims he was suddenly pulled upright, dragged across the living room, taken to the front door and thrown out into the street.

The incident, on Monday, is said to have lasted five minutes before the startled youngster fled to a neighbour's house.

Mum Beverley was collecting her five-year-old son, Ethan, from the town's Barnard Grove Primary School at the time and returned to find a group of neighbours and a trembling Daniel outside her locked front door.

Single mum Beverley, 33, who does not work, told the Mail: "Daniel told me he had been sitting on the sofa listening to music when he felt someone grab him and pick him up.

"His feet came off the floor and then someone started pushing him towards the living room door.

"Whatever it was then tried to push him into the kitchen.

"He said that the front door then flew open and he was grabbed by the arms again and pushed into the street.

"He did not see anyone throughout the whole thing but said it sounded like a man because of the heavy breathing."

After cautiously entering their home, the family turned and fled after hearing banging upstairs and the sound of someone walking around.

They dashed to St Paul's Church and explained what had happened to parish priest Father Richard Masshedar.

After enlisting the support of her mum, Kathleen Galloway, Beverley, her two-year-old daughter, Ellie, Daniel and Ethan all spent the night huddled together in one bedroom.

Throughout the night they claim a smoke alarm mysteriously bleeped with heavily-pregnant Beverley managing just one hour's sleep.

Recently, Father Masshedar visited the family to offer support and say prayers for them.

He said: "I went to see the family as a first step and to offer prayers.
"We take it one step at a time and the first step was for me, as parish priest, to visit the family with a church warden."

The landlord, who told the Mail it was the first time he had ever come across such a happening, said that if the family were too upset to stay at the house they would be moved as soon as another suitable property became available.

Source: Hartlepool Mail


Saudi 'Genie' Sued for Harassment

A family in Saudi Arabia is taking a "genie" to court, accusing it of theft and harassment, reports say.

They accuse the spirit of threatening them, throwing stones and stealing mobile phones, Al Watan newspaper said.

The family have lived in the same house near the city of Medina for 15 years but say they only recently became aware of the spirit. They have now moved out.

A local court is investigating. In Islamic theology, genies are spirits that can harass or possess humans.

'Get out of the house'

"We began to hear strange sounds," the head of the family, who come from Mahd Al Dahab, told the Saudi daily. He did not want to be named.

"At first we did not take it seriously, but then stranger things started to happen and the children got particularly scared when the genie started throwing stones."

He added: "A woman spoke to me first, and then a man. They said we should get out of the house."

A local court says it is trying to verify the truthfulness of the claims "despite the difficulty" of doing so.

Many Westerners know the term genie from the tale of Aladdin and the magic lamp, or the 1960s American sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie.

But the BBC's Sebastian Usher says genies, or jinn, in Islamic theology can be a lot more sinister.

They are believed to be normally invisible but with the ability to assume human or animal form, and are often said to be motivated by revenge or jealousy.

There is a lingering belief in genies in the Muslim world that predates Islam, our correspondent says.

Source: BBC

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