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- RAF Suspected Aliens of "Tourist" Visits to Earth -
- The Socorro UFO Hoax Exposed! -
- Weird Stories of Objects Falling From the Sky -
Couple Say Mystery Noise Drove Them from Their Home -
AND: Closet-Dwelling Ghost Haunted David Carradine

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Giants On The Earth:

Amazing Suppressed Archeological Evidence Proves They Once Existed




Is the Smithsonian Institute As Well As Other Academic Foundations Withholding The Biggest Archaeological News Of Our Time? Is there a single, solid, scientific reason they would NOT want you to know that giants -some as tall as 15 feet- once roamed the earth, lived amongst us and mated with human women?

Why would they want to suppress the FACT that humans not only lived during the age of dinosaurs, but that giants inhabited the planet right along side both beast and Homo Sapiens?
Furthermore, why are we not shown the abundance of EVIDENCE concerning the reality of giants in the form of massive bones, body armor and weapons which have been collected worldwide?

Did giants take humans as their slaves? Are they still "in hiding" on Earth? Did they grow up right along side of us, invisible to normal sized people? Did they descend from the sky? Climb up from the underworld? And if they are from "somewhere else" will they return, as some students of prophecy predict? Here is a non-theological approach to a mystifying topic that will astound and fascinate the reader. . .YES THERE WERE GIANTS ON THE EARTH!

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RAF Suspected Aliens of "Tourist" Visits to Earth

A new book reveals details about UFO sightings over British skies after author David Clarke studied declassified Ministry of Defence records.
The book gives new insights into an incident known as "Britain's Roswell" as well as the belief in UFOs by high ranking defence officials.

Documents in the files reveal that there were high level defence officials in the 1990s who believed UFOs could be spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrials who could even be conducting "tourist" visits to earth.

In 1993, an RAF Wing Commander lobbied MoD officials about the need for a properly funded study.

He told them: "The national security implications (of UFOs) are considerable. We have many reports of strange objects in the skies and have never investigated them."

He added: "If the sightings are of devices not of earth then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority. There has been no apparently hostile intent and other possibilities are: (1) military reconnaissance, (2) scientific, (3) tourism."

The Wing Commander, whose name is blanked out in the documents, said the MoD could learn from the craft.

"If the reports are taken at face value then devices exist that do not use conventional reaction propulsion systems, they have a very wide range of speeds and are stealthy. I suggest we could use the technology, if it exists."

The internal debate in the MoD came to a head in 1995, when documents were made public revealing that UFO reports were routinely copied to specialist "Defence Intelligence" branches.

An exasperated intelligence office wrote to the UFO Desk: "I see no reason for continuing to deny that (Defence Intelligence) has an interest in UFOs.

"However, if the association is formally made public, then the MoD will no doubt be pressurised to state what the intelligence role/interest is.

"This could lead to disbelief and embarrassment since few people are likely to believe the truth that lack of funds and higher priorities have prevented any study of the thousands of reports received."

Dr Clarke said: "Some of these officials, like the Wing Commander, obviously believed in some pretty weird stuff. He doesn't seem to have any evidence for his theories, but seems to have just been watching the X Files, like everyone else at the time.

"These are senior officials and yet they believe some pretty bizarre things."

An inquiry, Project Condign, was eventually launched in 1996, apparently without the knowledge of then defence secretary Michael Portillo. It was completed in 2000 under Geoff Hoon.

The report found: "That (UFOs) exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take-off, accelerate to exceptional velocities and vanish, they can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft of missile – either manned or unmanned."

It went on that, although they existed, UFOs presented no threat to defence.

It found that many sightings of UFOs were in fact "plasmas" of gas caused by charges of electricity in the atmosphere.

The author even suggested that exposure to plasmas could cause responses in parts of the brain that lead to elaborate hallucinations that might be interpreted as supernatural experiences of encounters with aliens.

The inquiry examined seven "near misses" involving RAF aircraft and "unexplained aerial phenomenon".

The unnamed author concluded that "the possibility exists that a fatal accident might have occurred in the past" as a result of aircrew avoiding a UFO.

The study recommended that pilots should make "no attempt. to out manoeuvre a UAP during interception".

"Britain's Roswell"

This occurred in the early hours of December 26, 1980, in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, near two military bases used by the US Air Force: RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters.

US security personnel from the bases ventured into the forest after they spotted unusual lights that they feared could be a crashed aircraft. They reported seeing a strange glowing object which moved off through the forest.

Dr Clarke said the files from the National Archives, at Kew, showed the authorities had missed the opportunity to fully investigate the incident.

"There was clearly a missed opportunity to investigate properly here," he added.

Earlier this month, Peter Turtill, 66, from Ipswich, claimed that he had caused the scare by burning a lorry full of fertiliser.

However, his claim has been met with scorn by some ufologists.

Dr Clarke added: "There have been other people claiming responsibility for whatever happened in Rendlesham Forest. There is so much ambiguity about the incident and that is because there was not enough done at the time to look into it."

Source: Telegraph (UK)


The Socorro UFO Hoax Exposed!
(Famous 1964 sighting was a college prank) by Anthony Bragalia

After 45 years the truth is now revealed- one of the most famous UFO sightings in history was a hoax. The recent confession of an elderly College President -and a newly discovered document- indicate that the 1964 sighting of a landed UFO by Socorro, NM policeman Lonnie Zamora was the result of an elaborate school prank. This incredible story is publicly recounted for the first time ever by individuals who have held the secret of Socorro for decades.


Socorro Policeman Lonnie Zamora was performing his town patrol duties on Friday, April 24, 1964. But this would be unlike any other patrol Sgt. Zamora had ever experienced. At about 5:50 PM Sgt. Zamora started pursuit of a speeding car. But the chase was broken off when Zamora heard a loud explosion. He thought perhaps it came from a dynamite shack nearby. He then observed a cone of flame traveling over a hill. Once over the hill, Zamora stopped his car about 100 feet away from what he reported as a strange landed, 20 foot "aluminum-white" oval object resting on structured "legs." The ovoid had a red insignia about two feet wide on its surface. Though the artistic rendition of the UFO above depicts an opening- Zamora had reported the object as smooth, without any windows or doors. Zamora also noticed what appeared to be two figures "the size of small adults or large kids" and "normal in shape" wearing "white coveralls" walking around the object.

As Zamora started to approach the object on foot, the figures jumped away from his view. As Zamora left his car, he bumped it and his glasses fell off. He reports that a flame from the underside of the craft then appeared and the object roared away. Zamora heard a high-pitched whine and then silence. The object traveled very fast over him, and then just three feet above a nearby shack- and finally out of view over another hill. Left at the site were four "landing impressions" as well as areas of burnt creosote bush near where the object has rested.

Zamora, shocked, then radioed to another officer what he had just observed. When the officer asked Zamora "What does it look like?" Zamora responded, "It looks like a balloon." Zamora would later state that he did not know exactly what it was -it could have been a secret military experiment or even ET. Zamora has remained reluctant to offer his opinion on the specific nature or origin of the craft. He says it was strange and frightening. But he leaves the analysis to others- and only indicates that he was sincere in reporting what he had observed. And Zamora was sincere. And he was extremely cooperative with investigators. But he was also hoodwinked.

The period following the sighting in 1964 found Socorro a town turned upside-down. It was also an active one for Lonnie Zamora. He was visited by many journalists and UFO researchers. This included officials from the US Air Force Project Blue Book, investigators from the civilian UFO study group NICAP and noted skeptics. The story received national and international media attention. To this very day Socorro remains one of the most well-known UFO incidents in history. Still living, long retired and exhausted of the matter, Zamora now avoids any talk about the event.


A former New Mexico Tech President affirmed in the 1960s in a letter to renowned scientist Dr. Linus Pauling that the Socorro UFO was a hoax.

A letter from Dr. Linus Pauling located within the Special Collections of Oregon State University (where the Pauling papers are archived) provides insight into the true nature of the Socorro sighting. In a 1968 letter to Dr. Stirling Colgate -the President of New Mexico Tech- Pauling inquires about the Socorro sighting. Colgate replied to Pauling by sending back Pauling's letter with a handwritten notation at the bottom. Dr. Colgate writes: "I have a good indication of the student who engineered the hoax. Student has left. Cheers, Stirling."

Dr. Pauling (a multiple Nobel-Prize winner) was very interested in the UFO phenomena. An earlier article by this author details Pauling's secret UFO studies. He was researching the Socorro-Zamora landing case and decided to write to his friend, Stirling Colgate, President at New Mexico Tech to see what he might have known about the incident. Dr. Colgate's blunt reply leaves little doubt that tricksters were involved. But to allay any further doubt, I contacted Colgate.


As well as having been NM Tech's President, Dr. Stirling Colgate was a world-famous astrophysicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Considered a science visionary, he specialized in plasma and atmospheric physics. His discoveries in these fields are acknowledged as monumental. His associates included such luminaries as Oppenheimer and Pauling. Colgate still maintains an office at Los Alamos at age 84! This author emailed Colgate to see what his thoughts are today on the Socorro UFO and to see if he would shed additional light on the event. In my email to Colgate I attached the Pauling letter from 1968 with Colgate's handwritten notes on the Socorro UFO.

Colgate took several days to reply to me. In his email, Colgate answered very cryptically and sparingly:

- To the question, "Do you still know this to be a hoax? His reply was simple: "Yes."
- When asked, "Today, decades later, can you expand on what you wrote to Pauling about the event?" He wrote: "I will ask a friend, but he and other students did not want their cover blown."
- He offered that the hoax, "was a no-brainer."
- When asked "Specifically how did they do it?" He just answered, "Will ask."
- When queried, "Have you ever publicly commented on this?" he replied "Of course not."

It has been some time now, and I have never heard back from Stirling Colgate. He indicated that he would "make some inquiries" to see what more could be detailed on the event. Perhaps his "friend and the other students" who he alludes to are still not ready to come forward and be identified. As Colgate puts it, maybe they still do not "want their cover blown."

Or perhaps Colgate was stunned that the Pauling letter was ever discovered- and knows that he has already said too much. Colgate is likely conflicted about having known about the hoaxers -and the truth about the Socorro UFO- for decades. He said nothing publicly then- and prefers to not say a whole lot more now.


Dr. Frank T. Etscorn was a Psychology Professor at New Mexico Tech from the mid-1970s until the early 1990s. Dr. Etscorn is famously known for being the inventor of the Nicotine Patch. A wing of the College was dedicated to Etscorn in 1993. Etscorn had known about the Socorro UFO event from the decade before he began work at the College- and it had always intrigued him. This author had learned of his interest and contacted Dr Etscorn to see if he had ever found out anything about the sighting and what had really happened. In a recent telephone conversation, Dr. Etscorn related:

"As a project, a former student of mine had examined the case in the mid 1980s. Using yearbooks and networking, she began calling alumni who were at Tech in 1964. She somehow located one of the former students believed to have been involved. He would not expand on the hoax or have his name used- but she found out it was a hoax. My memory of her investigation is spotty- it was 25 years ago. But I remember that she found also found out through records that coincidentally a rear projection device was stolen from the campus the day of the UFO sighting."

Etcorn was a noted psychologist. He said that the psychology of these Techies was such that they liked to fool those who they thought were foolish.

We discussed how the pranksters may have incorporated 1) a large helium balloon resting on the desert floor to appear "landed" and then released up into the air on cue. Perhaps it was a reflective white colored balloon or a balloon fitted over with glossy-white craft paper- with added "landing struts" and a red insignia drawn on its side 2) "roaring" or "whining" explosives, pyrotechnics, model rockets, thrown flares or a flame device 3) smaller students dressed in white lab coats acting as the "aliens" and 4) the digging out of "landing depressions" and burning of nearby bushes. Soil or rock in the area may have been "salted" with silicon or trinitite from the school's Geology Lab. And perhaps it was intentional that Zamora was led to the landed craft by a speeding car. One of the students may have purposely engaged Lonnie in a car chase to lure him to where the hoax was staged. Zamora reports that he "broke the chase" to investigate the UFO- just as the students knew that he would.

Though these ideas about how the hoax may have been accomplished are strictly speculative, Dr. Etscorn reminded me of an important fact: Nothing that was reported was beyond the abilities of "smart Techies" to create.


Dave Collis was a freshman at New Mexico Tech in 1965, a year after the Socorro UFO incident. Collis went on to become a published scientist helping to lead the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center at NM Tech. He is considered a world expert in researching blast effects and explosives.

Collis explained that he himself enjoyed planning pranks when he was a student at Tech. In 1965, he and his friends had planned a "paranormal" prank and shared the plan with one of his trusted Professors. The Professor (who had been with Tech for years) told him that NM Tech had a long history of pranking- and that one of them was especially noteworthy. Collis then said that the Professor (whose name he does not remember or does not wish to offer) had "confidentially told me that the UFO sighting by the town cop was a hoax done by Techie students." Collis did not want to press the Professor on who did it -or how. Collis says, "he was telling me this in confidence, so I didn't ask for the details and he didn't offer." When asked if the Professor could have been making up the hoax story, Collis replied that in the context of his conversation with him- there was no reason for him to lie. The Professor had told him the truth about the hoax, of that he was sure. Collis, when told about Stirling Colgate's confirmation that it was a hoax said, "Colgate is a brilliant man and he was a great College President. From what I was told by my Professor, it was a hoax. And if Colgate also says it was a hoax, it was." Collis (who is a pyrotechnics expert and often directed NM Tech's July 4 Fireworks) said that it always has surprised him that people didn't seem to realize just how "terrestrial" the reported Zamora UFO seemed to be in the first place.


Collis also explained that Lonnie Zamora had a reputation for "hounding" the Techie students during that time. The students and the Socorro police did not have a particularly good relationship back then. He said that there was "a lot of friction" at the time between what were felt to be "elitist and educated Techies" versus the "under-educated and simpler town folk." Zamora was always harassing the students for seemingly no reason, and at every opportunity. Many of the college kids just did not like him. What better way to "get back" at Zamora than for them to fool a fool?

Little known is that Zamora himself had worked at New Mexico Tech as a mechanic for seven years before becoming a patrolman. He had developed an insiders view of these college kids' world- a world that was very different than his own. When he left to join the town police, he was then in a position to exert his "influence" on these same kids. Collis further explains that Zamora was known as being "not especially educated." Supporting this are the observations of USAF investigator Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He wrote in his report of his interview of Zamora, "I would conclude that Zamora, although not overly bright or articulate, is basically sincere."


As readers of my articles well realize, I am convinced that ET has visited Earth. But I am also a critical thinker. I recognize the role that pranks and hoaxes have played when it comes to things UFO. I am not happy to report the results of my investigation- but it is a story that must be told. It is an obligation to history and truth. The compulsion to prank is a reality we must always bear in mind in evaluating all UFO reports.

Neil Steinburg's classic study on college pranks, "If At All Possible Involve a Cow: The Book of College Pranks" is very instructive relative to the Socorro hoax. Steinburg's hypothesis is that college pranks happen because there are many young creative minds that feel "stifled." And these minds are looking for release- a little fun. And there is a "geek" connection. Complicated and sophisticated pranks are often pulled off by engineering or science students who have the technical know how. The many well-known stunts by students at MIT and Caltech show that the grander the stunt- the more highly educated the students. The "fun" of such pranks does not come from admission to them, it comes from the reaction to them.

I recall two pranks that were pulled off by others during my own college days when living in Boston. MIT students had perfected two stunts that were mind-boggling. The first involved taking an enormous promotional prop "cow statue" (weighing a quarter-ton) from the lawn of a suburban steakhouse. Somehow the students were able to hoist the huge cow figure on top of the famous MIT "dome buiding." They removed it the following day -and returned it to the steakhouse lawn- without anyone ever having seen them. To this day, no one has ever owned up to the prank- and no one has ever come forward stating that they saw the stunt being carried out. It is still unknown how this was accomplished without use of a heavy construction crane. The second prank involved a high-tech catapult. Somehow the MIT students were able to hurl large clear water balloons made of very thin material up and over two city streets. The water balloons were sent careening across the block with precision to land exactly at the entrance of another college's building. When people went to open the door, invisible "water bombs" hit them out of nowhere- causing them to get soaked. Visibly stunned, they had no idea where the water burst came from- and had to go to class soaking wet.


Great jokes can be carried out with great planning and calculation. But great jokes can also backfire. Perhaps the Socorro UFO hoaxers continue to get a "big laugh" over the whole thing and revel in their prank done decades ago. But it is more likely that the New Mexico Tech pranksters -who perhaps became famous scientists- are today oldsters in retirement struggling with what they did. They played a trick on a community, a nation and the world. They are keenly aware that they had involved the Air Force, media, scientists and many others. They know that Zamora's life was made difficult by the event. He was made a spectacle and suffered hugely from the unwanted attention. They must ponder their youthful folly- and how much time, effort and money was expended in the prank's long aftermath. It was "a prank gone wild." It had escalated beyond what they could ever have imagined. Often pulling off a brilliant prank "traps" the pranksters. They create the illusion, but they never receive the "credit." And no credit was ever sought by those who engineered one of the greatest hoaxes in UFO history.

Copyright 2009 InterAmerica, Inc.

Source: The UFO Iconoclast


'Ghost Tracking' Group Hears About Glen Burnie Haunting

Bill Bean Jr. was only 4 years old in 1970 when his family moved into a three-bedroom single family home in Harundale, Maryland. Little did they know their lives and family would be changed during the 10 years they lived in the house.

"We went from a very loving family when we first moved into the home, to a family void of affection that lived and survived on a day-to-day basis," Bean said.

"I believe it was the evil force and entities in the home that made my mother ill and kept her in that environment."

Margaret Ehrlich, organizer of Inspired Ghost Tracking, an Odenton-based group with 65 members, hosted, Bean last week as a guest speaker. A DVD of his story from Discovery Channel's "A Haunting" in 2006 was played to an audience of over 90 people.

Bean has written and published a book about the family's experiences, "Dark Forces."

"We left that home in 1980," Bean said. "I didn't discuss our experiences until I was approached to talk about it on a local radio station in 2002.

"Our childhood was robbed. There were no slumber parties at our home, no friends to come over and play for fear of what the evil entities would do."

Bean said the home was very dark, with dark brown paneling in the living room and dark, narrow hallway.

"It was eerie looking and scary to me as a young child, but I couldn't figure out what it was," he said.

His older sister, Patti, never felt comfortable in the hallway or her bedroom. Her bedroom was at the end of the long hallway and was always cold, even in the summer.

Soon after the family moved in, the back bedroom door began opening and slamming shut over and over again.

It continued during the day while Bean's mother, Patricia Bean, was at home alone.

She told her family that she would make the beds only to find them stripped from all of the beds soon afterward. The bathroom faucets would turn on, overflow the sink and flood the floor and hallway.

Bean's father, William, was a no-nonsense man who didn't believe any of it.

"My mom told my grandmother that our house may be haunted," Bean said.

Bean shared a bedroom with his younger brother, Bobby. They would lie in bed at night and hear what sounded like heavy footsteps in the attic. Later, strange tapping noises from inside the walls would accompany the footsteps.

One evening, after a few years in the home, Bean said he was physically attacked by an unseen force as he lay in bed.

"I wanted to cry out to my parents for help, but my mouth wouldn't work," he said.

He said his family was stuck financially.

"We couldn't leave. My grandparents offered to take us in on several occasions, but they lived in a one bedroom apartment," Bean said.

He said that his mother was physically attacked as well, and was once hit in the head from a glass flying out of the kitchen cabinets.

Bean explained that this type of violent activity got worse in the final five years. Pets disappeared. Strong and foul odors appeared out of nowhere.

Bean said a priest blessed the home, provided the family with an intercessory prayer and holy water.

"It got to a point where the priest told us to call him anytime day or night. He would bring holy water to our home in large Mason jars on numerous occasions," Bean said.

"The hardest part of our 10-year experience was being physically, emotionally and spiritually drained," he said.

These days, Bean is touring the country, publicizing his book and talking to families going through similar experiences.

The family that currently resides in the Beans' old home says they have never experienced any paranormal activity.

"My Uncle Cliff introduced me to God while I was a teen. I truly believe we were under demonic forces at that house. God has given me the strength to overcome this and to use my experience to assist others."

To learn more about Bean's experience, visit www.Billbean.net.

Source: Maryland Gazette


Weird Stories of Objects Falling From the Sky

The annals of history are full of tales of strange objects falling from the sky. During biblical and medieval times, people typically perceived events such as rains of rats, dead bats, fish and frogs as signs of plague, ill portents or even manna from the benevolent above. Science eventually won out, bringing explanations for many of these seemingly inexplicable episodes. Still others remain unsolved, leaving the affected locals to theorize, and look expectantly to the clouds, for the next meat shower or golf ball storm. In honor of the release of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs we present a list of the 10 craziest things to rain down on humanity from the heavens.

Hodges Meteorite Strike

On the afternoon of Nov. 30, 1954, residents of Talladega County in Alabama noticed a fiery object shooting through the sky. Some reported a large explosion as it crashed to earth. Ann Elizabeth Hodges, though, neither saw nor heard any of it. Instead, as she lay napping in her living room, an 8-pound chunk of the meteorite smashed through her roof, ricocheted off a radio and hit her on the hip. Thus, Hodges—who received only a bruise from the incident—became the first recorded human to be struck by a meteorite.

Past and Future Fish Falls at Great Yarmouth

According to the British Weather Services, Great Yarmouth is the United Kingdom's most likely destination for strange objects falling from the sky. It cites "atmospheric stability" and Great Yarmouth's location on the North Sea as contributing factors to its ranking. Cool air from the sea converges with the warmer air on shore, sometimes causing the "mini tornadoes" that draw fish and other sea creatures out of the water and into storm clouds. In 2002, Great Yarmouth experienced a downpour of tiny silver fish, all dead, but still fresh.

Tri-State Mud Fall

Clouds from a massive dust storm that occurred in Illinois on April 11, 1902, were so large that they were whipped into the sky and blown across the eastern United States, where, encountering rain clouds over New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, they fell in the form of a mud shower. The event lasted only a few minutes but generated much attention. Writing from Penn Yan, in the Finger Lakes region of New York, a Times correspondent described the strange event: "People who were on the street were covered with mud spots, clothes hanging on the lines were smeared." The Rev. George P. Sewell, of Aurora, N.Y., wrote that the storm front was 40 miles across, adding that it "discolored or soiled everything exposed to it."

The Kentucky Meat Shower

Mrs. Allan Crouch, the wife of a Kentucky farmer, was in her yard making soap one cloudless Friday in 1876 when a downpour of meat flakes began falling around her. A correspondent for the Louisville Commercial reported that "two gentlemen who tasted the meat expressed the opinion that it was either mutton or venison." Subsequent analysis by scientists showed it probably was the former. Dr. L.D. Kastenbine, a professor of chemistry, wrote in the Louisville Medical News in 1876 that the "only plausible theory" was "the disgorgement of some vultures that were sailing over the spot."

Rubles Rain Over Russia

A treasure-transporting tornado is the given explanation for why a shower of 16th-century coins fell from the sky on June 16, 1940, in the Russian village of Meschera. Archaeologists who analyzed the aged currency supposed that it was from an undiscovered, buried trove that recently had been exposed by soil erosion before being scooped up and redeposited by the storm.

Lalain Toad Fall

One-hundred and fifty French soldiers were stationed near the village of Lalain in 1794 when a heavy rain began to fall. As the soldiers sought shelter from the storm, they were no doubt surprised to find that, in addition to the raindrops, the sky was also full of falling toads. Closer inspection revealed that many of the toads, a great number of which were discovered in the folds and creases of the men's hats and uniforms, still possessed tails. Toad falls, along with fish falls, are surprisingly common, and have an accepted scientific explanation. As a violent storm passes over a body of water, waterspouts spring up and lift the animals into the clouds, which then drop them farther along the storm's path.

Lake County Candy Shower

On two separate September nights in 1857, sugar crystals ranging in size from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch, fell on the pleasantly surprised citizenry of Lake County in Northern California. According to the History of Napa and Lake Counties, published in 1881, "Syrup was made of it by some lady residents of the section." No cause was discovered and no explanation was ever provided, but the tome did conclude, "If this is a canard, it is surely a sweet one."

World's Largest Meteorite

The so-called Jilin meteorite streaked across the northeast China sky on March 18, 1976. Witnesses reported seeing a red fireball, which exploded and split in three before crashing to the ground. Investigations of the impact site revealed 11 large masses weighing a total of 4 metric tons. The so-called Meteorite 1, now on display at the Jilin Meteorite Museum in Jilin City, is the largest stone meteorite found in recent times.

San Luis Obispo Bird Fall

A street sweeper in San Luis Obispo, on the central California coast, reportedly was the first to discover a large-scale bird die-off that occurred there in 1976. On the morning of Nov. 24, he found hundreds of dead blackbirds and pigeons lying in the town's downtown area, and for two days the denizens of San Luis Obispo witnessed intermittent showers of dead birds. The California Department of Fish and Game speculated the birds were somehow poisoned, and later, California Polytechnic University admitted to setting out poison grains in a field near San Luis Obispo, in an attempt to control the bird population. Between 400 and 600 birds died as a result.

Golf Balls Over Florida

Local authorities were left baffled on Sept. 1, 1969, when a seemingly routine rainstorm took a dogleg turn for the bizarre, and began depositing golf balls in the gutters, lawns and streets of Punta Gorda. The St. Petersburg Times reported that "dozens and dozens and dozens" of golf balls fell from the sky, though no explanation was ever given. Located on Florida's western Gulf coast, Punta Gorda regularly experiences severe weather, which often causes waterspouts. The region is also home to many golf courses, so a logical explanation might be that a passing storm sipped up a ball-filled pond, then dropped its catch on the town.

Source: Popular Mechanics


The Most Horrific Cryptids You’d Never Want to Meet

Recently, my old partner in crime and long time accomplice Joshua P. Warren and I had a chance to catch up at a late-night get together (above ground for a change, as opposed to in our usual radio bunker miles beneath the Earth’s crust). While we were discussing various things, among them his recent addition as a correspondent to the popular late night radio program Coast to Coast AM, Joshua mentioned a recent article I put up regarding “the Top Ten Scariest Monsters” in Forteana. Of course, many of these creatures are indeed horrific–nothing, to me, is more frightening than letting my imagination go wandering as to what the heck Bloop might be. However, I often tend to be a little humorous with my interpretation of the news (ah, what would life be without Comedians?).

“So why don’t you create a real list for me of the top five scariest cryptids?” Josh asked. Indeed, it seemed we differed a bit on what we called “scary”. Josh clarified that the scariest cryptid monsters should be creatures that could “come and get you,” which is why he wouldn’t have included things like the presumably Chtuhoid “Bloop” in such a roundup; even a giant demi-god isn’t dangerous if it never leaves the ocean to destroy mankind, right?

THERFORE… for your viewing enjoyment, I have now compiled a list of the top five (really) scary cryptids. These are cryptozoological or even alien oddities that might curdle the flesh of even the most experienced monster hunters. Reader beware; due to the nature of some of the alleged attacks these creatures have been associated with, some graphic content may not be suitable for the squeamish. Reader caution is advised.


1) Popobawa- A horrific string of encounters with a demonic monster began occurring in 1995 on the Tanzanian island of Pemba, where a creature called “Popobawa” began its reign of terror. Among various reports of terrifying winged entities from around the world, Popobawa stand out in the crowd; after all, how many cryptid monsters are best known for sexually assaulting their (mostly male) victims by sodomizing them? Even worse, the dreaded Popobawa leaves the assaulted with a parting curse: if they don’t tell others of their encounter, he promises to return and repeat the vile intrusion again. Many Tanzanian villagers were said to wait, sleepless, outside their homes for several evenings for fear of the appearance of Popobawa. What is the creature… a result of mass hysteria? An actual cryptozoological monster? Or perhaps worse still, could it be the living embodiment of the Assyrian demon Pazuzu, to which it bears an uncanny resemblance?

2) The Jersey Devil- In 1735 “Mother Leeds”, a supposed witch having birthed 12 children already, had warned that if a thirteenth child were born “he would be the devil himself.” A child was indeed born, appearing normal at first, and then changing form; suddenly, a creature with hooves, a horse’s head, bat wings and a forked tail appeared, growling and screaming before it killed the midwife and escaped up the chimney. Heading into the unforgiving Pine Barrens of New Jersey, sightings would occur for more than one hundred and seventy years until 1909, when the creature suddenly went on a rampage. Panic-stricken towns throughout the region closed schools and country stores as sightings of the creature were reported in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and West Collingswood, New Jersey. Even as recently as 2008, reports of a winged “devil” resembling an enormous gargoyle have stemmed from the region, causing many to wonder if indeed a horrific monster might still lurk in the lonely Pine Barrens.

3) The Flatwoods Monster- On September 12th 1952, a frightening occurrence took place near the town of Flatwoods, West Virginia. Locals responding to the crash of a large object seen streaking through the night sky investigated a wooded hill, where they encountered an entity that terrified them so badly that many were struck with sudden nausea and fainting. Initial reports of this frightening monster featured in area newspapers described a 10-foot-tall “Frankenstein-like” thing with a green body and a blood-red face that glowed. The creature’s head bore bulging, non-human eyes, as well as a strange “Ace of Spades shaped cowling behind it” and hideous claw-like fingers. What of this Earth—or otherwise—could this horrific creature have been?

4) Batsquatch- In 1994, a mountaineer named Butch Whittaker claimed to have seen a demonic-looking creature—even photographing it—while he was getting ready to climb Mt. St. Helens. Whittaker’s photographs may indeed suggest the existence of a purple-skinned, red-eyed brute with Pterodactyl wings and a head resembling “both a primate and a bat”; with the hulking strength of Bigfoot, paired with Mothman’s ability to glide through the air, Batsquatch remains one of the most potentially terrifying cryptid monstrosities out there.

5) Mongolian Deathworms- Reports of giant, red, man-eating worms living in the sands beneath the Gobi Desert date back to the early 1940s. The creatures are described as being bright-red worms with a wide body measuring 2 to 5 feet in length. Mongolian locals say the creatures can spew acid on their prey from a distance, in addition to emitting terrible electric shocks. In spite of such amazing features—especially its size—giant earthworms do exist elsewhere. Take for instance the Giant Palouse Earthworm, thought to be extinct during the 1980s, though sightings since then have confirmed the species still thrives in small numbers. Measuring up to three feet in length, could the Palouse Earthworm have a deadly cousin in the East?

Source: The Gralien Report/Micah A. Hanks


Couple Say Mystery Noise Drove Them from Their Home

A couple who say a mysterious vibration and noise drove them from their home are appealing for the source to be identified.

Brian and Jane Williams, from Treaddur Bay, Anglesey, say they are plagued by ill health and have been forced to move to live in a caravan.

But despite extensive investigations by Welsh Water and Anglesey council, no cause of the noise could be traced.

Investigations into the couple's complaints have ended.

The couple say their problems began after Welsh Water carried out upgrade works to the sewage system in 2004/5.

Welsh Water say it has found no fault with its equipment.

Mr Williams said they first noticed the noise towards the end of May 2005.

"We were in the kitchen and we turned round to each other and said there's that noise again," he said.
"Then a couple of days passed and the noise was still there, a sort of reverberating noise - like a heavy goods lorry on a slow erratic tick-over or a generator," he added.

As time went on Mrs Williams said they began suffering with other issues.

"We were coughing a lot, we were gagging and retching. We felt our sinuses and our ears were hurting," she said.

"It slowly built up and became more and more debilitating."

Both said their bowels were affected and dishes they had enjoyed eating for years "we could no longer tolerate".


"It got to the point where we were very, very ill," said Mrs Williams.

After nine months, they moved out to live in a caravan, and say they cannot contemplate moving back because even being in the house for a short period bring the symptoms back, she added.

Now they only return to their home to feed the cat and collect the post each day.

"It's traumatic and our lives have been destroyed," said Mr Williams.


Over the years, Anglesey council's environmental health department has looked into it, as well as Dw^r Cymru.

The water company said it had spent several months looking into the couple's complaints.

"We are completely satisfied that the matter has been fully investigated and that our equipment is not at fault," said the company in a statement.

Anglesey council's environmental health department said it had spent a considerable time investigating the matter and monitoring noise levels.

The department said it did not find anything of significance that could explain the couple's complaints.

A lot of time and money had been spent, said the council, and the investigation was now at an end.

Source: BBC


Closet-Dwelling Ghost Haunted David Carradine

File this squarely under creepy. A few months before his body was found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room closet, David Carradine sat down to discuss a ghost he believed was haunting him ... from a closet.

The interview, taped for the Oct. 3 premiere of the BIO show 'Celebrity Ghost Stories,' centers on Carradine's belief that his wife Annie's deceased husband Dana was using the closet in their bedroom as home base to spook them. In the footage, the late 'Kung Fu' actor describes the "icy cold" feeling he got.

"I think he was hanging out in the closet, and sometimes when I walked into that closet ... it would be cold in there, unreasonably cold," Carradine said, according to quotes from the New York Post, which claims it's his final interview ever.

Carradine was equally freaked out by one of Dana's ties that remained in the closet. "[It] was turned around and it had a little logo attached to it ... that said 'Grateful Dead,' and I thought, what does he mean by that?"

"It was obviously a joke, that the dead were grateful . . . it was the only way he could communicate [that] he now felt like everything was settled, the kids were taken care of and I was gonna be there for them," Carradine said. "And I will be."

Carradine died of asphyxiation on June 3 after an apparent self-bondage episode went horribly wrong. He was found naked with a rope tied around his neck.

Rob Sharenow, BIO's senior VP of programming, said the network didn't want to exploit Carradine's death, so they held the episode and didn't mention the actor's involvement until now.

"We wanted to be respectful, first and foremost, and to roll the show out as planned," he told the Post.

And "roll the show" they shall, with Carradine featured heavily in marketing materials.

"We're absolutely going to feature the Carradine story prominently the week it airs," he says. "While we don't want to appear as if we were exploiting his misfortune ... we don't want to be shy about talking about it."

"It's extraordinary -- and people are going to notice it."

Source: Popeater

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