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The crystal ball glimmered with an iridescence of days of future past.  The nearby flickering candles threw shadows of  things yet to be upon the orbs crystalline matrix.  The prophet, withered and aged, breathed deeply of the smokey air and continued to gaze deeply into the heart of the crystal.   Deep within his brain, universal connections that bind us all in a web of  wholeness are stimulated by the hypnotic shapes that danced faintly in the ball.  Time and space are one and all information contained within reality are available to those who can master their intellect and allow the stream of information to be downloaded directly into the brain -- bypassing the rational mind that would block anything received through such unconventional methods.  The prophet sighs in contentment -- because once again his crystal ball has brought him his subscription to Conspiracy Journal, the free weekly e-mail newsletter of everything weird and strange from the past present and future.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such teeth-clenching stories as:

- Microwave Weapon Will Rain Pain From the Sky -
- Ufologist Richard Hall Dies -
- America's Secret Psychic Warriors -
AND: Motorist Has Near Collision With Bigfoot In Pennsylvania

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The Conspiracy Summit Dossier: Whistle Blower's Guide To The Strangest And Most Bizarre Cosmic And Global Conspiracies!

Newly Added Revelations From:

Adam Gorightly: Ritual Magic, Mind Control and UFOs.

Commander X: Mind Control In The 21st Century.

Kenn Thomas: Wilhelm Reich, Eisenhower And The Aliens.

Terry Melanson: The Sulphur Enigma Of Paranormal Visitation.

Hundreds gathered at the Alien Agenda and Cosmic Conspiracies Conference to hear the testimony of a dozen of the world s leading theorists discussing various cutting edge topics.

Panel members included... Retired Air Force pilot Mel Noel, Jordan Maxwell, Wendy Wallace, Vladimir Terziski, Alexander Collier, Carol Stopper, PX Survivor Al Bielek, Gary Schultz ,Sean David Morton, AND MANY OTHERS!

Discussed were Mind Control The Rapture Eisenhower And The Aliens The Gulf Breeze Six Project Blue Beam Ritual Magic And UFOs What was hidden aboard Space Shuttle Challenger when it exploded over the Atlantic System of tunnels built 200,000 years ago by aliens who are linked to the New World Order Secret anti-gravity ships were built in 1860 and landed on the Moon and Mars NASA is just a front for the real space program Hybrid children have been born in American hospitals Ultra-secret military legions were trained to enter UFO crash sites to recover aliens and wreckage Anti-gravity ships exist that will take thousands of elitists from earth in case of a cosmic disaster (which is on the way)!

EXCLUSIVE! FIRST TIME EVER INTERVIEW: BILL COOPER S DAUGHTER SPEAKS OUT! Daughter of the legendary patriot and former Naval Officer, Jessica Cooper, gives her first ever interview with Tim Beckley, discussing her dad's raging battle with the authorities, what he REALLY believed about UFOs, the Kennedy assassination, and how the Feds tried to use her to lure her father down from the safety of his mountain top retreat.

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In This Incredible Issue:

Feature Articles
Decoding the Bible
Whether resting on an altar, courtroom podium, or bedroom nightstand, the Holy Bible commands respect. Although the longest debate about its teachings concerns evolution versus creationism, today’s controversy is not generating sermons or atheists’ arguments inasmuch as  challenging a standard belief system. The Good Book is getting a  closer look from people who are learning that past tragedies, such as 9/11 and the future    Apocalypse, may actually be encrypted in this 3,200-year-old text.
Sunspots and the Number 11 in the 2012 Prophesy
Our times are bracketed by two specific dates—September 11, 2001 and  
December 21, 2012—the greatest single act of terrorism on the continental United States and the end of the Mayan calendar. If, as some observers suspect, something more than a coincidental relationship exists between these two events, its explanation must lie beyond the powers of ordinary human reason and in the world of numbers.
The Mayan Calendar: Ancient Prophesies for a New World
On December 21, 2012, the world as we know it will cease to exist.  This prediction, made thousands of years ago by Mayan shamans, has  raised many questions: What does the ancient prophecy mean? Will a cataclysmic event destroy the planet and how and why did the Mayans choose the winter solstice in a year so far into the future? Scholars claim the answers to all these questions are found in the Mayan  
The Loch Ness Monster: Hoax or Horror?
Whichever estimate of sightings we accept, be it 600, 3,000, or 10,000, there is no shortage of anecdotal evidence that a strange creature inhabits Loch Ness.

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Microwave Weapon Will Rain Pain From the Sky

The Pentagon's enthusiasm for non-lethal crowd-control weapons appears to have stepped up a gear with its decision to develop a microwave pain-infliction system that can be fired from an aircraft.

The device is an extension of its controversial Active Denial System, which uses microwaves to heat the surface of the skin, creating a painful sensation without burning that strongly motivates the target to flee. The ADS was unveiled in 2001, but it has not been deployed owing to legal issues and safety fears.

Nevertheless, the Pentagon's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) in Quantico, Virginia, has now called for it to be upgraded. The US air force, whose radar technology the ADS is based on, is increasing its annual funding of the system from $2 million to $10 million.

The transmitting antenna on the current system is 2 metres across, produces a single beam of similar width and is steered mechanically, making it cumbersome. At the heart of the new weapon will be a compact airborne antenna, which will be steered electronically and be capable of generating multiple beams, each of which can be aimed while on the move.
The new antenna will be steered electronically and is capable of generating multiple heat beams

The ADS has been dogged by controversy. Jürgen Altmann, a physicist at Dortmund University in Germany, showed that the microwave beams can cause serious burns at levels not far above those required to repel people. This was verified when a US airman was hospitalised with second-degree burns during testing in April 2007.

The airborne version will not make it any less contentious. "Independent of the mode of production, with this size of antenna the beam will show variations of intensity with distance - not just a simple decrease - up to about 500 metres," says Altmann. Shooting it on the move with any accuracy will be difficult, he adds.

Dave Law, head of the technology division of the JNLWD, says the new antenna will operate at the lowest possible effective power level and will have a sophisticated automated target-tracking system.

In a recent cost-benefit analysis, the US Government Accountability Office rated the ADS worst out of eight non-lethal weapons currently in development.

Source: New Scientist


Ufologist Richard Hall Dies

Richard Hall, one of the leading ufologists of the last century has lost his longtime battle with cancer and passed away on July 17 at age 78.

Dick was born on December 25, 1930, in Hartford, Connecticut; in 1949, realizing that war was forthcoming, he spent two years with the newly borne Air Force, followed by six years in the Air Force Reserve.

After his service he took odd jobs and moved around a bit, until landing at Tulane University, (New Orleans) in 1954. He initially majored in mathematics and then switched to philosophy.

Hall joined the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in the 1950s and worked diligently for official recognition of the UFO subject, and also served as chairman of the Fund For UFO Research from 1993-1997, an organization that sponsors UFO studies such as Stanton Friedman’s MJ-12 research and the history of project Bluebook.

In 1993 through 1998 Dick would serve as Chairman of the Fund for UFO Research; he was prolific writer, who authored a few books, some which are considered hallmarks to Ufological research, e.g., UFO Evidence, The UFO Evidence, Volume II: A Thirty-year Report, Uninvited Guests with his latest endeavor being The Journal of UFO History, a monthly periodical detailing the annals of Ufology.

Hall represented the “old guard” of UFO studies, those who came into the field in the 1950s and settled in the extraterrestrial hypothesis as the default explanation for UFO origins, and tended to reject the ideas of those such as the late John Keel, who argued for an explanation that landed closer to home. But Hall always fought for official recognition of the subject as worthy of serious consideration by academics and scientists, and in that spirit, he remains one of the greats in the field whose shoulders we all stand on, and will continue to do so.

Source: The UFO Chronicles


America's Secret Psychic Warriors

The Heaven's Gate UFO cult didn't do any favors for the credibility of remote viewing when 39 of its members committed suicide in 1997. What pushed the cultists over the edge was a prediction by a prominent remote viewer that the rapidly approaching Hale-Bopp comet was being chased by a gigantic alien spaceship on its way to wipe out the Earth.

More recently, another big-name remote viewer said he had pinpointed the spot where famed pilot Steve Fawcett crashed his plane, though the pinpoint was off by a just a smidge -- 50 miles.

"It definitely has value. Is it perfect? Far from it," said retired Army Intelligence Colonel John Alexander.

Col. Alexander knows from first hand experience that remote viewing is not just a weird fad or the equivalent of Madame Zelda's crystal ball -- it was taken very seriously by the U.S. government and other countries.

He was assigned to find out how far the Russians were ahead of the Americans in developing their own psychic warriors. The CIA spent 20 years and millions of dollars developing scientific protocols that, in effect, allow people to project their consciousness to other places and other times.

"What we call it is non-local reality. There is a universe of info out there that people tap into it through various means, remote viewing being one of them," he said.

Nevada's legendary military base, Area 51, was the target in one counterintelligence operation, Alexander says. Remote viewers were given coordinates for the base to see if they could peer inside, and they did.

The viewers saw weird black aircraft inside the hangars, years before the existence of the stealth fighter was acknowledged. To the dismay of the Air Force, they also saw a second secret project -- the B-2 bomber. The Pentagon freaked.

"Scared, because the point was we understand counterintelligence, we understand putting up programs to protect it, but how do you protect against something like this," he said.

"I had one instance where I described an attack on an American warship 50 hours before it happened. Described it in great detail and nobody believed it was going to happen. We all thought it was fantasy. Fifty hours later, it happened exactly as I described it," said author and remote viewer Paul Smith.

Smith, who grew up in Boulder City, literally wrote the book on remote viewing. He's the author of the training manual used by the Army. Like many other veterans of the classified program, he now teaches others how to do it through books, DVD's, and one on one sessions.

Remote viewing has become an industry, of sorts. Many of its best-known practitioners came to Nevada a few weeks ago for their annual convention -- to hear or make presentations and to hawk some merchandise.

New students are looking for practical benefits, but there are limits. For example, say you suspect your politician husband of fooling around. "In practice, it's hard to do because you want to be blind to the target. A remote viewer should not know what the target is upfront, because if you do know, there is all this mental noise going on," said Smith.

A remote viewer named Sherry was so impressed by remote viewing impresario Ed Dames that she now helps market his instructional merchandise. She doesn't need to peer into Area 51 to know that it works. "I misplaced cameras and car keys and use it for that kind of stuff. I also needed an attorney one time and I used it for that," she said.

So much for uncovering the secrets of the universe.

According to Dames, Nevada's capital Carson City should expect a major earthquake within the next five months. But before you sell your property up there, keep in mind that Dames has been wrong in quite a few of his predictions.

Source: Las Vegas Now


Vinland Map of America No Forgery, Expert Says

The 15th century Vinland Map, the first known map to show part of America before explorer Christopher Columbus landed on the continent, is almost certainly genuine, a Danish expert said recently.

Controversy has swirled around the map since it came to light in the 1950s, many scholars suspecting it was a hoax meant to prove that Vikings were the first Europeans to land in North America -- a claim confirmed by a 1960 archaeological find.

Doubts about the map lingered even after the use of carbon dating as a way of establishing the age of an object.

"All the tests that we have done over the past five years -- on the materials and other aspects -- do not show any signs of forgery," Rene Larsen, rector of the School of Conservation under the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, told Reuters.

He presented his team's findings at an international cartographers' conference in the Danish capital Friday.

The map shows both Greenland and a western Atlantic island "Vinilanda Insula," the Vinland of the Icelandic sagas, now linked by scholars to Newfoundland where Norsemen under Leif Eriksson settled around AD 1000.

Larsen said his team carried out studies of the ink, writing, wormholes and parchment of the map, which is housed at Yale University in the United States.

He said wormholes, caused by wood beetles, were consistent with wormholes in the books with which the map was bound.

He said claims the ink was too recent because it contained a substance called anatase titanium dioxide could be rejected because medieval maps have been found with the same substance, which probably came from sand used to dry wet ink.

American scholars have carbon dated the map to about 1440, about 50 years before Columbus "discovered" the New World in 1492. Scholars believe it was produced for a 1440 church council at Basel, Switzerland.

The Vinland Map is not a "Viking map" and does not alter the historical understanding of who first sailed to North America. But if it is genuine, it shows that the New World was known not only to Norsemen but also to other Europeans at least half a century before Columbus's voyage.

It was bought from a Swiss dealer by an American after the British Museum turned it down in 1957.

It was subsequently bought for Yale University by a wealthy Yale alumnus, Paul Mellon, and published with fanfare in 1965.

The lack of a provenance has caused much of the controversy. Where the map came from and how it came into the hands of the Swiss dealer after World War Two remain a mystery.

Source: NewsDaily


Underworld of the Pharaohs

On March 3rd, 2008 I entered a previously overlooked large tomb on the Giza plateau. I had come to this neglected area, west of the Great Pyramid, following new information that was set to challenge everything we know about the evolution of Giza’s famous monuments.

My colleague, the British Egyptological researcher Nigel Skinner Simpson, had uncovered something unique in the recently rediscovered memoirs of Henry Salt (1780-1827), the British Consul General in Egypt, an avid explorer and collector of Egyptian antiquities. These recorded how Salt, in the company of his employee, the redoubtable Italian explorer and former sea-captain Giovanni Battista Caviglia (1770-1845), had entered a vast network of Catacombs beneath the plateau. After exploring them for a distance of “several hundred yards”, they came across three large chambers of equal size, each interconnected, and with further tunnels leading away into the darkness. Yet having found no gold or treasure, Salt and Caviglia had given up their search and returned to the surface, giving no hint that they ever returned to this lost underworld of the pharaohs.

Tomb of the Birds

The only people known to have gone anywhere near this vast cave system after Salt and Caviglia were the British explorer Colonel Howard Vyse (1784-1853) and his colleague, the engineer John Shae Perring (1813-1869). They would appear to have chanced upon the tomb marking the entrance to the caves during their routine explorations of the plateau in 1837.

Nothing is known of what Vyse and Perring found here, other than a brief reference to them removing the mummified remains of a very large bird. A later plan of the plateau drawn by Perring shows the tomb’s deeply-cut façade, next to which is the legend “Tombs and Pits of Bird Mummies”, indicating that they once served as a bird cemetery in which the mummified remains of birds were interred, perhaps in honour of a local bird cult.

There is no question that what Salt and Caviglia found back in 1817 is of immense importance to the Egyptological world, for rumours surrounding the existence at Giza of a vast underworld go back to the Pyramid age. Ancient Egyptian creation texts, as well as an assortment of funerary literature, i.e. books of the dead, speak of a hellish realm of darkness called the Duat, guarded by demons and snakes. It is this that the ba, or spirit, of the pharaoh (and later those of the priests, nobles and laymen) had to navigate in order to gain rebirth and achieve an afterlife among the stars.

Underworld of the Soul

Egyptologists have always considered the Duat to be a purely mythical environment, meant to strike fear into those hoping to gain an easy passage to heaven. Yet there are clear indications that a physical representation of this chthonic realm existed somewhere in the vicinity of the Pyramids of Giza. It was said to have been ruled over by the earth-god Sokar, who in an ancient Egyptian funerary text called the Am-duat, the “Book of that which is in the Underworld”, is shown standing on a massive multi-headed snake. Sokar, a falcon-headed god of the dead, had been patron of the sprawling cemeteries and pyramid fields that served the ancient city of Memphis, and in particular those at Rostau, the ancient name for Giza.

At South Giza, once known as Upper Rostau, archaeologists have found textual evidence of the existence thereabouts of an important shrine to Sokar honouring something called the Shetayet, quite literally the “Tomb of God”. Inscriptions tell us that the dweller of this hidden chamber was the god Osiris, Lord of the Underworld, who lies in darkness with a fiery radiance about him. Other texts preserved on the walls of the temple of Edfu in southern Egypt refer to this same chthonic realm as the Duat n Ba, or “Underworld of the Soul”.

Mouth of the Passages

Adding to the belief that a physical representation of the pharaoh’s underworld existed at Giza is the name Rostau, which translates as something like the “mouth of the passages”, an allusion to the entrance to this chthonic realm. Even after the fall of ancient Egypt stories persisted concerning what awaited discovery beneath the sands at Giza. For instance, the fourth-century Graeco-Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus (fl. AD 360-390), wrote of “subterranean fissures and winding passages called syringes” beneath the Pyramids, which, he said “those acquainted with the ancient rites, since they had fore-knowledge that a deluge was coming, and feared that the memory of the ceremonies might be destroyed, dug in the earth in many places with great labor”.

Much later, Arab travellers recorded very similar tales following conversations with Coptic Christian priests and monks as the inheritors of ancient Egypt’s forgotten wisdom. These stories told of subterranean passages created beneath the Great Pyramid by a legendary king named Saurid to preserve his race’s knowledge of the arts and sciences in advance of a cataclysm involving fire from heaven and a subsequent deluge.

Halls of Initiation

It was with the knowledge of stories such as these that the first European explorers arrived in Egypt intent on discovering the lost treasures of the Pyramids. As far back as the ninth century the ruling caliph of the Islamic world, al-Mamoun, spent an enormous amount of time and effort tunnelling a hole through into the Great Pyramid hoping to find gold and treasure. This he failed to do, but those who came after him continued the trend, forever searching for hidden entrances to subterranean tunnels and vaults that were said to connect the Great Pyramid with the nearby Sphinx monument.

It was with similar motivations that in 1817 Henry Salt employed the Italian explorer Giovanni Caviglia to remove the sands that had engulfed the Sphinx since Roman times. Six months of digging produced no evidence of hidden chambers inside its body. Yet knowledge of the cave system, stretching beneath the plateau’s famous pyramid field, now provides firm evidence for the existence of Giza’s lost underworld.

Star Correlation

Bizarrely enough, my wife Sue and I had explored the tomb in question just one year earlier, in January 2007. We had gone there to try and understand why this area of the plateau figured in a ground-sky overlay featuring the stars of the Cygnus constellation. Known more popularly as the Northern Cross, this prominent star group is located within the starry stream we know today as the Milky Way. In classical star lore Cygnus is seen as a swan in flight, yet among the dwellers of the Nile its stars served a different function. They would appear to have signified the womb and vulva of the sky-goddess Nuit, the mother of Osiris ­ the god whom all pharaohs were associated in death. Indeed, the tomb and sarcophagus, in which the pharaoh was laid to rest, represented the symbolic womb of the sky-goddess. Inside this chamber of rebirth the soul or spirit of the deceased was expected to achieve transformation into an akh, a “glorious spirit”, at one with the stars of the northern sky. In fact, among the oldest human burials uncovered in Egypt, the body of the deceased was laid to rest in a foetal position, signifying their symbolic return and rebirth within the womb of a primeval sky mother, seen as the progenitor of life on earth.

Working with British engineer Rodney Hale, I was able to determine that the placement of the three main pyramids at Giza reflected the astronomical positions of three key stars in Cygnus, those that make up the wings of the celestial swan. This star-pyramid relationship is confirmed in the knowledge that from a position south-southeast of the plateau these same three stars would have been seen to set down into their respective pyramids around the time of their completion, c. 2500 BC.

The Hall of Records

Despite this astounding ground-sky relationship Cygnus’s brightest star, Deneb, remained without a corresponding marker on the ground. This puzzled me, until a colleague, having listened to my findings, suggested that the Deneb spot on the ground might signify something undiscovered, something underground. “Perhaps it’s the entrance to the Hall of Records,” he offered.

The Hall of Records was the name given to Giza’s lost underworld by the American psychic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), who as early as 1925 predicted that just such a hidden chamber, containing the records of all those who had lived on earth, would one day be found in the vicinity of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.

The discovery of the lost underworld at Giza explored by Salt and Caviglia might well go some way to fulfilling Cayce’s predictions regarding the Hall of Records. This seems especially so, for the entrance to Salt and Caviglia’s Catacombs lies just a short distance away from the Deneb spot in the ground-sky correlation. It seems no coincidence, therefore, that for the ancient Egyptians this star personified the navel and womb of the sky-goddess in her role as the Milky Way ­ her legs being created by the starry trail’s bifurcation to form what is known to astronomers as the Dark Rift or Cygnus Rift.

Wonderful Discoveries

Having determined to locate Salt and Caviglia’s lost Catacombs, I sought the help of the Aassociation for Research and Enlightenment of Virginia Beach, VA, the research wing of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, who have supported research expeditions at Giza since the mid 1970s in the belief that one day the Hall of Records will eventually be found. With their support we made preparations to fly out to Egypt. My intention was to conduct a second investigation of the tomb, which, I now concluded, concealed the entrance to the little known cave system.

Having reached the site on camels that eventful day in March 2008, Nigel Skinner Simpson, Sue Collins and I explored its every nook and cranny without discovering the entrance to any lost Catacombs. About to move on to other nearby tombs to continue the search there, we noticed a crack in a rock face, once sealed by a mud brick wall. Peering inside, an incredible sight greeted us ­ a vast cave chamber filled with rock debris, and enhanced here and there to make it more rectangular in appearance.

Hesitantly, I descended into the darkness, as flocks of bats exited the entrance, disturbed by this rude intrusion into their natural habitat. After exploring the opening chamber and various side compartments, I entered a long cave tunnel that headed in the direction of Giza’s Third Pyramid. In the pitch darkness, I navigated a seemingly never ending carpet of fallen rocks and boulders. The uneven floor, thwart with dangerous cracks and hollows, was covered with animal bones, most likely those of camel carcasses dragged in by hyenas. This was something that Salt and Caviglia had also noted during their own exploration of the mysterious Catacombs.

Dangers in the Darkness

Reaching a natural bifurcation in the cave tunnel, I felt it the right time to double back and return to the surface, having taken some 20 minutes to travel just 80-90 metres. On subsequent visits, Sue and I penetrated the darkness still further, reaching a distance of perhaps 135 meters, before the air became too thin to continue. Adding to the ever-present threat of oxygen starvation and life-threatening diseases associated with bats and bat guano, was the shock discovery in the caves of a species of spider that we afterwards tentatively identified as the white widow. Putting your hands on one of these was not an option.

We knew from Salt’s memoirs that the cave tunnels carried on for a minimum distance of “several hundred yards” before reaching three large chambers of equal size, from which ran further cave tunnels. Further exploration might well reveal the greater secrets of this cave complex, formed by the actions of water tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Clearly, we had not found Cayce’ Hall of Records, or the legendary Tomb of Osiris. Yet in the deepest cave compartment reached we found lightly incised parallel lines on the walls, giving hope that the caves might provide firm evidence of human activity on the plateau going back before even the Pyramid age. The cave complex’s existence might even throw new light on the ancient Egyptians’ belief in a Duat underworld existing at Giza in its role as Rostau, the “mouth of the passages”.

Snake Guardian

Most extraordinary of all is the story told to us by an Arab tomb guardian, whom we encountered in the vicinity of the Tomb of the Birds. He was elderly, spoke no English and is unlikely to have been influenced by new age visitors to the plateau. He knew the tomb, but refuses point blank to enter the caves. When asked why, the man, who wore a headscarf and traditional galabeya, said that they were the abode of a giant snake called el-Hanash. Apparently, it is “nine meters (30 feet)” long, and anyone attempting to enter el-kahf (Arabic for “the cave”) will be squeezed to death in its powerful coils. It is a fable, of course, yet one that echoes the very ancient belief that snakes of great size inhabited the Duat underworld, a tradition that persisted into Roman times with the belief that beneath the Great Pyramid reposed a god in the form of a huge serpent called Agathodaimon, the “good spirit”.

I later learnt more about the mysterious el-Hanash. One story told to me by a local craftsman in Nazlet el-Samman, the village of the Pyramids, related how this underworld serpent protects the entrance to the “Hall of Records”. He will spit venom in the face and blind anyone who attempts to steal the great “diamond” it protects. Yet one day a chosen one will enter the caves and el-Hanash will blind them in just one eye. This person will go on to enter the Hall of Records and find the great jewel that has the power to bestow on them great powers.

It is a strange tale, tainted by modern new age thought, although it seems to echo the ancient Egyptian belief that the Underworld of the Soul, or Tomb of Osiris, contains a power object that radiates an unearthly light. Clearly, nothing like this was found in the caves by Salt and Caviglia. Yet they left this underground world only partially explored, as we did ourselves, offering hope that one day this mystery will finally be revealed. Until then, it remains safe under the protection of el-Hanash.

All theories and evidence presented in this article are expounded in Beneath the Pyramids by Andrew Collins (Fourth Dimension Press, Virginia Beach, VA, 2009). For more information on Andrew Collins and his work, go to www.andrewcollins.com

Source: Mysterious America/Andrew Collins


The Truth About 'UFO Abduction From Undersea'

A Riveting Work By Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (Ret.)

As Timothy Green Beckley quite rightly states in his introduction to "UFO Abduction From Undersea," UFOs have been sighted in the skies since man first began to keep written records of his own existence. They can in fact be called a commonplace occurrence compared to the less frequent phenomenon of the Undersea UFOs, often called "USOs," which stands for "Unidentified Submerged Object" or "Unidentified Submarine Object." Nevertheless, the USO is a consistent and important part of UFOlogy that is worthy of close scrutiny by researchers and believers everywhere.

In the interest of total disclosure, I wrote the first few chapters of "UFO Abduction From Undersea" myself. My assignment was to provide some historical background on the subject as an introduction to the real core of the book, which is a reprint of the privately published "UFO Contact From Undersea" by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, the primary researcher and documenter of the abduction experiences of one Filiberto Cardenas of Florida, about whom more later. Dr. Sanchez-Ocejo has done an excellent job of telling Cardenas' story from many different angles and with an admirable thoroughness that is a joy to read.

My introductory material deals with, among other things, several undersea abductions, including the story of Betty Andreasson Luca, one of the better known and documented abduction cases in the modern history of the phenomenon. As author and researcher Raymond Fowler tells the story in "The Andreasson Affair Phase Two," Betty is routinely abducted into an alien spacecraft, but on this particular occasion, she finds herself in a domed UFO hurtling toward a body of water. Under hypnosis, Betty cringes in terror as she recalls feeling that the ship was going to crash into the water.

Fowler says the safest assumption to make is that Betty was still located somewhere on Earth when this was happening, as the presence of so much abundant water on another nearby planet is not very likely. In any case, after safely passing through a "window" of water, Betty enters what she describes as an "icy place" that is brightly lit. As she is being transported in a kind of car through a tunnel strewn with icicles, she sees what she at first takes to be people, human-looking people, encased in glass. Fowler calls this place the "Museum of Time," since the people were clothed in the costumes of different historical periods, complete with appropriate background scenery, like the tableaux once might see in a museum on Earth. The figures didn't appear to be dead or stuffed, and included children and babies and people of all races.

When he played back the recording of this particular regression with Betty, Fowler admits that he was tempted to disbelieve most of the story. Yet he wondered how Betty could spontaneously and emotionally relive such a detailed and intricate experience unless it was true? A cold chill ran through Fowler as he contemplated the implications of the human beings encased in glass, and even to a jaded reader of abduction accounts like myself, this one is pretty darn spooky, I must say.

Let us now return to the primary focus of "UFO Abduction From Undersea," the experiences of the aforementioned Filiberto Cardenas, whose story began in January of 1979. Cardenas was in his workplace, a gift shop in Hialeah, Florida, when he received a phone call from his friend, Fernando Marti, who asked Cardenas to accompany him to buy a pig from one of the local merchants for a feast the next Sunday. After visiting two such vendors, they were unable to find a suitable pig. They were going to visit yet another pig-seller when they turned off onto a little used road and the car's engine mysteriously stopped.

The two men examined the engine and could not find the problem. Then, even more strangely, the engine began to emit violet and red lights in sequence. At the same moment, they heard a strange noise, like a swarm of bees, according to Marti. The lights and noise continued to build in intensity and the car began to shake. Believing it was an earthquake, Marti's wife began to scream. When Cardenas tried to move to her to offer comfort, he discovered he was paralyzed beneath the hood of the car where he had been examining the engine.

Then the same force that had paralyzed him lifted him into the air. As he hung there suspended in midair, he shouted "Don't take me! Don't take me!" The noise and light were somehow switched off, and Marti observed a UFO ascending into the sky and disappearing. Marti shouted to his wife and child, "They have taken Filiberto!" After several attempts, he was able to start the car again. He considered whether he should inform the police of what happened, fearing that he might be accused of having harmed Cardenas himself. He decided to tell the police anyway, and also told Cardenas' wife, "A light took Filiberto away."

Meanwhile, Cardenas awoke onboard the UFO. He was shown on television screens scenes of the past, present, and future of mankind, similar in theme to the Museum of Time that Betty Andreasson Luca witnessed. Cardenas was next transported to a smaller ship, which plunged into the sea at an incredible velocity. Also, like Luca, he entered a tunnel with walls that seemed brightly illuminated, but he does not describe the icicles and humans encased in glass. Cardenas was instead welcomed here by a human-looking figure who said he was from Earth and had long worked with the UFO entities. He told Cardenas that he should feel fortunate to be receiving instructions from "beings like us." Cardenas was also privileged to visit an undersea alien city, after which he was returned to a pasture near where he had originally been abducted.

The story, as exhaustively documented by Dr. Sanchez-Ocejo, contains many exciting elements. The abductions themselves onto an alien spacecraft, being elevated aboard in a beam of light, physical examination by alien beings, a trip as a guest aboard the otherworldly vessel, the varieties of flying vehicles used in Cardenas' experiences and his visit to an alien submarine base, a tour of the aliens' Earth facilities, actual conversations with the aliens, the implanting of a high-tech receiver in Cardenas' head, photos of flying discs from undersea and maps of pertinent locations.

The Cardenas abduction received media attention on Hispanic stations worldwide, especially in the Miami area near where the initial events transpired. Several clips have been posted on the Internet in Spanish for those who want to seek them out. There is independent witness confirmation as well as the hypnosis regression sessions and the testimony of friends to add weight to the body of evidence that this case is legitimate.

I believe that Cardenas contacted essentially benevolent aliens in his undersea adventure. He seems to have experienced everything that is good about the abduction phenomenon-most notably the kindly, welcoming aliens and "television" images that imply a deep and abiding interest in the future of mankind.

Cardenas' abductors gave him some interesting prophecies in 1979, many of which have come true, such as the election of President Ronald Reagan in 1980, the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981 and the demonstration by Chinese students in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

All of these prophecies are included in this expanded edition of "UFO Abduction From Undersea," as well as transcripts of Cardenas' historic hypnotic regression sessions and an excellent, extremely informative introduction by Wendelle Stevens.

If you're interested in reading about the alien encounter experience as seen from below the briny depths, look no further than this wonderfully complete overview of the USO phenomenon.

To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title:
UFO Abduction From Undersea

Source: UFO Digest/Sean Casteel


Russian Navy UFO Records Say Aliens Love Oceans

The Russian navy has declassified its records of encounters with unidentified objects technologically surpassing anything humanity ever built, reports

The records dating back to soviet times were compiled by a special navy group collecting reports of unexplained incidents delivered by submarines and military ships. The group was headed by deputy Navy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov, and the documents reveal numerous cases of possible UFO encounters, the website says.

Vladimir Azhazha, former navy officer and a famous Russian UFO researcher, says the materials are of great value.

“Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water,” he said.

On one occasion a nuclear submarine, which was on a combat mission in the Pacific Ocean, detected six unknown objects. After the crew failed to leave behind their pursuers by maneuvering, the captain ordered to surface. The objects followed suit, took to the air, and flew away.

Many mysterious events happened in the region of Bermuda Triangle, recalls retired submarine commander Rear Admiral Yury Beketov. Instruments malfunctioned with no apparent reason or detected strong interference. The former navy officer says this could be deliberate disruption by UFOs.

“On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, of 400 kph. Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development,” Beketov said.

Navy intelligence veteran, Captain 1st rank Igor Barklay comments:

“Ocean UFOs often show up wherever our or NATO’s fleets concentrate. Near Bahamas, Bermudas, Puerto Rico. They are most often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, and also in the Caribbean Sea.”

Another place where people often report UFO encounters is Russia’s Lake Baikal, the deepest fresh water body in the world. Fishermen tell of powerful lights coming from the deep and objects flying up from the water.

In one case in 1982 a group of military divers training at Baikal spotted a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits. The encounter happened at a depth of 50 meters, and the divers tried to catch the strangers. Three of the seven men died, while four others were severely injured.

“I think about underwater bases and say: why not? Nothing should be discarded,” says Vladimir Azhazha. “Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there.”

The world celebrates the International UFO Day on July 2. Oleg Stolyarov became the first person in Russia who chose the UFO subject for his doctoral dissertation.
UFO phenomenon was strictly tabooed in USSR

The world’s first-ever scientific work dedicated to strange objects in the sky was penned by Carl Jung, a renowned Swiss psychologist. He equated the phenomenon of the UFO with Maya myths and the symbols of unconscious collective. He returned to the subject in 50 years in his article “UFOs as Rumors.”

US professor Joseph Allen Hynek founded the Center for UFO Studies in 1974. Several other scientists dedicated their works to the mysterious phenomenon afterwards, but no one dared to do it in the Soviet Union.

“That was a tabooed subject in the USSR. Any piece of information about the flying saucers was treasured. Any public jokes about the UFO were strictly forbidden,” Mr. Stolyarov said.

The situation changed drastically in the beginning of the 1980s. Everyone in the country started speaking about the phenomenon. Newspaper articles, TV and radio programs about the UFO became plentiful. Many respectable scientists even lost their interest in the mystery because of the national boom.

Source: Russia Today


Motorist Has Near Collision With Bigfoot In Pennsylvania

A report of a possible Bigfoot encounter in Pennsylvania was received by the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia and was then referred to Eric Altman, the Director of the (PBS) Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society to investigate. The incident occurred on July 10, 2009, outside of Uniontown, in Fayette County.

On July 15, 2009, a team from the PBS traveled to the location where the reported Bigfoot encounter occurred to interview the witness and to look over the area for any possible physical evidence. The team was comprised of Eric Altman and PBS members Dave Dragosin and his wife Cindy. Eric also invited me to go along to participate in the investigation.

When we arrived on the scene, the witness and her husband were awaiting us. We went through our introductions, then walked over towards the roadway where the encounter had occurred. The location of the incident was on a two lane roadway outside of Uniontown.

It was about 6 P.M. when the event occurred, and the weather was warm and clear at the time. The witness was driving down the road about 35-40 mph, when suddenly, she caught out of the corner of her eye, a figure coming from the left side and approaching her. Her first thought was that a person was about to walk out in front of her car, and she was about to hit the subject.

She suddenly swerved over to the right side of the road, and was thankful that nobody was there. As she was making the turn, she got a good look at the figure, and suddenly realized that it was not a person, but a strange creature. As she sat there for a moment, she looked into her rear view mirror, and realized that the creature had gotten behind her car. “I looked into the rear view mirror and I saw it leap across my trunk.”

While still pulled over on the roadside, the woman remained seated in her car, trying to regain her composure. She could not believe what had just occurred. Seconds later she looked up to see the creature now on her right side running quickly down the middle of another road about 75 feet away. That was the last time she saw it. The entire incident had lasted just several seconds, but enough time for the witness to recall a detailed description of a creature which she was certain was not human, or a person in a costume.

What she saw in daylight and at very close range was a dark colored, hair covered man-like creature, which she estimated was, “at least 6 feet tall or slightly taller.” The creature, which walked upright on two legs, had a head that was said to be large and elongated, and covered with hair that just looked wild.

The neck was somewhat hard to explain since it was covered in hair. The witness said that it appeared to be thin and long. “The neck looked strange because the head was big and the shoulders were wide.” The face was mainly covered in hair, yet the area that was exposed appeared to be very white. There was hair coming out from all over the face, like that of a dog or a wolf. The nose was flat and dark, but was also mostly covered in hair. The mouth could not clearly be seen. The ears were not seen since they were covered with hair as well.

The eyes were it’s most prominent feature that really caught the witnesses’ attention. The eyes were at least twice the size of a human and circular in shape. The eyes were dark, possibly black in color, wide set, and “wild looking.” There was “no iris, no whites.” The witness thinks that is why the eyes looked so odd. The wild look and the fierceness of the eyes of the creature, scared the woman.

The creature was stocky and muscular in appearance. The chest area was described as thick and hairy. The shoulders were wide and rounded. The arms were very long, hanging down to the knees or beyond. The witness said the hair on the arms was long, like ape hair. The woman didn’t recall seeing any muscles, however, it appeared as though it was muscular, and in good physical shape.

The witness had the impression that this creature was older in age. Very little detail was observed below the waist. There was no unusual sound or odor noted during the observation. The witness did have her windows up and air conditioner on.

At the scene, Dave Dragosin sketched an illustration of the creature under the direction of the eyewitness. Eric and the witness’s husband searched a wooded area not far from the location of the encounter, but nothing of interest was found.

We also went over to examine the car. As I was looking over the car body, I noticed what appeared to be an unusual scratch mark on the trunk surface on the left side of the vehicle. I pointed it out to the others, as well as the woman and her husband. They had never seen this surface area damage before.

The affected area was about 6 inches from the left tail light to the first striation of the scratches. The scratched area was about 8.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. There were numerous vertical and horizontal very thin scratch lines that went into the paint surface. There is the possibility that this might be related to the creature’s movements as it leaped across the trunk area from that side.

It was my impression that the witness was very sincere and competent. As she described to us what she had seen and experienced that night, it was evident that she was still emotionally upset by what had occurred. The witness told me that after the encounter, she drove down the road a short distance and parked her car. She sat there thinking about what had happened. She was trying to convince herself that this was a person, but realized that it couldn’t have been.

These are her reasons why she feels it was not a human. (A) The rate of speed the figure came across into the path of her car, it didn’t care that it was going to get hit. (B) The fast movement of the creature and the way it leaped over the trunk. She also had a good look at the creature and some facial features. The eyes of the creature frightened her.

When she arrived home she waited a little while before telling her family about what she had seen. She was initially met with some disbelief from her children. Her husband listened to her and believed that she had seen something. He told her she should call the police to see if anyone else had reported something similar. The witness said she was not calling the police, concerned that she would be ridiculed.

The direction that the creature was last observed moving towards would take it into a heavily wooded area in the direction of Jammonville. There has been a long history of Bigfoot sightings being reported for many years in this same general area of Fayette County.

Source: Paranormal News/Drawing from Cryptomundo.com

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