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What's the matter bucko, tired of those flying saucer people pestering you every day with their tales of woe and  Armageddon? Are you scared of the government and their corporate cronies looking for new ways to spy on you and  take away your personal rights and freedoms? Are you sick to death of those pesky Men-In-Black harassing you because of those unwanted contacts with those flying saucer folks and government agents?  Well cheer up, because once again, like a bolt of awareness and enlightenment from the sky, Conspiracy Journal is here to uncover all those dirty little secrets  that THEY are trying to hide! So sit back and relax and enjoy another thought-provoking issue of the number one e-mail  newsletter of conspiracies, UFOs the paranormal and more.

This week, Conspiracy Journal takes a look at such eyebrow-raising stories as:

- UFO Sightings Revealed in UK Archive Files from 1990s -
- Scientist Warns Ice Age Could Start in Five Years -
- School used Webcams to Spy on Students -
Ghost Photographed at a Haunted Brit Building -
AND: Riddle of the 'Windermere Triangle'

All these exciting stories and MORE in this week's issue of

~ And Now, On With The Show! ~


Secret of the Andes and the Golden Sun Disc of MU


The Golden Sun Disc of MU was not made of ordinary gold, but was transmuted gold and unusual in its qualities in that it was a translucent metal similar, evidently, to the "metal you can almost look through" of the UFOs.

Held by ropes of pure gold in a shrine in the greatest Temple of the Divine Light of the Motherland of MU, the gigantic Golden Disc of the Sun was placed on an altar, which was a pillar carved out of solid stone. There blazed the eternal White Light of the crystalline Maxin Flame, the Divine Limitless Light of Creation.

About 30,000 BC, the Maxin Light went out on the altar because of the evil of some of the priest-scientists of MU. The Sun Disc remained in its shrine, however, until the time of the final destruction and submergence of 10-12,000 BC.

The Disc eventually found its way to Lake Titicaca and was placed in a subterranean temple of the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. When the spiritually advanced Incas came to Peru they placed the Disc of the Sun in a specially constructed Garden of Gold where it will remain until the day "when man is spiritually ready" to receive it and use it once again. On that day the Golden Disc will be taken out of its subterranean chamber and placed high above the Monastery of the Brotherhood.

This book details the extraordinary spiritual adventures of Brother Philip in this lofty ashram high above the world, out of sight of prying eyes who would like to capture the Sun Disc for less than beneficial purposes. If is a fascinating story of good versus evil that is all the more relevant in these End Days. Noted paranormal author Tim Beckley has worked long hours to expand upon the original text of the Brother Philip material. With the assistance of Alternative Perceptions editor Brent Raynes, many related topics are now covered in an appendix of over 100 pages.

If you enjoyed the works of Shirley MacLaine, Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, or are fascinated with ancient mysteries like that of the crystal skull, this book will reveal much that will be a benefit to your spiritual growth as well as just pure enjoyment.

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UFO Sightings Revealed in UK Archive Files from 1990s

Thousands of UFOs have been spotted in the last 20 years around the UK, according to newly released documents. More than 6,000 pages of reports describe people's experiences with unidentified flying objects between 1994 and 2000.

They include reported sightings over Chelsea Football Club and former home secretary Michael Howard's Kent home. Details have been released under a three-year project between the Ministry of Defence and The National Archives.

The fifth instalment to be released consists of 24 files of sightings, letters and Parliamentary questions, which are available to view online.

The reports detail how objects of various shapes and sizes have been witnessed flying over a range of locations. Some drawings by witnesses have also been released.

One man told police he was physically sick and developed a "skin condition" after an eerie "tube of light" enveloped his car in Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, on 27 January, 1997.

In another case, a UFO sighted by Boston and Skegness police, in Lincolnshire, was captured on film. The police reported the sighting to the coastguard, which in turn alerted ships in the North Sea, where a crew reported seeing more UFOs. Simultaneously, an unidentified blip was picked up on radar over Boston.

Also included in the latest release is a letter from senior MoD official Ralph Noyes, in which he describes seeing a film of UFOs captured by RAF fighter pilots in 1956. Mr Noyes claims the footage was shown at a secret underground screening arranged for air defence staff at the MoD in 1970.

And a memo reveals that in 1952,Winston Churchill, during his second term as Prime Minister, asked Secretary of State for Air Defence Lord Cherwell for an explanation of UFOs.

In the memo Churchill asked: "What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth? Let me have a report at your convenience."

In the official response UFOs were said to have four possible explanations. They were either known astronomical or meterological phenomena, mistakenly identified aircraft, balloons or birds, optical illusions and psychological delusions or deliberate hoaxes.

The papers also reveal that senior MoD official Ralph Noyes was shown gun camera film of UFOs captured by RAF fighter pilots in 1956. He claimed to have been shown footage in an air defence staff at a screening room at the MoD Main Building in 1970. Following a search of the archives by MoD staff in 1993-94 no trace of the films could be found and it was assumed that they had not survived or that the images had been stolen for someone's private collection.

Experts believe the records also highlight how shapes of reported UFOs have changed over the last few decades, possibly explained by representations of UFOs in popular culture.

Many reports in this latest file describe aircraft as big, black and triangular in shape with lights along the edges, whereas the predominant form in the 1940s to 1950s was saucer or disc-shaped.

Dr David Clarke, author of The UFO Files and senior lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, said: "In the 1950s the next big leap in technology was thought to be a round craft that took off vertically and it's intriguing to note that this is the same period when people began to report seeing 'flying saucers' in the sky.

"In the period the latest file release covers, triangular-shaped US stealth bombers and Aurora spy planes featured heavily on TV, such as The X Files..., and films such as Independence Day released in 1996, and the shape of reported UFOs corresponds.

"It's impossible to prove a direct link between what people are reading and watching and what they report as UFOs but one interpretation could be that the latest advances in technology may be influencing what people see in the sky."

The files are available to download for free for a month from the National Archives website:

Source: BBC


Scientist Warns Ice Age Could Start in Five Years

A leading scientist has revealed that Europe could be just five years away from the start of a new Ice Age.

While climate change campaigners say global warming is the planet's biggest danger, renowned physicist Vladimir Paar says most of central Europe will soon be covered in ice.

The freeze will be so complete that people will be able to walk from England to Ireland or across the North Sea from Scotland to northern Europe.

Professor Paar, from Croatia's Zagreb University, has spent decades analysing previous ice ages in Europe and what caused them.

"Most of Europe will be under ice, including Germany, Poland, France, Austria, Slovakia and a part of Slovenia," said the professor in an interview with the Index.hr.

"Previous ice ages lasted about 70,000 years. That's a fact and the new ice age can't be avoided.

"The big question is what will happen to the people of the Central European countries which will be under ice?

"They might migrate to the south, or might stay, but with a huge increase in energy use," he warned.

"This could happen in five, 10, 50 or 100 years, or even later. We can't predict it precisely, but it will come," he added.

And the professor said that scientists think global warming is simply a natural part of the planet.

"What I mean is that global warming is natural. Some 130,000 years ago the earth's temperature was the same as now, the level of CO2 was almost the same and the level of the sea was four metres higher.

"They keep warning people about global warming, but half of America no longer believes it as they keep freezing," he said.

And he added: "The reality is that mankind needs to start preparing for the ice age. We are at the end of the global warming period. The ice age is to follow. The global warming period should have ended a few thousands of years ago, we should have already been in the ice age. Therefore we do not know precisely when it could start – but soon."

The Zagreb based scientist says it will still be possible for man to survive in the ice age, but the spending on energy will be enormous.

"Food production also might be a problem. It would need to be produced in greenhouses with a lot of energy spent to heat it", commented the professor, who remains optimistic despite his predictions.

He said: "The nuclear energy we know today will not last longer than 100 years as we simply do not have enough uranium in the world to match the needs in an ice age. But I'm still optimistic. There is the process of nuclear fusion happening on the Sun. The fuel for that process is hydrogen and such a power plant is already worked on in France as a consortium involving firms from Marseille and the European Union, the US, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea. The head of the project is a Japanese expert, and former Japanese ambassador in Croatia", Vladimir Paar revealed.

He said the building of the new technology power plant will take at least another 10 years.

"In 40 years we'll know how it functions. That would be a solution that could last for thousands of years. We have a lot of hydrogen and the method is an ecological one", the professor concluded.

Source: Croatian Times


Scientists Discover the Secret of Ageing

One of the biggest puzzles in biology – how and why living cells age – has been solved by an international team based at Newcastle University, in north-east England.

The answer is complex, and will not produce an elixir of eternal life in the foreseeable future. But the scientists expect better drugs for age-related illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, to emerge from their discovery of the biochemical pathway involved in ageing.

The Newcastle team, working with the University of Ulm in Germany, used a comprehensive “systems biology” approach, involving computer modelling and experiments with cell cultures and genetically modified mice, to investigate why cells become senescent. In this aged state, cells stop dividing and the tissues they make up show physical signs of deterioration, from wrinkling skin to a failing heart.

The research, published by the journal Molecular Systems Biology, shows that when an ageing cell detects serious damage to its DNA – caused by the wear and tear of life – it sends out specific internal signals.

These distress signals trigger the cell’s mitochondria, its tiny energy-producing power packs, to make oxidising “free radical” molecules, which in turn tell the cell either to destroy itself or to stop dividing. The aim is to avoid the damaged DNA that causes cancer.

The Newcastle discovery plays down the role of telomeres, the protective tips on the ends of human chromosomes, which gradually become shorter as we grow older.

“There has been a huge amount of speculation about how blocking telomere erosion might cure ageing and age-related diseases,” said Tom Kirkwood, director of Newcastle’s Institute of Ageing and Health. “The telomere story has over-promised and the biology is more complicated.”

He added: “Our breakthrough means that we stand a very much better chance of making a successful attack on age-related diseases while at the same time avoiding the risk of unwanted side-effects like cancer.”

His colleague Thomas von Zglinicki emphasised caution in the research’s next stage – to investigate ways to prevent cellular senescence.

“It is absolutely essential to tread carefully in trying to alter processes that cause cells to age, because the last thing we want is to help age-damaged cells from breaking out to become malignant,” said Mr von Zglinicki.

Source: The Financial Times


Is There Such a Thing as Life After Death?

Is there life after death? Theologians can debate all they want, but radiation oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Long says if you look at the scientific evidence, the answer is unequivocally yes. Drawing on a decade's worth of research on near-death experiences — work that includes cataloguing the stories of some 1,600 people who have gone through them — he makes the case for that controversial conclusion in a new book, Evidence of the Afterlife. Medicine, Long says, cannot account for the consistencies in the accounts reported by people all over the world. He talked to TIME about the nature of near-death experience, the intersection between religion and science and the Oprah effect.

Medically speaking, what is a near-death experience?

A near-death experience has two components. The person has to be near death, which means physically compromised so severely that permanent death would occur if they did not improve: they're unconscious, or often clinically dead, with an absence of heartbeat and breathing. The second component [is that] at the time they're having a close brush with death, they have an experience. [It is] generally lucid [and] highly organized. (See "The Year in Health 2009: From A to Z.")

How do you respond to skeptics who say there must be some biological or physiological basis for that kind of experience, which you say in the book is medically inexplicable?

There have been over 20 alternative, skeptical "explanations" for near-death experience. The reason is very clear: no one or several skeptical explanations make sense, even to the skeptics themselves. Or [else ]there wouldn't be so many.

You say there's less skepticism about near-death experiences than there used to be, as well as more awareness. Why is that?

Literally hundreds of scholarly articles have been written over the last 35 years about near-death experience. In addition to that, the media continues to present [evidence of] near-death experience. Hundreds of thousands of pages a month are read on our website, NDERF.org.

In the book you say that some critics argue that there's an "Oprah effect": that a lot of people who have had near-death experiences have heard about them elsewhere first. How do you account for that in your research?

We post to the website the near-death experience exactly as it was shared with us. Given the fact that every month 300,000 pages are read [by] over 40,000 unique visitors from all around the world, the chances of a copycat account from any media source not being picked up by any one of those people is exceedingly remote. Our quality-assurance check is the enormous visibility and the enormous number of visitors. (See what happens when we die.)

You say this research has affected you a lot on a personal level. How?

I'm a physician who fights cancer. In spite of our best efforts, not everybody is going to be cured. My absolute understanding that there is an afterlife for all of us — and a wonderful afterlife — helps me face cancer, this terribly frightening and threatening disease, with more courage than I've ever faced it with before. I can be a better physician for my patients.

You say we can draw on near-death experiences to reach conclusions about life after actual death. But is that comparing apples and oranges?

Scientifically speaking, interviewing people that have permanently died is challenging. Obviously, given that impossibility, we have to do the next best thing. If these people have no brain function, like you have in a cardiac arrest, I think that is the best, closest model we're going to have to study whether or not conscious experience can occur apart from the physical brain. The research shows the overwhelming answer is absolutely yes.

You raise the idea that your work could have profound implications for religion. But is whether there is life after death really a scientific question, or a theological one?

I think we have an interesting blend. [This research] directly addresses what religions have been telling us for millenniums to accept on faith: that there is an afterlife, that there is some order and purpose to this universe, that there's some reason and purpose for us being here in earthly life. We're finding verification, if you will, for what so many religions have been saying. It's an important step toward bringing science and religion together.

Is there any aspect of human experience that you don't think science can touch?

Oh, absolutely. What happens after permanent death — after we're no longer able to interview people — is an absolute. To that extent, the work I do may always require some element of faith. But by the time you look at [the] evidence, the amount of faith you need to have [to believe in] life after death is substantially reduced.

Source: Time


School used Webcams to Spy on Students

A suburban Philadelphia school district used the webcams in school-issued laptops to spy on students at home, potentially catching them and their families in compromising situations, a family claims in a federal lawsuit.

Lower Merion School District officials would not comment on the accusation, but angry students have already responded by putting tape on their laptop cameras and microphones.

Sophomore Tom Halperin described students as "pretty disgusted," and noted that his class recently read "1984," the George Orwell classic that coined the term "Big Brother."

"This is just bogus," said Halperin, 15, of Wynnewood, as he left Harriton High School on Thursday with his taped-up computer. "I just think it's really despicable that they have the ability to just watch me all the time."

The school district can activate the webcams without students' knowledge or permission, the suit said. Plaintiffs Michael and Holly Robbins suspect the cameras captured students and family members as they undressed and in other embarrassing situations, according to the suit.

Such actions would amount to potentially illegal electronic wiretapping, said Witold J. Walczak, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, which is not involved in the case.

"School officials cannot, any more than police, enter into the home either electronically or physically without an invitation or a warrant," Walczak said.

Superintendant Christopher W. McGinley has sent a letter to parents with more information about the spying. The school admits that there was spyware installed on students laptops that allowed for remote, covert activation of their webcams, but maintains that the measure was only to be used in the event of theft of the machine.

The school also claims that the system can only capture still images, not audio or video. They have disabled the system for now and deny that it was misused.

The affluent district prides itself on its technology initiatives, which include giving Apple laptops to each of the approximately 2,300 students at its two high schools.

The Robbinses said they learned of the alleged webcam images when Lindy Matsko, an assistant principal at Harriton High School, told their son Blake that school officials thought he had engaged in improper behavior at home. The behavior was not specified in the suit.

"(Matsko) cited as evidence a photograph from the webcam embedded in minor plaintiff's personal laptop issued by the school district," the suit states. The behavior was not specified in the suit, which did not make clear whether the family had seen any photographs captured by school officials.

Matsko later confirmed to Michael Robbins that the school had the ability to activate the webcams remotely, according to the suit, which was filed Tuesday and which seeks class-action status.

The Robbinses declined to speak with an Associated Press reporter at their home Thursday. Their lawyer, Mark S. Haltzman, did not return messages.

The U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed the privacy of the home when it ruled in 2001 that police could not, without a warrant, use thermal imaging equipment outside a home to see if heat lamps were being used inside to grow marijuana. Technology or no, Supreme Court precedents draw "a firm line at the entrance to the house," Justice Antonin Scalia wrote, quoting an earlier case.

"This isn't just them spying on the kids, this is them intruding on the parents' home. Who knows what they are seeing?" Walczak said. "The courts for 80 years have said there's no greater sanctuary than a person's own home."

The lawsuit's allegations raise new concerns about school-issued laptops, said an Electronic Freedom Foundation lawyer.

"I've never heard of anything this egregious," said Kevin Bankston, a senior staff attorney at the San Francisco-based group. "Nobody would have imagined that schools would peer into students private homes and even bedrooms without any kind of justification.

Students like Halperin say they mostly keep their computers in their bedrooms — and rarely turn them off.

"School ends at the end of the school property, so they shouldn't really be in our business at home," Halperin said.

Source: Yahoo News


  Ghost Photographed at a Haunted Brit Building

A tourist took a picture of a Brit building, and later when he enlarged the picture, spotted the pale outline of a young women.

The figure is seen from the first floor window, and the astonishing thing is that, the floor there has crumbled many years ago, and there is nothing to stand on. Whereas in the photograph taken by the tourist, the figure is standing near the window.

Kevin Horkin took the photograph at the Gwrych Castle in Abergele, North Wales, and he saw the ghost when he downloaded it later. He was shocked to see the figure of the young woman in the castle window.

“I did feel a presence there. It was a cold day when I visited, but it seemed warm near the building. There seems to be a sense of tragedy there.”

Horkin is of the opinion that there was some unfortunate tragedy at the castle, and the ghost of someone is still trapped there. The castle is said to be made in 1819, but has been non-functional since 1985.

Kevin Horkin wants to explore the whole thing very systematically. He is not taking things lying down. He plans to investigate the whole matter with a ghost-hunting team. The North Wales Paranormal Research Group confirmed Kevin’s findings and said that many sightings have already been recorded at Gwrych.

Source: The Indian


Riddle of the 'Windermere Triangle'

Some put it down to interference from a set of traffic lights, others suspect an unwitting radio ham may be responsible.

The local baker even blames a mischievous ghost named Albert.

Whatever the explanation, something is playing havoc with the electronic key fobs of cars in the Lake District town of Windermere.

Hundreds of visitors to the popular tourist destination have found their cars won't lock or, worse still, won't unlock after they return with their shopping.

The phenomenon - or rather the spot where it occurs - has been nicknamed the Windermere Triangle.

Local stores have seen a steady stream of baffled motorists asking for help, while a motor dealer has been inundated with requests for replacement batteries foe key fobs.

The local council sent in engineers to check whether the traffic lights at a new pedestrian crossing were playing up, but they found no evidence of a link.

Residents have nicknamed the goings-on after the mysterious Bermuda Triangle because they only affect a triangular area of parking opposite the bakery.

Four bays form the epicentre of the blackspot, but several times a day a visiting motorist is caught out.

Yesterday teacher Paul Revell, 48, tried to lock his Subaru Forester. 'I just stopped off to pick up some groceries, but the doors just wouldn't lock,' he said.

Anthony Dean, whose shop, AD Wines, is closest to the bays, said: 'It doesn't matter what sort of car it is or what time of day.

'People are always coming in and saying they can't get their car locked or unlocked. Some of us think it's the traffic lights, because it didn't happen before they were installed a couple of years ago.

'Recently a lady couldn't get into her Lexus, so I suggested she tried pressing the crossing button, and the moment the lights changed to amber, the lock worked.'

It's not just visitors who are caught out. Resident Judith Ainsworth's Renault has been struck repeatedly. 'Either you can't unlock it, or you can't lock it in the first place,' she said. Phil and Ruth

Eastwood, who have run the Oak Street Bakery for ten years, have their own theory.

'We have a ghost we call Albert,' said Mr Eastwood, 55. 'The bakery's next door to the undertakers, and they used to make the coffins here. Sometimes you'll hear footsteps, or the lights will come on for no reason. Maybe he's responsible.'

The main suspect is a rogue electrical device in a nearby building. Key fobs transmit radio signals at a very low power level to preserve battery life and prevent them disrupting other equipment.

However, devices such as cordless chip and PIN machines, amateur radio sets and domestic wireless technology can drown them out.

Most drivers manage do to get their cars moving eventually.

The AA said problems with key fobs had lessened in recent years because they are not now needed to disable the immobiliser, meaning that, provided the owner can open the doors, they are able to start the car.

Source: The Daily Mail

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