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Welcome o’ seekers of the truth. Now that we are back from our summer vacation, we are once again doing battle with the agents of disinformation and those who want to keep the truth from you. Watch how they rush about in fear and panic because Conspiracy Journal is here with its weekly dose of news and information about conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal, and anything else that’s strange, bizarre and absolutely interesting.

This week Conspiracy Journal brings you such ankle-biting stories as:

- Mysterious UFO Crashes Into the Ottawa River -
- The Spectres of the Churinga Stone -
- Strange 'Monolith' Photographed on Mars -
Alien Sightings Reported in North Port, Florida -
AND: Inventor Claims Device Can See 'Human Soul'

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The Conspiracy Summit Dossier: Whistle Blower's Guide To The Strangest And Most Bizarre Cosmic And Global Conspiracies!

Newly Added Revelations From:

Adam Gorightly: Ritual Magic, Mind Control and UFOs.

Commander X: Mind Control In The 21st Century.

Kenn Thomas: Wilhelm Reich, Eisenhower And The Aliens.

Terry Melanson: The Sulphur Enigma Of Paranormal Visitation.

Hundreds gathered at the Alien Agenda and Cosmic Conspiracies Conference to hear the testimony of a dozen of the world s leading theorists discussing various cutting edge topics.

Panel members included... Retired Air Force pilot Mel Noel, Jordan Maxwell, Wendy Wallace, Vladimir Terziski, Alexander Collier, Carol Stopper, PX Survivor Al Bielek, Gary Schultz ,Sean David Morton, AND MANY OTHERS!

Discussed were Mind Control The Rapture Eisenhower And The Aliens The Gulf Breeze Six Project Blue Beam Ritual Magic And UFOs What was hidden aboard Space Shuttle Challenger when it exploded over the Atlantic System of tunnels built 200,000 years ago by aliens who are linked to the New World Order Secret anti-gravity ships were built in 1860 and landed on the Moon and Mars NASA is just a front for the real space program Hybrid children have been born in American hospitals Ultra-secret military legions were trained to enter UFO crash sites to recover aliens and wreckage Anti-gravity ships exist that will take thousands of elitists from earth in case of a cosmic disaster (which is on the way)!

EXCLUSIVE! FIRST TIME EVER INTERVIEW: BILL COOPER S DAUGHTER SPEAKS OUT! Daughter of the legendary patriot and former Naval Officer, Jessica Cooper, gives her first ever interview with Tim Beckley, discussing her dad's raging battle with the authorities, what he REALLY believed about UFOs, the Kennedy assassination, and how the Feds tried to use her to lure her father down from the safety of his mountain top retreat.

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In This Incredible Issue:

Feature Articles
Decoding the Bible
Whether resting on an altar, courtroom podium, or bedroom nightstand, the Holy Bible commands respect. Although the longest debate about its teachings concerns evolution versus creationism, today’s controversy is not generating sermons or atheists’ arguments inasmuch as  challenging a standard belief system. The Good Book is getting a  closer look from people who are learning that past tragedies, such as 9/11 and the future    Apocalypse, may actually be encrypted in this 3,200-year-old text.
Sunspots and the Number 11 in the 2012 Prophesy
Our times are bracketed by two specific dates—September 11, 2001 and  
December 21, 2012—the greatest single act of terrorism on the continental United States and the end of the Mayan calendar. If, as some observers suspect, something more than a coincidental relationship exists between these two events, its explanation must lie beyond the powers of ordinary human reason and in the world of numbers.
The Mayan Calendar: Ancient Prophesies for a New World
On December 21, 2012, the world as we know it will cease to exist.  This prediction, made thousands of years ago by Mayan shamans, has  raised many questions: What does the ancient prophecy mean? Will a cataclysmic event destroy the planet and how and why did the Mayans choose the winter solstice in a year so far into the future? Scholars claim the answers to all these questions are found in the Mayan  
The Loch Ness Monster: Hoax or Horror?
Whichever estimate of sightings we accept, be it 600, 3,000, or 10,000, there is no shortage of anecdotal evidence that a strange creature inhabits Loch Ness.

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Mysterious UFO Crashes Into the Ottawa River

Dozens of residents of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa Ontario and nearby Gatineau, Que., witnessed an object streak across the night sky at about 10pm local time Monday night July 27 and crash into the Ottawa River with a “thunderous boom.”

The object had lights on it and appeared to change course several times, like a small plane struggling to stay airborn, before it hit the water.

It was such a sight that emergency rescue and search crews in the area sprung into action and began searching the area using sophisticated sonars and underwater cameras to try and figure out what the object was. Even helicopters from the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) in nearby Trenton took part. On Tuesday at 1:30pm, they discovered an object about 9 meters (30 feet) below the surface, but because of currents and nearby rapids, sending divers down would be extremely dangerous since they would be instantly swept away by the currents.

The mystery? Authorities and residents have no idea what this object laying at the bottom of the river is. There are no planes missing from the area, no other aircraft like helicopters, etc. are missing. There is no derbis, no oil slick and even space agencies that were contacted said nothing disappeared from orbit.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ottawa police Const. Alain Boucher said of the object they found on the riverbed:

    “The size and the shape doesn’t lead us to believe it’s any piece of an airplane or fuselage or anything like that. It could be a rock, it could be a bunch of logs stuck together, it’s hard to say. No one has come forward with any kind of videos or anything like that at this time. None of the people actually reported seeing a plane go down at the same time.”

But the fact still remains - something fell into the Ottawa River Monday night that prompted a massive co-ordinated search by local authorities and the Canadian Military. They found an object below the surface and don’t know exactly what it is.

It truly is a UFO mystery at this point.

Source: The Welland Tribune, Ontario, Canada


The Spectres of the Churinga Stone

Can objects hold supernatural power or be the focus of paranormal activity?

I know of many Missionaries who are sure that they do, from fetishes to totems of aboriginal people. There are objects of power that seem to bleed paranormal phenomena.

You don't have to tell that to Pastor Barry Porter of Australia, he knows first hand.

They thought it was a simple artifact of the local aboriginal people, but the stone his father in law found in the ground on an old trail was much more than a simple stone. Here is the story in Barry's own words:

I have known my wife since we were six years old – she lived across the road from me at Bowen Mt, 50 miles from the heart of Sydney NSW Australia, the foothills of the famous Blue Mountains a hotspot for the occult and all things paranormal.

While the area is now famous for the ghosts of convicts who were driven to early graves under whips, chains and hard labour in the early 1800’s and black panther sightings, it also has a strong Daruk Aboriginal history.

In the early 1980’s there were additional trails and tree clearing cut through the dense bush for new housing and to allow fire trucks and crews to prevent bush fires. My future Father-in-law loved to bushwalk (hike) through the massive expanse of forest and national park. One morning as he walked through a newly cleared area he noticed a strange object poking out from the ground. It was made of hard stone yet looked like it had been cut by modern technology.

Mike dug it out with his bare hands. By the time he pulled it out he realised he was holding something of human origin but like nothing he had ever seen. It was just over a foot long, shaped like a teardrop, with perfectly bevelled edges. There was a sense of guilt…he knew this was likely to be an Aboriginal artefact and either belonged in the location it’s owners placed it in or a museum. But he decided to take it to his home on Maple St, making a wooden cradle for it, placing it above the mantelpiece of the fireplace.

It wasn’t long before strange things started to happen.

The youngest daughter started seeing Ancient aboriginal people walking through the house at night time. She would get up to go to the bathroom and have to wait for them to pass. Then there were illnesses – heart attacks and strokes – that struck previously healthy Mike in his early 30’s.

A Yowie (Bigfoot) was sighted by the homes occupants and a young neighbour watching the house from across the road. At night, huge thumps and knocks on the outside of the house would send Mike running outside with his rifle……to fine no visible culprit.

One night when the kids were watching TV, and they were at home alone waiting for their mother to return from the late shift at the local Chinese Restaurant the worst occurrences happened.

The television set started changing channels by itself. As the kids watched in horror the phone rang. They answered. There was no-one there. As soon as it was put on the receiver it rang again. Still no caller was at the other end. Over and over again it happened.

Then to the daughters relief, a large light engulfed the side of the house….her mother must be home. She ran outside, up the dark stone steps at the back of the house in the pitch black, following the light to the hill above the house. To her horror when she got there it remained pitch black. The light which had floated around the house suddenly had vanished leaving her standing in the freezing cold, alone with a feeling of impending dread.

People who would sleep in the room with the stone would have nightmares about Yowies and Aboriginal Kaditcha Men (Witchdoctors).

It wasn’t until 2008, that the origin of the stone was revealed. A Researcher Identified it as a Churinga stone. In our terminology, a spiritual ‘memory stick’ for the Aboriginals that must never be removed from the ground in which it is placed.

An exorcism was done on the stone by a Pastor and it’s whereabouts are presently unknown – the eldest son in the family took it upon himself to put the stone in a safe place.

So be careful about what artifacts you bring home – there may be unseen others who will manifest their presence until it is returned.

No matter where you are in the world, the native people of old have fashioned such artifacts of power. It does not take an archaeologist to find them, but it may take the intercession of a trained spiritual warrior to rid your life of the presence you invite when you take these things home.

So best to heed the words of Indian Jones, "It belongs in a Museum!"

Source: The Paranormal Pastor


Blows Against The Empire-The ET Hypothesis Comes Under Attack In...
UFOs, Time Slips, Other Realms and the Science of Fairies

By Sean Casteel

The current predominate interpretation of the UFO and alien phenomena leans quite heavily on the notion that their origin is from somewhere in outer space. Our "space brothers" are said to have somehow traversed great distances to arrive here just in time to warn us of nuclear and/or environmental destruction.

But there is another interpretation, one which, while it is taken quite seriously by premiere UFO researchers like Jacques Vallee, remains a definite minority point of view: What if what we are witnessing and experiencing actually originates on Earth and has been here throughout mankind's struggle to understand the strange environment he finds himself thrust into? Are the diminutive gray aliens so frequently claimed to have visited hapless mortals as they lay abed really just a variation on millennia of old folklore about fairies, changelings, elves and other forms of wee people?

That is the primary thrust of this 2008 release from Global Communications, called "UFOs, Time Slips, Other Realms and the Science of Fairies." The bulk of the book is a reprint of a much older book by Edwin Sidney Hartland, in which he offers a wonderful overview of the folklore of fairies and other mysterious creatures that frequently cross over from their shadowy dimension to enter ours. Hartland died in 1927, and most of his fairy-related work was published in the late 1800s, but it is still as vital and fresh as ever-perhaps even more so, since his "antiquated" writing style is refreshingly cultured and erudite compared to the careless slam bang journalism of the 21st century.

And Hartland's work is nothing if not thorough. He covers subjects like the supernatural lapse of time that comes with journeying into fairyland, which dovetails nicely with the "missing time" phenomena reported often with current alien abduction accounts. Hartland writes that the age old phenomenon of the "changeling," the abduction of infants and children by fairies or other supernatural entities, must be guarded against by wise mothers. The Christian ritual of baptism was partially intended to keep the abductors at bay, while an un-baptized child could technically be considered a "heathen" creature and therefore subject to the whims of evil spirits. In any case, a preoccupation with mortal children and the general processes of genetics are further carried forward in our present day abduction myths.

Hartland's personal beliefs about the subject are not mystical or occult. He serves more as an early anthropologist, compiling and documenting many of the fairy stories told through the centuries without judgment or condemnation. Finding the ultimate truth behind the stories is not really his mission, but rather to chronicle the fascinating folklore of supernatural entities as it existed in his time.

Fast forward to the present to see some of the more recent contributions served up in "UFOs, Time Slips, Other Realms and the Science of Fairies," including a chapter by the book's publisher himself, Tim Beckley. Beckley has long championed the idea that most of the high-tech UFO research of our day more properly supports a non-outer space point of origin for the phenomenon. The super advanced gray alien is merely a technological camouflage concealing a presence that has long dwelled beside us in what we would more accurately term another "dimension," a shadow world that the fairies/aliens journey from to enter ours with complete ease and consummate skill.

Beckley's chapter is boldly entitled "Little Men Are Not From Mars," and he bolsters his argument with anecdotes from the early days of the contactees, as well as with encounter experiences from France that feature the alien interlopers showing their true colors as impish, mischievous and downright ugly grape thieves who sometimes appeared before witnesses in what looked like diving suits. A collection of stories from England also testifies to the old "little green men" cliché used to ridicule UFO witnesses. Several people have indeed reported "little green men," and their accounts are grouped here with other stories that serve to demonstrate some of the more natural extensions from old fairy lore to alien humanoids.

A little surfing of the web further amplifies the non-extraterrestrial theory. For instance, on a website called "The Other Side of the Truth," writer Paul Kimball eloquently states, "By focusing on the idea that little green/gray men have been coming here in nuts and bolts spaceships, ET Facters have done a grave disservice to the search for truth about the UFO phenomenon and its possible alien origins in the same way that thousands of years of religious leaders have undermined the search for the true nature of God by force-fitting it into a limited paradigm that simply served to reinforce their own worldview. They have not sought wisdom, nor understanding-they have simply proclaimed an 'answer' which has been no answer at all."

Take this link for more info and how to get a copy of: UFOs, Time Slips, Other Realms and the Science of Fairies

Source: UFO Digest/Sean Casteel


Strange 'Monolith' Photographed on Mars

An image of what appears to be a mysterious rocky monument on Mars has excited space junkies around the world. The 'monolith', was snapped from 165 miles away using a special high resolution camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

After being published on the website Lunar Explorer Italia, it set tongues wagging with space buffs questioning whether there was once life on the Red Planet.

But scientists at the University of Arizona, who captured the original image, reckon it's just an unremarkable boulder, which could measure up to five metres across.

Yisrael Spinoza, a spokesman for the HiRISE department of the university's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, said: "It would be unwise to refer to it as a 'monolith' or 'structure' because that implies something artificial, like it was put there by someone for example.

"In reality it's more likely that this boulder has been created by breaking away from the bedrock to create a rectangular-shaped feature."

The image seems to resemble the black monolith that appears during key moments of man's evolution in the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The original image, taken last July, was published again this week on the University of Arizona's HiRISE website on the "Spotlight" page which seems to have led to the renewed interest.

"Is it possible that there used to be an ancient civilization on Mars?" former Montreal radio presenter David Tyler asked on his blog.

"Is it possible that NASA already knows the answer? Could this be the final straw for disclosure?"

But speaking about the satellite picture scientist Alfred McEwen, the principal investigator from the University of Arizona's HiRISE department, said: "There are lots of rectangular boulders on Earth and Mars and other planets.

"Layering from rock deposition combined with tectonic fractures creates right-angle planes of weakness such that rectangular blocks tend to weather out and separate from the bedrock."

Fuel was added to the flames after Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, alluded to a similar monolith detected on Mars' moon Phobos.

Speaking on a U.S. cable television channel last week he said: "We should visit the moons of Mars.

"There's a monolith there - a very unusual structure on this little potato shaped object that goes around Mars once every seven hours.

"When people find out about that they are going to say, "Who put that there? Who put that there?" Well the universe put it there, or if you choose God put it there."

In 2007 the Canadian Space Agency funded a study for an unmanned mission to Phobos known as PRIME (Phobos Reconnaissance and International Mars Exploration).

The building-sized monolith is the main proposed landing site but not because scientists suspect UFO activity. They believe the object is a boulder exposed relatively recently in an otherwise featureless area of the asteroid-like moon.

PRIME investigator Dr Alan Hildebrand said it could answer questions about the moon's composition and history.

"If we can get to that object, we likely don’t need to go anywhere else,' he told his science team.

The fact it seems to resemble a rectangular monument could be due to simulacra. This is where humans see familar images in random surroundings such as the famous 'Face of Mars', which is actually just a hilly and cratered area.

Source: The Daily Mail


'Haunted Hotel' Has Baseball Players Walking

First Carlos Gomez heard voices. Then he watched his iPod go haywire after he got out of the shower, sending him scrambling for the lobby without stopping to put on his pants and shoes.

After last year's experience, the Minnesota Twins outfielder didn't want to go back to Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel. But Gomez had to stay there when the Twins were in town to play the Brewers last month, so he brought some protection: teammate-turned-roommate Francisco Liriano and a Bible.

"Everything's scary," Gomez said. "Everything in the hotel, the paintings and pictures. It's a lot of old, crazy stuff. No good, man. No good."

The Pfister is Milwaukee's most regal address, having hosted every U.S. president since William McKinley and scores of celebrities who can take a self-guided tour of the hotel's Victorian art collection. Today, it's the place to stay for upscale business travelers and out-of-town visitors, including many Major League Baseball teams. Commissioner Bud Selig, a Milwaukee native, is a frequent visitor.

But some players don't care for the 116-year-old hotel's posh accommodations and reputation for privacy. They swear it's haunted.

Gomez, San Francisco's Pablo Sandoval, St. Louis' Brendan Ryan and several Florida Marlins all say they've had odd experiences, though Ryan later said nothing really happened. Others aren't willing to talk publicly about what they've seen and heard.

Brewers visiting clubhouse manager Phil Rozewicz has heard it all from sleepy-eyed players who would rather hang out at Miller Park than spend one minute more than they have to at the Pfister.

"There was a rookie ballplayer and he was back in his room, and he woke up in the middle of the night and his blinds were open, the window was opened and he was panicked," Rozewicz said. "So he went into the bathroom, splashed water on his face, came back out and went to bed. Shut the blinds, the window. Woke up in the morning. Same thing. Slept on the couch in the lobby the next night. Refused to go to his room. Finally, went to a Motel 6 or whatever up the street and just stayed there."

Of course, some of this could be mischievous teammates pulling pranks. But Pfister ghost stories go well beyond the ballpark.

Allison Jornlin, who leads haunted history tours for the folklore research organization Milwaukee Ghosts, said guests have reported seeing a "portly, smiling gentleman" roaming the halls, riding the elevator and even walking his dog. The apparition is said to resemble Charles Pfister, who founded the hotel with his father, Guido.

"His ghost is thought, usually, to behave very well," Jornlin said. "But MLB players seem to bring out his mischievous side."

Why's that?

"Obviously, he's a Brewers fan," Jornlin said.

But even some of the Brewers won't stay there in the off-season.

"Even if I come into town for FanFest or whatever, I'm staying somewhere else," said Brewers center fielder Mike Cameron, who moved his family to another hotel after one night last off-season. "I mean, it's not a bad place. But there has been a lot of stories, a lot of creepy things that have gone on."

Hotel general manager Joe Kurth won't acknowledge any specific ghost stories from ballplayers or other guests, citing privacy concerns. But he doesn't shy away from the rumors, suggesting that guests interested in seeing a spirit might want to stay in the hotel's historic wing.

The Pfister does have its fans. Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy loves the quiet atmosphere, though the same couldn't be said for Tracy's players when he was managing the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"I was hearing suggestions, to the point that they were saying, "I've got to go to a different hotel,' " Tracy said.

That sounds familiar to Gomez, who said he hears voices and noises when he stays there and had his worst experience after hopping out of the shower last year.

He'd just started putting his clothes on when his iPod started playing with a static noise. He grabbed it and the iPod changed music suddenly before going to static again.

"I grabbed my pants and my shoes and I ran to the lobby," Gomez said.

Gomez wishes the Twins would stay somewhere else.

"I'm scared to go there," he said. "They should change the hotel. Everybody here doesn't like the hotel. Why (do) they always put us in the same hotel when you can't sleep?"

Source: SF Gate


Alien Sightings Reported in North Port, Florida

Family members are scared to go outside at night because of what they say is lurking in the woods. They claim more than five alien encounters in the last four months have taken place. Now, an international UFO organization wants to crack the real-life X-file. 

Michael Rowley and his son Shane moved to their North Port home in April.

"Well, I'm retired and I thought this was where you're supposed to go," Michael said. "The only bad part is the aliens around here."

Shane, 16, says he's had several extra-terrestrial encounters - most of which have been through his bedroom window.

"They kind of show up when they want. You get used to them, but it is weird to see them walking around the woods with those big eyes," he said.

"I haven't seen the wings but we know he flies," added Michael.

The Rowleys' twilight story has the attention of MUFON - Mutual UFO Network. The group is investigating and wants to setup surveillance. But Michael believes they won't show up if cameras are around.

He says the plaster cast of a foot-print is his key evidence. While it may be hard to see, Michael believes the creature has a cloven hoof.

"[It's] about this big with pure deep red eyes. It just looked at me for a second," Michael said.

Michael admits to rarely going out at night. But he says he believes they come in peace and that they're here for a reason.

"I'm a combat Vietnam vet and I don't wake up until something good is going on," he said. "This is something big and good going on."

The family expects another alien encounter during the next full moon.

"And the neighbor, I showed a sample of the foot print and he goes, 'nah.' No one believes me," he said.

To the skeptical, Michael says just come to his house for a visit.

"I didn't believe it at first," he said.

Foot Print Analysis
July 1, 2009
Morgan Beall presented a foot print for my analysis. He brought me the foot print for analysis,
because my family owned and operated a nuisance wildlife company in Fort Myers, Florida for over 25 years. I also manage four environmental parks in the City of Cape Coral. My knowledge of the wildlife of Florida and their tracks is quite extensive. I can identify every mammal in the state of Florida and have an understanding of the movement and speed of an animal based on depth and shape of the track.

The foot print cast and photos that I was given to examine by Mr. Beall are not of a known animal species found in Florida or that I even know to exist. This print appears to be from a bipedal with odd additional appendages and three primary toes. It is nothing that is known to me, or likely anyone else.

The following is the description of the shape and motion the print is displaying from examination of both cast and photos taken of the foot print site:

The front of the foot displays three primary digits. Digit one on the right side of the cast or left side of the foot is approximately 3” inches deep, digit two or center digit is 2 ¼” inches deep, digit three to the left side of the cast is 1 ¼” inches deep.

At the ball of foot and beneath the toe area is a large, possible, grasping appendage. The center of the appendage comes almost to a point and could possibly be a claw? The point is one 1” inch long, and on either side are possible digits? This area could also be a large digit and the 1” inch point is a claw? From arch to heal appear to be a typical bipedal foot, except the arch extends across entire foot with no outer bone for balance. However, there is a separate appendage at the back of the heel that is anvil shaped and may provide support. The heel is 4” inches and the anvil shaped appendage is 3 ½” inches.

The print is 19” inches long from anvil appendage to longest digit. Depth, at the deepest point, is
the center appendage on the ball of the foot, which is 4 1/2” inches.

The photo shows a spray of soil to the right of the print. It appears the owner of the foot print pushed off to the right with great force in order to throw the soil in such a matter. The weight applied to the print would be greatest on the right side of the print or the left side of the actual foot.

Based on the contour of the cast, the weight was applied to the correct portion of the cast results. The characteristics of the cast depth and the shape match the characteristics found in the photo display of soil disruption.

Honey Archey, BA Environmental Studies
Environmental Recreation Specialist
City of Cape Coral
Parks and Recreation

Source: WBBH NBC-2


Inventor Claims Device Can See 'Human Soul'

A wonder device can see the soul of a dead man pass away… or at least that’s what the inventor claims.

A publication of the popular Russian tabloid Life.ru gives a dramatic account of the experiments of an inventor from St Petersburg, who has created a device able to see human aura.

Accompanied by pictures suspiciously reminiscent of a series of thermal images of a woman at different temperatures, the report claims they are made with a special “gas discharge camera” built by Konstantin Korotkov, a professor at the Research Institute of Physical Culture and State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

The paper goes on to say that the device can register the circumstances of death, differentiating between a victim of a violent crime and a person who died quietly in bed. It also registers the changes in aura presumably made by a strong psychic working on somebody.

Disregarding the glib comparison of the religious term “soul” with the new age “aura”, the claims – they can hardly even be expected to get support in peer-reviewed scientific papers in our opinion – prompted RT to take a little investigation into the wonder device.
Kirlian camera

The instrument, which was presented to us as something involved in the study of death, turned out to have been designed as a medical diagnosis tool. With about 15 years of development behind it, its inventor claims that it’s an affordable early-diagnosis tool, capable of identifying any disease, from an ulcer to a brain tumor, by scanning irregularities in an aura. Sort of a spiritual healer in metal and plastic, available to everyone for a small fee. No mystical stuff here – a patient can see his own aura on the computer screen, all thanks to the “gas discharge visualization” or GDV.

The spiffy name is actually modern application of a well-known phenomenon called Kirlian effect, named after Semyon and Valentina Kirlians, a Russian couple who greatly contributed to popularizing it back in 1960s. Kirlian experimented with photographing objects with high voltage applied to them.

The strong electric field causes faint corona discharges around the edges, which can even be seen with the naked eye. The visual appeal of the effect won the hearts of mystic-oriented people.

Starting with Kirlians themselves, many people claimed that the electrical phenomena was actually a way to visualize otherwise invisible auras of objects. Korotkov is one of these claimants. According to him, corona discharges around fingertips, which his GDV cameras cause, have information about one’s physical condition and this information can be used for diagnosis. The claim was never confirmed by clinical tests, but it didn’t prevent the device from becoming the cornerstone of a widespread business. With different models costing from $4,500 to $13,000, and official dealers all across Russia and abroad, the invention seems to generate enough cash for Korotkov to travel the world and promote his product.
Not for diagnosis

Meanwhile, critics openly call the GDV “quackery”. Back in 2002, when the device drew the attention of the Russian media, RTR TV channel (now called Rossiya) did an investigation of their own, producing a 20-minute-long report. They revealed that, in the testing of a GDV scanner done in the Military Medical Academy, one of the strong-points trumpeted by the producer was actually its ability to kill bacteria on hands, which it successfully did. It was never used for diagnosis of any kind.

Another selling point – the testing of the device on Russian sportsmen – showed that readings of the device may vary slightly with the state of mind of the subjects. As it does with variations in the environment, like a change of air temperature or humidity.

In an interview given to a newspaper two years ago Korotkov said his invention was like a knife: it could be used for good or for bad purposes. Indeed, the beautiful Kirlian effect can be used for dubious intentions, or for inspiring works of art like those of photographer Robert Buelteman here.

As far as public science goes, there is no other application for it.

Source: Russia Today

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